My gf’s sweet ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 17

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My gf’s ass and pussy just before our four hour fuckfest. She is a non-stop cum slut. I lost track she came so much.

  1. Lee said: can I dump my load n dat star
  2. ticker said: Nice balloon knot !!
  3. me2 said: your lady looks good. you howevery are a fucking lier.
  4. mic2469 said: would lick your pussy and ass for hours then fill it with my cock until we collapsed in a puddle of sweat and our juices
  5. said: I can see that pussy really wet on my dick
  6. Rick-c593 said: Can i see her and taste. Her cum?

So horny right now ;)

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 17

Photo on 2011-10-09 at 21.39.jpg
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  1. beatingu2 said: what likkenher has no comment
  2. beatingu2 said: nice pic
  3. i said: i wish my girls pussy was as tight and good as yours
  4. said: I feel a strong desire to fuck !! Love it .. Open up for us xx
  5. said: I’d love to please that amazing pussy
  6. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Wow, that’s perfection.
  7. Lee said: ur @ da rong spot if u have 2 w8 4 sum1 2 do ur holes
  8. kazza said: i’ll give you my 14 yr old cock
  9. said: nice
  10. mandingo said: i can pleasure any size pussy baby, and i want to finish with me eating your pussy and asshole, then a little anal.
  11. said: Damn, then let me fuck you!
  12. said: it makes sense that your horney!. your makingme n my hubby real horney rite now!!!! beautifull pic n body! +10
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  14. me2 said: so fine
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  16. Young and Hung said: You look like you need my cock
  17. said: i can help you with that
  18. said: i just got off work!
  19. horneybitch said: great pose…everything looks beautiful
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hot and tight

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 16

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She loves to play with herself.

  1. said: Plumb and wet………I’ll watch
  2. said: looks like she needs some lube.
  3. said: can me and my wife help u lol
  4. rj said: Wow that looks good
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  10. esgiem said: nicely fitted
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21 n luvs cock ;)

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 16

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tell me all the ways ud use me :P as nasty as possible hehe add me

  1. Tybo said: I would pound that pussy
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hot wife showing her ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 16

puss n boots.jpg
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showing off that ass

  1. said: show me more please.
  2. said: wow! I would tear that up non stop till she couldn’t go anymore.
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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 16

sluts asshole.jpg
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Can you tell ?

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Yummy asshole

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 16

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loves to show off her best feature

  1. jrstl said: too much hair!
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Spead open for you

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 15

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I have it spread open for you! What are you going to do with it now?

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like it?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 15

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horny today guys tell me what you think

  1. The Bandit said: Lets see some more of you
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My Favorite Toy Part 10!!! Wet and Pumped Up!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 15

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Here is a picture of my pussy right after using my pump. Tell us what you think! We have submitted a BJ shot that some of you requested, but it does not look like they will post that one. We have many more pics to share…pumping and more! Enjoy!

  1. said: what about dp
  2. said: wonderful. like an oyster on steroids
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  5. winter said: love the pics bella. would love to see you spread from behind
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