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Devon’s pussy close up

Posted on Wednesday Nov 19


Rating: 3.44    (553 votes cast)

Here is a close up of my wet pussy.

8 Responses to “Devon’s pussy close up”

  1. senseimiyagi said: Loves me some Uppies pic!!!
  2. Thomas said: Devon. I love your pics. Please spread that pretty pussy for us.
  3. mandy said: hi devon i would eat you all up. pretty pussy !!
  4. said: yummy looking pussy you have x
  5. said: thank u
  6. dd.eddie said: Mm i want my mouth all over your sweaty pussy.. Mmm
  7. said: Mmmmmm delicious :)
  8. said: let me fill it

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wife’s full pussy

Posted on Wednesday Nov 19


Rating: 2.97    (579 votes cast)

My hot wife after I pumped her full

15 Responses to “wife’s full pussy”

  1. jon said: love the hair matted down
  2. Just me said: She makes me horny
  3. OJ said: Best pussy I’ve seen so far in this site
  4. broncobon said: love to lick her creampie cunt.
  5. said: Let’s talk about pussy.
  6. J R said: cant believe its only rated at 5.5 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? that made in the USA?
  7. J R said: voted 10 thats a HAIR puss..luv to finish that off 1 ck not enuff thats built for 2 ck action now for sure! post more,HAIR !!10
  8. BW said: She’s shaved up now and nice and tight
  9. rj said: love the bush!! nice cream pie you gave her now drive her nuts lick it out for her
  10. senseimiyagi said: Hell yeah you did!!!!
  11. Mk said: Yum yum yum. please look at very hairy ginger pussy. please like that. i love your pic
  12. Thomas said: Please shave. This isn’t the Stone Age.
  13. moi said: yes – hair is natural and good
  14. dd.eddie said: damn you pumped so hard the cum turned to foam; let it get crusty
  15. said: Damn, I like I like a lot! Hairy pussy, nice lips, very sexy and oh so fucked real good. I want in!!!

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dog style ass

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18


Rating: 3.51    (652 votes cast)

ready for the dog style lovin.

13 Responses to “dog style ass”

  1. J R said: shes ready for 2 ck’s while hubby pumps away she can be giving me her good! post more
  2. mandy said: pussy girl i want to rub your tits ass and pussy with my tongue mmm
  3. mandy said: mmm i would give that booty a good licking !!! Hi pussy girl !!
  4. mr grey said: perfect for a fuck my ass please
  5. Pussy girl said: I want to rub my tits and wet pussy against yours
  6. said: Like any good dog I like to lick it clean xx
  7. senseimiyagi said: Mmmm, I loves me some Pocahantas chick!!!
  8. Jizz Meister said: That’s driving me barking mad. Woof woof!
  9. said: very inviting! 10+
  10. said: hell yeah I wod ram ur pusi !!!!!!!!!
  11. dd.eddie said: Hmm, perhaps i will let my dog sniff and lick you first; then I will have a go inside
  12. said: yummmy, you look super sexy x
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing

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hotwife kate pussy

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18


Rating: 3.98    (642 votes cast)

my hotwife’s pussy. would love to hear what you thing or would do.

12 Responses to “hotwife kate pussy”

  1. J R said: while she rides hubbys ck she can be giving me head…she would be good to go! 10 ;)
  2. Gene at said: I consider that gourmet dining–meant to be savored & not hurried! I’d lick that all day long, if she wanted
  3. said: you luck guy, i’d lick, finger and fuck the beautiful pussy! thank you for sharing. super sexy wife mate
  4. said: I want that to cum on my hard cock as my cum dripps out of you.
  5. Thomas said: Beautiful!
  6. rj said: i bet she goes nuts when that sweet thing has a toung moving all over it
  7. Spike said: OMG I love the lips!
  8. senseimiyagi said: Hi Kate, do you want 8…inches of love???
  9. dick said: I want to cum on your big pussy lips
  10. dd.eddie said: that pussy is soooo delicious; i would slowly lick her creme until my tongue gets sticky and savor her flavor
  11. said: I think that pussy looks awesome, could you let go of those fabulous lips and post the pic to me please ;) lovely :)
  12. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing love to eat that

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Wife’ Hairy Pussy

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18


Rating: 3.59    (572 votes cast)

6 Responses to “Wife’ Hairy Pussy”

  1. J R said: ol fashioned here..luv the HAIR on puss! HAIR!!! 10 post more HAIR!!! ;)
  2. spacedog said: I love that photo
  3. senseimiyagi said: Wow, looks like a party waiting to happen!
  4. Jizz Meister said: Damned sexy! Beautiful bod & puss. Nice to see a hairy bush once in a while…
  5. dd.eddie said: Mmm a flavor saver just enough to tickle my nose. Sweet body! Soft thighs
  6. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing love hairy pussy

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Hot puss

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18


Rating: 3.8    (508 votes cast)

9 Responses to “Hot puss”

  1. said: what a shame such a lovley pussy and my cock is not in it
  2. J R said: could the “puss girl” post a pic? like to see…can Mandy post a pic too!
  3. mandy said: very pretty.shame the vibe is blocking that sweet starfish.hi pussy girl .
  4. Pussy girl said: Oh baby I want to lick you so bad and have you lick my pussy
  5. dd.eddie said: Hot Puss? Oh that is one of those turkey poppers: she has reached 160 internally. HOT Let me stuff her now :D
  6. said: wish it was me there and not your toy ;)
  7. said: Great looking greedy snatch ;)
  8. Thomas said: Oh boy. That’s a biggin’
  9. said: mmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing. toy box cleaner here!!!

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wife crotch-less panties

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18


Rating: 3.41    (481 votes cast)

fitness wife posing crotch-less panties

7 Responses to “wife crotch-less panties”

  1. J R said: can ya do justice to the “fitness” queen by getting a closer look at the crotch? starten to look good btw!
  2. senseimiyagi said: I’m intrigued! Please post more of your hot gal!
  3. dick said: I will fuck both your holes standing up
  4. dd.eddie said: so far away…. but that IS one FIT azz!
  5. Mr X. said: Lookming good from here, but pls repost a close up on that pussy?
  6. said: This girl looks hot hot hot! Great pair of legs lady :) I love the look, could you get a closer view and post me a pic ;)
  7. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing gorgeous lady

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Sweet tasting pussy & asshole

Posted on Monday Nov 17


Rating: 4.27    (753 votes cast)

24 Responses to “Sweet tasting pussy & asshole”

  1. Just me said: Think she likes her ass licked?
  2. Amanda said: sit in my face baby. i want to lick ur pussy and that tigh tight ass.
  3. rater said: just rock back and take it that beatiful body. 8.7!
  4. said: I agree with lil boy completely ;)
  5. lil boy said: iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou
  6. lil boy said: deep fuck your asshole n feel those beautiful breasts oooh i want you
  7. lil boy said: i would fill that ass with hot cum anytime even when youre older mmmmm im in love with your ass i want it soooo bad
  8. lil boy said: i love when you spread your ass
  9. lil boy said: its soooo hard n loooooong now looking at your precious sexy asshole mmmmm
  10. lil boy said: pleeease let me fuck your ass
  11. lil boy said: i want your hot ass sooo bad
  12. lil boy said: let me lick that sexy asshole n pussy while we 69
  13. t said: Lovely butthole.
  14. ACE said: Awesome shot Doll. I’d love to taste both ur holes before I fill them with my hot cum.
  15. dd.eddie said: Im sure they both are and my tongue is ready for both those holes. Gr8 pictre with side tit
  16. said: Ye spread those holes real good cause I have a cock here so hard it will fuck both xx
  17. Timber said: Pink n clean with a well built body(legs ass , waist , tits). couldnt agree more w/ hunter comment.
  18. said: I’d love to dine out on both of those holes! Great body lady
  19. Chris said: holy shit thats awesome! thank you for sharing!
  20. J R said: amazing! a woman who can do a 2 handed reach around like that is my kind of woman! dont think this can be topped post more
  21. dick said: nice and pink
  22. tony said: id lick that pussy and asshole
  23. hunter said: would love to fuck both and cum on your tits
  24. MitchBu said: wow fucking hot pussy lips

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Stuffing her wet cunt…..

Posted on Monday Nov 17


Rating: 2.62    (453 votes cast)

Motel room, with a well hung bi guy we met at an adult bookstore manning the camera!!

4 Responses to “Stuffing her wet cunt…..”

  1. lmfao said: well hung not even close
  2. Big Bill said: The bi guy thing won’t fly around here.
  3. dd.eddie said: really, bi and a cameraman; he didnt want the other hole?
  4. Chris said: looks like the dude being there is affecting your boner bud.

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horny wife 3

Posted on Monday Nov 17


Rating: 4.18    (677 votes cast)

Maybe you guys rate her higher much better pic.

13 Responses to “horny wife 3”

  1. Rj said: No one else notice something in her ass?? What do u have up there?
  2. lee said: lay there and get fucked
  3. said: Very very very sexxy pussy. Nicely trimmed juicy lips mmmm delicious I want some.
  4. Undertaker said: how can it be better this pic is fuckin awesome
  5. ACE said: Very inviting shot Doll! Great set of lips
  6. dick said: I want to cum on your clit
  7. tw said: i would love to lick your sweet pussy while you pee . beautiful piece of pie
  8. dd.eddie said: My lips are chapped form the cold weather; your will soothe them fine. May I? :D
  9. said: Yet another top pic of a superb pussy! Keep them coming ;)
  10. senseimiyagi said: That sure is a beautiful pic. I double dog dare you to top this pic!!!
  11. said: I’d lick that all day long. Beautiful pussy
  12. J R said: eat that all day all nite with short breaks of course! yummmm 10
  13. Jizz Meister said: Beautiful pussy. I just want to bury my face in it, give it a good probing with my tongue and taste her juices…

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