Fun in the kitchen

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 20

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  1. The Bandit said: Great view!
  2. flipfioplover said: I would love to suck on your beautiful tits and pussy
  3. said: so damn sexy
  4. fortknox said: thigns I would do mmmmmmmmmmmmm 10 4 sure
  5. HotPup said: My favorite meal!
  6. said: would love to lick all your cream up
  7. Lag said: Laurie can i suck on your tits to please! Would be nice threesom!
  8. Jim said: Looks like I’m having tacos for dinner YUM
  9. said: Now I know the answer to whats for dinner.
  10. Lag said: My wifes are 42dd she would like and wow she would love this pussy
  11. lag said: @ laurie my wife is a 42dd and would love for you to lick her pussy and make her cum trust me she lwould love ur tits
  12. laurie said: Lag my tits r 42d an i want 2 lick her cunt
  13. Lag said: @ laurie you and my wife would get along great she loves big titted women!
  14. said: love it email more
  15. rob said: wow thats hot! would love to suck on those sexy lips an make them all wet!
  16. Dirty Mick said: Afternoon delite, would love to suck on those beautiful tits
  17. said: Kitchen snack, mmmm sounds good
  18. said: OMG, more PLEASE. I BEG YOU!
  19. laurie said: nice huge tits
  20. ACE said: Your body looks great. Awesome pussy lips. Let’s see more.
  21. said: great looking baps and flaps x
  22. said: i’d eat that for every meal i’ll bring the meat
  23. dd.eddie said: towles are unsanitay in the kitchen, bare ass my face first in it! yum
  24. mtpcouple said: dessert looks amazing
  25. said: very nice love my dinner on the table when i get in x
  26. mandy said: mmm love the view
  27. thebutlerdidme said: beautiful. the boobies are fantastic. 10 from me
  28. mandy said: ladies and gents the buffet is served. Ladies first. mmm
  29. rj said: wow !!! what a snack that would be
  30. said: wow! luv how u set a table! lets eat!
  31. said: if that was on the table everynight when l got home , l’d be one happy man hhhmmmmm
  32. Lonewolf said: Why not give us a shot of some whipped cream and stewed apple in that pussy – couldn’t think of a sweeter dessert
  33. sdiddy said: i could have that for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  34. pin:2946F1A1 said: add me on bbm for private pics ;) I’m male and straight! nice pussy btw ;)
  35. steppo said: wanna play hide the rolling pin?
  36. Juan Culo said: What a dish! I’d have the full serving, at least 3 courses….
  37. jmac said: very sexy, slide closer & ill rub your clit with my cock.
  38. said: That is the most beautiful sight ive ever seen. i would be honored to see more
  39. said: I would sop you up with a bisket… yummy
  40. groover said: looks good enough to eat mmmm
  41. Gonzo said: Fantastic body! You get a 10.
  42. said: Hw I wished I was with you…Cool.
  43. appreciative said: You need a fancier table cloth for that delicacy.
  44. said: Awesome! Tits and all.
  45. RickJamesBiotch said: I love eating at the Y
  46. donotrythisathome said: Work of art. Smooth stomach, big tits and tasty beaver.
  47. allan said: I want to eat that pussy
  48. matt said: thats some good eatin right there!!
  49. said: Nice pussy lips great tits.Your in a position for one to dive right in.
  50. dreamer said: lunch has been served. looks delicious.
  51. said: You are awesome!!!! more please!!!!

Extra sweet wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 20

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As promised, some more of my wife’s perfect holes. Will post more only if we get good ratings:)

  1. alex said: Dude when your done with that ass and pussy and every thing on that body can i have it
  2. pete said: wnt 2 slide my tounge in her arsehole then fuk it hard
  3. smailbox said: like the genatils. post more.
  4. rob said: my cock would be a perfect fit in that tight pussy!
  5. said: with an ass and pussy like that you dont need to beg 4 the ratings! thats a 9 all nite long!
  6. ACE said: Nice closeup. Your pussy & asshole are incredibly HOT! Keep showing them off. Made me hard instantly.
  7. said: wow ;) 10 of me pal your wife is smoking love to dip my dick in her nice ass
  8. Lonewolf said: One of the best pussy/arse combos on the net. Would lick both holes until u could take no more.
  9. said: Nice!!
  10. donottrythisathome said: Very nice. Would fuck for hours.
  11. hambone said: oh yeah, a different picture of one of my all time favorite pussies. keep them cumming. show the little patch and tits too.
  12. bill said: i bet that smells as good as it looks
  13. Nathan said: Very nice would love to slip my cock into that
  14. said: yum, i’d love to shoot a big fat load in that
  15. Sanj said: Perfect pussy ready for my stiff cock
  16. Snowbird said: That is beautiful! Great clean pussy and ass hole llove the little landing strip too

pussy spread wide open

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 20

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  1. F3RGO said: Wanna blow in your arsehole :)
  2. Brad said: Mmmmmm, that rosebud is begging to be licked & fucked
  3. HotPup said: Pussy nice. Asshole looks delicious !
  4. Jizzle said: pussy looks good, but that asshole is made for anal! Looks nice and loose
  5. pete said: luv 2 fuk your arse ballsdeep
  6. rob said: my cock is so hard right now wish I was fucking you so hard!
  7. Roger said: that ass looks like it enjoys a hard deep fuck, you sir are one lucky man.
  8. said: very impressive! your amazing!
  9. ACE said: Super HOT pic Doll. Your asshole & pussy look so inviting. When can I smell & taste u? :)
  10. said: let me eat your ass and pussy thats a horny photo thanks pls post more x
  11. yankee said: nice cunny and arse karen
  12. said: I don’t see a ring on that finger. I would fuck you hard just like that until you cream and cum all over my dick.
  13. Lonewolf said: I wanna put my tongue in that sweet arse
  14. GGSWA said: yuuummmmmmm
  15. said: I would suck your taint and lick your sweet ass and pussy. yum
  16. said: Keep them spread open, because here cums my cock!
  17. donottrythisathome said: Choices, choices. I’ll take both.
  18. hambone said: Excuse me but are you gonna eat that?
  19. said: lovely
  20. Cheekybugger said: That is fuckin sexy, I’d worship that ass.
  21. BigNPurple said: Fuck me – im thinking dirty thoughts. Fantastic shot of snatch and ass
  22. bill said: nice browm eye
  23. Mr. X said: Very nice. Love the crotchless panties,
  24. eddi said: yes this is 10
  25. said: i fucking love those panties where did you get them? She is hot as fuck too. 10pts
  26. Lick it said: Perfection I am stroking my hard cock dreaming of all the stuff I’d do to you
  27. said: Naturally I am imagining mine sliding in there……
  28. said: Very fine!! 10/10.Your pussy looks so ready for a nice hard and hot dick…….
  29. Jack said: Oh yea! Yummy, my cock is drooling!
  30. the ashman said: wow….!
  31. said: sweet
  32. said: That is a beautiful sight!! I would love to fill your sweet pussy and tight ass with my cock that you have made sooooo hard!!
  33. Sanj said: Amazing pussy. Do you like anal?
  34. Grimey said: Damn, I would lick and fuck you into oblivion!
  35. Freddy said: My wife wants you
  36. matt said: nice pussy and puckered ass hole 10

where to start

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 20

2012-05-13 22.39.13.jpg
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  1. nicerack said: damn
  2. Diver said: I want to eat her ass hole n pussy then fuck all three holes
  3. said: love that pussy post more
  4. so.jersey said: looks like my ex-girls snatch
  5. said: nice love your flaps
  6. hard said: more of this
  7. donottrythisathome said: Very nice ass & pussy; in fact, your asshole is smiling at me. ; )
  8. 07785963304 said: can me and my wife have a hole each? x
  9. big redneck said: you can sit on my face anytime
  10. Lick it said: Really pretty that one id shove 2 fingers in it whilst I lick it and all around that lovely arsehole
  11. Joe said: Love the lips
  12. Mr. T said: First I would lick and suck your pussy until you cum then I would fuck you until we both cum and then I fuck you in your ass .
  13. dan said: nice tight pussy would love to strech it open

my gf is riding my cock

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 20

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hope u enjoy guys =)

  2. Mary said: Love a man who’s not afraid to show himself and his girl! That’s a working-man’s body! Good job, girl! ;)
  3. longdick said: if the dude looks like that makes you wonder what she looks like
  4. steve said: if i fucked your pussy you would file for divorce
  5. steve said: if i fucked ur pussy you would file for divorce.
  6. hambone said: You all gotta know damn well that ol pussel gut here PAID for that pussy…LOL
  7. rj said: Wow she does know how ride a cock
  8. said: Hell yes, I gave you both a 10 don’t let the clowns on the site who try to bring people down get to you. Girl, ride that cock!
  9. jack offalot said: she’s nice. your furry. and fat.
  10. said: you’re lucky to have that you big bellied son of a bitch
  11. Android said: nope cant see her pussy or ass just ur hairy gut
  12. God said: Would be better without your fat gut in the pic

my fiancee’s pussy ;)

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 19

2012-05-19 14.55.38.jpg
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you know you want it ;)

  1. Hardmachine27 said: Can we have more :D you should make a short porn vid with that nice pussy!
  2. flipfioplover said: Shes a keeper
  3. Jacker said: 10, that pussy is HOTT!
  4. said: sweet pussy i bet she cums soo good and tasts great to
  5. said: That snatch is tiny, bet it milks you cock.
  6. mercedes said: thanks guys ;)
  7. bill said: you better marry that
  8. asap said: looks like u got afinger in tick tack boy
  9. said: what a pretty pussy!
  10. Mani said: Very sweat
  11. jo said: would look better with my hard cock in it
  12. hambone said: Tinas pussy 65 yrs ago before she had TWO FIST, TWO FEET, AND 2 MILES OF COCK
  13. hambone said: Theres still A LOT of miles LEFT to go on that one…would love to see more
  14. hambone said: Theres still A LOT of miles on that one…would love to see more
  15. Shontelle said: Its alright
  16. donottrythisathome said: You caught me. I do.
  17. spunkmachine said: your fanny’s revolting
  18. J said: Looks so soft
  19. bill said: that looks good to eat
  20. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: So clean. :)
  21. GGSWA said: smooth clean and delicious
  22. mandy said: mmm looks very sweet . pretty kitty
  23. said: It is a awesome looking pussy..
  24. tom said: nice pussy good 8 or more

Tight Student Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 19

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one of the tightest pussies you’ve ever seen. can barely fit one finger in

  1. Tjay said: That a boy little cock still gettin amazing pussy. A round of applause for guys with small dicks gettin some
  2. jizzman said: So what your saying is your cock is smaller than your finger
  3. said: damn! i def want to see more
  4. steve said: i would wreck that tight snatch
  5. kaiser said: let the hair grow back
  6. said: best turn her on first and get that cunt wet ;)
  7. ken said: hats off to small cocks getting tight pussy! i got a small cock and couldn’t get laid in a cunt storm!
  8. cecil said: that looks like a dick guillotine you’ll be sorry in the A.M.
  9. said: beautiful pussy! nice clit! let me know if shes ready 2 feel a real cock yet.
  10. i fuck em hard★ said: can that be my dick
  11. Henry said: @ Laurie can I do that to you?
  12. said: Awesome pussy ….good thing you have a baby dick then since you can only fit a finger in there
  13. said: @ laurie would you like to see me and my cock
  14. hambone said: Hokiewolf..a HOT shower will COOL him off know that MF gonna burn..LOL
  15. hokiewolf said: The tightness is nothing, wait til tomorrow when you`re feeling that rubble burn on you`re cock. LMFAO
  16. Asslickr said: That is a giant clit. Wow.
  17. laurie said: help that cock out an spread your tight cunt
  18. said: damn i would love to give it a try
  19. The Truth said: By finger do you mean the one on your hand or the one you stuck in her for the pic?
  20. said: so tight that tiny cok wont fit in
  21. Veetayjay said: You need to either a) shave it or b) let it grow. Gave you a 8.
  22. mtpcouple said: I would love to suck on that clit
  23. said: How old is that girl?
  24. RickJamesBiotch said: That’s not saying too much about your dick then!
  25. hambone said: HA HA her clit is as big as your cock

Pretty pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 19

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What do you think?

  1. Want You said: I have to tell you that I keep coming back to you pussy to look at it. Gorgeous and very sexy!! One of the best I’ve seen.
  2. Nicole said: I wanna lick that pussy and stick my fingers up that tight ass
  3. Lag said: hmmmm i love that wet pussy am drooling right now
  4. said: very nice pls lets see more
  5. bill said: i want to lick your clit
  6. said: beautiful! trimmed perfect too! an easy 8.5!
  7. fuck said: i just wanna fuck u baby
  8. said: I would love to lick you. Let’s see more ;)
  9. GGSWA said: that is mouthwatering delicious
  10. said: omg, just beautiful..
  11. said: very sexy body babe, would love to lick you till you got all dirty with me…x
  12. said: Just look at that stink hole, I would love to lick it.
  13. said: Wow, Id love to fuck you!
  14. smailbox said: impressive.
  15. said: lovely very lickable
  16. Johnnyonthespot said: Now that’s perfection! I’d like to lift that hood, suck the fat bean underneath, and tongue fuck u til u cum hard on my face
  17. Pussyeater said: That baby looks tight …call me
  18. Gman said: that is a pretty pssy
  19. said: looks very tight i would love to fuck u all night long
  20. marriedman said: that sure looks good and tight!

Tight, Pink and Loves Cock

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 19

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Adore the feeling of a nice hard cock stretching my pussy lips apart as he pushes deep inside me ;)

  1. Guest said: I fucking LOVE your cunt! Nice clit too.
  2. said: Damn that looks tasty!!
  3. said: nice pussy
  4. said: gorgeous. id give anything to see more of that pussy
  5. Steven said: This could take days…I could nibble your ears, your neck…by the time we tried to see if it would fit…
  6. said: amazing! looks like a perfect place to put all 9 inches of this rock hard cock! lets trade some pics.
  7. hambone said: 1st class, grade A pussy
  8. said: I want to taste your sweet juices.. yum.
  9. boring said: almost no lip or clit, its like barbe and ken sex!
  10. Hotrod said: OMG… would you look at that,that is a thing of beauty.m..m..m..
  11. Johnnyonthespot said: Can I be the “he” pushing deep inside? I’ve been known to stretch a few tight pink pussies like yours sexy!
  12. said: a thing of real beauty x
  13. said: well then im the man of ur dreams cause i love fuckin all night long
  14. marriedman said: love to lick that till u cum in my mouth!
  15. Mike 72o2376377 said: Suck my nice cock tina while i lick ur clit

wife riding

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 19

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She ride my cock for hours

  1. matty said: whats with the yellow stained ass? did you forget to wipe???
  2. matty said: is that shit around her asshole?
  3. drewdunn said: 14. see those red bumps, shes got somethin he doesnt want
  4. BigU said: ass zits — NOT COOL
  5. said: herpagondasyphalaids safety campaign! if you marry a dirty slut, you may be at risk 2!
  6. hambone said: To Nome and Eddie….GOOD CALL
  7. Cocky said: You have your raincoat on! What the fuck is that all about?
  8. Android said: yeah who does that or is she ur wife
  9. eddi said: When I see the skin of your girl,….better wear a rubber!!
  10. bil said: take that darn rubber off an go bare back
  11. nome said: then again look at that rash on ass he might be smart to have a rain coat on
  12. hambone said: Banging the ole lady with a rubber on is about as funny as two fat people fucking,,,,this picture has it all
  13. joe said: with the pimples or warts on her asshole i would wear one too dirty girl!
  14. said: it’s cool to wear the rubber, after all no ballon no party…x
  15. saywhat!! said: tell your wife to get on the pill and get rid of the rain coat.
  16. cecil said: who wears a condom when fucking their wife ? IJS
  17. FamousMrEd said: wear a rubber with your wife? fuck that lol

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