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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 1

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  1. TOm said: would love to lick that pink ass hole
  2. stevens said: God damn that is fuckin hot would love to add to that
  3. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: No, don’t stretch it that much.
  4. said: love it now i want it
  5. said: i would love to pleasure you
  6. said: Wowww, i’d shove my cock in that all day long, send me some more please ?
  7. jd said: you have nothing to be ashamed of
  8. jake said: dame would have liked to be there first (looks tight)
  9. rickcash said: dirty girl
  10. lick-man said: let me lick that cum out of your holes
  11. jenny said: love to see a girl spread open wide!
  12. steve said: girl your the best, i just love a girl that no’s how to fuck and you got it going
  13. Binkie said: clean up in Aisle 5…
  14. james said: o fuck ya thats sexy! cant decide which hole id like to blow my jizz in!
  15. Lee said: looks like my work is done…I say lets get ready 4 round 2
  16. said: can i plz have next?! email me and we can trade some creampie pics…


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 31

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  1. ace said: nice cunt just shave it
  2. Ace said: shave that cunt
  3. razor said: I came all over my screen! looking at both at the same time!
  4. Stoutgat said: ek wil graag nog meer van jou sien, in lewende lywe dalk!
  5. spijker said: nice!
  6. simon said: great look’n pussy, hot photo
  7. jd said: ever heard of the k hole
  8. XXXL said: I would tear your pussy apart sweetheart!
  9. mick said: i would love to cum on that pussy too
  10. Ak said: just had to come back for another peek!
  11. Paralysed said: Just some abdomniplasto and a tiny tattoo and you would be perfect! I will take you as you are and you could do anyting you want
  12. Ponytail said: LOVE IT!
  13. Mighty Joe Cock said: Why of all the pics does this one do it for me. I think your face must be just as stunning. How about some tan lines?
  14. Concorde said: I had this lady once,almost twice. Its much more beautiful in real life and tasted so sweet than it gave me toothache. THE BIG L
  15. 8-INCH BONER said: 18ct goldess. the most beautiful complexion that blends superbly with your jewellery! Do not ever stop piercing or adding bling
  16. Jonathan said: I love the natural breast! would love you see you waxed and when your blood is pumping downstairs and it all swells up a bit!
  17. Noah said: lee do you posses a cock as you must masterbate tooo! much?
  18. BATHTUB said: so glad you guys enjoy me, wish i could see you! any special requests?
  19. rickcash said: nice bush baby…….love it
  20. jenny said: spread ur legs so i can see inside
  21. alice said: gorgeous………..needs to be licked and fingered by me
  22. TL said: I wouldn’t mind helping you bath.
  23. sean said: lovely body, can i cum on it please…x
  24. kimmy lewis said: i like ur beaver
  25. o.k. said: wow beautiful
  26. metaldevil said: I can think of other ways to make that sweet pussy wet
  27. Ak said: Natural sexy woman.
  28. Geek said: I would love to wash you, then make you cum.
  29. Lee said: I’d like 2 throw my pole n and c what type of fish I catch
  30. Soft Serve said: Ooh I loved it! Thanks! I came so so quick. Would have loved to have been in you!

Waiting For !

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 31

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  1. T said: Iwant fuck this hot fat Cunt !!!
  2. jd said: i just fucked her
  3. Stu said: I think I fucked her the other day.
  4. bobface said: omg she has no face
  5. 8inch said: very sexy…….
  6. J R said: she looks french..
  7. rickcash said: mmmmmmmmm mama
  8. jenny said: have u ever come by rubbing your pussy against another pussy? i wanna come with u like that
  9. luvULongtyme said: I would tame that swolen clit !
  10. pepe said: watz wit the face
  11. Mhke said: I will tie u up fuck the shit out ov u then cum in ur mouth u will luv it
  12. guti said: Fuck you
  13. Mhke said: Loose the shirt let me cum on ur tits


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 31

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  1. dave said: can i eat your butthole please
  2. jenny said: mmm i think i need to tease your ass with my fingers
  3. likemspread said: perfect postion for fucking in the ass
  4. Geek said: Nice cheeks too.
  5. Lee said: I’m really diggin’ ur chunky cheeks,luv dat phat juicy taco and I can’t w8 2 toss dat salad wit xtra coo mmm mmm
  6. Mhke said: I want 2 c my cun running out ov that fine ass
  7. Mhke said: Turn over ro we can can lick ur pussy while u suck our cocks off

her pussy for you

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jul 31

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  1. matt said: cum deep inside
  2. Lampoon said: Mow I know why they acll it a Flange, it is one Great Shot, Keep it up, would love to chew on those delites.
  3. moogli said: thats the ugliest vagina i ve ever saw
  4. said: looks like a bigmac
  5. said: nice looking pussy…very nice
  6. pecs said: want to stuff that thing full of hard twitching meat…
  7. pearl said: thats an absolutly gorgeous vulva … a masterpiece. very erotic ..good photography.
  8. jd said: holy suction cups
  9. said: I could play with those lips of yours for days at a time haha
  10. wigler said: i can suck on that all day
  11. gfuk said: thats a pussy
  12. davey said: love ur flaps would suck them all night
  13. Noah said: not for yoyu lee!!!!!!!!
  14. said: nice pussy! want to trade pic?
  15. Sonoma said: What an amazing set of lips…so lickable. S
  16. cole said: made me cum sweetheart, awsome pussy lips
  17. J R said: a very unusual pussylip and deep pocket more!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. MrsKeepItReal said: Quack Quack looks like a duck. you lot are blind!
  19. troy said: love pussy lips like that id fuck them hard
  20. tsharddrive said: love your lips
  21. jenny said: that pussy needs three of my fingers-and my thumb on ur clit
  22. said: Those plump, full lips are like a gourmet dish just waiting to be devoured. Mmmm
  23. sara said: Love your pussy. I want to make you scream with pleasure, I’ll eat it all night baby!!
  24. said: i want more of those…send me some and i’ll show u what i got!!!
  25. asswrecker said: that is the prettiest pussy i have ever seen. don’t ever let it change. u’re perfect
  26. boner said: I love lips like that
  27. timmy said: nicceee x
  28. said: Thats a big pussy
  29. likemspread said: love to be the one sucking on those lips every night
  30. dan said: God I would like that in my mouth
  31. Geek said: Nice lips. I would like to suck on them.
  32. Hpete said: Absolutely gorgous pussy
  33. Pedro said: awe it’s soo cute, like a beautiful flower
  34. Lee said: I really luvin’ ur tight lil rose-bud wit da big flappers and dat fudge pie-hole has my mouth waterin’ mmm mmm
  35. Jerking0ff said: Want 2 chew and lick them roast beef flaps. Then have u squirt all over my face . Then fuck ur piehole and cum on ur face. Fucken Hot Picture .
  36. james said: thats a sweet one
  37. said: love to pollinate all over her flower
  38. WOLLEY said: THANK YOU
  39. said: that is absolutely amazing. I would love to see more.
  40. rebel said: what a pussy. please let me lick you and slide inside you… soo hot.

Ex after

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jul 30

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  1. said: You ever had a cock thats too big for most women??? 10×7… I AM the White Shane Diesel
  2. rj said: I would like to see if i could get her off about 4 times
  3. said: great body lots to love and hold tight and pussy is hot too lets get married
  4. Gingerrr said: I love your body It’s perfect <3
  5. cr said: mmm i like em thick
  6. rrr said: nice n thick i bet that pussy get wet wet
  7. MrsKeepItReal said: Humpty Dumpty
  8. Mrs Boombastic said: Humpty Dumpty!!
  9. jenny said: ever used a nipple to make a girl come? i wanna rub those nipples on my clit and fuck your tits
  10. said: fuckin wonderful! You look like a fantastic fuck!
  11. love pussy said: id love to eat that
  12. Seedspeeder said: Would love to bend you over & give u a good time
  13. sean said: would love to unload all over that pussy, belly and tits…x
  14. likemspread said: i can’t see anything about her that i don’t like big titties big pussy nothing better
  15. Mhke said: Wrap those big tits arond my cock let me cum in ur mouth
  16. said: nice!!! send me some more of those…wife likes it too!
  17. Tosin said: Wow
  18. aussieboner said: Super tits. Want a fuckfest with you.
  19. BigBlueBalls said: Loose some fat, id hit it though
  20. said: would fuck the shit out of that camel toe and cum al over those fun bags….
  21. Lee said: snow bunny I luv me sum fat/phat pussy so let me hav sum of ur muff burger
  22. OrSkunk said: Perfect body for the tag team one at each end pounding her
  23. horny said: fuckin hot.mmmmmm
  24. Steve said: Very nice. That’s a real woman.
  25. Geek said: Hot
  26. sweetone121 said: i would fuck you all d/-\y long honey

my sweet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 29

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Let me know what you would like to do to my sweet snatch…

  1. sleeves said: maybe your ass would be a option, but i’m thinking prob. not
  2. jd said: is he sticking her tounge out at me
  3. Noah said: look at the womble!!!!!
  4. a town said: looks like mini me’s cock
  5. a town said: thats looks like mini me’s cock
  6. MrsKeepItReal said: You seem to have a raisin stuck in your pussy?
  7. luvULongtyme said: Yummmm!
  8. lee501 said: still like it love to fuck that hard!!
  9. Mhke said: Jessy dont know what good pussy is i would fuck the shit out ov it
  10. Oshoms said: My dick jst twitched at d sight of ur pussy, would fuck ur brains out
  11. jesse said: get u a better snatch cuz thats nasty
  12. chris said: fuck it chuck it
  13. Lee said: lick it and stick it baby
  14. jl said: yes it is sweet
  15. aussieboner said: Nice pic. Would suck and fuck your cute pussy as often as possible.
  16. said: there isn’t enough room here to write down what i would do to your amazing little pussy :)
  17. Mhke said: Can i cum in ur mouti and u squirt in mine
  18. dave said: would luv to suck on that clit til u came in my mouth bb
  19. rick. said: Fucked the shit out of it. more pic please .
  20. jenny said: god is that your clit? id love to touch it
  21. said: nice want to lick and stick send me more and eat it
  22. said: nice want to lick and stick send me more
  23. Geek said: I would love to lick you until you cum hard, and then make you cum again.
  24. lee501 said: “sweet i’d lick that!
  25. lee501 said: I am married but just don’t get enough My wife just slowed down “SO IMust be discreet ” if you know what i mean! I like to watc
  26. Mhke said: I would lick it till u cum then fuck ur brains out then cum in ur mouth

Me n The Burd

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 29

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  1. disgusted said: the sixties called, they want their pubes back
  2. Eddie said: One of hottest posted ten pts here should post a anal shot please thanks
  3. john said: Think you need something bigger
  4. rod said: nice one, are you Scottish?
  5. sean said: very nice but lose that small cock…x
  6. richard said: my cock is bigger
  7. said: bang that juice hole…

Queen Of Hearts

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 28

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  1. joe said: bet it smells like roses
  2. deejay said: nicest pussy on here
  3. Dingdangdo said: Omg would love too suck that
  4. hardstuff said: fantastic hairplay, gotta love it
  5. hot4u said: damn i love that pussy, beautiful
  6. said: beautiful
  7. lick-man said: would love to see you in panty-You would have a GREAT camel toe
  8. billey said: wow that was absolutely perfect.
  9. luvULongtyme said: I would French Kiss that flower till U CUM
  10. Eddie said: Looks almost jailbait mmm thank you more?
  11. metallica said: would love to see it spread apart! so beautiful baby
  12. metaldevil said: my tongue would spend a lot of time on that
  13. cobra said: jenny, just show us and we will let you know how pretty and edible it is
  14. rebel said: beauty is in the eye of the beholder Jenny. can we rate yours
  15. BigBlueBalls said: Jenny, you should not be tight if ur man was doing his job.
  16. cj said: nice i love ur pusssy i would fuck that till u have cum all over ur fucking body
  17. jenny said: maybe…my pussy is fairly tight but I dont think it is as pretty as these.
  18. Lee said: I luv ur phat juicy monkey…wud luv 2 plant my tongue all up n dat
  19. J R said: jenny..ya ever pondered showing a pic? juss curious
  20. J R said: wow i think thats what they call a camel toe…nice
  21. richard said: sweet i want 2 eat her pussy all nite
  22. jenny said: nice pussy would love to have it spread across my lips
  23. said: wanna put your heart on my stick?
  24. sean said: nice, would love to suck it all into my mouth,mmmmmm
  25. hardone113 said: mmm whish i could muff her
  26. pussylover said: Absolutely beautiful
  27. Joe said: Very nice pussy. I just jerked off to it.
  28. said: mmmmmmmmm you can straddle my face with that.
  29. Geek said: So beautiful
  30. james said: thats sexy omg wow!
  31. Ryan said: Love it
  32. jack mack said: very fukin nice would love that

Wifes Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 28

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Pic of my wifes pussy for you to enjoy

  1. said: To much stubble
  2. Wolf said: shave your pussy please . or wax .
  3. Neil said: Looks like your pussy is going poo!
  4. kj said: wow luv it baby
  5. br said: hell that is a nice pussy. I would love to fuck that pussy
  6. Fred said: DIVORCE that bitch, better pussy out there than that! /whats hanging out of it?
  7. TL said: Would love to see more
  8. likemspread said: i am most certainly your wifes pussy thanks for sharing
  9. J R said: dude!!! enjoy that …thanks for sharing
  10. said: want to eat that hair pussy run my throught it send me more
  11. Sam said: I would love to taste that juicy looking pussy

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