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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

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a rear shot of my girlfriend’s gaping sex hole.

  1. skinny said: good pic n post
  2. said: beautifull Gaping & Skin Tone but I like Hairless !!!!!!!
  3. 10inch cock said: fucken orsome looking hole would love to pound that pussy till its red raw an make it leak my cum out then fuck it again mmmmm
  4. sigmoidpecker said: re you a mommy?
  5. said: i think you need to broaden your horizons, i can help
  6. said: I got 4 inches!! somelike it that fat?? with this cat I might meed a tug boat too ride it through?
  7. winter said: i wanna fuck ur pussy and ass oh
  8. Jim Bob said: I think I just found my new screen saver
  9. J R said: wow beautiful bumm cheeks..she could do 2 cocks at once im sure..luv to be the other guy..nice
  10. jd said: ok you have a huge pussy great
  11. Lee said: if I dive n da pooper will I slide out the pussy
  12. said: Hey-oooooo thats fucking sexy! ready to fit something big in there, would love to see more, wanna trade some pics?
  13. pimp said: Looks like it would stink and needs a ravor and kegel exercises! But thanks for sharing!
  14. said: look at that great hole
  15. basher said: red head nice
  16. said: love the spread
  17. mandingo said: mmmm, i love the look of this- some baby oil and a hardhat, and i would reconstruct those holes. love it, post+
  18. said: Would love to pack that full :)
  19. said: i could fill that with porrage no problem
  21. me said: love those gaps post more please
  22. kinkiestlover said: Ace, that butthole might look nice but i don’t think you’d describe it as tight!
  23. Rickenbacker said: that’s a train puller for sure!
  24. me said: love the gap in puss and ass would eat both all the time
  25. said: wow id fill them up very nice!!!!!!!! :)
  26. johnny said: too hairy, ewww
  27. whiteboy said: what is that
  28. said: I would fuck that into next week, Mmmm!
  29. ACE said: Nice pic. Can tell you have done that before. :) Your butthole looks nice and tight!
  30. timshirgul said: that’s a loose looking hole!

tight 19 year old pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

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tell me what you wanna do to me, i love reading it…

  1. said: Ill fuck u nice & slow baby!!
  2. J R said: ummm how bout my tongue end to end till you cummm your brains out for starters? )~
  3. headmaster said: fuckin nice
  4. Lee said: I wana lick and stick ur pinky and stinky 24/7
  5. said: i want to stuff my huge fat cock in your sweet looking pussy
  6. Fatdumb said: I would like to meet and get to know u better, u seem nice.
  7. said: I want to lick your pussy until you cover my face in your cum.
  8. said: would eat that all night.
  9. said: I would lick and suck you until you came and then wear that pretty pussy out with my big dick !! :) ;)
  10. Magmadragon said: Give u a good toungue lashing on your gorgeous,glistening slit
  11. said: u mean u like to ride it right? Dick or Face
  12. said: could u ride me reverse cowboy. That would be awesome. Just pull my foreskin back hard near the base of my prick. So i cum in u
  13. John said: I would slide my 11 inc cock down you tight pussy
  14. said: Will you let me lick you??????? I will do it for hours if you will let me???
  15. E said: Nice

hairless pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

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Wife’s pussy

  1. HotPup said: Nice big beautiful lips to suck
  2. said: I would luv to separate those lips and slide my thick smooth shaven cock deep inside your walls….
  3. said: Damn!!! That’s sooo sexy!!! I would luv to see a pic spread eagle with your lips held open…Message me.
  4. jman said: roast beef anyone
  5. ohnomo said: dang those lips
  6. J R said: mercy luf to suk lip lock those bat wings then cock that balls deep while hubby approved..nice )~
  7. Lee said: I luv dat bald spicy taco
  8. said: ı love bald pussy
  9. said: Lucky man :)
  10. Magmadragon said: Nice ass!
  11. Jeff said: inviting for kissing 10+
  12. Jack Offalot said: Roast Beef. Hold the mayo.
  13. said: Beautiful flaps I would love to lick and suck them!!!
  14. thesaint901 said: that needs to be sucked on mmmm
  15. whiteboy said: that freakin awesome love meat hang
  16. GGSWA said: mouth watering taco!

freshly fucked fat arse

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

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  1. Topdog said: can’t stop looking at this awesome snatch!
  2. said: How yummy does you ass look would love to suck on that
  3. J R said: voted 10 thats ass needs alot more have cum dripping down over that ass n puss…post more
  4. Lee said: hold dat so I can slide bhind u and lick dat crack from n 2 n
  5. said: How lovely x
  6. said: yummy ass
  7. said: just remember mate, this ass is built for comfort not speed. Id rather a slow fuck than a quick one.
  8. grant said: get naked im 22 and shes aboutto
  9. DenverDude said: Amazing. I’d love to eat that sweet pussy
  10. spunky monkey said: would love to fuck that fat arse n pussy
  11. me said: you know i take in ass and looked like afterwards i think your trying to kid someone freshly
  12. wetmaker said: looks good, he dont hurt it, i like to try too.
  13. said: Call me and I will lick your Pussy and that beautiful Ass hole before I fuck you good
  14. ACE said: Hot pose. Your ass looks so inviting. Would love to be next. :)

freshly shaved cunt

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

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  1. Tim said: I want to lick that cunt
  2. said: I love a pussy with puffed inner lips
  3. 7176399093 said: I would love to lick that pussy, can I please
  4. Lee said: let me give u dat tongue lash’n u been beg’n 4
  5. said: Not me, but that’s for remembering my name!
  6. said: great camel toe
  7. shaved not hairy said: nice!
  8. jon said: i bet that camel toe looks goood in tight clothes… not bad . is that your fat arse above ??
  9. said: it looks like jen birds cunt. This is amazing!
  10. Geek said: You are beautiful! So sexy.
  11. said: WOW!!!!!! You look SO good Please let me eat you! You would so enjoy it!!!!

gettin pussy ready

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 16

vacation 003.jpg
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does this look a pussy of a 49 year old? Doesn’t feel like it either.

  1. said: very nice so gooooood
  2. HotPup said: 49? What a gorgeous pussy
  3. said: ya so hot i need you
  4. J R said: that have my 61 yr cock going in good order..luv to vintage cock that while hubby approved..10
  5. fuck_wad said: no doesnt look its 49…WTF learn how to write
  6. Lee said: wud luv 2 give it some tongue action 2 get dat baby purrrr’n and da juices flow’n
  7. Goober2010 said: Can I please take it for a ride? I would do anything for her
  8. jp said: cant belive that is a 49 year old pussy!
  9. llcoolcal said: THAT-is a perfect pussy !! would love to eat it
  10. luckylic said: What’s it taste like:-)
  11. wetmaker said: hot dam girl
  12. Priceisrite4u said: As long as I have a face you will always have a place to sit. Very Hot!!!
  13. Funny!!! said: Yeah looks like it has some miles on it!haha!!
  14. said: getting pussy ready for me thanks
  15. said: plenty of fuckz left in dat pusi girl !
  16. darren 30 said: i love the look of that.,the older the better…and it still looks tight after all of those years..WOW.
  17. said: I would love to play with that!
  18. tone said: well lickable
  19. GGSWA said: yeah~ looks like a 25-35 year old pussy nice
  20. said: You wouldn’t happen to be in Texas, so i could lick and stick you for as long as you like…
  21. Studmuffin said: 49? Jeez, it looks alot younger than that. Would love to know how i feels
  22. Mr Please said: Nope, cant say it looks 49 years old, but I can say it looks damn good! I wanna kiss it…. passionately….
  23. Dm said: 49 but damn sweet lookin
  24. said: Gorgeous!
  25. The Voyeur said: What a horny looking pussy! Would love a lick and then cum on it!
  26. said: are u kiddin? looks like 25 so great pussy
  27. said: No it doesn’t. Would love to find out how tight it is for myself :)
  28. said: mmmmmm

Freshly shaved pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Nov 15

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Want a taste?

  1. Kyyyyy said: Iove pussy like to see more
  2. said: why do you keep it all to yourself, am waiting for it from you
  3. Juiceman said: o my pumped up pussy lips, smooth, wish i had that
  4. J R said: all i wood say is YUMMMMYYYYY n dive in …cum her brains out
  5. headmaster said: luv 2 taste you
  6. Lee said: Wow I think I can actually smell and taste it from here
  7. said: you look tight and ready for a good tongue
  8. said: WOW Thats a close up!!!
  9. said: for sure id suck the wet off that kitty kat!!!!!! :)
  10. said: Would you like me to eat you???
  12. $ over bitches said: hell yea I do
  13. Tiger69 said: Pronounced Clitoris is a positive for Orgasm
  14. said: love freshly shaved pussy ı wanna see more
  15. unrelentingloki@gmail said: fantastic toe, sit on my face while you watch your tv shows
  16. knots said: yes please
  17. said: looks delicious. i would love to taste that beautiful pussy.
  18. said: nice shave looks soooo good have you any more
  19. said: looks delicious and tastes nice and creamy. Would love to lick your lolly pop
  20. said: I would eat that pussy until.. Well I wouldnt stop.
  21. hotrod said: You might get the camera wet.
  22. joe said: damn that looks fantastic!
  23. ken said: great clam
  24. Rickenbacker said: back the cam up a bit.
  25. Geek said: Beautiful! I would love to taste you.
  26. Whaaaaat said: Yes please :-p

Wet mexican pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Nov 15

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Love licking this pussy and fucking it who wants some?

  1. Jessica said: I would clean up that mess while your man fucks my ass.
  2. said: Id ruin that pussy give itto me
  3. said: i love to eat mexican!!
  4. ooooooh said: i recogniz that girl nd pussy any where
  5. jason said: i wanna fuck night baby and dump my load all over ur face
  6. redbone said: can I eat that taco
  7. Lee said: I want sum of dat hott and spicy taco
  8. said: Looks like dry blood on those lips, I’ll pass
  9. said: Looks like dey blood on those lips, I’ll pass
  10. rod said: i would fuck that wet back bitch and make her swallow my load and then send her back to mexico
  11. Barf said: Send it back to mexico, we have enough fatties in America already
  12. nomad said: mmmm me gusta, me recuerda de la mi querida. que rica panocha!
  13. mrputa said: mr puta would love some=]
  14. said: sent it over to australia. I can accomadate it.
  15. roy said: I would lick your ass and your pussy till you cum multiple times
  16. said: my tongue goes there! !
  17. Anonymous said: Beautiful.
  18. said: Wats up mami want some puertorican dick in u
  19. d boy said: DAMNN that looks good
  20. joe said: nice taco….

My little pink flower

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Nov 15

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Would you taste it?

  1. Boom said: Such a beautiful clit. Wish I could see your asshole, though.
  2. Longone4ya said: I want to fertilize it
  3. jason said: i wanna eat u out all night baby
  4. said: mmmmmm.. i like
  5. bi huny... said: baby let me suck u till u cum and then have a nice big cock fuck us both 2 climax…
  6. said: Let us both lick you
  7. said: of course who’s asking?
  8. Lee said: I wud’nt take my tongue off of it
  9. said: would look good on my face.
  10. said: mmmmmmmmm
  11. said: what it would be like to make it leak some sweet nectar
  12. mandingo said: i would make sure you came in my mouth, then nibble that clit with my lips until u popped like a ballon. nice lips
  13. said: There wouldn’t be enough of that pretty pussy left to pray over when I got done with it…. :)
  14. said: I’d gladly taste it for hours…would love to see more please x
  15. said: How pretty ! Perfect size for a good tongueing… 10
  16. GGSWA said: BEAUTIFUL! lovely blossom
  17. Steve said: What’s going on with all that red around your cooter? WTF
  18. Tiger69 said: Looks like a Big Mouth Bass. Is it fishey?
  19. said: OMG IM IN LOVE again
  20. said: OMG IM IN LOVE
  21. said: look at that great pinkness wanna suck u till u squirt on my face
  22. said: Damn would love to be eating that this morning looks so good :)
  23. The Dane said: Would eat you out any time… Soo hot
  24. Mickey said: looks more like a cunt to me!!
  25. joe said: really great looking pussy……i think i can taste it from here.
  26. Dm said: Ooooh my goodness do i like that flower!!
  27. J R said: if it was clean n std frree i sure wood! Yummmlikkenicious
  28. said: all night long….
  29. Young and Hung said: You look so lickable and fuckable.. I would flick your clit with my tongue and make u scream for my big cock
  30. said: more than just taste it baby i love pussy too
  31. C.J. said: absolutely beautiful! wuld love to lick and pleasure you! please post more! gorgeous!

finger my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Nov 15

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  1. Anne said: I could help with that
  2. Just Me said: Holy Crap that’s hot! Nice Body, Nice Pussy, Nice Shot! 10 plus!
  3. said: great …….i luv it
  4. headmaster said: wow
  5. Lee said: my tongue will do dat 4 u
  6. b@man said: i will lick the shit out of you ass and spray cum all over your face
  7. BUFF said: Your a lucky Bastard
  8. Hein said: Lose the hairy knuckle dragger
  9. Steve said: Let’s see more with her fingering the pussy.
  10. said: i would rather have my dick in there
  11. The Dane said: Would just love to see your face….
  12. joe said: nice trim…..awesome. thaks for the picture.
  13. J R said: wood she mind giving me head while hubby feels his way around?
  14. mic2469 said: would lick it
  15. Heiner said: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!♥♥♥
  16. jp said: very hot,very sexy body
  17. said: beautiful now lets see it without the hand
  18. said: Nice tight body love to see her tits
  19. dk said: Yes Yes Yes

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