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Posted on Saturday Jun 20, 2009

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  1. Justus694u@yahoo.com said: Would love to wank my guy over that Pretty Face. Xxxx
  2. riswan said: Fuckitfast
  3. IjustSaidThat said: @leage of extrodinary perverts, BUZZ KILL
  4. proskin bloke said: The foreskin is awesome, and a rare sight in str8 porn.
  5. league of exstrodinary perverts said: uncut pride. Thats one thing i would never change about myself. Its supposed to be there. I will be damned if i get anything cut just so another holocaust dont happen. Its not any cleaner to get it cut. I mean unless u never wash youreself in which case its dirty either way. But it does not require any extra cleaning. Guess most people dont know thats the real reason every one gets cut these days. Why do you think it pretty much started after world war 2 in non jew culture. To prevent another holocaust. Now why they couldnt just stop cutting themselves is beyond me. And no i am not anti semitic in any way. I just dont agree with penis mutilation cause some schizophrenic decided it was a good idea thousands of years ago.
  6. Playtime said: wow
  7. jd said: dude my hat goes off to you for standing up for un-cut cock and a hell of a way to spend christmas day looking at porn
  8. dankalumni said: every guy that hates on a uncut dick is just jealous how all uncut dicks are huge
  9. jd said: poor girl with that un-cut cock
  10. MysTer said: kinky
  11. junior said: I want to cum in your face
  12. jame5y said: i would cover that pretty face
  13. Chuck said: Oh HELL yeah!!!!!!!!!
  14. MEATWAGON said: That dick aint gonna take too long(it aint that long either). Someone needs to find the meatwagon.
  15. axle said: nice cock to wank shuk it back
  16. i_hungry said: i hungry for you to give me a handjob…mmmmm… yes pls. fun4fr33@hotmail.com
  17. lamina said: Honey, u got to peel the cover of the toffee
  18. Hound Dog said: You need a little Gooo on you!!!
  19. nice said: fucking beautiful blue eyed girl! Would love to xplod on that
  20. Peterborough said: You’re sweet, no foreskin here baby!
  21. jer said: pull that skin back!!!!
  22. john said: suck it clean
  23. tom said: she’s hot!
  24. fred said: hold that sucker

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