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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 16

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A close up pic of my wife’s holes after playing with them.

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  2. eddie said: Love the hair
  3. billy.reid@gmx.com said: Nice Can I watch?
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  5. pepe said: Shave that ass!!!
  6. hairbaca said: Id pluck all those shit hairs and make a smelly hair pie then fuck it!
  7. rj said: nice and natural I bet she is a good fuck
  8. Frank said: Dont shave….thats natural and VERY sexy.
  9. Frank said: Lovely. Thank God for some natural pussy. I know the trend is for bald like a kid but I like women and women should have muff
  10. REALLY!! said: @ Tonlo I gotta good idea why don’t you shut up just people’s opinions you want them don’t post pics ….
  11. Tonlo said: or better yet a pic whom you wish would be your lady. If you don’t like what you see, shut the fuc up and keep it moving!
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  14. stevej688@gmail.com said: would love to lick on that clit and that a******
  15. MilfSlayer said: Shave that & I promise better ratings will follow
  16. RC51 said: I would love to eat you out. I would lick you from front to back until you cum.
  17. justme said: looks like she is getting eaten by buckwheat
  18. Chuck said: Damn! I can smell that through my computer monitor! Not good! Shave Please!!!
  19. ACE said: Awesome looking holes Doll! Made for sniff’n & lick’n. Let’s see more!
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  21. dd.eddie said: This time i would have to say -tryNoNo
  22. 7 incher said: You are sooo hairy it’s turning me on so bad love your hairy ass hole my cock wants you!!
  23. Dude guy said: That’s a mess, just a mess. You can have a hairy motor but keep it tidy
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  25. ThickCock said: I would love to fill her pussy full of my cum! Post more of this gorgeous pussy
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  27. John said: Beautiful!! 10 from me. Love the hair!!
  28. Big D said: I will buy her a razor for Christmas
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  30. Larry said: Looks like it smells horrible
  31. eardman said: Looks great… nice sweet natural pussy
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  33. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Hmmm….This looks unkept & in need of washing! Either closely shave & trim or Brazilian for good hygiene….Then repost!!!!
  34. Dan said: very nice, 2P.
  35. 7 incher said: Love the stubble on the legs you sud go natural that wud b unreal
  36. 7 incher said: Wud love to tongue fuck that hairy hole best pic yet please post more
  37. Stanley said: Why does every like shaving so much these days? Hell even men are shaving their chest hair to look like little boys. I like this
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  43. big ziggy said: no, woolly mammoth
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Need it bad

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 16

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Pussy waiting to be fucked

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my chinese gf

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 15

lan lan 8.jpg
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happy holidays

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  7. greenlantern said: I guess the stereotype applies to the women too!
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Wife Giving A Great Blowjob

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 14

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40 Year old wife and her blowjobs keeping getting better

  1. Tod said: I would love to suck those big fat nipples.
  2. rj327275 said: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!
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rate my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 14

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my pussy after lick

  1. Mike said: ugliest pussy I have ever seen
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the third…creampie

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 14

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  1. shep1229 said: icould eat that cunt for hours And play with her g spot
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the second (upskirt pic)…before 69

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 14

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rabbit fun

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 14

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wrming her pussy before i fked her senseless

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fresh 18 year old birthday pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 13

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My girlfriends fresh eighteen year old wet pussy
she is so happy we can now show the world how pink she really is.

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my girls big pussylips

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 13

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  1. The Man said: Would love to have those lips drain my cock and fill her with cum multiple times…
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