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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 11

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Which would you try first?

  1. Markus said: Such a cute pussy… tasty
  2. climberguy said: Definitely fuck your pussy while i stretch your ass out with my thumb. Then it’d be your ass’s turn for my cock!
  3. said: Talk about baby smooth… I would pound this girl so hard she would be wheelchair bound :P
  4. said: your mouth
  5. Lick me said: Would love to bury my face in that perfect pink pussy!
  6. said: Wow wee I couldn’t go past her pussy it’s magnificent email more
  7. Dude guy said: Can’t we just cuddle??
  8. breastman76 said: nothing to say put PERFECT!!!!
  9. ODB said: Can I cum in both. And then eat them out…..?
  10. Makkman said: I want to eat that ass
  11. Hot love said: lick her asshole an my cock in yr pussy
  12. me said: needs tongue
  13. ass lover said: lick and stick that ass
  14. RzT said: Her pussy is just too fine
  15. planeboy said: geeeesssss louise!!!! perfect 10!!!!
  16. said: More of that please!
  17. cecil said: that pussy is so smooth you would think she has alopecia
  18. ken said: great holes. should make a mold and sell it.
  19. said: That nice email some so can jack off looking at them
  20. GGSWA said: PERFECT
  21. harry callahan said: nice pic .pussy 1st then id cream up that tater!!!!!!!
  22. said: Definitely tonge that asshole while pushing fingers into her tight wet pussy!
  23. said: i would have to get in that pussy. wow!!!
  24. said: that is beautiful, simply beautiful
  25. Mic2469 said: I would lick that from a to b. Then put my stiff rock hard cock in which ever sweet spot you wanted me to. U fine piece of ass
  26. thickdickloving said: Let me split one of those holes for you.
  27. f said: lick that ass ,suck it and than do the same to that pussy.
  28. ACE said: Absolutely AMAZING Doll! I’d be greedy & have both! I want to eat ur pussy & asshole for days! Post more. ;)
  29. Hunter said: Strap- on the pussy and my cock in her ass that’s how you do her
  30. sanco said: so nice! ass first
  31. dd.eddie said: I’d lick that entire crack until it was red and raw. then again with an ice cube. then pussy first
  32. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: do your ass 1st then suck your spunk covered clit
  33. steppo, DOWNUNDER said: pot the brown, followed by the pink – 10 points!!!
  34. stevie said: Slow tounge on that cunt for the first orgasim and fuck here for the 2nd one. Then I would fuck her ass.
  36. real king ding-a-ling said: i would take her ass and let my wife have her pussy


Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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my girl more reserved than normal(not pulling her holes WIDE open) sometimes she is “shy”…….we love you guys!

  1. flipfioplover said: Suckable toes and pussy
  2. big10" said: would like to see her open those legs
  3. said: i bet she a pretty young lady
  4. said: Nice legs and feet and pussy looks delicious email more
  5. steve said: thats an awsome cunt
  6. someone said: rate my pussy not rate my feet, really? Thought is was ratemynaughty. Odd….. Naked=naughty. peanutsmith2792=dumb @ass
  7. said: Id eat that
  8. said: How do I post my amature porn on this site
  9. suckmeoff said: what ace said.. i miss you to sexy
  10. said: I would love to lick & suck on your toes.
  11. GGSWA said: that’s one of the hottest feet on here~ i can see the pussy is perfectly delicious
  12. ACE said: And we love every inch of this INCREDIBLY HOT babe! Sexy pic but I so miss ur pussy & asshole close ups. I look 4u daily on here
  13. dd.eddie said: We love her too! Sexy suckable feet and ankles.. hmm i wanna be an ankle biter
  14. assholeaddict said: I miss her asshole! Please post it again.
  15. suckmeoff said: verry nice :)
  16. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: very sexy
  17. Hot love said: Can i cum on yr feet an lick an suck it off
  18. Hot love said: i want to see yr pussy an asshole babe
  19. let me fuck you and your girl sir said: let me fuck you both
  20. dude said: its rate my naughty
  21. dude said: @peanut
  22. said: Very nice and sweet. beautiful.
  23. Rambone said: I’m sure you’re quite sexy, but spreading your holes to extreme proportions isn’t hot….
  24. harry callahan said: shes hot
  25. said: This is rate my pussy not rate my feet
  26. said: very nice
  27. said: Very nice, sexy sexy
  28. said: She’s beautiful take care of her!
  29. smailbox said: love it! the feet are so hot.

Tight cunt takes it bad…

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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refers to “request to spread” – same tight pussy, but she get’s it badly most of the time, as you see at “naught hole” ;-]

  1. said: ditto my wife and I would to play withyou on line
  2. Mr. Diggler said: not balls deep my man.. pussy too small to take a cock more than half way.
  3. Lick me said: Can I lick your clit while he fucks you
  4. said: Massive hard on after looking at this pic email more
  5. doggystyle said: I lick that pussy and then suck that dick
  6. dmack said: this is rate my naughty not my bfs dick
  7. jman213141 said: I’d lick both holes, then fuck both and blow inside that ass
  8. step2 said: i would love to join in she has a beuatiful pussy and you have a nice rod love to play with both
  9. ironcock said: can my wife lick the cum out after your done
  10. rj said: she do look tight
  11. 18 n tight said: mmm this cock looks delish, please share with me too ;)
  12. Bobby said: I would eat the cum out that pussy
  13. real king ding-a-ling said: ever thought about letting another couple join
  14. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: nice ;)
  15. Turbo said: Cann I join?

Naughty hole…

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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After pullin’ out my cock, I told her to hold on for a snapshot. Guess, that’s why it’s called hole… ;-) And of course I fuck her ass too… a nice gape should be next?

  1. vinc said: great pussy and awesome asshole – love to eat both
  2. said: I’d love to stick my cock in her take it out wait for it to start closing and jam back it in love to see gaping ass email more
  4. rj said: lucky guy she does have a great pussy
  5. clive said: love her open pussy, does she like it filled?
  6. mr perry said: wow very very nice. and i bet seet
  7. real king ding-a-ling said: love that shot can i have her mouth
  8. dd.eddie said: sweet!
  9. said: great fucking picture
  10. asshole addict said: Please gape her beautiful asshole! Women who gape are the most beautiful women in the world!
  11. said: Excellent!!
  12. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: wow love to fire a load into that ;)
  13. Hot love said: Love her pussy
  14. me said: both need some tongue action
  15. smailbox said: i would loke it stretched (rather wide) not gaped first. focus on her sweet pink recroom for the second. shot.
  16. Jason said: Nice pussy

“Front View” for Adam on Boob Critic

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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  1. said: pretty face. great tits. ineresting pussy. can I see more?
  2. steve said: fuckin hell i’d lick suck n fuck you all day all night and all week
  3. said: love your cameltoe
  4. car man said: I’m with those who would love to see you sitting in that chair with your legs open wide and pussy lips spread apart, waiting for
  5. said: Even the wife wants to lick that pussy.
  6. said: Let some hair grow, bald pussies are NOT SEXY!!!
  7. adam said: open that pussy for me
  8. 4U said: spectacular!!!
  9. admirer said: great pussy
  10. Sambo said: I love the “Milf Action”, I would definitely bang you!
  11. dd said: Nice
  12. said: are you single? if so i would love to meet you and get to know you!!!
  13. said: Great tits would like to bust on a nut on them and love to see more of ur pussy email more
  14. Rd2C said: We need more! You are amazing!
  15. said: mmmmmm me sum????
  16. rj said: Wow is right!! she is a 10+ we could have a lot of fun doing each other i would lick and stick her for hours
  17. matt said: smokin milf
  18. RickJamesBiotch said: I agree! Lay back and spread those lips. I need a target!
  19. said: youre a uk girl?
  20. Ron said: Love those jugs! Would cream all over them
  21. planeboy said: Beautiful!!!!! 9.0
  22. said: Ey hotty. Wna swop pics? Very tasty lookn
  23. said: Damn!!! You look amazing Hun!!!!!
  24. said: Gorgeous lady, you look fantastic, would love to chat with you
  25. dd.eddie said: Damn i want to pound out some mortor to add another row of bricks. YUMMY!
  26. death said: Show a spread of that pussy please.
  27. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: stunning all round
  28. jj..7063180064 said: Damn thats a fat pussy….
  29. G said: damn i love that pussy more!
  30. Rambone said: Definitely would love to see you sit back in that chair with your legs up on arms. Show off that sweet pussy :)
  31. said: i would love to lick your pussy until you squirt on my face
  32. said: yeah buddy, a middle aged milf forsure!!
  33. decomark said: i would love to see you sitting in that chair with your legs over each arm showing that sexy pussy ;-)
  34. said: BEAUTIFUL!!!
  35. ronc said: wow
  36. said:’re a beauty. Let’s see you with your legs apart. I wana cum to that pic
  37. said: Wow. She has a smoking hot body
  38. nomad said: wow what a big pussy…love it baby
  39. badbehavior said: hell yeah!

Single Gal Play

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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My clit would love it more if you were rubbing it!

  1. Markus said: tight & tasty
  2. 4U said: very tight..holy sh!t!
  3. said: Fancy a British soldier to help you out I’m near Oxford x
  4. janet C said: you need to have me come and play with your clitty
  5. Lick me said: I’ll rub it with my tongue for you
  6. said: Such a pretty pussy baby email more I’d love to play with it
  7. FilthyMind said: nice pink surprise inside id rub you all night baby
  8. said: With my tongue anytime
  9. jman213141 said: I’d love to lick that pussy and finger your G-spot till you came on my face baby
  10. said: id play with that all night ;)
  11. said: id rub your clit with my warm pierced cock till you came then i get inside you.
  12. RickJamesBiotch said: I want to see your bean! Then jerk off while thinking about my cum running from it doen your lips and pooling in a puddle at the
  13. mr perry said: rubing it? suck it more like mmm
  14. real king ding-a-ling said: let me and my wife show you a good time in tx
  15. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: love to suck your wet pussy
  16. said: You hold it like that and ill suck that clit till you explode…
  17. said: my finger and cock would love it more if i was working it too, no need to play alone ;) msg me and we can have some fun
  18. That guy said: You need a gangbang!
  19. said: with my tounge
  20. said: You all are making this singe gal’s clit swell. Thank you, darlings!
  21. Triplej said: That realy is a great psy! Looks so soft and tight. Want to trade sine pics or something
  22. fillerup said: ok
  23. said: can i lick and fuck that sexy pussy and play with that clit
  24. Snatch lover said: Would love to lick it
  25. said: Thats one pussy that id like to finger fuck and then fuck with my massive hard on
  26. said: Can or will you let me rubb your clit with the tip of my dick?
  27. double trouble couple said: my wife and i would tear that up
  28. bill said: can i come over and play with it with you
  29. said: ill rub it for you
  30. jeff said: I would love to tear that little pussy up
  31. said: I will rub it lick it ea it !!!’ mmmm
  32. planeboy said: sweet meat!!!!!9.0
  33. said: Ill do a lot more than rub it love it looks good inbox me more
  34. omg said: you wouldnt have to ask twice! ;
  35. said: My dick would love it if those pussy lips were wrapped around it
  36. Jn said: From ct by any chance cause I sure as hell would do more than that :p
  37. said: as the wife said, come on over. we would take care of you lonley self. pic swap???
  38. TruRed said: your single?? you should come to our house. Me and the hubby would take good care of you:p
  39. Dd said: Perfect!
  40. Joe H said: How about my tongue lapping at your moist clit?
  41. sstevie said: I would love to lick your clit & give you an orgasim like you have never had before. I’m that good baby.
  42. Maineguy said: Oh hunny ur clit would sure love my tongue rubbin it and my hard cock sliding in it right after u cum all over those lips 10
  43. badbehavior said: and ur pussy would love it more if I was eating and fucking it! sexy wet tight hole
  44. Hot love said: Love to svck yr clit lick your asshole
  45. real king ding-a-ling said: beautiful shot of both holes let me fill both with hot cum
  46. zac said: g spot ;)
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pink pen pink pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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It’s a tight hole

  1. 9023180391 said: Your pussy is so perfect. Wish you were my gf, I’d treat you soo damn good
  2. said: Wow what a little teaser I got hard thinking whether it was pink inside or not email more let me find out
  3. said: love the thighs!
  4. james said: Can I have your autograph please?
  5. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: where can i sign up for ago on that pussy
  6. bill said: nice pussy
  7. Hot love said: Im in love baby its a 10
  8. MC said: Your piece really and truly is quite flooring. 10++
  9. simply_thick said: Spread that swollen pussy open!
  10. dude said: love it..
  11. Dtf said: Writings on the pussy wall
  12. jp said: such a beautifully tight lil pussy!
  13. said: ill loosen that pussy up
  14. said: very nice, gotta like a girl that will use whatever she can to get herself off
  15. Pussylover said: Definitely have to stretch it to get my cock inside
  16. said: very nice wish there was more postings like this one…perfect 10 pussy baby
  17. said: I dont believe it wow great pussy I would eat creampie out of that
  18. said: i got something bigger than that pen
  19. said: i can make it loose baby wanna find out with my dick in it

my yummy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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  1. said: Mmmmm love to bury my face in ur yummy pussy email more
  2. said: Heavenly, cock teasing pussy!
  3. truth said: what a mess
  4. rj said: very nice view I would lick you any time
  5. RickJamesBiotch said: Don”t listen to Ramwimp! I neeed you to spread it like that if there is any hope of my Dick fitting!
  6. Ron said: No thanks
  7. Rambone said: Please don’t spread your holes like that, it really isn’t sexy.
  8. Rig said: Would love to see more… Keep posting!
  9. said: It looks delicious
  10. planeboy said: definitely yummy!!!!!9.0
  11. Hot love said: 0 baby i want to cum in your pussy an suck it dry
  12. 4172934140 said: that is sexy! thank you! would love to trade w you!
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  14. f said: what a mouth full that is i want it now
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  16. said: Yes it is.
  17. Triplej said: Great pussy!! Love to get up in it You like bbc?

kRaven, submissive whore

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 10

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Love it rough, any which way!

  1. said: that pussy and tuts would be great to cum on and in
  2. said: that’s fuckin stunning.
  3. flipfioplover said: Beautiful nips and pussy
  4. ZXBIRD said: It’s my birthday, thanks, 10+
  5. said: love the outfit
  6. said: WOW thats sexy
  7. said: Nice tits I’d love to have u sit on my cock and watch those titties bounce email more
  8. Clitlickingslave said: Wow what great leggins u have my those r sure wonderfull thighs love those tits but guip let me eat ur pussy
  9. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: very nice
  10. bill said: road hard put away wet
  11. Hot love said: Want to see my cock
  12. Hot love said: Can i suck yr sweet pussy an cum all in you babe you r hot
  13. jp said: I love it!
  14. dd.eddie said: 20 guy sperm dump dried and dumped again perhaps.. I wouldpop 5 in you without cleanup pretty wench!
  16. Pussylover said: I’ll fuck you hard!
  17. GGSWA said: is that a she-pirate for halloween? nice roast beef
  18. said: I would love to suck on your beautiful clit.
  19. said: can i please lick it and fuck it and then you can sit on my face hottie

My gf’s sweet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 9

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  1. said: making me incredibly hard. want to pleasure myself to you. more please!
  2. vinc said: Beautiful, pink and juicy wow!
  3. said: Oh my I wouldn’t keep a pussy that nice waiting to long email more
  4. RickJamesBiotch said: Sweet you say? I remember it being a little Salty and Tart the last time I saw it! Must have gotten sweet once I jizzed in it!
  5. Hot love said: My 10 in cock is hard i want to cum in you
  6. simply_thick said: lovin that meaty pussy!
  8. said: very nice wish there was more postings like this one…perfect 10 pussy baby
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  10. 12philurcrackin@gmail said: very nice
  11. said: Love the shave on a great looking pussy
  12. Charlie said: Yup, sweet x
  13. Hot love said: Love your pussy can i lick you baby
  14. Shaved lover said: This shaved pussy is nice, great view.
  15. Yuuup! said: Looks nice but a bit raw..
  16. Willis said: id love to eat that pussy girl. my dick is throbbing !!
  17. said: BEAUTIFUL. Please post more bent over.
  18. clive said: one of the best pussys!!
  19. Pussylover said: I’ll be right there! Very nice!
  20. stevie said: Lick and fuck it baby. I will make you cum until you can’t stand it!!!!
  21. said: ill be right there…..
  22. tonguetwirler said: looks cock is rock hard over this pic..

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