spanked wife

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 23

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first time posting of my shy wife. She was bad so I spanked her ass.

  1. Me said: Not spanked very hard by the looks of it.
  2. said: Lovely slap & ride ;)
  3. said: Need to give her pussy and ass a good fucking!!
  4. ;) said: wow I knew she looked awesome naked I remember that tatt

Wife’s Ready For A Pounding!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

223 (550x281).jpg
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She’s always looking for a pounding!

  1. said: can i taste your sweet cream. would love to tongue fuck b4 i give you my thick cock inbox me
  2. pooploop82 said: this makes me want to take my ball sack and pull it over my head
  3. 4172934140 said: that would fit nicely around my cock!!
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  5. Dirty said: Yeah I am sure BBC is hung like a mare horse!!
  6. said: Very nice, looks tasty
  7. said: This girl has a beautiful pussy!!!
  8. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to suck your sweet lips and lick that clit till your cum trickles down my throat , then slide my cock in, MMM
  9. rocker1960.rq@ said: she should call me. i would take good care of her while u play with the camera. she would throw rocks at u when im done servicin
  10. Stu said: Yum! I want to lick it first!
  11. BBC said: Sorry wow not for little dicks that pussy is mad for a man not a boy! Nice pussy and would put my black train in it!
  12. LucKyMaN said: Always wet & Always Ready! No lube needed!!
  13. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
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  15. wow said: What came out of that thing a train?
  16. d-bag said: big pussy

Cute little cunt

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

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  1. Spike said: Yummy!!!
  2. said: Very nice, would like to rub my japs eye up your clit till I spunk ;) then watch you Wank off
  3. Bjorn said: That thing looks like it is throwing gang signs.
  4. rocker1960.rq@ said: holy crap. can i est u up please. tongue fuck your pretty lil pussy. e me morr please. thanks for sharing. very hot baby
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  11. Dirty said: Nothing cute about that!

Wifes ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

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Bent over and ready

  1. said: Fucking hot my cock is hard and ready to fuck your wife hard and fill her pussy full e mail some please
  2. Pussy lover said: Nice , my dick is so hard now
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  7. Jesse said: Yummy, more ass pimples.
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  10. ME said: nice ass and opened pussy
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  12. No Thanks said: That’s all you buddy!

small tight jamming

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

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stretch n cream in her pussy

  1. Mr. Diggler said: Her labia majora look really fuckin good.
  2. Aiden said: Man, that is the smoothest pussy ive ever seen. Hot damn
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  7. said: Beautiful
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  9. Funny said: Zoom in a little closer it might look bigger!

I love my hubby’s fat cock!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

IMG_1923 (2) (640x354).jpg
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Who wants to cum inside?

  1. said: I’d love to fill your pussy with a load of warm cum!! Let me know when and where!!
  2. said: While your hubbys fucking Louise I’d have MY fat cock deep in your wet slit!!!!!!!!
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  9. Good said: Your the only one that does.

Sharing wife post # 2

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 21

553 - Copy.JPG
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Thanks for previous comments hope you love my cameltoe

  1. Aiden said: For some reason i just wanna spit on that asshole and fuck it bloody
  2. said: Gladly lick your waiting pussy and ass then have you tell me which hole to fuck!! Love to see more!!
  3. 12budlight said: Maybe share a close up of those tits !!!!
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  5. jizz myster said: you need some clearasil for your ass
  6. said: Beautiful ;)
  7. Jesse said: I love ass pimples
  8. bernard lust said: If you connect the dots/zits, you can get the BIG DIPPER. ;)
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  11. Ty Webb said: Nothing worth seeing here
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  13. 4172934140 said: love that asshole too!!!

creampied pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 21

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after good oral and fucking =P

  1. Mr. Diggler said: Beautiful pussy with nice small lips and a stubby clithood.
  2. said: She needs more cum dripping from her tight little pussy!! Love to help her out!
  3. jizz myster said: that’s pretty sweet
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My gf tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 20

photo 1.JPG
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my 19 year old girlfriends tight snatch! what do you think?

  1. said: nice e me one with her ass hole in it
  2. said: i would like to suck your fingers clean before tongue fucking both your seet holes..
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  9. Really said: I have had this pussy! Not that tight!
  10. 4172934140 said: wow that does look tight!

Wife’s WET PuSSy!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 20

XXX 040 (425x319).jpg
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It’s insane how wet my Wife’s pussy gets! There is no better feeling than when she’s riding and gushes all over my cock!!

  1. Mr. Diggler said: That is some picturesque anatomy.
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  7. 4172934140 said: very nice pussy thanks for the post
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  12. Diogenes Kinik said: I like this pussy size and shape… No dilemas for me-10!
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  14. Spike said: That is real hard on material!
  15. Funny said: Just imagine if she had a real cock!!!

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