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Bent wife

Posted on Monday Jul 9


Rating: 2.63    (1039 votes cast)

My wife’s wet pussy!

32 Responses to “Bent wife”

  1. pete said: luv your hairy pussy :) luv 2 fuk your arse until i cum up it xxx
  2. d said: very tasty
  3. said: Delicious furt burger would love to shove my face between ur lips and get my face covered in ur juices then fuck u email more
  4. doggystyle said: Looks good and fuckable
  5. Dave said: My cocks 10″ fancy a ride?
  6. said: love the hairy tit;) and pussy x
  7. Randy said: It’s a wookie !
  8. f said: love it.
  9. rudeboy said: want to c ur pussy clean shaven
  10. said: Very sexy pose, these wankers don’t know what they are talking about.
  11. John Holmes Ghost said: That ugly pussy is enough to make any man consider going “bent”
  12. timex said: i love it i say 10
  13. steve said: amozon only one breast ha ha looks nice and inviteing
  14. will said: that looks like it would smell like a gut shoot deer
  15. Galileo said: Love the hairy asshole, I’d fuck it till she squirts
  16. pete said: wnt 2 sniff then pound your sexy butthole babe xxx
  17. okay said: i dont mind a little hair but when it looks like chewbaccas sister it turns me off
  18. John x said: Love your pussy!!!!!!!
  19. said: I love them bent over, ready to be fucked. I also love the natural look.
  20. jak said: looks like chewbacca got into a fight and lost miserably
  21. Tonyj818181 said: Beat up love it that way/well used
  22. BigU said: wtf?? looks like a pussy chia pet
  23. said: OH MY! I love that hairy pussy and ass hole! I would lick the shit off/out of you for hours if you would let me!
  24. ron said: love it
  25. Baller said: Razor
  26. Xman said: I love how your right tit and nipple are hanging down from your bush…
  27. joey said: looks good, maybe a “trim” for the next shot?
  28. azn lover said: nastiest thing i have ever seen!
  29. SaskSteve said: Love your hairy pussy.
  30. kickin said: omg, I just threw up. looks like she sat in mud. I would rather jerk off than fuck this…
  31. jorvik said: stay like that I want to go balls deep in to you
  32. badbehavior said: give me both holes!!

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my wife pussy lips

Posted on Friday Jul 6


Rating: 3.31    (963 votes cast)

why don’t you just lick that pussy

10 Responses to “my wife pussy lips”

  1. said: love to eat your pussy
  2. lucky said: no thanks and learn some grammar!
  3. said: wouldnt kick her out of bed email more
  4. said: stunning ass and pussy love the little tuff of hair would love to lick her all over
  5. mr snuggles said: love to lick both if you dont mind
  6. Hot love said: Baby i will lick that pussy and asshole and dick fuck you it a 10
  7. Assfan69 said: OOH I would love those thighs pressed against my face!I love the heavier set women.Looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!Cum to Ct!
  8. hacker said: i wanna cum deep in that hot wet tight lil pussy.
  9. cumdeepinside said: hey, wonderfull pic, wanna share some?
  10. John10 said: Lick that pussy and finger that ass. Make you scream from pleasure and then fuck that tight ass

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really tight wife

Posted on Tuesday Jul 3

IMG_3345 Rate.jpg

Rating: 4.34    (1767 votes cast)

My 19yr old wife I’m the only one to ever touch this and she’s hot as hell!!

53 Responses to “really tight wife”

  1. said: Looks like pussy i got when i was 16
  2. said: Share it with the world!
  3. Longwood said: She wouldn’t be tight once I got done with her my anaconda would destroy that pussy
  4. GFrr said: wow, that pussy is amazing!!
  5. said: that looks tight need to get some cock in it ill show u one need to put in it
  6. Haha said: I bet you won’t be the last to touch it either lol.
  7. Orlando said: that’s what a pussy that hasn’t been touched by bunch of guys looks like :)
  8. Orlando said: I got a 8 in dick not the biggest but big enough to make her cum so don’t worry bout us :)
  9. az said: u must have a little dick if u have been fkn that all those years and still tight bet she would love new dick
  10. Orlando said: haha sorry she didn’t lie we grew up together and have been together since she was 14 from small town so no she didn’t lie :)
  11. said: mmmm dam let me hit that hot pussy
  12. hacker said: love that lil zip lock bag pussy of urs
  13. harleyman said: bet your wife wishes there was a lot more men that have touch her…I know I would be in that line
  14. doggystyle said: Nice twat I hope you realize she lied to you
  15. said: How can i get that ????
  16. dd.eddie said: Her contraceptive doctor beat you too it!
  17. said: tasty and tight pussy would love to see it spread email more
  18. Hot love said: You made me blow my load thanks more please
  19. TomCat said: what payne said X2.
  20. said: very nice! don’t slip up bro!
  21. brain said: hi baby, you have the most beautifull little pussy i have seen since i left school, i could lick your amazing tight little pussy
  22. said: i second that yaaammmyyy
  23. Hot love said: I will eat and fuck your hot pussy and asshole it a 10 im in love baby
  24. Dawg said: Amazing pussy haven’t seen any this tight in a long time and who doesn’t love tight pussy!!
  25. said: Yuuuuuumy.
  26. said: i’d break that lil thing!
  27. BigNPurple said: I think that would break me!! Lovely cunt
  28. Orlando said: This is my wife I’ll definitely put better pics if she gets over a 9 rating don’t want to post if nobody wants to see :)
  29. bill said: damn is that hot
  30. ASD said: WOW looks BEAUTIFUL!
  31. Dude said: There is no way you are the only one to touch this, she certainly has done herself, besiides that is so smooth, waxed?
  32. Twins33 said: Perfect Pussy…..We have a Winner!!!!!
  33. said: Just shot my load all over it. Mmmm nice
  34. said: Perfect Pussy !!! I love it . So Cute.. Pls share pics with me
  35. Jrk said: now that pussy is nice wish i could smell it thru my phone fresh looking
  36. Katie said: Mmm can I be her first girl to fuck her while u fuck my arse x
  37. said: I want one of those pleasae
  38. said: thats a really hot snatch i want sum
  39. john said: looks like ur small penis didn’t even pop the cherry she needs a real 8 inch cock
  40. john said: sorry about her luck never had a real mans penis to spead it wide open
  41. hoot said: first one keep thinking that
  42. said: thats a nice neat slit mate! ;)
  43. Hot love said: It a 10 all the way tight pussy
  44. BigU said: totally hot!! Prob the best looking pussy I have seen on this site!!
  45. said: OMG IM IN LOVE
  46. said: really nice, you deserve some braggin rights bangin that
  47. said: she would love my 9in hard thick cock then and divorce you
  48. said: that is the smoothest of SMOOOOOOTH!
  49. Payne said: Thats a lovly pussy. whats the ass look like from behind spread?
  50. vildo said: That right there is PERFECTION!
  51. SBC said: Nice little slit. Open up a little. Lets see some pink
  52. sanco said: that’s what you think! lol
  53. Tbone said: Wow,that really looks tight!

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My Wife’s Perfect Pussy

Posted on Monday Jul 2

close up.jpg

Rating: 4.25    (1731 votes cast)

Perfect tight pussy begging to be fucked

41 Responses to “My Wife’s Perfect Pussy”

  1. said: You should let me hit it !! Because I’d please it like it needs to be !!!!
  2. said: great close up of a perfect pussy.. Love it.
  3. lololol said: bucket.
  4. mybig10 said: you got a small cock pal
  5. said: it is just about perfect
  6. said: Mmmm. Gorgeous ;-)
  7. Hot love said: Your wife has a perfect pussy how does yours look
  8. said: i can even see the letter “S” in it! duh,da,da, Super Pussy! a 10 fo sho!
  9. said: that is a gorgeous pussy, would definitely love to taste that
  10. said: Looks good enough to eat.. Hard as fuck now , need to cum
  11. Jrk said: if my dick were in it then it would be thep perfect pussy
  12. HotPup said: Its as good as it gets
  13. said: You,ve got a pretty pussy. I want to taste you and make you moan with pleasure.
  14. Maxdaddy said: Mmmm thats da sweetest looking pussy dat I seen in a while posted here love to see her ass up spread wide to nut at mmm she like assplay? 31′ 10easy thanks
  15. j said: my mouth just watered
  16. Pink box said: I would love to rub my pink box all over that pink pussy mmmm
  17. Clitlicking slave said: My it is perfect i would not fuck it till after ive eaten my fill
  18. circumaid said: Does your bf’s name begin with an ‘S’ viewing your sweet cunt with my head tilted slightly to the left
  19. NaughtyBoy said: Id love to creampie her and then let her piss all overt my cock
  20. rj said: I would go down on her first
  21. ciio said: so lickable
  22. said: delicious would love to lick it email more
  23. Love you. said: Perfect pussy 100+. I can see the alphabet ‘S’ in your pussy.
  24. said: wow now she has a perfect pink pussy good lips ;) and one sexy tight looking hole !!!
  25. said: thats a amazing looking kitty. your a lucky sob. pound the hell out of it.
  26. said: wow! that’s beauty!
  27. Ding Dong said: Very very nice. I would like to empty my load in her pussy. You can watch.
  28. gatorsrule said: wish we could see the pucker fish
  29. 1-360-918-4463 said: i would love to fuck her real deep and hard in that postion with my nice hard thick 8inch cock
  30. said: that is sensational wow
  31. Venom said: Very nice perfect indeed!
  32. SBC said: Wow that is one sweet pink pussy Fantastic
  33. doggystyle said: That is perfect. Good catch.
  34. Hot love said: ill lick and fuck your hot pussy
  35. sulaco69 said: just jumped out of the shower…and straight hard again…massageing my cock right now seeing this!
  36. allemmj said: That is the most beautiful pussy
  37. bill said: thats perfect alright
  39. Az said: is that scabbies?
  40. analizer said: i see they finaly finished the tunnel between russia and alaska
  41. Ste said: Sweet!

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Slipping My Cock in Wife’s Pussy

Posted on Monday Jul 2


Rating: 3.92    (1141 votes cast)

The moment my throbbing cock slips into my wife tight wet pussy.

26 Responses to “Slipping My Cock in Wife’s Pussy”

  1. Markus said: Such a juice fuck…
  2. said: you must cum so hard in there!!!!
  3. said: I’m 25 I’d like to take in turns dipping our cocks in and out of that sexy pussy
  4. said: Wow. with a pussy like that I would be slammin her every night… Awesome!!!
  5. Biggie said: My wife has had a 13″ cock in her pussy. She’s done 8 DP’S all with cocks over 9″. What do you have to offer. She needs to know.
  6. said: Oh yeah. Love your cock & her pussy. :-)
  7. Hot love said: Thats a little dick would she like one full graon
  8. Biggie said: I knew all three shots were you mck. Great Great pussy. My wife wants your pussy & the cock that fucks it.
  9. Peter said: Laurie I got a little bigger cock than that I can show you it and you can ride it
  10. Biggie said: My wife really wants to see that cock in action. She can’t stop cumming. Post a video. She’s using your shot as her wallpaper.
  11. FirefighterRon said: I’m no lover of cock……. But looks great in a perfect pussy
  12. Laurie said: 42f usa needs a huge cock like this 1
  13. ian said: beautiful pussy, beautiful cock, beautiful pic.
  14. rj said: lokks like some fun for both
  15. Biggie said: That amazing cock would look great in my wifes cunt. She would let you fuck her hard, then swallow all 10″ of that cock w/cum.
  16. said: hot pic would love to see more
  17. mck said: look at the one above and below. their me too. :-)
  18. Hot love said: Want my cock
  19. said: ram that cock home mate keep up the good work!
  20. said: like i said, your a lucky sob, pound it till the pink rubs off
  21. said: Looks like a nice pussy, live to see a nice pic of it with no cock in it
  22. 1-360-918-4463 said: i wish that was my cock in her pussy
  23. mike said: Tell that chickk to come my way,i can turn her pussy into a waterFall
  24. Sbc said: Urr a lucky somebitch
  25. Steve said: Get the cock out of the pic and i will comment
  26. badbehavior said: good long is that cock? how tight is that pussy? what do her tits look like? demanding viewers want to know

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My Wife Rubbing Her Clit

Posted on Monday Jul 2


Rating: 4.19    (1217 votes cast)

Getting her juices flowing ready for a hard cock.

13 Responses to “My Wife Rubbing Her Clit”

  1. said: good girl! beautiful pussy! nice combo!!!!
  2. said: I would love to bury my face in that most definitely
  3. said: i love i girl how know what she likes and lets you watch as she does it i’d love to lick the sweet nectar after you make it cum
  4. said: id rather get her juices flowing with toungue would suck on that for ages email more
  5. said: nice ;) tease that bean baby
  6. Hot love said: Love to fuck you
  7. Abc said: Work it honey
  8. said: YUUUUUMY. Love her pink lips.
  9. 1-360-918-4463 said: i would love to lick ur pussy intill u squirted all over my face then fuck u deep and hard with my thick 8inch cock
  10. John10 said: That ass looks brand new. I volunteer to break it in for her
  11. rj said: you should be helping her with that and give her some good oral then she be ready for a good fuckin
  12. Domenic said: WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You hava a superclit!!!! ♥♥♥
  13. @Sex_Accountant said: Lacks a little juice

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Italy wife 2

Posted on Sunday Jul 1


Rating: 3.84    (928 votes cast)

hope you’re going to like this too :)

17 Responses to “Italy wife 2”

  1. said: Gorgeous shot of cock
  2. just-in said: would love to eat that pussy….
  3. said: Would love to lick her clit while u fuck her hard email more
  4. vildo said: @rj, who cares? he still has a tiny one.
  5. kaiser said: you do have a point rj
  6. rj said: small cock or not he has it in her we dont
  7. kaiser said: You would be better off with my man-cock instead of that small hairless one.
  8. 1-360-918-4463 said: real nice pussy
  9. said: very nice thanks
  10. smailbox said: Wow, what a gorgeous cock. I’d clean your pussy juices
  11. Mr. X said: This would be a great pic without the cock.
  12. said: Quite sexy, bet the rest of that body is just as rockin
  13. pete said: hope my cocks nxt hun xx
  14. ranbone said: love to see getting a good lay
  15. vildo said: sorry about that slim dick you are having to fuck. I can tell you are bored as fuck.
  16. bill said: get rid of the dick would be better
  17. Cocky said: Get it right up ya!

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Wife Plays!

Posted on Wednesday Jun 27


Rating: 3.82    (812 votes cast)

10 Inch dildo!

11 Responses to “Wife Plays!”

  1. said: Love it. Would love to see more
  2. said: Would love to wank over you and taste Ur pussy so sexy mail some more I haven’t been this hard b 4 x I have a lively 25 year coc
  3. said: that is so hot, slip it all the way inside your wet cunt
  4. Snif her said: Push it. Nice
  5. Janet said: wysh i could share it with you yhink of th fun we could have
  6. said: Hot hot hot can she fit it all the way in email more
  7. jay said: very nice pussy sweetheart. i can fuck you better than that dildo can just let me at it
  8. doggystyle said: Great photo very artistic. Hot pussy too…
  9. Kdogger said: That is one sweet looking pussy would love 2 taste that clit
  10. biglarrymac62@gmail said: pretty!!
  11. GGSWA said: beautiful pussy

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My wife yummy pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jun 26

wife yummy pussy.jpg

Rating: 3.92    (846 votes cast)

so pinkish & tight…

13 Responses to “My wife yummy pussy”

  1. said: Do me a favour mate, push my Cock in there for me
  2. said: looks tight enough to fuck
  3. oliver said: E.T ???
  4. said: Looks a nice tight hole.. Grips your Cock good..
  5. Janet said: lokks sweet and tasty
  6. said: That’s one tiny little hot pussy
  7. said: nice pink pussy would love taste its juices email more
  8. brian said: i can see ur intestines
  9. said: Damn you said it, so pinkish and tight. Looks tasty!!
  10. said: That pussy looks tiny…..just the way I like it. Show us more babe
  11. said: love that spread over my face mate
  12. big d said: yummy yummy to my tummy
  13. kevin said: DAMN….would love to have that tite pussy squeezin fat cock

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My Wifes Amazing Ass

Posted on Saturday Jun 23


Rating: 4.52    (2172 votes cast)

Please rate here perfect ass.

57 Responses to “My Wifes Amazing Ass”

  1. said: 10+++++++. Just Beautiful!!!!!!
  2. said: Holy smokes that is one hot back end! I’d love to do everything to this chick. Thanks for sharing!
  3. said: i love you!
  4. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: 10 x
  5. Costner said: Lucky guy
  6. fuck freak said: I will be taking that ass now.
  7. John Holmes Ghost said: Truely amazing, You lucky SOB. I would lick that crack top to bottom all nite, only stopping to tongue fuck her holes.
  8. said: Face down, ass up! WFM Waiting For Me!
  9. Bacon69 said: That is a perfect ass. Love to go balls deep in it.
  10. 6yrshorny said: bet it tastes as good as it looks,lick it once4 me
  11. said: Nice arch of the back to present that beautiful pussy!!
  12. Ding Dong said: Beautiful. Hope you worship that ass and suck it out nightly.
  13. said: looks pretty enough to fuck
  14. Itilanstln said: Sexy!!!
  15. ian said: perfection.
  16. said: is her name jennie…cuz it sure looks like a girl i know
  17. benny said: perfect??? not reaLLY O/10 FROM ME
  18. danny said: i would love to be your wifes person arsehole licker and tongue fucker, thanks for sharing ;)
  19. Hardwood said: Picture says it all, nice
  20. doggystyle said: That’s a good wife assuming the position. “Fuck-ready.”
  21. Jason said: beautiful pic baby!
  22. spanker said: stay like that Iam going to spank you untill your ass is red
  23. said: What a joy to behold ! Wish all ass’ was as good as yours
  24. said: Stunning! Perfect 10! Lucky man!
  25. maty said: I could pump that all day and night and never get tired.
  26. said: Just stay in that position. I will slide in behind you shortly and fill your pussy with my throbbing cock
  27. said: Lovely pussy, fancy eating mine out as I eat you out honey
  28. bigB said: amazing!!
  29. said: One fine ass and pussy, 9
  30. said: suckn cock :-Dx x
  31. king dick said: now she needs a real cock to blow that pussy wide open an i will sure volunteer. ;)
  32. said: I cud comd_ and help u fuk that sexy wife of urs fill up both her holes at same time or spit roast her bet shes ace at suckn cok
  33. jasper said: :O wow. There isn’t enough space in this comment to do that beautiful body justice.
  34. Mr. X said: Perfect indeed.
  35. Jacker said: that pussy is whats amazing me!
  36. pete said: perfect 10 luv 2 rim her butthole,more please in color xx
  37. ciio said: good ass + good pussy = good women, did you fuck her in asshole?
  38. said: mmm, if you say yes to “suck me” can I lick his cum of afterward’s…x
  39. said: stunning ;)
  40. Makk said: Would lick that ass allday long then fuck it until you came
  41. Love Pussy said: Perfect for sure
  42. mtpcouple said: I love the black and white photo please continue to post more of them
  43. said: wow! a 10!
  44. Big al said: My cock is so hard and so red for that o ya
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  49. said: That is one perfect ass and pussy! Would love to see more
  50. said: Awesome, it looks yummy. she is delicious.. yum yum.
  51. spanker said: nice turd cutter!
  52. Weezee said: That is a beautiful ass
  53. art69 said: beautiful pussy :-) would love to fuck u really hard
  54. J said: Yea amazing ass is right but look at that tight pussy damn
  55. suck me said: can i fuck that ass and the cum all over it
  56. Snif her said: Don’t let her out of the house
  57. oral fix said: 9 but thats only because i can’t get inside that sweet ass

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