Do you like that ass?

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 7


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she likes it from behind!!

And yes I give it to her from behind

  1. said: 25/M/FL. Muscular blonde hard cock willing to photo or jerk off for YOU.. Beautiful pussy and ass :p want some..
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  9. J R said: luv those who like it from behind…beautiful….)~
  10. Freek said: I had to come back to look at that a few more times. Perfect. You have to post some more pics.
  11. grassmaster said: v-bad i dont know whats better your dirty comments or the pic..your comments make my dick hard
  12. Freek said: Like it??? That is a picture of perfection. I would suck on that for hours to get you ready for some stickin.
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  14. ib6ub9 said: How bout I lick ur pussy as ur peeing v-bad
  15. sculptor said: its all about the contrast- thin curvy top, thick robust bottom- Can I have some before I die – SWEET!
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  17. dave said: would love to taste her butthole
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  19. jackbucket said: woul love to swap pis
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  27. Willy said: I’ll fuckn give to her in that thick ass!

Clean Shave

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 7


Rating: 3.94    (986 votes cast)

Wife’s hot pussy just before the creampie

  1. Mike said: wanna spread those butt cheeks licking it all
  2. HotPup said: Look so fuckin tight WOW
  3. tman said: baby come here
  4. ib6ub9 said: U wudnt b so clean after I was finished with ur pussy!
  5. Freek said: Very hot, We need a few more pics that show some more of that ass!
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  8. Mike said: Send cell no i will trade cock pics
  9. ace1978 said: i would love 2 lick that creampie clean
  10. Uhmmm said: That’s NOT a clean shave, I see hair still. If you’re gonna name a post “Clean Shave” make sure it’s bald.
  11. nairboned said: any guy’s out ther want to swap Dick photos, e-mail
  12. Ben Dover said: dont understand it, i am looking at a naked girl, but thinking about sucking cock. i must have turned gay!
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  14. james said: lets see the cum dripping out
  15. said: you shoul have given us the just after the creampie….x

What do you think?

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 7


Rating: 3.44    (878 votes cast)
  1. jackindude said: i love it im cummin now
  2. jon bigstone said: could have done better with the razor
  3. said: im hungry and craving that pussy
  4. sculptor said: I think that hand leading my cock unto and into your netherzones is what I think about :)
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  16. Ben Dover said: What do i think…… I think you are sexy as hell baby can we see her from the back side

my girl

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 7


Rating: 3.91    (1119 votes cast)

me and my girl let me us know what u think i will swap pics with couples and females so let me know

  1. horney said: wish that was my tongue in her ass hell i would suck your finger just to taste her so sexy
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my ass and wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 7


Rating: 2.15    (742 votes cast)

tell me what you would do to me i need 2 big dicks now

  1. Mark said: Nice, but need more detail.
  2. said: Id spend literal hours eating that gorgeous ass and sweet wet pussy,,my thick hard cock to fill that tight wet pussy
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Sandra’s in the ass

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 6


Rating: 3.64    (1597 votes cast)
  1. tim said: I wanna clean it up
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  10. The one inside said: Yeah RK, you can lube it with Vicks Vaporub to avoid scratching your lungs when you suck it!
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  24. said: well said duke brown…x
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  26. Loren said: My Cunt! Is lucky to this point, but, in the end you do not always win! Think about it.
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  28. Mike Hunt said: Hairy or not, at least I’m fucking a pussy, not struggling an inglorious fight of 5 against 1, if U know what I mean {-_-}
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  30. Stu said: That chick is getting nailed by a Sasquatch!
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Sandra in the pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 6


Rating: 3.49    (878 votes cast)
  1. Marine said: this guy is shedding his hair all over that tight wet pussy. how sad
  2. RK said: One word ,,,,,,,, Manscaping !
  3. jackbnasty said: you are a strong and powerful woman and god love you he must treat you well. I appologize on behalf of all men.
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  9. Freek said: You have such a hot pussy. Why waste it on such a small dick?
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  16. Lee said: can I cum and pound out da back door
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Just more bush

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 6


Rating: 3.04    (887 votes cast)
  1. said: Only the most beautiful GIRL in the world.. :)
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  28. said: Still waiting for the ass!
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Wife warming up, fixing to do bam next

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 6

KSP 007.jpg

Rating: 2.81    (831 votes cast)

Would you like your turn? Are you BIG enough?

  1. said: nice pic email more
  2. horney said: let me have a turn and you can stick one in my ass
  3. jd said: where do you go from here
  4. Wife said: And if u really want to know it’s a Trojan XL!!
  5. Wife said: Yes that is a condom! It keeps u from getting UTI dum ass!
  6. Doz said: Is it me or does she have a condom on that dildo?
  7. dougief said: is that a christmas candle!?
  8. Wife said: nairboned thanks for the comments,but you will just have to watch for post by me or queen size, thickcocklover!!!
  9. said: can you please send me more pics of her playing with toys!! that is impressive :D :D
  10. Wife said: Dog, u have wrong pit momma! U need to bark up another tree!
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  12. Lily said: Why would I want to stretch it? I thought guys liked it tight that’s why they always want anal..
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  17. Wife said: Lilly r u Queen size?? If not u won’t understand!
  18. Lily said: I squirt, but I def don’t need anything that big! Lol
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  23. Chris said: Your man must not be able to pleasure u at all if ur use to all that
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  28. Wife said: Im 40 years old and i love my pussy being stretched out! U should see it when I start squirting!!!
  29. dog said: pit momma this u using ur new toys what do u like
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  33. hooop said: Eh up Santas next grotto was a bit damp !
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  39. Zak said: Pretty amazing shit there, girl u are atrue
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ready for more

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 5


Rating: 2.61    (815 votes cast)

my wife just got fucked by 3 big 9″-12″ black cocks and wants more

  1. Ryan said: id love to give her more an watch my cum leak out
  2. javn said: soo fuckable.
  3. dick long said: fuck yeah baby
  4. taytay said: very nice
  5. Freek said: Nice.
  6. V said: you rock my sox off.
  7. hotrod66 said: would like to eat you
  8. said: i would love to lick your pussy
  9. said: that look’s wet and tasty.x
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  11. said: to say it’s just been hammered it’s looking ok babe…x
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  13. Lee said: well din its my duty 2 wax dat booty
  14. ace1978 said: i dont have a black cock but it is a large white one that is sure to do the job
  15. dave said: id like to lick her out

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