Nice n wet

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

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I’m a lucky man cause I’m gonna eat n fuck the shit outta that tonite

  1. said: yummy
  2. said: Ready for a good tongueing
  3. gerrylinks said: have u fuck an african gay/man +call me
  4. Dtrain said: If you consider getting cancer lucky then ya your a lucky guy puttin your tongue in that dirt box and dingleberries up her crack
  5. Lee said: u sure r lucky…I’d b tongue div’n n dat pink pool everynite
  6. SweetDesertRose said: I think your flower is pretty
  7. OA said: That’s a fuckin filthy hole.. i wouldn’t even want to fist that.. let along put my cock in it.
  8. said: yes you are

Wifey’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

Resized 2.jpg
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“Would You Eat Me Already”

  1. said: verry nice
  2. rj said: You bet I would
  3. said: Eat you first then rub MY wet pussy against yours.. Mmmn…
  4. Lee said: no need 2 ask on sumthing as mouthwaterin’ as dat
  5. said: I will eat you anytime! Just let me know
  6. said: Dare you to show me that spread open at this address??
  7. said: I would love a turn
  8. said: I’d love nothing more than to eat you
  9. Jeff31 said: Not my type

Little Red Head 1

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

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Any ladies want to lick this for me?

  1. Rickenbacker said: Sorry dear. That snatch looks mangled.
  2. the inspector said: shit that poor thing is fucked
  3. said: love a red top.
  4. DJ said: i wouldnt munch that blue waffle if you paid me to…
  5. John said: that doesn’t look right, some personal hygene goes a long way in preventing infection
  6. ANNA said: I’ll lick that sweet hole for you anytime you me too
  7. strokemyhardon said: MMMMM Love a hairy cunt
  8. Dtrain said: holy shit that pussy is a mess it hasnt been taken care off and is prob disease ridden def needs a keep out sign attatched to it
  9. said: me and my wife wud ruin u lol x
  10. BiKylie said: Fuck yeah!
  11. Oa said: mighty be a small case of yeast infection mhhhh
  12. said: All I gotta say is HELL YES, Love that pussy!
  13. Goth_Stud said: doesn’t look red
  14. said: I’m not a lady but I would lick and suck it for hours baby….
  15. said: oh wow my wife would love that … your awesome !!

Spread Legs

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

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Fill me up!

  1. Me said: I’m not a model.
  2. HotPup said: Too hot. Must be a model
  3. scorps72 said: sexy
  4. said: Beautiful pussy.. Makes us hungry ..
  5. MS said: I’d love a couple cocks! I would love to get on board the Bangbus!
  6. Big Tits said: would u like a couple to go with that ass and pussy
  7. saintanger69 said: for me? ya shouldn’t have
  8. da man said: the best
  9. said: absolutely beautiful pussy and ass… sexy body! I am 23 and would love to chat. message me?! thanks!
  10. Shabbaranks said: Omg
  11. said: Perfect 10/10
  12. B said: god how i would like to have that pussy
  13. MS said: @Deep hole borer: Good to hear you’re putting my pic to good use!
  14. Deep hole borer said: Just shot my muck all over my chest…….
  15. mahusive said: i would fuck that all week long
  16. drden said: i donno….kinda too neat that it’s actually boring
  17. Tom said: Oh yeah, I would fuck that hard and fill it with hot cum
  18. Ranga12 said: I want it in my mouth please
  19. said: Im jealous of your then, other than that you make me soaking wet
  20. said: MS, Damn fine, you shouldn’t stop posting ;)
  21. Dtrain said: Its perfect
  22. said: speechless
  23. Jay said: MorningWoods a fag.
  24. Lee said: I got enuf 4 both ur holes
  25. sarah said: one of the hottest photos ever!!!
  26. said: wow spasibow
  27. MS said: It’s not a web pic. Seriously, google search the pic.
  28. MorningWood said: Vote low…
  29. MorningWood said: Too perfect and flawless…must be a web pic…
  30. said: I want to lick you tongue right in there. Then I will fill you up good.
  31. MS said: I’d love to have my pussy and anus stretched! Give it a work it out boys!
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  33. said: WOW.. a 10 of course
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  35. JC said: Looks like a tight pussy. Small hole. I like it. I would leave that pussy with stretch marks. Anal of course!
  36. tomcat said: I would love to to fill you up may times!!
  37. Digby said: WITH PLEASURE.Would LOVE to
  38. said: so sweet mmmm
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  40. sculptor said: Beautiful, high quality shot. great skin, inner thighs, pelvic bones, a work oif ART and of “THE PUSSY” ;)
  41. said: pull it open a little further and let my cum run out….

first time milf continued…..

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

Picture 355.jpg
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  1. said: That’s Sooooo good .. I wanna Tongue you so much ! X
  2. said: your a milf and yes i would like 2 fuck you xxx
  3. said: Yumm, lets share the dildo
  4. said: Great pic, you have a beatufiul pussy! I would lov e to see the pics that didnt come up,, if you want you can email them to me
  5. said: sarah, very hot. feel free to send those pics straight to us! ;)
  6. Lee said: luvly…spread both ur holes so we c pinky and stinky…plz dnt stop post’n
  7. sarah said: oh.. and thankx Pecker Trak, that is one of the hottest new fettish out these days, if your not doing it your not cool!
  8. sarah said: hey, thanx guys i tried to post a couple of others but they didnt go up, sorry! i will keep trying but!!!
  9. nomad said: show us a full body one!!
  10. RMNG#1 said: I want to see more of you Sarah, you look mighty fine. How about some tits or you bent over
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  12. 2011 said: Yet another stunning photo sarah!!! would love that toy to be my big cock. whats your email??xxx

Milf for sure at 39 years of age.

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 25

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Right after I took this picture I filled up her snatch and blew my load in her ass. Who says married life is so bad?

  1. said: I’d lick you until you were drenched, then slowly rub my cock over your wet lips, sliding inside you
  2. said: I’m young hung and full of cum! I’d hit that’s with more then a thick juicey…
  3. Big Time said: love to see all the MILFs – HOT
  4. Boss up said: One rod? Let’s swap wives I wanna try your wive and you could try mine.
  5. Boss up said: Lets swap were 25 five year olds… Look up I luv dick.
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  8. said: i agree
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  10. Lee said: only thing miss’n is a shave and me div’n tongue 1st n ur brwn eye
  11. alpha said: ABSOLUTELY
  12. edavis said: looks average
  13. Justin Bieber said: o’baby baby let me push in that brown hole!!!
  14. Bigpssyluvr said: Finally a MILF that qualifies. I am 20 and I would LOVE to make that pussy cum!


Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 24

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Deep inside my wife on our anniversary trip.

  1. Joe said: Lucky dude. Id luv to fuck her. Shes hot. Big titties.
  2. M said: After you’re done, I’d like to ride your cock so hard. Damn…
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  8. biggun said: wish
  10. captbigdick said: Anna you sound HOT!!
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  22. Sajlez said: So hot, especially the tits, but without that stupid penis!
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  25. johnny said: amazing tits!
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  27. MorningWood said: NICE tits AND pussy! Please use a new razor next time!
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  29. rj said: lucky you looks good

gf show her best

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 24

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what do you think of her comments plz good and bad

  1. The Bandit said: Nice shot, I’d lick that ass all night
  2. said: nice love to poke my tounge in that ass
  3. JERRYTHEGREAT00TJ@GMAIL.COM said: what a beautiful sight!!!!!!!
  4. biggun said: b all n that pussy
  5. Tongue said: that asshole deserves some tongue…
  6. assluvr said: that’s an ass hole that begs to be sniffed, smooched, licked, sucked,and fucked! 10+
  8. D-Man said: I’ve recently finished a piece of artwork based on this photo and would love to share it with it’s creator, if I knew how?
  9. said: Love that need to see more of you
  10. Assmaster said: Damn that fine ass you have has my cock hard as hell TY 10 easy
  11. sculptor said: Boiling! Perfect.
  12. chico said: i would fuck u in the ass until there was no more skin on my cock!! thats beautiful!!
  13. buttman said: i could park my honda in there but it still looks good.
  14. Oa said: love that clean pink asshole she got. but the pussy looks like it can take a lot of meat.. i’d still stuff it.. nice spread slut
  15. puertorican bull said: love it. if I had that in my hands I would lick it until she comes
  16. said: I’d love to be behind you
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peek a boo

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 24

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  1. said: Please!!! Would you let me eat you!!!! I would do it for Hours!!!!
  2. said: I want to eat your pussy
  3. Sajlez said: Nice but shave
  4. Lee said: mouthwaterin’
  5. BiKylie said: What a nice pussy. Wonder how far I could get my tongue in.


Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 24

resize 4.jpg
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  1. Taint said: That’s fucking hot
  2. biggun said: my dick would b n the pussy if it were me
  3. said: nice pussy i would suck it all nite and nice cock
  4. rj said: wow!! that good looking pussy,
  5. MorningWood said: THAT is a thing of beauty and the epitome of a perfect pussy and ass…
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  8. Sajlez said: That dick needs to go away!
  9. Lee said: both holes look deliciously mouthwaterin’
  10. jrz said: you are a 10-plus… what a beautiful cookie

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