Ass up face down

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 22

face down.jpg
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Wife rides cock doggy style.

  1. colin said: would love to have your husbands cock, would you mind
  2. Ebb said: That’s the best position. Wish I was there watching & wanking!
  4. stuey said: No. She needs to be sucking on my cock while in that beautiful position. ;)
  5. chico said: shje needs MY cock in her ass!!!
  6. Lee said: let me cum n and pound dat booty
  7. ttam said: that’s my wife
  8. Hoop said: I agree, this fag must care more about music than he does about getting laid.
  9. hrm said: who gives a damn about some stupid lyrics? Rate the fucken picutre and stop being a dousche nozzle
  10. MrMe said: Best position of all time.
  11. Mark said: Looks like a great fuck I would never pull out.
  12. TJ said: Nice fucking ass and body!
  13. Usmcgruntshit said: FACE DOWN ASS UP THAT’S tHE WAY WE LIKE TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! GET iT RiGHT!!!!!!!

first time milf continued…

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 22

Picture 363.jpg
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  1. lovely said: so pink, would love to taste
  2. alisha said: i’d luv a taste :)
  3. Alisha said: Very pretty looks like candy :-)
  4. Big 12 said: May I say if it was creamy I would give it all stars
  5. said: Damn girl, all ur pics are amazing would love to trade with u. Get back at me
  6. biggun said: let me lick that 4 u
  7. said: My god it makes me sooo fucking hungry ! I wanna eat it ^^
  9. koos94112@) said: would love to have my dick in your pussy
  10. Ping said: Hahha at the chap looking at fingernails, although I love your finger in my ass as u suck me off and I lick that pussy all day
  11. RJ said: Now thats some fine licking their
  12. sarah said: if your paying attention to my finger nails, there is obviously something wrong with you!!!
  13. Lee said: perfection…just doesn’t get any better..I wanna dive n tongue 1st…mouthwaterin’
  14. Eros said: I just don’t see an 8+ in that pic. No where close. Maybe a 6. Bad nails too.
  15. said: wow that pink is fantastic very sexy !!!!!!!!!!! mmmmm :)
  16. said: I will eat you anytime! Just let me know
  17. said: Yummy !!!!!!! I would love to taste that wet pussy
  19. Dowlz said: I’ll polish it
  20. insertion said: would love to see you insert something into that
  21. Hotrod said: Just like to get my tounge right there and just flick it back and forth.
  22. Ping said: Fuck I want that on my face right now, I would love to have your juices all down my mouth
  23. Bob N. Neil said: What time do we dine?
  24. dd said: that is the pinkest pussy ive ever seen, would love to eat you all day!
  25. RMNG#1 said: Wow, more of you please

Sweet Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 22

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Do you like the way my flower looks milking this cock?

  1. dara said: wish it was me in there
  2. SweetDesertRose said: Thank you guys,more cumming!
  3. said: show me more and that big cock 2 :-)
  4. RJ said: Now that has to feel good on any cock
  5. AM said: You can milk mine next.
  6. Lee said: lose da pole and I’m all n dat
  7. Eros said: Can’t rate the pic…there’s a big ugly smudge in the upper right that’s too distracting…

Bottom’s Up!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 22

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Pick your pleasure…

  1. Ohyea said: love those lips id love to dip in
  2. chet635 said: thats hot love the lips
  3. said: both look sooooo fucking hot x
  4. said: Both please ..
  5. said: I would run my tongue up and down those holes. make them wet for my dick! :) I am 23. message me?! thanks! :
  6. @Morning Woody said: You’re just an ass. This pussy is hands down one of the highest rated pussies on this site. What? Did she turn you down?!?!
  7. Landg said: I can just picture my husband and me licking your beautiful pussy. X
  8. drden said: that looks perfect
  9. chico said: id pop my cock in ur pooper for some real fun and pleasure!!!
  10. Aussie Bob said: love to taste you honey
  11. Lee said: I dnt pick wen I hav 2 holes as eatible as urs mmm mmm
  12. MorningWood said: “F” has a fetish for Photoshop. That’s all he thinks about instead of the pussy.staring him in the face.
  13. @F said: what’s wrong w/u? Ain’t 1 touch up in that pic. If there was & u only think it looks good cuz of touch ups us still a moron.
  14. Eros said: Agree w/TJ & Wowow.That’s by far 1 of hottest pics on this site. Guys who put down girls like that have a gruge or are envious.
  15. said: that is a beautiful pussy!!!
  16. said: oh yea girl that looks great very nice pussy lips :) and that pink ass is amazing very sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) more please lol
  17. jm said: I agree with the other guys kayden is a bitch I’d never get tired of pounding that perfect lady
  18. F said: It only looks good because she doctors up her pics.
  19. Hoop said: Kayden must be looking for the “rate my rocket” site! What a fag.
  20. leroy said: i like it!
  21. jm said: nothing wrong with that
  22. TJ said: WFT you talkin’ about Kayden? You’re nuts! Any guy that can get enough of that must be freakin’ gay!
  23. Wowow said: Kayden is a moron, this pussy is perfect. Kaydens a bitch
  24. Kayden said: Seriously, you AGAIN? Thought we’d got rid of you once and for all!

Morning time Doggystyle

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

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What a great morning so far!How do I look from your view?

  1. said: fantastic shot email more so hot
  2. sperman said: would look better on my cock
  3. colin said: wow fantastic cock, how do i get to have it
  4. bob said: wow fantastic ass!
  5. biggun said: better if i were the one b hind u
  6. ANNA said: Ca i lick your ass while he is fucking that titght pussy of yours then maybe get some of that huge cock for myself
  7. likemspread said: let’s see one with it all the way in
  8. said: Omg… Im sooo jealous of your hair, you’ve got like the hair i’ve always wanted but never had
  9. SweetDesertRose said: I walk fine afterwards thanks,It is a big cock,but I am fully satisfied!
  10. SweetDesertRose said: So awful huh koko? let’s see what you got!
  11. koko said: sorry people but thats just looks awful,there is no ass at all
  12. Ou812 said: You look like you won’t be able to walk tommorrow!
  14. Lmao said: Like your wearing a sweater!!
  15. edavis said: looks like shes getting fuck by a horse
  16. yssupecin said: Love watching my penis dissapearing between the cheeks of a small butt!
  17. assman69 said: would love to give her some white dick
  18. nice said: Nice cock

virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

Photo on 2011-08-21 at 16.02.jpg
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what do you think of my virgin pussy?

  1. Bbb said: CAn I fuck it
  2. ned said: yea right
  3. biggun said: id rather just wear it out
  4. hungcandian said: damn girl i would rip that apart with my big fat cock
  5. likemspread said: then let me be the first one to teach that sweet pussy a thing or two
  6. laci said: then apparently i was never a virgin… some ppl r dumb
  8. DrDen said: Gee i’m sick of dumb people on this site, there is nothing here to prove she is not a virgin!
  9. Uhh.... NOT! said: Virgin? Yeah right… That cunt has been rode hard and put away wet. Try this “virgin” lie somewhere else.
  10. drden said: yea guys go get educated, u can’t tell if a girl is a virgin or not because of labia. BTW love those lips!
  11. RJ said: dont know about the virgin thing but it does look good
  12. Just Me said: Laci: It’s because these guys are too stupid to know that labia size does not affect virginity
  13. girl123 said: aparently I’m not a virgin because I have longer inner lips
  14. laci said: wat would make u think she is not a virgin?
  15. rago said: girl if u r virgi the world ens tomorrow looks like u have some miles
  16. Mandingo said: show us the asshole.
  17. said: mmmmmmmmm tear it up with a thick cock!!!! very nice pussy lips ! :) sexy thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. said: I will eat you anytime! Just let me know
  19. girl123 said: I really am a virgin, just very horny
  20. Lee said: luv ur rosebud…cnt w8 2 hav a bowl of dat chowder mmm mmm
  21. said: i would like to be between them flappers
  22. dog said: some maybe stupid to believe you…
  23. Kayden said: I’m telling you you’re not a virgin because no virgin would post on this site.
  24. Stuart said: thats no virgin pussy!
  25. said: I would love to suck on your clit and make you cum on my face
  26. said: Beautiful pic, you have a great looking pussy
  27. Ou812 said: Looks beautiful! Very sexy and I bet it’s nice and tight!
  28. Geek said: Very pretty. Nice cheeks too.
  29. JJ said: spread those lips and show us a pic of an intact hymen
  30. Nice said: I dont think a virgin would post nude pics
  31. Dakota said: Liar that pussy looks beat up from the feet up
  32. Just Me said: They will all tell you you’re not a virgin because they’re too stupid to know that labia size has nothing to do w/ virginity
  33. said: i would like to wear my tounge out on them awesome flappers

Hot Pussy and Ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

Foto-0013 - Versión 2.jpg
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Mexican pussy mmm

  1. said: i love to eat mexican!!
  2. said: prettiest pussy i have seen on this site.
  3. said: magnificent one hot woman email more
  4. Tc said: O hell yeah! I would fill you the fuck up!!!
  5. nghh said: darkkk ass couchie
  6. Bliss Soldier said: me gusta tu limon
  7. moonman said: damn can I put my big fat mexican dick n ur mexican pussy
  8. said: Can I eat that fresh Pussy for you? Please
  9. Lee said: I luv it hott and spicy
  10. TJ said: Great Latina pussy…
  11. edavis said: thats nice
  12. lickforfree said: thats a dick mahnet
  14. Geek said: One of the most beautiful pics I have seen here.
  15. said: Very Lovely!!!!Would LOVE to lick that pussy and ass

My smooth slit 2

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

cat 169b.jpg
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  1. Mr Me said: Just rated her all over my sheets. Awesome
  2. skyfox44@ said: Great puss but you need cream or moisture cream and lub it just for your pleasure. Then find a man or special lady to play with
  3. Tom said: I’d like to run my tongue up and down those long luscious lips and make you cum
  4. said: please id do anything to save a few sent to my email
  5. said: Lickable :-)
  6. Wow said: That’s a fat pussy
  8. rj said: Thats a big pussy would love to lick that for her
  9. T BONE said: I agree tbanger it does look upside down i never trash any pussy just vote low
  10. frank said: that has to be the longest split ive ever seen,nice.
  11. moonman said: dat iz one long big smooth pussy I want it
  12. said: I want to lick you tongue right in there
  13. Lee said: now dats delicious
  14. Raserei said: Could park a g’damn car in there
  15. edavis said: thats a big pussy
  16. paul said: i gave you a 10 on all thtee shots
  17. Eve said: That is huge…. No.
  18. tbanger said: looks upside down
  19. Moxman69 said: Damn u look yummy lets trade pix.txt me 5204256221
  20. Geek said: Very beautiful! I would love to see the res of you.
  21. wansumneedsum said: Looks HUGE….but somehow still delicious!
  22. Mike 7202376377 said: I want 2 fuck u want 2 c my cock text me babe

My smooth slit 3

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

cat 169c.jpg
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Dick in me,feelin good!

  1. 3604518006 said: wish that was my cock in your pussy and i wish that cock was in my mouth so i can suck your pussy juice off it yummy
  2. ben said: looks loose
  3. kim said: Either a huge pussy or a twink dick. You should do better.
  4. Boom said: That is a fat, juicy pussy. Great pic.
  5. chet635 said: luv it
  6. matt said: it looks puffy and weird
  7. Lee said: lose da pole and I’ll take dwn dat double stuffed taco
  8. Geek said: Would have been a nice pic without the cock.
  9. Mike 7202376377 said: My wife wants 2 lick that pussy and cock she wants 2 c sum cock text us

my dirty wife

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 21

Picture 354.jpg
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  1. said: spread that pussy
  2. said: mmmmmmmm that looks great from what u can see share some more!!!!!!!!! :)
  3. Lee said: get it wet so I can suc dwn all dat sweet juicy nectar

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