My wife and swinger friend

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 25

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My lovely wife with one of our swinger friends.By the end of the night three of them went home very happy.

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Blow your load on my face!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 25

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my hubby took this before his friend blew his load on my face! Anyone wanna fuck my 43 yr old tits?

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My 24 years old pussy 2

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 24

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I submitted my pussy on febr 22, this is how it looks like with less hair :) Do you like it better?

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  13. catcha' heron said: bird nest, don’t like, sorry
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Smokin’ Hot Wife’s juicy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 24

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Look at those lovely pussy lips. You have no idea how good this feels when its wrapped around your cock. Any takers?

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wanna suck my clit?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 23

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I wana cream in your mouth

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Wife’s tight hairy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 23

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We have plenty to share . Rate us @

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Big, wet, hairy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 23

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Just after a good licking, it tasted fantastic!

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Fuckin in the ass…..home sweet home!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 23

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Wife loves a good ass fuck!! Want more? Rate us @ Looking to explore

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Wet mistress pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 22

Photo 151.jpg
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SA is the place for white pussy

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Open Wide, Girl Friends wet Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 22

open wide.JPG
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