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Fucking my wifes ass

Posted on Sunday May 13

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My wife LOVES being fucked in the ass after a few drinks to get the mood set.

20 Responses to “Fucking my wifes ass”

  1. fiend said: id suck that fat cock until its wet and take it in my ass and let you cum on my face
  2. Simon said: Id stretch that till it bled
  3. so.jersey said: my girl loves it in the ass… just showed her the pic and it got her wanting my cock in her ass.
  4. Freddy said: Get her to play with herself at the same time
  5. Freddy said: My wife loves it up her ass
  6. jj said: looks like genital warts
  7. Kalanasman said: No wonder you keep comming back home. All these guy your with have little pee pee syndrome.
  8. me said: where’s her lips & clit?
  9. said: nice tight ass just perfect ;)
  10. Cocky said: That’s gay.
  11. mato said: you lucky lucky BUGGER !!;)
  12. said: Would she like a threesome
  13. said: nice pic. tell her the next rounds on me!
  14. said: Get off my wife i was kidding been there done that enjoy
  15. swede_stud said: i want to lick/suck your cum out of that sweet anal and eat it
  16. me said: can I go next sweet looking ass she has
  17. tonyt said: love love it.. keep posting
  18. Cupcake said: love it!
  19. Jid said: Great picture, did you cum in her ass???
  20. RickJamesBiotch said: It’s a camoflauged puss!

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bbw wife from behind

Posted on Friday May 11

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loves to get her pussy and ass filled

27 Responses to “bbw wife from behind”

  1. Dog said: I’m up for day of being sat on by u , need to sit on face whilst ur sucking my cock. Tina do u want to join in
  2. Dog said: How about 3 some Tina , would love to lick ur pussy dry. Then fuck you till u come over my face.
  3. Dog said: Im thinking wow sit on my face and ride my tongue, Tina would u like to join in.
  4. pete said: luv 2 fill her arse wth my hard cock x
  5. jc said: WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Gman said: Scrub that ass. Damn must have been on one huh
  7. Gman said: Scrub that ass. Damn it
  8. big dik daddy said: is that an infected hatchet wound?
  9. said: Looks like she’s ready
  10. J R said: i bet thats really good..luv too if she got hubbys approval while he watched..would she mind? :)
  11. Fuk_Ya said: No thank you.
  12. Sheldon cooper said: Just wrong
  13. jd said: u need to bleach
  14. jd said: is that a shadow or does she need to bleach
  15. justin said: im so confused… this a joke?
  16. Hokiewolf said: AHHHH what the fuck is that? Ithink I am going to go blind now . Thanks alot.
  17. fuckdat said: that can make a straight guy gay lol
  18. leezybaby said: BIG HELL NO GET OFF THE SITE
  19. hambone said: CRACK….IT DOES A BODY GOOD!!!!!
  20. hambone said: that has to be the epic photo shop fail…if not then i”d have to fuck it a few times.
  21. joe said: she needs to clean that shit stained ass and shave that twat and her hairy legs
  22. Angry said: Why would you post this? It’s awfull
  23. me said: no no no
  24. Gonzo said: She shit her legs.
  25. RC51 said: I would love to lick your pussy and ass until you cum.
  26. ummmmm.... said: ummmm….. hell no
  27. mE said: NO Thanks

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wifes sexy pussy

Posted on Friday May 11

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9 Responses to “wifes sexy pussy”

  1. tobi said: i wanna feel it from inside =) and cum in it…wanna swap some pics?
  2. hambone said: piss poor picture of an otherwise beutiful pussy. cut down with flash mode and repost
  3. said: i love her clit. yum
  4. said: Very lucky!!!
  5. rj said: you are a lucky guy thanks for sharing will you show more pic’s
  6. said: i like this pussy.
  7. trex said: lick it or someone else will
  8. Ghv said: Nice pussy. Do you like anal??
  9. said: very nice tight looking pussy

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chinese slut wife

Posted on Wednesday May 9

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slutty posing wife

28 Responses to “chinese slut wife”

  1. said: I’d also like to fuck her with you. It’d b great. She is very hot bent over. Like her sweet ass.
  2. said: I’d love to fuck her wet pussy and sweet ass like a lil slut. Have you watch if you want
  3. qaf said: love to pound your ass
  4. Lool said: Look it’s mr T lool
  5. Gman said: you need too comb it
  6. hambone said: shes gonna smother that little dude with the spiked hair
  7. ACE said: Very HOT pic. Don’t usually like extra long hair but urs is a big turn on. Great asshole! Post more soon.
  8. Osama said: I live :)
  9. said: nice goatee!
  10. atillah said: sexy. even though her pussy has a goatee
  11. Edsrocket1 said: Love it but there sure is a lotta hair, no matter natural is hot to.
  12. Mr. X said: Love the hair. Huge turn on.
  13. RickJamesBiotch said: I already pounded it. Damn pussy seen my dick and got scared straight!
  14. Gonzo said: Not sure if hair or shadow… Either way, I’d hit it.
  15. rufus said: i love the bush!!!!!!!
  16. said: Wow I LOVE hairy asians! Gets my dick so hard! I bet her ass tastes so good!
  17. jay said: i thought they got bin laden! he’s under there!!!!
  18. Breast man said: Love a good Chinese pussy, my wife and gf are both Chinese
  19. Randy said: ZZ TWAT
  20. holycow said: my god you could plait that hair!
  21. rockhard said: nice beard…..not!
  22. SaskSteve said: Love the hair. Sexy lady
  23. said: nice hairy to lick that out i
  24. me said: me love that asshole with tongue and cock very very long time
  25. dd.eddie said: YUM YUM YUM! Dim-sum
  26. said: love that pussy
  27. said: Looks like I need to fuck her brains out!
  28. Iva Biggin said: I’d pound that hairy Chinese pussy all night long!

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hot fuckable wife

Posted on Tuesday May 8

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would you like to taste my holes?

49 Responses to “hot fuckable wife”

  1. said: i love my ass licked after getting hot cum….
  2. Kalanasman said: She hates her ass hole licked.i should know
  3. said: YES! I want to taste both your holes you look so good I bet I could cum just from running my tongue in and out of you!!
  4. J R said: thats beautiful like to see more of that! wow
  5. said: Taste you holes and fuck both your holes
  6. Ghv said: Sara do you have a innie or outie belly button? You sound hot
  7. Sara said: Kilo I like anything to do with sex u want me?
  8. tbowell863@gmail said: yesyes i would like to eat out both holes
  9. Kilo said: Sara sounds hot. Sara like cocks??
  10. Trev said: Irene what type of belly button you got? Innie or outie?? And what size are your boobs??
  11. ACE said: Great ass. Let’s see more.
  12. said: Lick it then stick it baby ! Very nice Indeed !
  13. sara said: irene my pussy is soaking guce me ur email
  14. irene said: love black cocks…if they are large and fat
  15. said: i’ll cum 2 that! SEE!
  16. Trev said: Do u like black cock??
  17. said: Looks tasty to me.
  18. irene said: i’ve never done anal dp, but i’d love it
  19. cumslutliz said: I wanna taste your juices on your hubby’s cock as you lick my cunt
  20. Gasman said: sure I would – just let me know where and when
  21. yhh said: Irene would you take dp in your ass??
  22. irene said: mmmm sarah it sounds fab!!!!
  23. said: Love too as well as fuck them!
  24. bill said: yes i would
  25. sara said: can i lick ur pyssy from behind while your hubby fucks my pussy then cums in my ass
  26. Sajlez said: Hell yeah!
  27. pete said: wow wnt 2 lick,sniff her arse then fuk it hard,fast ,put more up
  28. i would said: prolly eat you til you cum. then just blast my load deep inside.
  29. said: oh yes please
  30. Husker said: Let’s see a front spread with some tits. I’d dive in that
  31. Jazz said: I wanna put my penis right in your ass hole and creampie that. They you can cum fart it out
  32. Big-turo said: Yes mam, would luv a taste, get a closer pic so I can bust a load all over that great ass
  33. Big-turo said: Yes mam, woups
  34. thickdickloving said: That bitc looks GOOD!!!!!!
  35. said: ill lick ur pussy whenever u want!! u can cum in my mouth as much times as u wan?
  36. 6fingeredman said: Another great photo. Keep ‘em coming. 10.
  37. make u squirt said: fuckin my wife is way better just wait she will be up soon for u horn dogs to jerk off ova
  38. rican3636@yahoo. com said: hell ya where and when
  39. GGSWA said: that’s hot i wanna stick it in
  40. Q said: i wanna smell ur popo
  41. Honestly said: Uuhhmmmm nope!
  42. said: oh yes love to flick my tounge all over you x ;)
  43. said: yes yes yes.. let’s swap hubby would luv it as would I..
  44. said: Mmmmm I wanna taste…. So hot
  45. dave said: my word. what a fucking ass. 10
  46. said: OMFG so hot…wanna slip inside that juicy pussy…more plzzzz….
  47. said: OMFG very appetizing….wanna slip
  48. said: Perfect pose. Legs wide, ass and pussy ready for tongue or cock. I love it!
  49. wetmaker said: nice

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Posted on Saturday May 5

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Maried 39 YO Portuguese Hot Wife

17 Responses to “Tuga HOT WIFE”

  1. F3RGO said: Hot
  2. Maria said: Adoro
  4. Nelson said: Linda foto, seria com pau de 27cm la dentro.
  5. Vasco said: Espectacular !
  6. John 05 said: This pussy is really HOT!
  7. ACE said: Nice pussy. Let’s see your asshole.
  8. candi lvr said: candi will you bi with me my cock is waiting
  9. said: pussy look’s starving, you should give it more cock & cum…x
  10. said: yummy
  11. Candi said: I’d Lov to join that toy
  12. said: tes lets see to the hilt in your stunning wifes pussy ;)
  13. T said: yeah.. show us the next picture with that fucking dildo buried.
  14. mr said: take it all
  15. 666 said: Mais fotos por favor
  16. Johnnyonthespot said: I’m down for foreign chicks pussy but I need to see more before I label this HOT
  17. 07785963304 said: can me and my wife have a hole each? x

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My European Gal 2 – Now Wife!

Posted on Friday May 4

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As of 3rd May, now my wife….absolutely fucking lucky! Fit body…beautiful tits for her size…too much :P

30 Responses to “My European Gal 2 – Now Wife!”

  1. said: Nice ass and pussy, lucky guy, wanna see more privately
  2. said: you have a very very very sexy wife
  3. big joe said: damn looks tatsy
  4. BOB said: I want to fuck both holes
  5. said: nice pussu show the rest of the beautifulint
  6. said: Let’s see her amazing tits!
  7. said: Id totally lick that sexy little hole man she has a nice pussy yummm
  8. RockMan said: It had it’s days!
  9. ACE said: Great pose. Keep posting. Ummmmmm i want to see yours
  10. ummmmm.... said: mine is prettier
  11. butchers window said: if i had a close up of that i would not be able to tell if it was a vagina or some rancid meat
  12. Android said: very sexy i want to pound away on that
  13. rj said: you are a lucky guy!! that is a perfect position for licking and sticking
  14. Sajlez said: Nice!
  15. said: all the best pal ;)
  16. pete said: luv 2 screw her pussy,arse so hot
  17. Emily-Ann said: So damn yummy….I would love to suck on those gorgeous lips….
  18. Gonzo said: I’d marry that.
  19. said: Such lovely lips, could lick for days.
  20. said: yummy, so hott
  21. said: awesome pose. i can imagine slipping my cock in there
  22. bill said: oh ye i’d hit that
  23. lee said: very nice butterfly lips
  24. BigNPurple said: You lucky bastard… Nice arse, fantastic lips and love the pose. 100% fuckable – where’s the boobs thou?
  25. Johnny said: lovely, congrats on putting a ring on such a fine ass babe!
  26. tina said: shes lovely have lots of fun with her and good luck
  27. lick said: lick it and floss my teeth at the same time..
  28. Ddd said: Perfect!
  29. bob said: show the tits and congrats
  30. badbehavior said: Congratulations! Bang her once or twice for me..really like this pose

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Wifes pussy

Posted on Thursday May 3

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Tell my wife what you think. If its good maybe I can get her to take more pics. ;)

23 Responses to “Wifes pussy”

  1. said: delicate hands delicate pussy, looks lovely to me x
  2. Bi-Man said: love it , looks like my wifes cooter, yummy
  3. said: That is one beautiful pussy, wanna see more privately
  4. Steven said: Lovely…while you’re pausing to take photos, perhaps I could be licking and then banging her…
  5. rj said: your wife has one sweet looking pussy!you should tell her that ever day
  6. Sajlez said: Nice!
  7. said: So cute.! Pls make the next pic the ‘Open ‘ shot with those slender fingers xxxx so pretty x
  8. said: nice flaps
  9. said: great picture very sexy
  10. said: that lush
  11. donottrythisathome said: Looks nice and tight.
  12. tina said: the kitty is lovely. Lick lick lick mmm
  13. badbehavior said: so far so get it wet and spread that cunt
  14. clity_licker said: Thats a pretty little pussy! Love the lips, big clit and I bet its a tiny one :)
  15. said: yummy would I luv to taste her baby..
  16. said: yum
  17. said: well from what can see i give her a 10 as she is shaven and looks nice and tight. Love to see more
  18. BMAN said: FACE DIVE
  19. said: looks tight and delish!
  20. said: Pure beauty. Now spread the cheeks & show us all the stinkhole.
  21. said: looking good.x
  22. John 05 said: Love the lips!
  23. Dawg said: Very nice looking pussy. How does it taste?

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Filipina wife cum

Posted on Thursday May 3

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this is how wet she gets… what do you think?

25 Responses to “Filipina wife cum”

  1. Bi-Man said: i wanna eat it
  2. boggie said: ugly snatch
  3. me said: that doesn’t look right, more like a yeast infection than ‘wet’
  4. Sajlez said: Nice nips
  5. lee said: fantastic i would love to be her clean up man
  6. said: now thats hot ;) love to eat her pussy
  7. said: Butter is for toast
  8. said: that is a yeast infection
  9. said: wow thats wet
  10. said: can i add some more, and do the face aswell?
  11. donottrythisathome said: Tell her the Noxzema is for her face not her crotch. Yuk
  12. FamousMrEd said: truth be told its all in her diet. bad diet equals messy, and “voluptuous” to put it politely.
  13. cherrypopper1981@yahoo.c said: ok,,women do cum,,,sum squirt,,,ones i been with that squrit,,its clear,,,thtas just sum dudes cumed on her
  14. said: i would fuck you
  15. I say said: Yuck!! Looks burnt
  16. titi said: that is one juicy pussy!!10 out of 10!! look at those perky nips and the brown lips … i would love to eat your wifes cunt
  17. said: most chics cum like that u dead fucks, learn how to get a bitch off wouldja!
  18. Liked it. said: Thats not her CUM. stop foolin us.
  19. dd.eddie said: hehehe i just reread comments below, evidently they never experienced a woman really cumming/orgasm. lol ALL NATURAL LUBE! :D’
  20. dd.eddie said: Masarap! that is just the way i like it, to have that oozer out onto my lips; just as my ex form Kampapangian
  21. FamousMrEd said: i think thats pretty unattractive
  22. said: bet shes a fountain of jizz!
  23. djdh said: i would love you fuck her wet pussy and have her squirt all over my face!
  24. buttman said: if thats her goo and not urs something wrong with her pussy take to a doctor.
  25. Aaron said: can i help

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Wife’s tasty taint

Posted on Thursday May 3

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Which hole looks better?

67 Responses to “Wife’s tasty taint”

  1. John said: pussy looks way better
  2. Matty said: that is a tasty taint
  3. D'Oh! said: Just haw it should be – real!
  4. Rick said: stroking my dick baby, I love your fucking asshole
  5. road king said: i worry about all these shaved pussy guys…are our teenage daughters safe? it looks perfect. like it should unless youre 12…
  6. Alex said: Oooops wrong pic
  7. Alex said: That looks perfect to me
  8. ryan said: I think it is perfect the way it is don’t change for the world
  9. Gasman said: Please shave
  10. me said: this makes me sad :( lol
  11. pappy said: wolfman. why would you post something like that?
  12. l1 said: pls wax or shave omg
  13. mrwidetounge said: you misspelled it. it is actually spelled n a s t y
  14. Sajlez said: Ewww…if this girl won’t shave, she should seriously consider trimming and upkeep. This is such a turn-off.
  15. pete said: luv 2 fuk thar arsehole deep
  16. wedge said: shave that shit cant even see you pussy through it
  17. Rob said: I’m a fur trader give ya a 1.99 for that beaver!!
  18. ACE said: Nice big asshole. Bend over and open it up a bit. :)
  19. said: tame the wild
  20. knots said: i want to lick that shit hole
  21. steppo said: now that’s a chocolate starfish! awesome.
  22. bigdong said: jesus chewbaca pussy. the trains have been running
  23. said: both are good ass looks so tight x
  24. Big-Dan said: Your cunt looks like Wookie
  25. Bagchz said: Didn’t that eat Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi?
  26. me said: I didnt know zz top were still making music!
  27. big d said: u need to carry it back to the pet shop
  28. Q said: nice fucking ass, but comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnn really? mustach trimmers and skin bleaching and u got 1 nice piece.
  29. said: nice
  30. Dr luv said: i would see someone about that
  31. said: Everyone is complaining about this ladies pussy, you wouldnt be moaning if you was in boning her, id fuck ur pussy
  32. said: Potentially very nice. Trim it up and repost
  33. donottrythisathome said: The hole in the wall called the “door.”
  34. Cocky said: That is fucking terrible!
  35. Gonzo said: I don’t mind the hair, but that brown eye worries me.
  36. James said: I’m sure I see teeth
  37. James said: Bleach!
  38. funtime77 said: Holy shit no wonder Spanky couldn,t find Buckwheat you have him in the leg
  39. eddi said: poor man!
  40. Texas man said: @ Tina are you?
  41. Texas man said: You might be a naughty little freak!
  42. badbehavior said: Seriously???????????????????
  43. Sexy said: Come on this is 2012! Not 1920. Shave or wax that shit! You have an amazing ass and probably and amazing ass hole and pussy.
  44. al said: sorry, but yuck thats not appealing to me at all
  45. tina said: sweetie i would be happy 2 clean ya up a bit
  46. dd.eddie said: Munchy heaven, comes with its own floss
  47. said: Mmmmmmmm yum
  48. said: wax isnt just 4 candles!
  49. decomark said: sorry sweetheart not appealing at all
  50. Jim said: Seriously????????? No way!!!
  51. said: I want both!
  52. jon said: burn it
  53. hambone said: it”s gotta feel better than it looks
  54. FamousMrEd said: stains,fur and pimples typically rate pretty low.
  55. LD said: you’d score much better if you waxed that ass!
  56. Hello said: Very nice butt! But please shave and maybe go get that thing bleached
  57. BoobMaster said: WTH!!! trim that up and bleach that asso girl
  58. said: mmm just dont know
  59. Hey said: Razor!!
  60. rockhard said: what is that?
  61. timex said: a little trashy is good
  62. said: neather
  63. f said: they both look good ,id take turns on each hole.
  64. said: neither
  65. said: Hijo de la CHINGADA no me gusta. WOW not my cup of stinkholes.
  66. said: the exit
  67. Mike said: I cant c the one ill put my nice cock in can she deep throat

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