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Posted on Monday Oct 13


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  1. said: Doll I want to slide in and out of your wet cunt while deeply fingering that tight butt. Other hand on your hot clit.
  2. said: @Doll,you’ve got an awesome wet pussy and a beautiful set of lips! Would love to have those lips milking my cock dry!
  3. ACE said: Had to cum back for seconds Doll! Ur incredible. I helped with your name that should get me a night or 3 with u! ;)
  4. Josh said: are u going to post more. I cant wait to see more
  5. Rig said: Doll I want to see your tits, let’s see those hard nipples
  6. Doll said: @ ACE : you keep ME cumming ;)
  7. Doll said: @ you keep ME cumming ;)
  8. dd.eddie said: I can smell your pussy; sweet still becasue a wet pussy is so close; let me lick you wet and deep to get flavor out of it :D
  9. ACE said: Doll the more I see of u the more I want! ;) keep me Cumming!
  10. Josh said: your pussy gets better everytime I see her. love it
  11. said: How CAN I fuck u babe? What is your price?
  12. said: @Doll, smell it I can taste it and it tastes good ;) lets see a toy in your ass with those fabulous lips on show too
  13. Rig said: Doll I’d like to stretch that asshole till it gapes then I’d drive my hard dick deep in it while I finger your clit till u cum
  14. Scott said: I’d lick it till it blistered, and fuck it till it pops!
  15. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: I want to stick my tongue all the way into that sweet looking asshole!!! Bet it’s tasty!!
  16. said: I would creampie both those holes and then eat them
  17. Doll said: Who here can smell my asshole from the picture? ;)
  18. Doll said: @ it IS perfection… especially sliding on your dick!
  19. Doll said: @ : I can fuck for however long it takes and walk fine ;) I’m an athlete ;)
  20. said: i’d love to run my tongue up in that all night
  21. said: Holy shit Doll!! My cock is drooling for your pussy. I want to lick and fuck your pussy and ass till you can’t walk!
  22. senseimiyagi said: Heck yeah it is Doll! Rather see that than my asshole neighbor!
  23. said: so sexy wife would love to rub pussys together n see how wet u get then
  24. said: perfection
  25. Doll said: @ senseimiyagi : right ? Isn this the best sight to wake up to? ???
  26. Doll said: @ thickbadunk : thats exactly what Id like to happen,, especially if your shooting your load in my asshole! ;)
  27. Doll said: @ It is wet,, can you see my juice in between my lips??
  28. said: looks so wet n made wife horny
  29. thickbadunk said: doll – how about letting a woman lick and nibble on those succulent pussy lips? Then stick my tongue in your ass!
  30. 10inchthick said: There’s nothing better than that omg face the first time u fell it up in ur stomach doll ;-)
  31. senseimiyagi said: Would love to wake up every morning with that starring back at me!
  32. superg said: i fill it up for you
  33. Rig said: Doll… After I work your pussy and starfish over till your sore can I throat fuck you while you lick my sack?
  34. hunter said: @Doll would love to see both holes dripping cum steched and well used .love meaty lips and tight pussy
  35. said: would love some pics of u in my inbox to stroke my cock to
  36. said: what it take to get my cock in ur pussy and ass
  37. Doll said: @ BIG D: you’re right, because I have the right kind of very muscular and fleshy pussy that can handle ALOT of fucking ;)
  38. Shaun said: looks so wet, I want to slide my hard cock into that tight little pussy
  39. The Wettest Pussy! said: I Love Your Meaty Lips Doll!!!! I want to taste you so bad!!!!!
  40. BIG D said: there is no way anyone could resist having sex with you.
  41. Doll said: @ LoveMySquirtingWife!! : sounds amazing!
  42. Doll said: @ CLIT LICKER : and my cunthole is actually very small, just the lips are big, ;)
  43. Doll said: @ CLIT LICKER : actually my asshole is very muscular, it has amazing grip!
  44. Doll said: @ : my starfish needs dick ALMOST as much as my pussy ;)
  45. Doll said: @ Scott: my pussy is leaking cooze 24 hours a day thinking about all these comments ;)
  46. Scott said: Doll, keep them coming!!! You have the wife squirting and me dumping load after load!!
  47. said: that starfish needs a good pounding!
  48. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Or she could strap one on and we’ll DP you!!?? I’m getting hard just thinking about it!!!!!
  49. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: How about I fuck you in the ass, some anal reverse cowgirl…..and my Wife eats you out at the same time…..
  50. said: @Doll,what about your tight ass riding my cock after a good hard pussy pounding? Love to see more!
  51. Doll said: @ 10inchthick: as you can see I’m “well endowed” with big lips so they can swallow any size cock ;)
  52. Doll said: @ Rig : my starfish needs it ;)
  53. Doll said: @ : this juicy wet pussy would love riding it ;)
  54. Doll said: @ : I love ANYTHING in my fabulous asshole ;)
  55. Doll said: @ dd.eddie : my asshole spasms when I cum ;)
  56. Doll said: @ hunter: i’d want you to finish by ejaculating into my winking asshole!
  57. hunter said: where to start mmm more to the point where to finish
  58. dd.eddie said: That isnt a wink, it is a spasm on my tongue and i love it. And my big nose feels so secure in your pussy. Mmm your smell good.
  59. said: Hey Doll, do you like cock in your fabulous ass hole?
  60. said: @Doll,I’d love to feel that juicy wet pussy riding my cock!
  61. Rig said: Doll… Love that swollen pussy it needs a good tounge lashing. I want to stretch your starfish and pussy with my thick cock.
  62. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing will it wink.when my tongue enters her??
  63. said: Oh wow! That is an awesome pic lady! Can’t get enough of your pussy and I also want to eat your ass out! Lets see your tits too
  64. 10inchthick said: Would love to show you exactly how that tight wet pussy would fell stretching around my throbbing hard cock

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Wife from behind

Posted on Sunday Oct 12


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My wife’s ass and pussy from behind.

16 Responses to “Wife from behind”

  1. ACE said: Delicious looking set of holes! I’d love to walk in on you just like that! :D
  2. Average joe said: I would love to fuck that peachy looking pussy.
  3. R said: “Fucken HOT”!!!!
  4. Worker said: Tell her she made a 22 year old man shoot an enormous load while jerking to her pic.
  5. @6535 said: makes me hungry some of that…. lol
  6. said: nice tight ass! Love to slide my cock in either hole and deposit a load deep!
  7. said: Outstanding!
  8. Gayguy said: Looks scrumdiddlyumptious!
  9. superg said: Mmmmmm YUMMY
  10. senseimiyagi said: Would love to see Jennie on all fours and judge which view is better.
  11. dick said: I will cum all over that ass.
  12. said: Would love to show you mine right next to your sexy wife!
  13. Goat said: I would love to fuck that tight little ass hole.
  14. tw said: would love to lick your pussy in this position while you pee beautiful
  15. me321 said: I want in both holes!!!
  16. said: mmmmmm

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juicy hairy pussy

Posted on Sunday Oct 12


Rating: 3.63    (604 votes cast)


12 Responses to “juicy hairy pussy”

  1. ACE said: Now that you mention it, I’m starving for both your holes. U look mighty tasty! Perfect pic!
  2. J R said: gorgeous beautiful HAIR puss n arse…10’s cummin your way! ;)
  3. WtF said: 7.2 for this…….? Wow some people need to get out more
  4. Mr X. said: Pass
  5. dick said: your holes need more cum.
  6. dd.eddie said: I surely am hungry for this entire picture! Hope you love a tongue in your asshole!
  7. said: I want to get in your ass it looks so inviting, lets see more please ;)
  8. fifi said: creampie from me i will like to do it for you
  9. fifi said: MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks gooooood
  10. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing love to eat that ass and 6
  11. said: starving.yum yum.thanks for lunch
  12. bill said: wife your ass next time

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My trimmed pussy.

Posted on Sunday Oct 12


Rating: 4.49    (961 votes cast)

What do you think of Suzys landing strip.

19 Responses to “My trimmed pussy.”

  1. K said: Love the color!!!!
  2. said: thats a sexy little pussy id love to land my tongue
  3. said: Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful
  4. ACE said: Perfection!
  5. said: you got a hot sweet pussy
  6. said: would love to land my tongue there
  7. Show alittle titt said: Still no titties girl! They not look good ?
  8. Big cock said: Nothing short of awesome
  9. yeahman said: well fit
  10. dd.eddie said: 10! Amazing picture and a new angle Suzy! Im in awe-stonishment! :D
  11. John said: You’ve posted some hot picks but I think this is one of your hottest
  12. bill said: nice trim and clit
  13. serlickalot said: nice
  14. said: id love to land my cock on ur landing strip the slide it n ur tight hanger
  15. dick said: I want my wife to eat that while I fuck her in the ass.
  16. said: Very sweet
  17. spooge said: I want to lick her pussy until her legs shake!
  18. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing
  19. lickpussy said: ur freakin hot even ur foot mmm

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South African Beauty

Posted on Sunday Oct 12

[008830]_1 - Copy.jpg

Rating: 4.07    (626 votes cast)

She loves this dildo…who wants to go in next?

13 Responses to “South African Beauty”

  1. Matt said: WOW!! you have a gorgeous pussy!! My cock is rock hard for you. Why don’t we trade?
  2. FIFI said: I want a hot south african girls bbm pin plz send it to me
  3. FIFI said: i love it wow
  4. @6535 said: can i cum and play too
  5. dd.eddie said: I love seeing your white womanly cum; i’d like to squeeze in along with your toy. Cant wait! TY :D
  6. great response said: will be posting more in weeks to come…
  7. said: I’m in sa and I wish I could be next too taste that lovely looking pussy damn!!
  8. Spunky said: Viva!
  9. Tosser said: Got me hard and jerking off!
  10. senseimiyagi said: Very nice. I bet she glides that in like a champ! Love to see more!!!
  11. dick said: nicely trimmed
  12. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing when it $ wet can I eat her
  13. onlysa said: very nice. where you guys from?

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panty stuffed pussy

Posted on Sunday Oct 12

pussy stuffed with knickers.jpg

Rating: 3.62    (530 votes cast)

boyfriend’s ex girlfriends panties stuffed up my wet cootch

13 Responses to “panty stuffed pussy”

  1. said: that is extremely hot! major turn on! keep them coming.
  2. said: with my big cock
  3. said: That’s a huge turn on! Love to replace those pantiesw
  4. thickbadunk said: I want to see that ass! is it as meaty as it looks?
  5. dd.eddie said: Mmm a perfect meal at a strip clue! Panty stuffed pussy- $10 :D
  6. C3PO said: I love a woman who is large and in charge, like you!
  7. pete said: mmmm would pull them pants out with my teeth and lick that clit getting your hole ready for my cock. more pictures please
  8. Spank said: Would suck if she had something lol
  9. Rick said: God, I love super sized BBW’s like you! More please!
  10. said: lovely pussy and clit. I’d lick that happily!
  11. dick said: nice clit
  12. said: mmmmmm nice
  13. said: i would love to lick that clit .its fine

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pussy n ass spread

Posted on Saturday Oct 11

jkk (1).jpg

Rating: 3.67    (629 votes cast)

my gf spreading her pussy n ass..she loves to read sexual comments on her coment for more

13 Responses to “pussy n ass spread”

  1. ACE said: Incredible pic Doll. Love the beautiful colors of your asshole& pussy! Plz show much more
  2. Assfan69 said: I love how everything is oulined in black! That sweet asshole is screamin for a poundin! Lucky man.shes beautiful below the belt
  3. dd.eddie said: WOW D E L I C I O U S ;D
  4. said: @… us your wet pussy! We’d love to see it!
  5. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Show your pussy then!!! If it’s wet now, imagine how wet it’d be with all these men & women looking at & cumming to it!!!
  6. said: I’d like to show my pussy it’s so wet
  7. Freddie chico said: so freaking hott
  8. said: my tongue would look great in that…
  9. said: Can i drip honey on your holes and slurp them clean!
  10. said: would enjoy sliding my cock in your ass and filling you with a load while My sweet pussy licks your pussy
  11. dick said: she needs a huge cock in her asshole
  12. My sweet pussy said: Ever have another girl tongue your asshole bet I can make you cum!
  13. said: Love it!!

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college asian pussy 2

Posted on Saturday Oct 11


Rating: 3.91    (595 votes cast)

Enjoying my lab partner’s company after her bf went to class. We were supposed to be studying.

7 Responses to “college asian pussy 2”

  1. said: no regrets
  2. johnny said: don’t look asian, does it taste asian?
  3. dd.eddie said: We she is your lab partner; you must be disecting? I’d love to eat her on the periodic table :D
  4. said: Very sexy I’d love to show u mine
  5. beeverhunter said: thats one unfuckinbaleavably gorgeous pussy.
  6. said: I’d enjoy more than her pussy,I’d enjoy that tight ass also
  7. My sweet pussy said: You are studying the art of asian pussy now fill her with cum!

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Sexy in bed…

Posted on Saturday Oct 11


Rating: 4.05    (624 votes cast)

10 Responses to “Sexy in bed…”

  1. ACE said: Looks tasty. Plz spread a little wider! ;)
  2. lilbig said: let me stick it deep inside ur ass while i finger yo pussy with long thick black finger
  3. dd.eddie said: I love a small thin woman with a tight ass and a long yummy pussy! WOW ;D
  4. said: Hot lady ;)
  5. said: Sexy you are. Great ass.
  6. 305 said: This guy has a nice pussy
  7. said: let me slip up behind you you and slide my cock in and give you a good fucking in either hole
  8. said: can i have it just like that looks good inbox me more
  9. BootySlapper said: Gorgeous woman!
  10. dick said: I want to cum all over your hot body.

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Sharing wife post # 4

Posted on Saturday Oct 11

099 - Copy.JPG

Rating: 3.28    (494 votes cast)

Do you want some

9 Responses to “Sharing wife post # 4”

  1. ACE said: I’d like to fill you with my HOT cum in your pussy then asshole
  2. R said: Frist I would feed you my cock balls deep down you throat Then we would Fuck All Day & Night!!
  3. J R said: could she use a nice fine vintage ck while hubby fixed drinks? share?
  4. dd.eddie said: Yes, I would love to have me a taste of your full body!
  5. said: Maybe you could email #5,6,7,8 & 9? ;)
  6. said: Great pic! Looking forward to #5 :) ma
  7. beeverhunter said: yes I a want some!Nice tits Buy the way
  8. said: I want to go in deep! Nice pussy.
  9. said: I wouldn’t keep her waiting any longer…I’d enjoy that all night long

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