Tied Up

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 12


Rating: 4.42    (733 votes cast)
  1. Skinny said: I like your style
  2. +254 755 570 335 said: am the cop,let me in between there
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  8. Christina said: They have done it to me too. Immature!
  9. HellSpawn said: Joey that person might use your name next to make you look bad
  10. HellSpawn said: Joey that person
  11. HellSpawn said: hey that person using the undertakers name is an asshole
  12. Joey said: Undertaker – have you lost your fucking mind?!
  13. Undertaker said: Great view but I wish I was looking at a big set of balls and man ass!
  14. Throbbin Hood said: Fifty shades of crack addicts!
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horny slut pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 10


Rating: 3.86    (825 votes cast)
  1. J R said: i wonder if she will post another awesome “selfie”…wow
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footjob on the big curve.

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 10


Rating: 2.53    (440 votes cast)

for those who claimed I was lying about my big cut hot cock.

  1. J R said: now what if she gives ya a case of athletes foots!
  2. Mike Brady said: how about a picture of you fucking her mouth with that thing?
  3. Undertaker said: Agreed Nips, it’s a glorious cock
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  8. dylan said: not sure if that’s even average. very borderline
  9. Funny!!! said: Really not that big!!!!! Looks average to me!!! Hahahaha!
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  14. Mynt said: Why did this awful pic even get posted?
  15. Colochronic said: What the fuck

My ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 10


Rating: 3.74    (631 votes cast)

What would you do ?

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Wet married pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Feb 9


Rating: 4.32    (723 votes cast)

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do

  1. J R said: Sara..would U mind posting ur puss ..;) just sayen
  2. Skinny said: 5 star cunt indeed! Great wax job too. Asshole pic too? ;)
  3. +254 755 570 335 said: yummy!!!
  4. sara said: mmm wouldnt mind licking it sweetie
  5. J R said: needs to be used alot more! ;)
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  7. John said: I will eat tj
  8. Henry said: I don’t know who you are or where you are. But I will find you and fuck you.
  9. dd.eddie said: you should never have to do it alone. That is what my tongue is meant to do for you. No charge
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Plowed pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Feb 9


Rating: 3.59    (527 votes cast)
  1. moorejimmy26@Yahoo.com said: peekaboo
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Me sucking bf

Amateur pic posted on Monday Feb 9


Rating: 3.39    (505 votes cast)

He says the I’m a great sucker, and I love that ;-)

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Absolutely Tasty!!!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Feb 9


Rating: 4.06    (543 votes cast)

I could eat both these glorious holes for hours!!!

  1. Tony said: Perfect!
  2. J R said: while your licken away can she give me heads up? awesome post beautiful 5 starz
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Tight as a virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 8

Sweetest tight pussy in Alberta.jpg

Rating: 3.77    (595 votes cast)

Gently she pressed purposefully on her hard clit forcing an intense full body orgasm…..use your imagination and let me hear it ;-)

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: baby after you cum, I would drink your bath water
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tite holes.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 8


Rating: 3.92    (592 votes cast)

lots of kegel exercises as my big cock tends to stretch her to near limitations.

  1. +254 755 570 335 said: oh boy so tempting an horny
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