Brazilian wax pussy.

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 26

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  1. lil one said: sit on it and bounce mmm
  2. ACE said: Super hot pic Doll!
  3. ODB said: Love to tease that open with my tongue…
  4. BB4WW said: That’s a lot of airbrushing in that pic.
  5. dd.eddie said: All the way to Brazil to get that done? I could have done it here with a No-No or just using my tongue over the weekend. HOT HOT
  6. said: Nice job. Did the ass get waxed too?
  7. J R said: that purple puss belongs to the Suzzzzz….uh ha….;)
  8. Me said: Hey Suzy is that you??? X
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  11. chuck said: Thats the perfect pussy. skinny body great lips. i’m in love babe.

Naughty UK Wife

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 26

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What would you do to her?

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big ass pussy wife

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 25

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My wifes Gorgeous pussy and big butt

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My gf again ;-)

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 25

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she love when she invit me and i abuse her until i cum a big load inside her
And you? Tell us your phantasm that you would like to achieve with her ! I think she deserves a score of at least 9 :)

  1. lil one said: beautiful damn
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  7. said: @hunter, where would we be able to see the said video? Please send said vid or photos of your group session ;)
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eat this?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 25

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24 years old and hungry for big even black

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Wet and spread

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 25

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Just having fun on my own.

  1. said: amazing and wet. god i wish i could get that on my face!
  2. J R said: Daphne post a pic will ya? thanks darlin
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My Muffin! <3

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 25

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She’s sweet, I swear

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Things Are Looking Up!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 24

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  1. papi said: Tits don’t deserve that body. run away.
  2. said: @Things are looking up,I’d love to see more if interested in swapping…
  3. said: thats so nice am so hard over you
  4. Things Are Looking Up! said: @Gus – And exactly what scar would that be Gus ????
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Dual Post (2/2)

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 24

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This is the second picture of a dual post: I also posted my boobs on Tell me wich part of me you prefer, and feel free to rate the whole package in your comment.

  1. R said: “Love them Lips” “Fucken HOT”
  2. ACE said: Love the close up Doll! Plz post a close up of ur ass spread so I can see ur asshole & pussy together ! ;)
  3. said: 10 without a doubt! u couldn’t keep my mouth and tongue off that sexy clit/pussy!
  4. said: gave you an honest 7 because u play too much with your clit that why your labia minor upper looks like that.
  5. said: this one. 10 points from Russia
  6. said: You definitely have the whole package. Your pussy is gorgeous and the rest of your body is perfect too. I’d love to see more!!
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  8. dd.eddie said: Well im preferring your delicious pussy. All tits are great but pussy is unique with your flavor.. MMm Mmm :D
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Close up and gettin wet

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 24

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  1. dd.eddie said: squirt in my mouth darlin
  2. catlicker said: th a hole I would loveFuck and suck
  3. Jack said: I want to wank while I look
  4. said: can i have it love it so beautiful looks so tight inbox me more
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  7. BB4WW said: Those are some tasty and pasty fat thighs. Put them on each side of my head

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