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Enjoying Tight Milf Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 20

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My wife’s tight pussy. Anyone want to stretch it?

20 Responses to “Enjoying Tight Milf Pussy”

  1. terryshooter8859@gmail.com said: I wish I was you that was in that pussy.10
  2. Smithymrs69@gmail.com said: You could stretch my pussy any time with that cock!
  3. Samantha said: need to see your cock head!
  4. ukspunkymonky@gmail.com said: Beautiful buffet
  5. RickJamesBiotch said: If I stretch it , I’ll wreck it! With my ginormous cock! Then the whole hospital thing starts! Nice though and, thanks for offer
  6. crixus318@gmail.com said: Great comments guys. Gonna post a rear view soon!
  7. baldsexymale@yahoo.com said: Id love to stretch it for her!
  8. 4172934140 said: Id love to!!! very nice pussy!!!
  9. ukspunkymonky@gmail.com said: Looking like your doing a good job stretching that hot pussy but I would like to follow when you have done
  10. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: That sure fits snugger than the ring on my finger!!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. hunter said: you want to watch her get used proprly by 5 men you might enjoy vidioing for later veiwing plesure
  12. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: First lick her pussy lips then fuck her hard love to see behind pics email some
  13. piercepieeater@live.co.uk said: that is hot! beautiful pussy
  14. Joe said: Nice lookin pussy. Wld love to fuck that. Dudes dick is exactly same size as mine. Can i go next baby???
  15. Ha ha said: That shit ain’t tight !!!!!
  16. B4Real said: I don’t blame you one bit!
  17. leon said: yes please.
  18. MilfSlayer said: 10/10. Great pic…plz post more!!!
  19. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: That looks sooo goood!!
  20. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Would love to stretch her tight pussy for her!!

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Latina wifes ass

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Dec 17

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Just love thick Latin ass, she’d love to hear what u would do to her

13 Responses to “Latina wifes ass”

  1. hung said: your wie needs my big dick!
  2. sticklesrichard@yahoo.com said: i want to bend you over and eat ur ass!
  3. dd.eddie said: She si worth gangbanging creampie filling from at least 12 guys
  4. ukspunkymonky@gmail.com said: Fill her ass full of Welsh cum
  5. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Que lindo culote!!! Dejame darle mi leche!!!
  6. Mike said: Needs a bigger dick in !!
  7. alwaysboobs69@gmail.com said: fantastic ass lets swap wife pics :-)
  8. MrC said: i must be one of the last men on the planet who hates to smell shit during sex! 3 from me.
  9. Really said: Looks like two pigs fucking!!
  10. twayne said: Love that dark dirty asshole
  11. John said: I’d love to eat out her pussy and asshole and lick every inch of her before spreading her open and pounding all her holes.
  12. 4172934140 said: bury my cock in that fat ass!!!
  13. haha said: show her Layin on her back first

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milf fuck

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 12

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7 Responses to “milf fuck”

  1. hung said: let me stretch that tight little pussy!
  2. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Once your finished I’ll fill her pussy of cum too
  3. ukspunkymonky@gmail.com said: Nice
  4. haha said: Don loves cute peckers
  5. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: Looks nice and snugg!!
  6. dd.eddie said: That’s it darling work it all around, and dump in a large warm load for husband to find
  7. don said: Now that’s one cute tiny pecker lmfao

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wife about to get her cock

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 23

Snapshot 2013-11-24 01-18-55.jpg
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13 Responses to “wife about to get her cock”

  1. Cunt said: OMG!!!!! I want it all!
  2. malangbaba511@yahoo.com said: nice cock nice pussy i love both of them
  3. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said: Hi Lucy. I have one just like it ready and waiting for you…
  4. sexybislut69@yahoo.com said: nice cock and pussy would love to taste and fuck both
  5. luv2pleaseu said: Wow, looks just like my cock! I am hard as hell pretending it’s me going in.
  6. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Push& squirt over her sexyclit
  7. Pussy smasher said: Hey chiwinnie move the fuck out the way and show that pussy open up and show that pee hole.
  8. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Let me slide my cock in when your done and give her another load!!
  9. leon said: hey lucy, how bout i cum slide my cock inside you.
  10. oldtraveller said: nice cunt now get the dink out of the pic and the house I,m on my way
  11. Wanker said: Get yer cock tae fuck out of the way! Cunt!
  12. Lucy said: Delicious looking cock! Would love to have that slip into me!
  13. Joe said: That pussy makes my cock hard. Wld love to spray my hot cum on her pussy and watch it run off.

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checking my wife’s temperaturej

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 6

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Just the right temperature

21 Responses to “checking my wife’s temperaturej”

  1. Jay said: Love the natural hair and and amazingly huge beutiful clit…..
  2. Cunt said: Can I check her temp with my tongue when you’re done?
  3. randy said: ilove to feel pussy hairs rubbing my cheek when i am licking .. nice
  4. Elrey201379@yahoo.com said: Use a razor jeez
  5. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Now that temperature is fine. Would love to see muffler and headlamps.
  6. J R said: nice hair puss! good wife!
  7. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: Wanna trade hairy pussy wife pics? Mines hairy too ;)-
  8. 4172934140 said: @really…you crack me up!! lmao!!! very nice pussy!!
  9. WOLF said: shave
  10. Jetb721@gmail.com said: That’s sweet love a go of that can I ?
  11. ha said: all you guys giving him shit about the size of his dick at least he gets pussy . not to mention she probably loves it anyway.
  12. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Lovely, looking Fucking hot to me beautiful clit
  13. cando said: LOL @ all the small dick virgins who have something to say about the dudes dick size. Sexy pic, looks like nice pussy to me
  14. Johnnyonthespot said: @Really!!! Have a sense of humor.. The poster is the one who said he was checking her temperature.
  15. JD said: That’s what I need a nice Hard big one :)
  16. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: Had to make another comment!! I just luv this pussy! So hairy and tight with a proud clit to nipple on!! squirt squirt!!
  17. johnnyonthespot said: from the shape of things..it looks a little chilly in there
  18. Zach said: That poor women she needs a bigger dick not a needle dick not to mention she needs shaving cream and a razor.
  19. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: I fuckin luv that hairy pussy!!! Damn it !! Let’s trade wife pics!!
  20. BDK said: would she like like that clit licked n sucked while you’re doing that or maybe a cock to suck on?!
  21. Joe said: My god. Stop teasing her with that toothpick. Let me in that thing and stretch it out good.

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Wet Butterfly Kisses

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 3

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Hot wife’s pink pussy giving my hard cock wet butterfly kisses before being completely stuffed.

15 Responses to “Wet Butterfly Kisses”

  1. stonybrookefilms said: I could use a kiss like that.
  2. Ratemynaughty2014@gmail.com said: Subby, tell your wife nevermind these teen boys that never had a woman. She needs to dhow more of that wet pussy.
  3. sexcapades said: she mus b really tight if that lil things gonna “stuff” her
  4. dd.eddie said: She must be a sexy beautiful petite spinner.. WOW. Her legs are way back ID10TS
  5. rj said: subby thanks for sharing the wife has great looking pussy looks like a tight fuck
  6. Subby said: My wife was excited to have photos online for the first time, but never again. Some of you guys are real assholes.
  7. Mr big said: da fuck is wrong with this pic?
  8. circumaid said: wtf why is the blokes hand as big as her arse, weid. His fingers are bigger than his cock, god help her with a big cock
  9. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Could I hold her legs for you mate, so you can properly fuck her pussy, love to flick her bean as you fuck her
  10. sfm said: wud love to be that dude! my dicks quite a bit bigger i wud love to push my cock thru thay swollen pussy! mmm
  11. Walter White said: get ur huge hand & small penis out of the pic !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 4172934140 said: looks nice and swollen and tight!!
  13. BullyBigBaws said: Get yer cock tae fuck out the way! Bastard!
  14. ozark77@gmail.com said: would love to see more

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Getting plowed from behind

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 22

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I love getting plowed from behind as it turns me on making my man cum all over me.

19 Responses to “Getting plowed from behind”

  1. euphoria4both@hotmail.com said: ripe dirty brown… just as it should be
  3. Biker Gil said: I’ll go next my wife loves to see my cock stretch the sweet pussy with my 27 yo thick coke can cock ..Hard and ready are you ?
  4. Lucky said: It’s so tiny, not your ass! Can you even feel it?
  5. cute.cumbucket@live.com said: Ooh, would love to lick his cock while he pounds her!
  6. pappy said: looks more like harvesting……
  7. Gloverboy6 said: My gf LOVES getting it from behind
  8. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Keep bucking baby ;) we will all be blowing a load over that sexy ass ;)
  9. Andrew said: looks like you might get more excitement from the dildo than him
  10. pappy said: i love big ass
  11. 4172934140 said: i wanna cum in that asshole!!!
  12. hunter said: wouldnt you rather ride him as i fill your sexy arse with cock
  13. c said: what a great shot. nice butt darling. how about an email address to see more
  14. oldtraveller said: looks like my wifes ass but thats not my cock!
  15. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Cock is rock hard I’m next to fill her pussy
  16. Budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: Very sexy ass
  17. peter said: damn hot
  18. J R said: she needs to be giving me head while hubby pounds away..she need it that way! 9
  19. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: Great view ! Luv her dark asshole!!

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guess my pussy #2

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 8

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28 Responses to “guess my pussy #2”

  1. cute.cumbucket@live.com said: mmm. love a veiny cock in my holes!
  2. liquorkitty@rocketmail.com said: I wish that was my cock sliding in
  3. sumerall43@gmail.com said: amazing
  4. c said: kate, would love to see more… email?
  5. hubbysmilf47@gmail.com said: Kate call us. We’ll threesome.
  6. girlawhirl said: i like that style of cock, mmmmmm
  7. hubbysmilf47@gmail.com said: You can stick that in me.
  8. Geisha said: by the way i am not the girl with the painted toes. I am Mixed Geisha in my other posts
  9. john7seven@gmail.com said: its you again the girl with the painted toes, just love your pictures
  10. breastfan21@gmail.com said: Luv those sweet lips baby, making me so hard for that sweet ass
  11. Geisha said: Thank you all for the comments. Kate get in touch
  12. 4172934140 said: kate!! my cock is bigger than his!! wifes pussy is just as sexy!!!
  13. kate31 said: i want some of that cock up me an il lick that lovely pussy two wana thresome…
  14. bigdyck86 said: Beautiful, got me and wife ready for a good fucking.
  15. dd.eddie said: Im guessing he finally finished with your feet and toes and is now down to business. Well my facce would eat you first. :D
  16. rj said: looks like he is ready her to give her a cream pie
  17. kym said: hehe ur guy has alil dick
  18. mdm x said: love this, mouth watering dick
  19. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Amazing pushy lips, love to see that cock spunking all over it
  20. Jizz Meister said: I’m guessing it feels great…
  21. Mr X said: Puffy pussy. Nice and phat.
  22. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Beautiful pussy wish that was my cock entering your pussy
  23. bernard asquin said: yep, that’s curling toes, crouching haggered
  24. 4172934140 said: very sexy pussy!!!!!
  25. Budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: Beautiful pussy that would be my #1
  26. johnnywad said: bent toes
  27. Stu said: She’s a hottie! My wife would live that cock in her!
  28. Jesty said: What are we guessing

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Waxed pussy getting rammed with huge cock

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 26

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I loved the comments on the last one hope you enjoy this one just as much and keep them kinky naughty comments CUMming ;)

27 Responses to “Waxed pussy getting rammed with huge cock”

  1. Mackenziemills58@gmail.com said: Wow
  2. Octavia said: LOL @ xyz. I was thinking the same.
  3. Octavia said: If you’re going to say it’s huge, you had better show how big it is.. You know, like just have the tip in and take a pic of that
  4. R said: Pull it out & Suck it!!
  5. highsexdrive said: It’s amazing how many people have x-ray vision!
  6. Shaz said: All these guys commenting where’s your pics looks big to me!
  7. MrC said: dunno about you male cock judges. im not ashamed of my 7″. get a life.
  8. dd.eddie said: O i wish i was there to add some spit onto that dry ass; cum on, dont rub it raw. I’d love to suck her tits now :D
  9. Jay said: Who gives a fuck how big this guys dick is?! I’m looking at this fine woman’s ass
  10. anon said: 8-8.5? You mean you don’t know or don’t want to put 4-4.5? :D more of YOU Honey not Midge ;) x
  11. Her said: It’s the biggest cock ive ever had bout 8-8.5
  12. sarah said: huge cock? that thing doesnt look big at all, nice try buddy
  13. XYZ said: Nice pic. Would have got a higher score if you didn’t lie about your dick. Did you forget you posted a pic of it?
  14. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Please post more
  15. G said: Hey honey care to trade some pics? Seems like u got a great body scarolinaguy29@yahoo.com
  16. KMD said: ha ha!!! huge?
  17. pappy said: @bob…your dick aint in it!
  18. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: not a good picture
  19. alwaysboobs69@gmail.com said: thats a great ass can see you liked to be spanked, would love to cum and be your camera man
  20. Dave said: I love it
  21. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: That’s hot love to fuck her pussy and fill it up with my cum
  22. damdang35@hotmail.com said: Holy fuck. amazing ass, fuck her good Pls. She deserves it.
  23. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Would love to pound that nice ass!! Wanna swap?
  24. bob said: great ass but thats a lil dick u need a bigger one to fuck that ass
  25. NaughtyCritic said: Very nice ass! Enjoy! 7/10
  26. Jay said: That ass is a beaut as well as that waxed puss ;) reverse cowgirl anal with a shot of that puss? Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk
  27. 4172934140 said: great ass!!!

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Ass, riding, asshole, butt

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 26

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Asshole, riding, girlfriend, butt

23 Responses to “Ass, riding, asshole, butt”

  1. stonybrookefilms said: Love to fuck her raw. How about a fuck buddy?
  2. cute.cumbucket@live.com said: mmmm creamyyyy ill clean the both of you!
  3. jerry said: hold her open so i can lick her asshole while you fuck her
  4. csuh05@yahoo.com said: im there for the cleanup
  5. looking_30@yahoo.com said: Ass looks great. Would love to add some cream to it
  6. machatavide@gmail.com said: Woww !! Amazin’ !!
  7. new age said: nice
  8. horny101 said: i wish my tongue was in that pussy daaaaaamn dats sexxxxy
  9. Ed said: That asshole is begging to be filled.
  10. dd.eddie said: I love azn womanly cum.. so slippery, musky, and delicious. I would love to tongue her asshole now. Salamat
  11. BigDawg said: Hot GF. More of the GF please
  12. 305 said: nice Ned
  13. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Perfect I would love to be stuck in any of them creamy Fuck holes
  14. pappy said: perfect little ass
  15. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: blurry
  16. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: I’ll get on and fuck her ass and watch my cum drip out email more to me
  17. wambam04@yahoo. com said: damn very nice shot. She looks Asian. wanna trade some pics
  18. kate28 said: nice id ride that cock so hard…wana threesome..
  19. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Would love to have her creamy pussy on my face and cock! Love to see more in email!
  20. NaughtyCritic said: Great pic, hot babe! That ass looks so tatsy! 8/10
  21. Jay said: Superb, more of just her if you don’t mind
  22. Mark said: great pussy cream! must be awesome sliding in that shit :)
  23. 4172934140 said: great looking pussy and asshole. very creamy and sexy!!!

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