My 1st post

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 6

Mine 1.jpg

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Let me know what you think my first post. Rate and comment.

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  12. Dede said: open it up
  13. Ls said: Thanks for the comments boys and girls Im going to add more so let me know what you would like to see
  14. Freek said: please share. . .
  15. Freek said: Damn, wher have you been? My only complaint is the bottom pf the pic is cut off!!! Looks like you have a hot ass too,
  16. Lee said: wit a pusi dat beautiful,dat sweet,dat juicy,and dat mouthwaterin’ I sure hope its not ur last…hope 2 c many many mo
  17. Ls said: thanks for the comments what else would you guys and girls like to see
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Mother of 2

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 6


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Mother of 2 still likes to fuck like a school girl!

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My Girlfriend 23!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 6

Thats the one.jpg

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she loves to be spoke to dirty !

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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 5


Rating: 3.7    (790 votes cast)
  1. MD said: If the ass is where you want it i’d be happy to oblige.
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Isnt that beautiful???

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 5


Rating: 3.37    (694 votes cast)

Me pounding the wife reverse cowgirl!!!! What do you think??

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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 5


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ass dildo + mirror

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 5


Rating: 4.19    (999 votes cast)

submission pic from FTV Anne

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love to show off my cunt

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 5


Rating: 3.64    (1050 votes cast)
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My wife and I

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 4


Rating: 2.63    (581 votes cast)

Another pic I took of my wife and I…more pics on the way since we are both navajo this should be a treat to all ;)

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What do you think?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 4


Rating: 3.58    (646 votes cast)

Do you like my pussy

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