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Deep anal

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 18

D anal s.jpg
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I fuck my woman deep

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in my wifes ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 9

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Fucked her ass till she cummed

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  1. wow said: let ‘er buck
  2. Mr X. said: Good wifey. Take it in th ass like a good girl. Does she take it ass-to-mouth or prefer a cream-pie?
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Squat her on my face next time as you pound her ring I can view her clit
  4. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Couldn’t go balls deep could you??? Thanks for posting!
  5. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: bad pic/angle. not impressed .rate a weak 1…
  6. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  7. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Love a girl that loves it in the ass, bravo! :) lets see more of this girls talents ;) email?
  8. dd.eddie said: Damn is she ever wet! must feel wunderful inside; taste gud too?
  9. 4172934140 said: let’s see that gaped asshole

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Enjoying Tight Milf Pussy – Part 3

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 1

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Mature wife has nice fuckin’ pussy! Now it’s time to check out that sweet asshole.

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  1. xxjas said: Love the sight of your finger in her asshole. would love to give it a lick.
  2. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Warm her up mate would love to be in either hole, we could abuse her together
  3. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Nice shot when your done filling her pussy I’ll fuck and add more cum
  4. mato said: you just can’t beat thumb in the ass :)
  5. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Show off!!!
  6. crixus318@gmail.com said: jasonscott437 just search for part 2. Great shot of her asshole in that post.
  7. csunmsu@gmail.com said: I’d love to see more of her butthole
  8. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Replace your finger with my cock and stuff both holes!!

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V also loves anal

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 26

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As some questions were about ass fucking – hope you like it – off course pussy is still available

15 Responses to “V also loves anal”

  1. hunter said: what about dp pussy n ass or all three holes pussy n ass n mouth like a good girl should ???
  2. The Judge said: She needs a wash & shave. Tramp.
  3. sticklesrichard@yahoo.com said: i would suck that cum out of you!
  4. rj said: i would do that for her plus finger her g spot and make squirt from yhat sweet pussy
  5. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: So she does, top bird ;) lets have a big toy in that gash :)
  6. asseatersniffs said: very nice i’ll eat the gap and clean the stick off
  7. dd.eddie said: Damn she IS tight!
  8. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love to 69 her as you bang that ass
  9. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Don’t cock block and let me give it a whirl!
  10. Uncle pervie said: My cock needs to be in your ASS.
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  12. mato said: Lucky bugger ;)
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  15. leon said: how bout some dp, would love go fell that pussy on my cock

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GF loves it in the ass

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 4

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She would love to get DP’d. Any takers?

12 Responses to “GF loves it in the ass”

  1. Janey said: Tongue that pink clit!
  2. Lovethebooty said: Yummy! Love the piercing!
  3. J R said: how about “Jenny” post’en up a nice pic? ;) just sayen…
  4. J R said: wow! yeah my kinda woman….post again..
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  7. Jay said: Is this the same lady as ‘wife’s going anal’? Love this pic and any lady who’s into anal :) jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk ;)
  8. dd.eddie said: Hmm is that a hersheys chocolate cok up her ass?
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  11. hunter said: just standard DP ony two men or is she up for sumthing more advetures
  12. oklahomaokie said: Oh yes i would like to open up both holes and leave so big loads in her!!!

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wife’s going anal

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jan 1

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28 Responses to “wife’s going anal”

  1. rj said: would love to spend at least one night a week on a playdate with u two.
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More Wifes Ass Play 2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

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Wifies ass being creamed

15 Responses to “More Wifes Ass Play 2”

  1. badboy22 said: Dirty little cock slut! Only thing that would make that hotter, would be seeing that sweet pussy was full of hot cum too!
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Wifes Ass Play 2

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 28

wifes ass play 2.jpg
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Luvs to have ass filled:p

16 Responses to “Wifes Ass Play 2”

  1. alfred petrino595@gmail. com said: white guy black cock
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  4. 4172934140 said: let’s see the cum running out!!
  5. JTANG said: Did you spray tan your weiner WTF???
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  7. J R said: stand in ck…hes standing aside while she gets dicked…ummmmm
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anal pleasure

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 24

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she loves to dp

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  1. nips said: beautiful BIG ass, perfect for passionate anal sex, gonna cum now
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Just the tip – just for a minute LOL

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 26

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I’m a freaky little Hispanic that loves getting my ass fucked hard and deep…
Anybody wanna ride?

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  1. MrC said: i would love to fuck your freaky little hispanic ass. yummy
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