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Wife Ready for Anal

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 29

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My wife spread and ready for an anal pounding.

7 Responses to “Wife Ready for Anal”

  1. J R said: not imposter “JR” 9/30…thats a good woman who likes anal now n then..my kind of woman..10
  2. Somtingwit84@gmail.com said: My wife n I would love to join
  3. dd.eddie said: damn man, put a litte lube or spit on her asshole!
  4. J R said: Wow – can I clean your cock with my mouth when you are done?
  5. thickwife said: Good girl! Id love to see my hubby slide his hard cock in that ass.
  6. Undertaker said: I’d lick those balls while you pound that ass
  7. W.W. said: my kind of woman!!

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Anal Beads and Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 24

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My wife with her anal beads and pussy spread.

8 Responses to “Anal Beads and Pussy”

  1. matthewmm375@gmail.com said: I love anal !
  2. Daniella said: I would love to pull those beads out one by one & watch that asshole open & close.
  3. J R said: lucky hubby! thats a nice big puss for sure post more
  4. Me321 said: Would love to fill both holes with my cock!
  5. rj said: would love to work them beads as i slide my cock in her pussy from that position
  6. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: lucky man. hope you had fun pulling ghem out!
  7. dd.eddie said: I see one left; i hope it has a pull ring; does she have 3, 5, 7, 9, or 12 up inside her?
  8. dick said: those beads look like they’re in deep. nice

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my gf loves anal

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 2

photo (1).JPG
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Already in pretty deep, think she can take it all?

28 Responses to “my gf loves anal”

  1. Jaker said: I would pound that cunt till morning
  2. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: Yeah!! Let’s see her ass gaped!!
  3. dick said: I bet that asshole could take 2 big cocks
  4. J R said: ohhhh lucky man with a good woman there btw! great post
  5. J R said: gezzz here we go again..post imposter using ID on 9/3/14..change your ID imposter! scheesh
  6. Rjewel said: I’d fuck that pussy n ass everyday. More please
  7. hunter said: shes a good girl she can take all that and another in her pussy and suck a third no problem ;-)
  8. Mr X. said: Nothing like taking your girl in the ass and unloading. My GF tells me she can feel the cum for days after….
  9. dd.eddie said: Yes of course! now will she and you left me slide in also and double anal her? I’ve got a long needle dick with a mushroomed hea
  10. harleymarine69@yahoo.com said: great pic, perfect pussy…would love to see some in my inbox of just her showing that pussy and ass harleymarine69@yahoo.com
  11. J R said: what I would give to gag on that cock after it has been in that ass
  12. Mike said: He’s ass fuckin her cuz she loves anal. I’d sink up in her ass too if she wanted me to!
  13. Mike said: Why does everyone keep asking why
  14. Mr. Diggler said: Longest clit hood I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful.
  15. kalber335@yahoo.com said: Great shot. I wish it were me in there.
  16. jb0772 said: id say that looks great
  17. johnnyonthespot said: I would think so, she took more from me last week..i agree great ass and pussy and she sucks cock too
  18. rj said: wow that is one great looking pussy i would have been licking and sticking it before doing the anal trick
  19. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Wow! One of the best pics I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing!
  20. W.W. said: id be balls deep in that AMAZING looking pussy.
  21. W.W. said: crushing her ass with that # 10 pussy looking at u not to smart
  22. laa423@gmail.com said: wow that is a seriously gorgeous pussy. would she be up for dp? I could look at her all day
  23. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said: @Jam 250, shagging a bird up the ass doesn’t make you gay! But I must admit your right about the great looking pussy ;) I
  24. electricalguy00@gmail.com said: Nice. Now you need a cock in that beautiful pussy
  25. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Get in there, top lady who loves anal ;) lets see more please
  26. Jam 250 said: With a pussy like that, why would you ruin her ass? You gay?
  27. daddygator68@yahoo.com said: can i have some
  28. Rig said: Great looking pussy, can I be next

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a little anal play and my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 9

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16 Responses to “a little anal play and my pussy”

  1. nateoffresno@yahoo.com said: That’s hot… Gotta play with the toys before the real thing
  2. dbbfs said: sexy pic baby sweet little hole
  3. MARY JO said: Cant you get a real cock up your ass hole .
  4. largeflute@gmail.com said: I could offer that sweet asshole so much more
  5. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: Cock throb hard
  6. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: How bout u stick that dildo in ur hot wet pussy and I’ll cum play with that sweet ass In very filthy dirty ways. Ur pic makes my
  7. J R said: wow..looking vintage fine wine too! post another…got another post? ;)
  8. R said: “Vary Hot” “SMOKEN HOT”
  9. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Oh I’d love to give u a real throbbing cock in stead soo hot
  10. nococksforme said: no thanks
  11. Thick dick said: Can I put my fat WHITE COCK In you !!!
  12. BBCHATER said: BBC,tired of seeing you asking to stick your cock in their pussies and asses!!
  13. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: I’ll glad stuff your pussy while you toy your ass with the dildo!!
  14. BBC said: Can I put my black cock in your pussy???
  15. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing I’ll clean the mess when you are done
  16. easyrider4962@yahoo.com said: Pull the toy and let me fill that hole.

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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 14

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40y/o MILF luvs ass filled with cock;P

20 Responses to “MILF ANAL”

  1. one4ab@aol.com said: you dick looks like a turd coming out of her ass
  2. Pussylover said: Thought she was taking a shit.
  3. sticklesrichard@yahoo.com said: write me i want to eat your ass!
  4. R said: Take it all the way!! HOT
  5. sexy mike said: This is a pussy site. not a cock site. lose the dick and she will get comments
  6. Undertaker said: Who am I kidding…I’d fuck her and suck that cock
  7. Ty Webb said: maybe his cock is stained
  8. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Who cares what colour his dick is? Strange people…. Great pic! Post more ;)
  9. Undertaker said: thats just not right WTF
  10. Spike said: Charlie I think it is because it is in the pooper too much!!
  11. Jon said: Now looking at it though, you may have the black thing. how did you not notice it was tanning cream 6 months ago
  12. Jon said: Im betting you lied about using her lotion to jerk off. Either she likes black guys… or had to know for sure
  13. Undertaker said: Damaged goods
  14. charlie matheson said: How does a white guy have such a BROWN dick ??? disturbing.
  15. Ka said: Well, that ain’t going to hurt very much.
  16. Mr X. said: Black cock on a white guy? WTF!
  17. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Let me fuck her pussy while you fuck her ass!!
  18. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Fill my inbox full of pics of you being filled :) lets swap dirty stories :D
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  20. daddygator68@yahoo.com said: let me fuck her ass

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Michelle’s First Anal

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 28

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Wife’s first time Anal. She loved it.

16 Responses to “Michelle’s First Anal”

  1. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said: she is so wet! must have been so horney. Beautiful pussy is next
  2. colin said: jealous guy
  3. thomasans@juno.com said: Is that my cock?
  4. Dan said: Let me give her a second anal lesson
  5. Mato said: You lucky bugger
  6. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Good girl keep up the good work ;)
  7. Joe said: Good girl. Need more like her. My new gf wont do anal. Gonna try easin into her one night.
  8. Elrey201379@yahoo.com said: Yes that’s what I’m talking bout
  9. john said: My little pecker would have been far more comfortable for your first time.
  10. @ John said: At least he is getting more action than you!!!
  11. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Nice!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  13. Undertaker said: I bet that cock would feel good in my ass
  14. johnny said: another dumbass, A luscious sweet wet pussy and he puts it in the wrong one
  15. john said: at least first time is w a lil pecker. lol
  16. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: another boring pic, nothing about this is captivating. No rating!!!

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she loves it in her ass

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 25

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Loves it in her ass and takes the ATM

14 Responses to “she loves it in her ass”

  1. rosa_juegos@live.com said: mmm… that’s a lovely cock
  2. isolis@victoriatx.org said: im imaginin that thick dick on my asshole
  3. colin said: Oh fuck me please
  4. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: Sweet ass and ram it down her throat. It make it perfect to cum on her face!
  5. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: What a sweet ass! I wanna cum over and b next! I love Fukin a hot bitch in her sweet ass, especially when I can pull it out her
  6. Xander said: So hot
  7. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Stuff it up to your balls pal
  8. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: You just gonna tickle it or let ‘er have it???
  9. Rjewel said: She’s just a little slit. Love it
  10. dom.bon@aol.com said: I would love to ram my cock in each hole. would she be interested in being dpd?
  11. xxjas said: great pic. would love to putting my dick in that ass. email more x-jas-x1@hotmail.co.uk
  12. ODB said: I love a “real” woman who takes a cumload in the ass. But…..with THAT pussy it is almost a shame not to fuck it balls deep
  13. 8-- said: They all do, it just takes a real woman to admit it
  14. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy looks mighty tasty !! $$$

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Deep anal

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 18

D anal s.jpg
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I fuck my woman deep

9 Responses to “Deep anal”

  1. lovetofillyou@gmx.com said: love to help you guys fill the front hole too!!!
  2. d-bag said: what did you do to this picture? even her pussy looks a lil to tight.
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Both look tight holes ;) you need a hand
  4. James said: Photo looks weird.
  5. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Hmmm????
  6. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: no rate. boring!!!
  7. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: no rate. boring
  8. Jesse said: Dude, it’s clear to tell that you stretched that pic to make your dick look bigger. Weak
  9. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: Very sexy babe very hot
  10. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Up for DP? I’d be glad to fill her wet pussy while you fuck her ass!

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in my wifes ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 9

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Fucked her ass till she cummed

9 Responses to “in my wifes ass”

  1. wow said: let ‘er buck
  2. Mr X. said: Good wifey. Take it in th ass like a good girl. Does she take it ass-to-mouth or prefer a cream-pie?
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Squat her on my face next time as you pound her ring I can view her clit
  4. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Couldn’t go balls deep could you??? Thanks for posting!
  5. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: bad pic/angle. not impressed .rate a weak 1…
  6. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  7. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Love a girl that loves it in the ass, bravo! :) lets see more of this girls talents ;) email?
  8. dd.eddie said: Damn is she ever wet! must feel wunderful inside; taste gud too?
  9. 4172934140 said: let’s see that gaped asshole

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Enjoying Tight Milf Pussy – Part 3

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 1

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Mature wife has nice fuckin’ pussy! Now it’s time to check out that sweet asshole.

10 Responses to “Enjoying Tight Milf Pussy – Part 3”

  1. eifeanyi85@gmail.com said: i feel lyke fucking
  2. shimaaaa said: love it.aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. xxjas said: Love the sight of your finger in her asshole. would love to give it a lick.
  4. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Warm her up mate would love to be in either hole, we could abuse her together
  5. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Nice shot when your done filling her pussy I’ll fuck and add more cum
  6. mato said: you just can’t beat thumb in the ass :)
  7. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Show off!!!
  8. crixus318@gmail.com said: jasonscott437 just search for part 2. Great shot of her asshole in that post.
  9. csunmsu@gmail.com said: I’d love to see more of her butthole
  10. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Replace your finger with my cock and stuff both holes!!

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