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Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 22


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Joe with a cock on her face

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 22


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About to be deep in her throat….

  1. dd.eddie said: glad you have safety / protection over your eyes Joe!
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Wifey’s pussy…

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 21

L's p14.jpg

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Love it when she sends these types of pics to me when I’m at work!

  1. J R said: i could lick that silly before hubby gets home…then 2 ck’s she can have! 1 ck not enuff for that now…great post
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Sexy mirror shot

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 21


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  1. hunter said: love it suzzy ;-)
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My girlfriend Kaina

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 21


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Redhead pussy

  1. J R said: all i can say is “RedHead Alert”””!!!! wow
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Fuck ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 20


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My wife’s slut ass has just been fucked by five cocks but she wants more so we will fuck her again. Do want sloppy sixths with my slut wife’s cock addicted ass hole?

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Sexy ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 20


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Furry pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 20


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Having a hairy moment. Want to see me shave my pussy?

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Suzy sucking cock

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 20


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  1. MrSafety said: Never mind the hand on the balls too; you are in the shower and a slip could occur; i wouldnt want U holding my balls as u fell
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MILF with a used hungry pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 19


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3 hrs fucking on video – bruised and used – she still managed to swallow a load to give her pussy a break – good Wife

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