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Wife with BIG toy

Posted on Sunday Jul 29


Rating: 3.79    (1223 votes cast)

Wife first time posting. Any suggestions, taking requests!!!

47 Responses to “Wife with BIG toy”

  1. said: Yes, email more :) love a girl who likes toys ;)
  2. said: Let’s see a tongue in it. Especially my tongue
  3. MDJeep said: Love it! More stretching please!!!
  4. Willie said: Can u do the bam dildo? Girls r hot with stuffed pussy
  5. wow said: take another pic with the small vibrator in her butt and the dildo in her puss
  7. said: Super hot would love to see a cream pie email more
  8. Mr. Diggler said: yeah baby punish that naughty pussy.
  9. skinny said: I suggest you should never have given her that toy… now YOUR fucked
  10. sam said: @Johnny on the spot, it’s guys like u that show ur complete lack of knowledge abt a women’s puss. There’s nothing loose abt
  11. good guy said: said that he loves a girl that likes showing us that she likes to play with toys. lets see you bent over with your snatch full
  12. superthickdick said: fuckin hot, this is the kind of girl that gets me hard.
  13. said: Let her suck my young cock while doing that
  14. Brewknocker said: Have her DP with another fat Dong.
  15. dikdady said: deep throat that dildo
  16. dirtyd said: awesome wife! thats a great girl, love it, lucky guy!
  17. said: nice sized pussy looks a nice fit for thst big toy
  18. said: small woman with big pussy very big pussy
  19. Hot love said: Thanks for her pic more please
  20. said: Lets see one of that beautiful pussy without the toy once too!!!
  21. said: WOW that pic is hot!!! love that big toy stretching the pretty pussy!!!!
  22. said: Spectacular would love to see both holes filled email more
  23. said: great shot can she take the lot??
  24. said: Very hott! Let’s see he play w her ass and gape it!!;)
  25. Air Jordan said: Your wife fucking a man with a big dick that’s why she use that big ass dildo . u going to be like air jordan flouting in air
  26. thickdickloving said: Please show that pussy from the back taking this dildo.
  27. Hot love said: ill b her toy
  28. HerT said: Hello everyone, thanks for the positive feedback. My wife is the best. She’s blushing over the attention. Thanks!
  29. That guy said: Got room in there for my truck? Yes you do!
  30. Veronica said: That looks like fun.Going to get me one of those.
  31. FamousMrEd said: never know Al.maybe thats stretching her out for him dbag
  32. Mr. T said: Yea tell how you got your wife to do that I have been trying to get my wife to do that. It’s so sexie watching her fuck herself
  33. simply_thick said: Would love to see that meaty pussy from behind!
  34. tammy said: mmm she looks like alot of fun.
  35. Mr. Diggler said: double fist her
  36. Al said: Sad your wife chooses a dildo you way to go needle dick
  37. dirty dawg said: bury that monster!!! love it show more 10+ from me
  38. thickdickloving said: Make her take every inch of it. Stretch that little pussy!
  39. rj said: wow thats a extra large dildo If i stuck my 6 incher in she would know it was their
  40. Johnnyonthespot said: That looks like a loose pussy.
  41. said: Put that big toy up the ass
  42. elch said: Great shot. show us a pic of that ass next time.
  43. T bucket said: Cream pie!
  44. T said: yeah I got a suggestion…. bury that kong deep in that pussy!
  45. said: Nice, now she is awesome..
  46. marine said: shove it in the ass next
  47. Toni said: Try zooming in next time and have her spread that beautiful pussy :-)

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Posted on Sunday Jul 29


Rating: 3.53    (968 votes cast)


14 Responses to “WIFES BODY”

  1. said: Nice cans and pretty pink pussy love to spend a night with u email more
  2. Mr. Diggler said: HOT PINK
  3. said: Love that pink juicy pussy and those big dark titties
  4. J R said: would she mind if i joined in..she can gimme head while hubby bones her..10
  5. Fatjack said: I can fill that up with my big 10 for you
  6. BigNPurple said: Glad I didn’t marry her – treat her like meat mate
  7. said: Thanks for showing us your wife’s body but does it mean we can fuck her nice juicy pussy as well ?
  8. said: Wouldn’t kick u out of bed email more
  9. said: you have a hot sexy wife pal ;) great baps and one very nice pink snatch love to see her brown nxt pls
  10. said: Hot!!! You’re a lucky man! Sign me up ;)
  11. Hot love said: its sexy can i fill yr up
  12. Stu said: I bet it smells so good and tastes so sweet!
  13. said: she is hot.. damn
  14. Johnnyonthespot said: Now that’s a cunt I’d like to fuck and luv the big titties and dark nipples.

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after me and my wife had a good fuck

Posted on Friday Jul 27

my wife.JPG

Rating: 2.47    (1021 votes cast)

my wife’s pussy juices are ready to be licked

33 Responses to “after me and my wife had a good fuck”

  1. Dan said: Some people amaze me with there comments. Not every girl is hairless.
  2. Cutie said: Were is GTA area.
  3. said: very hot wife………………sooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyy. mor pls….
  4. kaiser said: Very sweet. I like the hair and bet she can grow a huge bush
  5. Bob said: Your wife needs to invest un some neat hair removal that ine one scarry harry ass
  6. said: thanks everyone for liking my wife’s pic, we want to have a threesome with lesbo act anyone interested…GTA area
  7. said: Ill eat them all night
  8. john0517 said: Love your lips. So HOT!!!!
  9. said: nice big pussy,,,n love tha strech marks on ur belly,,really,,,i love a chubby slut,,sent more
  10. said: Can I taste plz
  11. rj said: nice looking pussy did you give her some good toung action first
  12. said: very nice lips love to clean her pussy up but only after my go !!
  13. J R said: wow thats just getting ready for another round…can I join in on that..its not satisfied yet..would hubby mind..10 :)
  14. X-Man said: Left turn, Clyde.
  15. said: Mmmm looks delicious Email more
  16. steve said: you shouldnt use the word fuck.this is a family sight.please use the phrase mating session lol
  17. Hot love said: Wish i could lick suck fuck yr
  18. Hot love said: Love to lick yr pussy and asshole
  19. sd said: Moldy roast beef sandwich…
  20. said: i would lick her asshole and your cock as you slide in and out of that sweet pussy
  21. Watcher said: what the fuck is that? It has a man ass
  22. John Holmes Ghost said: Hairy ass?! Yuk.
  23. georgi said: Is That A Pussy Or An Additional Stretch Mark?
  24. Zip said: Nice piss flaps!
  25. ACE said: Nice pussy Doll. I’d love to feel those lips hugging my cock as I fill ur pussy with HOT cum!. Post a shot of ur asshole. :)
  26. said: wanna bury my face in that sweet vag and nibble those lips and pull on them with my teeth, mail more
  27. Bill said: she should shave her ass
  28. said: Well it looks like that pussy could do with another good fuck so call me
  29. jxn said: What the hell is up with all that hair? Her legs even have hair. Please never post again
  30. said: I would like that pussy and I like a hairy snatch, I can smell it fro
  31. said: I would suck that pussy dry if given the chance!
  32. said: so much hair,no no no no
  33. said: wish i could lick them

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My Asian Wife’s Pussy For You

Posted on Friday Jul 27


Rating: 4.13    (1165 votes cast)

This is actually her wanting some. She was spreading it for you guys!

24 Responses to “My Asian Wife’s Pussy For You”

  1. said: wud love to c more mmmmmmmm
  2. said: mmmmmm fukin gorgeous can I come in join mmmmmm
  3. stiff one said: My cock got extremely hard when I saw this great pic! The rest of her posts made me explode!
  4. mark p said: wow slamandalcum
  5. bbwlover469 said: would love to be balls deep in that.
  6. said: i can fill her up
  7. said: I would so love to fuck her!!
  8. Bob said: Spread that sexy tight little ass for us baby ,,,, ahhhhh good little girl
  9. pete said: wow luv 2 slide my hard cock right inside her sexy arsehole xx
  10. said: Asian pussy always so damn tight show more
  11. said: I would like to have a taste
  12. dd.eddie said: My cok lept to rock hard life. May i eat her first? how many loads can she handle? Im good for 5!
  13. said: stunning pussy and ass ;) love her to back on to my cock
  14. dave said: wow, asian pussy hmmm could love to fill her with cum
  15. J R said: beautiful..looks like the browneye has been reamed good…
  16. said: Ask the mrs if she fancies foreign cock, I’m South African
  17. said: Sensational looks nice n tight would love to bury my in face in her holes email more
  18. Hot love said: O baby im cuming my cock is so wet will yr lick it off
  19. said: that looks great, mind if I try it out?
  20. said: hey sweety, cab i put my hard cock in that nice wet hole, let me hsow you
  21. Ass said: Is that yuka’s pussy?
  22. ACE said: Awesome! Post a close up of ur incredible asshole & pussy.
  23. big dick said: me love u long time
  24. said: I call shotgun ass, looks tight

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hot wifes pussy 3

Posted on Tuesday Jul 24

OIR_resizer (1).jpg

Rating: 4.12    (858 votes cast)

just spreding this so i can eat this tasty pussy

16 Responses to “hot wifes pussy 3”

  1. ryan said: Lucky husband great shot.
  2. said: Seriously justabout perfect
  3. said: stunning pussyx both holes are well worth a suck or two x
  4. said: Sensational would like her sitting on my face email more
  5. Dreamer said: Yummy!!! Dinner is served.
  6. jgb said: Beautiful!
  7. SBC said: Looks Very good. Wet n tasty
  8. wetmaker said: nice peice
  9. X-Man said: is it ‘How many fingers can I fit in my pussy….?’
  10. Ding Dong said: I’d fuck that whilst you held her open…….
  11. said: Congrats guy that looks so good
  12. Jbob said: Thats a nice one there
  13. TruRed said: another nice lil pussy id like to lick
  14. Hot love said: can i lick your hot pussy and ass it a 10 baby
  15. said: your lucky.. look how delicious she is..
  16. jay said: nice pussy but dam that asshole looks tight.

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Wife’s Pussy Cell pic

Posted on Tuesday Jul 24

Denise being bad Crop.jpg

Rating: 3.81    (843 votes cast)

My wife sent this pic to me while I was at work.

11 Responses to “Wife’s Pussy Cell pic”

  1. ken said: wud love to lick and fuck your beautiful fanny
  2. said: did you pull a sicky and get your ass home to drill that hot cunt ??
  3. said: Wow wee I’d like to nibble on ur lips and stick my tongue deep in ur ass email more
  4. Hot love said: Wnt me to lick yr pussy and ass
  5. SBC said: Nice pink blondie pussy love it
  6. wetmaker said: i (jody) took the pic of her for u & yes u r welcome
  7. llcoolcal said: easy 10!
  8. X-Man said: That pussy is saying “Get back to work”. Not sure I’d be rushing home to that.
  9. Love curves said: Beautiful.
  10. TruRed said: id suck on it while my husband fucks me from behind
  11. said: i hope you left work and went and had some of that beautiful pussy.. yum yum..

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my wife’s pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jul 24


Rating: 2.56    (669 votes cast)

My wife using her toy

15 Responses to “my wife’s pussy”

  1. kinkykeenan said: loving the pic let me lick u out
  2. said: y use that toy ive a rock hard cock she can use if you lick
  3. Hot love said: Fill yr pussy with my big cock
  4. said: Wouldn’t kick her out of bed email more
  5. JillianaNice said: Get some real cock sweetheart toys are only fun for a short time
  6. Hot love said: its ok baby ill b your toy
  7. said: i love a women who can please herself that turns me on
  8. said: ur so hot love ur tits baby ur making my dick pop u out
  9. said: u want a big 6 incher in ur pussy and some chocolate and i would lick and eat ur pussy baby
  10. wetmaker said: she”s lookin good from her knees down
  11. X-Man said: Look at the spare toys on the bedside table in case she loses them up her pussy. That’s one big pussy…..
  12. Ding Dong said: Pass.
  13. ian said: she’s quite hot for a 70 year old, i would! ;-)
  14. jay said: i just threw up in my mouth alittle. no more please no more
  15. badbehavior said: poor toy

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Wifes hairy BBW pussy

Posted on Wednesday Jul 18


Rating: 2.35    (1365 votes cast)

Nice shot of my wifes spead hairy pussy, tell us what you think.

38 Responses to “Wifes hairy BBW pussy”

  1. 1955barto said: nice body
  3. flipfioplover said: Awesome nips and pussy
  4. bbwlover469 said: I want to suck on that sweet pussy.
  5. Jams1 said: Love it! Bunch of morons that say they dont like this beautiful hairy pussy. Thanks for sharing!
  6. said: Very sexy email more
  7. doggystyle said: FUPA alert
  8. bucknaked said: id fuck that hefer allweek and twice on sunday.
  9. said: great tits
  10. said: I would only fuck you cuz if them high heels your wearing… I love fucking women with high heels on
  11. said: babe u look so inviting i just want to do u more please
  12. Yuk said: You poor, poor bastard…..
  13. beefmann said: loving that juicy pussy
  14. pig benis said: yuck put it away, pls dont post on here again eat and hairy aint nice
  15. squirtmaster said: i’ve never seen alopecia on a pussy before – either rogaine that shit or shave it.
  16. Mr. X said: Love the hair and natural breasts. Very hot.
  17. Milkyduds said: Lovely tits
  18. said: Great pic and body, would love to see more of her!!
  19. brownboa said: let me see your tits.
  20. said: by far the best pic on here!! more please!
  21. wetmaker said: 1st comb over pussy hair ive ever seen.
  22. brownboa said: ill give her a 10 no cock in the pic onlt pussy.
  23. Me said: Very sexy!!
  24. BigU said: I like a landing strip — too much hair holds odor – not cool
  25. jay said: i think i will pass on this one. no i know i will pass on this one.
  26. Gonzo said: Nice titties.
  27. FamousMrEd said: I always wonder what the guys who think fat is sexy look like cuz i just dont get it
  28. Big Time said: love it – 8 for a damn nice effort
  29. said: can i lick it,,,n see more
  30. 07785963304 said: fucking stunning x
  31. wetmaker said: wtf
  32. Tfizzle said: oh you got a 10 from me.x
  33. Tfizzle said: she looks like a lot of fun have you thought about shaving her pussy?
  34. GGSWA said: wo her hair strip got chopped in half
  35. Sloppylollie said: Not a lover of hairy pussy but that can turn a man fantastic sexy girl post more please
  36. said: id slid my huge cock in there
  37. said: i want some pics sent to my email. wow.
  38. said: love a tit fuck 1st then would love to suck that pussy b4 i spunk all over her hairy minge

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really tight wife 4

Posted on Wednesday Jul 18

DSC_0263 rate 2.jpg

Rating: 4.31    (1830 votes cast)

my 19yr old wife likes to mix it up sometimes shaven sometimes a lil hair what u think?

78 Responses to “really tight wife 4”

  1. Tez said: Seriously sexy…!
  2. The Bandit said: Great body would love to see more ;)
  3. lex said: like to see those tits
  4. El Guapo said: FUCKEN WOW!!!!
  5. ryan said: love you
  6. flipfioplover said: Awesome bush
  7. Anonymous said: Let her keep the hair. Makes her look distinguished.
  8. said: i love it just like that. She is a very sexy lady indeed
  9. S said: Love to see her shaved also
  10. OldMarine said: Awesome body and pic. Need to see clean shaven to compare now.
  11. L said: Hips are amazing
  12. Jay said: One of the best I’ve seen! The hips are great.
  13. said: I don’t care as long as once u spread the lips there’s no hair email more
  14. MorePlease said: omg i wanna see that with a landing strip pussy hair
  15. said: stunning x ;)
  16. Lickyadry said: Love this pic. Hot lookn wifey
  17. said: Damn yummy lookin
  18. Assfan69 said: Leave it just like that!Not really into the bald 12 yr old looking pussy!!Set this as the wallpaper on my phone!!10+++
  19. Veetayjay said: 10 in my book. I drained some cum looking at your pic.
  20. doggystyle said: Smoking hot and she knows it. Nice.
  22. tooneater said: I prefer nicely trimmed pussy hair on brunettes, shaved on blonds. Your wife is hot, would love to taste that sweet pussy. She w
  23. Orlando said: Mark Wood trust me a girl this hot wouldn’t sleep with you at all! lol
  24. Mandingo said: Sexy bitch, I want to fuxk that
  25. Malakof said: Insanely erotic. I am sure you all are packing a cruise missile in your shorts staring at her picture.
  26. said: Repost and let us see those tits too!!!! Otherwise O.M.Fn.G you are Hotttttt
  27. radname said: perfect the best on here! love her hair please show tits
  28. minadiva89$ said: oh fuck yea shes so fucking hot damn id fuck her
  29. said: Smoking hot!!!!!your a lucky lucky man
  30. said: Really sexy either way, damn nice bod.
  31. said: Wow ! Just perfect.. I love to see a pussy with Sexy pubes.. What a Body !
  32. Mark Wood said: When will you idiots learn that hairy vajinas are complete turn off. Fucking wax or you wont get laid by anyone like me…
  33. Mr. Ed said: Man I would love to have one night with u. You would be walking funny the next day
  34. jasper said: What a stunner! Beautiful hair, boobs, skin, pussy. So jealous
  35. Pussy is king said: Simply gorgeous! My cock is rock hard and i am as horny as a show horse! You may sit on my face until you climax! Very sexy!
  36. Malakof said: Thanks GOD for creating such a gorgeous things, whatever fashion lust.
  37. Malakof said: Thanks GOD for creating such a beautiful things. Just gorgeous whatever fashion lust.
  38. dikdady said: can me n my wife borrow her for a weekend?
  39. said: very sexy, great pic, she looks to have an amzing body, more of u please!! :) very sexy!!!!!
  40. Lucky said: 19???? 28 more likely! either way tell her to keep it just the way it is! perfection!
  41. THAT ONE GUY said: Great looking pussy. how about a pic of your ass ;)
  42. said: nice curves
  43. hot love said: Love yr 10 baby
  44. Greg said: Love it
  45. Best said: Sexy Body; Sexy hair, and Sexy pussy! You are gorgeous!
  46. Lucky said: WOW!! i thought i was lucky! Dam!!!
  47. said: wow! amazing body! shes gorgeous!
  48. SBC said: AWW man she is soo fine very sexy body wanna see those legs spread
  49. said: I think you should loan her to me for a night.
  50. Colorado chronic said: that bitch is gonna look hot with or without hair
  51. Joe said: Holy shit that is fuckin’ hot! Perfect lips…10 all the way!
  52. said: this girl looks amazing, want to see her after 10 years
  53. brownboa said: thats what im talking about pusay not dick.
  54. me said: looks great. would love to see it shaven and spread.
  55. said: PERFECT !!
  56. omg said: i love it. always nice to change it up. sexy mami!
  57. jay said: you lucky motherfucker dont ever let thay fine piece of ass go. and if you do give it to me i will take good care of it.
  58. Biggie said: Keep the hair.
  59. Mr. X said: Perfect! Incredibly sexy.
  60. Gonzo said: Tell her to leave the hair, it’s sexy.
  61. Longone4ya said: I’d love to fertilize it and mo it awesome 11
  62. Lions said: OMG YES MORE !!!! wanna see my hard on?
  63. brownboa said: that pussy
  64. dikdady said: would u like to share her? had to ask
  65. dikdady said: man i would love to beat her cooch up till she cant walk any more then beat it up some more while she lays down dude shes hot
  66. Ding Dong said: Nice bush! Next foto lets see that pussy wide open….
  67. ACE said: WOW Doll your smoki’n HOT! Post again totally nude and show me a close up of your pussy and asshole.
  68. llcoolcal said: Id eat it !
  69. said: Very very nice, want show some more?
  70. GGSWA said: that’s super hot. Great tits nice outfit. Love the hair nothing beats young pussy
  71. X-Man said: You’ve teased us with shaved & hairy, back & front view, now need to see tits and pussy – bring on Really Tight Wife 5.
  72. dd.eddie said: Mmm a flavor savor is the way to go!
  73. bruss said: very sexy with trimmed hair I give u a ten
  74. john said: fkn beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! il fuck her all night long
  75. Tonyj818181 said: That looks great love to be your seat
  76. L24 said: Wouldnt mind putting one threw that ;)
  77. Brewknocker said: Love the landscaping. +10
  78. said: look good her nice fanny on my clean shaved face best of both mate great baps your very lucky

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Young sexy redhead wifey pussy

Posted on Saturday Jul 14


Rating: 3.68    (945 votes cast)

I am a 26yr old thick asses, redheaded, devoted wife, and mother of 3. Me and the hubby have recently started the whole picture taking thing. Let me know what you think!! Maybe more????:)

36 Responses to “Young sexy redhead wifey pussy”

  1. myskin_1990 said: hey truRed im down with that
  2. said: Nice
  3. lickem all said: I love those clean straight lips, no beef flaps, I wanna lick you till you squirm
  4. liza fitzgerald said: wow-any more?
  5. said: wow very nice would to see arear veiw and ur pussy spread email more
  6. pete said: luv 2 pound your hot pussy wth my throbbing cock,then cum up you more please xx :)
  7. chuckyd964 said: lovely ,fuckable
  8. TruRed said: i will trade for your wife/gf pics or pics of you and her. im not really into the penis pics. i got all that i need at home:)
  9. J said: Great tight pussy! Would love to trade
  10. John10 said: For a mother of three, holy shit u r hot. I would love to see more and exchange.
  11. pete said: wow luv 2 fuk your hot pussy b4 cumming over them tits ,more,please :)
  12. lickem all said: love how those lips are together, wanting to slide my tongue between them
  13. said: very nice love to c more
  14. rj said: nothing any better than a redhead sharing her pussy
  15. Charles said: id love to see a behind pic of that pretty pussy
  16. f said: you can sleep wit a blonde and u can sleep wit a burnett,but u dont get any sleep wit a redhead!!
  17. Colorado chronic said: can I make you the mother of 4
  18. TruRed said: it gets feed often i promise!! atleast 3-4 times a week for the 9 yrs weve been together
  19. long johnson said: wow would love to see a cock spreading that open
  20. said: nothing sexier than a readhead! please show more! your pussy is beautiful!
  21. jayXxx said: nice. looks like that needs feeding
  22. TruRed said: not your average ratty haired ginger! i promise that;)
  23. wetmaker said: i like red
  24. said: Definately more, you look stunning !
  25. brownboa said: open that kitty dont be shy.
  26. bob biggy said: more i love it
  27. Ding Dong said: Ginger? Pass.
  28. saywhat!! said: spread thar pussy for us. I love a little fire in the whole.
  29. said: Definately more!
  30. RAMROD said: show more spread those lips, would love to tongue lash it!
  31. said: Very nice indeed, always loved real red heads. Will love to see more.
  32. dd.eddie said: plz continue! you are a red hot milf!
  33. Raybert said: Spread! Spread! Spread!
  34. said: perfect
  35. NaughtyBoy said: Spread your pussy lips
  36. said: I luv red pussy yahoo me more ;)

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