Gangbang aftermath

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 28


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i got fucked by 4 well hung black guys

  1. said: No that is a perfectly well used slutty pussy.
  2. dbase said: that is the best one ive seen
  3. said: I would love to hook up I’m a well hung black guy and your pussy looks great can we hook up?
  4. jd said: something may drop out of that pussy
  5. cal said: nah
  6. bad boy said: i want u 2 suck my cock wile u get screwed….
  7. Binkie said: That “taint is about to snap its been stretched out so much!
  8. Matt said: show us more then, show me dat pussy & ass getting smashed up
  9. SJ said: You could drive a car up in there
  10. said: Now I can fit!
  11. J R said: that things got teeth looks like!!
  12. said: i love to see a gaping pussy, especially if you want me to cum in it ;)
  13. Brandon said: I want to marry you!
  14. Horndog said: Very nice
  15. Brian said: I would love to see more let me show you my cock and see if you think it can fill and satisfy your great cunt xxx
  16. horney said: i will lick your puss and ass can i fuck you also when im done eating arousing pic got me hard
  17. Brian said: I think you could take my balls in there it’s so open xxx
  18. Brian said: Forget the 4 well hung black guys let my cock have a go and fill that open pussy of yours please xxx
  19. Brian said: What happened to all their seed a rearly sticky wet hole would be good can I fill it please xxx
  20. spEd said: what gangbang? without pix it didn’t happen…
  21. ace1978 said: i would love 2 have been apart of that u have a sexy ass & a wonderfuly wet pussy
  22. juicybone said: very tastey looking!
  23. I said: You got seriously fukd up. But I love that gash, so hot.

gettin fucked!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27

gettin fucked.jpg

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tell me what you think

  1. Dan said: It’s funny how every guy on here has a bigger dick. And besides how do you know how big his dick is when it’s half in her?
  2. David SR said: Love the pic. It would be nice to see the face that that nice hot tight ass pussy belong’s to!!
  3. me said: lol the ppl on here that talk bout dick size are the ones with the smallest guess it makes em feel better
  4. lol said: no its not
  5. said: my dick is way bigger
  6. Prio said: Such a fine pussy! I’m dreaming of stuffing it with my cock! ;)
  7. christy said: i actually am 19 and i was VERY into it ;) thanks for the sexy comments
  8. melissaw said: she doesn’t look that into it.
  9. j said: that is a BEAUTIFUL PUSSY!! lets see it bent over and spread PLEASE!!
  10. raul said: you 2 look hot fucking and id love to join in and lick her clit while u fuck
  11. said: looks very tight!
  12. aec1978 said: love to join in with so DP. then we caln lick it clean after we r done fucking u 4 hours
  13. jamesoklahoma said: damn i want 2 fuck her 2. that pussy looks so good! can i lick ur juice off his cock
  14. Freek said: Your snatch is definitely nice. But the small penis ruins the picture.
  15. said: think you need it harder babe’s get you juiced up more…x
  16. bonered said: sexy! how old? looks about 19

Spunk Art…

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27

DCSF0162 (12).jpg

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The only place for cum….in or on my pussy or ass…. Why not pull out and wank an artwork on my pussy and ass???

  1. @johntho96331170 said: Very sexy. Would prefer to put my cum in your arse and watch as it leaks out all over your pussy
  2. tim said: I wanna lick it all up
  3. hard said: fill both holes first then i cum all over you
  4. said: hahaha .. spunk art so whens it goin in the art gallery lol :P
  5. jenny said: i want to lick you clean
  6. johann said: I’d have put it inside her
  7. clitbanger said: let me have that rim job with a creampie dessert
  8. steeley2k said: id love to shoot my full load inside your pussy then keep fucking till you make me cum again wereva yu want hmmmm
  9. dog said: juicy i knew it was u i said if it was and u welcome u rrady to cumm hows ur fingers taste
  10. juicypetals said: well dog it’s not me… but very honored to have u comment about me on another pic…
  11. said: Perfect shot sexy ass and cunt wish I could fill it up email me would luv to see more
  12. thetrojan69 said: dog, to bad I will have to take care of juicy myself…… how about it juicy…
  13. Ripcord said: Omg!! I would lick every drop of cum out of your sweet pussy and ass!
  14. Admiral said: i’d prefer to paint the walls of your pussy, but i’m definitely up to using ur pussy as my canvas
  15. said: bullseye
  16. Duncan said: I will cum all over your hot pussy for you! X
  17. aec1978 said: im down with that ill be more the happy cum my big load all over ur pussy & ass anytime. hit me up
  18. jamesoklahoma said: id love 2 shoot my cum all over that hot pussy and ass
  19. bad boy said: would love to paint a cum load over you, even adding to that one would be fun,
  20. Freek said: My kind of woman!
  21. said: if you need another canvas for you’re art drop me an e-mail, love this picture…x
  22. bonered said: I would “wank” my spunk on that all day errr day
  23. dog said: juicy if this was u i would in ur ass then play with ur pretty lips and clean up later lots of fingering

Wanna Lick

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27


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Finger licking good

  1. Bill said: I’ve never seen a sweeter pussy. I could fuck you all day long.
  2. pussy eater said: i would lick that all day long
  3. mark said: very much you gotto add me so i can watch you play with it ;)
  4. J R said: luv to lick it silly it would own me or id own it..)~
  5. GGG said: yum cute and innocent looking
  6. melissaw said: do i ever.
  7. ytimstr69 said: id eat that all night long till you filled my mouth with your pussy juice
  8. jc said: mmm wana lick yew so bad. Nice nd wet nw
  9. said: id love to tongue ur juicy clit and then slide my fat cock deep inside. would love to see more
  10. SJ said: Hot damn I wanna eat that so bad
  11. aec1978 said: would love too see more hit me up at
  12. aec1978 said: would love to lick it & get u all wet & ready the fuck u hard & let u taste u off my large cock
  13. jamesoklahoma said: baby i want 2 do more than lick that sweet pussy ! i wanna fuck it til u squirt
  14. Freek said: Yes I wanna lick and then I wanna stick.
  15. B said: Yes
  16. SweeTLiCKineSS said: o0o I would like 2 finger AND lick you babe…
  17. hotrod69 said: yum yum looks tastey
  18. said: juicybone, e-mail me then…x
  19. Geek said: Beautiful. I would love to lick you.
  20. said: it looks good to me,
  21. DatGuy said: AB-SO-FREAKIN-LUTELY
  22. Lee said: can’t w8 2 rap my tongue around dem lips and drain all dat sweet nectar out
  23. said: fuck yeah i do…till u cum over n over again
  24. matt said: i want to lick you then make u taste u off my tongue hit me up on if u want to trade pics

Wifes Ass…..

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27

jim 16.JPG

Rating: 3.57    (852 votes cast)

Cum ALL over it She Loves that

  1. said: nice lips
  2. said: Fucking sexy pussy and ass! I bet you’d like mine :P give me a shout? April Johnson @ ymail com
  3. G-MAN said: wanna share her?
  4. t man said: beauty personified
  5. jd said: show off
  6. said: That is pure artwork.
  7. charlie said: looks like dinner
  8. said: what a beautiful pussy. can i fuck your wife with you?
  9. Freek said: I’m looking at this again. Damn, that ass is hot!
  10. J R said: beautiful flaps hangen down for sure…)~
  11. mae143 said: mmmmm
  12. said: id love to cover it with cum and let v-bad spank it afterwards
  13. SJ said: not bad babe
  14. aec1978 said: i love big pussy lips i would love to taste that wet juicy pussy, & then maybe we fuck her DP style
  15. jamesoklahoma said: id eat ur cum out of her just 2 put my tongue n that ass and pussy
  16. Freek said: Perfect. I could lick and stick that forever.
  17. Cecil said: Love those lucious lickable lips they are sexy as hell
  18. said: can i spank itwhen it get’s cum covered…x
  19. Lee said: I cud lick and eat dat 4ever and a day
  20. Lee said: b4 I die I want this 2 b my last meal of request
  21. Lee said: OMG!!!! dem juicy lips and dat tight brwn-eye r mouthwaterin’

Milf 4 U

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27


Rating: 3.38    (627 votes cast)
  1. said: thats a milf that needs to get fucked over and over and over by me and my friends
  2. acer said: Would love to much that pussy, even while that nice cock is in you.
  3. said: needs some color with those piercings.
  4. said: love the piercing. looks good enough to eat
  5. aec1978 said: can i lick it clean when u r done & then ill fuck it so u can lick it clean again. i dont mind sharing
  6. jamesoklahoma said: i love milf pussy! fuckin hot! lets c some cum leaking out
  7. said: give it her good, the girl deserves it hard…x
  8. Lee said: minus da pole u have 1 of da sweetest and juiciest pussies I’ve ever seen…cum let me rap my tongue around it

Party panties

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27

panty 003.jpg

Rating: 3.88    (1102 votes cast)

Getting ready for an all nighter !

  1. said: i would eat you out anytime mmmm
  2. pete said: luv 2 cum over your sexy panties babe
  3. pecs said: gorgeous puss..
  4. said: nice cunt
  5. cal said: fuck me!!! Nando’s!!!
  6. jd said: i’m calling that the beef box
  9. SJ said: Niiiice
  10. assgirl said: vintage??? and what do you mean by ass hanger?
  11. J R said: thats some very fine vintage puss there..luv to see a ass chair hanger pic? nice..)~
  12. Freek said: I mean an other good ass pic, but from less far away
  13. Freek said: All you need is a good ass pic, it will make the top 10.
  14. Assgirl said: Thanks guys and gals ! I got those panties just for ya’ll
  15. Lee said: OMG!!! I luv ur phat beefy lips…I bet theyre full of dat sweet nectar just w8in’ 2 b drained
  16. Admiral said: that’s very nice. i’d pull an all nighter with you any day ;)
  17. juicybone said: hey tina g. SHOW ME YOUR PUSSY
  18. jamesoklahoma said: would love 2 party with that pussy. starting with my tongue buried n there
  19. Freek said: Love those thick lips!
  20. GGG said: that’s a nice fat pussy yum
  21. Stu said: I only need about an hour with her!
  22. said: Any beautiful ladies wanna swap photos with a 23 year old guy (well hung) thanks
  23. said: would smother to death in that pussy but i would die a happy man email me some more
  24. ace1978 said: all night long making u cumall over my large cock multipule times untill u cant take anymore.
  25. ace1978 said: then i would take my cock out so i could show u the real meaning of all nighter. we would fuck over & over & over again
  26. tom said: wod lov 2 squirt ma make up ova ya :)
  27. ace1978 said: i would love 2 taste that sexy wet pussy as u cum on my face
  28. 69er said: mmmmh lecker
  29. said: would luv for you to slide that pussy over my face all night email me i would luv to see more
  30. givemeabawhum said: come sit on my face


Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27


Rating: 3.08    (654 votes cast)
  1. jd said: is that grandma’s good crystal
  2. J R said: she looks like a veteran with that glass..massive clit for sure..nice )~
  3. Lee said: while ur gettin’ off on dat let me clean dat brwn-eye din lick ur toy clean
  4. jamesoklahoma said: fuck ya! let me suck that big clit
  5. ace1978 said: i love naughty. how about u let me lick that while u play & then ill fuck u when u r all wet & ready
  6. tom said: fuckin awesum pic !!! wish i adda ring side seat watchin ya slurp slurp slurp :)

Wet and waiting for you!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 27

Wet and close! 3.JPG

Rating: 3.56    (772 votes cast)

I am really horney and wet. You comments will get me there. Tell me how you would please me! Please….

  1. t man said: succulent
  2. dave said: i wanna fuck u doggy style and rub on ur wet clit
  3. J R said: never seen a more sexy bootyful twisted smile im my life..voted a 10 yep..)~~
  4. Lee said: I c u got it started so let me take u 2 squirtin’ so I can suc dwn all ur sweet nectar
  5. Anal Inspector said: Mmm wanna bang ur ass n nut in ur mouth treat u like a tramp ten plus thanks beating my cock at u mmm
  6. m said: hey horny, looks like you don’t need much help,although it looks ready for a good licking!!!! Gorgeous as ever…
  7. jamesoklahoma said: fuckin hot pussy! i would tongue and finger fuck u til ur squirting all over us
  8. Geek said: I would love to lick you until you cum multiple times.
  9. Freek said: Very nice, would love to see some more.
  10. Matt said: hey Girl, i have a big cock waiting for u to help u cum, email me, ill tell u more
  11. said: I’d start out by licking up and down your sexy lips and then spread them and bury my tongue deep inside. then fuck you hard.
  12. sculptor said: spray on my face and chest then glide that down my shaft.
  13. clitbanger said: time for a slurpee
  14. tom said: wod lov 2 slurp dat orf ya pusi :)

Kaceys Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 26


Rating: 4.08    (889 votes cast)

taken about 2 mins before getting a good hard fucking…!

  1. Sissy said: next time post on 2 minutes after the hard fucking
  2. Bonerman said: My penis brought me here
  3. Prio said: Great pussy and legs! Can just imagine cumming insider her…
  4. Lee said: can u say perfect 10+++++
  5. Lee said: u need me 2 lick and stick ur pink and stink
  6. Lee said: gorgeous and mouthwaterin n every way
  7. Admiral said: can i have a turn? ;)
  8. said: Perfect shot would luv to worship and do whatever u wanted can I see more please email me;)
  9. Willy said: I’ll give you a great hard fucking! Oh yeah!
  10. ace1978 said: look like she is ready 4 another 1. i would love 2 take my large cock a slide it into that already wet pussy& fuck it hard again
  11. Geek said: Beautiful in every way,
  12. Love pussy said: Little blurry but very nice.
  13. jamesoklahoma said: u have a beautiful pussy and ass id love 2 eat them 4 u
  14. Frodo said: One of the finest piece of arse and pussy I’ve seen on here
  15. Freek said: That ass needs me to stick it.

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