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My wifes pretty pussy

Posted on Tuesday Sep 18


Rating: 4.12    (1564 votes cast)

46 Responses to “My wifes pretty pussy”

  1. The Bandit said: Nice puss
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My wife’s mature pussy

Posted on Tuesday Sep 18

hot mature pussy.jpg

Rating: 2.7    (1030 votes cast)

Hard to believe this nice pussy is 40 years old. It is still as wet and tight as it was in her 20s. I love it…

12 Responses to “My wife’s mature pussy”

  1. Biker Gil said: I have a 27 year old thick beer can cock,my fanatcy and my wifes would be to fuck that sweet pussy and cum deep inside you
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lonely housewife pussy

Posted on Thursday Sep 13


Rating: 2.39    (1138 votes cast)

lonely housewife needs a big cock.

24 Responses to “lonely housewife pussy”

  1. said: Please send some to me my browser did not let me view that pic
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  22. Joe said: would b happy to oblige, im discreet if u are!
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  24. Katie said: As someone let a bomb off cos that is scary put it away

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My wifes pretty pussy

Posted on Thursday Sep 13


Rating: 4.24    (1242 votes cast)

She loves all the comments

32 Responses to “My wifes pretty pussy”

  1. Helen said: but my gosh, does she have a gorgeous pussy. I’d dive my face in that all day.
  2. Helen said: how on earth can you know someone based on tits, pussy, and one hand?… she doesn’t even have a birthmark or anything.
  3. Markus said: Don’t use that thing – Use my cock
  4. said: That’s very nice,only one thing wrong with it,I’m not getting any of it!
  5. Her friend said: I know this woman , she’s about a 5 on looks, 8.5 on tits and 9 on pussy about a 6 in bed
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  14. golfer7 said: :)
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  16. Tennessee said: Holy fuck. I think I could eat that for about 5 straight days. Or try to anyway…
  17. Me said: Nice kitty.
  18. ACE said: Doll ur pussy is INCREDIBLE! It’s so inviting the more I look, the more I want to smell & eat you. Keep post’n ;)
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  25. Eagle said: Very tidy!
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  31. Greg said: The wait is over! 10+
  32. dd.eddie said: I would go down smooth on that.. Truly one awesomely fine manicured pussy

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Wife Rear Pussy Shot

Posted on Sunday Sep 9


Rating: 3.51    (900 votes cast)

My wife waiting for some cock

10 Responses to “Wife Rear Pussy Shot”

  1. Matty said: I’d love to finger that pussy, till it is dripping wet
  2. said: apsoluteyy beautiful-more rear shots please
  3. 9023180391 said: Can I please give your wife my cock? Her pussy looks absolutely amazing
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  8. said: Im in love.
  9. Pussylover said: I’ll give her mine
  10. said: for some reason, that ass looks real inviting. Ill put it in there and the wife can lick that pussy

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Wife Naked and Spread wide

Posted on Sunday Sep 9


Rating: 3.91    (1396 votes cast)

My Naked Wife lay submissive and ready to please !!

15 Responses to “Wife Naked and Spread wide”

  1. steve said: thats a nice cunt to get a good hard cock up it and fuck
  2. steve said: awsome shaved cunt ripe for fuckin hard
  3. Markus said: Beautiful girl, wanna lick her too
  4. pat said: Show her face!
  5. said: Nice rack gorgeous body and nice smooth smoo wouldn’t kick her out of bed email more
  6. rj said: lucky guy she does look ready for some action
  7. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: nice rack
  8. said: fucking hot huni. Wud love to ease my 8” into one hole while hubby fills the other
  9. Hot love said: Lou to lick suck an fuck yov
  10. Pussylover said: She can please me!
  11. tonguetwirler said: take a closeup of that pretty pussy and spread that hole
  12. kaiser said: I like the little bush up top.
  13. bill said: thats perfect alright
  14. said: Very hot! I love it. Post more!
  15. Larry Tate said: she’s got no arms

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Upskirt wifey’s pussy

Posted on Friday Sep 7

Grabbed Frame 7.jpg

Rating: 3.79    (909 votes cast)

12 Responses to “Upskirt wifey’s pussy”

  1. WOODY said: i think i think fuck ya
  2. 9023180391 said: I wanna kiss those lips of yours
  3. said: Nice meaty lips I’d stick my head up her skirt and lick her pussy anytime email more
  4. said: fucking sweet. id get my cock under that skirt any day
  5. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: nice box
  6. Gloverboy6 said: Upskirts are SO sexy
  7. said: I love it. Great Pic! Wouldn’t mind splitting it… Post more please!
  8. said: Great photo. Such a pretty pussy
  9. Hot love said: really hot babe
  10. thickdickloving said: Beautiful upskirt. That gap between her legs really shows off the pussy! Hope you post more of her.
  11. Pussylover said: Meaty pussy. Do you share?
  12. said: great really nice shot

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Rating: 3.68    (896 votes cast)

23 Responses to “Wifey’s pussy after I’m done with it :)”

  1. said: Oh wow looks it’s ready for more and I’d love to fuck it email more
  2. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: looks sooooo nice
  3. Normalguy said: Thats a gapping hole darlin. Let it heal
  4. 702 said: the things i would do with this!
  5. said: I want to bury my tongue in there
  6. ttt said: i love that bigt clit
  7. said: I would happily be sloppy seconds on that one…
  8. 4172934140 said: i love that big pussy! would love to trade wife pics w u!!
  9. M said: “pretty sure i recognize that tattoo!!” What, a small butterfly on the lower abdomen? Half the slags in the world have that tatt
  10. Lover said: haha I recognize that tatoo as well!! bitch must be gettin around
  11. Lucky said: hello hello hello! God damn hear that echo?
  12. said: That clit needs more sucking and I AM READY!!
  13. Pussylover said: Looks like she is ready for more
  14. powertool said: you beat that up good!
  15. Ausii mick said: looks like she hasn’t been streched yet or maybe your just happy fingering or she’s awsumely tight all I want to know whens my t
  16. Ausii mick said: looks like she hasn’t been t
  17. Pilot said: Good job!
  18. cathy said: Would love to lick that clit all night!
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  20. Hot love said: 000000 yes yes yes
  21. said: turn her over and look what i did to her ass
  22. indicaman said: pretty sure i recognize that tattoo!!
  23. planeboy said: oooooooo!!!! I like it!!!!

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wifes sexy pussy

Posted on Thursday Sep 6


Rating: 3.42    (694 votes cast)

wife getting ready for some fun

10 Responses to “wifes sexy pussy”

  1. said: Sexy smooth pussy live to spend a night with u email more
  2. rj said: i yhink she is ready for some finger and toungue action
  3. Ben Dover said: Red Snapper
  4. Pussylover said: Let’s have fun
  5. said: think its great to lick on been doing it for ten years now
  6. said: Let’s see her spread
  7. said: wet and ready!! noice:)
  8. Sean said: That pussy is only missing 3 things.My tongue,my fingers and my cock.
  9. said: Yuuup I would licl & suck on your pretty pink lips.
  10. Hot love said: Can i open yr pussy an asshole with my cock

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My wife’s lovely hairy pussy

Posted on Thursday Sep 6


Rating: 3.28    (962 votes cast)

One night I was playing with my wife’s pussy a bit. She didn’t know I had the camcorder under the blanket.

36 Responses to “My wife’s lovely hairy pussy”

  1. badman said: awesome! you are my hero!,
  2. site see er said: just what I’m in the mood for. luv ur hairy pussy
  3. sam88 said: stunningly beautiful. must be so much fun to lick
  4. mywife said: Love how she had goosebumps that night while I was teasing her with my tounge. Can you see it?
  5. mywife said: Doctor Cuntsucker is crazy. My wife is perfect. What do you mean doctors attention. You’re weird.
  6. said: rare fur burger,mmmmmmm
  7. said: send it too me
  8. Diggity said: i fucking love this. sexy as hell.
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  10. chuck b. said: lovely hairy box
  11. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: now thats a pussy i would love to see more of thanks ;)
  12. rj said: that is a nice looking pussy love the bush
  13. said: Damn that is a sexy pussy! Please post more
  14. Watcher said: This is thee definition of roast beef
  15. SaskSteve said: Absolutley perfect. Love the big meaty lips and hair.
  16. make u squirt said: those lips are very hot n would love to chew them but my ex has the tastiest lips in the world
  17. said: that is artsy and just so sexy, post more!
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  19. Hot love said: Hot pussy can i fuck her
  20. Republicans are Retarded said: beef jerky! messing with sasquatch!
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  22. Doctor Cuntsucker said: Hmmm she needs a Doctor’s attention.
  23. Big Dickster said: Love the beef flaps, suck the days juices out then chew on it all night!
  24. Mr. X said: Very sexy, love the hair.
  25. lick said: thats one beautiful pussy..Love it..Keep them coming !!!
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  27. fatty said: Nice Beef Curtains
  28. doggystyle said: Great photo of a fuckable pussy
  29. Jrk said: dam ur lucky i would let her piss in my mouth dam thsts pretty
  30. Lions said: I love hairy pussy 10
  31. Maineguy said: Love the meat curtains shave it up and post a better pic
  32. X-Man said: sorry, I’m a wanker
  33. Rambone said: Mmmmm!!!! I love a nice meaty hairy cunt, such as your wife’s!
  34. Hunter said: Maybe you should shave it when your down there that’s wrong & ugly
  35. X-Man said: …not really sure about the ‘lovely’ part….
  36. said: now thats a nice pussy! love the bush!!! mmmmm!!!

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