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God damn! Came quick on this one. What a hot fucking MILF and a sweet fucking pussy!!!

13 Responses to “My over 40 hot wife’s pretty HOT pussy!”

  1. gman said: nothing better
  2. said: Can we see the pussy?
  3. said: wow sensational pic email more
  4. Biggie said: Looks just like when my Son in Law fucks my wife. His 10″ cock cums right away. Fucks my daughter all nite, but cums in my wife.
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  7. dikdady said: I like pretending to be men as well as lesbians.
  8. Hot love said: can i cum in yr pussy to perfect 10 baby
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  10. Love Pussy said: Excellent! I do wish it was me she was riding.
  11. Harry hard on said: 10+ OMG, this IS the best fucking pussy shot on this site! LOVE the shaved smooth tight pussy lips bulges out around that cock!
  12. badbehavior said: great view, luv the way those lips wrap around that cock..thats a hot pussy at any age
  13. said: fucking stunning grip on that motherfucking pussy ;) perfect

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Rating: 3.93    (1807 votes cast)

On her hands and knees dripping with cum!

44 Responses to “My over 40 hot wife’s dripping pussy”

  1. Slut fucker said: That pussy and ass looks ready to be destroyed
  2. azzlik said: like a suction cup on both as and pussy multiple orgasms down my throat!
  3. horny lion said: Do you want to share you lucky bastart
  4. MAGMADRAGON said: Over forty?OUT- FUCKING-STANDING! My mouth would be permantly attatched!
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  9. mr y said: gorgeous pussy love to taste it
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  15. SBC said: @toni thank you now I’m thinking fun thoughts
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  18. hokiewolf said: Now that is one slippery pussy that needs to be taken balls deep.
  19. Me said: That’s exactly how I remember her :)
  20. isha said: i want to spit on that pussy
  21. Toni said: @SBC Yes I do!
  22. bucknaked said: Dynomite
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  24. Love Pussy said: Excellent. I would love to get to lick her pussy. Thanks for sharing
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  43. t240458 said: lovely
  44. BigT said: Nice mate, best place for ‘em! Lovely pussy.

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My lovely wife

Posted on Thursday Aug 9


Rating: 3.92    (1245 votes cast)

Tell what you think. She gets off reading your comments, the naughtier the better

25 Responses to “My lovely wife”

  1. said: looks nice and tight
  2. MassageBoy said: The head of my cock would barely fit in that tight little box, but that is all that it would take for me to blow a load and fill
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  24. ass lover said: love that ass
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horny uk wife

Posted on Tuesday Aug 7

IMG_8471 (640x427).jpg

Rating: 3.81    (796 votes cast)

any pictures you want, just ask! will do the next best suggestion :-)

51 Responses to “horny uk wife”

  1. The Bandit said: Have you posted any more pictures, if so what are they called??
  2. Josh said: That is sooo fuking hot! My wife is almost there, she can take the john holmes dong about an inch or to away from the balls!
  3. The Bandit said: Holy shit :D
  4. funone said: how much can she take?
  5. said: you look amazing. would love you lick your asshole. email some more baby
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  8. said: wanna see some pussy pics =)
  9. skinny said: HA! UK sluts always give the sloppiest stretch. ;) A gaping asshole w/a view down your tube plzzzzzz :)
  10. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Hmmmm……I would Luv yo see that sexy & sensual body in my inbox…Message me
  11. jp said: that toy up your arse!
  12. said: Would love to see that pussy not filled
  13. Janet C said: that,s the girl.I would love to share it with you
  14. Lucky said: she wins gold in Donkey Dick!
  15. NaughtyBoy said: Stretching your pussy wide open with your fingers so I can see in it
  16. NaughtyBoy said: Stretching your pussy wide open with york
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  19. BigNPurple said: Cum dribbling out of your banged up arse??!?
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  21. Ukcouple said: That looks sweet!! Lucky guy! Can she spread both holes open after that black monster?
  22. Larry Tate said: can we see that in your ass next?
  23. good guy said: any big toy like this will do, one in your ass? suspenders? do i sound like a pervert? ;)
  24. Jason said: Your fist in your pussy
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  26. Johns big cock said: Pic of u sucking boyfriend/husbandS dick
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  28. said: I have to say a nice double fist please.
  29. said: W O W…..Thank you.
  30. Love Pussy said: How about just taking a pic of your pussy and ass after I have shot my cum all over you.?
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  41. dave said: I’d love to fill the other hole
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wife @ 43

Posted on Monday Aug 6


Rating: 3.84    (1126 votes cast)

what do you guys and girls think!

45 Responses to “wife @ 43”

  1. said: Gorgeous Body
  2. site see er said: great
  3. lezzy said: she’s over twice my age and i would still want to eat her out. damn sexy
  4. flipfioplover said: Awesome tits and pussy
  5. Jerry said: Love your pussy makes me all warm and fuzzy feeling
  6. said: cant get any better
  7. Hard for You said: Very fuckable! Nice tits also.
  8. John said: Wooow gorgeous mmmm
  9. phillip said: excellant looking womens pussy veryb nicely trimed
  10. said: looks amazing, luc to lick and suck her nice lips, finish up on the great tits
  11. Horsecumload said: Mmmm..fucking milfs is fun…full of energy and dirty talk..
  12. said: Looking good. Well maintained. Can we say milf??
  13. said: FANTASTIC!!
  14. Norwegianviking said: Great pic, show more than just a pussy…love it!
  15. Toni said: She’s twice my age and I would love to lick her pussy and suck on those nipples.
  16. said: fantastic would her to sit on my cock and watch her nice titties bounce up n down email more
  17. doggystyle said: Good looking 43!
  18. said: Can I have her for a day? Or a week?
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  20. MJ said: You are so very hot I would fuck you all day
  21. Love Pussy said: I would want to lick that entire body and make you cum over and over.
  22. kaiser said: nice pussy hair
  23. badbehavior said: very sexy luv the big nipples, the trim job and those meaty lips..hope u r fuckin that raw every day
  24. said: Think I wana sum
  25. irondoor said: verry sweet
  26. rj said: very nice to look at love the bush I bet she’s great in bed
  27. X-Man said: I wish she was my wife. Pleeeeeeeeeeease post more pictures with the same title so we can see more of her.
  28. simply_thick said: Great lookin bod and would love to suck that meaty pussy!
  29. said: Wow…what a nice fat pussy
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  32. said: Hell YES you are a gorgeous woman, would love o see more of you.
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  41. doggystyle said: I’d like to suck on her ballsack…mmmmm…
  42. Lions said: LOVE the hair! how about some pussy from behind
  43. Mr. X said: Very, very hot!
  44. said: Your sexy front to back
  45. said: hello you are very sexy

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wifes pussy

Posted on Sunday Aug 5


Rating: 3.87    (868 votes cast)

Which hole would u like?

15 Responses to “wifes pussy”

  1. grownjohnboy said: both
  2. Markus said: Such a tasty Fruit, wanna lick this juicy one
  3. 360 451 8006 said: the cock is throbbin hard i need to bust a load now
  4. suma said: pussy only
  5. said: i would have stick my tongue deep in both holes and which ever one tasted better would get the pleasure of my dick email more
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  7. WTF said: bleach that asshole!
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  12. Yuuup! said: Yummy!!!
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  14. f said: both,fuck the pussy and eat your ass
  15. said: Love both!! Let’s see more!!!

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Wifes Spread Pussy

Posted on Sunday Aug 5


Rating: 3.86    (893 votes cast)

She gets so wet!

14 Responses to “Wifes Spread Pussy”

  1. skanluver said: i see the pee hole,
  2. said: pretty pink pussy love her to sit on my face email more
  3. said: Would love to squirt cum on your pee hole.
  4. said: Would love to eat hat pussy
  5. said: Nice little hole can I fill it
  6. doggystyle said: Gynecology 101
  7. said: Thankyouxxx
  8. said: i’d like to lick this pussy
  9. Yuuup! said: Nice but I’m not into tiny lips…sorry!
  10. said: very nice tight pink pussy tunnel love to fill that with cum
  11. Al said: Looks like a face inside that pussy
  12. gatorsrule said: Yeah. Sure looks like it
  13. Lacy said: That’s fucking beautiful!!<3
  14. said: Love that sweet looking pussy, please post more!!!

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wife hot pussy

Posted on Saturday Aug 4


Rating: 2.98    (842 votes cast)

my wife wet pussy ready for big cocks

16 Responses to “wife hot pussy”

  1. jeff said: I want to tear that ass up
  2. lickem all said: so very pink on the inside
  3. said: Good looking pussy!!
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  5. said: Beautiful xxxx
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  12. J said: Post one of it spread open
  13. John0517 said: Sweet lips. Yum!
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  15. said: mmm x more get them of bet shes got nice lipz to suck cock show me
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really tight wife 6

Posted on Wednesday Aug 1

DSC_0143 rate.jpg

Rating: 4.43    (1387 votes cast)

Spreading her really tight pussy a little bit want to see it spread more? She gets horny when guys cum looking at her pics!

37 Responses to “really tight wife 6”

  1. Justus said: Sweet!
  2. said: Omg
  3. playboy said: ill fuck it for her
  4. MAGMADRAGON said: Damn, damn, damn!
  5. Paul said: I wanna ram my cock in her pussy.
  6. jay said: now a nice pussy. blew my load..twice!
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  8. rajie said: how deep can i go
  9. utog182 said: its a 10!! beautiful!
  10. said: Where can I send tributes to. HMU
  11. said: She looks fantastic , bet her knickers smell so good ..;/)
  12. Mr. Diggler said: can she take a dick? serious question..
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  15. hornyashell said: beautifull pussy would love to play with u x
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  19. Toni said: That’s it, baby. You start off by spreading her open and fingering that pussy and I’ll finish her off with my tongue ;-)
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  21. Mmm said: Next post a pic of cum dripping out her pussy
  22. Mr. Diggler said: great little snatch. looks massively tight.
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  24. Orlando said: there are a couple pics of her doggie style already
  25. Cum'in said: Would rather cum inside her pussy. Picture will have to do for now. Her pussy is so sexy that I can cum just looking at it!
  26. SBC said: Thats a very yummy Aww yeah
  27. said: Very tight
  28. wetmaker said: shes fine love to see a doggie style pic
  29. doggystyle said: Lucky you. Very fuckable. Let’s see that ass.
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My wife and I

Posted on Wednesday Aug 1


Rating: 3.21    (693 votes cast)

14 Responses to “My wife and I”

  1. said: wish that was my dick inside…what a great ass!
  2. said: nice pussy honey
  3. mmmm said: @jimmylovesporn i live in england and i would happily fuck her, what part of england?
  4. said: Dee, are you from England? If so, this could be arranged!
  5. Dee said: id love to poke my dick in your wife man
  6. Mr. Diggler said: boring shot
  7. said: Hot hot hot email more
  8. said: Hey Toni, why don’t you post a pic in return? I’ll post more soon.
  9. Toni said: Mmm. You both get a 10 from me. I’d let you fuck me in the ass while she licks my pussy. In turn, I’d do the same for her ;-)
  10. rj said: she does look tight lucky you enjoy
  11. doggystyle said: Pass.
  12. metallican said: looks great with your fellas cock in there, as soon as he fills you with his spunkcan i go in!!! get two loads in ya lady ;)
  13. TW said: Beautiful taco from behind!
  14. Android said: now lets see her without the weiner

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