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my wifes nice little pink pussy

Posted on Saturday Mar 3

donna n aaron 040 (400x300).jpg
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anyone wanna help me get her off

27 Responses to “my wifes nice little pink pussy”

  1. said: Damn thats tight..need the jaws of life to get in that sweet pussy….
  2. said: U sure thrs a opening thr? God I’d love 2 make her a women. N yes the email’s real. Let’s swop pics
  3. Girth(y(yes its thick said: you should let her try some black dick to open that pussy up good
  4. ball'er said: no way a tight little split like that belongs to an adult… you sure that isn’t your daughters pussy?
  5. said: Gotta spread that pussy!
  6. paulforpussy said: she can sit on my face anytime
  7. said: I would love to help I would eat her till she cums all over then let her slide down on me that would be so hot
  8. said: Not sure my cock will fit but I’ll give her a try
  9. said: this is damm small pussy did u super glue it close
  10. Lee said: my tongue will giv u all da help u need
  11. Yes! said: I will!
  12. jojo said: uu need help? loser
  13. said: yep as many times u want
  14. said: nice let me eat that pussy
  15. alex said: nice and tight : )
  16. said: mmm realy hot and tight
  17. said: that is a sexy little slit, would love to rub my cum into that.
  18. said: What a Cute little Fanny. Xx
  19. said: so hot
  20. Stu said: I would spread it and bury my face in there!
  21. said: God damn that slit looks tight as hell !!!
  22. Jason said: Is that your butt or pussy??
  23. Mr. T said: Take the panties off and stuff them in her pink pussy
  24. Cocky said: Lovely
  25. Bendover said: Very nice, show another spread :-)
  26. james said: I want you to watch me eat her pussy and make her cum.
  27. james said: Love that pussy, I’ll gladly help.

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Wife’s freshly shaved pussy

Posted on Thursday Mar 1

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Freshly shaved and spread open for your viewing pleasure.

20 Responses to “Wife’s freshly shaved pussy”

  1. majikfingersdfw said: Took a point off for lousy shave job.
  2. Dapig said: Id bury my face in that
  3. la said: nice
  4. stre0718 said: Nice!
  5. said: Simply Gorgeous, Ready 2 Do Work!!
  6. said: yummy i want a teaste looks yummy
  7. Cheryl said: Yes please….my fingers would fit nicely!
  8. said: nice looks sooo tight x
  9. dev said: its not open properly, i like to streatch her lips to see the pink rose…………
  10. dev said: pl open your pussy lips slightly, it will look cute……….
  11. Maxdaddy said: Mmmm damn BB you look tite as hell love to see dat fine ass as well spread wide for us pleez n thank you
  12. Cocky said: Do you bite your fingernails?
  13. said: Deeeelicious…. Can only imagine how wet and hot that would be.
  14. dd.eddie said: I just wanna lick & lick, then nibble and chew, and poke my tongue inside…
  15. said: Open up more sexy .. Use Two fingers.. Pretty little pink pussy.
  16. Judge said: Sexy and wet!
  17. dean said: yum
  18. Lee said: I wana rap my tongue around sum of dat sticky icky
  19. buttman said: u missed a spot, but still sexy as hell. 10
  20. wookie said: like it wet

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Fucking my wifes pussy

Posted on Sunday Feb 26

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She let me take this along with other pics, she said I can post more pics if she likes the comments!! She is the best fuck ever and has no boundaries in the bedroom!

13 Responses to “Fucking my wifes pussy”

  1. said: Nice pic can I come join u in fucking her
  2. Bill said: Nice pic like the dick too
  3. said: greta pic any chance of a threesome email more
  4. AssholeLicker said: Re-post without that dude’s thumb inside you!
  5. Tammy said: I’d lick on her clit as he shoved every inch he had in her
  6. Steve said: Probably the best because she’s the only one that would let that little thing near her
  7. said: very nice mate like how her lips rub your cock
  8. Dennis said: Impressive. Tight snd smooth….please let hubby post more!!!
  9. said: Would she like to try my cock
  10. Thikknob said: Cock looks too small to me
  11. said: Looks like it might be nice, hard to tell with that dick fucking up the photo
  12. yum said: would love that cock parked inside mE
  13. Loveit said: Can’t judge with the cock there. Should have put this one on the rate my sex forum.

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My hot wife on our balcony

Posted on Sunday Feb 26

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25 Responses to “My hot wife on our balcony”

  1. HELLBILLY said: Love those perky tits and the rest of your hot beautiful young hard body
  2. said: Gorgeous Pic Love Her Beautiful Body Against That Amazing Back Round!!! That’s Fucking HOT
  3. jack said: amazing tits
  4. said: Great body …. love ur full, perky titties !!!
  5. J R said: luv the HAIR..need more on here..10
  6. AssholeLicker said: I think she may have shit herself?
  7. pete said: perfect 10 luv 2 fuk both holes then cum on them sexy tits
  8. Dawg said: Can I be your balcony? nice body and I love those perky little tits. You lucky fucker you… : > )
  9. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: I think she’s a sexy girl.
  10. funtime77 said: Would be a perfect 10 shaved
  11. luv2licit said: everything is really nice but don’t be afraid to spread and shave for us. Would love to see more of that swwet thing, upclose!!!
  12. Al said: Beautiful body…lovely fur!
  13. voel said: your wife is fucking HOT
  14. said: great photo :) you have a hot wife thanks for showing her of
  15. don said: i love it my wifes pussy lips are longer than that
  16. gh said: lets see the bum…
  17. gh said: awsome body, would love to smell and fuck her twat
  18. Steve said: What’s with the yellow inside thighs….pass.
  19. Keith said: That pussy looks wrong!
  21. Maine Pussy Eater said: WOW!! YOU ARE ONE LUCKY GUY!!! SHE GETS A 10!!
  22. giggidy goo said: nice box! can i get a sniff?
  23. Minimum said: Where was this taken? Age?
  24. Loveit said: I prefer a shaved pussy but great pose and fantastic body.
  25. said: you are so sexy my dicks precuming.i love it that your outside nude.are you willing to share your jewal?at least swap a few pics

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Wife and friend

Posted on Wednesday Feb 22

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Wife and Girlfriend getting the fun started. They want to read your comments and get wet.

49 Responses to “Wife and friend”

  1. said: Great pic! Have you some more of these beauties from your lucky evening that you could email? ;) looks fantastic!
  2. said: lets rock girls
  3. said: wow someones gonna have an awesome time email more
  4. Trev said: out of 1 and in the other what fun we could have
  5. said: would you be interested in swaping pics
  6. said: would love to fill their pussies to max;)
  7. said: Damn Your Lucky!!! WOW
  8. said: My wife and I both want some of that! Got any more?
  9. said: looks like a few choices where and how to stick my cock!
  10. psylver said: No thank you.
  11. Judge said: Bottom girl has testicles hanging over pussy and is about to poop. Please remove pic!
  12. Dawg said: some ass stole my name here again..for the record, no I would not eat them both. Bottom one a big HELL NO! may fuck the top one
  13. twatty bollocks said: what a pair of cunts!
  14. Jennifer said: Like both these pussies.
  15. Tammy said: Tina,, I wish u were here with me now, I’m so hot, wet, and horny,,,mmm
  16. said: What do I gotta do to get them both for a night
  17. dd.eddie said: thank you, i hope they are as wet as i am hard.. damn i goo crosseyed eating both
  18. rj said: I do either one of them, you can have the grilfreindif you like
  19. said: 2 pussys is nice
  20. said: I used to drives a cross continenetal truck for a living …..this reminds me of a couple of well worn tires
  21. said: mm..yes…2 pussies is better than 1… I’d like to lick both them pretty pussies
  22. CB said: I would fuck all 4 of those holes.
  23. grownjohnboy said: where would I start?????licking alot I think
  24. me said: buddy your a lucky bastard I am jelious
  25. Mandingo said: My guess is your wife is on the bottom
  26. Boss said: Love the meaty cunt lips and asshole of the bottom kinda humor.
  27. lov2lickit said: nice, if I was a telephone pole maybe
  28. tina said: oh my i luv them both love their stars
  29. Jerking0ff said: The one on bottom looks like a set of balls hanging out.
  30. said: how could you last with those hot holes? one lucky fucker :) love them fat lips . chew chew
  31. said: Both look good but its the bottom one’s lips I want to explore
  32. Dawg said: I’d love to eat them both.
  33. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: The chica on top looooks either badly bruised or has a terrible rash…..
  34. lac said: luv the pic please post more of those sweet stacked pussys
  35. me said: love the lips on the bottom one…
  36. SaskSteve said: Would love to eat both those meaty pussies. Amazingly lucky guy.
  37. Lee said: u holes r always better than 1
  38. Gary said: both pretty awful, esp bottom one
  39. said: i would love to slide my cock up and down n in those nice wet pussies
  40. monkey said: i would fuck the bottom and eat out the top
  41. BigNpurple said: Decisions decisions…. I’d definitely be chocking on those long plump lips, looks like the date could take a pounding. Cuming**
  42. This guy said: lucky son of a bitch !!!!!!
  43. Evillicks said: Love those big lips!
  44. big dick said: lucky bastard! ;-)
  45. a fan said: double yuck!
  46. make u squirt said: i would love to eat that meat
  47. Hayden said: If lick and fick atthe same time post more
  48. Loveit said: Man, leave them like that and I would love to move back and forth between those pussies
  49. The Truth said: You lucky bastard.

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first pic of my wife

Posted on Wednesday Feb 22

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my wife loves fuck :)

17 Responses to “first pic of my wife”

  1. HELLBILLY said: Well post more
  2. Trev said: my turn next
  3. matt said: sexy body id fuck that all night!
  4. said: dang she is hot
  6. jo said: beauty n d beast…….
  7. dd.eddie said: Super… made me hard! I wouldnt change a thing
  8. MrGreeneyes said: I fuck her too I remember that watch I busted her pussy wide open, her hubby has a small dick
  9. said: I got some pics of my wife… Let’s swap, would like to see that puss
  10. said: I like that wide ass, and those nips..Mmm.
  11. davey said: i have fucked your wife over and over again she said u dont make her orgasm
  12. said: nice love her tits
  13. said: is that lady humpin a monkey?
  14. adam said: hot lady
  15. Lee said: can I borrow her
  16. said: yes keep posting i want to see more lots more!!!!
  17. Hayden said: Keep posting that’s sexy!

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Wifes wet pussy waiting for some fun

Posted on Wednesday Feb 22

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Wifes wet pussy waiting for fun.

33 Responses to “Wifes wet pussy waiting for some fun”

  2. said: nom nom nom looks delicious would eat that all night email more
  3. said: i want a taste
  4. james said: a woman is only 4-6 inches deep so anything longer then that is a waste
  5. rob said: ill give her the ride of her life! she will want more when i am done!
  6. Love Pussy said: Incredible
  7. bill said: tongue fuck your pussy and asshole till you were nice juicy
  8. said: I Wanna Fill’er Up………ME !!!!
  9. jt said: nice color pink,overall very sexy
  10. said: I love how both holes color match.
  11. Boss said: That is a designer asshole and puss…great combo
  12. said: Lovely!
  13. psylver said: I’d love to shoot my load in that tight hole!
  14. Biff Raggoo said: Can I Put My Cock In That Pussy????
  15. said: ı wanna fck it asshole
  16. stickypop said: wife i’d like to fuck!
  17. jones said: cock fatter than your fist, could enjoy hearing you moan
  18. rmsc said: Lets see those holes filled with dick and cum
  19. MrGreeneyes said: U have the best pussy on here I really want to bust you wide open with my cock put a email up so I can send you a pic of my tool
  20. lov2lickit said: now thats one fine looking pussy! give us some more
  21. said: open for dinner.
  22. Pussy Purist said: You, my dear, have a cunt that sings ” fuck me please!”
  23. said: nice pink little holes i want to be inside them
  24. Lee said: while u w8 let me suck all dat sweet nectar from u
  25. said: beautiful pussy! wish I could lick it!
  26. said: wow now that is a balls deep pussy its so nice your one lucky man show more of her
  27. micky plumb said: omg thats 1 tiny pussy! u lucky guy
  28. hambone said: never seen a perfect pussy and ass but that sure is close
  29. sdiddy said: Lovely ring
  30. tina said: beautiful Wow would love 2 give her a nice slow rimjob mmm delicious
  31. OMG said: I recognize those hands and rings!
  32. ACE said: Beautiful! Super HOT & SEXY pic. Can almost smell them through the screen.
  33. said: nice holes :) bet you have some fun with them pal

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wife in revese cowgirl

Posted on Tuesday Feb 21

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27 Responses to “wife in revese cowgirl”

  1. said: so fucking hot! send some more my way
  2. said: ive got another fat cock 4 her ass anytime your ready!
  3. Bitchboy 217 said: OMG I would LOVE to take care of that giant cock for you!!! I will suck you until you’re ready to blow all over my bitch face ;)
  4. pete said: mmm can almost smell your butt
  5. rj said: lucky guy !!!!what a great fuck she must be
  6. Mandingo said: Jackie- true, you have to marry her to get some anal action
  7. Lee said: dats hottttttt
  8. BigNPurple said: Sink that at one in her ass and repost!
  9. john said: damn thats a big fat cock. Ide love to let you stick that in my wife whenever you want
  10. her husband said: suz wanna join us?
  11. said: yeah buddy go balls deep
  12. suz said: mmmmm, nice thick cock
  13. knots said: well done lucky lucky man
  14. said: very naughty x
  15. her husband said: yup, its a lovely bum alright, 23 years married and I crave her body every day, she is great fun and Im glad you like the pic
  16. Dawg said: Love that position. Love it when my girl moves her panties to the side too! Now grab her ass and work that monkey over!
  17. taylorjgirl23 said: i aint a fag and i posted the starfish comment. i love a good lookin one like that. lick lick lick!
  18. boi said: had to come back and look again, fantastic… cando.. your the only fag on here… go back to your gay sites :-)
  19. cando said: lol all the fags wanna see it in her ass, awesome pick with your girl workin you though
  20. said: awesome view. she is gorgeous
  21. Jackie said: You can get any girl to do whatever you want if you stay with her long enough. I don’t know about anal though lol.
  22. said: she looks ready for me will slide in that asshole anytime
  23. tj23 said: i love how juicy this is. wanna finger that starfish
  24. markon69 said: love to use the other hole at same time
  25. said: thats just perfect mate… love how she gets a good grip on your cock.. that ass looks tight to..would love to lick it for her
  26. boi said: man where do you guys find these women…….
  27. inspector bits said: lucky boy

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squeezing into wifes ass

Posted on Tuesday Feb 21

in ass.JPG
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mmmmm, love that ass

26 Responses to “squeezing into wifes ass”

  1. Dezmond said: Ive just sprayed aload over you Karen!
  2. said: Looks great. Does she luv a vib in her pussy at the same time?
  3. said: same as my mom taken me
  4. StudGuy said: I don’t know if she enjoys it as much as I’m sure YOU do, NICE! :)
  5. HotPup said: I would explode in there
  6. said: looks just like way i fuck my sister in her ass for yrs an still i wud love to yours to i eat it out after i fuck it love the ta
  7. sara said: whos this chris guy?
  9. said: that guy should fuck me in the ass while i suck and fuck his wifes asshole
  10. pete said: let me fuk her sexy arse 2 xx
  11. daz said: wish my wife would allow me 2 do that ur wife is hot
  12. said: Hott
  13. mE said: Dirty fingernails
  14. colin said: lovely fat cock
  15. JAW said: That’s a good bitch
  17. Lee said: u and me both
  18. said: ı verry like fuck asshole
  19. her husband said: she likes bum play, and sometimes loves anal, but she woul rather have pussy sex, and i rub her asshole with a wet finger
  20. Chris said: Fuck fuck fuck im loving this.
  21. said: Great ass ;)
  22. sdiddy said: taking it like a champ
  23. me said: baby would enjoy watching that up close and licking that asshole when he is done
  24. thickdickloving said: That’s it, make her take it!
  25. boi said: man where do you guys find these women……. i need some of these dirty cunts in my life
  26. said: so do i pal!!!! keep up the good work . pls show more :)

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the wife loves anal!

Posted on Thursday Feb 16

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great close up of the wife and me.

20 Responses to “the wife loves anal!”

  1. Florin said: amaizing ass!
  2. Dazyduke said: I love gettin my ass pounded!
  3. said: dp?
  4. Bri said: your a lucky man, wish my wife would take it in the ass
  5. BigNPurple said: She’s taking that
  6. sasha69 said: damn baby u have a thick fkn cock i like ;)
  7. said: ı wanna fuck it asshole too
  8. Dawg said: i agree with @sweetjesus, pussy is gretest pleasure known to man…
  9. Frankie said: one in the stink not the pink?
  10. 07785963304 said: id love to have ago ov that pussy
  11. ian said: Lucky man!
  12. Pete piper said: Whats that red spot on the bum
  13. Lee said: lucky u…can I go front door
  14. sweetjesus said: perfectly good pussy and you use that shiter..
  15. Tiger69 said: So that’s what crotchless were actually made for
  16. jay said: thats a good wife keep it up.
  17. sexy girl said: i want some
  18. said: Now that is LOVE, What a great woman!
  19. thickdickloving said: Stuff that ass! Make her take it deep!
  20. said: nice thats got to make her scream mate !does she take the lot ? :)

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