Me toying my pussy with a big fucking toy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 5


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I can cum 5+ times with my new toy. It gets my pussy so wet and my husband goes fucking crazy when I get myself off. Would you get horney watching me fill my pussy with this?

  1. said: Hey sexy lady, please email some more horny pics of you ;)
  2. said: I would love to watch you play with yourself! but only if I can play with myself too ;)
  3. hoselover said: again, smokin hot in hose! huge turn on, thank you!
  4. hoselover said: so hot in hose!! mmmmm
  6. said: Yes, please let me watch too. X
  7. said: i love to watch and nylons make me crazy
  8. Lee said: oh baby no need 4 dat wen u can call on me wit my 9 and soft warm tongue
  9. said: oh yes im horny just thinking of you playing with that pussy
  10. Dawg said: No, I would not…
  11. Superballs dana lambie@yahoo said: What would happen if we filled that pussy with a baseball bat lets start with the knob end
  12. said: Lovely let’s get a closer look at that pussy ass n tits yummy
  13. said: Hell yes, work that pussy!
  14. rob said: then i would love to have you suck my cock til i exploaded in your mouth letting you suck me clean!
  15. rob said: fuck yes i would! then after your done filling your pussy with that i would bury my cock deep inside making you cum over an over
  16. Husky said: Show those big tits!
  17. Geek said: Very sexy! Love the sockings and your beautiful curves. I would love to watch, but not for long.
  18. make u squirt said: it aint that big
  19. monkey said: hell yea i want to see it slide it in that sexy pussy that would be a boner pic of the month

Wife’s curtains

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 5


Rating: 3.19    (1169 votes cast)
  1. said: Gorgeous Pussy WOW!!!
  2. MILF lovin said: I Wanna chew that bubble gum!
  3. the big one said: yeah that looks like a small dick is hidden in those curtains
  4. Clint said: Mmmmm…. Very beautiful lips my dear I’d never tire of munching on your puss. Wish my girl had a pussy like yours
  5. trev said: i;ve lost my library book
  6. said: what a set of piss flaps! yum
  7. said: very nice clit and vulva i like to lick
  8. wtf said: Something is trying to escape!
  9. From a Woman said: I would love to suck yur juicy lips into my mouth and tease the hell out of you.
  10. Biff said: Can I suck on that clit????
  11. gonads said: This nearly the most perfect pussy
  12. said: can i lick it sweet juicypie
  13. Dawg said: I bet that pussy clamps onto a dick like a vice grip on a rusted nut. Be a fun fuck for sure.
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  15. jeff said: SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. jeff said: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. sdiddy said: love them beef curtains would love to see more please
  18. ron said: very sexy! would love to bury my cock deep inside!
  19. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: You seem a bit thin.
  20. Geek said: Beautiful! I can only imagine how good it feels inside you.
  21. said: Awesome pussy, I’d love to feel it on my cock.
  22. This guy said: oh my god, thats good!
  23. Me said: Was she born a dude? Looks like the Doc didn’t take enough off!
  24. ab said: handle bars ??
  25. wow said: what is that?
  26. said: Very inviting, love to slide my snake in
  27. rj said: I would love to lick and suck on them lips
  28. Cocky said: Beef curtains!
  29. Steve said: I would love to roll those big beautiful lips around in my mouth. Sexy.
  30. Lonewolf said: My god – get me 2 slices of bread – I’ve just found a truckload of ham

it is all natural

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 5


Rating: 3.08    (1077 votes cast)

my pussy waiting …..for your comments

  1. said: jus say when n where baby this is the nicest damn pussy on here
  2. said: Wonderful puss! Keep them coming.
  3. said: nice make a nice photo lovr to cum over that pussy
  4. Dawg said: I like hairy pussy or balld pussy, pussy in general. This one is nice, but looks like Oscar the Grouch…not in bad way though
  5. chuck said: Reminds me of highschool… In 1989!
  6. jimmyk said: beautiful pussy…love the bush!
  7. Zeus said: Best looking hairy puss on the site, nice
  8. ACE said: Old school. Nice
  9. corey said: that is real nice
  10. Mmmmmmm said: Crist christy I seen that lil mole before
  11. paul said: shave it looks like the thing off of star wars
  12. Billy said: Heavenly. I expect to see St Peter up there.
  13. Geek said: Absolutely perfect!
  14. Lick it said: Natural is the best holds the taste so much better. That is beautiful
  15. said: How bout a nice cock instead..
  16. said: I love it lets get a shot from the back beautiful
  17. rj said: very nice
  18. Cocky said: Too hairy!
  19. said: Dear pussy, I just want you to know you are sloop sexy. Your bush surrounding that pink hole causes an instant HARD-ON!
  20. Steve said: Love all natural. The way they should all be. Sexy post. Keep posting
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  22. Assman69 said: shave it
  23. Bgdaddy said: Sexyyy
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my wife and her upclose holes

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 4


Rating: 2.85    (1305 votes cast)

this is for the people who wanted a close up. we love all the positive feedback.

  1. bigcock said: don’t listen to them. that’s hot. your ass hole is beautiful
  2. hoselover said: hot hot hot! love the pantyhose! very turned on by your pics with pantyhose, thank you! mmmmm
  3. said: Good Girl.. I wanna suck them toes and fill both holes with my Hot Cream, one after the other,.
  4. said: I love it I would pound u so hard
  5. Tammy said: Grifin, cum and get mine, ass and cunt, taste it up, you’ll like it, or I’d make it up to, u name it!
  6. said: ı wanna to taste ur asshole
  7. said: nice very nice would love to suck that ass
  8. Zeus said: Wipe your ass next time
  9. ACE said: Great pic. Never get tired of looking at your pussy and asshole. They are so inviting. Instant Hard on! I want to taste u ! :)
  10. b said: take a shower!!!!
  11. t said: I’ve seen all of the pics and I’d f you hard. but I agree can we get another pose. maybe from the back? show us the tits too
  12. t said: I’ve seen all of the pics and I’d f you hard. but I agree can we get another pose. maybe from the back?
  13. Nope!! said: Tired of see her in the same freaking pose!
  14. Lonewolf said: Bleach ur butthole. The number 2s have stained it over time
  15. said: so so so sos os so so so sexy i wonnaa f u;)
  16. T BONE said: amazeing but could you give us another pose please
  17. up4alaugh said: super woman! fucking gorgeous! I agree with a few people tho,if ur wanting to keep posting,let’s see a different pose/some sex
  18. Lions said: Enough
  19. said: i like
  20. said: can u handle 11in of black dick
  21. said: Wow, I love it! You are making me lust over your wife, I can’t control myself!!!!
  22. knots said: verry nice
  23. CHET said: You need to wipe your ass!!!!!!
  24. Not impressed said: @adam entitled to our opinion just like your lying ass!!!!
  25. Not impressed said: @Adam maybe we just have higher standard!We are
  26. said: Get in there
  27. said: Wow! Yummylicious! Better with each pic! Sign me
  28. zippy said: that ass looks nice to lick
  29. adam said: all the negative is because these guys dont have this good stuff at home so they try to talk shit REAL MEN LOVE WOMEN.
  30. basher said: nice big ass hole
  31. mato said: tasty,tasty very very tasty,mmm
  32. said: fuck u would be able to take a picture rite in that hole would love to do it for ya
  33. mic said: time for a different pose
  34. Cocky said: For fuck sake! I can see your breakfast!
  35. Jared jones said: Amazing Bb

who likes natural hairy?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 4


Rating: 2.37    (1059 votes cast)

I am conservative and a republikans supporter, sorry!

  1. said: You look Hott as fuck I would go down on you for hours
  2. Mike said: lovely girl! hope to see more
  3. said: I look at this puss and the first thing I thought was west Virginia.
  4. Judge said: Obviously a republican since you can’t even spell the word correctly!
  5. said: I would love to see more
  6. J R said: ohhhh yeah…sorry one more thing..thats a 10 HAIRY!!!
  7. J R said: R U american? Ummmmm:)
  8. J R said: wow woman of my conservative HAIRY puss im likken that till the cows cum home…call me! post more!! P
  9. Lee said: shave it and repost and I’ll give u @ least a 9
  10. said: I love hairy pussies, I give you a 10 plus
  11. said: 10 out of 10 ;)
  12. rj said: wow that is nice to look at!just love a pussy hiding in the bush
  13. livewire63 said: XXXX 10++++++ XXXX
  14. rob said: would love to spread that pussy open with my huge cock making yoy cum all over!
  15. said: love it can I have some inbox me more
  16. Dawg said: Nice and pink where it is supposed to be. Hair or no hair it is cool with me. I love the pink.
  17. Geek said: Love the hair, very sexy.
  18. Dakota said: I wouldn’t let my dog eat it!!!
  19. Lions said: I love hairy pussy!!!! More please
  20. said: I’m sorry, repubki
  21. BillyJoe said: It would look 7 if it was shaved. It’s hairy, so 3.
  22. Jared said: Love it
  23. said: 10! Love your bush baby. Want to see much more of you.

my little slut

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 4


Rating: 2.98    (1089 votes cast)
  1. said: MOre, please
  2. said: Smoooooth… very tempting
  3. said: Looks tight….would love to stretch that pussy out
  4. said: nice dark lips hot looking slut
  5. Lee said: yum-yum gimme sum
  6. edsrocket1 said: I would pound that all day and night. You wouldn’t have time for anything else, just lay back and take the poundig of a lifetim
  7. Hambone said: I’d bruise it even more.
  8. Dawg said: Cute pink little pussy and small ass, looks good from here.
  9. BillyJoe said: wow thats a real sluts cunt. lips are dark and tired lol! i give it 8
  10. Cocky said: Dirty bitch!
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  14. roger said: Wow! Verrrrry Nice.
  15. Cocky said: Guess you are correct when you say slut!
  16. corey said: love those dark lips
  17. Assman69 said: I want that ass

What do you think fellas? 2

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 4


Rating: 3.93    (1177 votes cast)

Love the comments on the last one. Thought you might like this one too. This was right before my bf fucked me hard :)

  1. Nice said: I love it. 10 here baby. Harry. You a fucking tool.
  2. Harry said: I’ve seen better pussy’s at the RSPCA
  3. Lee said: I’m lock’d and loaded on dat eye
  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: What an ass!
  5. said: Looks tastey, i would love to eat your pussy
  6. rob said: would love to grab a hold of those hips an put you to me burying my huge cock in that sexy pussy!
  7. rob said: would love to grab a hold of those hips a
  8. eric said: would pound those holes and dump load after load in them
  9. Joeyjoe said: Holy fuck that looks very very delicious I would love to eat you out.
  10. said: Hott! Sign me up!
  11. Geek said: Very, very yummy!
  12. Dawg said: I’d like to be your BF.
  13. said: Great ass !
  14. Jared said: I will pay u for ur #
  15. said: BEAUTIFUL!
  16. me said: spankable
  17. 21er said: a pussy like that… Damn.. I will work for sex…
  18. David said: nice, I’d want to fuch that hard too, he’s a lucky guy make sure he knows it lol
  19. said: love the view
  20. said: Looks as if I know that ass! Kim you look great!
  21. Assman69 said: you like anal?
  22. said: Lovely ass and pussy ;)

My wife and her super hot holes (and feet) 6

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 3

rate my naughty 6 (2).jpg

Rating: 4.05    (1721 votes cast)

Here is more of a close up, so you can really, really get a good look. enjoy…….

  1. flipfioplover said: Would suck your toes bury my tongue in in your ass then eat your pussy giving you multiple orgasms
  2. dingdang said: you dont know what your doing to me
  3. boffo said: I would love to see her whole body
  4. rsmc said: still want to see her in action. I wish my wife would let me share her holes and feet she is hot too. she just won’t be a slut.
  5. rockhard said: very nice….lets see more
  6. rmsc said: I want to eat and fuck that.
  7. RMNG #1 said: i would love to see your tits, whats the chance of that? im sure all the lads would love to see you! ;)
  8. RMNG #1 said: fantastic shots of you lady, you look beautiful! would love to see more of you…maybe a full frontal??
  9. said: nice asshole
  10. said: i want to suck her toes while i slide in and out of her asshole
  11. said: Fuck yea super hot ill eat her ass
  12. said: do you fucking ur wifw asshole?
  13. Miguel said: beautiful holes
  14. Lee said: WOW!!!!! I wana dive n tongue 1st
  15. bizzxxx said: sexiest pic here period
  16. mollydoom said: what a beautiful cunt. i just want to rent it out for the summer!
  17. Larry Tate said: her ass looks moist
  18. said: Me likes! Me loves! Me wants!
  19. Cocky said: Like the toe rings!
  20. knots said: very nice love your holes im a fan of you
  21. ummm said: Not everyone goes for feet … getting old now.
  22. ted said: i love these pics….and the feet are sexy as hell..
  23. said: for her next trick can she put her ankels behind her ear lobes. Does she play with pip pong balls as well.
  24. Tom said: I would fuck u harder then your husben would ever
  25. This guy said: Would love to see those toes covered in cum
  26. jjhardy said: I can not get enough of her feet
  27. Snowman said: Seen these and the others you posted on other sites. Pretty sure one of the isn’t the same bitch, her hands are manly
  28. Weeeeee!! said: I’d really like to see those toes covered in a fat load of cum
  29. Steve said: I recognize those rings, don’t worry your secret is safe with me.
  30. said: Now thats entertainment USDA grade A pure eating material
  31. Horny Aussie said: I wanna toungue punch her fart box
  32. Really Hungry said: her arsehole is outstanding you better be looking after that hole with your toungue and kissing those sexy feet of hers as well
  33. Dawg said: I agree with some of the others, variety is the spice of poses would be good. getting tired of same pose all the time.
  34. Not impressed said: Get over the fact that you think everyone loves your feet!! This is a pussy site!!!
  35. me said: wow love 2 fuck u in the ass
  36. Not impressed said: Feet look like their fucked up!!!! Is That why you keep wearing the stockings??
  37. said: Hot little pussy you! Love it
  38. big d said: plz plz plz can i see some cock or cum in that ass hole.
  39. steamer said: lame.variety is key.this aint no foot wanker site.
  40. mato said: its making my mouth water x
  41. rob said: beautiful would love to fill both your holes with my huge cock!
  42. said: I want to face plant myself into that
  43. A said: I think i love you. I want to make you scream like a howler monkey
  44. Dennis said: Jacked up feet!!! Cut the toenails and clean up the polish!!!
  45. Ghj said: Please post a picture of her whole body so we can also see her tits
  46. said: WOW amzing everything- great smooth pussy and ass and sexy feet very nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) more
  47. Colorado chronic said: it’s ok to change positions once in a while
  48. Honestly! said: Getting bored with her!
  49. said: Thank you. Keep posting please.
  50. said: Yes very nice more more more
  51. Cocky said: How do you manage to get her to do that?
  52. mike said: enough with the fishnets lets have sum bare legs
  53. ACE said: I wait daily for your nxt pic. Your pussy and asshole are truely incredible. Get even closer! :)
  54. DaMan said: Love those sexy toes and that pussy and ass are perfect. Yummy!!!
  55. decomark said: im goig to invent a sratch and sniff monitor one day and be rich lol
  56. getting hard said: absolutely love it
  57. getting hard said: absolutely love these pics
  58. said: That is awesome. I would spend all night in those beautiful holes

latina pussy 2

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 3


Rating: 3.68    (1218 votes cast)

nasty comments = more pictures

  1. said: latine pussy is far the best so cum on latina ladys i waiting 4 u
  2. said: Wow I really want to Lick that sweet pussy
  3. tony said: dam and i fuck that
  4. said: nice pussy b nice pulling them pants up that gash
  5. Lee said: WOW!!!!! now dats sum gud eat’n…mouthwaterin’ and beautiful n every way
  6. dd.eddie said: Caliente’. Just plant that one my nose and smother me to my last breath!
  7. 8643455519 said: i would pound that till it bleed
  8. rob said: would love to lick that tight pussy before i bury my cock deep inside!
  9. Dawg said: Never played with Latina pussy, but yours is smooth as silk and would love to bury the bone ball deep in that snapper
  10. said: Id tongue fuk that lil kat!!
  11. said: greta pic,puusy lips look great id suck the wet off them,hips lips and finger tips!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  12. GGSWA said: holly shit that is beautiful…SUCK SUCK SUCK!!
  13. Jesus said: Yumm! Nothing like a nice taco salad for lunch!
  14. iceman said: i would fuck you in you pussy thenh make you get on all fours and fuck you7 nin your ass
  15. said: Mmm mami q Rico lots see more spread that pussy n ass
  16. ACE said: Looks inviting. Post one with your legs flipped over your head and spread wide so I can see your pussy & asshole spread. :)
  17. said: awsome clit
  18. Maine Pussy Eater said: very nice…i would like to give her a state of maine licking!!
  19. said: I’d fuck the shit out of that cunt

What do you think fellas?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 3


Rating: 3.91    (1230 votes cast)

Do you like?

  1. tony said: pumped a load in that ass
  2. said: nice
  3. Lee said: u got my 9 throbbin’
  4. jimmyk said: inviting ass…makes my cock hard…love it!!!
  5. said: Great picture almost pro.
  6. ummm said: very sexy body!
  7. David said: I think I need my hard cock in your pussy right now
  8. malakof said: supremely satisfying
  9. Ilickclitz said: I’d plug your pooper!!
  10. Dawg said: I think i am in love…you havea great body and lovely ass and pussy
  11. me said: wow nice ass and pussy
  12. mato said: i wish this was scratch and sniff !! x
  13. rob said: garb your hips an slide my cock deep in you pussy an fuck you as i prep you ass from cock to be buried deep inside!
  14. said: that is a body built for doggy style. amazing pussy and even better ass!
  15. mandingo said: i would brake that forsure
  16. said: oh girl you are so fine i would got you closer to go god cuz i would fuck the hell out of you
  17. said: nice will you let me bang both holes and let my cum all over you sweet ass
  18. GGSWA said: hot body lovely holes instant HARD
  19. said: I’ll be right over
  20. Dawg said: I’d love to pound that.
  21. Jmac said: I would eat that all up
  22. DaMan said: Nice!!!!! Would love to shoot a load on that ass!!!
  23. ACE said: Very nice. looks like it smell and tastes delicious.
  24. said: I can almost taste it now
  25. said: i fuckin love it can fuck that tight pussy

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