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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 26

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This cunt squirts when fucked hard.Once the slut starts squirting she begs fuuuuck me more.the more big stiff cocks the better.

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2 swedish lesbians

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 24

Jag och Caroline (3).jpg
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We are a Swedish lesbian couple who love sex whit eachother

  1. Norwegian said: Didn’t mean to be rude in anyway. The picture is hot as hell :D But the are Norwegian, not Swedish. Potato potato, I guess :)
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do you like my wet kitty?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 24

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our first pic we post. if you comment it we want to post more like this!

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Chew on this MILF pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 24

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Ready to eat or fuck – your choice

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Rate my sex

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 24

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Who wants to dp her? Let’s fill all her holes!!!

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Like my Tight Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 23

413 - Copy.jpg
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I have a thick ass, but tight pussy boys :)

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ex-virgin and wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 23

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I finally can fuck the pussy of my girlfriend …. she was so wet and excited

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super sexy swingin swede slacking…

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 23

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sorry been slack with the fotos, been roaming the planet, but here u go :) tryin to hit it balls deep but it hurts…

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My gf loves showing her pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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First time we post fotos of her pussy. If you guys like it, we will post moreā€¦

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Sweet BJ .

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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3rd attemp. Please post this pic.

  1. dd.eddie said: WOW, your are amazing Suzy! can you repost the Mirror picture from RateHerP here please? It’s HOT!
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