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my 40 year old wife

Posted on Friday Mar 16

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this is my wife just before nightly intercourse, yes nightly!!

26 Responses to “my 40 year old wife”

  1. Cccccccccc said: Would love to see you at 18!
  2. rontron said: beautiful shape, color, and hair. A MUST HAVE!
  3. musthave1980 said: NOW THATS A 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. stud24 said: i could stare at that all day long, and maybe i just will
  5. FRANKLOUIS said: if that lived in my house i would never go to work!
  6. rocketman said: NOW THATS WHAT A PUSSY SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!! A++++
  7. said: lucky guy
  8. radude1971 said: just beautiful!!!!
  9. said: Would defiantly like to be contacted about you wife, she’s hot
  10. SaskSteve said: Lucky Lucky guy. Would love to fun with that every night. Beautiful pussy. Love the hair. Yet another REAL woman
  11. said: wang dang sweeet poon tane! now thats a pussy
  12. said: Pretty lil stink hole.
  13. rj said: your wife does have one sweet looking pussy! lucky guy, now tell the truth about doing her nightly
  14. buttman said: wow. if that was shaved iwould be a 10. still nice though just dont like hair.
  15. rockhard said: shave
  16. said: nice vintage pussy :)
  17. said: Beautiful ! should let the bush grow :)
  18. said: thats one sweet pussy i bet she tasts so good
  19. Dawg said: Nice. Looking good for 40. Bang her twice tonite. Once ofr me and once for you!
  20. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I would Luv to have your delicious Lips wrapped around my thick cock. I need to see “ALL” of her sensual body!! Message me!
  21. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Truly beautiful!! I would Luv to plunge my thick Pipe between your Lips and make your juices drip!! Keep posting!!
  22. AnAl lover said: Do u take it up the ass
  23. Maine PussyEater said: wow!! very very nice rug!! you are one lucky guy.i would much on that 4 times aday,morning, noon, night and a midnight snack!!!
  24. said: Would love to lick you pussy before fucking you
  25. ray said: mmm lovely dont let it go to waste would love to stick my 25yr old cock up her
  26. Natural said: Don’t shave it

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my wife playing with toys

Posted on Thursday Mar 15

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vibrating her clit while I shove piece up inside her

6 Responses to “my wife playing with toys”

  1. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I have a thick Pipe which will provide more pleasure than BOB!! Have her message me satisfaction is guaranted!!
  2. arkyman said: never have to many toys
  3. thisguy said: you can rub that pussy all over my face
  4. said: Nice. Now stick something in that poik hole.
  5. said: that pussy looks tight pal :)
  6. Lee said: she can have my tongue and my 9 deep up n her

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My wife’s pussy

Posted on Tuesday Mar 13

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Dog’s wife

18 Responses to “My wife’s pussy”

  1. said: Omg!! I love your wife ;)
  2. rob said: can i slide my cock deep inside that tight pussy an fuck you real good an hard!
  3. sticky pop said: * thats your wife!? im going to fuck the dog shit out of her then shoot a massive cum load down her her throat.
  4. wozzerz said: thaot sweet pussy looks so small and tight! Just fantastic
  5. Lee said: I wana dive n tongue 1st
  6. dog said: Haha its all good..And thank you!!!
  7. Rachel said: Oh wow that looks so tasty,I am fingering myself looking at that
  8. said: I want to play with her piercing. This picture makes me so wet. Love her pussy
  9. said: your a lucky dog she has aperfect pussy thank
  10. Nat Turner said: I tipp my hat to the better man your wife has a pretty little pussy now I’m a fan of hers congrats guy.
  11. Tammy said: Nice, Tina,, join me, we will make her cum in a minute!!
  12. said: Yum I want it
  14. Onrequest said: Nice piercing. Love to lick it.
  15. Slash said: Now, that’s a tiny vagina.
  16. pussylover said: would tongue fuck you all night.
  17. dog said: Here you go Nat this ones for you…
  18. said: i’d break that lil thing!

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Wife’s Hairy Pussy

Posted on Tuesday Mar 13

Feb to March 12 064 (704 x 528).jpg
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Wife’s meaty pussy

29 Responses to “Wife’s Hairy Pussy”

  1. me 2 said: I’d bury my face in that all day long babe.
  2. said: This is how a women is suppose to look!
  3. DPL said: shave immediately
  4. J R said: DONT SHAVE!!! ol fashioned gent here luvs HAIR..POST MORE for ME!! :)10
  5. said: to hell the the score, natural is better than looking like your 5 !
  6. rockhard said: have some pride and take care of that pussy…..SHAVE!
  7. Lee said: if u shave it ur score wud b higher
  8. Mr.Anal said: Looks like a beat up catchers mit
  9. said: Absolutely beautiful !!! Love her pussy!
  10. said: …looks like sundried dogfood….
  11. dd.eddie said: I would love to start a brush fire there with a little friction
  12. hambone said: DAMN
  13. Mr.Pitote said: Honestly I would eat your dirty pussy! Looks like you could take a fisting.
  14. said: love your big fat pussy hangers love to lick that from your arse to your mouth 10
  15. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Don’t listen to colonel that is the voice of ignorance speaking!! Too bad simple people speak aloud!!!
  16. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I holding my vote until you either: (A) Trim down HAIR!! or (B) Shave!! Please hurry it looks unkept!! Repost after doing A or B
  17. Colonel said: It looks like a black chicks pussy on a white chicks body..
  18. Mike said: I would love to suck those beautiful lips and
  19. said: Shave it then I’ll think about fuckin it
  20. said: Love me some dark meat, mmmmmmm eat it up!
  21. Animal said: Holy roast beef batman! Thats not a pussy it’s a pothole!
  22. Kevin Bacon said: It honestly looks like its from the movie Tremors. Someone shoot it with an elephant gun!!!
  23. luv2licit said: WTF IS THAT
  24. Never said: The worst pussy on here yet! Put it away!
  25. al said: it looks so angry
  26. Lions said: I love hairy pussy more please
  27. Ntylver said: Shave that wooly mammoth!
  28. OMG said: Looks like a dog snarling. Put your clothes on.
  29. boi said: fucking hell thats like a wild dog

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My wife’s Puffy pink pussy lips

Posted on Sunday Mar 11

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They are just as tasty as they look

49 Responses to “My wife’s Puffy pink pussy lips”

  1. D said: Yeah that really looks tasty
  2. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  3. beamer said: thats what im looking for LIPS 10from me
  4. Dan said: Lush looking pussy would suck that all day long xx
  5. Jgood said: mmm… sleeve of wizzard.. a dog’s tongue. sexy.
  6. said: Awesome clit just needs to be sucked and sucked
  7. mmm,mmm said: i like the contrast between the fair skin and the pink.
  8. MrB said: Amazing! Want to bury my face in there.
  9. cody said: fucking beutiful
  10. daver said: this is amazing you lucky cunt, I would love to know how her pussy and butthole taste
  11. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Damn! Nice round ass!! Have her message me, she will Luv to have my thick cock pull and tug on her juicy Lips!!!
  12. BigDady said: that is the niciest this i have seen in awhile
  13. Lee said: cnt w8 2 rap my tongue around ur flappers luv da tight holes 2
  14. timbo said: fantastic would eat it forever
  15. puff pleaser said: that’s a 10! I’d love to suck those sweet looking lips
  16. pete said: luv 2 rim,sniff her arse b4 fuking it
  17. Me said: For some reason I have a craving for bubble gum…
  18. said: Yum:)
  19. ACE said: WOW! You look delicious! Let’s see more. :)
  20. Big Wang said: Can I suck on your lips???
  21. Pleaser said: Only missing my tongue
  22. BBD said: If you would like to see more and you have pics of your wife/GF or both of you, post your e-mail
  23. J R said: wow luv to put a lip lock on those n juss hang on for a while…scheesssh
  24. said: Damn That ASS and PUSSY Look Yummy!!
  25. said: Damn
  26. GGSWA said: that is BEAUTIFUL instant hard cant wait to to have those lips wrap around sausage
  27. Tammy said: I’d do u in a heart beat!, Tina
  28. Onrequest said: Beautiful lips baby–would love to lick it.
  29. Mandingo said: Nice ass babe, I wouldn’t mind face diving that honey pot
  30. tina said: yes tammy she is very nice love that position u can lick all the pink mmm
  31. said: perfect x
  32. dk said: beautiful
  33. Ben Dover said: HOLY shit you just made a grown man cry, and blow my load right where I sit . FANTASTIC baby…sexy peach
  34. O. Bama said: Lucky fucking bastard! Close ups are needed!
  35. said: I would love to taste them. They look yummy!
  36. Tammy said: Mmm, very nice,, what do u think Tina?
  37. bill said: love to eat that pussy from behind
  38. Loveit said: Simply beautiful!!!
  39. Cock master said: Love that soft white pink pussy i would ram my soild hard soft dick way in that lil pink pussy till i felt your solf spot insidc
  40. suck me said: please can you sit on my face and then i would fuck the shit out of you
  41. bob said: tore up
  42. said: Damn I love those lips… Want to trade a few pics??
  43. Hugecock4u34 said: Damn girl let me put my lips on those lips and slide my 9 deep inside
  44. said: all I have to say is 10 from me. They look so damn tasty and would love to suck on her pussy until she screamed!
  45. luv2licit said: WOW that is one nice pussy PLEASE give us more. My cock hurts for it
  46. said: Your pussy is divine…
  47. Cocky said: They would cover your nose!
  48. Mike 7202376377 said: Will she blow me
  49. oral fix said: you should smack that ass red before the next picture. beautiful pussy, does it taste as good as it looks

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My wife’s pussy

Posted on Saturday Mar 10

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Who want to jin me to fuck my wife

22 Responses to “My wife’s pussy”

  1. said: would love to join you! what a perfect pussy.
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: I think that pussy lacks some hair.
  3. Lee said: I wana eat and pound her out
  4. Lesbian said: ill join you. hell, for that pussy id even let you fuck me.
  5. Tammy said: Mr Anal, I’m ready
  6. said: Would love to help you crush that pussy good!
  7. J R said: wow bro! your a lucky dude! shes keepen it in good shape…keep it used or call me haha…
  8. said: I WANT HER !! Very sexy pic… thanks for sharing
  9. Dan said: I chewed you snatch yesterday. Wanna do it again tomoz????
  10. said: I will! Let’s fuck her until she’s worn out!
  11. pussylover said: yum yum
  12. said: very beautiful pussy, look svery juicy and suculent. Would please her with my tongue for as long as she wanted
  13. big dick said: lovely.
  14. said: Sweet and Smooth!!!
  15. Mr.Anal said: Love to eat both holes for hours
  16. said: I’d luv to join in!! Beautiful lil kat !! Yum
  17. 07785963304 said: very nice x
  18. MrGreeneyes said: I’m about to do something I never do is my number to text on this site your pussy is the best I’ve seen yet
  19. Loveit said: I could do that, just say when
  20. indiana man said: can i have a go? she would surely love it :) 3some ?
  21. said: Just let me have her for a night instead

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My Wife’s hairy pussy

Posted on Friday Mar 9

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Doesn’t my wife have the most suckable lips?

16 Responses to “My Wife’s hairy pussy”

  1. Gruntwrk said: Thats perfection. I wish my wife looked that good
  2. mywife said: to eyeyecreampie: yes she tastes amazing. i play with her pussy lips like as if french kissing when i eat her before sex
  3. harddick said: Best cunt I’ve seen online all year
  4. Wanking said: The most goregrous pussy ever. You are so lucky you get to put your dick into that.
  5. glad2notBu said: no, not really.
  6. Lee said: I’d sure like 2 rap my tongue around them and drain them of all her sweet nectar
  7. said: So beautiful and yummy! love those lips and hair!
  8. mywife said: damn, i expected a higher rating… i’m crazy about her luscious lips. i wish i could explain how amazing she tastes
  9. said: Close enough to smell…. taste.. Excellent.
  10. said: yes mate does she taste as good 10 :)
  11. said: looks like a morella mushroom
  12. SaskSteve said: Oh yes hell yes.
  13. Mr. X said: I would love to suck on your beautiful lips.
  14. said: Yes she does, retake the picture back it up a bit so we can enjoy it all!
  15. 07785963304 said: me and my wife say yes hehe
  16. bill said: thats the closest to really looking like roast beef Ive ever seen, do you get that foot long or six inch? with lettuce tomatoe?

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My wifes wet pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 5

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Do you like?

43 Responses to “My wifes wet pussy”

  1. said: I like alot
  2. said: Lucky man! Put some greatings in,next time you fuck that pussy
  3. jeff said: I would tear that little sweet ass up very sexy
  4. BigDick said: That is one wet vagina!
  5. Big d said: Would luv to put my load deep in u
  6. said: Looks like she had labia surgery,??
  7. said: dam that pussy gave me a hard on NICE WPB would love to eat That
  8. said: So sexy. This picture makes mine just as wet. Yummy
  9. said: Damn now that’s what a pussy should look like! Awesome!
  10. said: Want to see my wife’s pussy? Let me know.
  11. said: Gorgeous Wet Pussy!!
  12. Sajlez said: Damn that’s so hot!
  13. paulforpussy said: nothin beats hot juicy pussy
  14. pussycrazy said: fuck I’d love to have that in my face right now
  15. She's mine said: She squirts too :)
  16. Lee said: I’d luv 2 slurp dwn all ur sweet sticky icky
  17. Madigirl said: Mmm cud eat dat pussy all night
  18. boi said: full of cum yummy.,…..
  19. said: oh yes love that pussyone lucky guy
  20. Hugecock4u34 said: I wanna spread it wide and fuck u deep. Message me baby
  21. said: can i lick u out babe
  23. said: i wanna watch them rub hot pink pussies toghether
  24. a fan said: hot!
  25. said: we need to get our wives together
  26. Maine PussyEater said: WOW!! VERY NICE..YOU ARE ONE LUCKY GUY!!!
  27. said: very nice
  28. jay said: let me just say. GOD DAM that is would be better if it was in my bed.
  29. Bill said: God damn that’s a wet pussy! Awesome!!
  31. said: I like! You are certainly lucky! Post more
  32. said: WOW!!! I would love to taste her pussy. Fucking GORGEOUS!
  33. Colorado chronic said: that looks fuckin hot
  34. said: Y U U U U U M Y. Lets eat.
  35. Cocky said: Dripping wet. Fabulous!
  36. cj said: would love to eat that pussy!
  37. Jimmy said: Slurp
  38. Stu said: I love it! It reminds me of my wife’s, only more tan.
  39. said: Hhhmmmm what a nice wet pussy, love to lick your juicy jizz
  40. indiana man said: do you need help handling that kitty :)
  41. said: Don’t wont to talk about it just saying can I have some look so good
  42. said: This has to be the most lucious and beautiful pussy I have ever seen…what I would give for a taste and more
  43. said: Love the picture

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my hot wife

Posted on Monday Mar 5

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13 Responses to “my hot wife”

  1. Gloverboy6 said: HOT, I love skirt sex :D
  2. said: Such a nice couple..thanx for that
  3. said: OMG completely perfect would luv to see more of you would luv to trade see what you got drop me a line
  4. kenfiveo said: when yo want 3some
  5. Egbert said: Shaving yo’ junk, but your torso and legs look like a wookie… o.O
  6. Sivart said: i just ate m wifes ass and she wont put out. Will you share
  7. me said: curly pubes……. lol
  8. said: love to suck your cum of that cock
  9. said: nice tight ass love the tan :)
  10. dk said: great view……ugly sheets
  11. thickdickloving said: That’s it home boy, stuff that pussy!
  12. said: Got any front views?
  13. Cocky said: Never mind your cock, show us her fanny!

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Asian wife wet pussy

Posted on Saturday Mar 3

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Asian wife wet pussy

25 Responses to “Asian wife wet pussy”

  1. timbo said: would swap my house for that
  2. said: So Tasty, I Wanna Lick!!!
  3. Lee said: sweet…hope its like they say the drker the berry the sweeter da juice
  4. ACE said: Great pic. Love the look of your pussy! Keep posting :)
  5. Iva Biggin said: Perfection! I’ll bet it tastes and fucks as well?
  6. dd.eddie said: Salamat mahal pek-pek
  7. said: wow x perfect :) love to eat both her holes 10
  8. said: Swap pussy pics :-) xxx
  9. said: Yum I’ll eat and fuck ya
  10. said: i have pics of my wife would you see
  11. thickdickloving said: Wow, it’s so small. I know it’s tight as hell.
  12. dwaine said: very hot sexy picture
  13. Stu said: I would eat that Asian pussy for dinner!
  14. Boom said: Filipina? Thai? Well, no matter what…. BEAUTIFUL!
  15. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Damn! You are sooo sexy!! I would LUV to have your sweet BOX pull & tug on my long thick cock! Keep posting!!
  16. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Gorgeous! You can grip claw my back with your nails
  17. said: LBFM …. yum, yum …. give me some !!!
  18. 50tyson said: dat pussy tight
  19. said: looks yummy
  20. me said: need to change the wet pussy to perfect looking pussy so sexy want a taste it bad
  21. Ben Dover said: would luv to drive my tongue deep in her star fish mmmmmmm fantastic pic.
  22. said: So delicious mmmm
  23. kmancumin@yah said: now thats a perfect target! like stand back and see how close i can get to hitting that starfish
  24. Cocky said: Beautiful!
  25. big dick said: you look like a blast ;-)

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