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Wife’s Shaved Pussy

Posted on Sunday Nov 27

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Freshly shaved and wet. What do you think?

11 Responses to “Wife’s Shaved Pussy”

  1. said: so smooth and wet! aching to put my cock in that pussy
  2. said: it would great if had a hairy pussy
  3. said: wow ı wanna fuck it
  4. Lee said: mouthwaterin’
  5. WANKER said: i wankd 2 tht
  6. said: i just want to go down on u so hard until u squirt in my face
  7. said: Very cute little Pussy .. Wanna kiss it .
  8. rj said: nice looks very tasty
  9. said: thats a nice looking juice pussy
  10. said: Very small clit and vagina. Yum hun
  11. Jon said: Hmmmm

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wife’s pussy open for you

Posted on Sunday Nov 27

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wife ready to be taken in both holes what would you do?

12 Responses to “wife’s pussy open for you”

  1. said: Would feel good to more then look at you
  2. spike said: i’l eat that pussy lick it and fuck it balls nd all da whole nite long
  3. Lee said: TAKE HER DOWN!!!!!!
  4. shew said: nice pussy
  5. dd.eddie said: Bury my tongue in 3 inches and then pump and dump a gr8 huge load inside
  6. said: i would chew on that pink pussy and wank all over her
  7. dougiefresh said: the darker the meat the sweeter the treat
  8. daver said: that looks delicious, my mouths watering and my dicks hard
  9. 7176399093 said: I would lick it then dick it
  10. e said: simply beautiful!
  11. said: Take one step at a time
  12. me said: stunning!

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hot wife taking it from behind

Posted on Saturday Nov 26

pics 195.jpg
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i love her big ass, dont you?

20 Responses to “hot wife taking it from behind”

  1. Pussy smasher said: That ass looks familiar .
  2. critic said: getting fucked by sasquash
  3. colin said: lovely firm cock bet it can shoot some
  4. richamondo said: i would love that pussy on my cock right now
  6. ACE said: I love her butthole. definitely needs a dick in it.
  7. said: just like my wife hot………
  8. said: nice pic love to do her in th ass and leave my spunk drip out
  9. J R said: bro thats a beautiful kan take it fer sure..would she mind giving me head at the same time?
  10. Lee said: I wanna dump my load n dat pooper
  11. spunkmasta said: Mmmm would love to give her a fast butt pounding
  12. said: Nice ass i want to fuck her
  13. Colorado chronic said: beautiful asshole
  14. Blaine said: Wow
  15. big booty lover! said: GREAT ass and great shot. good dick in her just shave that bush next time.. take one of her laying flat on her stomach too(:
  16. said: That is an ass that clearly worth poking.
  17. hahaha said: Fuck yea! Mmmmmmmmmm
  18. said: shes got a nice firm ass. I could grab hold of both cheeks and slide on in.
  19. Funkycold said: Is there a lower back tattoo that is faded out? I know that ass.
  20. Mike 720 237 6377 said: I want 2 put my cock in her mouth

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my sexy wife’s ass

Posted on Friday Nov 25

pics 204.jpg
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she’s fuckin lovin it

16 Responses to “my sexy wife’s ass”

  1. said: So sexy love the petite frame sexy ass
  2. J R said: wow great view angle..shes got a hot body built for riding..great post btw..shes a 10
  3. eardman said: very sexy and super hot body
  4. PussyConnoisseur said: NICE couple!
  5. said: Looks like a woman that would appreciate a good DP.
  6. said: id be loving it too if that was my cock
  7. said: that ass is nice can i use it
  8. Mike 720 237 6377 said: Roll over show ur pussy il show mine
  9. sdiddy said: soooo hot!!!!
  10. dude said: lets see some more
  11. said: cum over the sexy bitch..x
  12. Sajlez said: Damn, that ass!
  13. hotgirlsrocky said: i can see dat pussy out nd i feel like licking all the cumm out nd suck it………..
  14. said: Alright
  15. GGSWA said: good ass, but let’s see her pussy
  16. said: Your one lucky man, nice!

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Naughty Wife

Posted on Friday Nov 25

vag 001.JPG
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Petite 27yr old wife loves to take it in the ass. Oh yeah, she has 34 C’s and shes a squirter too.

30 Responses to “Naughty Wife”

  1. Adam said: beautiful genitals! Hail Satan!
  2. said: nice!
  3. said: Lucky bsstsrd
  4. thickCunt said: i want my pussy fucked my ass and mouth
  5. Ohyea said: your wife looks so hott I jope she gets wet thinking of her pic
  6. rickyb said: damn i would luv 2 fuck tht ass so bad daaamn gal taking it like a real pro
  7. Doug said: sure would like to be in there with you
  8. said: looks like my wifes pussy
  9. dude said: invite me to come over and i will fuck her beautiful pussy
  10. Mr Please said: I love squirters, dp’ers squirt harder thought….
  11. teehheee said: so jel!
  12. said: Sure would like to see more of that…
  13. J R said: absolutely luv a woman who likes anal..kan ya show more of her bro! she deserves more posts n thanks 10 btw
  14. Lee said: I wanna drain u dry of all dat sweet nectar
  15. PussyConnoisseur said: And it’s not just cuz he’s in her ass..VERY nice pussy!!
  16. PussyConnoisseur said: HOLY SHIT!!! 10++++
  17. winter said: would love to see her squirt
  18. tony said: nice dick… show one of her squirting!
  19. SonnyKane said: Luck Guy!!!
  20. said: can i take the other hole? Does she like dp?
  21. said: can i lick her cunt until she cums. Would enjoy a squirt on my face
  22. us_marine_88 said: very nice, prove the rest
  23. rj said: you are one lucky guy to have wife like that
  24. said: i love a good squirter
  25. acevlle84 said: that pussy looks real juicy
  26. jp said: would love a full body pic of her
  27. Love Pussy said: Anything in the ass always gets a 10 from me. I’ve never had anal, but it looks great.
  28. said: can i have a shot of that ass when your done?
  29. Jerking0ff said: She looks like theres room 4 my cock in her pussy . I’d fuck her till she squirted. Gonna rub one off to your picture fantasizing im fucking you . Hope you dont mind ?
  30. said: mmmm wish that was my cock need help i will hit the pussy till she squirts

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my wifes hairy hole

Posted on Thursday Nov 24

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41 Responses to “my wifes hairy hole”

  1. Jay said: Now that’s what a real natural pussy should look like. I love it !!!!!!
  2. Justin muse said: Nice pussy I would lick you from the back til the front very nice pussy
  3. said: This pussy here is for REAL men only! I adore this vagina and true muff. I fantasize about tongue fuck U and eating your juices!
  4. erick said: made me cum fast!!
  5. said: Oh ! Please invite me over to play with you in your wifes lovely fuck hole yummy
  6. HotPup said: You must fist her that’s loose
  7. RC51 said: I would love to lick you from your clit to you ass and back until you cum on my face.
  8. Eric said: I would lick and suck the juices from her
  9. Bear said: I wud like that pussy and ass hole
  10. Dave said: damn hairy – not nice at all
  11. Retaxus said: Love the natural look. Hot!
  12. pantyboy said: too hairy
  13. Rick said: Dam u would lose your arm in that..!!!!
  14. said: That one well used pussy what a hole look’s like something is winking at me !!!
  15. greg said: Thats enough to make a man turn gay
  16. SKI said: TONGUE CANDY !!
  17. said: top stuff this is a women luv it ….. would luv to stick my fat cock it there and also suck it like crazy ,,
  18. jeff said: I would lick your husbands cum from that hairy pussy
  19. said: fucking fantastic. I with i could put my cock in there
  20. Joe said: Thanks for posting, but I think she’s overdue for servicing – at the plastic surgeon.
  21. Horndog said: That thing is beat. At least shave it for the love of God!
  22. buttman said: need a rope, flashlight, and a 2×4. just on case u fall in.
  23. J R said: this gvintage guy wood be so cumming into that..luv hairy puss..10
  24. Cj said: what the hell is that? its sure not a pussy
  25. said: would love to stick my tongue in there got my mouth justa watering write me
  26. said: you must have a cock like a third leg to fill that, can see take you’re full fist..?
  27. jjjjj said: shave please
  28. BigDickster said: Holy shit! I have a thick ass dick, but this hole is no maych for it! Love the hair though,
  29. LoveHairypussy said: Kristy if your pussy so gr88t post it and get comments.
  30. Bert said: Even a big cock would have to swing wide just to hit the corners on that canyon.
  31. dawg said: your wife looks to have a great body. Love her breasts. The pussy, a bit too hairy for my taste and the size of that hole…fuck
  32. Lick it said: I fucking love this at last a proper woman who makes me rock hard!
  33. Kristy said: So hairy … ugh
  34. Rickenbacker said: one of the top ten! worst that is.
  35. Jerking0ff said: Very Nice . Lets see a close up of that fine wet fuck hole . So i can jack off and Cum on your picture .
  36. jcr said: what the hell you been feeding that thing
  37. bigtime 77 said: would score alot higher if it was shaved its 2011
  38. jeff said: damn thats a big pussy. post more
  39. Na said: What in the fuck is that monster
  40. jon said: fuck that hairy cunt and make it cum
  41. Hardrod said: Another trim job needed!

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True wife slut

Posted on Wednesday Nov 23

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My wife could never make it to work on time. What a hard worker!

24 Responses to “True wife slut”

  2. said: one sexy fat pussy!!
  3. Hillbilly said: Looks like someone hit her between the legs with an axe …
  4. eardman said: Perfection
  5. said: fuck me hun thats amazing message me
  6. J R said: wow ya gotta post MORE of that huge puss…wow its massive. luv to lick that end to end once! more! :)
  7. joe said: i would love to fuck tht pussy
  8. dawg said: nice big puffy pussy…no wonder she is late for work. My girlfriend has a nice pussy, not that puffy, she was late for work 2
  9. dan said: wow, lovely smooth puffy pussy! perfect 10 xxx
  10. wantabangbang said: would tongue that goergous pussy all day long
  11. said: nice looking slut pls post more lets see how dirty she can b
  12. said: lets see dat pusi in all its glory eh ?
  13. said: with that nice pussy all her work would be with me give me more
  14. Lee said: mouthwaterin’…want 2 c da lips spread and da ass cheeks open…plz send mo
  15. Joe said: OLD – but OK, a generous 5/10
  16. said: We’d love to see more of these
  17. joe_joey67@ymail.comm said: beutafull
  18. said: Great pussy love to see more
  19. GGSWA said: very nice roast beef woohoo!
  20. jp said: 10 out of 10
  21. llcoolcal said: perfect 10 for me !
  22. jeff said: now that is a nice pussy! show more
  23. said: If she were my wife she wouldn’t make it on time either
  24. said: Ill b working dat twat 24/7 to

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Sexy black wife

Posted on Tuesday Nov 22

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47 Responses to “Sexy black wife”

  1. xman said: nice ass
  2. Jamesviljoen23@gmail said: Daaaaaaaaaaaaam!
  3. horny lion said: Nice
  4. said: Sit on my face Sweety !!! :P
  5. said: would love 2 see my white cock enter that ass
  6. thickdickloving said: Thank you for posting that sweet blackness!
  7. Ian said: My dick is destined for that pussy
  8. Edgar Allen Pie said: Beautiful pussy is obvious, but I LOVE you legs!
  9. said: i want that chocolate
  10. mrpringle said: yep… you’d definitely get it.
  11. said: i see wht u hoes be on yea i said it u hoes
  12. said: whts up i see wht u into lmao
  13. Anne said: love to dive in there
  14. jason said: i want to stick my white dick in ur black pussy baby
  15. Sid mb said: Would absolutely Squeeze my Gretchen lover in your wife’s ass
  16. jack said: throw my whit dick in that black ass and cum deep in both holes.
  17. scotty said: nice asshole
  18. daver said: wow i love black women, shes gorgeous would love to bury my face in there and lick that pussy and arsehole, thanks for sharing
  19. eardman said: WOW you look fantastic
  20. Biff said: I’d eat her
  21. said: would luv to give that pussie some white cock
  22. yoyo said: what’s worse than a black person? answer me that!
  23. Piper said: Perfect!!
  24. shafty108 said: i would ripe that up
  25. Lee said: bet dat shit is da BOMB
  26. Will said: I am next, please!!!
  27. said: can i eat some of that nice pussy babe write wpb
  28. said: can i suck that pink pussy
  29. said: can i dock my cock in there ?
  30. said: Christ – I’d love to lick and fuck that!! Cum to the UK babe and let me make you scream all night long
  31. jp said: great ass
  32. Love Pussy said: Wow! That is a dream pussy. I have a white cock. It would look good in that pussy. I love contrast.
  33. 7176399093 said: Just beautiful
  34. said: You need to be filled.
  35. llcoolcal said: That my friends is a perfect pussy!
  36. said: Mmmmm, want to slide sumthn all in that nice ass!
  37. said: i know you tore that up the way it deserves!!
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  39. eastsideporos14 said: dang sexy thats one beautiful pink pussy would love to eat it nd then fuck the shit out of it
  40. Bobby said: Cupboards from ikea! Lol
  41. GGSWA said: so pink HOT HOT HOT!
  42. karl said: ild love to tongue fuck that hole for hours!!!
  43. dd.eddie said: Can i place that bootay on th edresser and eat you up.. yum!
  44. dp said: 10 keep postin need more ebony
  45. swineluv said: i’ll take two!!!
  46. Jp said: Nice contrast!
  47. jeff said: hell yes. fucking hot!!!!!!

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30Yr Old Sexy Wife

Posted on Monday Nov 21

Rate wifes pussy.JPG
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Again requested from BC!! Tell me how you would handle this!!!

15 Responses to “30Yr Old Sexy Wife”

  1. said: let me have it
  2. said: suck my huge cock, fuck your pussy
  3. J.d. said: Well thats a georgeous pussy and so tiny ! and me being 32 well ima french kiss that lil pussy and put my dick n your hands to stroke till ur burning up then ima shove ur face n the pillows and fuck a hard orgasm outa that lil tiny pussy !
  4. eardman said: looking awesome
  5. winter said: nice ass
  6. JuiceMan said: that looks like my wife’s pussy
  7. Lee said: simply amazin’…mouthwaterin’
  8. said: perfection
  9. said: would lick an suck that sweet pussy till she carnt take no more an then fucker hard
  10. said: i would just make you cum like a waterfall give you 5 mins and then make you cum again
  11. Hank said: looks like my wifes 30 yr. old Pussy great
  12. said: This looks just like my 30 yr. old wifes Pussy and I bet it taste the same Pretty Pussy man
  13. dog said: I would lick and suck you till you cum then put my cock deep inside you and fill you with my cum.
  14. said: Just stuff it in and cream you
  15. said: wow, looks like my ex =) want to lickt it and fuck it and than i want to cum inside

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Wifes Soaked Pussy

Posted on Monday Nov 21

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Where would you cum?

16 Responses to “Wifes Soaked Pussy”

  1. said: in her pussy then lick it from her ass as it drips
  2. tobi said: i love that cunt
  3. winter said: very good
  4. Lee said: n every hole
  5. said: let me at it
  6. chris1216 said: sexy cunt i feel like licking it
  7. said: deep in your tight ass x
  8. rick said: NICE
  9. Wow said: I printed it and blew it on your fat pussy!
  10. dog said: I would cum in your pussy then your ass .
  11. said: Deep inside her and hell i might even be tempted to clean up after myself :)
  12. said: Deep in side her lovely Pussy after i have eaten her for hours and she cum in my mouth several times
  13. jeff said: that is amazing. love those fat pussy lips
  14. said: ur asshole better ur pussy
  15. Stiff said: I would come deep in that butthole. While I stare at that fat pussy. 10!
  16. ACE said: Nice pose. Very hot. I would fill both your holes to the max & then top them off again.

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