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Posted on Wednesday Oct 6, 2010

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You walk in the room to see this! What would you do?

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  1. sykosavsoldier said: I would grab that bitch by her hair bend her over and fuck her doggy style like the little tramp bitch she is….
  2. sykosavsoldier said: I would grab her by the hair till she bent over farenough
  3. stud said: ride you like a stallion, jizzin all over your beautiful ass
  4. zman said: Grab u by the hair n fuck u over n over n over n cum on your face!
  6. donkeycov69@hotmail.com said: I WOULD STICK MY TOUNGE UP YR ARSE
  7. Dr. Spock said: What would I do? First lick your nice pussy to make you cum. Then, start the fuck machine
  8. m said: you certainly are hot, very very hot……
  9. It is me! said: Hey m, I am Hot Wife.
  10. J R said: voted a 10..yeah thats waitn no longer call me..ill cum over… ok…)~~
  11. funeral guy said: That is an ass that’s made for smacking. I humbly volunteer to do the job.
  12. Manntheboxx72562@yahoo.com said: Beautiful would luv to see more emaile
  13. m said: are your postings under Hot Wife ???
  14. m said: I know what I would do !!, what naughty things get you off..
  15. m said: list all your postings so I can tell you which makes me hardest.
  16. It is me said: I love Lee’s comments. One funny guy!
  17. paid hourly said: Can’tt typppe . . Bone er in the wwaaaaaaaaaaay.
  18. Lee said: wit all the junk u got n dat phat-ass trunk there is no w8in’
  19. Lee said: wit a phat juicy ass and monkey like dat the w8 is definitely over wit me
  20. It is Me said: sculptor your very observent, but my pussy has been posted alot. Can you find them all?
  21. SirTapsAlot said: I would cum before I got near her! Oh My! That’s shit is hot!
  22. sculptor said: you posted last week showing the frontside of this marvelous piece of art- didn’t you? covering your tummy?
  23. Mike said: Love to spank fuck that ass doggy
  24. mandingo said: blindfold you, tie you up, set my video camera and leave you the tape to watch after im done
  25. sculptor said: Have a heart attack if it was my wife-lol- like NEVER- so i would think about going to the Dr. but my cock would be so hard..
  26. 262 said: Eat it then beat it
  27. v-bad@live.co.uk said: start licking, and slip my fingers in my panties…x
  28. dd.eddie said: Well I’d be diving in face first with my tongue rolled. Hopin my nose would enter that fine butthole too!
  29. Matt said: Girl my helmet wud be right up that bum hole of yours filling with juice !! Nice Ass like it
  30. Andy 69 said: Drop to my knees and bury my face into that gorgeous cunt and tongue her until she came again and again

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