Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

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  1. ACE said: Doll had to cum back again. Your incredible pussy & asshole close up is perfection. Would love to smell, taste, feel & fill both
  2. R said: 46 Always Horny !! Never get Enough!!
  3. dd.eddie said: holy fuk! your body is so flippin out of this world 10, 11, 12, 15, 100! :D full erection! And YES i gotta lick your enitre body
  4. Scott said: I can’t wait to see that pic! Made my wife squirt looking at your pics.
  5. Rig said: Doll….Now that we have the starfish settled you didn’t say if you would swallow my load??
  6. said: luv those lips, want to suck and lick on them for hours, send some to my email pls!
  7. Doll said: PS: I just posted a picture of my body, tummy, legs and pussylips, i hope you all love my body!
  8. Doll said: @ dd.eddie : I am a 10, you’re so right :) I love probing tongues in my slit
  9. Doll said: @ Rig: I love when a man calls my asshole starfish ;)
  10. dd.eddie said: 10 from me Doll! Damn you ar so edible! my tongue wants to probe you deeply. 5 guys? the burger joint? LOL I want you the works!
  11. Rig said: Doll I’d sure love to stretch your starfish with my shaft. Would you swallow my hot load as I worked your clit with my tounge?
  12. hunter said: just can”t leave this pic for long yum
  13. Doll said: @ ACE : of course…. ;)
  14. dave said: mandy. would you lick her after ive emptied my load on her?
  15. rocky69 said: mmmm we need to setup a gangbang and have our way with you ;)
  16. said: Wow you have my tongue hard I love those lips
  17. Doll said: @ : my pussy is wet thinkin about your hard cock ;)
  18. ACE said: Doll I had to cum back for more! The more I look the more I want all of you! ;)
  19. hunter said: each cock clean tasting your arse with cum and your pussy with cum think you might never want to stop ;-)
  20. hunter said: would love to see you take 6 all of us cuming in every hole making you clean our cocks after with your mouth licking and sucking
  21. said: Omg, you are the winner, sexy! Hard cock here.
  22. Keegan said: That pussy needs to be sliding up and down on my cock asap. How do we make that happen?
  23. mandy said: would love to taste those lips and ass. yummy !!!
  24. said: id love to see ur asshole gaped doll
  25. dave said: i want 2 taste that ass. 10 from me.x
  26. said: *my cock is so hard for you. I cant wait to see more!!
  27. said: Doll your pussy and ass are so damn hot. You have my coxm
  28. said: @ Doll, lets see the same pic but with your ass hole gaped?
  29. Doll said: PS: as you can see, my pussylips are equipped to handle alot of dick :)
  30. Doll said: @ hunter : you’re right, I should be the promo pic for rate my naughty,, I fucked 5 guys one time, does that qualify?,
  31. Doll said: @ Rig : Don’t forget my ass nectar also, id suck both of your dick and squeeze your balls as you unload inside me! ;)
  32. said: Fuck yeah that’s hot!
  33. Rig said: Doll…if I was to rock that kitty with my rod would you suck you crotch necter off of it till I blew my load down your throat??
  34. hunter said: @Doll should be the promo pic for ratemynaughty awsum pussy and arse bet you can handle a pounding would love to gangbang you
  35. Johnnyonthespot said: I am so hungry for a taste of those meaty lips. It doesn’t get any better than that Doll.
  36. Doll said: @ : I love my asshole to be gaped ;)
  37. Doll said: @ USAASU : I love my labia sucked gently…;)
  38. said: can i split ur lips and gape ur ass with my cock then fill them with my warm cum perfect 10 from me
  39. USAASU said: I would love to getnly suck on your labia..mmmm.
  40. Scott said: There goes another load!
  41. Browser said: Love to stuff my face in that!
  42. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Don’t be so concerned with the ratings Doll!!! Looks real good & meaty!!! Just keep posting!!
  43. Doll said: I hope my NAUGHTY can get over 8.1 ! ;)
  44. Doll said: @ : You have good taste being in love with my Pussy and Ass! ;)
  45. Doll said: @ ACE: thanks for the compliment! and it IS THE BEST closeup on here! ;)
  46. Scott said: Perfection!!
  48. said: can i have it just like that love those pussy lips inbox me more
  49. said: beautiful!
  50. ACE said: Of your awesome pussy & asshole. Thnx for the best close up on here!! ;)
  51. ACE said: My throbbing cock. Then slide gently into ur tight asshole. I can imagine how delicious u must smell & taste. Can’t get enough
  52. ACE said: Perfect pic Doll! I’d love to feel ur amazing lips wrapped around
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  58. said: I would love to
  59. said: Beautiful

Do I have a cute pussy?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

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just curious :)

  1. ACE said: No it’s beautiful & looks very tasty!
  2. J R said: gosh that is good no doubt! post more
  3. houston guy said: yes you have a pretty pussy but lose the hair
  4. said: luv to part those sweet lips with my tongue, and finger you cute ass, drop a pic in my email pls!
  5. dd.eddie said: more than cute; pretty and exotic
  6. said: Wow that’s simply amazing
  7. said: Yes, very sexy!
  8. rj said: very nice would love to lick, finger until you cum on my face then slide my cock in to give you a good cream pie
  9. said: yes I will cum deep in that tight pussy
  10. said: Yes its cute and delicius
  11. said: Fuck yeah you do! Now be a good naughty girl and show me your asshole!
  12. said: very nice id lick and stick it
  13. Browser said: I’d eat you, and eat you and…..
  14. Dawg said: You have a beautiful pussy.
  15. WhoKnows said: Indeed you do., like to see it after a good m
  16. Rjewel said: Yep
  17. said: looks good enough to eat!
  18. W.W. said: above avg.need to see in person to evaluate properly.
  19. said: Yes you do! I’d enjoy licking,sucking and fucking you!
  20. damn!! said: hell yea u do!! more plz?

Love Being on All 4s

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

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Love Being on All 4s

  1. R said: Hammer that fucken Pussy!!
  2. dd.eddie said: I’d be on my back and bleey to lick and eat your ass and body!
  3. said: I love seeing you on all fours! Great ass.
  4. said: I’d love to be on all 2’s behind ya!
  5. Johnnyonthespot said: I bet it feels great to grab ur little waist and pound on that from behind
  6. BigNPurple said: Get on your back, spread ur legs wide and take a nice close up pic. We’ll all love that
  7. said: Love fucking a woman when she’s on all fours! Deeper penetration!
  8. said: Spread those cheeks

spreading her pussy for you all

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

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I got a text saying are you going to open this so people can see it ;)

  1. said: luv the open puss, luv the nipple piercings, so very hot. drop some n my email pls!
  2. dd.eddie said: good lordis she is so fricken HOT! Love ALL her piercings; but her pussy is WOW! awesome tiny sexy body :D ;)
  3. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: I love my pieced cock. Can I play with yours. Let u pierce me up for fun.
  4. said: Wow I would love to have a date with you
  5. said: Would enjoy sinking my cock in you.
  6. said: I love baseball! But I love that pussy even more! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. W.W. said: hot body!
  8. said: Pierced pussy and nipples,would love to flick the clit ring and drive my tongue deep in her wetness
  9. said: just give me a chance and I’ll open it up wide for you
  10. said: Mmmmm thank you

Wive Shaved and Spread

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

Wife Shaved and Spread.jpg
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My wife shaved and ready for fucking!

  1. R said: “Fucken HOT”!!!!
  2. J R said: monster puss built for 2 cks for sure! beautiful lucky hubby
  3. dd.eddie said: that is one delicious buffet spread; hope it is AUCE
  4. said: Do you mind if I show her some naughty things???
  5. me321 said: Nice pussy!!! 10 all day long!
  6. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing how about eating her first? ?
  7. said: Beautiful breasts,nice meaty pussy lips! Would enjoy those lips wrapped around my cock
  8. said: Yum yum yum
  9. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Awesome Body!!

My girlfriend’s sexy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 6

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She wants to know what you ladies and fellas think.

  1. moodie24990 said: nice wanna see my cock
  2. Marcus said: nice butterfly
  3. dd.eddie said: beautioful and delicious!
  4. said: older bi fem very
  5. said: Great lips!
  6. said: I wanna lick u and fuck that pussy SO bad!
  7. said: Do you mind sharing her with a sensei? I know ancient secrets!!!
  8. Undertaker said: Nice pussy pimples
  9. BigNPurple said: Fucking beautiful – clone it for sure – I’m marry any woman with lips like that.
  10. Browser said: Nice butterfly….
  11. GGSWA said: beautiful heart shape, great valentine
  12. W.W. said: u have one fine looking $ maker & nice tits.
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing
  14. said: Would your beautiful buterfly enjoy kisses? Would enjoy licking and sucking your pussy lips
  15. the one said: beautiful heart shaped box
  16. said: i think she has perfect tits and awesome pussy…how about some in my email?
  17. said: I love her pussy, lips are great wouldn’t mind a taste

FWB big pussy lips

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 5

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My Fuck buddy sends pics when she wants hard cock later that night

  1. FIFI said: faceplant on that
  2. John Doe said: I know who that is! You guys are from the 831 right? Lol
  3. BigNPurple said: That Clit is HUGE!! Yum… How are the tits??
  4. dd.eddie said: Would love to get on her list for the nights you cant make it; Yummy pussy!
  5. said: looking like a very lickable puss
  6. dick said: That’s really hot
  7. said: lovely piercing and fine looking pussy
  8. said: I’d love to lick and suck the pierced clit until she covered my face with cum,then fuck her long and slow

gf ass up face down

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 5

image (3).jpg
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what would you do to her ass and pussy??

  1. geraldo rivera said: been there in my later years. all i can get these days is big ass….
  2. R said: Frist I would feed you my cock balls deep down you throat Then we would Fuck All Day & Night!!
  3. pete said: love it
  4. said: fuck that pussy whilst finger bashing that ass hole
  5. john said: want to rim that ass
  6. dave said: so inviting.. I’d love to slide my cock in between both holes.. and get her to taste herself
  7. jake said: who said she is a size 0 ya ok that guy is a asshole
  8. said: This and your other two posts (girfriend bent over & gf wet pussy) are wonderful but similar. Let’s see the front, please.
  9. said: Lick it, suck it then fuck it slow and deep!
  10. said: U can tell she loves fucking in the ass
  11. Johnnyonthespot said: Luv the meaty lips and that ass looks like it wants and can take a pounding
  12. dez said: dirty hole
  13. Average jo! said: Yes yes and yes. What a great pussy!
  14. hunter said: fill her arse with cum as the next stuff her mouth till all 6 have had our fun
  15. hunter said: get her to suck my cock then slip into her wet pussy as a friend sticks his cock in her mouth then she can mount him as I fill
  16. dick said: I’ll make it drip with my cum.
  17. robert said: an ass like that is made to fuck
  18. robert said: grease that ass up push my thick cock up her sweet ass
  19. said: Bleach that asshole
  20. tnguy said: Lol joe she’s a size 0 idiot
  22. Joe said: Put it on a diet
  23. said: lick both her beautiful waiting holes,tease them with my cock and decide which one to fuck first
  24. bill said: fuck both holes
  25. said: I would love to lick that lovely pussy.

Sexy suzy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 5

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  1. Show alittle titt said: Dam love them dark lips bet I would love them dark nipples too!! Show us the whole spread sexy Suzy!!!
  2. rda said: your so fucking hot.
  3. dd.eddie said: There we go, a picture to show your beautiful eye; last one had sexy nerd glasses that i liked 2. Open nipple bra? :D
  4. Keegan said: *yawnnnnnn*
  5. Thick for u said: Dam girl lets c a full frontal shot titts out and spread them lips would be hot!!
  6. said: Suzy is very sexy!
  7. Henry said: No thanks just don’t look good!
  8. W.W. said: yea show ur tits.
  9. Johnnyonthespot said: No denying it looks great but how about some other poses with tits and pussy spread
  10. Luvpussy said: Get them titties out in one for us sexy girl!!!
  11. chuckie said: suzy your pussy is perfect.
  12. said: i wanna grab ur hips and fuck ur hot pussy and ass just like that ur so sexy 10 from me
  13. said: very sexy! and edible!
  15. said: After seeing severa lof your pics here,I;d love to see that pussy and ass in person! 10+ from me
  16. Matt Moore said: I love you!!!!!

sweet mirror pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 5

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FTV application pic from Shannon the hula hoop girl

  1. said: That’s smoking hot darlin your beautiful
  2. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: Fuck ya. Let’s make some baby’s. I’ll let u abuse me good. 10 +++ your fucking hot. My cock hurts for your holes.
  3. dd.eddie said: I want her ass a hoopin on my face!
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  5. chuckie said: beautiful girl. sweet.
  6. geno said: would love to see pussy a little closer
  8. said: she needs to come and sit on my face
  9. said: Young,sweet and not so innocent…allow me to explore that lovely pussy up close
  10. spongebob said: wow, your amazing. beautiful in every way. I would love to be your man.
  11. said: WOW nice girl you are a dream for a lesbian women like me

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