Which hole would you choose?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 14

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Please be as nasty as you want when commenting…

  1. blblover@yahoo.com said: Both, of course
  2. John said: Both
  3. carlcolins69@tiscali.co.uk said: arse hole all day long
  4. Hard hornet said: Mouth to vagina to ass to vagina to ass to mouth.. Job well done
  5. r said: I’d pass…not pink and tight enough…wipe your ass better…and eat a hamburger
  6. horny 1 said: i would have to pass on that!!!!!
  7. emodified@gmail.com said: I would have to try both at least twice
  8. Getaid58@hotmail.com said: Love it mm came over that pussy
  9. nomad said: thay both would be streched n briping cum as i make you gag on my cock
  10. nomad said: thay wouldnt look like that after i finish that for shore
  11. Wow said: The wife said after all you guys are done cumming on her she wants to squirt on her face too
  12. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: just life your 1leg up and im in fucking your cunt hard and deep fingers banging your shit hole as i go
  13. Swallow it said: Both yummy
  14. grego said: I’d do both! Very sexy woman. Thank you!
  15. Lisa said: Damn wanker….. That sounds fuckin hot
  16. lon.lewis@sbcglobal.net said: how bout i lick em both then bounce from one hole to the other till i blow a hot load on your face?
  17. Wow said: He’ll ya I’m with badbehavior I want to fuck your throat.
  18. Tyrion said: @wibble, how is she supposed to eat cum from her ass?
  19. wanker said: your twathole if i had to choose…i would prefer you gag on my cock until you puke cum
  20. badbehavior said: i want u to suck me off while some other guys fuck those holes
  21. nazcarman@gmail.com said: First get both holes real wet, then pound that pussy til she cums, then tear that asshole up til I fill with man juice.
  22. wibble said: i’m going to cum all over ur asshole and make u eat it. nice holes 10
  23. XYZ said: Nice Ass!
  24. Aj said: I would lick every ounce of shit from your ass then slide my 9 inch cock in so deep it comes out your mouth

My pussy and ass

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 14

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I love dating a photographer! My perfect pussy and ass for all of you too enjoy ;-)

  1. T said: about time u moved up to #1 that ass is fine! show more!
  2. Just looking✌ said: Mmm r u that 1 takeingthat cock mmm I like tight pissy this has been around too much for me!!
  3. girlybi@hotmail.co.uk said: Come sit that sexy pussy on my face.
  4. totem pole said: I’d love to feel those lips glide up and down my throbing cock
  5. lunchbox1652@yahoo said: very beautiful
  6. J R said: wow auto 10 setten backwards on a chair n lett’en it hang out! wow tnks ;)
  7. pete said: luv this pic wnt to fuk your tight butt and cum deep inside it more please
  8. pete said: luv this pic ,wnt 2 fuk your tight arse,cum inside it ,more
  9. stevej688@gmail.com said: I would lick that pussy till you came all over my face
  10. Samohare95@hotmail.co.uk said: I would like some of that sweet pussy.
  11. emodified@gmail.con said: awesome,10 in my book
  12. nomad said: no good looking good how dos it ride any good at dp or gangbang
  13. Dude guy said: I’m a way better photographer than your boyfriend.
  14. friend77@gmx.de said: Great Picture, Wanna lick & fuck that sweet lil pussy
  15. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: wow
  16. gariw161@gmail.com said: Hottest girl on here.. perfect sweet little Ass. your So Delicious..
  17. WydenLong said: I thought all photographers were gay!?!
  18. rugrat71@yahoo.com said: I like the black and white pic beauty!
  19. nazcarman@gmail.com said: I just want to lick n suck on that gash
  20. badbehavior said: hard to argue with perfection!
  21. wantur# said: omg that all i gotta say
  22. 4172934140 said: that is perfection!
  23. ODB said: Nice shot. Next shot……..my cumshot on your pussy/ass x
  24. horny 1 said: what a lovely pussy u have.
  25. electricalguy00@gmail.com said: We love you dating a photographer too. You should post more. That’s beautiful
  26. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: it is flawless
  27. elch said: Im in love
  28. espinozamanny@yahoo.com said: What a beautiful taint you have may I tickle it with my tongue?
  29. gariw161@gmail.com said: Well thank you.. that is a great pic. you have an awesome body.. I would love more plz.. your beautiful.. :)
  30. just me said: no conseat there is there

Hayley, my wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 14

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She wants to know what you think of her pussy, how would you use her, could she take DP?

  1. HarmonyFan said: Don’t want to ruin your fantasy but that’s Harmony Shagdoll!
  2. Dawg said: Beautiful pussy for the fucking
  3. J R said: wow thats definately built for a 3some..sure like to join in..is she horny for it? 10
  4. rj said: very nice Hayley !! nice bush also
  5. dossieg said: perfect pussy! thats all i gotta say
  6. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: followed by two hard cocks ;) love to try 10
  7. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: now thst pussy is made for sucking ;) lips spread for tounge to lick up slit to the hood then suck fingers in both holes
  8. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  9. badbehavior said: do u mean ur wife’s name is hayley or her pussy is named hayley?
  10. Lucky said: DP??? Looks like you had twins coming out of both holes!
  11. Swallow it said: Tasty pussy
  12. floydcogirl@yahoo.com said: My tongue is getting a hard on!!!
  13. csunmsu@gmail.com said: I’d wreck her pussy
  14. gariw161@gmail.com said: She has a awesome pussy and Ass. yummy…
  15. james said: I had an old gf who really got off on fantasizing about double vaginal. I”ll volunteer for you for dp.

My Hot Wife!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 14

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  1. Biker Gil said: Can my wife help lick you and slide my 27 year old hard thick beer can cock inside your sweet pussy and cum deeep inside you
  2. rj said: sweet thanks for sharing
  3. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: lucky man ;) nice rack
  4. shut up bitch swallow said: bend her over give me a hour
  5. shut up bitch swallow said: id fuck her inside out
  6. nazcarman@gmail.com said: I want to dive in tongue first.
  7. 4172934140 said: lick it asshole to clit
  8. Swallow it said: Nice
  9. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: i would do so many things to that!
  10. gariw161@gmail.com said: It is awsome looking. great pussy.. sweet little Ass.

21yr Old GF Who Wants Threesome?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 14

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What would you do to her? Tell us what you want from her!!

  1. J R said: wow thats a huge beautiful in need puss! luv the butterfly browneye post more? 10
  2. 11 pierced. 250-9475365 bc said: Lets try. She’s arm deep in my ass, you cock deep in her pussy as you see her force the second arm in me. Abuse me and fuck me.
  3. H said: I woul fuck her arse while her boyfriend fucks her pussy at the same time
  4. Justus694u@yahoo.com said: Sit on my face and wriggle … Xx sweet and delicious pussy hole
  5. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: to see her pissing cum out of that hot twat
  6. badbehavior said: i’d fuck her pussy, then her ass while she sucks ur cock..after u cum, she can suck me off too
  7. boatlife30@gmail.com said: I agree with jp420 nomad your a tool…nice pus
  8. Lucky said: You’d need a shot after fucking that slit!
  9. Swallow it said: I do and want to sink it deep into her holes
  10. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: i want to swap some pics with her !
  11. AUTHOR said: I’ve been dying to watch her get fucked or sucking cock… & she has an orgasm everytime I mention it. She’s a stunner
  12. jp420 said: secondly – you’re girl has an amazing looking twat. probably super tight and gets wet fast. I’d fuck her.
  13. jp420 said: ok, first off – nomad, you’re fucking retarded. and not the good, friends calling each other retarded either. just str8 up dumb.
  14. gariw161@gmail.com said: Well she does have some nice holes.. i would do all of them.. :)
  15. nomad said: gangbang all 3 holes full at the same time and more cocks weighting to fill her

again 22yrs old

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jan 13

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I love 2 cocks in at once

  1. blblover@yahoo.com said: It’s very inviting.
  2. AssClapper said: looks like one of those molded pussies
  3. Havingapeek said: 3 word… horrendous for 22 eeewwwww
  4. dawsonboyloc24@yahoo. com said: damn… speechless for worda is all i can say
  5. dossieg said: i like the 5olclock shadow…. id put my face in it…
  6. Dude guy said: It looks like sarons eye. Still nice but.
  7. friend77@gmx.de said: let me fuck your pussy, sweety
  8. Nice7inches78 said: That thing looks at least 40. Blown out for 20 yr old
  9. rugrat71@yahoo.com said: that pussy is swolen and cock hungrey!
  10. GGSWA said: YUMMMMM
  11. dingdongalong said: that’s a beautiful pussy I would love to put my bog Jamaican cocky in u and fucker I so hard would love to much them lips too
  12. dd.eddie said: Shweet! but that will leave 2 of my sons out :(
  13. spike said: One would think that you would have enough pride to knock of the shadow if you were going to take a picture of the pussy!!
  14. Sean said: What a nice pussy.Would love to lick it before I put my cock in it.
  15. Downloadman187@gmail.com said: I would love to be one of those 2 cocks
  16. davidsandersonsr@gmail.com said: lunch and dinner
  17. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: very nice x
  18. PS said: Nice tootie. I’d suck n nibble on your clit. Wld love to see more!
  19. brown boa said: you need to shave off the 5-o-clock shadow.
  20. kmd said: ya 2 dicks in that pussy at the same time
  21. O S U Cowboy said: Lets play!
  22. gariw161@gmail.com said: It looks so good. perfect little pussy. can i suck it dry.
  23. Sloppylollie said: Rough !
  24. boatlife30@gmail.com said: no way that thing is 22 its huge looks like its got an odometer full of miles
  25. wow said: Ever use a pussy pump that thing is amazing
  26. H said: Like to fill both your holes with my cock then lick them
  27. jasonw360@yahoo.com said: I’d love to lick,suck and fuck that beautiful pussy!
  28. Cocky said: I can smell that fanny from here!
  29. bill said: can i lick it twice
  30. gariw161@gmail.com said: Great clit sexy. nice tattoo… can i suck it???
  31. Swallow it said: Yummy I want some
  32. XYZ said: Again,,,tore up!
  33. Cocky said: Greedy bitch.
  34. Lucky said: looks like it!

My 43 yr old wife ready for it

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jan 13

Wifes 43 yr old ass.jpg
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She’s 43 and loves to have me watch random men fill her pussy and ass with cock and cum while I get my cock sucked and blow a wad on her face. Couples fun includes his wife licking it all up off her and visa versa. She’s fun and hot!

  1. Biker Gil said: Can my wife help lick you and slide my 27 year old hard thick beer can cock inside your sweet pussy and cum deeep inside you
  2. fcukmywifeuk@live.co.uk said: wanna watch your wife be fucked?
  3. D said: Would love to be a part of that
  4. haz said: 43 ? wow lookin guurrdd
  5. nazcarman@gmail.com said: I’m game, when ever you are( for 3some)
  6. LRL said: Where does your poop come from?
  7. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: lets swap!
  8. TW said: Would like to lick your sexy Butt and Pussy in that position while you are peeing
  9. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: wow sounds like my perfect night !!! your wifes hot
  10. idewitt69@yahoo said: sexy and naughty, i like
  11. brown boa said: would be a nice first posting without the ugly little dick in the picture you get a 4 out of 10 xnay the cock maybe a 7.
  12. O S U Cowboy said: Nice ass hole ! spread em i’m gonna open you up!!!
  13. H said: Wouldn’t mind filling both holes &cuming on her face
  14. greg said: best ass ever…nice tight cornhole
  15. Wow said: Very nice don’t know what hole I would start with but when i Finnish it’s going to be messy
  16. qubec32@yahoo.com said: I want to watch my wife eat my cum out of your wife’s pussy.
  17. partsguy42764@yahoo.com said: I would take either end of her… Shove my hard cock in that wet cunt and pound her or see if she can swallow all of cock.
  18. Johnnyonthespot said: I volunteer. Where r u?
  19. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: Lucky dog! She’s smokin hot!! More please!!!
  20. Swallow it said: Nice

Ready to play

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jan 13

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My first posting, tell me what you think

  1. 8inchcock said: That’s a nice fat cock!
  2. simplesim said: Nice and dark pussy lips
  3. Theresa said: o fuck i need cock in my pussy now!
  4. cyimxtck@gmail.com said: Shoot her full and repost please! (or send to me :) )
  5. Julie said: Your cock looksinviting,Just think of the fun Theres and i could have with you
  6. nazcarman@gmail.com said: Nice meaty pussy. Can I have some
  7. Theresa said: your cock looks clean enough for me
  8. Markus said: Very nice pussy & cock.. put it in, please
  9. davidsandersonsr@gmail.com said: nice coochie i want some
  10. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: nice ;) looks so tight x
  11. cando said: LOL, Look at all the dickless virgins worried about the dudes dick. Lets see a pic of your wood next to a pussy.
  12. brown boa said: you call that little guy a cock ha ha ha ha!
  13. palmerspets001@gmail.com said: Yea, he didn’t post the pic, I did.
  14. jasonw360@yahoo.com said: would love to fuck that beautiful pussy!
  15. Browser said: Get the cock out of the picture!!!
  16. Swallow it said: Can I join?
  17. Cocky said: Get your cock out the fucking way.
  18. Lucky said: keep that white dick out of there!!!!

dildo fun with wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 12

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Me playing with my wet pussy

  1. saltyspudjuice@gmail.com said: what a great looking pussy plenty tp eat
  2. skinny said: MMmmm Big thick lips and a bottomless pit for a cunt…. You look like a squirter, post an action pic, midstream plzz :)
  3. nazcarman@gmail.com said: I’ll tap that ass while you stick your pussy with that toy
  4. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: can i help :)
  5. J R said: gosh post more can ya? so far looks awesome… do ya like to be licked?
  6. Browser said: Better picture please
  7. R T said: Thats mine! all Mine!!!
  8. Swallow it said: Nice
  9. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: wanna trade some pics?
  10. gariw161@gmail.com said: I would be more then happy to replace that dilldo with my rock hard cock for you.. your beautiful.
  11. baldsexymale@yahoo.com said: lovely pussy, my big cock is better
  12. H said: Can I play with it

fat pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jan 12

37 (31).jpg
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check out my clit

  1. hmmmm said: good 1 posting as if your old lady posted it. u r such a looser.
  2. Micky said: your pussy is perfect don’t change a thing
  3. Havingapeek said: Gees it looks like you’d be diggin a bit to find the hole to put it in ;(
  4. espinozamanny@yahoo.com said: I love FAT sloppy pussy.
  5. dd.eddie said: Does it get cremey as i licky? surpilicious
  6. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: nice
  7. Boys said: Damn
  8. brown boa said: love fat pussy very tight:-) :-) :-) :-)
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  10. Swallow it said: Very nice
  11. cunt lover said: nice nails ugly pussy
  12. horsecork said: That pussy deserves a cock like mine
  13. bananashaped1@yahoo.com said: can i kiss it ?
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  15. Priapic Monkey said: 1)Spend as much on hair removal as nails.
  16. O S U Cowboy said: It needs a big kiss!
  17. gariw161@gmail.com said: You hold it like that and ill lick and suck it till your legs shake.. delicious.. yum.
  18. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious.
  19. Bob said: You missed a few spots shaving
  20. Jerremy said: That’s a small pussy. Please spread it out
  21. Johnnyonthespot said: Ur lucky u can find it

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