Vibe inside wife

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 8

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Wife got a new Lelo and we wanted to try it out! What do you think?

  1. said: Buzzing, love to hear her play on that toy as she blows are cocks
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Good stuff

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 8

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My man loves it

  1. said: Who can blame him, so do we ;)
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  3. said: I’ll love it too when my cock is spreading those lips further and I’m filling your pussy full of cum
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Wife shaved and spread – close up

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 7

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more in the series for “Wife shaved and spread”

  1. J R said: can i lick that while hubby mixes a few!
  2. said: Nice body & sexy pussy ;) more please
  3. Browser said: Nice gash….
  4. DA GUVNOR said: jus shot ma load ova u
  5. lydia said: wow your wife really needs to learn how to shave better, look at those hairy lips
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  7. madman said: why when I try to upload it tells me picture to big indeed 100 kb how do I do this help
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Wife Waiting for Younger Stud

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 7

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My 43 year old wife fantasizes about fucking a younger stud in his mid-twenties. She wonders if she can attract one with this body?

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hot wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 6

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When my husbands at work I love teasing him..what do you think?

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my sweet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 6

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  1. said: Can we see your sweet ass too!
  2. dd.eddie said: sweet and creamy!
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dildo in ass rubbing my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 6

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Here’s another one for you guys hope you like

  1. J R said: id juss lick U so silly! ;) for starters…
  2. said: i know I like. would love to see more
  3. said: Bigger dildo please :) hot looking puss
  4. dd.eddie said: Hmm yes, my cock can just replace that dildo just fine; yes it is a needle but 8″ Ok my tongue, my tongue
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my wife’s creaming indian pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 6

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Enjoyed licking a lot of cream from her….who’s next..

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fresh sha”V”ed pussy – who is it?

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 6

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As some horny guys asked for more, here is more. We are having a “V”ucking hot “V”eekend – hope you too

  1. Jizz Meister said: Lo”V”e it!
  2. said: Very sexy V would love to see more in my email
  3. dd.eddie said: Va-Va-Vaaaa-VooooooooM! :D
  4. dd.eddie said: BEAUTIFUL, awesomely beautiful and yummy! Super hips! :D
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  7. rocker1960.rq@ said: can i stand over and spill my load down on her while you take pics if my cum splashing off her belly. very nice
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girlfriends tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Apr 5

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This is my girlfriends sweet little pussy. It tastes so sweet and is tight but can take a good pounding

  1. Southernbeauty said: The labia has nothing to do with tightness. No need for negative comments
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