What do you think after fuck

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29


Rating: 2.48    (891 votes cast)

I was fucked all night

  1. site see er said: lately I’ve got hair fever sweet.love the hairy ass
  2. site see er said: lately I’ve got hair fever sweet
  3. Someone in MA said: U need to shave ur ass
  4. errrr said: looks like a popped balloon
  5. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: love the saddle bags
  6. jp said: very sweet looking pussy baby
  7. Deaf jeff said: That looks like a punched lasagne
  8. pantybuster said: it loks like your pussy has a goat tee…shave the asshole
  9. Mylandxx said: Tender
  10. coolbreeze said: I’d fuck you in both holes after I licked them both as clean as a whistle
  11. K.t. said: MUST shave poop shute.
  12. simply_thick said: Thats a meaty pussy!
  13. Yuk said: Hairy ass? No thanks. Pass
  14. stevejamz said: its looks like its time to use ur ass hole
  15. Jason said: shave that bunger hole, can you say massive dingleberrys!!
  16. dd.eddie said: Wax that ass and go for hole two the next night!
  17. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: Love to nibble and suck on ur lips email more
  18. Hot love said: Can i eat both holes
  19. Yule Lovette said: kitty coughed up a hairball?
  20. kaiser said: No shit, I like the shaved puss hairy ass look.
  21. harry callahan said: pass.- next pic please.
  22. Baller said: Shave your ass hole
  23. Mark said: That’s the hairiest MF asshole I’ve ever seen!!
  24. steormerod@hotmail.com said: do you need another?
  25. Badbehavior said: I love your hairy ass hole it looks like a mans and make me hard and wank
  26. moreno91607@gmail.com said: woot wooy
  27. espinozamanny@yahoo.com said: I think you need to shave that butthole.

My wife’s ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29


Rating: 3.87    (1533 votes cast)
  1. redshoes692000@yahoo.com said: Very nice, nice curves at the bottom both check! Nice lower back, very tight! U a luckly Dude!
  2. Hunglikeahoover said: Proof is in the taste
  3. mofomofo said: I’d hit that if you paid me
  4. The husband said: I’m happy to read these comments. thx
  5. K.t. said: Very natural and relaxed looking.
  6. Love Pussy said: It would take me all day eating that pussy to describe how sexy it is. Damn it is nice/
  7. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: Awesome email more
  8. welkomsebra85@gmail,com said: Ill fk you in both holes. Whane share pic’s
  9. Hot love said: im in love baby
  10. Pussylover said: I’d love to fuck you!
  11. maxdaddy said: mmm b b you have the sweetest ass here 10+ more please thanks
  12. beaver eater said: i would love to spread those cheeks and fuck your ass all night
  13. tasty said: Perfect pussy access on that one. Good catch mate
  14. X-Man said: 10 pussy! Love the spots on her ass too!
  15. Hot love said: i love yr hot ass it a 10 baby
  16. chatster said: mmm very nice pussy and ass. plz keep posting them kinda pics
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  18. Gj said: Yum
  19. king ding-a-ling said: very nice
  20. dd.eddie said: This is what the Donner party should have had to eat!
  21. paul_n@live.co.za said: Lovely tongue sticking out.
  22. jcochrane4@gmail.com said: YOU are one lucky SOB!!
  23. Yuuup! said: Nice!!
  24. Android said: love the clam shell
  25. ACE said: Very nice. love the pic. Plze keep post’n and spread those great cheeks wide! ;)
  26. BigU said: Lucky man!
  27. t88racing@hotmail.com said: love the little ass. nice lil hips on you also.

The wifes pussy once more

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29


Rating: 2.34    (921 votes cast)

Wifes pussy having a well earned holiday,tits thrown in as well.Enjoy…

  1. flipfioplover said: I would love to suck on your pussy lips
  2. svcorony@yahoo.com said: wowwww sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more pls
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  4. harry callahan said: id fuck old hang tit granny.
  5. Love Pussy said: very nice. Very sexy
  6. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: Delicious come sit on my face baby email more
  7. Sam said: Shave that kitty then let’s play.
  8. Pussylover said: We would love I play with you!
  9. Ben said: atractive
  10. skankluver said: those jugs are brutal!
  11. eskaye69@yahoo.co.uk said: Like the look of those lips,great nips too,wanna see her hole.
  12. ctommy54@yahoo.com said: i want some of that beautiful lady!!
  13. gravitas said: Oh my
  14. X-Man said: Fuck no. Its a 1.
  15. badbehavior said: those tits deserve a holiday too…nice long gash though
  16. Bert said: Those fun bags look past their expiration date.
  17. Zip said: Nice titties!
  18. Me. said: Looks like a National Geographical photo.
  19. rufus said: Love hot chewy lips
  20. dd.eddie said: A real holiday would be to share this with a college fraternity
  21. jcochrane4@gmail.com said: Get more light on the subject
  22. Yuuup! said: Really?
  23. ACE said: You look like you like to have fun. I’ll cum play with you anytime. :)

me, do you like?

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29


Rating: 3.09    (926 votes cast)

wet and waiting

  1. Bulletman said: Nice carpet! Would luv to slide in that!
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  4. chloe said: yes, i do like it, enough to lick :-) and love it looking so wet and inviting
  5. bill said: still one of the best pussys here!
  6. new age said: looks like larry from the 3 stooges…plz loose the hair…too nice to ruin w all that hair
  7. coolbreeze said: I’d lick you from your nose to your toes and then back again, damn you’re fine
  8. mark said: very nice pussy, open and wet, love it! want to lick it..hmm
  9. eri_kk@live.se said: nice.. but shaved is better
  10. underground71 said: no sex in 5 years due to a frigid wife. You are mighty inviting.
  11. Stu said: I’m usually not a fan of bush, but it looks hot on your nice pussy. The rest of your body and titties are perfect too!
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  13. 12budlight said: that looks like it could be fun to play with,how about some pics with a toy or two!!!
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  20. paul said: very nice
  21. BigT said: Can’t be king ring-a-sting-cos-I-sit-on-my-dad’s-thing’s mum, she isn’t allowed internet access in crack-whore rehab.
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  23. 07785963304 said: me and wife think stunning x
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  27. me said: YES. love your perky titties too
  28. simply_thick said: nice bush!!
  29. I'm that guy said: @Ace what’s with the doll shit, it’s so annoying. You should tape a plastic bag over your head!!
  30. Hot love said: i love it baby sexy
  31. WTF said: ACE! Please learn to spell, a lot is two words. some of you losers need to go back to school and pass on the daydreaming.
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  33. king ding-a-ling said: i think this is bigt’s mom
  34. Yuuup! said: One word..Gillette
  35. jcochrane4@gmail.com said: Looks like you just took some heavy fucking! Great!!
  36. ACE said: Yes i do like it alot Doll! Your curly hair is erotic. Would like to see much more of your bod Doll!
  37. BigU said: Very nice — perfect amount of trim!
  38. tp_30256@yahoo.com said: I jacking off at it need more email some nice pussy
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  41. Bovrilbull@yahoo.co.uk said: At last a cunt with some hair. Good girl

my babe bending over

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29

lisa (21).JPG

Rating: 2.7    (881 votes cast)

love this pic of both her holes, question is,which one do i take first?

  1. horny said: lisa is mighty fine. want to lick
  2. dave said: il luv 2 give her ass and cunt a good licking and fucking. Should b rated much higher.10
  3. steppo, DOWNUNDER said: sink the pink before brown – more points
  4. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: I’d take the juicy pussy then go the ass very nice email more
  5. drsays said: tell her to stand back up…game over
  6. Borat said: It hangs loose like tongue of dog
  7. meadhere said: what do you nean which to take first? looks like both those holes have been taken multiple times b4 that pic was taken
  8. X-Man said: Answer is BOTH. Bring along your brother or a mate and go DP.
  9. lol said: dosnt matter she wouldnt feel it anyway! huge pussy
  10. JHG said: Given a choice of those 2 holes, I’d opt for the hole in the door. Exit stage left….
  11. f said: wanna lick your asshole
  12. dd.eddie said: Health reasons idcktate pussy first. But if you have two guys just stick to one
  13. Yuuup! said: I’d only look at that just long enough to stick my dick in it…
  14. ACE said: Perfect position for a pic Doll! Ur holes look very inviting especially ur TASTY looking asshole! ;P
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  16. Bovrilbull@yahoo.co.uk said: Lovely pose. Either hole looks inviting

Heart Shaped Box

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 29


Rating: 4.36    (1106 votes cast)
  1. jp said: I love it!
  2. Aaron.Tomlins@yahoo.com.au said: Unreal if only I could find you in real life
  3. a32takan@hotmail.com said: ı wanna fuck two holes too can you send some pics pls
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  5. breastfan21@gmail.com said: amazing, just amazing, would have a hard time choosing
  6. chris said: Beautiful…..
  7. nicosmailbox3691@hushmail.com said: its a big 10 plus from me
  8. ytimstr69@hotmail.com said: i would eat your heart out
  9. May turner said: Your a sweetheart I’ll drink your Piss while I eat you out your so fine
  10. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: sensational smooth box email more
  11. Pussylover said: I would love to play with your heart shaped box
  12. 3153800888 said: Very nice! Lucky lucky to play with u…..
  13. doggystyle said: Very artistic shot I love your heart shaped box
  14. Me. said: Yum. yum. Yum.
  15. dd.eddie said: One awesome chin holder!
  16. Yuuup! said: Lovely…
  17. jcochrane4@gmail.com said: VERY Nice!!
  18. Android said: now that’s good lookin pussy
  19. ACE said: Beautiful pussy Doll! I like the way it points to ur tight asshole. Plz keep post’n, ur holes were made for showing off. ;)
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  21. paul_n@live.co.za said: WOW what a beautiful pussy. Please spread those lips in your next pic
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naughty ass plugged

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 28


Rating: 4.12    (1160 votes cast)
  1. mybig10 said: best thing i have ever seen.
  2. jj said: You should come visit me we could replace that plug with my dick
  3. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: Bloody unreal love to see the pussy spread email more
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gettin in deep

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 28


Rating: 3.97    (964 votes cast)
  1. Mr. Action said: Looks like it feels nice! I can imagine grabbin her and puttin my dick deep in her! OMG I’D LOVE TO COME IN HER
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  13. Mr. M said: Id love for her to sit on my dick like that.
  14. badbehavior said: no argument here..looks like a damn nice tight puss and great small round ass

the girl slippin it to one side

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 28


Rating: 4.43    (1135 votes cast)

how would you punish this tight puss

  1. soccersoldier2007@yahoo said: oh my that is beautiful
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my babe’s lovely pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 28

bb1 (40)1.jpg

Rating: 2.27    (781 votes cast)

spread and ready

  1. coolbreeze said: no comparison on this site, you are the second finest pussy I have ever seen!
  2. Nadzee07@hotmail.com said: Yes please love to my bury my face in ur smoo email more
  3. Sam said: Wow what a big snatch.
  4. Me. said: No. No. No.
  5. jcochrane4@gmail.com said: Can’t see–exposure too dark
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  10. harry callahan said: pass
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  13. Jd said: No no no
  14. Triplej said: Damn you want so bbc for that juicy psy.

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