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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 28

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Wet Pussy needs pounding

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 28

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Your comment make me sooooo hot

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Playing with my man

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 28

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I love to play!

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I love toying my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 28

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This glass toy is great because I can warm it up or chill it before inserting in my wet pussy. Do you like what you see? Please comment below and I can send more dirty pictures. -Devon

  1. Timber said: I’m betting white or blue looks smashing on you. Thought about poses , would like to see 1 for each site ; BC , MFA, RMN Thx!
  2. Kevin said: high heels and stockings with a hole for your pussy cutout
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  9. Devon said: What kind of request Timber?
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  11. Devon said: Thank you guys I really appreciate it. I will have to take some new ones and post more.
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  14. dd.eddie said: Devon, your tits are titriffic, and a sexy great body! TY
  15. Devon said: Timber- I posted a pic on Boob Critic of my tits. Let me know what you think… :)
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Playing with my wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 28

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I get so turned on when I play with my pussy in front of someone.

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A large belly doesnt stop the fun..

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Wide open

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 27

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Cum and play with me. I love for men to jerk off and cum for me

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Oiled up tight fuck.

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 27

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  1. ACE said: Incredible puckered asshole Doll! Great pose!
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Hot Kitty

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 26

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First ever post of my tight ass and pussy. Want more?

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Her favorite position.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 26

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  1. ACE said: Would love to sniff all of your goodness Doll! My favorite position as well.
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