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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 19

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  1. Cockatoo said: Naww Its smiling
  2. dd.eddie said: Oh it was Sunday; I can only imagine what she would look like dressed as a cheerleader and no panties. WOW. U r lucky! :D
  3. said: Haha it was Sunday! ill try to keep the tv off
  4. dd.eddie said: are you watching to much football this should be red with suck marks
  5. Jizz Meister said: What a gorgeous clam. I would love to see it slowly peel open as she spreads her legs…
  6. said: sexy little pussy would love to see more
  7. said: Allow me to pry that beautiful clam open with my tongue and taste the juicy sweetness that awaits inside!

My Latin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 18

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Open for any takers

  1. anny said: love to touge that
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love the way you hold your pussy open for me to lick and suck your pussy
  3. assfucker123 said: nice
  4. said: Damn i want to tongue ur hot pink pussy first then i want to shove my hard cock in and fuck your tight wet cunt to climax!
  5. said: damn baby lemme give you some big colombian dick. damn you’re sexy
  6. said: damn baby lemme give you some bicolombuan dick
  7. Johnnyonthespot said: Obviously
  8. said: Fucking amazing
  9. geraldo rivera said: been there in 91
  10. said: so sexy..I’d take it with great pleasure
  11. 5714327523 said: wish I could tounge fuck you till you drench my face then go balls deep feel your tight pussy milk the cum out of me
  12. said: very sexy pussy would love to lick it for u while u play with mine
  13. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: 10 all day long. Balls deep and full of cum.
  14. said: Yo te quiero que devorar tu chocha. Love the dark outline on labia contrasted with hot pink soft insides.

She just came

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 18

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She just came on her toy and sent me this how do u like it??

  1. Big Red said: all i want is for her to squirting on my face and let me beat it up more!
  2. kitty licker said: That is a tight, wet, pretty ass kittty! Should’ve let me finish that with my tongue!
  3. BW said: have to eat that!
  4. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to lick all your cum , then suck all the rest as I lick your sweet pussy clean
  5. J R said: when ya got home U finished the job i assume”..nice
  6. rj said: now she is ready for a good cock ride
  7. said: mmm so delicious. Did you rush right home for a snack? I would.

Titty fucking big asian boobies

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 18

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This is my second favorite place to cum ! her face and pussy tie for first !!

  1. Wrong said: So tired of seeing more dick then pussy that’s why she is screwing ur boss
  2. Wrong said: So tired of seeing my dick then pussy that’s why she is screwing ur boss
  3. thickbadunk said: That’s a nice cock! I would like to drain every last drop out of that big shaft!
  4. trev said: nice cock!
  5. Gloverboy6 said: It’s not a titty-fuck unless you cum all over them
  6. Scott said: Hornycpl, what’s your pussy look like?
  7. J R said: how much was she charging back then rivy?
  8. said: amazing tits n nice looking cock would love to see more and feel it im my pussy while she eats my pussy
  9. geraldo rivera said: that’s me in 95 on location in korea
  10. greg said: Let’s see some cum on those big tits
  11. BoneHer said: Nice big nipples, good grip!!
  12. R said: Take it all the way!!

virgin opening

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 18

Video_call_snapshot_26 (1).jpg
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love to hear perv comments..who wants to be my first?

  1. dd.eddie said: I would love to try to pop your cherry using my tongue and nose first; may I? Do you orgasm? :D
  2. J R said: thats gotta be ol Suzzzz perv for sure!
  3. geraldo rivera said: my bust’in V days are long over.
  4. said: I’d have to eat that hot pussy to orgasm before I entered and blew a massive load all over
  5. greg said: Very hot pussy, love to see it getting boned
  6. BBC said: And if I did holly shit your going to be in for a fucking of a life time till I flood that pussy with cum!!
  7. BBC said: Don’t think I could get in that small ass pussy but would give it one hell of a try’!
  8. said: First to slide two fingers in and come hither? First to flick my tongue under your hood and find your clit? Yesss.
  9. said: I would eat that ;-)

South African Beauty #3

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

13 - Copy.jpg
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See what your comments do to her pussy…Who wants to taste her juice?

  1. said: wow so sexy teen I m going to mad I want to fuck you hardly now
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to taste her juicies , then slide the head of my cock between your tight pussy lips as i slide my cock all the way to my b
  3. Jagsmeester said: Would love to see more of that beautiful South African pussy,
  4. J R said: beautiful keep posting dont C any Africaners on to C bumm n puss more awesome HAIR cut as usual
  5. said: DAMN! I could drink your juices for days. I’d make you squirt with my tongue and stretch your pussy wide and fill it with my cum
  6. said: i wanna taste please sign me up
  7. matt said: that’s fuck in awesome.
  8. geraldo rivera said: crushed that in joberg in 94
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  11. said: lovely.If she wants a women i would love to taste her juicy pussy.
  12. Tex said: Wow
  13. said: eeish! what a pussy me cant wait to send my dick in
  14. dd.eddie said: the toy s out my tongue should be IN!
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  16. The Wettest Pussy! said: Mmmmmmm…..looks really fucking tasty!!! Come sit on my face babe!! I want to taste!
  17. said: Great pussy, love the clit hood ;)

Open wide

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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Needs some filling

  1. ACE said: Now that’s how to spread an ass. It would be my pleasure to fill both your holes several timesDoll. Plz show more of you!
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to tongue your tight ass-hole then eat your pussy till you drip cum, slide my cock easy ,rubbing your clit
  3. J R said: under rated @ 7.2 would luv to apply #2 vintage ck to that 10 vintage fine wine milf..hubby mind? 2 handed reach around10
  4. said: would love to oblige
  5. geraldo rivera said: that’s what happens to an ass when the big G hits it. took foerever to cum and she paid for it. thanks for being a trooper bab
  6. said: The way you spread proves just how sexually adventurous you are. I would fill you first with fingers, then tongue and cock.
  7. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Love the hanging lips & really love the stretched Asshole!!! Beautiful!!
  8. My post said: Well J if you don’t like it don’t look.. Don’t be jealous because you haven’t been in it
  9. matt said: i would lick your pussy and ass then fuck em both hard
  10. said: Dp would be nice for me too :)
  11. j said: looks like it’s been filled quite a few times….
  12. hunter said: wheres the line start ?? love to use and abuse every hole
  13. said: id love to stretch your holes!
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  15. said: Love the dark lipped pussy but I would love to tongue fuck your ass Mrs ;)

18 years but too hairy?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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  1. Yummer said: Perfect just how it is!! Don’t stay with anyone who says otherwise
  2. Undertaker said: Yea, too hairy. Looks like man ass
  3. geraldo rivera said: i dont want to go to jail again
  4. Tex said: Never too hairy…
  5. said: oh hell no! I’d lick on that till you begged me to stop
  6. said: its still sexy. I want more.
  7. dd.eddie said: Nothing is too hairly at 18yo! YUMMY yum yum darlin! Just needs a lot more manly licking and it will come off and get off too.
  8. Shaun said: Too hairy? No, let it grow
  9. Donni said: i wanne fuck that beatiful asshole!
  10. said: Just the right amount of hair for me! Not to hairy,not to thin!
  11. said: It’s your choice but lets see the same pic bald and I will choose, looks good from here though

Naked in bed.

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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  1. J R said: nice Suzzzz…when can I cum over…;)
  2. said: Love to get right up behind and stick my cock in both holes and fuck real hard mmmm
  3. Show alittle titt said: Always has the titties covered! WHY?
  4. adam02861 said: THAT is a beautiful woman!
  5. said: Sexy in bed,Mmmmm!
  6. Assfan69 said: looks like Suzys sweet ass and pussy..never gets old! If not it looks just as sweet! Love to get deep inside every hole! 10

Who Wants Some??? Pt. III

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 16

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This was taken the same day I had my pussy waxed!! The next day the Hubby & I were off to the Dominican!! Loving the Attention!

  1. Scott said: Very nice, need e mail address to return favor! Keep em cumming!
  2. Scott said: There you go
  3. Scott said: Sgracz@
  4. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: @dd.eddie…..I’ve been trying to convince her to go to Hedonism! Some Day!!
  5. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: @Scott…..if you want to see more, you know what to do!
  6. Scott said: Great pics, yes dumped many loads. Would love to make you squirt!
  7. Scott said: Many loads, and many squirts for the wife!
  8. The Wettest Pussy! said: Check out Dreams of being DP’d & Wife’s delicious pussy & asshole!! There’s a couple more for you!!
  9. The Wettest Pussy! said: Have you blown a load to my pic yet??
  10. The Wettest Pussy! said: Give us your email!! We’ll send you some pics!
  11. Scott said: Need to figure out a way to send private pics?
  12. Scott said: I get drawn back to this pic over and over, PERFECTION!!
  13. Scott said: Would love to stretch that out!
  14. The Wettest Pussy! said: We are in our 30’s!
  15. Scott said: How old is the wettest pussy?
  16. Scott said: Damn, she’s a 10 all day!!
  17. virgin939 said: you wanna be my first?
  18. virgin93 said: my dicks never been touched you wanna be the first?
  19. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: @Scott….just change file size!! What’s your email?
  20. Scott said: All my pics of her are to large format on I pad or I’d show YA more
  21. scott said: Maybe we should swap them out for the night?
  22. said: very nice, been trying to get my wife to wax for a while, she still shaves though .. ;)
  23. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: @Scott….as are you my Friend! Your wife has a smoking body!! Would love to see more of it!!!!
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  25. The Wettest Pussy! said: Yes he is!!
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  27. c said: more
  28. Scott said: Would make you and myself cum buckets!
  29. Scott said: Would love to feel your tight ass wrapped around my meat stick!
  30. geraldo rivera said: i’d like to have you on my show. just like that. backstage in my room
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  32. The Wettest Pussy! said: @hunter, I want you fucking my mouth!! Don’t worry @Mandy, you can join in, there’ll be lots of squirt to lick up!!
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  34. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Me, Scott, Hunter, my Wife, Scott’s Wife & Mandy!!! Sounds like an epic Fucking Night!!!!
  35. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: @Scott & @hunter….I love the way you guys think!! I would watch that video over & over & over…..
  36. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Fuck I’m A Lucky Man!!
  37. Scott said: What does your hubby think of my wife’s meaty pussy?
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  39. hunter said: as we vidio it all for you and hubby to enjoy later
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  48. The Wettest Pussy! said: On my Big Tits!!! If you want to get real dirty you can clean off my hubby’s cock with your mouth!! Fuck I’m wet!!!
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  50. mandy said: would love to suck those hot nipples and rub your sweet clit while your hubby pounds you mmm
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  52. said: Nice smooth pussy! Love to dive in and go a round!
  53. Rowdy Yates said: can I fuck your mouth and finish off all over that sweet cunt?
  54. Scott said: Wife needs to know size of your hubby’s cock?
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  69. senseimiyagi said: Wow!! Bet you guys had a blast! Beautiful wax job. How bout the asshole? Did that get waxed to?
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  71. J R said: got a post of U getting “waxed” in the dom? ;) great pic btw!
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  73. mandy said: wow !!! sure hope ya let the waxer get a taste of that. i would eat you all up !!
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  80. dd.eddie said: That is one delicious pussy! shouldbe off to Hedonism instead of hurricane cleanup
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