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#1 - too hot

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 26

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fantastic pussy

  1. matt said: you should spread it open more
  2. frank said: gorgeous, delilcious
  3. Mel said: Would love to eat your fat pussy
  4. hotthong said: thats a fat pussy all night i lick that
  5. prettygurl1 said: spit then lick
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  13. said: love to fuck this pussy bad, let me at it
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  16. said: More Please!
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  18. Boner said: I will lick that ass and pussy with one stroke of the tongue…and then another and another etc. etc. etc.
  19. SexyBiBitch said: spread those legs and let me mount that pussy baby
  20. said: Can u two pumps!
  21. KingD said: Dear god
  22. dick said: it’s very very hot to fuck..
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  36. Perfect said: I hate little hard to find clits
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  39. said: i like that it looks so innocent…and fresh 10/10
  40. 01000001 said: damn babe.. that is hot. i hope you get horny while you read this
  41. grownjohnboy said: any human would want to lick this all over
  42. lickand stick said: look at my name babe it says it all
  43. markt said: It looks a little like my mums
  44. said: That is the perfect pussy
  45. Rich. said: Hell yea would love to slide in there in that position.
  46. OMG said: OMG! WHAT A PUSSY!!!!!!!!!! that’s so nice that i don’t even know what to do with it. I’ll just worship ot
  47. Raugi said: Damn!…I love a pudgy pussy
  48. Voyeur said: Beautiful 10 +
  49. said: hey ilove cunt and ass
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  61. ACE said: Just a HOT pic. Your skin is awesome. Love the no tan lines. I can’t stop starring at ur plump pussy lips & asshole teasing.
  62. John said: I have been in that ha. Her name is Emma
  63. lou said: WOW…perfection
  64. said: Absolutely fucking beautiful!!!!
  65. said: perfection has been achieved!!!
  66. said: 10 in my book
  67. DorkusPorkus said: I need to open that with something very hard
  68. Bobby D said: wow nice pussy
  69. claude said: can i fuck that till its full off cum
  70. ste said: fucking gorgeous
  71. jay lever said: ooh err I would totes bang the fook outta that whilst thinking of tilly
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  73. Chris said: Nothing like a fat camel toe! Wow
  74. said: would love to suck on u
  75. said: she want some help from mee i will help u honny
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  89. hair pie said: This pussy rates # 1 pussy.
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  93. drifter said: That pussy needs a good hard fuck
  94. said: Wow I’m staying in my younger sisters house and accidentally came all over the blankets to this jerk off eve though
  95. Jason said: Gorgeous bottom half would live to see the rest!!!
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  97. Mike said: That’s the best pussy on here, that’s what you call eattin’ pussy
  98. matt said: wannna fuck me and my gf?
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  100. Jack said: It’s really much harder to get a high rating for a pussy than for boobs but this one deserves it.
  101. Mr.ED said: love your pussy very much
  102. said: so hot just like my cock
  103. Ebb said: Love to gently nibble those lovely lips!
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  105. g-man said: aren’t girls great!
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  126. jeff said: a beauty..whewwww…
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  132. fantastic pussy said: thanks everybady
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  135. the real lil miss 19 said: i dnt think this deserves to be the top rated, what about the nice pink spread open 1? Thats cuming 2nd :(
  138. Girl said: A lip sticking out is so naughty, actually. (Not to repeat the site name.)
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  148. Aj said: The best pussy shot. 10 all the way girl !!!
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  151. said: Yummy
  152. said: Oh lawd!!!! I tried to comment last night but it wouldn’t post, I would suck on your pussy so good you’d gyrate off the bed ; )
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  166. Tman said: Perfect, would love to lick that pussy
  167. said: Wow perfect I’d have to say
  168. cobra said: damn, I hope it tastes as good as it looks
  169. said: perfect…can i lick it
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  171. said: very pretty!
  172. jay said: god dam i could not agree more
  173. ddogg said: hell ya thats a 9

#2 - My tight snatch again :)

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 15

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Here’s a little peak of whats inside like requested :)

  1. said: hell yea very nice
  2. frank said: open that lil biscuit!
  3. Mark said: That is a gorgeous slit
  4. said: I don’t think I would be able to pull out of that perfect pussy you have there
  5. said: bet that pussy taste better than peaches
  6. said: Finger fucked and ate. I’d make you cum and squirt all over my face a few times. Bet your ass is just as hot as your pussy to
  7. said: I’d eat it and play with it like in a very dirty slut kinda way. You’d love it. You’d b moaning and screaming as it gets played
  8. BigDickJdawg said: WOW, haven’t seen a pussy this tight since high school
  9. said: beautiful pussy, wish i could spread it open
  10. Pertbum said: Damn that sweet little pussy is waiting for my tongue. My pussy is wet looking at it.
  11. P said: holy shit I’m gonna cum.. I’d tongue that pussy from clit down to the inside of that asshole and drink her cum
  12. said: you win,de champion de pussy, am hungry for it,bring it to me
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  16. Dmaniom said: Looks tight
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  25. said: Tight!
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  85. mrthick dick said: dont think i would fit but we can try tighty
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#3 - My Scottish puss again ;) x

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jul 1

167 01-07-12.jpg
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I hope you enjoy this pic.. I get soo hot from reading your comments! Something’s missing from this picture… – Alison xox

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#6 - Let me know what you think

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 2

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Raven Riley Horny at home ;)

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#7 - Squish Mitten II

Amateur pic posted on Friday Sep 14

my ass.JPG
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Thank you for all the nice comments. Here’s another picture with some more of the goods, as requested.

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