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Fucking my wife

Posted on Sunday Oct 14

[Total: 926    Average: 3.5/5]

who wants some

17 Responses to “Fucking my wife”

  1. squish mitten said: so sexy!
  2. said: oww cooollll
  3. Dr. Cock said: Ready to send great shots of Meat Curtains and great body of wife. She wants shots of that cock and your wifes pussy. We good?
  4. Julie said: Yes please hun,that cock looks lond and thick,i woild let you take both holes if you wanted
  5. said: mr cock email pics
  6. said: Would love some pics
  7. Mr. Cock said: We posted 46yr. Old Wife. She wants that 10″ cock to be her 39th. and part of her 9th DP. Post your email. Pics to follow.
  8. cffrost@ said: dam girl*** brown eye !!!!!get your ass hole bleached !!!!
  9. said: ram that cock home pal 😉 your wifes got a stunning ass
  10. EB said: I’d lick her Juice off ur cock, & ur load off that sweet ass
  11. dd.eddie said: very hot shot! now hang two or three more cocks in th epicture shootin a load
  12. said: Beautiful butt love to join u email more
  13. Tcr said: I would love to fuck your wife nice ass
  14. said: I do .. Do u like it up the ass ?
  15. said: Oh yeah pound her pussy
  16. tonguetwirler said: shave the crack
  17. fuckurass said: show a pic of fuckin her ass……

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wife spreading

Posted on Sunday Oct 14

[Total: 846    Average: 3.8/5]

Rate it

6 Responses to “wife spreading”

  1. rj said: she does look like a good licking pussy and great tight fucking
  2. said: so good bet she tastes sweet10;)
  3. said: Wanna taste it looks so nice email more
  4. dirtysouth said: would love to stretch that on out for u
  5. mikey said: Very nice pussy!!!!!! 100++++
  6. bill said: real nice

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hot cum on wifes ass

Posted on Friday Oct 12

[Total: 1023    Average: 3.6/5]

toying wifes pussy after blowing my load on her hot ass

11 Responses to “hot cum on wifes ass”

  1. said: stunning x
  2. Stickman said: Came too soon and had to finish her off, huh?
  3. said: 10! what a fantastic ass. Love to lick that clean.
  4. gemma said: i want to suck that dildo
  5. rj said: i can do too loads but like doing the pussy first
  6. said: Wish it was cock instead of the toy so I could more cum to her hot ass email more
  7. 6amwood said: wish i could lick you clean
  8. said: stunning love to add my load to yours mate so u can mix it up her pussy! looks nice and tight pls post more 😉
  9. Al said: How sad you need a toy to satisfy her .means your not man enough for her
  10. harry callahan said: U drity white girl.
  11. badbehavior said: wish I had a recording of that fuck session

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My wifes swollen black clit

Posted on Friday Oct 12

[Total: 974    Average: 3.4/5]

Does this look as good to you as it does to me?

22 Responses to “My wifes swollen black clit”

  1. FreshFlesh said: I don’t know why but this pic reminds me of MR. T
  2. lol said: i’d probably do her
  3. said: Yep , she is hot as fuck !! 10/10
  4. said: Sensational love to it spread email more
  5. viewer said: yes lovely
  6. said: mm i love black pussy
  7. said: stunning x
  8. jeff said: Dont need haters or snart asses at least she posted and u didnt just saying.
  9. McFly said: Looks ashy, shoulda shot that load on the outside so she could rub it in like lotion!
  10. pete said: mm luv 2 lick your wet pussy b4 fuking it ballsdeep more babe
  11. harry callahan said: nice
  12. llcoolcal said: Perfect Pussy !
  13. badbehavior said: let’s see some of that brown sugar syrup..spread that wet pussy
  14. jeff said: I would love to tear that little pussy up
  15. gatorsrule said: NOPE
  16. dd.eddie said: Yummy and boootaylicious!
  17. Rambone said: Oh mercy!! Thanks for making me shoot all over my screen! :)
  18. Maineguy said: would love 2 see it with a dildo spreadin it open
  19. ACE said: You look awesome. Would love to see a spread shot of your pussy and asshole. :)
  20. Ymmij said: Instant boner!
  21. Charlie said: Yup, now spread and post again, she’s hot.
  22. thickdickloving said: Hell yes! About time some more black women post!

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My wifes pretty pussy

Posted on Friday Oct 12

[Total: 866    Average: 4.1/5]

She loves the comments !

18 Responses to “My wifes pretty pussy”

  1. said: Great pussy wish it was my head ready to enter love to see it filled email more
  2. said: nice looking pussy x 😉 like to c her fuck just your bellend tillu both cum
  3. Dude guy said: Hot pussy, lucky dick.
  4. not as stupid as lucky said: why get on a site like this and all you can do is talk about dick. go to gay porn and talk about dick, not here
  5. not as stupid as lucky said: lucky, you are one really stupid shit, a picture of a real nice pussy and you wanna talk about is dicks
  6. HornyHusband said: Joe, Lucky and Kaiser…let’s see your pics. Blow up your girlfriends, pose them and post away!
  7. HornyHusband said: The “cock professionals” are at it again. Can judge the size from the tip. Jealous guys who cannot get laid. Beautiful picture!
  8. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Your wifey has a beautiful smooth shaven pleasure cave…I have a long thick Pipe she will “LUV”!! Msg me!
  9. Joe said: And your little dick. Lol
  10. Lucky said: Do you have E.D?? my dick is hard just from looking. cant imagine if i were there!!! get rid of that useless small dick!
  11. kaiser said: Yes a nice pussy. Too bad the pic is ruined by pencil dick.
  12. TheTruth said: Nice cut dude
  13. harry callahan said: remover the Dick from the pic. its should b ALL abt her .she looks fine.
  14. Lucy said: Getting brave Daddy. Love the look of your cock. Wish you would show more!
  15. GGSWA said: very nice smooth and pink pussy…tight looking jewel
  16. andy said: i would love a go at her!
  17. stiff one said: would love to unload my warm cum inside and all over that hot pussy!!
  18. said: Is that the 52 year old from before?

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sexting wife

Posted on Thursday Oct 11

[Total: 972    Average: 3.3/5]

Who wants some of this?

22 Responses to “sexting wife”

  1. Lic-A-Lot-Puss said: I DO! I DO! I want you to grind that sweet pussy all in my face and try tm SMUFFICATE me until you SQUIRT your juices til I drow
  2. said: love to sample your sexy pussy teasing ur hoop till u explode
  3. said: i do!
  4. said: I’d love some of that on my face.. Grinding it down on my Tongue and forcing me to eat as much pussy as possible.. Very tasty !
  5. said: Mmm rub that juicy smoo all over my face email more
  6. said: love to sample your delights x
  7. said: mmm looks good enough to eat, would love to see more
  8. said: such i lovely pussy, I would to see one of the girls bent over with my dick in them licking this pussy and being squirted on!!
  9. said: i’d like some sexting
  10. Rambone said: Your pic gave me several raging hardons, causing me to cum ALOT today! Sexy pic!!
  11. Greg said: This is crazy, I just met you, here’s my picture, so rate my naughty!
  12. james said: I’d love some……that’s hot baby.
  13. badbehavior said: no thanks
  14. me 2 said: Love the stubble babe. Could tickle my nose all night long.
  15. Dani said: Sorry, no.
  16. said: Would love to lick and suck your tight pussy until you were swollen and squirting sweet cum in my mouth
  17. Rambone said: OMG!!! That is SO sexy!!! I want!!!
  18. slick said: mmm id lick that then give it a good stretching
  19. Ymmij said: would love to watch you fuck hrr while she sucks my cock!
  20. said: I want sum!!
  21. Harry ballz said: You can sexy me any time you want!!!
  22. tonguetwirler said: thanks for helping me rub one out on my break….

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My wife’s dripping wet pussy

Posted on Thursday Oct 11

[Total: 764    Average: 3.3/5]

She’s shy tell her what you’d do to it.

9 Responses to “My wife’s dripping wet pussy”

  1. said: mmmmmmm
  2. said: i would lick her slowly from her sexy ass to her swollen clit to start stroking her strip of hair as cums in my mouth
  3. said: Nice kitty could lick it all night email more
  4. said: Nice pic, looks very eatable. Please post more
  5. harry callahan said: nice soul patch girlfriend.
  6. said: like the landing strip show us more and im sure your rating will go up.
  7. GGSWA said: love the strip i want a mouthful of that pussy and juice it dry
  8. Rambone said: Very nice indeed! LOVE your hairy lil shitbox!
  9. dd.eddie said: Suck on it so hard that id make you eye roll back, then poke my tongue in until u crapped

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Finger Banging Wife’s Tight Pussy

Posted on Thursday Oct 11

[Total: 890    Average: 4.1/5]

14 Responses to “Finger Banging Wife’s Tight Pussy”

  1. said: Mmmm looks yummy. She’s got a nice little pussy and cllitty x
  2. said: Very nice. Give us more, Thank you.
  3. said: love to suck her bud as you finger her g spot till she cums mate then take turns fucking her ragged
  4. Bob-o said: That is a tiny pussy, Must feel like heaven!
  5. 4172934140 said: very nice!! trade wife pics?
  6. said: Her clit looks like it needs my tongue email more
  7. said: Very sexy pic, I like the shot and would like to see more fingers added
  8. Wipeurfaceoff said: You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen just perfect
  9. Ausii mick said: don’t complain just bring her here I’m shore I can help with her being tight n all
  10. Dave said: look better with my dick in your pussy
  11. said: again damn that is one sexy snatch. cant stop looking email more thats an 11
  12. harry callahan said: thats a suweet lookin snatch.
  13. said: let see that wet pussy stretched around a big cock.ers
  14. Hornyballs said: Love that tight snatch, email more

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Wife’s Sweet Pussy

Posted on Wednesday Oct 10

my fav 2.jpg
[Total: 789    Average: 3.8/5]

Tight as they come

18 Responses to “Wife’s Sweet Pussy”

  1. Mr X. said: Nice. But most deffo not “tight”!
  2. said: Would love to pound that sweet pussy xx
  3. said: sexy pussy lips
  4. TheTruth said: I could walk in that beast
  5. rj said: wow! thats nice I would go down on that any time
  6. pink pussy said: fuck yeah meaty flaps i love sucking them. and for those nieve men out there just because its meaty dont make it lose
  7. Gil said: Tight? Not.
  8. charlie said: very very nice please post more for me to come over
  9. Triplej said: Looks good but some big dcks have defintly been up in it. I’d add on to that tho
  10. GGSWA said: love fat lips
  11. CHET said: Tight for a elephant dick!!!!
  12. badbehavior said: very sexy, but doesnt look that tight
  13. yummy puss said: beauty post more.. lobe the lips
  14. said: can i fuck it
  15. said: Oh my think I just creamed my pants incredible pussy email more
  16. said: Taste and pretty pussy wanna swap some
  17. said: Give me 20 minutes I’ll loosen it up a bit for you
  18. Harry ballz said: Sweet can I have a test drive!!!

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my wifes shaved pussy

Posted on Wednesday Oct 10

Jessica 10-2-2012 (01).jpg
[Total: 688    Average: 3.9/5]

iv been submitting my wifes pussy pictures for awhile but someone never posts them i think this pussy is better than some other ones on this site..tell me how much u like it if it ever gets posted please

15 Responses to “my wifes shaved pussy”

  1. skinny said: Agreed, that is a damn nice pussy. Great body too. Cool tat on a great waiste n hips. Makes me want to dig my shaft in deep
  2. said: Very nice. I’d love to see more of your pictures.
  3. CousinAlan said: Wait I forgot something… 😉
  4. CousinAlan said: Congrats on getting your ol’ lady’s roast beef curtains on the web. Now let’s see that sweet COCK!
  5. said: like it a lot mate 😉 looks nice and neat tight love the tat too
  6. sdiddy said: very hot yummie picture
  7. dd.eddie said: Yes it is wonderful!
  8. 4172934140 said: very sexy. trade?
  9. Mr. Diggler said: I agree it’s definitely better than a lot on this site. post better quality photo next time.
  10. said: Love the rabbit.
  11. badbehavior said: sorry, but really difficult to rate..need better focus and better shot..too much rabbit not enough pussy
  12. X-Man said: Tell Jessica she has a sexy pussy but needs purple cock inside her rather than purlple Rabbit.
  13. said: Fantastic smooth pussy love to replace the dildo with my cock email more
  14. said: Nice pussy I bet it tight let swap some
  15. said: very nice pussy. id. lick it and stick it forsure;)

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