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Ready and waiting

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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11 Responses to “Ready and waiting”

  1. said: that makes both of us
  2. said: Very nice! Love the hood piercing, it would work well with my prince albert :) email me more
  3. said: looks ready for the taking.
  4. huggable said: how does the clit ring feel. i would love my wife to have one?
  5. J R said: WOW!! i seem to say that alot on here!! thats a meat eater for sure!! awesome
  6. gotaa big one said: damm! i luv that piercing, and love to get a close expection of that, and maybe a taste and also a ride
  7. said: would luv to lick suck and fuck that beautiful pussy and perfect little ass of urs all night
  8. baron said: Now that’s a ham sandwich.
  9. DA MYTH said: I’D BEAT IT UP
  10. jughead said: i would lic u from the bottom to top
  11. Lee said: can I make that phat-ass kitty of urs purrr.then I’ll lick that brown eye clean

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Just playing…

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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15 Responses to “Just playing…”

  1. said: thats a nice pink pussy my favorite flavor
  2. said: ı verry like small cunt..ı wanna fuck it
  3. said: Fuck me thats one nice pussy! :P
  4. rickharddrive said: Scoot over boys….she needs my MAN DICK
  5. jd said: how do you get that pussy so clean
  6. branden said: i would fuck
  7. JR said: amazing! Such a nice view!
  8. dan said: i would never leave that pussy out of my sight
  9. said: Love the hood piercing, it would work well with my prince albert email me more
  10. ACE said: I would like to play with that
  11. said: mmmm nice iron work.
  12. jughead said: would love to help u out with my touge baby
  13. jef said: is my sister pussy
  14. Lee said: my tongue is goin’ to make ur kitty drip with that sticky icky mmm mmm
  15. Stu said: I would dive into that!

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Want to take me from behind?

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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21 Responses to “Want to take me from behind?”

  1. said: what u hard frat lookiong like a por
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Nice legs.
  3. said: Lovely little bottom. Wanna bite and kiss you all over
  4. analman said: fist in one hole,cock in another. you choose baby.
  5. jd said: nice pussy at the end of those legs
  6. Prio said: Definitely!
  7. davey said: love ur flaps would suck them all night
  8. luis said: damn . this girl has me real horny . i would love to hit ;-)
  9. likemspread said: want to take you in the behind
  10. zman said: hell yeah i do!
  11. said: Beautiful legs and ass. Email me more
  12. killbill said: now that looks decent
  13. said: nice view. mmmm
  15. said: would luv to take you from behind front or any other way you want it email me
  16. jl said: hell yeah
  17. Share om said: Your man is very lucky,
  18. Share om said: I would like to open it dax by day.
  19. ASSMAN said: please
  20. jughead said: very nice ass and pussy want to lick them both
  21. Lee said: damn girl u got a phat-ass taco and a brown eye thats callin’ me

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mr james

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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4 Responses to “mr james”

  1. rockhard said: whats the girth on that thing….2 inches
  2. said: That cock is actually smaller than mine, thats rare.
  3. isma said: hummm let me eat that pussy
  4. said: Mr James… nice angle… any more ?

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me with my finger in my wife ass

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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my wife was on here already,in her red stockings touching herself,and heres her with a finger in her ass,obviously

7 Responses to “me with my finger in my wife ass”

  1. T said: why use a condom if it is your wife?
  2. LEZMILF said: I’ld love to we’ll pull an “all-nighter”
  3. Bob said: Would love more
  4. mark said: sexi as fuck
  5. likemspread said: pull that finger out and stick your dick in their
  6. Andy said: Who’s taking the pic if both your hands are there?
  7. cecil said: who fucks their wife with a condom

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Evening Romp

Posted on Wednesday Jan 20

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13 Responses to “Evening Romp”

  1. Stu said: That hot pussy has to be tight, since no real cocks fuck it!
  2. Wolf said: little on the short side.
  3. dave said: you need a proper dick to fuck you
  4. horny said: wish i could taste your wetness when done
  5. Bammam said: Work on getting a fatter cock. Like mine. ;)
  6. "note to Self" said: Hold in my Tummy…
  7. said: wow.. looks very warm & wet in there.. ?
  8. crissy said: I like to fuck your wife! Nice pussy!
  9. T said: small cock no wonder you can’t feel anythingT
  10. Lee said: I wanna have a lil taste of that pretty kitty
  11. zynger said: nice pussey
  12. DOM said: my favorite way to enjoy a pussy
  13. Stu said: I got about three more inches for you than that!

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Wife’s pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 19

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What would you do to this pussy?

12 Responses to “Wife’s pussy”

  1. fill said: ohh yeah babe, you are a fucking sexy bitch x
  2. said: ı wanna fuck it
  3. said: i would love to give you a creampie and would you pls send me a pic ?
  4. Cal said: i want that creamy drop of dew
  5. said: I would eat that any time. mmmm
  6. horneyguy said: lick that sweet juice out of it and then fuck your pussy hard!
  7. Lee said: suck it dry…mmm mmm
  8. turbo said: saucy pussy….mmmm
  9. samson said: fuck it all day long
  10. mr.jay said: yes, with out hesitation.
  11. Mr Six said: Very pretty… looks so soft and juicy. Your husband’s a lucky guy
  12. 005 said: fuck the pink out of it mmmm

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ass and pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 19

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come on in!!

17 Responses to “ass and pussy”

  2. said: Woul love to enter you tight little asshole
  3. pearl said: want to give you a good fucking…neat little asshole…
  4. jd said: big big brown eye give it a kiss
  5. Spoon said: Absolutey lovely round ass. Delicious.
  6. greeneyedlady said: i want to taste dat pussy
  7. likemspread said: that asshole looks tight
  8. said: Looks like some dampness was going on. Would love to see more, email me
  9. said: MMMM would love too.
  10. J R said: thats my kinda ass for sure!!! ty for the pic too!!
  11. AssMan said: After eating that lovely pussy, I would gap that ass.
  12. Stu said: Sit on my face, NOW!
  13. said: Would tongue then fuck that for hours would luv to see more email me
  14. Lee said: wow tacos and tossed salad for dinner.mmm mmm
  15. turbo said: I want to insert my big in it.
  16. Amazed said: I’m on my way!!!
  17. tigger said: just the right angle to slide my hard cock in, please?

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Posted on Tuesday Jan 19

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15 Responses to “MY WIFE”

  1. said: I would love to own you
  2. vinnypd said: the best ass on the internet…..god bless you….my wife almost looks the same and other guys love to use it like a cum dumpster…do u share her?
  3. Yo said: I enjoyed those wet lips over the weekend fuk she is hot and love it
  4. Bobby said: That looks like my girl $
  5. said: very nice
  6. mr p said: does ur wife fuck other men ?
  7. J R said: one fine ass..built for riding!!!! ty
  8. likemspread said: nice ass sweetheart
  9. bigbird328 said: I would love to place my hands on those beautiful hips & pull slowly back on to my now hard cock
  10. said: you lucky man…
  11. said: dam i’d kill that
  12. said: Would luv to fuck that married ass and cunt she got a perfect body would luv to see more email me more please
  13. frank said: nic hips
  14. Lee said: lucky u.I’d like 2 lick her sweet coo n pix 1 and I’d like 2 slide my tongue n her phat-ass fart box n pix 2
  15. curt said: so nice and wet

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chocolate delight

Posted on Monday Jan 18

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49 Responses to “chocolate delight”

  1. said: What a gorgeous fucken piece if ass, sexy woman! Wow
  2. said: Lovley!
  3. site see er said: I love hot chcolate great pussy lips
  4. said: that is a beautiful pussy, would love to see more
  5. BIG P R DiCK said: damn girl nice pussy
  6. TYG said: 12play a must
  7. jd said: thank you
  8. Prio said: Hot! I’m ready to add the creamy filling to that chocolate delight!
  9. davey said: lovely pussy would lick it to death
  10. longnthick said: now thats why black woman are the hottest
  11. marquette said: waaaaaasssssuuup!!!?
  12. said: i like chocolate
  13. said: I really love to eat this chocolate
  14. daiquawn said: Now
  15. bet dat said: dat is a pretty pussy & ass
  16. Daddy69 said: Baby got back…and I love it all !!!
  17. said: I love to eat chocolate
  18. HMB said: Beautiful. Really.
  19. lance said: love that cunt
  20. jojozep said: That is black beauty in silk skin. I want it!
  21. sophie said: must say, best black pussy on this site…youre hot
  22. bigbird328 said: Beautiful!
  23. ebb said: Sit on my face, please. My tongue up your pussy & ass.
  24. boobandit said: please show us a frontal shot please ur hot
  25. said: dis 8.5 inches would love to sleep in that
  26. shafty said: i love chocolate
  27. james said: i would lick that until you came hard several times
  28. hammer said: i love me some round and brown
  29. BigdickRick said: MMMHMM black is beautiful, baby girl lemme lick you low
  30. Ben said: Not bad at all!
  31. said: Very tasty looking chocolate dish. More please…
  32. said: i have never wanted chocolate so bad in my life would luv to fuck that pussy and ass all night gorgeous email me more please
  33. jo jo said: true class that’s a 10
  34. sel said: what a beautiful pussy.
  35. Gdog said: Not into black pussy ……….. Until now
  36. bigslip said: That is one of the nicest shots I have ever seen
  37. Ron said: Shw us more of your chocolate delight — this is quite tasty here
  38. Turbo said: Ummmmm..I want to eat that chocolate.
  39. tigger said: sweet
  40. gringoloco said: that’s a 10+. I’m dying to see the rest of her?
  41. said: yummy chocolate……
  42. gringoloco said: absolutely goddam fantastic. that’s just what I love to see
  43. jughead said: i love dark chocolate would love to lick that ass an pussy
  44. Benho said: I want it all!!
  45. Raoul Fazool said: Outstanding!
  46. Untamespirit said: Love me so chocolate
  47. mike said: WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. Big Joe said: Not usually into black women, but I would make an exception for you.
  49. Lee said: I can’t wait to have some of that chunky monkey chocolate brownie delight mmm mmm

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