Another Pic By Requesr

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Sep 27

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Another Pic By Requesr

  1. pussydestroyer said: that looks hit girl, you must make a lot of men happy
  2. dd.eddie said: I see Blessed also on pics on MFA and BC; are those younger picture of you? same SEXY shape! 10! :D
  3. Arby's said: Wow, a stripper. Yippee. Ugh
  4. said: Nice shaved pussy…would love to lay my head between your thighs and tongue fuck you
  5. fkme said: Very beautiful looking pussy. yum yum. great tattoos
  6. dick said: nice tat pointing to your beautiful cunt
  7. damn!! said: damn!!!!!!!!!
  8. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing lucky tattoo artist
  9. hunter said: yum
  10. said: Set that lovely pussy here on my face and let me get a better view!

Heart Shaped Box

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

user216049_pic863991_1411595910 (1)-picsay.jpg
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Do you like it spread?

  1. In the sharing mood said: I want to fuck you like the Hulk!
  2. said: I want to dip my tongue first then i can shove my hard cock up your gorgeous pink pussy and shoot your cunt full of warm cum!
  3. ODB said: Would tongue dip that from behind for you….
  4. dick said: I love women who spread their pussy lips
  5. said: Perfection
  6. said: Stunning!
  7. Browser said: Sweet looking pussy, so clean and neat
  8. Bulging pants said: Yes.its amazing my pants are bulging. So I’m going have to knock one out
  9. dd.eddie said: YES! and i would love to give you open heart surgery to make you love me too! :D
  10. said: MMMMMMMMMMMMM its delicius
  11. Jut said: Oh my….it truly is a heart shaped box
  12. said: That is a fucking amazing view. Beautiful pussy
  13. dick said: oh my God. my face should be there.
  14. J R said: a woman who can do a 2 handed reach around like that is my kinda 10’s just beautiful got more? ;)
  15. johnnyonthespot said: now that is a special prize..i like it very much..would like more if my tongue or cock were in there sexy
  16. said: Beautiful, would love to push my tongue into that wet pussy, would love to see more
  17. said: Id enjoy that wrapped around my cock.
  18. bhubb said: damn I wanna lick that ass to the pussy looks perfect show more at swap some pics
  19. Joey said: Dear God, that is just beautiful. That would be a sloppy mess when I was finished.
  20. Ben Dover said: O girl. That is so inviting and tastey looking. would luv to slide deep into to you and dump a load of Manaze. 10
  21. said: love to taste then fuck
  22. captaincum said: I’ll come over and smash that mighty tasting lookin pussy like the HULK
  23. said: That’s incredible! Would love to go “Hulk” on you!!!
  24. said: YES!!!! you have a very tight and delicious looking pussy. I’d love to see some more

super sexy swingin swede so tight

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

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just me layin round with nothin on, waiting for my boy to come fuck my ass…….open to suggestions swapping pics with hotties….no.old men haha..

  1. Mytightwife said: mmm…TIGHT ass! Me and my tight wife wanna swap..
  2. Tink said: I’m the pic right below you, I’ll trade!
  3. said: In my top 10!
  4. said: Amazing!!! Sign me up!!
  5. tbanger said: hahahahaha, sad sad comments
  6. dd.eddie said: Well your score dropped, with ‘no old men’. Evidently you never had experience of al all nighter. You’re missing out
  7. R said: Lets see Deep! in your Throat!! “Hot”
  8. said: WOW amazing
  9. said: Would love to see you take it balls deep! “Tipping” is getting boring!
  10. dick said: Interesting perspective
  11. SAM said: Define “old”. LOL
  12. johnnyonthespot said: no doubt u are fun and sexy but that picture angle is a little off
  13. said: Would love to fill your sweet holes with my big pipe!
  14. Rachie said: I smell a hint of bullshit here. Who owns the other leg?
  15. said: Would love to swap. Really like all the pics.
  16. biboy said: oh baby
  17. jay said: waiting bien your boyfriend then who is next to you ???
  18. said: What do you call old men?? You always look goood ;)
  19. said: Let’s see some girl on girl
  20. harleymarine69@yahoo. com said: I meant, would love bto trade
  21. harleymarine69@yahoo. com said: would live to trade. harleymarine69@yahoo. com
  22. said: love it and would love to swap.. 10+++
  23. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: That is fucking incredible!!! Wanna swap? The Wife is featured just below….My Squirting Wife.

gf’s juicy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

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my girlfriend’s wet pussy after making her cum

  1. dd.eddie said: How can you NOT be sucking that out right now! YUM
  2. dick said: lick lick lick
  3. Keegan said: Is her name Heather? Looks like a very familiar pussy.
  4. captaincum said: what the fuck is wrong with you, get down there and lick it
  5. said: Insert tongue there!

Gf nice and wet for me…

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

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My girlfriends tight, wet, shaven pussy

  1. dd.eddie said: She wet for all of us now; you do suck that up dont you; why are you making her wait so long
  2. dick said: nice clit
  3. Jerry said: That is a perfect pussy if I ever saw one. Id love to just get a taste

Nice Big warm cumshot on me – yum

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

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I love Big loads….

  1. said: Nice natural boobs….I would have left that load in you & exploded deep inside until I was empty!
  2. Broncobon said: I like to lick that cum from you.
  3. said: Hott!! You need a facial!!!
  4. dd.eddie said: Love your lips; must have been a load from Mr Ed! and maybe Wilbur too
  5. said: Would love to give you the matching lip gloss!
  7. said: I got a bigger load loaded and ready for you any place you want it
  8. said: you must have done some good sucking to get that load out!

Somebody wants to play?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 26

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  1. dd.eddie said: LAU can you please show some titty along with your sweet juicy pussy; WOuld love to see them together..
  2. Tosser said: My wife said i had to fuck her, like i would do you! Love your pussy!
  3. said: Hi Jessa, i have no problem, i love playing with other women ;)
  4. dick said: I would love to fist you
  5. Tosser said: My wife jerked me off, now she’s blowing me! Wanna cyberfuck? Join us Jessa!
  6. Tosser said: Your woman almost gets as wet as my wife’s pussy! Gets me rock hard every time!
  7. Tosser said: Sexy wet pussy!
  8. Tosser said: Play with us Jessa!
  9. Tosser said: My wife and I would LOVE to play! Let me know if you are interested!
  10. said: I would like to play whit your lovely pussy but i´m a women
  11. Assfan69 said: Let me know if you’re in Ct.I’d love to play! Love that hairy asshole and that pussy looks tight as hell! 9

Doggystyle Ass in the Smoky Mountains

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 25

smoky_mts_fucking - Copy.jpg
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Had to show off this fine looking view of my girlfriend… Very tight!!

  1. B said: Thats a god damn bulls-eye if ive ever seen one!! Woo WOo!
  2. WhoKnows said: Sera is that you?
  3. J R said: now thats what i always invisioned as a Mt. woman. got any more to post? say ya do!!! 10 post more ya lucky bastid! haha
  4. dick said: I’ll make it drip with my cum.
  5. dd.eddie said: Damn Smokey Mountain fresh air and horney pussy smell; NOTHING BETTER!
  6. said: luv to pump that smooth tight asshole of yours baby
  7. midnight said: yummy
  8. Johnnyonthespot said: Luv a hot slut who knows how to take it in the ass doggystyle
  9. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing what a great ass!!!
  10. Licker said: DO U LIKE COCK UP YOUR ASS ,??
  11. assman said: Does her brown eye wink at you when your fucking her?
  12. Turbo said: Amazing view and body! Thanks for sharing!
  13. wille said: like the pic.high mileage
  14. Joe said: Dam shes hot. Luv her pussy
  15. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Lovely view!!! That nice asshole looks like it’s seen some action!!!
  16. ACE said: That’s exactly why I love the mountains. Super hot pic Doll. I’d love to feel ur tight asshole wrapped around my throbbing cock!
  17. Bigmember said: Yummy!

“Naughty Wife’s” Hot Rear View…8-)

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 25

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“Naughty Wife” could use a helpful tongue! Any takers??

  1. said: Love the close up…… Ty
  2. said: Its lovely, Mmmmm!
  3. dd.eddie said: Damn she is delicious and oh so smooth! You bet i would lick her; I’d also suck her plug out and spit it back into her ass hole
  4. rj said: would love to lick and finger it until your clit pops out then suck on it until you cum on my face
  5. Lickit said: I’d love to lick her pussy my tongues is ready to taste her gash
  6. Gloverboy6 said: I’d use my tongue, fingers, and dick all to make her cum and beg for more
  7. said: very edible!
  8. said: Absolutely, chin deep. would love to see more of that ass
  9. ACE said: I’m in Doll. My tongue would work wonders on you.

My Squirting Wife

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 25

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We got drunk this night & she kept begging to get ducked harder & the harder I fucked her, the more she squirted! The couch was soaked & she was covered in her own squirt & I enjoyed every second licking it up!!

  1. Duck fucker said: That pussy is tight as duck pussy! It’s water tight!
  2. dd.eddie said: folks never heard the expression ‘fuck a duck’? it is from the midwest. They are strange, but horney!
  3. rj said: my wife is a squirter also so i know what you mean about making a mess but i love the taste we are lucky guys
  4. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Apparently auto-correct is something new that some people aren’t familiar with!
  5. Lickit said: Love to see her squirt all over my face Id lick every drop from her cunt
  6. JJ said: Quack!!
  7. BIG D said: Love squirters. So juicy wet and tasty.
  8. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing I would love a.taste
  9. jac said: what does a DUCK have 2 do with anything

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