My Wife’s Gorgeous Cunt

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 21

Cunt 1.jpg
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Here’s my wife’s cunt immediately after she’s had a big orgasm. She’s very wet and still very contracted.

  1. Hot said: Like that pussy
  2. Turbod said: grey hairs n all… least she lets YOU see it!
  3. Wolf said: gray hiar , no wonder your rating is only 4..
  4. LOIS said: eat me honey.
  5. rj said: nice pussy
  6. said: great pics seen two hope for more another 10 4 her
  7. cummgirl said: make that pussy cumm and make it very juicy
  8. Jim said: How do I contact Jenny?
  9. said: verry nice i like it
  10. Jim said: Very juicy. I wanna eat it and then fuck it!
  11. jenny said: i love watching pussies cum!! so fucking hot. i am so horny i am masturbating like crazy.
  12. said: just want to stick my cock in it…x
  13. Lee said: let me weed wack first then let me taste dat sweet nectar mmm mmm


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 21

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What do you think to my creamy pussy

  1. Phil said: Im Tryna Stretch That Lil Pussy Out With This Fat Dick! Id Make You My Slampiece, Name Place N Time Sexy!
  2. Ronnie said: I want to put my cream in it
  3. mitch said: thats a peng pussy al fuk u all night babe <3
  4. eric who loves rach said: love that hair and meaty cunt
  5. mikey small dick said: very deliscious can i suck on your clit for hours
  6. bill said: sloppy
  7. jd said: oh that is a nice burger
  8. heavyD said: lets see those tits
  9. cummgirl said: can i suck u dry baby, nothing better than a creamy pussy
  10. shaun said: I love your pussy lips honey
  11. Allen said: great pic id eat all you got
  12. Stu said: You I think you were with drunk when typing. I would fuck it though!
  13. Eddie said: Mmm sweet luv 2 c ur sweet ass as well bet it looks as great want 2 nut on ur pics if u like me 2 ? Ten plus thanks
  14. Johnny said: Oh! My cock is hard!! 10
  15. pwe169 said: super lips
  16. said: i think it needs a bigger cum load from my 8″ cock…x
  17. Lee said: I think I wanna b da 1 to clean up ur sticky icky mess mmm mmm


Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 20

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  1. jeff said: Now that is a beautiful fat pussy. Damn
  2. rob said: damn would love to bury my cock deep inside that pussy. your ass would be slamming so hard against me as i pound your pussy.
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  7. cummgirl said: very tastey i want to tongue fuck that beautiful asshole
  8. Bill said: looks like a set of nuts
  9. toe lover said: i love nice fat pussy lips especialy when their not all torn up post more.
  10. jenny said: mmm i wanna lick that asshole and lick all the way up your pussy lips to your clit
  11. Lee said: dam baby dem lips look like theyre full of dat thick creamy coo mmm mmm
  12. Lee said: wow baby I can’t w8 2 suc on dat fudge sickle and rap my tongue around dem beefy juicy lips mmm mmm
  13. gw said: looks very yummy
  14. Robert said: Shave that sweet pussy, then ill fuck it dry
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  18. Geek said: Beautiful
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Trimmed Not Shaved

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 20

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  1. Jed said: I’ll lick it clean!
  2. said: Last post meant 4 another pic…
  3. said: Have Monique msg me….I want to c more of HER!!!
  4. said: Shave!! Repost with a pic holding ur lips open and waiting….
  5. Hotrod said: Nice pussy,would love to eat it out,uummm.
  6. Ken said: let me lick it
  7. Wolf said: shave and then I want to play
  8. Loverboy said: Show us more!!!
  9. cummgirl said: shave it all baby, spread open for me so i can lick n suck that sweet pussy, ride my face and cumm on my lips
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  13. jenny said: oh baby i wanna rub that pussy down with my hands before exploring it slowly with my tongue. spread 4 me. wanna see ur clit
  14. Jim said: Looks good enough to eat for sure.
  15. Lee said: looks sweet wet and juicy 2…can I suc it dry 4 u mmm mmm
  16. Steve said: Nice. Just how I like em
  17. Geek said: I would love to taste you.
  18. said: nice fur-pie you got there babes…x

Real U.k Anal Virgin

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 20

mackem lass.JPG
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my drunk lass

  1. said: Absolute Beauty of an AssHole ! What a perfect little fuck hole
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  3. Boom said: I don’t mind the hair, but I bet that pussy would look even better, if it was bald.
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  19. Lee said: wow can I b da 1st 2 pop dat poop-chute
  20. Ed said: This is fantastic!, so pink and the hair is just perfect
  21. B said: NOM :’) would LOVE to see more!!!. I want people to send me there pics to so i can wank over them!
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  23. AH said: SWEET!
  24. Mitch said: Can I taste
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Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 20

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  1. HotPup said: I’d love to sniff that flower
  2. said: My wife (and I too ) want to taste that sweet pussy
  3. bill said: Thats one beautiful pussy
  4. Wolf said: shave ,
  5. rj said: Thats a licker very nice
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  8. davey said: lovely ginger minge
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  19. SJ said: Would be hot if you shaved. That light colored hair looks like spiderwebs.
  20. Lee said: can I shave u then lick u all nite long
  21. metaldevil said: WOW…I could lick thak forever
  22. Geek said: Very beautiful. A huge turn on.
  23. Bob said: 10
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Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 19

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  1. said: so fine, give me more please
  2. jeff said: that is the best fat pussy i have ever seen
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pregnant wife with my friend

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 19

i 091 - Copy.JPG
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My pregnant wife geting fucked by my frined.

  1. said: It’s nice to have friends that will chip in
  2. said: hope he returns the favor after bubba comes and ur wife is out of action
  3. said: I don’t know about anyone else, but id love to see my gf get fucked by someone else, especially an old man.
  4. said: Poppet email me ;) I’d be happy to satisfy
  5. Poppet said: I’m preg i’d love to have my Pussy licked mm
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  7. cummgirl said: can i suck those titties and drink some milk while i finger that pussy loose
  8. Me Too said: Good to be the friend :-P
  9. Eddie said: Damn jen luv ur thoughts u r a nasty tramp arnt u ? My kinda slut u close 2 ohio ?
  10. jenny said: turnabout is fair play-would she take pics of you fucking me? then you boys can watch us lick eachother’s pussies out
  11. Lee said: can I hit it so I can put my mark on da kid
  12. rebel said: well said tam.whats he thinking posting this. god help the poor child with parents like that
  13. davo said: i dont no about fukn me mates
  14. tam brown said: thats wrong letting your friend fuck your pregnant you sick fuck
  15. said: so love shooting my cum over a nice pregnant belly,mmm
  16. likemspread said: hebuddy can i fuck your pregnant wife too she looks really hot
  17. Binkie said: So is he sharing child support… who the daddy!

spread and cover

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 18

cum shower 2.JPG
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Came so hard I couldn’t hold the camera still.

  1. cummgirl said: you should of cummed deep in that pussy and then u could of squezzed that cream pie out all over my face and then lick my face
  2. Eddie said: Damn jen luv ur thoughts u r a nasty tramp arnt u ? My kinda slut u close 2 ohio ?
  3. Cecil said: SHAVE PLEASE
  4. k said: small nob.
  5. said: good shot and no i am not on about the picture.
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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Aug 18

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  1. Wolf said: shave get rid of all that hair.
  2. said: Luv to rim and fuck that little aa
  3. rebel said: I LOVE PUSSY HAIR…..
  4. J R said: luv to ride that!!! NICE!!!!!!! show more
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  6. mervin said: keepin’ it real. gotta love the bush.
  7. said: damm i just got so hard from looking at this pic :) wish i could take you doggy style right now.
  8. Big boy said: Keep the hair ! Love it

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