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My 26 yr old wife

Posted on Tuesday May 29

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She wants to read your comments…hope you enjoy

24 Responses to “My 26 yr old wife”

  1. Big Kev said: Love to fill your holes woth my love wand, it’s magic
  2. said: your such a pretty girl, wann lick your puss
  3. jim bob said: who cares how old. nice and thick. would love to pull out of that pink pussy and slowly slide into that ass.
  4. said: if shes 26 im twelve has to be 40+
  5. pete said: wow wnt 2 lick,sniff your arsehole b4 fukin it hard,deep xx luv it
  6. Cheekybugger said: Yup lucky bastard..:)
  7. London boys said: Sexy pose, both holes needs a thorough licking then me and my mates can see if we can break your cum record…
  8. DB said: Stairmaster, start now don’t quit and post a pic in 3 months
  9. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Have her message me….I Lay Pipe by trade….She will Luv a pic of my…
  10. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I will have her deep throat my fat Pipe & swallow..Then pound that pussy from behind wile I kiss ur neck then pull ur hair and..
  11. Love It said: Very nice baby!!! Janna, I love your dirty mouth
  12. said: Stunning. I beg you for more. Msg me!
  13. Texas Cowboy said: Fat asses are fun to fuck but not to look at
  14. Janna said: Im fingering my wet pussy now you slut.
  15. buttlicker7 said: i dont post comments often, but that is outstanding! the things i would do to you! please post more!
  16. Me joe said: Fuck yeah keep holding that ass open about to cum all in it !!
  17. keisha said: ok i would so like to lick her bottom
  18. ACE said: Nice shot. Your pussy and asshole look very tasty. I want to smell, lick fuck that tight asshole. Let’s see more of u. :)
  19. mandy said: keep rolling over till u drop to the floor hehe
  20. said: YUUUUMY.
  21. dd.eddie said: My tongue is rolled and hard! coming in!
  22. Sloppylollie said: Fuck me how hot ?
  23. J R said: my kine of woman who does a reach around like that! she do a 3some? :)
  24. smailbox said: holes look tasty.

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Wifes beautiful wide pussy

Posted on Monday May 28

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Close-up of my wife’s wonderful wide loose pussy. We dildo her pussy almost every day with a 2-1/2″ wide dildo before sex which she loves. She is an incredibly beautiful and sexual woman.

25 Responses to “Wifes beautiful wide pussy”

  1. jesus christ said: You will go to hell for showing as offensive as that. Go ahead and put a bullet in a gun and do the online community a favor
  2. jim bob said: is a pussy that needs fisting and i’d like to see a pic of you holding her ass open. lovely.
  3. jim bob said: ignore some of these guys. that
  4. BigU said: looks like a crime scene
  5. said: Fucking lovely real woman that. Love to fuck her
  6. said: luv it baby hubby enjoys one bigger hehehe lets swap
  7. Larry Tate said: have you had that dildo up the dirty bitches ass as well?
  8. bad boy said: you idiot,you broke her pussy
  9. Jed said: mE: Thats what a real woman looks like, go back to wanking over it in your bedroom
  10. ibeav said: isn’t this da way a puss should look after some REAlL attention…gotta put in work yo
  11. said: would love to fill both those holes with this hard cock! and yes i can out do her dildo!
  12. S17u said: Want to eat this so bad!!!
  13. Edsrocket1 said: That kitty looks like you beat the hell out of it everyday. Awesome for you bro. keep doing it.
  14. Dr.Sex said: Good girl. How is she sucking your cock?
  15. ummmmm.... said: omg …. no ma’am…
  16. BigBoxLover said: Now THIS is what a REAL pussy looks like. She looks like so much fun.
  17. mE said: look like the insides of a rectum. No thanks.
  18. badbehavior said: thank you for the rest of us
  19. Jerkingoff said: Want 2 fuck her brown eye . Like it in the Ass .
  20. Joe fabeets said: What…the…hot mess is that????
  21. Maineguy said: Show it with the 2 and half wide in it!
  22. hambone said: Looks like a perfect fit… more
  23. tbanger said: r u fucken kiddin me??
  24. smailbox said: thats a SERIOUSLY BIG set of holes……she looks tastey.
  25. administration said: wow ….be carefull you dont fall in

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Posted on Sunday May 27

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13 Responses to “WIFE BODY 2”

  1. BigU said: perfect! You are a lucky man
  2. hdbadboy said: sweet :)
  3. said: nice x
  4. said: sensational pussy makes me hungary looking at it can i taste
  5. lickem all said: she knows how to open herself for maxium pleasure
  6. said: she is amazing! thanx 4 the pic! your a very lucky man! a 9 for sure.
  7. said: let me cum in your wifes pussy wow
  8. ciio said: goog pussy
  9. lag said: Mmmmmm ill massage ur pussy with my tongue while you rub my cock with those big hot tits.
  10. hambone said: Yes,Yes,Yes……………………………….THANKS
  11. said: ilove to eat that
  12. said: nice very nice
  13. said: yum yum i would pound that pussy so hard

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wifes hungry pussy

Posted on Thursday May 24

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ready for filling loves comments

18 Responses to “wifes hungry pussy”

  1. said: looks my wifes pussy with the smell of cinanmon
  2. said: that a nice pussy lucky man
  3. toeman said: love her big lips
  4. archie said: get your fucking arm in coz you wont touch the sides mate
  5. said: that pussy LOOKS hungry!!!
  6. badbehavior said: you need to finish before you miss out on the senior citizen specials..
  7. said: only the little dicks r scared! looks beautiful! ask her 2 scream my mame while u slam it!
  8. voel said: Someone is about to get stuffed….yummy
  9. hambone said: If youre ready for a filling then youre gonna have to get something bigger. Actually youre gonna have to find something,
  10. Ding Dong said: Your wife has balls?
  11. SaskSteve said: Never mind the haters. Hot pic love that sweet open pussy. Would love to stick my face in there and lick away
  12. keisha said: mister where ya going to put that thing
  13. luvtolick said: wtf
  14. doggystyle said: Naughty: 9. Knotty: 10. Ballsack: 0.
  15. ASS said: HA HA LOOK ONE NUT
  16. said: W O W……. I like.
  17. herman said: i would love to eat that pussy and asshole. looks delicious
  18. said: good luck mate you take the pussy and ill take her tight ass

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filipina wife cream pie!

Posted on Wednesday May 23

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what would you do with that tight pussy?

23 Responses to “filipina wife cream pie!”

  1. Swallow it said: Flood it with loads of hot cum
  2. Mr. Action said: I love sloppy seconds! Made my dick hard!
  3. toeman said: i love to eat pie
  4. BigU said: pussy looks tight! u must not be hittin’ it right
  5. said: nice!
  6. lag said: @mandi does it taste as good as it looks sweetheart?
  7. john said: love to shoot my load in your pussy
  8. susi said: …would send back to the Philipines
  9. said: i’d bust that lil thing open!
  10. dd.eddie said: Damn, i’d be cleaning up that lahar flow from Mt Pinatubo’s eruption. I have Mt Aryat here
  11. said: I’d lift your legs up higher and fuck your ass. Good girl… Show me your ass
  12. said: clean her up with my tounge b4 making a mess of her tight hot with my throbbing cock juice
  13. mandy said: ladies and gentlemen i am the mandy anal fisting original and ive tapped that pussy
  14. said: mmmcreamy,,,neds a tongue licking
  15. jacos said: beautiful brown lips… can i join?
  16. thedude said: I myself am filipino and have always wanted to fuck one of my own. She sure does have a sweet looking, creamy pussy!
  17. Appreciateporn said: Shaved is the norm
  18. kaiser said: Looks tasty. Nice to see some hair on your labia
  19. jay said: send it back to the “filapines”
  20. donottrythisathome said: Shave, wax, relentlessly fuck.
  21. hambone said: give it a refill
  22. said: Fill it up with my cream.
  23. ACE said: Great shot. Love the dark lips. Post one with that asshole opened up!

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Horny wife, home alone!

Posted on Wednesday May 23

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I”m all alone and ready to play. Tell me what you think of my pic. I have lots more to share.

34 Responses to “Horny wife, home alone!”

  1. said: Lovr married pussy u in vegas???????
  2. p licker said: yum
  3. jacker said: I love your long clithood
  4. said: mmmmmmmmm delicious……veryyyyyy sexyyyyyyyy
  5. said: can i join her?
  6. said: i would love to see how good u tast
  7. said: i could eat taht all day long email more
  8. MC*Aamer said: shave it for the perfect pussy i’ll give a 10!
  9. said: omg so sexy baby. i wanna spread your lips and lick your clit!!!
  10. henning said: i would like to do that pussy hard it looks very nice
  11. said: Would love to see more of that nice pussy
  12. Fuk_Ya said: Yes, but no?
  13. said: Amazing pussy would love to see more !!!
  14. said: It is a awesome looking pussy..
  15. said: thts one sexxy lookn pussy id eat it nd fuk the shit out of it plz post mre
  16. fuck me said: i would eat that pussy 24/7 and then suck on that sexy clit and fuck the shit out of you hottie
  17. groover said: let me get my cock rite up there
  18. said: nothing like some soft fuzz to rub my nose in
  19. said: amazing!!! would love to see and show more.
  20. lag said: i would eat that pussy all day bb and fuck you all night
  21. said: nice beaver
  22. firefighter said: i love it i could eat you all night
  23. said: luv it baby show me more n ill show mine
  24. kaiser said: nice hair!
  25. ACE said: Super looking pussy. Looks like it would taste Delicious. Definitely post more of all your body.
  26. mandy said: beside shit tattoo and needing shave u got nice kitty can i kiss it or fist it?
  27. Michael said: Beautiful Pussy would lick all that for days
  28. mike said: ı never seen before like this ….so sexyyyyyyy
  29. said: Very BEAUTIFUL.
  30. tobi2012 said: hi, i like your pussy, wanna swap some pics? have some pics of me and my girlfriend
  31. said: hit my inbox and play
  32. donottrythisathome said: Nice tatoo; gorgeous pussy. Looks wet and inviting. Post more.
  33. said: love your photo your pussy looks like one of the nest on here! love to part yoir lips and suck ur bean x
  34. said: Very sexy!!! I want lots more… Id eat u all day

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Extra sweet wife’s pussy

Posted on Sunday May 20

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As promised, some more of my wife’s perfect holes. Will post more only if we get good ratings:)

16 Responses to “Extra sweet wife’s pussy”

  1. alex said: Dude when your done with that ass and pussy and every thing on that body can i have it
  2. pete said: wnt 2 slide my tounge in her arsehole then fuk it hard
  3. smailbox said: like the genatils. post more.
  4. rob said: my cock would be a perfect fit in that tight pussy!
  5. said: with an ass and pussy like that you dont need to beg 4 the ratings! thats a 9 all nite long!
  6. ACE said: Nice closeup. Your pussy & asshole are incredibly HOT! Keep showing them off. Made me hard instantly.
  7. said: wow ;) 10 of me pal your wife is smoking love to dip my dick in her nice ass
  8. Lonewolf said: One of the best pussy/arse combos on the net. Would lick both holes until u could take no more.
  9. said: Nice!!
  10. donottrythisathome said: Very nice. Would fuck for hours.
  11. hambone said: oh yeah, a different picture of one of my all time favorite pussies. keep them cumming. show the little patch and tits too.
  12. bill said: i bet that smells as good as it looks
  13. Nathan said: Very nice would love to slip my cock into that
  14. said: yum, i’d love to shoot a big fat load in that
  15. Sanj said: Perfect pussy ready for my stiff cock
  16. Snowbird said: That is beautiful! Great clean pussy and ass hole llove the little landing strip too

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wife riding

Posted on Saturday May 19

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She ride my cock for hours

17 Responses to “wife riding”

  1. matty said: whats with the yellow stained ass? did you forget to wipe???
  2. matty said: is that shit around her asshole?
  3. drewdunn said: 14. see those red bumps, shes got somethin he doesnt want
  4. BigU said: ass zits — NOT COOL
  5. said: herpagondasyphalaids safety campaign! if you marry a dirty slut, you may be at risk 2!
  6. hambone said: To Nome and Eddie….GOOD CALL
  7. Cocky said: You have your raincoat on! What the fuck is that all about?
  8. Android said: yeah who does that or is she ur wife
  9. eddi said: When I see the skin of your girl,….better wear a rubber!!
  10. bil said: take that darn rubber off an go bare back
  11. nome said: then again look at that rash on ass he might be smart to have a rain coat on
  12. hambone said: Banging the ole lady with a rubber on is about as funny as two fat people fucking,,,,this picture has it all
  13. joe said: with the pimples or warts on her asshole i would wear one too dirty girl!
  14. said: it’s cool to wear the rubber, after all no ballon no party…x
  15. saywhat!! said: tell your wife to get on the pill and get rid of the rain coat.
  16. cecil said: who wears a condom when fucking their wife ? IJS
  17. FamousMrEd said: wear a rubber with your wife? fuck that lol

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wifes pink pussy

Posted on Friday May 18

Kiss My Lips.JPG
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I am wet and waiting for some tongue

23 Responses to “wifes pink pussy”

  1. F3RGO said: Could suck on those lips all day :)
  2. flipfioplover said: Beautiful suckable lips
  3. duane said: fuck ya the the shit love them lips
  4. Wanting You said: I want to feel your absolutely beautiful pussy lips suck all the sperm out of my cock and balls!
  5. said: wow could munch on that for hours email more
  6. said: like how your pussy is encircled by your panties
  7. ACE said: I’m in. When can I cum lick those amazing pussy lips?
  8. hambone said: Tina Original Slag……SHOW IT
  9. TCR said: My girlfriend wants to watch me lick and fuck your hot pussy
  10. said: can i suk on those lips?
  11. said: wow what a perfect set of pussy flaps i would lick your pussy all day
  13. hambone said: WHO THE FUCK IS TINA?????
  14. hoot said: very nice
  15. Barry said: Can I borrow that sometime?
  16. andy said: geile seite
  17. Candi said: Tina oringal slag, ?? How big could u take??
  18. Candi said: I love it! I’d Lov to lick it clean as my fingers slide in and play with her,
  19. said: Mmmm ill give it to u
  20. said: My tongue is ready for you!
  21. Ddd said: Thats a perfect looking pussy! Would love to tongue that!
  22. tina original slag said: aww baby star fish it need fisting
  23. Um said: I wouldn’t lick that if the world ran out of food

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my wifes pussy

Posted on Friday May 18

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23 Responses to “my wifes pussy”

  1. said: Amazing in every way
  2. HotPup said: Luv those big suckable lips
  3. jmac said: fraud. picture of a picture, I recognise FM an older post.
  4. said: Let your pubes grow
  5. said: beautiful pussy and great tits, who cares if she cant cook!
  6. DB said: those are some amazing nipples….
  7. said: your a lucky bloke she has a stunning pussy and rack
  8. hambone said: if you think the tits cost, you”re in for a surprise later..
  9. said: Gorgeous, would love to be licking that pussy, wanna see more email.
  10. Henry said: @ Laurie how should I send them to you?
  11. Barry said: Wow
  12. laurie said: most definitely i would Henry
  13. GGSWA said: awesome tits great suckable pussy doesnt get better than that
  14. Henry said: @ Laurie would like to see my girls perfect tits?
  15. said: can i fuck that pussy
  16. badbehavior said: she looks like she can take and enjoys a good hard fucking and I bet those sexy tits have felt their share of cum
  17. Wow said: I love you pussy and your tits. You are fucking amazing :)
  18. said: damn!!! I would love to eat that all night until u beg for my cock
  19. Maineguy said: Absolutely love the meaty pussy lips!! makes my cock rock hard! Keep em cummin
  20. Steve said: Prefer it hairy
  21. said: Nice
  22. Ddd said: Amazing!!
  23. laurie said: nice pussy but more fascinated with her huge tits

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