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my wifes sexy pussy

Posted on Wednesday Apr 4

P1000077 - Copy.JPG
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what u wanna do to it

16 Responses to “my wifes sexy pussy”

  1. Kev said: Trust I fuck it to
  2. big dick said: her name isnt amanda n ive fucked that pussy for 17 yrs
  3. Kev said: Amanda ur a slut
  4. Schaddrum said: very nice
  5. Thunderball said: Nice, look very tight too
  6. bigfella said: thats so yummy, looks just like my wifes xxx
  7. rob said: just beautifull I want to suck it.
  8. thana said: the most beautiful pussy i,ve seen here !
  9. thana said: like to lick this pussy clean , inside out !
  10. rj said: Wow the bush realy sets that thing off!! I would give it some finger play, tongue action and a good hard cock fuck for me
  11. 1uknaughtyboy said: thats one nice pussy pal your very lucky;) i would lick her slit as it looks so juice then fuck her hard and deep
  12. said: I would love to bury my face in that very nice love the hair
  13. don said: nice to do
  14. johnnyonthespot said: bout we start with a little tongue fucking and see where that leads us
  15. Deano uk said: Amazing hairy pussy just how i like it baby
  16. BigNPurple said: No

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My sexy wifes pussy.

Posted on Tuesday Mar 27

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I love this shot its just before she got it.

11 Responses to “My sexy wifes pussy.”

  1. raw08810 said: What a nice, tight slit
  2. said: Great looking pussy, would love to see an after!
  3. rj said: wow that looks like some great licking
  4. said: Would love to taste you and so would my wife e mail us
  5. araid said: wow super hot i want this
  6. Demonic1 said: You really need to munch on that box for a while, get it all puffy and wet, then bang the hell out of it.
  7. said: look so tight I might not fit but looks good will try
  8. said: look so tight I might not be ableto
  9. said: show us what she looks like after a good fuck deipping in cum ;)
  10. Absolutely said: Heres a thought for a hot shot… Do a BEFORE & AFTER shot… Splice them and then make it one…
  11. bigballs said: how in the hell does she manage to have a pussy so tight. Must be fresh out of school or you have a really small dick

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My wifes sexy ass and pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 26

2012-03-08 21.57.43.jpg
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22 Responses to “My wifes sexy ass and pussy”

  1. rob said: larry likes girls this is a woman larry..
  2. Nicole said: I’d love to lick and suck that pussy till your juice ran down my chin….mmmm
  3. brando said: you gonna make me cum
  4. raw08810 said: Please let me help u fuck her !!!
  5. Tammy said: Of love to spread them patties and suk on it
  6. ibeav said: jojo, thats all thats ever needed…especially when its in the air
  7. johny said: nice pic, do you have any of her pussy dripping with cum?
  8. Sam said: Nice pussy
  9. said: Great Pic. Love to bite that ass.. Lick that pussy and empty both barrels Deep inside your sexy bottom, xxx. Keep it up !
  10. göt sikerim said: sikilecek göt
  11. FamousMrEd said: agree with spark.i aint kickin her outta bed
  12. said: can I hit it?
  13. Captain said: Love panty shots from behind, this ones great. Nice body very arousing ;)
  14. jojo said: how can u tell she looks good? all u can see is the pooper
  15. said: oh babe can i help u spread those pussie lips? I just wanna drive my balls in deep. Email?
  16. said: i just have the right thing for your wife and she will enjoy it my cock can i ?which hole first ?
  17. said: yummy ass
  18. said: very sexy, would love to lick you’re cum off the panties…x
  19. said: just pull to the side and your in ;) nice pussy and ass thanks
  20. spark said: larry is looking for perfection………looks great. larry the porn stars are elsewhere…….that is agood lookin woman
  21. said: Should have taken them right off.
  22. t time said: nice

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Fucking the Wife

Posted on Sunday Mar 25

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16 Responses to “Fucking the Wife”

  1. markus said: Youre a hot couple, thnx for that.. good luck, hot fuck..
  2. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I would Luv to have her Deep throat my fat Pipe & swallow while you drive her pleasure cave…
  3. said: Great ass, great pussy, great dick!
  4. dave said: hot fanny i whant a go licking as well
  5. said: Wow! This has me playing with my pussy n im so wet now
  6. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Wow, so hot.
  7. Domfucks said: I wanna get fucked now i need some pussy any offers
  8. southernchick said: ill lick that pussy an u cn fuck me
  9. boi said: proper cummy pussy
  10. jojo said: damn ur dick is little
  11. said: hmmm, cum on them panties for you’re next pic…x
  12. said: beautiful pussy! would love to slobber all over that clit!
  13. said: wow your wife has a sexy ass mate pls post more
  14. me said: that looks nice would suck and lick those balls and cock and all over that pussy while being fucked
  15. Jack said: That is too hot!
  16. Jay said: Damn that is hot!! My wife loves getting fucked from this position! She always has the best orgasms!

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wifes smooth back side

Posted on Saturday Mar 24

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which would you want first

17 Responses to “wifes smooth back side”

  1. nymph said: For whatever reason it just doesn’t look clean.
  3. pete said: mmm lick yor pussy 1st then lick,sniff your arsehole b4 fuking it hard
  4. dd.eddie said: I’d actually bite her asshole first then lick it pink
  5. said: slam that ass n let balls bang pussy
  6. pete said: luv 2 fuk that arse hard until i cum
  7. said: I feel the urge to unload my hot sticky mess deep inside that tight ass :-). X
  8. Minimum said: Age?
  9. Jane's a looking said: must be mississippi or Alabama
  10. Ben Dover said: would luv to drive my tongue deep in her star fish mmmmmmm fantastic pic.
  11. diamonique said: it loook sexy can l lic itttt
  12. Nice7inches said: Nice cum dam between that pussy hole and ass.
  13. said: nice ass love to rim it for her ;)
  14. dvj said: open window broad daylight u horny women u, wished i knew what adress that was
  15. me said: sit on my face baby and I will tongue fuck both holes until you cannot cum no more
  16. leaflicker said: I’ll go for the taco!!!
  17. said: You’re a lucky man! Kitty first then her hott ass!

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My Wife Spreading Her Legs

Posted on Thursday Mar 22

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What would you do to her if you had her for a night?

51 Responses to “My Wife Spreading Her Legs”

  1. said: I’d treat her and that hot body like a dirty lil slut
  2. markus said: Such a beautiful girl, youre a lucky guy ;)
  3. josh said: fuckin right id do her my cocks already hard and full of precum
  4. said: bury my face and cock in that sexy pussy
  5. Leo said: Id cream all over her all nite sweet
  6. MAGMADRAGON said: legs like pool cues
  7. pete said: i wold fuk every hole then up over her tits
  8. jeff said: give her some fast food !!
  9. Dr.phil said: Sex please!
  10. said: Stunning!! Yummylicious!
  11. said: she welcome to spread her legs all over my face
  12. B said: have her pull her legs right back and fuck that sweet ass long and slow
  13. said: i’d start by cleaning you up licking from your toes to your forehead then on to the sex
  14. BigNPurple said: I’d be knee deep!
  15. assman said: nice ass
  16. Cocky said: What a view. Ya beauty!
  17. bigtrunk said: lick her toes and suck on her fingers
  18. oddman said: take heaps of real photo’s,and giv them 2 my mates in jail
  19. ODB said: Cum on those fine tits, and then fuck both her holes whilst she licked my cum off the aforementioned tits.
  20. wetmaker said: fuckable
  21. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Cutie.
  22. dd.eddie said: bring her flowers, order diner delivered, shop online for jewelry, drink champaigne, get her drunk, bang her, invite friends..
  23. Cleo McDowell said: Feed her a bunch of my Big Mic’s.
  24. ACE said: Incredible shot! You are so HOT. One look and instant hard on. Lets see a close up of your pussy & asshole.
  25. wild man said: one night not enough I would eat her asshole for 24 hours then move to next spot until cover whole body
  26. me said: what wouldnt i due and you can bet probly be illegal in 7 states
  27. Yo said: Feed her a couple of big macs!
  28. Mike 7202376377 said: Id have her suck my cock and let me cum in her mouth
  29. said: Do I get a chance with her???? Cuz if you let me I would fuck her all night untill we pass out then wake up and start nailing he
  30. cruegodz said: Tell her I love her so I can steal her , fuck her till Im sick of it then dump her fine ass for others to use and abuse
  31. said: hey nice spread. Can i nibble on those pussie lips babe?
  32. said: use her naked body as my blanket while im still inside her and explore her mouth with my tongue
  33. said: wine her and dine her dance her and romance her lick her and dick her use her naked body as my blanket
  34. Boom said: Beautiful feet. Legs. Pussy. Body. You’re amazing, sweet girl. Thanks for the upload.
  35. said: i would suck and fuck your wife till you drag me of :) shes stunning
  36. a fan said: bleach her butthole
  37. Johnnyboy said: Feed her…
  38. 8643455519 said: make her forget you
  39. said: I would start by licking and sucking her tits, move down to her pussy and suck it for a whole and then fuck her.
  40. hokiewolf said: what wouldn`t I do, but I would be afraid at the end of the night she would fall in love while I am leaving.
  41. applianceman said: what the fuck u think i would do make her my slutty wife and what ever she wanted me to do to her
  42. jon said: fuck her until i drop…
  43. RickJamesBiotch said: Night? Hell, I only need 2 maybe 3 minutes!!
  44. spank me said: i would fuck the shit our of her all night and then do some 69 and then fuck her little tight asshole then blow my load all over
  45. DJB said: …passionately with long, deep, hard strokes until she came. Then I would blast a huge load of cum deep inside of her pussy!
  46. Absolutely said: Pound it like a drum until I exploded inside…
  47. said: What wouldn’t we do is the question.
  48. DJB said: I would lick her pussy until she became extremely excited and wet. Then I would slide my big cock inside of her and fuck her….
  49. ttt said: i love her big thick lips
  50. said: i wld tounge fucker her pussy while i had 3 fingers up her ass
  51. m said: i would feed her up a bit, she looks like a twig, i would still have a dabble, but i would be scared i would snap her in half

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Fuckin My Wife Up Her Ass

Posted on Thursday Mar 22

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What do you think of her cunt?

36 Responses to “Fuckin My Wife Up Her Ass”

  1. jb said: awesome big pussy nice lips
  2. qaf said: i have been in your wifes ass
  3. tim said: I wanna lick her asshole after
  4. me said: hot
  5. classick1 said: you are one lucky guy
  6. T said: think about how fun that would be with a hard dick.
  7. said: Good girl…. You look fucking hot, bet you love dp
  8. said: thats a wife id love to fuck
  9. Big G said: Her cunt looks bored. I’ll be right over! No sense in leaving that beautiful pussy empty.
  10. said: fuck the ass i ll nail her pussy
  11. said: love the pic. hymule love to suck his bag while her Fucks her and she blows me.
  12. luvit said: does she take two at once
  13. betty said: love to fist her cunt
  14. said: wanna lick that puss while u fuck her ass
  15. johnnyonthespot said: juditassone314…my grocer just got in a fresh batch of zuccininis..when can i cum over?
  16. said: i love my ass fucked…i love to stick zuccininis in my ass to spread it out….
  17. hailman said: love to be doing a dp with you
  18. dmack said: how about a threesome
  19. ACE said: Great pic!
  20. Biff said: Let me fuck her cunt and shell be water tight
  21. said: love her fat pussy lips ;) love to pound her pussy as you fuck her deep in th ass mate
  22. bfpro said: looks like spit out bubblegum
  23. dreamer said: awesome!!
  24. paul said: best pic on here awesome
  25. me said: that pussy looks tasty when he finishes I will tongue fuck your asshole to lick that pussy
  26. jls said: yummy cunt, shame about the cock
  27. Jack8181 said: WOW that pussy is needing my cock too sexxy
  28. brad said: with a cunt like that I would have a hard time talking myself into fucking her ass
  29. kinkiestlover said: looks like a nice tight fit!
  30. Devin said: pussy looks like it’s been busy but that’s what i love. very sexy.
  31. luv2licit said: Your a real slut and we love you for it. Any girls that takes it in the ass has my vote. Give you a 12
  32. luv2licit said: Your a real slut and we love you for it. Any girls that takes it in the ass has my vote. Give you a 10
  33. said: Nice cunt!
  34. cruegodz said: Let me Fuck her fine PUSSY at the same time , very nice and meaty WOW !!!!!!
  35. arkyman said: would love to suck that pussy while you fucked that ass
  36. said: Wish I could squeeze in there or have a taste or both!

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wifes pierced wet pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 19

sdies puss.JPG
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u ready

18 Responses to “wifes pierced wet pussy”

  1. said: yes I am ready for it. I would love to see more.
  2. said: wow nice fat pussy
  3. Danny said: please mind the gap, wow!!!!
  4. said: You have the tightest pussy i have ever seen ! I would love to taste and fuck it ! Amazing girl !
  5. said: Did you say she needs to try another cock for a while??? Alright where ya at?
  6. said: I am hard and ready. Let’s get busy!
  7. said: looks stink
  8. metallican said: looks yummy could fill that up with spunk
  9. Payne said: Looks a little used
  10. nvf said: stunning little pussy
  11. eric said: cum all over it
  12. eric said: eat it for hours
  13. said: o i would eat that tight pussy tell u cum all over ur ass
  14. said: ready to flick my tounge all over pussy :)
  15. NoMen said: Beautiful.
  16. Poppa Boner said: Ho Hum Yawn
  17. Lildickie said: Looks so wet and yummy omg girl
  18. vermont boy said: yes i am

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my 40 year old wife

Posted on Friday Mar 16

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this is my wife just before nightly intercourse, yes nightly!!

26 Responses to “my 40 year old wife”

  1. Cccccccccc said: Would love to see you at 18!
  2. rontron said: beautiful shape, color, and hair. A MUST HAVE!
  3. musthave1980 said: NOW THATS A 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. stud24 said: i could stare at that all day long, and maybe i just will
  5. FRANKLOUIS said: if that lived in my house i would never go to work!
  6. rocketman said: NOW THATS WHAT A PUSSY SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!! A++++
  7. said: lucky guy
  8. radude1971 said: just beautiful!!!!
  9. said: Would defiantly like to be contacted about you wife, she’s hot
  10. SaskSteve said: Lucky Lucky guy. Would love to fun with that every night. Beautiful pussy. Love the hair. Yet another REAL woman
  11. said: wang dang sweeet poon tane! now thats a pussy
  12. said: Pretty lil stink hole.
  13. rj said: your wife does have one sweet looking pussy! lucky guy, now tell the truth about doing her nightly
  14. buttman said: wow. if that was shaved iwould be a 10. still nice though just dont like hair.
  15. rockhard said: shave
  16. said: nice vintage pussy :)
  17. said: Beautiful ! should let the bush grow :)
  18. said: thats one sweet pussy i bet she tasts so good
  19. Dawg said: Nice. Looking good for 40. Bang her twice tonite. Once ofr me and once for you!
  20. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I would Luv to have your delicious Lips wrapped around my thick cock. I need to see “ALL” of her sensual body!! Message me!
  21. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Truly beautiful!! I would Luv to plunge my thick Pipe between your Lips and make your juices drip!! Keep posting!!
  22. AnAl lover said: Do u take it up the ass
  23. Maine PussyEater said: wow!! very very nice rug!! you are one lucky guy.i would much on that 4 times aday,morning, noon, night and a midnight snack!!!
  24. said: Would love to lick you pussy before fucking you
  25. ray said: mmm lovely dont let it go to waste would love to stick my 25yr old cock up her
  26. Natural said: Don’t shave it

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my wife playing with toys

Posted on Thursday Mar 15

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vibrating her clit while I shove piece up inside her

6 Responses to “my wife playing with toys”

  1. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I have a thick Pipe which will provide more pleasure than BOB!! Have her message me satisfaction is guaranted!!
  2. arkyman said: never have to many toys
  3. thisguy said: you can rub that pussy all over my face
  4. said: Nice. Now stick something in that poik hole.
  5. said: that pussy looks tight pal :)
  6. Lee said: she can have my tongue and my 9 deep up n her

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