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Welcome home slow blow

Posted on Monday Jan 12

RMN 1.jpg

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Lost in the moment

20 Responses to “Welcome home slow blow”

  1. J R said: thats a good woman! can she do me next? beautiful boobs btw
  2. R said: “Love Ggetting my Cock sucked” Keep up the Good Job!!!
  3. said: Christina I would like to see a pic of you.
  4. said: @Christina, you sound like my kind of woman, wouldn’t mind seeing those pics myself but I think I’d rather see a pic of you lady
  5. Christina said: Thank you guys
  6. Throbbin Hood said: I’d like to see some pics of women receiving oral, rather than always giving. I like Christina’s comments too.
  7. Christina said: I really like this dick. Wish I could see more of it.
  8. Christina said: Not yet. My first post will be on here or boobcritic. I love the pics of girls giving oral.
  9. that just happened said: Love your comment Christina. :-)
  10. Undertaker said: hey Christina do you share via email?
  11. Johnnyonthespot said: Me too. I love when a woman cums on my face and then sucks me off. Let me know when u get the courage for a go
  12. Christina said: I enjoy giving and receiving
  13. Johnnyonthespot said: @Christina… Do u enjoy reciprocal oral action?
  14. Undertaker said: do we get to see the rest of her?
  15. Christina said: Sorry I don’t care for big ol dicks or egos.
  16. BBC said: I would love to sword fight your man with my 13 inch black cock;)
  17. WOW!!! said: @ Christina wanna see my slab of meat?
  18. said: Yes I like them smooth so can lick them clean
  19. Christina said: Very nice!
  20. dd.eddie said: damn, who’s home you get that at? Are appointments necessary?

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going to shave it smooth tonight

Posted on Monday Jan 12


Rating: 3.72    (429 votes cast)

23 yr old latina who wants to know what you think

16 Responses to “going to shave it smooth tonight”

  1. said: I think your pussy looks very fuckable and would love to see it after you shave.
  2. said: Its sexy, let me see your rear view, pls.
  3. said: Que rico mami! You can sit on my face
  4. said: Beautiful tight pussy, please inbox me some shaved pics I’d eat you all nite!
  5. Throbbin Hood said: I’d love to help you, but take some photos when you do it. It’ sure is pretty.
  6. Undertaker said: after you shave give hairy below you a few tips
  7. pussypumper said: fucking hot
  8. said: It looks Yummy! Can’t wait to see it all smooth!
  9. bigrichard said: i want you wrapped around my cock
  10. Gloverboy6 said: We get to see it after, right? I bet it’ll be even sexier :D
  11. cuntastic said: post more
  12. bob said: spread those lips
  13. CLIT LICKER . said: Do you need any help ???
  14. pussylicker said: id love to run my tongue up that slit
  15. dd.eddie said: mmmMMM MMMmm I wann lick on the stubble first! Would you cum in my mouth? a tinkle will do too
  16. said: very nice, would love to see the shaved and spread

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Want to share

Posted on Sunday Jan 11


Rating: 3.92    (541 votes cast)

Trying out my new GoPro, might have some fun with this!

14 Responses to “Want to share”

  1. CW said: Great ass….
  2. J R said: beautiful rear view! doesnt get much better! post more
  3. said: Thank you for sharing, looks like a good investment from my angle.
  4. said: Love to see a pic of you and your gopro in that sweet pussy
  5. BBC said: I’ll fuck you and your man on go pro with my 13 inch black cock
  6. dd.eddie said: finally someone found a good use for one
  7. said: Very hot ass, i would love to please your holes.
  8. Erica said: mmm id love to share your bf with you.
  9. said: great ass and pussy would eat those all night
  10. said: nice view, love the round ass
  11. mlsd619 said: I love it.
  12. asshole addict said: Oh my… That asshole looks beautiful. Spread those cheeks and post more!
  13. geraldo said: great pose. love it.
  14. said: It looks fun from here!

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Posted on Sunday Jan 11


Rating: 4.09    (617 votes cast)

19 Responses to “finger-food”

  1. dick said: good use of your fingers
  2. said: Yep, like it. Love to suck on that.
  3. J R said: wow now thats a a big puss….mercy sakes….
  4. Thrill said: Gorgeous cunny….juicy…yum..yum..
  5. mark said: stretched out.
  6. SAM said: Can I have a go at that? Absolutely beautiful.
  7. ACE said: Both ur holes look delicious Doll! Plz show more
  8. dd.eddie said: I want my nose and tongue deep inside! Warmest place on earth
  9. said: sweet I’d like to eat that finger-food
  10. said: Take my hard cock instead in your sweet pussy.
  11. tj said: looks like it has had to many miles of dick in it for my liking
  12. Gloverboy6 said: Is it finger-lickin’ good?
  13. survey sez said: looks like tongue chow to me.
  14. said: damn can i stick something in there for you inbox me more
  15. Mr Good Kat said: needs to eaten then tenderized then cream filled!!!
  16. said: that is a nice looking pussy, looks delicious
  17. Undertaker said: now that’s a nice spread
  18. Spike said: Love the lips nad the finger in the pussy!
  19. Rig said: Nice blown out meaty pussy

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Close Up

Posted on Sunday Jan 11


Rating: 3.89    (469 votes cast)

Can’t y”all just taste it? Lick me, then slide your big cock inside me.

15 Responses to “Close Up”

  1. HedonistFriend said: Looks very used save the stink box… Which is my favorite anyway. 4starz. But post more. Great pic.Love the reach around spread
  2. said: I’d let your hubby do anything he wants while you sit on my face
  3. Loki said: Mmm I love the spread. Getting my dick rock hard!
  4. J R said: ya’ll need to post more! 1 post just a teaser…ya’ll cum back now hear! ;) beautiful 10 starz
  5. man said: 9545898086 please text more ass pics. ilooooov your ass. would kiss it first.
  6. R said: “Fucken Hot”
  7. ACE said: Awesome close up Doll! I’d love to fill both ur holes with Hot cum! Plz show much more or ur incredible pussy & asshole!
  8. dd.eddie said: I wont stop at a licken; i want to such you inside out!
  9. said: oh my I’d love to!
  10. said: I would love to make you cream.
  11. said: Stunning! Pure heaven!
  12. eddie said: Love to LICK BOTH HOLES
  13. Undertaker said: I’ll lick you then stick you
  14. said: you read my mind! looks tight and tasty!
  15. Sexy MILF said: How about you lick me and my hubby can slip his fat cock in you?! Sound good?

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Shaving My Pussy

Posted on Sunday Jan 11


Rating: 3.36    (404 votes cast)

Getting ready for some big dick.

10 Responses to “Shaving My Pussy”

  1. dave said: That looks like a great body to gang bang
  2. J R said: when you get done with big dick..can ya lean forward n let those boobs HANG free..there awesome
  3. said: I can help with that
  4. said: Would love to lick your pussy as you suck my breasts
  5. WOODY said: loving your tits my dear
  6. said: I would love to make your boobs bounce.
  7. pussy lover said: fucking hot. show us pussy please. email shots to
  8. Jimmy said: Would love to blow a load on those nice big titties
  9. survey sez said: Would love to finger you while I suck your sweet tits.
  10. BBC said: Could the big dick be 13in of black cock fucking you hard?

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Ready to go

Posted on Friday Jan 9


Rating: 4.1    (646 votes cast)

Would you spread my pussy?

17 Responses to “Ready to go”

  1. said: Spread those legs and ill spread that pussy with my tongue and dick!
  2. said: I am ready come.
  3. said: Wow i could cum just looking at that pussy looks so tight love to see more inbox me
  4. big tig said: hell yeah
  5. Throbbin Hood said: Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler would be proud, and so is my cock as I look at your photo.
  6. jess said: are you from new zealand?
  7. said: I would eat you out in that position
  8. geraldo said: Really, I’m not here to compete in your spelling bee. You can have the addidas adidas girl. Sexy black athletic socks and all!
  9. dd.eddie said: with my nose, then tongue, then lips, face, head, shoulders, etc. I want inside!
  10. R said: Any Time any where!!
  11. said: I want to spread your pussy with my tongue first then i can split your beautiful wet cunt lips with my hard cock and fuck you!
  12. senseimiyagi said: Beautiful!
  13. captaincum said: would love to pump both holes with my cum
  14. said: looks sexy and inviting needs a tongue
  15. Really said: geraldo, addidas socks really if your gonna say something rude at least spell it right!
  16. said: yes, would spread that with my tongue and cock
  17. geraldo said: addidas socks? really?

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wet pussy

Posted on Friday Jan 9


Rating: 4.1    (699 votes cast)

21 Responses to “wet pussy”

  1. HedonistFriend said: Looks like a young slit.
  2. said: Mmmmmm……
  3. said: one of the best pussy ive ever seen, would you like to share?
  4. Mr Good Kat said: my lips on yours tounge deep inside make you wetter then let that wet pussy slide and cream on my dick!!!
  5. Pussylicker said: Let me make it wetter then it already is
  6. said: Beautiful tight pussy, I would eat & cum in that beautiful thing all day!
  7. greg said: wow. great pussy sweetheart. God bless
  8. Tosser said: Sexy pussy! Gets me hard!
  9. said: So lickable.
  10. Undertaker said: hey wifey i tried to email you back it your email don’t exist
  11. senseimiyagi said: Wow!
  12. greg said: now we’re talking. that is one sweet looking pussy
  13. said: Pussy to share hornywifey80.
  14. Troy said: I’d love to smell your pussy 24 7
  15. Gloverboy6 said: Perfect 5, OMG!
  16. said: very sexy smooth wet pussy
  17. DEVIL said: yeah very wet
  18. dic361 said: Perfect pussy !!5 stars! please post pics of you spreading
  19. said: delicious, would love to have a tastetaste
  20. Bean said: Would like s. K that
  21. CLIT LICKER . said: That is a great looking wet gash love to taste your juice .

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Girl Next Door

Posted on Friday Jan 9


Rating: 4.18    (625 votes cast)

my sweet pink pussy spread open and waiting…

25 Responses to “Girl Next Door”

  1. Trey88 said: Very pretty pussy, looks in need of a proper fucking
  2. said: Very sweet
  3. said: My cock would really strech that pussy with my 5″ girth
  4. said: would like to see more
  5. said: I would love you to stay next door to me ;) what a lovely pussy x
  6. J R said: wow! no such thing next door like that…in the country for sure! beautiful can ya post more? ;)
  7. said: I wish I was living next door to me. We would have fun daily
  8. Browser said: I want to dive into that nose first
  9. said: oh so hot and sexy…wish u were next door to me
  10. said: that needs licked from top to bottom and repeat. looks so tight!
  11. said: I want to lick your sweet pink pussy before I shove my hard dick in and fuck you to climax! Damn beautiful!
  12. said: Beautiful and so inviting. We would spend a lot of time visiting each other if we we remotely close, let alone next door!!!
  13. senseimiyagi said: Would love to welcome you to the neighborhood!!!
  14. CLIT LICKER . said: With a wet slit like that u can be next door to me anytime and i will have my tounge up that wet thing everday .
  15. Xxx said: Delicious
  16. said: Move her in! ;)
  17. Undertaker said: u and me both wifey thats sexy but not as sexy as yours
  18. BigBaws said: Beautiful!
  19. said: I wish u was the girl next door to me
  20. . said: the perfect shade of pink
  21. xxx said: one of the prettiest pussy’s i’ve ever seen on here
  22. said: love to live next to you
  23. Jerking Off said: Im jacking it off now to ur post. Gonna shoot my hot load on my screen :-P
  24. Jerking Off said: You wouldnt have 2 waite long . My door would always b open 4 your hot wet warm pink pussy 4 me 2 fuck and suck ur nice tits 2 .
  25. Jerking Off said: That is sweet girl. I wish u lived next to me . We would b best neighbors . Would eat ,fuck you and cum in an all over you .a 10

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close up tight asian pussy

Posted on Thursday Jan 8

IMG 323132.jpg

Rating: 3.63    (634 votes cast)

My tight wet asian pussy needs some cock! i’m tasty too! how would you lick and fuck me??

15 Responses to “close up tight asian pussy”

  1. Biff Raggoo said: I would love to suck on your lips
  2. Jerking Off said: Bada ding dong here i cum sooo long on your hairy asian wet kitty cat
  3. said: often and every way possible
  4. dd.eddie said: 4those that r pussy novices; please goo visit the WallOf Vagina website & see have varied pussies r. Get experience & luv all!
  5. said: Bc I have a collection of pics old and new that I share
  6. Big t said: Hornywifey why are the pics you send from 8 years ago
  7. Jimbob said: Agree with you Greg my brother.
  8. Chris said: nice pussy! let’s see it nice and wet
  9. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: I’ll ride you hard balls deep. Cum till it hurts, play with that ass and feed you some more. Let’s get dirty;)
  10. greg said: are you guys fucking crazy or just desperate that pussy is fucked up. come on guys there is some fine pussy on here this is not
  11. Johnnyonthespot said: I’ve been cravin’ me some Asian. Climb on top and fuck me
  12. said: Damn baby that’s sexy I’d love a lick mmmm
  13. BBC said: I want to lick up and down on that think clit till it’s soaked the push my black cock in balls deep as you cum on my cock:0
  14. dd.eddie said: I aint stoppin a just a lick. I will be snacking, nibbling and sucking your pussy inside out. Cum in my mouth, PLEASE! :D
  15. said: slow and deep to savor ur tight pussy

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