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which hole do u like better?

Posted on Tuesday May 25


Rating: 4.25    (517 votes cast)

Freshly shaven for all of you to see! I want lots of dirty comments, too!

56 Responses to “which hole do u like better?”

  1. ken said: I love both holes
  2. brad said: i wanna see more of that pussy like could look at it all day everyday if you let me
  3. brandy said: Then i would rub my pussy on yours until we both cum!
  4. brandy said: I love your holes i would eat them both!
  5. said: I’d love 2 fill that nice little pussy & gape ur asshole as well, then I’d pull it out ur ass & cum in ur mouth…lol
  6. Rudoldh said: Id lick that pussy till you came on my face then stuff you with my rock hard cock till I filled you up with my cum
  7. diago said: would realy love to fuck that
  8. said: so lickable yummy
  9. Thatguy said: awesome..give me a better look
  10. big dick said: ill fuck u in both holes
  11. HORNY68 said: Beautiful. Would love to bury my face and cock in ur cunt and ur arse.
  12. said: I would love to lick you from clit to asshole and then fuck that pussy for hours. Masturbated to your pic. Never came that good from jerking off!
  13. butter's said: i would lick your sweet wet pussy all night bb
  14. J said: would like to take that all
  15. BigDick said: I’d wreck it!
  16. anon said: I would lick both and then fuck both.:)
  17. jizzman said: can i cream ya
  18. jd said: if you don’t eat that pussy i
  19. Sky said: I’d take the pussy!
  20. Nev said: Yum Yum Yum :P I would love to lick whipped cream off your smooth pussy.
  21. Lee said: Id lick ur pussy for hours and then fuck u till u came 10 times
  22. lez said: im well et now wanna see more
  23. Eddie said: Yes please mmm thank you
  24. dan said: love to eat that smooth cunt til you squirt over me
  25. jus4u said: id work bolth 4 hrs love to see more
  26. Andy said: I could lick and suck your pussy for hours
  27. billy4u said: love to slip my fingers inside your sweet pussy hole!
  28. theone said: Wish you lived in washington state, I would love to meet up and fuck the shit out of you. Cant choose, they are both perfect
  29. said: damn babe that pussy looks delicious. send me some
  30. young22 said: i would do unspeakable things 2 ur smooth pussy & arse that u would hav 2 speak about!
  31. mm said: come in your cunt then clean it out
  32. J R said: hey a pic of you on here…could you? Ummmm
  33. big D said: wana c more of that beautiful pussy
  34. Qwill said: U Look real beautiful I bet those lips look real good opened up x x
  35. ron said: wish i was closer
  36. Big Ed said: It’s a tie! I would lick them both for sure!
  37. cobra said: i wanna see you and sara licking each others holes
  38. said: I so give you a 9.4!!!!
  39. said: Holy shit! I don’t know wher to start!!! Can I see more so I can decide? Please.
  40. said: I would suck on that till your head explodes, would love to see more
  41. Theone said: I would love a better look
  42. horny said: oh my big thing what a good pussy to fuck :D
  43. said: Mmmmm, the Pussy is on Point. I want to fill that all niht with Dick.
  44. ch said: id do you any day sexy pussy is so tight
  45. sara said: I would eat you real good! I think me you and lez should get together and lick eachothers pussys all night
  46. it's me! said: hey tom, if u want a better look post ur email! ;-)
  47. Lee said: y wud I pic wen I can hav dem both…A phat beefy taco and a creamy-pie hole mmm mmm
  48. J R said: tongue likken good..can i spread that browneye…let me know ok!!! nice
  49. tom said: cud av opened ur cliti huni eh?
  50. best1 said: i would like your pussy so dry you would have to prime it to pee
  52. Bill said: Lick it, squeeze it, poke it, fuck it, fist it.. damn
  53. lez said: girlll. that pussy makes me wet as hell i wuld lick them thick lips n suck on ur clit i wanna finger u so bad
  54. chris said: wow!! perfect!!! id eat that all night!! totaly edible!!!
  55. mw said: liking that a lot
  56. D said: I’d warm up in your pussey and dump a load in your ass.

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handcuffed…i like it like that!

Posted on Tuesday May 25


Rating: 3.94    (267 votes cast)

what will YOU do to me?

20 Responses to “handcuffed…i like it like that!”

  1. said: Keep you locked up as my Sex Slave.. Great Pic xx
  2. licalotopuss said: great pussy,the cuffs are part of my day job so Ive used them in bed also its fun to roll play
  3. jd said: just letting you know that you have a sweet pussy
  4. Sky said: nice tits! Id cum on them and let you lick it up
  5. said: make you shoot off and catch it in a cup to drink
  6. D:: said: I wana hand cuff you to the bed, with nippel clamps & weights and fuck both you holes while your husband watches
  7. Steven said: I’d tear that pussy open n the clit too n if u into phonesex my number is 6502437450
  8. WB said: Add more handcuffs to the mix
  9. Sticky said: Lick lick lick
  10. said: How many times do you think you can cum before you beg me to stop??!!! Wanna find out?
  11. P S said: I wanna suck and fuck your pussy
  12. cecil said: why blur the wedding ring you are a hot wife id lick that puss i would even let your hubby watch
  13. Eric said: Love the handcuffs; I’d love to cuff you somewhere and have my way with you.
  14. dd.eddie said: Well a body cavity search is in full order for a prisoner!
  15. Jack said: I would run my tonge all over your pussy
  16. Lee said: slam u up against the wall and do a complete body and cavity search
  17. Lee said: treat u like the felon u r…use and abuse ur phat juicy taco and drk brwm pie-hole
  18. J R said: what ever you want darling!!! nice pic
  19. likemspread said: THAT PUSSY LOOKS REAL TASTY

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My Box!!

Posted on Monday May 24

2008-11-28  17_11_38-780-936 2008-11-28.JPG

Rating: 3.87    (217 votes cast)

please rate me , i want to know what im working with.

25 Responses to “My Box!!”

  1. Sky said: You have a good looking tight pussy and ass
  2. jd said: i think that pussy just said eat me
  3. sven said: box is great, asshole is a 10
  4. chasb said: i would suck on that pussy untill your tits went flat
  5. chas said: looks like ur working with a gold mine looks perfect
  6. This said: I would love to tongue both of those holes!
  7. longbob1 said: i would lick that any day
  8. said: Pussy is like Whoa. Crave Bbc?
  9. likemspread said: pussy looks great asshole looks even better
  10. stoney said: you have an amazing pussy. I would love to bury my face into that daily.
  11. BallsDeep said: 10,000. Call me. I’ll rate some more.
  12. iwanna said: id lick you up and down for days on end
  13. Somebody said: Looks great, both holes look fuckable and fun.
  14. Lonely Guy said: Both holes look good i would love to eat you
  15. mmm said: look at that little clit , id love to suck it.
  16. tom said: phwoar u got 1 hell of a gawjus pusi missy 10 hmm
  17. said: wow this is the hottest pussy and ass ive seen.. i tease u wid ma big dick be4 i fuck u reall good baby..hit me up mami!!!
  18. james said: beautiful tight pussy! would love to lick both those tight holes!
  19. tom said: fuck that is a nice looking pussy would love to fuck it i give it a 10
  20. Lee said: I wanna make my tongue ur personal play toy 24/7
  21. Lee said: pure beauty 10 all day long keep the pix cumin’
  22. hammer said: baby that pussy looks tighter than a bulls ass in fly season…very nice..the hammer would need much lube!
  23. Yo yo said: Wow… so hot. So tight.
  24. so bad said: tight as they cum baby wud get that shit messy
  25. al said: hell ya thats a 10

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up close

Posted on Monday May 24


Rating: 3.21    (230 votes cast)

close up of wifes pussy

13 Responses to “up close”

  1. fannie said: ur clit looks wierd but good
  2. said: very nice
  3. jd said: funny pussy
  4. alice said: would love to lick that gorgeous little clitty
  5. lee501 said: Me too fuck thats hot, I’d like to pound that pussy !! lee501210@gmailcom to see with what
  6. Eddie said: Hot hot looks so young n fresh want 2 bang dat asshole n treat her nasty make her do nasty shit thanks 4 sharing
  7. us2UK said: Fantastic clit
  8. likemspread said: if that pussy is so tight then you need to fuck it more to stretch it out
  9. theone said: keep the comments coming, i have a couple more pics of my wife coming, one of her pussy spread open, you’ll see how tight it is.
  10. me said: It looks very, very good. I like it.
  11. Somebody said: More please and show your ass.
  12. theone said: That is very nice, clean, bald, looks tasty, I would love to stick my tongue in there…
  13. Lee said: I wanna wrap my tongue around ur lil button

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Rating: 3.56    (189 votes cast)

11 Responses to “soaking wet ready to swallow your dick. 28/y.o.”

  1. DRV said: Love lips like that, had a GF with large lips,,,mmmmm,, miss them
  2. Damyth69 said: I think this 10inch would fit in there just right lol
  3. im said: the titanic could hide in that
  4. jj said: Why don’t you send me some pics, and I promise to cum all over them
  5. said: Mmmmm bring it on babe, i can fill it..
  6. funfriendsst said: Those lips can swallow my dick anytime, but my face wants a turn too, OK? Mmmm 10+++
  7. likemspread said: let me french kiss those lips for you sweet heart
  8. james said: beautiful pussy lips would love to lick and suck on them
  9. Lee said: I can’t w8 4 ur butterfly lips 2 wrap my 9 up
  10. said: Thank you for sharing your pussy, i give it a 15 and a nice long lick !
  11. said: Sweet! So nice.I would like to see more of you please.

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juicy pussy lips

Posted on Sunday May 23


Rating: 2.8    (232 votes cast)

14 Responses to “juicy pussy lips”

  1. chaseb said: i would suck him clean when he is dine and then suck his cum from your pussy
  2. malcolm said: OMG what happened to ur ass? I would have to put the bag over ur ass instead of ur face, it’s not good.
  3. tyson said: wtf is wrong with her ass hole?? looks like a volcano…
  4. fatkid said: leave that ass alone…poor bitch
  5. billy4u said: hay I’d fuck that ass hole
  6. fred said: i agree that ass hole would make me think twice
  7. josh said: that ass has been pounded
  8. J R said: mercy..that browneye looks stretched out..but im stretchen one more time!! nice pic
  9. likemspread said: wrap that pussy around my dick
  10. SJ said: Something looks seriously wrong with your asshole!
  11. Binkie said: Looks like my bosses face after I call out on a long weekend
  12. said: damn babe. wish that was my dick. hit me up sometime
  13. Al said: THat asshole doesn’t look right kinda bumpy hmm hemroids
  14. cobra said: WTF, I’ve never seen an ass like that

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Posted on Sunday May 23


Rating: 4.02    (238 votes cast)

17 Responses to “none”

  1. hoselover said: smokin hot, love the hose!
  2. Kev said: Mmmmmm, want to bury my cock in both your gorgeous holes
  3. said: Please cum to Denver for the snow fall
  4. Garrett said: i wanna ass fuck you
  5. jd said: dirty slut i love her
  6. lee said: hot ass hole & cunt , great pose !!
  7. sculptor said: strike the pose baby – that gap is smokin hot- i love older women all day longggggg
  8. said: I just blew my load again just by looking at your picture. Oh the things. I would love to do with you baby!! More please… ;)~
  9. said: What an ass
  10. J R said: hold that pose..sneaken in the backdoor darlin!!! great pic
  11. likemspread said: you hold still i am going to wear them holes out
  12. said: pefect view from all the way in Iraq
  13. Binkie said: always nice a dress stockings and no panties….Saddle up and hyaaaaa move ‘em out
  14. Lee said: an ass and monkey made 4 poundin’
  15. said: I am in love all over again!!
  16. james said: would love to blow my cum in that sexy asshole!
  17. tom said: wod fuck da hell owta ur pusi wiv ma bellend

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Married MILF!

Posted on Sunday May 23


Rating: 4.15    (768 votes cast)

Works for me!

21 Responses to “Married MILF!”

  1. Mexicat said: Would love to plow her ass all night!
  2. jeff said: wow. great ass
  3. said: shit! now that ass is perfection man id lick n drill that for hours…really how long is your stamina….so fucking sexy
  4. Dirk said: I want to lick your greasy smelly anus
  5. slycat said: wood like to get in that ass
  6. Axel said: Perfect round booty!! Wish I could smell that ass while licking that pussy from behind.
  7. Neil said: Nice big ass, that must look hot getting fucked doggy. Bet you love having your asshole played with
  8. Sweet Siagons LOVER said: That’s exactly the way my my girlfriends ass looks when i put her in that position! Her names “Sweet Saigon” check her out!
  9. mtfarr123 said: lucky husband
  10. said: that looks like tons of fun more plz
  11. lee said: nice ass sweety
  12. hornyguy said: mmmm lick that asshole
  13. Arne said: OMG what a nice ass, I´d like to fill it
  14. jd said: oiled up and ready for some ass play
  15. said: great ass. love to fuck you from behind
  16. J R said: that can be my first milf..nice pic!!!
  17. likemspread said: just the way i likem face down & ass up
  18. said: OMG Heaven
  19. Lee said: ur body is mouth waterin’…I can’t w8 4 ur lips and ur pie-hole 2 melt on my tongue
  20. Lee said: ur bubble is a work of art 4 any woman especially a MILF
  21. james said: that looks like alot of fun!

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Posted on Sunday May 23


Rating: 3.27    (215 votes cast)

13 Responses to “PrincssS OPENS ASS”

  1. said: I love it just like that!
  2. said: Keep up the good work..!
  3. billy4u said: mmmmmsweet
  4. josh said: it looks a bit hairy
  5. umm said: either let it grow out or shave it all… preferably let it grow out :)
  6. SJ said: Hold still so we can shave your ass
  7. ash said: so why is your pussy shaved but your ass is not, nasty. lmao
  8. corey said: theres something wrong with all of you if you like a hairy ass
  9. alex5957 said: Use a razor or something on that ass!!
  10. chris bubnis said: can i fuck
  11. Lee said: I wanna stick my tongue in both those pink/stink juicy wet holes mmm mmm
  12. likemspread said: you just keep that ass spread apart i’ll be rite their to take real good care of it for you
  13. jacob said: yum!

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Anal beads

Posted on Sunday May 23


Rating: 4.41    (1837 votes cast)

Having fun with my new toy

42 Responses to “Anal beads”

  1. Bulletman said: That’s nice!!!
  2. Mark said: If you need any lube, I would gladly lick your beads and butthole!
  3. said: I’m having fun with them too. In my mind while I’m jerking my huge rock hard cock. Ten
  4. said: would love to lick your ass hole as you pull them out x
  5. HotPup said: Pull those beads out and put my tongue in
  6. said: You are incredible, super hot and ANAL!!! I am offering my tongue and cock to use whenever that sexy ass needs attention!!
  7. De La Vega said: I’m rich, young and smart. Would you like to be my wife?
  8. said: you need two cocks
  9. Assman69 said: marry me
  10. said: Hot I’d love to play with u
  11. said: thats is very lovely and i want to put my cock in ur pussy while u have those in ur ass
  12. slycat said: now thats nice
  13. mike said: some guy is lucky
  14. said: i bet that ain’t all you can get in there
  15. said: I want to pull those beads like I M starting a lawnmower and watch shit and ass go everywhere.
  16. p4me said: I’ve got a better toy you can have fun with bb!
  17. said: wish that was my tounge in that ass
  18. bigbadjon said: anal bead=A+ beef curtain= A++
  19. J said: Perfect
  20. likesit said: One of hte best pics on the site. Perfect. Nothing better than a girl that likes some assplay.
  21. Neil said: Very sexy, I like the vch too
  22. jd said: time to start pulling on those beads
  23. said: oh my god! i’d love to suck those meaty lips and rip those beads from your ass just as you cum
  24. robin said: sure would love to pull those out with my lips sucking on that fine asshole
  25. Willy said: I wanna shove my cock where those beads are!
  26. TBONE said: i wood love to pull them out
  27. Chris said: I’ll give you something to play with ;-)
  28. love pussy said: did u lick the beads after
  29. Pedro said: pussy of an angel
  30. said: Love the pull cord. would lover to pull that while I have my cock deep inside you. Mmmm 10+++ Nice ass too!!!!
  31. Butt Munch said: Thank you! Stay hot.
  32. babypowder said: Plop…Plop…Plop…Really nice toy.
  33. qapla said: HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. said: That could be my new favorite playground I just need to know where to meeet you! You are a well deserved full 10 beauty!!!
  35. said: wood luv to take care of the other hole at the same time… hit me up sweets…
  36. J R said: wow!! can i slip in while i pull them out slowwwwwly..nice!!!
  37. jake said: send me more pic of everything u r so hot
  38. DD.EDDIE said: WOULD YOU SHARE? I’m in to clean and plug
  39. Lee said: no need 4 those butt beads u can use my tongue and 9 for that
  40. dan said: very nice
  41. likemspread said: i like to have fun let me stick my toy in your ass you won;t walk right for a couple of days I promise!!!
  42. Buck Nasty said: Wow! That’s class! Show us your smile as you pull them out for the next one! 10+!

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