My GF loves cucumbers!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 16

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  1. said: we all love ur gf loving cucumbers too mate. Keep up the nawty work. What a good lil lady x
  2. Mr Horn said: Iv fucked my wife with a cold cucumber once…..and she cum in seconds!!
  3. said: mmm stick that cucumber in her ass then let me eat it
  4. said: What a cute ass ! Love to lick and stick your beautiful rear end .
  5. Steve said: I love ur gfs ass soo nice
  6. horney said: when your finished i will eat it
  7. playtime said: wow
  8. said: At least she has a regular vegetable intake :D
  9. Dingdangdo said: Uumm ummm cucumber
  10. hairy3541 said: looks like you need me
  11. Horneynwet said: You should fuck her ass while she takes the cucumber in her pussy
  12. jd said: getting lunch ready
  13. said: thats a nice pic
  14. fred said: that ass hole looks used
  15. Horndog said: I disagree I think it is hot – she will take anything!
  16. Freek said: She is hot, but why waste your time with the fucking cucumber??? That’s just gross.
  17. scott said: that ass need the dick
  18. horny said: mmm that is hot, i would love to have my nice big dick in that pussy!
  19. bigcok said: i would lick that ass y u cucumba it
  20. said: if you want to invite me over next time you have salad, just e-mail me babe, would love to eat you’re cucumber surprise…x
  21. big rider said: now put it in her ass
  22. jamesoklahoma said: take out that cucumber and lets fill her full of hard cock
  23. Patrick said: Good girl
  24. Lee said: since the cucumber is knockin’ dwn da front door can I kick n da bck door

Copy Cat

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 16

Copy Cat.jpg

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  1. said: that’s a beautiful booty!!!
  2. lee said: BEAUTIFUL HOT ASS !! NICE !!
  3. hambone said: daddys statring to like salad!
  4. said: one of the best pics on here! mail me some more
  5. Willy said: Thick ass!!What’s with the granny panty tan lines??! It’s called a thong look into it!
  6. dp said: wow good job i like it & sexy fat ass
  7. chris said: if u wanna copy u gotta go all the way
  8. Lee said: now dats an ass made 4 poundin’
  9. jamesoklahoma said: wish i was there 2 help fuck her
  10. tom said: ere while ur getin fuckd gisa nosh on ma cock n swalla ma spunk ? :)
  11. Jim said: It’s nothing like home page picture

Ride It!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 16

Ride it!.jpg

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  1. J R said: like to C her bury that to the hilt! then my turn…beautiful! even is late post …10 wonder if she ever posted again? ;)
  2. said: Nice ass how about I fuck ur ass while u ride that dildo
  3. Joe Schmoe said: Mmmm
  4. said: why use rubber i got real for u
  5. mighty one said: Can you bury that to the hilt? Love to see that.
  6. pecs said: wanna fuck you..
  7. HotRod96 said: Would you mind if I fucked your hot mouth, as you ride that dick?
  8. Lee said: baby lets get sum DP goin’
  9. horndog said: that’s hot!
  10. jamesoklahoma said: u can ride my cock anytime
  11. tom said: wod lov 2 c ur cunt swalla dat up n u kummin :)


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 16


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  1. Lee said: I can’t w8 2 sop up all dat sweet sticky icky wit ur 2 phat biscuits mmm mmm
  2. Lee said: now dats beautiful n every way imaginable
  3. Jerking0ff said: How old is that pussy? Looks like lots of miles on it . Still good picture 2 jerkoff too .
  4. Andy said: well i like it, neat tidy and well trimmed, suits me, send me more plz,
  5. jamesoklahoma said: can i eat that pussy 4 u til u cum

Last Hot Wife for awhile!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15


Rating: 3.97    (1316 votes cast)

This is my final picture for you out of this group. If you like I will do more down the road. It has been fun!

  1. umi said: Can I eat your cunt while you fuck your asshole?
  2. kittyman said: I just bust a load looking inside that sweet pink hole
  3. m said: more pics on… cya ya soon. message us.
  4. It is me! said: m Get some more pics up…we may cum on board the site.
  5. It is me! said: Save “My close up”. It is my hottest pic.
  6. m said: meant to say turn on, so turned on can’t type. I’m buzzing you have looked.How about a comment or two …
  7. sl said: would like to see more of your man’s cock…
  8. m said: only average, the camera and you are too kind..Lol
  9. m said: would love it if you both became our online friends
  10. m said: such a turn you’ve seen, did you like?
  11. Anal Inspector said: Thanks 4 all the fabulous pics ! The GF luved em 2 sum of the best n wild nasty fucking aft veiwing em thanks again MUAA!
  12. It is me! said: m_saw your pic, off limits! Too big….
  13. It is me! said: My ass is so tight even this little toy hurts!
  14. It is me! said: Thanks also for the great comments!! I am working on something special!
  15. It is me! said: Please save my pussy! No votes on “my close up” page 19. Was my highest rated before the adjustment. It is in danger.
  16. Markus said: It would be a shame not to see that yummy looking pussy anymore. You’re one of the reasons I keep coming back to this site.
  17. Patrick said: Omg!!!!! Sweet
  18. Lee said: mouthwaterin’
  19. Lee said: o baby wit goods like dat plz don’t go…we’ll take all u hav 2 offer and then sum
  20. m said: hey hot wife look me and sexy lou up on (slnmx)….
  21. It is me! said: Not done for long. I love the comments! I will come up with some fun pics. I lov playing and sharing!
  22. paid hourly said: That’s one tight ass.
  23. tom said: u betta tuck in2 ur mrs pusi an ava gud munch m8ty an enjoy :)
  24. m said: Your pussy is so wet and inviting, keep them coming…
  25. m said: Yes def. want to see more you have been great fun.
  26. said: this is sexy as hell. your wife has a beautiful ass and pussy..i throughly enjoy it.
  27. Freek said: Whatever you do DO NOT get divorced.
  28. snake said: please dont remove fom site
  29. snake said: sweet
  30. said: want to use that on my ass & pussy later…x

my wife

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15


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we love other ladies to join the fun

  1. said: Now thats sweet
  2. frank said: that shit be hangin
  3. said: Its WET its PINK its a keeper
  4. Mydickhard said: I would make you scream id fuck you that hard! thats some nice minge !!
  5. rupika said: i will fuck your ass hole
  6. lee said: NICE ASS,GREAT PUSSY LIPS !!
  7. jamesoklahoma said: ur wife is so hot! id love 2 lick her ass and pussy while u watch
  8. SJ said: Hot damn!
  9. steve said: I love your ass, I would love to fuck and suck it all night long

Eat This!!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15


Rating: 3.01    (498 votes cast)
  1. said: i would eat it all night
  2. Mack12 said: I don’t know if I could hold out with a hole that tight! lol
  3. jd said: that pussy said what
  4. lee said: LOOKS LIKE A TASTY FUN HOLE !!
  5. ATG said: Hmm babe, You know I want in there!!!! xx
  6. hard said: i want to eat it for hours
  7. HotRod96 said: Could I lick your hot clit, as I finger fuck your wet snatch?
  8. said: would love to fuck u email me
  9. james said: id love 2 eat that

slide it innnnn

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15


Rating: 2.47    (388 votes cast)
  1. ro said: okay come over an i will bury my cock deep inside that sexy pussy!
  2. said: when and where
  3. james said: id slide into u all nite long
  4. Lee said: baby I’d luv 2 give u sum of my 9 inch pipe n both dem holes

Any girls?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15


Rating: 3.93    (541 votes cast)
  1. Suzy CA said: I’d lick your pussy all nite xx
  2. moesha said: dang@
  3. Horneynwet said: Perfect lips and pussy to suck o and on …add me hun :
  4. ash said: im a girl, very sexy…id def lick it
  5. lee said: MY TONGUE IS READY !! VERY NICE !!
  6. cmb said: Time to put the tongue in that pussy…
  7. pete said: I’d want to lick this pussy for hours
  8. Anal Inspector said: My GF want 2 tounge jack ur ass while I do her ass 4 me 2 nut in both ur mouths thanks
  9. SJ said: Nice!
  10. snake said: looks like a mighty tight fit
  11. Lee said: no butt I can do double what she can…I can licky and sticky
  12. tom said: i wod wank ! n c if i cud geta hole in 1 :)
  13. said: i wanna spit on your asshole and fuck it
  14. Willy said: I wanna spit on ur pussy and than stick my hardon in it!!!

it’s lunch time

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 15

dovlecel 6_resize.JPG

Rating: 3.79    (639 votes cast)

what should I feed her ?

  1. said: mmmmmm…… hot
  2. HotPup said: One gorgeous pussy. Wud luv to eat
  3. andy said: holly fuck ive just cum. need to see more of ur gorgeous pussy and arse please huni x
  4. andy said: wot a lovely set of pussy lipsfor me to suck on baby
  5. said: OMG… For lunch I’ll munch on those lips.. Dinner? Same thing ;)
  6. jd said: that could win pussy of the year
  7. Dingdangdo said: Nice lips
  9. said: now i am a veg head
  10. hard said: hot lips
  11. SJ said: Nice!!
  12. HotRod96 said: Forget the cucumber. I am sure you would like my 8 1/2″ rod much better……
  13. clitbanger said: thats an all day buffet…mmm. i wanna tongue that sweet hole and suck those lips for hours.
  14. Admiral said: yummy
  15. Ripcord said: What ever it is… I wanna see it in that sexy little pussy!
  16. james said: u can feed me that all day long
  17. Lee said: now dats just what I need 2 complete my tossed salad
  18. ATM said: You should give her a cock meat sandwich.
  19. said: nice. is that lube on your ass, whats next
  20. said: Oh and Ripcord, that’s a marrow not a cucumber…x
  21. said: don’t know but feed it fast it looks hungary…x
  22. m said: Very nice……
  23. Ripcord said: Stick that cucumber in!!! Then it’ll be lunch time!!

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