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Extra sweet wife’s pussy

Posted on Sunday May 20

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As promised, some more of my wife’s perfect holes. Will post more only if we get good ratings:)

16 Responses to “Extra sweet wife’s pussy”

  1. alex said: Dude when your done with that ass and pussy and every thing on that body can i have it
  2. pete said: wnt 2 slide my tounge in her arsehole then fuk it hard
  3. smailbox said: like the genatils. post more.
  4. rob said: my cock would be a perfect fit in that tight pussy!
  5. said: with an ass and pussy like that you dont need to beg 4 the ratings! thats a 9 all nite long!
  6. ACE said: Nice closeup. Your pussy & asshole are incredibly HOT! Keep showing them off. Made me hard instantly.
  7. said: wow ;) 10 of me pal your wife is smoking love to dip my dick in her nice ass
  8. Lonewolf said: One of the best pussy/arse combos on the net. Would lick both holes until u could take no more.
  9. said: Nice!!
  10. donottrythisathome said: Very nice. Would fuck for hours.
  11. hambone said: oh yeah, a different picture of one of my all time favorite pussies. keep them cumming. show the little patch and tits too.
  12. bill said: i bet that smells as good as it looks
  13. Nathan said: Very nice would love to slip my cock into that
  14. said: yum, i’d love to shoot a big fat load in that
  15. Sanj said: Perfect pussy ready for my stiff cock
  16. Snowbird said: That is beautiful! Great clean pussy and ass hole llove the little landing strip too

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wife riding

Posted on Saturday May 19

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She ride my cock for hours

17 Responses to “wife riding”

  1. matty said: whats with the yellow stained ass? did you forget to wipe???
  2. matty said: is that shit around her asshole?
  3. drewdunn said: 14. see those red bumps, shes got somethin he doesnt want
  4. BigU said: ass zits — NOT COOL
  5. said: herpagondasyphalaids safety campaign! if you marry a dirty slut, you may be at risk 2!
  6. hambone said: To Nome and Eddie….GOOD CALL
  7. Cocky said: You have your raincoat on! What the fuck is that all about?
  8. Android said: yeah who does that or is she ur wife
  9. eddi said: When I see the skin of your girl,….better wear a rubber!!
  10. bil said: take that darn rubber off an go bare back
  11. nome said: then again look at that rash on ass he might be smart to have a rain coat on
  12. hambone said: Banging the ole lady with a rubber on is about as funny as two fat people fucking,,,,this picture has it all
  13. joe said: with the pimples or warts on her asshole i would wear one too dirty girl!
  14. said: it’s cool to wear the rubber, after all no ballon no party…x
  15. saywhat!! said: tell your wife to get on the pill and get rid of the rain coat.
  16. cecil said: who wears a condom when fucking their wife ? IJS
  17. FamousMrEd said: wear a rubber with your wife? fuck that lol

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wifes pink pussy

Posted on Friday May 18

Kiss My Lips.JPG
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I am wet and waiting for some tongue

23 Responses to “wifes pink pussy”

  1. F3RGO said: Could suck on those lips all day :)
  2. flipfioplover said: Beautiful suckable lips
  3. duane said: fuck ya the the shit love them lips
  4. Wanting You said: I want to feel your absolutely beautiful pussy lips suck all the sperm out of my cock and balls!
  5. said: wow could munch on that for hours email more
  6. said: like how your pussy is encircled by your panties
  7. ACE said: I’m in. When can I cum lick those amazing pussy lips?
  8. hambone said: Tina Original Slag……SHOW IT
  9. TCR said: My girlfriend wants to watch me lick and fuck your hot pussy
  10. said: can i suk on those lips?
  11. said: wow what a perfect set of pussy flaps i would lick your pussy all day
  13. hambone said: WHO THE FUCK IS TINA?????
  14. hoot said: very nice
  15. Barry said: Can I borrow that sometime?
  16. andy said: geile seite
  17. Candi said: Tina oringal slag, ?? How big could u take??
  18. Candi said: I love it! I’d Lov to lick it clean as my fingers slide in and play with her,
  19. said: Mmmm ill give it to u
  20. said: My tongue is ready for you!
  21. Ddd said: Thats a perfect looking pussy! Would love to tongue that!
  22. tina original slag said: aww baby star fish it need fisting
  23. Um said: I wouldn’t lick that if the world ran out of food

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my wifes pussy

Posted on Friday May 18

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23 Responses to “my wifes pussy”

  1. said: Amazing in every way
  2. HotPup said: Luv those big suckable lips
  3. jmac said: fraud. picture of a picture, I recognise FM an older post.
  4. said: Let your pubes grow
  5. said: beautiful pussy and great tits, who cares if she cant cook!
  6. DB said: those are some amazing nipples….
  7. said: your a lucky bloke she has a stunning pussy and rack
  8. hambone said: if you think the tits cost, you”re in for a surprise later..
  9. said: Gorgeous, would love to be licking that pussy, wanna see more email.
  10. Henry said: @ Laurie how should I send them to you?
  11. Barry said: Wow
  12. laurie said: most definitely i would Henry
  13. GGSWA said: awesome tits great suckable pussy doesnt get better than that
  14. Henry said: @ Laurie would like to see my girls perfect tits?
  15. said: can i fuck that pussy
  16. badbehavior said: she looks like she can take and enjoys a good hard fucking and I bet those sexy tits have felt their share of cum
  17. Wow said: I love you pussy and your tits. You are fucking amazing :)
  18. said: damn!!! I would love to eat that all night until u beg for my cock
  19. Maineguy said: Absolutely love the meaty pussy lips!! makes my cock rock hard! Keep em cummin
  20. Steve said: Prefer it hairy
  21. said: Nice
  22. Ddd said: Amazing!!
  23. laurie said: nice pussy but more fascinated with her huge tits

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My wife’s licked out pussy

Posted on Thursday May 17

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My wife’s dripping pussy after I licked it out. I filled it up with my cum right after (pic coming soon)

31 Responses to “My wife’s licked out pussy”

  1. HotPup said: I’d be licking that out everyday!
  2. teezur said: Delicious
  3. said: Don’t think i’m ready quite yet though:-)
  4. said: Thank you all for the hot comments;) i’ve been fantasizing about someone ffing my wife in front of me,
  5. hambone said: 9.25 nicest pussy on internet. period.
  6. Cheekybugger said: Is she a redhead? Show me more, love the little patch of pubes.
  7. said: @ Chuck…. You must like it up you’re stinkhole?
  8. mandy said: danny yes i like cock. my boobies are 36c
  9. said: i luv it! looks perfectly edible! i wouldnt have left a drop on it though! a good boy liks his plate clean!
  10. rj said: nice lick job guy she looks like a great fuck also pussy looks tight
  11. said: nice pussy. i would fuck it all night long.
  12. T bucket said: Hay Tina lets see your pussy
  13. Chuck said: espinozamanny, the stupid stinkhole comment on every single one of your posts since you started posting is getting very old!
  14. said: Awsome looking pussy, perfect lips, would love to lick them and then fuck them, wanna see more privately
  15. bill said: i would eat that pussy right now
  16. Venom said: That is one amazing snatch a 10!
  17. Lrgmembr said: Fuck yeah, that is fucking luscious!
  18. said: nice flaps ;) b nice to help add a load to her pussy and watch it all drip out
  19. Gusto said: I bet you licked that pumped up pusdy after you came in it really
  20. Devin said: looks so damn hot and tasty
  21. GGSWA said: smooth and nice
  22. mandy said: tina why are u being so mean she looks good 2 me.
  23. Danny said: @mandy. Do you like cock?? And what size are your boobs??
  24. said: Maaaan lick that stinkhole.
  25. Joe said: That is a great pic, nice and clear. Love your wife’s pussy, bet it is perfect for eating.
  26. mandy said: hey next time i will lick her then you can fill her. .hi tina hru
  27. said: Intersting
  28. Heynow said: yeah!
  29. Ddd said: Perfect looking pussy 10
  30. tina-lust said: tina can i fill u up
  31. Dog said: Would like to lick her to if ur interested to have threesome

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My Wifeys Pussy

Posted on Wednesday May 16

masturbation Ogasm.jpg
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Stroke your Willy n Honor oF This Wet Ass Pussy Please!~

18 Responses to “My Wifeys Pussy”

  1. teezur said: mmm super wet
  2. admirer said: keep that pussy wet baby hot jis is the look for you nice and wet oh yeah i want it
  3. said: gorgus pussy i will stroke my willy and show u the end result if u give me ur email
  4. said: i be strokin!
  5. said: gotta be a very old pussy look at the veins in it
  6. DB said: So this is what those gynecologists see… did you use the speculum cam for this shot??
  7. said: nice ;}
  8. chameleon said: Too close.
  9. sexyandperfect said: i’d lick that after she peed
  10. Johnny said: lol @ super tight, that’s her urethra!
  11. tina said: id rather have a stroke a die
  12. said: Nice wet juicy pussy
  13. said: Tight and lickable
  14. Eddie Shmenk said: Too close up. Rough fingernails
  15. said: looks like she needs a BD in her life! super tight!
  16. Paul said: Exquisit…. She looks like she may have been having fun too judging by the amount of juice
  17. said: Makes me want to eat oysters.
  18. WHITEGUY 8' said: nice pee hole

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My wife’s pussy – by Bobetta

Posted on Wednesday May 16

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My wife’s pussy – by Bobetta

42 Responses to “My wife’s pussy – by Bobetta”

  1. Ryan said: God u have a great looki little fuck hole id love to see ur man and my cum leaking out of it
  2. MC*Aamer said: WTF is that looks like you like riding bears?
  3. Lag said: oh my god hot pussy love! would fuck that hard!
  4. zernike said: u fuck apes ? – shave her !!!
  5. J R said: would she mind if i filled on for ya?thats nice post more
  6. J R said: well..guess im ol fashioned..luv the HAIR…need for hair on here!! 10 post more…hang it over the back of a chair for me..10
  7. spooky said: wow, spooky! me likey and me thinky its a asian baby!
  8. said: well send a pic of the mistress please! wifey aint doing nothing 4 me!
  9. Ding Dong. said: You poor man.
  10. Henry said: Sara so your just a meat hound yeah there is no way your hot!
  11. said: Ignore the negative comments. Natural woman that I’ll bet she is a great fuck
  12. Sara said: To all you men a big cock to me is over 9 inches so if you got bigger my wet pussy is waiting
  13. Ian said: I want to lick your ass
  14. Henry said: @ Sara you wanna see mine?
  15. ohhya said: a little wax and there would be a line to hit that.
  16. hambone said: Sara..every hard dick MF out there has a HUGE cock…LOL….REALLY, to you, what is BIG???
  17. Q said: so u fuck cavegirl?
  18. said: That pussy looks right! That’s all that matters. I would liove to fuck that pussy!
  19. bill said: shave that kitty
  20. Sara said: Keith yeah I love big cocks you got one?
  21. said: love to spunk over your hairy ass baby ;)
  22. said: Damn that iss sexy love to see more of that hairy ass and pussy! perfect 10
  23. chameleon said: I’m sure she’s hot but the hairs are kinda masculine. Give her a shave & fuck & repost.
  24. smailbox said: that rating (so far) sucks…..nice pussy, she likes her hair!
  25. Gonzo said: Shave the hair on the legs, but leave the beaver hair.
  26. pussyismyname said: ever heard of a razor?
  27. John John said: To a degree, I don’t mind too much hair. But there are some stragglers off the reservation. I can’t deal with that.
  28. John John said: Yo… Don King up in there!!!
  29. Venom said: That’s a hairy snatch!
  30. hambone said: if you looked down while fucking her, you’d see Elvis giving a blowjob
  31. hambone said: looks like a cat slept on her cat
  32. Keith said: Sara do you like big cock??
  33. said: A trim would be nice but fuckable non the less
  34. Cecil said: those hairs are whispy
  35. said: Fucking gorgeous…. Hairy pussies are best, and that is fucking gorgeous. Imagine a cream pie in that snatch. Good girl
  36. said: I would pump a hot load in that
  37. ACE said: Old school. Erotic. Post more!! ;P
  38. dd.eddie said: I bet the neighborhood guys would love to tap this
  39. Sara said: Freak
  40. UMMM said: that needs a serious clean shaving, lets see how it looks after that. my guess would be a perfect 100 on clean pussy
  41. oral fix said: get out the razor, there might be a hot pussy under there
  42. Lions said: Love that . Jerking off to you

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my latin wife

Posted on Tuesday May 15

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if you like it we’ll post more!

56 Responses to “my latin wife”

  1. said: love to put my 9inch cock in all of that sweet pussy and ass
  2. Buddy said: Sexy mommy.. Sweet Lil futchie I wanna sniff u then cumm in u
  3. Jacker said: thats a 10! perfect ass and pussy! Even your curly is hair is perfect!
  4. 4x4 said: I love your ass!!!!!
  5. pete said: mmm luv 2 rim your arsehole then fuk it hard,deep
  6. said: wouldnt kick her out of bed great ass email more
  7. Danny said: Real Tina. Could you describe your body. Includiing belly button. Please??
  8. said: I bet it’s so good to unload up that Tight sexy bottom x
  9. Dog said: Hey girls r Any of u in the uk? Up for a fuck. And couples up for fuck . Any takers.
  10. Dog said: @ Tina how many nationality have u fucked and sucked. ?
  11. tina said: im the real tina. now who wants to drop a deuce in my mouth?
  12. Dog said: @ Tina r u from uk. ? What’s ur email , let’s chat . Love to fuck ur mouth banging balls against ur chin.
  13. Dog said: @ Tina , fuck yeah would love to , then we can post ur cum filled pussy on here Mmmmmmmm
  14. tina said: who fancy a gang bang on here we all up for it
  15. hambone said: say you can handle Texas Man but can you handle RHODE ISLAND man…..{wait for it}….I’m from ALASKA!!
  16. said: She hot
  17. Tim said: Tina answer James questions they sound great questions, nice one James.
  18. cheap trick said: lets have you e mail and i,ll show you what dreams are made of.
  19. Tina said: @cheap trick. Dream on man !!
  20. cheap trick said: @Tina, I,m up for it babe, you say where and when and i,ll be there. xxx
  21. Dog said: @ Tina I want shove my tongue in ur holes while ur sucking my hard cock, here it cums drink my cum whilst I’m drinking ur pussy
  22. Up said: Tina. Which is better anal or pussy penetration??
  23. DirtyMIck said: Love that latina ass…beautiful! Can we see that spread?
  24. Dog said: Tina , if ur squirter my mouth is open Mmmmmmmmmmm yum
  25. Dog said: Tina I’ll repeat this all over again. And then I’ll eat ur holes clean.
  26. Dog said: Tina get ur arse ready I want ram my cock in that hole. Then fuck ur wet pussy , Finnish in ur mouth , u get me hard in ur mouth
  27. Dog said: @ Tina get on all fours I am about fuck u up the arse , then fuck ur wet pussy. And then shot my load in ur eager mouth
  28. I say said: Someone has no life
  29. James said: And @tina how wide is your asshole?
  30. James said: @tina. Where’s the 5 best/worst places on your body for a guy to cum on??
  31. Texas man said: @ Tina, ill fuck you in your nostril then ill come in your ear hole!!!
  32. Sajlez said: Hot! I’ve always loved the behind view of a woman. I could bury my face in there and lick forever
  33. said: beautiful! lets see more! she looks amazing from this angle!
  34. Dang said: You could tell everyone fucks that hoe, that pussy is busted. Look at that pussy. I’ll be fucking her at work …
  35. thickdickloving said: She looks so tight, has she ever been fucked?
  36. Mr. X said: Very sexy. Thanks for sharing. :)
  37. josh said: damn i wish i was tongue deep in your ass right now
  38. fuck me said: damn can you please sit on my face and suck my nice hard dick wow
  39. Barry said: My fav
  40. said: pls post more love to c her again
  41. said: Thats how I like my women. On all fours with their ass up and legs open.
  42. Cocky said: Can’t really see much.
  43. said: Can I see how many licks it takes to get her goin
  44. said: Wow
  46. tina said: mmm wow she is beautiful. kisses 2 that great bottom
  47. donttrythisathome said: Very nice view & would love to be balls deep in that pussy.
  48. said: Love it!! Almost put on some 3D glasses, because it damn near took up my whole screen…
  49. runt said: yummy
  50. said: how could we not like it, thanks
  51. badbehavior said: hell yeah..very sexy ass..a woman like that’s got to have nice big breasts. let’s see her on her back, legs spread
  52. said: More more
  53. ACE said: Very nice ass. Show your asshole and more of that pussy for next pic.
  54. said: Nice ass! Would love to see more of the pussy and tits
  55. said: I love it! Show more hole next time!
  56. said: Need you to hold your cheeks apart a bit, but you do look one hot woman

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Posted on Monday May 14

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50 Responses to “WIFE BODY”

  1. ImInLoveWithMyAunt said: Wow , would love to enter that lovely pussy then get finished off with a tit wank before cummin alll over her tits
  2. flipfioplover said: Yummy
  3. Jacker said: damn.. that pussy is really nice.
  4. matt said: would love to see some creampie shots
  5. 4x4 said: Great body baby! I love it!
  6. said: lucky bloke would love to see more of her
  7. gvvgt said: i like ur wife
  8. said: Nice woman…. Fuckable
  9. chad said: 210 san antonio holla at me tina love to eat that pussy
  10. Sajlez said: Very nice!
  11. Dog said: @ Tina, how about u give us ur email, tina u sound so fucking great
  12. tina said: thanks all for your comments and tina i wouldnt let you lick me your howling if anybody want more just say plz more tina
  13. hambone said: well i guess its one tina but not the other. would the real tina post photo.
  14. tina said: To answer your question, boys. I enjoy a good filthy cock as much as I enjoy that nice purty pussy.
  15. Clitlicking slave said: I luv those tits and nips
  16. said: when are you going to post some pics tina??
  17. endub said: Also thats after two kids :) !!!!
  18. endub said: JUST TO CLARIFY. Its not Tina!!!!
  19. scott said: thats perfect
  20. john said: Very Sexy!!! I dont think shes an older women she looks fresh and sexy :)
  21. donttrythisathome said: Ya got a good one mate. Nice vajay, looks tight and tasty
  22. tina said: the pic isnt me . whoever posted the pink and stink thing isnt me either.
  23. I say ! said: Nice
  24. tina said: yes its me and ive more where that cum from 1 for my pink 2 for my stink xxx
  25. ACE said: Very HOT pic! Post more please.
  26. said: Very nice! Please show us more
  27. Dog said: Nice position wait there I’m coming over. Tina u into men?
  28. said: nice pussy can i lick it
  29. tina said: mmm wow i love the boobies.and the kitty is purring.
  30. said: hurry up and get that pregnant
  31. rj said: yes they are nice! show some more of that great body
  32. Dog said: U can sit my face and ride my tongue until u cum mmmmm, hey Tina wassup
  33. Husker said: That pussy looks nice and tight. Post more 10++++++
  34. said: if it need’s some female attention let me no…x
  35. KWman said: looks like the ex is putting up some nice pictures
  36. Johnnyonthespot said: Not bad for an older woman.
  37. jay said: your a lucky man your wife is hot. if you ever get tired of her let me know i’ll take it off your hands.
  38. t.awesome said: she is hot… can i hit it
  39. dog said: Looks awesome
  40. rightstuff said: that pussy look good
  41. bill said: nice pussy
  42. Henry said: Can spray my hot load all over that pussy?
  43. Cheekybugger said: Your awesome, would love to see more.
  44. hambone said: is that you Tina?????
  45. bob said: looks very very good to me and tasty as hell I bet
  46. said: Keep it open, I’ll be right there to fill it with cum.
  47. said: very nice ;) that pussy looks like its tight
  48. robo said: cum sit on my face
  49. said: yummy…. I want some
  50. said: id hit it.

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creampied wife

Posted on Sunday May 13

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Right after a hard fucking. She came twice and forgot her birthcontrol

15 Responses to “creampied wife”

  1. J R said: wow those are some huge 10 lips!! is that american made? :)
  2. arkyman said: love to clean that up
  3. said: is that the crow
  4. said: nothing better than aload of cum dripping out of a stunning pussy ;) x
  5. said: 9 months after that, simalac!!
  6. said: Is she ready for more
  7. FamousMrEd said: lol youre proud of twice? sad
  8. said: nice pussy! needs my load in it!
  9. big mike said: id give her something to cum on
  10. CHET said: That Tattoo is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!
  11. me said: let me lick you clean please cream pies so hot
  12. andy said: that a crimbo tree tat lol
  13. said: i wanna fuck you hard doggystyle right after i eat that pussy up and make you cum ;)
  14. Wel said: Nice pussy and asshole. Do you like anal??
  15. said: nice would like to put my 8″ in that and make that look like it needs it

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