My wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 16

Photo 61.jpg
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  1. Celine said: Nice neat labia……..tasty mmmmm
  2. Jax said: please keep posting
  3. Jax said: u have the finest pussy baby, i need more i keep beating off to ur two posts please post some more
  4. Jax said: wow thats finest pussy i jave evere
  5. gonads said: That is a perfect 10 for me
  6. ME said: its my first time on the site and everyone was so nice! thank you, and christian im a small chick
  7. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: You seem a bit small.
  8. said: i wish i was eating you out right now
  9. J R said: has that been magnified? its huge! luv to see if i could get all that in my mouth massage that massive more10
  10. Brandon said: The most beautiful I’ve seen. So soft & smooth
  11. Lee said: mouthwaterin’
  12. Hammer said: Piss flaps like saddle bags…nice
  13. said: yummy i got off twice on your sweet pussy ill lick your pussy forever
  14. labialover said: ten. Lets see you again in better light.
  15. said: yum would love to suck on your lips
  16. rj said: thats a nice looking pussy!! I would love to go down on it till you come all over my face then give you all of my 6.5 cock till
  17. said: i love this pussy mmmmmmmmm
  18. Jasper said: I’d love to french kiss that
  19. Brando said: that’s a nice clean hole…10
  20. yummy said: mmmmm
  21. Husker said: Perfect, u need to be fucked good!
  22. said: love your flaps x love to suck them
  23. ICE said: Love the lips babe! Awsom stuff!!!!
  24. Dawg said: nice lips. Care for a lick?

My wifes pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 16

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Tell her what you think!

  1. ryan said: I woud love to fuck her with you brother!
  2. said: Id open that pussy up get a good taste then fuck it good. Nice view!!
  3. Biff said: That pussy needs a shave
  4. lol said: everything i could think to say has been said..other than eww
  5. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Hot.
  6. J R said: thats a heavy duty can deliver hairy puss 10 no prob..luv to try it on for size..www0w
  7. f said: i love it,sexy dirty girl
  8. Hammer said: Looks like spiders crawling all over it..
  9. basher said: not good
  10. olli said: You married a zebru!! 1P
  11. Zeus said: Think you need to clean that damn thing up before letting the world see it.
  12. said: fuck that hairy crack
  13. said: nice love rim that arse x
  14. cecil said: Ma’am I would suck on that pussy so hard that your far head would cave in that looks delicious I give that an EZ 10
  15. said: amazing pussy,are you in uk?
  16. mike said: nice holes! gotta love them strech marks….
  17. Maxy said: That is super sexy would love to see some with her playing with her ass

ready for a big dick

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 16

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my tight warm pussy waits for a big dick

  1. said: you look extremely tight. great ass by the way. sure you could handle me? :)
  2. said: Gave extra points for such a smooth shave. Very nice.
  3. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Wow, so cute.
  4. said: Would love to Nuzzle in to that sumptuous Pussy.. More pls.. :-)
  5. said: Hmm can I eat that and fuck it ;-)
  6. J R said: im thinken that beautiful puss is as good looken as you more yummmUmmm :)
  7. said: you have the perfect pussy. I want to taste that
  8. rob said: would love to bury my huge cock deep inside that tight pussy an make you orgasm all over my cock.
  9. Lee said: u can get that and a tongue all nite every nite
  10. said: Very, very yummy!sweet pussy
  11. Mandingo said: i own one of those! but i would love to know how wonderful that ass feels– i love your thighs. sexy bitch
  12. said: Big juicy Pussy! We love it. Bet you have a Great Ass.. Love to see more..
  13. said: Looks awesome! Sign me up!
  14. $ over bitches said: wait no longer for I am. here
  15. mr.assman said: look at that…all i can say is wow I’d like to go balls deep in that
  16. said: would my tongue do?
  17. rj said: nice that puusy needs licked before a good dicking
  18. said: How about 6 inch cuck I fuck u like crazy
  19. said: love to lick that pussy to help get you ready for a good fucking
  20. cecil said: nice F.U.P.A.
  21. said: Beautiful!!!!
  22. said: 8inchs good for u baby?
  23. Dawg said: I am game sweetie. 9.5 and thick here. Will that work for you?
  24. said: looks ready for my big six

Help Us Name!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 16

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Trying to name my wifes pussy so creative minds appreciated! She wants a cute name and a name for when I talk dirty about her pussy. We will post another pic when we choose the best =)

  1. HELLBILLY said: I agree with all things swedish chef
  2. frank said: car crash
  3. that guy said: LOOK AT THAT SWEET MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Big Time said: nice
  5. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Please shave.
  6. Cubano said: Sooo sexyy babe i wanna eat all ur pussy
  7. SWAINBY PIE said: we now name u the walrus
  8. pixel said: HOLY SHIT!!! that is hairy! shave that for fuck sake!!!
  9. the dude said: ROCKY
  10. voel said: scumfefe
  11. ajc said: How about rare roast beef?
  12. Stevesjohn said: Hamburgler…hahahaha…..GUMBIE
  13. Lee said: cuz’n IT
  14. truth said: groucho marx
  15. Jesus said: Idk about a name for it, but it looks like gwenyth peltrows dad off of shallow Hal… Parted hair and wrinkly face
  16. rj said: you should call her honey and her pussy sweet thing
  17. said: nice and simple………BOB.
  18. jojo said: hamburger meat
  19. Mr. Big Dick said: How about chewed gum !!!Cause thats what it looks like
  20. Funkycold said: Sweet little cum bucket
  21. This guy said: Grinder, cuz that’s what it looks like it came out of!
  22. dawg said: I agree with @MrEd, pussy is perfect, but how bout Heaven on Earth.
  23. Mega-Deez said: I’d call it stihl cuz that’s what it looks like it got attacked by…
  24. J R said: nice hair cut by the way! luv hair w/puss 10
  25. J R said: how does “Lippy” sound for starters…its always giving LIP!! :)
  26. funtime77 said: blowout
  27. said: Mc yummymuffin!! 10+!!!
  28. Mandingo said: Meaty
  29. big dick said: good mood food!
  30. AllThings said: Swedish Chef, cause that’s who it looks like
  31. jeff said: call it hitler with a tash like that
  32. Shabbaranks said: Cabbage
  33. Paul said: Bernard
  34. basher said: catchers mitt
  35. said: Call it Moe, likeoff the three stooges. With her hair style it fits. Side note that pussy is sexy.
  36. Jerking0ff said: Very Nice Plump Pussy ! Id call it Bubble Gum . Cause i would Chew on it 24/7
  37. ASS said: mr. T
  38. Judge said: How about “Big Montana?”
  39. thebox said: snuffle ufflegus from seasome street
  40. rhen said: Mariana Trench!
  41. ass said: Call it wrinkle
  42. said: Meant to say looks great! But eat works too!
  43. said: Lippy or Meaty or D-Lish maybe? Looks eat!
  44. wookie said: looks like an over stuffed mic rib
  45. bj said: arbys
  46. Bert said: Buckwheat
  47. Hambone said: Waddles
  48. binkie said: Godzilla?
  49. Sumguy said: laffy taffy…delicious mmmmmm
  50. heool said: fish oven..
  51. mic2469 said: with the hair on top…shaded phat burger
  52. alzpgm29 said: puG
  53. gash said: sweet lips
  54. FamousMrEd said: Cmon whats hotter than the word PUSSY ? :)
  55. justin said: Muffy the cock slayer
  56. lick said: Shar pei
  57. rock solid said: its her adorable Wiggle Wiggle. I’d so kiss it
  58. dd.eddie said: How about ‘Skittles”? Cuz ya can make it wiggle with the tip of a tongue..
  59. Jmac said: Homer?

pink little pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jan 15

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nice pink pussy

  2. big d said: love to streach that pussy out…
  3. jo said: perfect would fit my small dick in that
  4. mike said: shaved ham on a kaiser bun haha
  5. HornyHusband said: Smooth and inviting. Would love to slowly pump a hot load deep inside that beautiful pussy.
  6. Lee said: sweet and tastey
  7. said: @talon, it does appear very tight, I love it
  8. said: almost to tight for me to fit
  9. said: sexy looking pussy you have babe can i have a taste?
  10. joe said: road map!!
  11. dawg said: That is absolutely fucking gorgeous! Perfect lil pussy. Damn girl, your BF is one lucky SOB.
  12. said: it looks loney it needs me to fill it
  13. J R said: opps! could i make one pass with my tongue end to end..promise just one pass!! :)
  14. me said: wow love ur pussy it is hot as hell makes my pussy wet as hell
  15. said: Love to see that Pretty Pink wide open for us.. X
  16. mart said: nice hands i would love for you to wank me over your tight pink cunt so i could cum all over it .10
  17. Geek said: One of the most beautiful on the site.
  18. said: Nice and sweet would love to see more
  19. basher said: beautiful pussy one of the best on site
  20. Duke said: Baby that is sweet…words don’t do you justice. I would love to see more of you.
  21. Johnny apple stick said: Sweet as a Georgia peach
  22. Ben Dover said: I bet it tastes as sweet as it looks.. and I luv peach juice… More pleeeeeez
  23. me said: cute little snatch would love to smell and lick it
  24. said: ummmmm!!!!! nice and slick,great barbie pussy!!! pretty pink and sexy!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  25. Mike 720 237 6377 said: With a sweet pussy like that i bet ur tits and face r nice 2
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  27. Vag eater said: So beautiful
  28. said: delicious
  29. said: love the red dress. Beautiful pussy!!
  30. said: thats a fucking nice neat pussy
  31. billy said: thats beautiful x
  32. said: Please sit on my so i can eat your hot pussy inside out and then you can slide down my erect cock until you climax! Very sexy!
  33. said: marry me!

Nice hot pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 14

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A very good friend of mine got so wet when I told her I was posting this…very nice pussy. Please rate it for her!

  1. said: cute my mouth is watering for that fine asshole
  2. said: mmm would love to lick that sweet looking pussy email more
  3. said: Beautiful pink pussy & asshole
  4. SASSY MOM said: FUCK ME
  5. The spider said: That is one amazing looking pussy…want to lick it so badly
  6. radname said: wow what a beautiful pussy! one of the cutest little buttholes ever! perfect 10
  7. said: Nice and wet hmm love to eat that out and see more of u
  8. Jay-Loc said: Breathtaking&Captivating love how moist it looks and that cute tight looking ass hole aint bad!!!
  9. HornyHusband said: It is so wet that you can almost slide right into the picture! Would love to slide in….
  10. Lee said: I’d luv 2 suck u dry
  11. JJ W said: Ill tap tht
  12. Judge said: Very nice and sexy. Looks smooth as silk.
  13. Pd said: Fuck that pretty pussy I want her clean asshole!
  14. basher said: beautiful pussy one of the best on site
  15. Johnny apple stick said: Would be like sucking on honey suckle very nice
  16. said: nice sweet looking pussy like to see more
  17. ah said: BTW I take all my own pics. I love to self pleasure.
  18. ah said: 1st time on site. My “very good friend” said he would post my pic. Didn’t know it would look that good, thanks for + comments.
  19. Superballs dana lambie@yahoo said: Well did u eat it or just take pics
  20. said: I bet you taste of strawberrys…. yummmmy
  21. Dirknerbil said: Nice butthole!
  22. Lick it said: That is lovely I am sporting a huge hard on right now I would love to taste that beauty
  23. said: what a beautiful pink wet pussy can eat it all day
  24. said: that looks sooooo nice and wet love to feel that pussy on my fat cock
  25. hokiwolf said: wow, I just licked my computer screen and came in my pants.
  26. Kasanova.RN2@ said: Keep posting!! I would luv to see more of that delicious BOX!!! Msg me…
  27. Kasanova.RN2@ said: Move the fingers….I wanna make her drip down her thighs with my thick smoooth shaven cock! I wanna dive deep! Damn!!!
  28. kenny said: like that sweet pussy to be mine
  29. kenny said: both look so very lickable & fuckable
  30. hansondik said: nice lush oyster
  31. said: picture perfect… would eat that all night…
  32. J R said: wow can i sniff those fingers? beautiful btw..
  33. said: wow that is picture perfect ,very sexy and clean,pretty pink and a nice peek and her ass!!!!!!!!!!!! very sexy!!!! :)
  34. Dawg said: Nice! Can I be her friend too! Gorgeous pussy sweet heart. Looks great!
  35. Hambone said: Just out of the shower? Looks fresh.
  36. said: omg so want to taste that!
  37. rj said: Wow now that is a mouth full very nice does your freind care to show us hers
  38. Geek said: Beautiful!

Wife in slut outfit

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 14

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Wife slutting it up in hot outfit

  1. said: wow
  2. Biff said: anyone smell fish????
  3. dawg said: I love dress up sex. Me and my girl loved it when she would dress up and I would undress her, lick-n-lick then hammer it home.
  4. Pd said: Gotta love the old school bush
  5. basher said: that ass hole is blowed out
  6. Tom said: Talk about blue waffle get checked out slag
  7. said: well that slut looks good enuff to eat lets see how much of a slut she can b
  8. J R said: voted 10 why? cuz a good woman is a slut in the bedroom..thats my kinda more if shes feelen horney..:)
  9. Dick said: She needs a good dose of hemeroid cream! Ewww.
  10. said: I love hair on a cunt, very nice.
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  12. Kasanova.RN2@ said: I would luv to see more!!! Lets see a pic showing your breasts!!
  13. rj said: Lucky guy that is one great looking pussy and the bush is so nice also
  14. Geek said: Beautiful! Love the landing strip. Very sexy.
  15. Kasanova.RN2@ said: Very Nice!! I nothing but a plumber, trying to lay some PIPE!! Have her messge me!!!
  16. Lickerup said: Wow! Pussy as nature intended – love the bushy lips!
  17. said: Super hot! One lucky man!
  18. Steve said: now that is a beautiful snatch
  19. 21er said: Id love to let my tiger loo0oo0oose in her woods…
  20. thickdickloving said: Damn, I know you wreak havoc on that pussy!
  21. Me said: At last, no hands hiding everything and as nature intended.
  22. dave said: nice pussy
  23. said: love to tongue that gorgous pussy , suck her juicy lips
  24. said: Yum! I love the close trimmed look!
  25. FamousMrEd said: wow 8.3? takes all kinds i guess. i gave her a 6
  26. Dawg said: Nice Bush on that pussy.
  27. said: needs a good licking

My b/f in my pussy, Beads in my ass!!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 14

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If you like this comment. If i get some good ones I’ll post more.

  1. Bob said: Dude has a small dick.. I would stuff that ass with my thick cock
  2. said: i wanna pull thiose beds out of ur ass with my mouth
  3. brown boa said: you wouldnt need ass beads with my thick dick loven lol.
  4. said: what is it in ur asshole?
  5. said: i want to see your ass gape
  6. Lee said: wen u shave ur ass I’ll pull out da beads
  7. mandingo said: you should let him switch holes. he’s struggling.
  8. dawg said: i agree with @Fags…if you want to see dicks and rate them go for it…on a fag site!
  9. said: haters just mad cuz its not ur cock
  10. Zeus said: Is she fucking a dick or a big toe?
  11. Dik said: His dick might be small but he still getting laid :) nice shot
  12. said: ı wanna fuck ur asshole too
  13. said: Ohhhh yeah! Could I suck the beads after they come out of your ass, please????
  14. D said: Plz post more…. Damn girl… I want u
  15. said: nice tight pussy its gripping that cock well love to taste your beads
  16. J R said: luv a hairy puss n ass on a woman..luv to be getting head from her at the same more?
  17. dawg said: your pussy looks gorgeous. Would look better with my dick there instead. Love the lite hair on the asshole too. Reminds me of A.
  18. HARD Critic said: The ass beads are hot. Would like to see u pull them out.
  19. BigDickster said: What a trip, bead in her ass and a thumb in her snatch!
  20. Levin said: Please PLEASE no hairy arses on girls, such a turn off.
  21. 21er said: a dick is a dick right… I dont hear the lady complainin bout not being filled to the rim..
  22. rj said: Please post more, you have got to be one great fuck, are your boobs as hot as your pussy
  23. FamousMrEd said: you asked for comments.i guess you got your answer to posting more
  24. Fags said: If you want to rate dicks, I’m sure there’s a gay site for you, frank and wazza
  25. james said: I can’t believe how small that dick it, smallest I’ve seen. Guess I’m used to grabbing mine with both hands and not covering it
  26. buttman said: lol what a tiny peter.
  27. said: Hot! Let’s see it gaped.
  28. frank said: What a tiny cock
  29. Wazza said: Tiny cock
  30. 21er said: Juiccccccccy…. Now thats what I call double delight…

milf wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 14

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  1. flipfioplover said: Finger licking good
  2. steelbro7 said: I would like to eat your pussy all night.
  3. steelbro7 said: I must say it is amazing
  4. Lee said: looks very nice butt I thk u need a shave
  5. speedy said: bet it taste sweet.
  6. gash said: nice pink pussy lets see your lips they look fat x
  7. J R said: wood U mind if i run my tontue up n down that between your fingers for a while? id be happy too ya know..:)
  8. dawg said: Nice pussy. reminds me of Aly. God I love her!
  9. rj said: thats a licker and a sticker for sure would love to see the bush also.
  10. chad said: i want to stick my dick so far inside of you
  11. Mike said: can i she your asshole
  12. mrgreeneyes said: that looks loke some bomb latin pussy i would love to eat ..

ready to be fucked hard

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jan 13

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waiting to be fucked by my bfs massive/thick cock

  1. mc36 said: @mad4it great pussy i’ll eat it while carlos stuffs ur mouth
  2. Lee said: as long as I get 2 lick u b4 I stick u
  3. mad for it said: sorry karlos is bigger than 6 inches and his is fat hes all the cock i can take right now
  4. said: and messgae u and take u and message ur pussy and ur tits
  5. said: i would fuck u so hard with my 6 incher
  6. Karlos said: All mine lads n how dose that look like ur sisters u dirty lad
  7. mad for it said: i dnt think karlos would likes to share my pussy sorry tbh my pussy is lucky wuith the size of karlos’s cock
  8. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: I would fuck that.
  9. licking licking said: licking lick
  10. dawg said: karlos is one lucky SOB then…nice pussy sweetie. if things don’t work out, look me up
  11. rj said: I would love to give her my cock can i lick that pussy first
  12. mad for it said: its all karlos’s sorry
  13. Sajlez said: Nice
  14. said: hope your not waiting long nice trim pussy
  15. said: its seem as my sister pussy
  16. heelik said: oh I want to eat that cunt soo bad man
  17. J R said: call me hon if she doesnt show..:)

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