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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 27

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My boyfriend just fucked my ass an busted in it!! Comment plz!! An what else do you wana see me do?

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  9. said: Is it my turn? LOL
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GF sucking me

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jul 26

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She sucks cock like a pro

  1. me said: she can suck mine and I will help her bet I can deep throat that for you show her puss
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Like to fuck this for me

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jul 26

my pussy.JPG
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This is my wife shaven and ready for a hard cock

  1. davo said: nice
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Jane’s 50

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jul 26

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  1. said: omg i LOVE her. holy shit. beautiful woman
  2. said: That’s hot.
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  25. LuckeyLic said: Very nice:) What’s up with the full beard? Fifty years of growth:)

Sexy Girlfriend 2

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jul 26

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So Tight!

  1. jd said: dude you finally made it hollywood next
  2. said: mmmm yea
  3. Ben said: Damn Jenny from the sound of things I love u
  4. This said: Damn! she has two perfect holes! You lucky man
  5. Mhke said: Jenmey i want 2 lick ur clit and cum in ur mouth
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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jul 25

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  1. jd said: pound pound pound that pussy
  2. david said: nice and tight
  3. scott said: look at that hole
  4. said: beautiful ass and fucking would love to see more email me some plz
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  10. Mhke said: Dose she want me 2 cum in her mouth while u cum in her pussy
  11. Mhke said: I will put my cock io her ass

my ex

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jul 25

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guys feel free to beat off over this bitch – a week after we broke up she found a new boyfriend

  1. rj said: with a pussy like that she would have no peoblem finding a guy to take care of her
  2. aaja said: sofia was a slut
  3. jd said: is that the bat cave
  4. biggyb said: Wow, now that’s my kind of pussy. I came hard looking at her sweet cunt!
  5. :):) said: That is one lovely pussy I would lick that til she comes in my face:):)
  6. J R said: bro…theres more than one pussy…but ya know that…good luck
  7. dormpimp said: i will cum in her eye for that bro
  8. said: yes email me if thats ok I will send you some of my wife and ex
  9. said: Looks good! if u have any more pics email them to me please!
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  11. said: you have to look at it like this a least yu got to fuck her i know i would like to
  12. Mhke said: She had a new cock in her mouti before u broke up

polish wife

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jul 25

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polish wife

  1. Billy said: Would love to come in that hole
  2. jim said: thats a great pussy
  3. Wolf said: shave your pussy please .
  4. jd said: i hope she’s really really nice
  5. John said: round ass, hairy pussy, tight butthole, yeah she works
  6. J R said: kinda looks like my ex..she was polish too!!! haha
  7. jenny said: i wanna fck her with a strap on
  8. hairy pussy man said: i love hairy pussy
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  11. said: i’m not polih but i would like to stick my sausage n both of them sweet holes

my french girlfriend (2)

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 24

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  1. Biker dan said: looks used and abused! !
  2. Spud said: Ooh lala
  3. said: loose and spread wide let me lick it
  4. said: Can I fuck it?
  5. satizaction said: send some more thats one fine ass and pussy
  6. jd said: try bleach for that stain
  7. Sonoma said: What a friendly sight
  8. stiffy said: bleeching maybe suggested
  9. said: my wife loves this pic…trade me some more…that goes for everyone
  10. said: She is just beggin for some DP…
  11. Assfreak said: Look tite n young 10 by me best here more please close up of dat hot ass mmm thanks
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  13. james said: that asshole looks like it could use my cock for a good fucking!!
  14. Rick said: I love a woman that spreads her asshole open
  15. sean said: there’s been a few cock’s in that arse, when is it my turn…x
  16. Lee said: ew u look like 1 of dem dirty nasty hoes…butt I find it kinda sexy
  17. horsedick said: lets swap some pics show you some cowboy dick

The Girlfriend

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 24

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  1. Giddy said: Wear some tight pants next time you fly.. We wouldn’t want the plane to have troubles landing… ;-)
  2. said: Damn baby, I fucking love meaty lips. My ex has lips like that.
  3. jd said: know where to find some extra lunch meat
  4. Mike said: fabulous lips
  5. weedman said: not a fan
  6. ted said: very nice flaps love to suck them dry
  7. saleen m said: thats good fkn n sucken pussy baby love ur flaps
  8. bammer said: lots of nice meat to play with love it
  9. Fred said: have that flap tumor cut off it might be a health risk
  10. J R said: thats the most awesome clit on here luv to put that all in my mouth
  11. Sonoma said: Wow…what a set of flaps
  12. carlos said: my mate was in a car crash and could do with some new ears if you wanna help?
  13. mervin said: f-ing nice. I love the meat curtains.
  14. sean said: don’t like extra meat
  15. rodney said: love them lips
  16. said: open those meat curtins so i can bang that sweet hole…
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  19. sean said: would love to spread them flap’s, and lick it…x
  20. Lee said: my u hav sum mighty big flappers..can’t w8 2 rap my tongue around dem 2 keep dem grounded

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