like the way i shaved?

Posted on Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

my stripe.jpg

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my boyfriend doesn’t like it, he wants it bald, what do you guys think?

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  1. said: bald is best smooth enuff not to prikk muh face
  2. site see er said: how old are u? do I see peach fuzz? maybe
  3. sam88 said: wow beautiful little slit u got there. would love a peek inside it LOL
  4. mr s said: nooo landing strips are hot it should have hair ur a woman not a lil girl
  5. Gloverboy6 said: I would like it more if my gf left a little bit of hair
  6. Geof said: One Sexy smooth pussy babe
  7. Yuuup! said: That is the perfecrt pussy, just exactly like my wife’s. Your bf is crazy.
  8. said: close enough to bald!
  9. cffrost@ said: nice little cammel toe .i like
  10. shit_homie@hotmail.c said: If you were my gf you could trim/shave it any way you’d like. Soooooooo fucking hot baby
  11. said: your bush keeps you moist so you’re ready 24/7, especially on the beach when wind is blowing. It smells better too.
  12. Tommy-Lee said: lose the boyfriend
  13. Stevecook said: Love it
  14. indianabones said: Can you say the golden arches?
  15. owner said: @julie, would love to dump him for your love… but how can we meet ;)
  16. Julie said: give your boy friend the push and pick me,i could show you love
  17. semper fi said: fuck him either way i would be a happy man
  18. said: what little i see it looks good to me
  19. german said: bald!!!
  20. SBC said: To owner. I love it. Very nice clean cootchie.
  21. S said: Love to lick it
  22. mikey said: Can i lick that ass too?
  23. mbot said: hahahaaa. it looks like a mouth on its side.
  24. dirty j said: would love to lick and suck on that
  25. sly fox said: something is wrong with your boyfriend id fuck it hairy or not
  26. said: oh i do like
  27. owner said: hi all! thanx for nice comments :) soon i upload new pic! i like the compliments:) makes me happy:D
  28. Katie said: Looks nice Hun let me lick it x
  29. Hot love said: its a sexy 10/10/10
  30. Mr. X said: Perfect! Incredibly sexy.
  31. jj..7063180064 said: I like…I like…I like
  32. said: absolutely beautiful
  33. said: I like the landing strip and live ur puffy lips email more
  35. zac said: fucking perferct is what it is ;) dump that loser
  36. said: 10 for me. thats just right
  37. Curious1 said: Post a pic with it spread and wet for us?
  38. Mic2469 said: You can sit on my face anytime. Nothing like a woman riding your face.
  39. said: i like it… shaved is better
  40. said: You are a 12 baby, I won’t complain…drop me a line.
  41. hornyballs said: i think its perfect….email more
  42. bigfat10inch said: i wouldnt care if you had aids
  43. jcochrane4@gmail said: That my friend IS a REAL pussy!
  44. thickdickloving said: Beautiful little pussy.
  45. bgmxx said: i think it looks delicious.. i’d let you sit on my face.. have it sprayin cream all over the place! ;) mmmmm!
  46. Greg said: Real pussies have hair
  47. Anonymous said: If he’s bitching bout that, get rid of him. He won’t ever be happy . 10+++
  48. said: can I see it bend over
  49. tbanger said: turn it sideways and it smiles at you!!
  50. Jack Offalot said: I think you should get a new boyfriend
  51. said: love the little strip but for a good munch balds better;) give me that pussy i wouldnt give a fuck hairy aslong as it i fucked
  52. dd.eddie said: Really, not much difference.. but i do prefer to floss as I eat!