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wife’s sweet pussy

Posted on Friday Apr 27

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lick it

11 Responses to “wife’s sweet pussy”

  1. doug said: best pussy
  2. said: That is a damn good looking pussy!!
  3. said: Panty peeks are so hot, very nice kitty!
  4. Palmer said: Wld lick that all nite
  5. BigAl said: Lick it all day
  6. said: yes please you tell me when to stop ;)
  7. FamousMrEd said: Yes Ma’am!
  8. said: very nice baby would luv to see more of u for hubby n i. lets swap
  9. Love Pussy said: Very hot. Show more please
  10. Billy said: That looks wonderful!
  11. said: it looke so good and lickable

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hot wife Blowjob

Posted on Friday Apr 27

PicSet2 (31).JPG
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15 Responses to “hot wife Blowjob”

  1. El Guapo said: Andrea; She has Big Ol’ Titties
  2. frank said: shes not hot
  3. flipfioplover said: She knows how to worship a cock
  4. John said: Oh shit thats my boss mom
  5. J R said: would she mind doing a double? she looks like she could handle it..beautiful !! 10 post more
  6. android said: shouldnt have no problem suckin that little dick
  7. said: can she play the flute as good ? ;)
  8. Love Pussy said: Krystal I would love to watch her suck your clit too.
  9. 07785963304 said: cum join me and my bi wife krystal x
  10. me said: well she can suck mine
  11. johnnyonthespot said: if she wants another load, i’ll be a married woman who still knows how to suck cock
  12. said: krystal u want some?
  13. said: can she do that to me and i’ll cum on her face
  14. lag said: honey please suck on mine like that im waiting
  15. krystal said: nice pic would love 2 watch her suck my clit

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hot wife masturbating

Posted on Friday Apr 27

PicSet3 (24).JPG
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20 Responses to “hot wife masturbating”

  1. Ray said: Luv it
  2. Threehands said: dam fine
  3. Pharos said: Too old, get another hobby
  4. cat man at said: ill pay name the price
  5. J R said: luv to be likking the top of that awesome puss while she played…is that american made? Yummm 10
  6. me said: i think thats my mum
  7. TCR said: I want to fuck your hot wife
  8. dave said: candi. can i fuck u from behind while u eat her pussy?
  9. Candi said: Join me Love
  10. said: nice puffy pussy ;)
  11. OTT said: “Depressed/Bored Wife Masturbating”
  12. Candi said: Love, u could watch , I’d hope u might be helping
  13. Love Pussy said: Would love to watch you with her Candi.
  14. Candi said: Your hubby could join in and do me from behind, any way he wanted!!!
  15. Candi said: Honey, let me put my tounge and finger in there, licking and playing all nite
  16. me said: shes cute I would lick and dick her several times over and over anytime
  17. johnnyonthespot said: more like “stoned wife masturbating”
  18. said: wld spend hours eating that pussy til she’s pleading for my big hard cock inside her
  19. lag said: nice snatch bb i would love to burymy dick in you for hrs
  20. smailbox said: she deserves a better rating………MILF.

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my sluty little asian wife

Posted on Wednesday Apr 25

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29 Responses to “my sluty little asian wife”

  1. said: A guy could get used to a view like that.
  2. dd.eddie said: YUMMY! salamat
  3. said: you have a beautiful pussy, but should be shaved
  4. said: Wow, its so beautiful.
  5. johnnyonthespot said: i’d pound both holes and shoot my load all over that full round moon
  6. said: i wanna tongue your slutty little asian wifes arse then slip my cock deep inside it.
  7. jeff said: Hell yes. more please
  8. ACE said: Awesome shot! Your plump pussy and tight asshole look inviting. Post more. :)
  9. said: yum, i’d love to shoot a big fat load in that hot little snatch
  10. jack said: too big
  11. said: i would love to fuck your nice pussy and fill it with my cum the shove my tongue deep in your pussy and ass
  12. said: Great Asian ass wow mmmm mmm
  13. scottt said: very nice great pic
  14. said: I love to lick it up and down
  15. pete said: luv 2 sniff your brown box b4 fuking it hard :)
  16. lightskin said: that is simple a beautiful site i would lick all night
  17. mrfister said: Imagine how tight that ass is
  18. said: very nice mate ;)
  19. me said: very very nice toungable holes please sit on my face and ride my tongue
  20. Jack said: Pound that assholed!
  21. PS said: Oo yeah
  22. said: Oh how i love this tight lil stinkhole.
  23. Mr. X said: Very, very yummy!
  24. Lovetoeatpussy said: Very hot and sexy
  25. Steve said: Nice target for my hard dick; would love to plug both holes
  26. david said: can i please eat her ass
  27. said: wow that is beautiful!
  28. BigBlackDick said: Mmmm!! Looks tasty
  29. GGSWA said: great full lips and ass love it

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Wife cumming hard on vibrator

Posted on Tuesday Apr 24

PICT6972_ - Copy.jpg
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after I came inside she cums on her vibrator

13 Responses to “Wife cumming hard on vibrator”

  1. me said: I would love to lick that nice pussy! I guess she just needs more than one cock! Maybe a gang bang :D
  2. lovely said: I guess she already came hard! Very impressive body! Thanks
  3. Dog said: Candi I would love to lick ur pussy.
  4. said: Nothing wrong with toys, nice pic.
  5. fuck said: I would love to cum in her beautiful ass!!!
  6. nice said: Great second time – going for round two, right?
  7. thebox said: girls should always cum first
  8. metallican said: nice and juicy i would lick you clean
  9. hell no said: if you can’t please her, at least help her, or be prepared to loo loose hr
  10. said: it’s a small vib babe, take it you ain’t used to the big stuff, hehe…x
  11. said: any girls want to see some cock
  12. jon said: i want iyt
  13. Adrenaloin said: She needs that after you? Something wrong there

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Wife Wet Delicious Pussy

Posted on Tuesday Apr 24

Valerie T&A 2003b.jpg
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…eat me now…please!!!!

77 Responses to “Wife Wet Delicious Pussy”

  1. Cody said: Yes baby
  2. loveit said: id lick the shit out of that pussy babe, have you moaning all night.
  3. cherry Moon said: such a beautiful Pussy!! id love to eat it!!
  4. Marie said: I love licking another girl and this one is top s
  5. jimmy adams said: i like your wet pussy
  6. Ed said: Perfect 10! Love the back arching.
  7. lusty said: i have never eaten one but I’d love to eat yours
  8. said: It’s sweet that she said please, but it really isn’t necessary. Actually would be a pleasure to lick.
  9. said: still has not been bettered and still makes me hard every time I see it
  10. said: best pussie iv seen love too have a bit plz
  11. said: 10/10 love it send some pics my way plz
  12. said: wow come sit on my face any day would lick you all day and night
  13. markus said: Lucky man! Put some greatings in,next time you fuck that pussy
  14. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  15. Steve said: I wish I could rate your pussy a 10 but I can’t because the scale doesn’t go high enough. Your pussy is clearly a 20!!!
  16. Steve said: Holy FUCK what a perfect pussy!!! I want to eat your throbbing pussy until you cum all over my face then lick you clean and start all over again barely giving you time to breathe then I’d fuck it nice and slow to enjoy every millimeter of your AMAZINGLY PERFECT pussy!!!
  17. said: just amazing. probably the best of all time!!
  18. unknown said: i love it !!!
  19. said: Yarp, OMG sums it up perfectly… Oh, and I hate you lol
  20. said: OMG Amazing…Perfection at its best I LOVE THIS PIC
  21. hardon said: god i love jacking off to this puss…can’t wait till my lady gets ur a great fuck
  22. slippery said: i’ll lick you baby…mmm love pussy while i’m getting fucked frm behind
  23. slippery said: my boyfriend just saw me looking at ur sweet puss..and we fucked looking at you together…i’d love to have a 3way..mmmmm
  24. Jack said: Damn, thats a hot pussy!
  25. HotPup said: Delicious asshole
  26. shawna said: oh this is making me so wet i need a hard cock inside me while I rub my face on this sweet pussy…ohh i wanna suck that clit
  27. allan said: Somebody let me polish that pearl
  28. Valerie said: :) Steven…dreams do cum true…
  29. Steven said: I said “that’s got to feel incredible inside, my wife said “I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?”
  30. From a Woman said: Quite the pose. Don’t look wet though.
  31. vlatnia said: too beefy
  32. stevie said: She is soooo hot!!!!
  33. said: nom nom nom
  34. dd.eddie said: been 2weeks now and im still yanking to this picture!
  35. MAGMADRAGON said: GREAT pic!
  36. hard said: I would love to fill that spectacular pussy
  37. said: you are perfect….
  38. rockhard said: from one end of the raibow to the other
  39. said: Where to start, such a lovely bod. Nice shot.
  40. said: Perfect pussy, Candy will love to see you like that.
  41. BigAl said: looks tasteeeeeeeee
  42. Makk said: I would eat that pussy and asshole till you cum all over my face
  43. Candi said: I would love to have my fingers in your ass as I licked u clean
  44. said: perfect :)
  45. said: Perfect tits, perfect pussy, perfect asshole. show me more
  46. said: ok now thats a nice lookin pussy. i would love to eat it and your ass very nice! very nice*
  47. said: Damn! What an ass!! Please post more. You are amazing!
  48. said: Damn! What an ass!! Please post more. You are a
  49. pete said: babe i would eat your pussy,arsehole out xxx
  50. pete said: wow eat your sexy pussy,arsehole out so sexy
  51. Adrenaloin said: Candi. 23 and waxed. Post a photo
  52. said: I would lick that pussy 5x/day!! perfect!
  53. Clitlicking slave said: Anytime anyplace for as long as you like
  54. TreeMan said: I know that birthmark, Valerie U R 1 Hot Babe’
  55. ACE said: Amazing pussy and a HOT asshole. It would be my pleasure to eat your pussy and asshole!
  56. johnnyonthespot said: if only you were here…i would spend days eating that cunt
  57. said: yum, i’d love to shoot a big fat load in that hot little snatch
  58. lag said: oh my god candi thats such a sweet invite id eat you and fuck you all night bb!
  59. said: Omg that pussy is amazing ! 10/10
  60. andy1520 said: looks delish ;)
  61. said: very sexy body babe, would love to lick you till you got all dirty with me…x
  62. said: would love to eat it email more
  63. Cheap trick said: Good to see you back on the block. Your always a ten to me 10
  64. said: how much of that pussy do you want me to eat looking at your pissy is making me very hungry ;) just perfect x
  65. whoa said: Yes! Which hole first?!
  66. Candi said: Guys,, call me, I’m waxed, clean and ready for any thing!!!!
  67. thrasher81 said: give me your number and I will
  68. Adrenaloin said: Absolute 10. Would eat u any time u wanted
  69. said: Oh plaese let me stick it in your pretty lil pink stinkhole.
  70. Candi said: Mmm, I’d Lov to eat u, every inch of u
  71. said: Wow that is hot
  72. Jrjd said: Oh my. Please post more. Fantastic!!
  73. John Henry said: Can I hide a bone in it?
  75. said: FUCK i would do more than just eat that sweet pussy i would pound the shit out of it with my hard cock
  76. said: Holy shit thats hot.
  77. disco said: mmm yes please

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slut wife giving head

Posted on Tuesday Apr 24

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that’s what she does best

20 Responses to “slut wife giving head”

  1. david said: wow, look at the size of that head! makes me want to suck on that!
  2. said: can’t she be my slut for one night damn dawg I’ll lick and fuck het like a crazy dawg
  3. jim said: can i use your wife for one night
  4. glad2notBu said: slut wives ARE cool. i’d fuck this bitches mouth RAW.
  5. cat man at said: how kinky call me if u dare
  6. edd said: would love to suck that cock
  7. pete said: suk me dry babe
  8. BigBlackDick said: I bet she can’t handle this Big Black Dick!
  9. andy1520 said: agreed shell, let’s see aftermath!
  10. said: i want a turn!
  11. pete said: fuk babe suk mine wen finished
  12. said: nice cock, post one with cum on her face…x
  13. Hasan said: yeah she in. my friends and i all hit that pussy
  14. wetmaker said: goog girl
  15. me said: girl showing face in pic with cock very hot
  16. Gee said: she looks like a slut! Slut wives are cool! 9
  17. cruegodz said: Why a slut ? She been FUCKING your friends ? If I was your friend id Fuck her for sure
  18. johnnyonthespot said: not true..i fucked her in the ass and thats what she does best!
  19. saguy said: nice
  20. dd.eddie said: looks like a good start, more action shots please.. wanna see results!

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my sexy natural wife

Posted on Sunday Apr 22

Picture 080.jpg
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my sexy wife!

34 Responses to “my sexy natural wife”

  1. said: I hope you fuck your wife reading this knowing I want to lick that up and down
  2. said: wouldnt kick her out of bed email more
  3. said: Wow your a lucky dude. Would love to have that to play with everyday of my life!
  4. edd said: perfection
  5. whoa said: Your wife is hot. Would LOVE to destroy that ass while fingering her pussy.
  6. said: very nice..i’ll post a new one tonight just for you
  7. said: Lucky bugger, shes a keeper!
  8. said: not what i wanted fully but☆
  9. said: If she was natural then she’d have a big ol bush
  10. said: wow your a lucky bloke ;) Bet she tastes good
  11. said: i would love to creampie that lil pussy right after your husband does
  12. said: Lucky guy.. She looks Beautiful xx
  13. Sajlez said: Damn!
  14. Love Pussy said: Dang! That pussy and body is amazing
  15. GGSWA said: very hot!
  16. Drlong said: Damn i wanna dive in ;=)
  17. Mr. X said: Very sexy!
  18. Cocky said: I think recognise these shoes!
  19. said: Would luv to give that a good old tongue bath!!!
  20. wetmaker said: didnt hide baby, youre lookin fine.
  21. Texas man said: Can I have a go at that? Sexy!
  22. Love it said: Oh, that’s a marriott hotel bed. And she makes a fine addition to that bed. I need one.
  23. me said: the body and pussy looks very good show face be proud
  24. iowawrestler said: amazing. just beautiful.
  25. Jack said: Damn, I hope you fill that with cum nightly!
  26. cody big cock said: i want to fuck u sexy bitch leave guy come to me if u really want to be fucked hard also i would suck youre titties
  27. Ian said: Omg, just beautiful
  28. pussy is king said: very sexy indeed. I would tongue that hot pussy and fuck her doggy style with my stiff cock.
  29. dtf said: Give us a close up
  30. f said: love the little heart shped asshole.
  31. johnnyonthespot said: very beautiful and sexy…i wish i had those long legs wrapped around my waist as i drilled that pink pussy hole
  32. rj said: WowWowWow she is sexy lucky you I bet you enjoy doing her
  33. Makk said: Very nice pussy. I would lick you asshole all day
  34. tcr said: yes very sexy

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My wife’s killer pussy

Posted on Thursday Apr 19

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Exposed for the first time.
She’ll love to read about what you’d do with her.

38 Responses to “My wife’s killer pussy”

  1. HotPup said: Very edible!
  2. teezur said: a tongue for her pussy and a finger for her asshole
  3. Dog said: I would love to eat both holes, fancy meeting
  4. bigbeanos said: tighter than an ass
  5. pablo said: hubby must be a needle dick
  6. said: Very impressive, would love to munch on those lips.
  7. Texas Man said: rather see some cock to whack off to yummy
  8. said: Looks so tight and wet.. Really wanna plunge all 8.5 inches in there.. Looks so inviting !
  9. newb_314 said: Thats a virgin pussy
  10. SMAILBOX said: love, love it!!! show her asshole and feet for us (she has hot hands) to go along with that molton hot smoky pussy.
  11. jon said: eat it fuck just never put it away
  12. Really! said: Black_string I got one that does!
  13. mike and spike said: now guess what ;)
  14. daver said: whys it a killer, STD’s or something?, sure looks nice though, would love to pump it full off sperm x
  15. black_string said: she is beautiful. does she do women? I just want to rub her clit while kissing her neck.
  16. too_long_to_live said: come on, I’m sure she gets all the banging she needs, maybe more! I’d just lick her the way she wants it.
  17. Lee said: Oh fuck what a sweet tight cunt!
  18. slyspy said: I’d fuck her raw like an animal until my cock’s wasted. Then I’d hang it in cold water and gently drill her backdoor.
  19. ortega.snake said: kill me with that sweet hole!
  20. said: can i blow my load in her?
  21. dark side said: that pussy sure looks lethal (I gave 9/10) but I’m dying to see her asshole.
  22. Happy!!!! said: Could stretch that good
  23. TCR said: I want to slide my hard cock in your wifes pussy and cum deep in her
  24. Steve said: Would drive my cock balls deep into your cunt and then spew on your face
  25. King Dong said: That’s a fucking beauty!
  26. Texas man said: Looks like it needs some stretching !
  27. said: I want to blow my massive load in ur Hot Pussy
  28. said: I would go so deep! Wanna trade
  29. Cocky said: Can’t see anything.
  30. dvj said: question is what wouldnt i do with it but for starters i would lick all over them holes, cum up looking like a glazed doughnut
  31. said: is it like a vietnam pussie. It cums complete with raser blades in side
  32. tonedMan said: I wanna eat that
  33. said: Thank you you’re very kind. Now show us the stink hole.
  34. Mike said: How many has it killed!!!
  35. lancer said: jeez man, she is the beauty of this site! I could lick her for hours.
  36. said: love to suck her fat pussy lips as she sucks my cock
  37. amber paige said: ty to your wife an you 4 sharing i would so like to lick her hot kitty and bottom mmm
  38. dd.eddie said: WOW so tiny and tight looking.. Give her a hard thank you form me..

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Wife hot wet pussy

Posted on Sunday Apr 15

Bilder (60).jpg
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33 Responses to “Wife hot wet pussy”

  1. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: stunning ;) just carry on playing as i rim your ass baby x
  2. teezur said: should read “insert here”
  3. J R said: wow id be massaging that browneye clit too! beautiful needs alot of cock..sure like to help! 10
  4. chopper said: would love to have my tongue right up therr
  5. rob said: can i slide my cock deep inside that sexy tight hole?
  6. said: can i lick your fingers???
  7. said: wld love 2 fuck that tight ass
  8. rockhard said: do you like having your ass licked?
  9. said: So close I can almost smell it. I would love a taste!
  10. om said: not the pussy i’d be aiming for
  11. said: that pussy is crying out for a tongue and a cock, love some more private pics please xx
  12. pete said: luv 2 lick then fuk your sexy butthole :)
  13. said: verey nice
  14. said: wow your wife has a beautifull pussy… wish i could hear all the naughty things she does…
  15. said: nice pussy and ass mate your a very lucky man to have that thankx
  16. said: yes may i get some private pics as well
  17. said: Mmm can I get some private pix?
  18. said: very attractive pussy it is a perfect inviting pussy i would fuck in a heart beat
  19. jp said: great lips mmm
  20. Mr. X said: Beautiful!
  21. Bigdickwillie said: Thats an awesome shot…nice pussy
  22. me said: yes very hot tasty inviting looking and asshole to snack on also finger that hole baby I would
  23. amber paige said: yum i want some
  24. scott said: wow love it
  25. yum said: wet?? looks dry to me
  26. KasanovaRN said: Beautiful! I Lay PIPE by trade! Move your finger & prepare for my long thick Pipe to make you pussy Drip!
  27. telford said: looks very tasty could eat that all nite long
  28. Steve said: Would tongue that til she begged for mercy. Then i’d pound both holes. Getting hard typing this!
  29. Dudeman said: Sweet!
  30. Cocky said: Lovely.
  31. Mike said: Love to help ya warm that up!
  32. vermont pus luvr said: very nice
  33. said: would love to lick that hot pussy of yours.

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