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42 Yr. Old Wife First Pussy Post

Posted on Sunday Aug 17

Suzy Naughty 2.JPG
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A little nervous! What do you Think?

37 Responses to “42 Yr. Old Wife First Pussy Post”

  1. me8980@gmail. com said: just needs a tongue
  2. said: Stunning kitty!! Let’s see more of it!!!:)
  3. ACE said: Nothing to be nervous about Doll, ur pussy looks great.
  4. Major said: Looks like you’re still a Virgin. That’s cool. 10!
  5. said: Wouldnt say old that pussy looks young
  6. said: Looks delicious and ready for some expert attention.
  7. dd.eddie said: Marvelously DELICIOUS!
  8. Liguy32 said: Grow some hair and then post again!
  9. Spike said: Very nice shaven pussy!!!
  10. Keegan said: I just drooled on my phone looking at this beautiful, tight pussy! Yummy!
  11. Dave said: Lovely
  12. terri said: like my creamy pussyfooting
  13. Really! said: Funny how everyone thinks it’s tight! But it is one sexy pussy!!
  14. said: Hard to believe 42….. Hoy
  15. said: Tongue first, then suck the clit like a little mini cock, add two fingers to find the g and (hopefully) squirt. I can do it.
  16. spacedog said: gorgeous
  17. said: 42??? No fucken way! I adore your sexiness; congratulations on such a wonderful looking pussy!
  18. planeboy said: jeeesss louiseeeeee….fine!!!!
  19. said: mmmmm i would lick u all night
  20. Dawg said: That’s one beautiful pussy.
  21. bhubb said: damn would like to lick that puss show more of that ass at bhubb03@yahoo.Com swap some pics
  22. said: nice very nice email more :)
  23. Mr X. said: That’s a pearl of a pussy.
  24. BigBawsl said: That’s a lovely looking fanny! Don’t be nervous of that!
  25. Shavedlover said: 10, just perfect
  26. said: Nom nom nom nom nom
  27. J R said: very nice 1st post! can we C more time..;) nice bumm no doubt!!
  28. said: Beautiful and tiny. The first pussy I saw up close was 17 years old. It didn’t look that good.
  29. nukemace said: would love to give you a good tounge fucking until you cum in my mouth then i would give you a good stabbin and a creampie 10/10
  30. said: Looks tight
  31. Honest joe said: Nice, clean, well kept pussy. Nice
  32. Bad Boy said: Looks too tight for 42……she needs some big cock in her before its too late!!!!!
  33. sean said: my fingers,tongue and cock could have a lot of fun with that sweet little pussy
  34. said: You look great, nothing to be nervous about. Any chance of seeing the rest of you?
  35. Rig said: That’s a beautiful smooth tight clean pussy. You could pass for 18 any day. I’d love to stretch it a fill it with my hot spunk
  36. said: Nothing to be nervous about!! Would love to give that tight little pussy a try!!
  37. said: very edible! Thanks for sharing!

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delicious teen pussy

Posted on Saturday Aug 16

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17 Responses to “delicious teen pussy”

  1. said: Vow now thats what i call a real cute one
  2. dd.eddie said: so damn suckable!
  3. said: I can’t give it personal attention, but I can attend to your fantasies. I give good chat.
  4. J R said: thats a nice //butt def no “teen” puss there! ;) not much use…;) 9
  5. said: @Siamov,would love to see more of your delicious pussy!
  6. Jizz Meister said: Ooh, that looks tasty. I would love to lavish plenty of attention on your lovely lips.
  7. survey sez said: Lovely puss. I’d finger that sweet box a bunch before eatin the fuck out of it.
  8. RGK said: wow that looks amazing ;)
  9. said: can i have some i love it inbox me more is beautiful
  10. bill said: Nice twat
  11. said: i bet it taste sweet as a peach
  12. said: It used to kalber. Not anymore. I just enjoy my life now with no string attached :))
  13. said: Now that’s a beautiful pussy! I’d love to see the rest of you at
  14. said: I’d love to bury my tongue in your pussy and lick you to orgasm before fucking you hard and deep!
  15. BB4WW said: Pretty pussy but clean those dirty nails little mama.
  16. Bobby said: I would Fuck the living shit out of this pink pussy
  17. said: Where were you when I was younger? So inviting. Does it get a lot of attention from a special worshipper?

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Posted on Saturday Aug 16

sexy ass.jpg
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17 Responses to “HI LIKE MY NAUHGTY ASS ??”

  1. santa said: instant boner love that nice wide ass want to put my dick in it
  2. said: The midwife did a sloppy job sewing you up after you gave birth, you might wanna see a plastic surgeon
  3. ACE said: Now that u have me hard, ur ass n pussy need filled with my Hot cum!
  4. dd.eddie said: Of course sexy silly slutty servant
  5. J R said: wow lucky man that took the pic!! massive lips n bumm..built for pleasure riding! post more! 10’s hubby share? ;)
  6. Jizz Meister said: I would love to suck a hard cock that has been in your ass
  7. 22andRich said: My cock is hard I’m jerking off over you now…used, cum everywhere now
  8. 5714327523 said: yes mine is throbbing hard wanting to eat and fuck that ass and pussy
  9. said: can i have some inbox me more
  10. said: hell yes id love to c more of it and fill it with my cum
  11. pappa said: i would love to spit in that horny asshole ….lick it out and fuck it all night long
  12. Milton said: I couldn’t help but jack one off to this picture. Thanks for the nut!
  13. said: Your ass is perfect and I’d love to dump a load in both holes
  14. said: Looks like you could ou could use a good hard fucking!! Love to slap my balls off your pussy as I’m pounding your ass!
  15. hunter said: €===8 Not yet . you want to sit on my face n i lie to you lol
  16. BB4WW said: Mmmmhmmmmm. That ass had been ridden hard and put away wet

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Tight ass shaved girlfriend

Posted on Saturday Aug 16

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Girlfriend got a little tipsy and got super wet, what would you do to her tight pussy?

12 Responses to “Tight ass shaved girlfriend”

  1. dick said: I’ll make it drip with my cum.
  2. hge said: shy pussy
  3. john said: want to eat that pussy and asshole, and then cum all over them
  4. Joe said: Id pound u hard. Dam
  5. dd.eddie said: her ass n pussy would be coated in saliva by now
  6. JJ said: Love tight pussies just like that. Perfect lips so tasty looking. Post more!!
  7. rj said: I would spread her legs and go down on that sweet pussy the give her a cream pie
  8. Jizz Meister said: Being a leg man, I love this type of shot. Shows off her beautiful thighs and bottom, front and back! :p
  9. said: First, congrats on being a Niners fan! Second, congrats for having a hot girlfriend!
  10. beeverhunter said: I’d make her sit on my face till I ran out of air and die a happy man.Thanks for post such a buetifill tag.How about a front sho
  11. said: Give her a good hard fucking and fill her with a load!
  12. BB4WW said: I love older women too. Post more.

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Wife’s just got laid look

Posted on Friday Aug 15

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Taken after our first gangbang. Who’s next?

17 Responses to “Wife’s just got laid look”

  1. Lickit said: Let’s not waste time get her ready again for few more of us to pound her
  2. said: jasonj987-i have some good pics that RMN didnt post from sum reason
  3. Travis Bickle said: @bladey – can you say all that again in English? You are from England right?
  4. rj said: i cant belive their was a gang bang some would have given her a cream pie i know i would have
  5. nukemace said: why would you let many men gangbang your pussy….no wonder why it looks trashed lol i would punch ur man for posting this
  6. said: Nice! Don’t keep us guessing, let’s see some action/video!!!
  7. said: ur nxt pal wif a kent 81 marrow up ur arz ole !
  8. said: pitty u guys u didn’t get gang crashed ud da arz ole !
  9. said: well taint ur wife just a sad burd dat getz fucked about wiv dick edz numb fuckers dat dunt giv a fuck in ell !
  10. jasonj987 said: there were 4 but 2 were very big they did most of the damage. .
  11. said: Beautiful! How many cacks were involved???
  12. dd.eddie said: She doesnt looked banged enough; or was it you? mayb she needs an internal popshot
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing. I’d love to be next!!!!
  14. said: Love to bang her pussy for her!
  15. Mark said: I like the trim job!
  16. said: Lets see the pics of the gangbang
  17. said: I would love to be next! love that delicious looking swollen pussy. please post more.

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Tight pussy

Posted on Friday Aug 15

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My girlfriend is so tight!

16 Responses to “Tight pussy”

  1. said: that is a yummmy pussy!
  2. Chuck Norris said: Missed a HAIR….!!
  3. Lickit said: Keep on pounding her and if ur willing to share her I’d love to lick her pussy before I pound her in front of u
  4. rj said: wow!! she does have agreat looking pussy, put a ring on her finger she is a keeper
  5. Jizz Meister said: I’m just loving the vulvas on here lately. What a great close up!
  6. Gandolf said: I believe we traveled through that asshole forest to get to the mines of Moria.
  7. said: That fucking pussy is amazing
  8. beevercleaver said: Now thats a a close up.Almost licked my phoneB-)
  9. said: can i have it love it so beautiful looks so tight inbox me more
  10. dd.eddie said: I love the design of this yummy pussy
  11. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing very sexy 10
  12. said: Both holes look nice and tight! Love to slide my cock in either one and give her a good fucking!
  13. In the sharing mood said: I think I can loosen her up for you!!!
  14. Diamond Jim said: That is one hairy asshole
  15. said: What’s under the hood? Love it ;) great little lips
  16. said: Beautiful. i would love to eat and fuck her tight pusyy.

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Mrs Vegas hot wet pussy

Posted on Friday Aug 15

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My hot wet pussy just to see what you guys think

14 Responses to “Mrs Vegas hot wet pussy”

  1. said: I’m in Vegas, I’d be more than happy to take care of that!
  2. Lickit said: I am ready to use u any way u want babe just wanking after seeing ur pic dam hot load shot inside
  3. rj said: love doing a read head
  4. Jizz Meister said: Viva Las Vulva!
  5. Keegan said: I’d love to blow a load all over that pussy, then slap it a few times.
  6. said: Nice beautiful slit!
  7. dd.eddie said: viva las vegas!
  8. said: I think that’s a beautiful pussy and close by!
  9. said: Vegas? I’m in Vegas. Looks delicous
  10. said: Love the little bit of hair! Would love to nuzzle my tongue along your pussy and taste your wetness!
  11. said: m mrs vegas you are @ dollmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing
  12. In the sharing mood said: I want to go balls deep in that ginger pussy!!!
  13. said: Love it as much as your tits ;) email more you little beauty
  14. said: Looks delicious. i would love to eat and fuck you. mmm. i sure do love redheads.

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Camping pussy

Posted on Thursday Aug 14

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Showing the kitty in the tent

15 Responses to “Camping pussy”

  1. john said: want you camp that pussy on my face
  2. J R said: luv campfires..butt ya dont look like a “camper”..that honey pot is beautiful though! got any other pics? huge!
  3. said: when would you like to explore the tent i’ve erected..
  4. said: I’d love so sniff that after several days of camping!!!
  5. dd.eddie said: Im pitching a tent too; nothing smell or tastes better than camping pussy! :D
  6. I would said: pitch a tent and drop a load!
  7. said: Hold that pose while I lick and nibble your little clit to orgasm!
  8. Jizz Meister said: Beautiful panties down pussy shot. Now that would make any camping trip for me!
  9. said: luv those sexy lips baby, give me some in my email
  10. Spike said: Camping sex is awesome!!!
  11. Who knows said: Id love to see that from the back
  12. beevercleaver said: she’s got my tent pitched.I give her pussy a 9 and 1 for begin a good camper.
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing
  14. said: Normally I don’t care for camping, but with her, in front of a roaring camp fire. We’d make some noise. Scare the animals.
  15. Mark said: Great pic! Love the panties pulled down!

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Shaved pussy

Posted on Thursday Aug 14

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I love to take it as deep and hard as my guy can give it. How about you? What would you do?

10 Responses to “Shaved pussy”

  1. dick said: lick lick lick
  2. said: Tongue first then explode load deep inside that sweet pussy doggy style!
  3. J R said: sure give it the ol college try! ;) while hubby watched…;) nice
  4. said: Tongue fuck both your holes first and then haveyou tell me which one to slide my cock in! Love to see more!
  5. Jizz Meister said: What a peach of a pussy and bottom. Hands on your butt cheeks while deep thrusting…oh yeah!
  6. Dan said: i’m willing to bet i can give it deeper and harder than you
  7. captaincum said: I’d blow the walls out of both holes!
  8. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing to get that ass and fuck that pussy
  9. said: Tongue first. And then when you are cumming, shove my hard dick in and pound, balls slapping your clit till you howl.
  10. Mark said: I would fuck her doggy style while I do a crossword puzzle on her back.

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Milf pussy

Posted on Wednesday Aug 13

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I need a ride…..

12 Responses to “Milf pussy”

  1. J R said: looks like hubby has everything “in hand” ….beautiful! let the HAIR grow out!
  2. R said: “Love them Lips” “Fucken HOT”
  3. 12budlight said: such a pretty pussy,perfect lips!!! I would love to lick that for an hour or two!!!
  4. Milton said: Well that there pussy sure dun does look like It would be a real hootin nanny of a time. Y’all hear me now?
  5. said: Nice looking pussy! I’d love for you to ride me.
  6. Mark said: Nice pussy. The big hairy fingers are a bit of a turn off though.
  7. ryan said: MILF the only way to go! nice pussy!
  8. said: Jump on and take all you need, just don’t be suprised when you get bent over and I do the same
  9. said: She can ride my cock anytime!
  10. Really! said: What makes her a milf? this is just another pussy pic!
  11. said: I need to see more of you ;)
  12. said: What a hot sexy pussy mmmm looks yummy I ride that hard baby

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