Wide open

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

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My ex girlfriend when i was 18 , want some more ? lemme know

  1. pecs said: Id suck on those lips for hours…
  2. cashjack2000@yahoo.com said: nice
  3. lee said: NICE CUNT,GREAT LIPS !!
  4. t-man said: luv to get b-tween those flappers
  5. J R said: may i put that in my mouth and humm you a tune!! nice very nice..ty )~
  6. showoff said: would like to tounge that hole
  7. Binkie said: Everyone look its pointing to something on its left
  8. ron said: chewy lips
  9. funeralguy said: I love a nice meaty pussy.
  10. mustang guy said: what’s her name and # i would eat that beautiful pussy 4 ever!!
  11. Lee said: now dats sum real good eattin’
  12. Lee said: best lookin’ roast-beef I’ve ever seen..can’t w8 2 munch it dwn mmm mmm
  13. v-bad@live.co.uk said: send them all in babe, we want them…x
  14. Hal said: I thinking about giving that a good licking…

How many?

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

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How many men do you think pounded my pussy?

  1. hornyjan@hotmail.com said: fancy some pussy for a change?
  2. kelly93555@yahoo.com said: Love to have my cock slide inside.
  3. Capt.applesause702@gmail.com said: In a row?
  4. mighty one said: Not me
  5. andy77 said: i counted 15 pimples and one wart
  6. hard said: I want ti to be one more ME
  7. kittyman said: looks like my wife pussy and she confess to me she has had over 30 dicks
  8. sl said: my hubby would love to stick his big cock in your pussy
  9. t-man said: no matter how many i’d still , lick and fuck it crazy
  10. tom said: U’ve dangled da carrot of da question 2 us ow about dee answer ? ow many men ?? and post it
  11. J R said: low milage..but lots of walking to make that browned…call me!! )
  12. tom said: oi brooke get onda end of my cock now !
  13. m said: Let us know the details……
  14. m said: do you mean how many cocks in one session or all you’ve had. I wud guess you wud have men queing up to pound that pussy.
  15. funeralguy said: A perfect little flower to slide my cock into.
  16. Frodo said: Not enough if I haven’t
  17. Lee said: dnt kno and dnt care as long as I’m next…wud luv 2 taste sum of da twang
  18. Brooke said: I would love to take a turn with all of them after you fuck em so they can fuck me with your juice on their cocks!
  19. v-bad@live.co.uk said: would guess not enough, it’s still tight looking…x
  20. Jim said: Looks like alot
  21. rob said: well please let us know!!!! looks tight still
  22. tom said: fink abowt 350 fellaz av fucked cha ! but chore a nun aint cha eh ?
  23. keithstone420@yahoo.com said: not enough…cause you haven’t had my cock yet!
  24. mandingo said: not many big ones, still looks tasty, would love to digg that out and loosen those young lips a bit
  25. Brandon said: I wish i could eat that after you take at least 10 men in 1 night!
  26. funeral guy said: I don’t know how many have, but I do know I definitely would!


Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

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  1. jd said: lick that pussy lick lick that pussy
  2. mrden said: that tongue looks like it needs cleaned
  3. J R said: very sensual..show a wet squirt…)~~
  4. funeralguy said: That’s one lucky tongue you got there, Bub.
  5. Lee said: let me go n da bac door
  6. v-bad@live.co.uk said: love it lick it till it squrt’s

Susan 1

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

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  1. kittyman said: one clean nice looking cunt
  2. mick/george/tori/taylor said: 10 out of 10 for the cock mole
  3. Dr.Spock said: Dude, get some treatment for the dick wart man…lady, cover up your shit b4 you catch it too!
  4. jim said: thats a picture and plus your cock if fucked up
  5. lallalalla said: ahah! your cock stickin’ out in the pic is hilarious!
  6. Lee said: u may want 2 reconsider hoppin’ on dat pole…cum bounce on mine instead
  7. v-bad@live.co.uk said: dose that little lump make it feel good…?
  8. Dick said: Shankar Alert!!!!
  9. funeral guy said: Watch out lady. That dude has something strange on his cock.

Working Myself Up!!!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

naughty 0088.jpg
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Any of you want to help???

  1. Lee said: oh baby what afucking turnon love that pussy would love to help you out! leeagerman@yahoo.com
  2. LEZMILF said: ;ove a girl that likes toys like I do
  3. thor said: oh yes im for real on helping you!get at me at juggalotimm@aol.com
  4. J R said: how bout a rearview with that toy of yours going to workup? nice
  5. Paul said: Makes my dick hard, like to eat u honey
  6. Chris said: I wud love to chat and see more. Very nice pussy. Email me italianlover23@hotmail.com
  7. m said: very nice at 41 I bet that pussy seen some action..
  8. Kevin said: I would love to stick my dick in your ass while you play with your dildo!!
  9. funeralguy said: Nice nice nice. I’d like to be reincarnated as your vibrator.
  10. tj said: thats a pretty thick dildo, looks like u can take a lot more??
  11. Lee said: no need 4 dat wen u can hav both my tools 24/7
  12. Brad said: Thats a well taken care of twat,nice nails,teddy and rubber on dildo, I would lover to spend a couple of hours workin on that!!!
  13. Myself said: Craig, I am 41 and lover playing with all my Toys!!!
  14. steve said: would love 2 help mmmm
  15. tom said: wod fuckin lyk 2 av my cock stuck ryt up ur pusi
  16. dan said: you need my hard throbbing cock
  17. craig said: perfecto how old ?
  18. v-bad@live.co.uk said: i got one of them, good toys arnt they
  19. m said: me please!!!!, I wud fuck that nice pussy..
  20. Jade said: Looks like you can take that like a champ???
  21. Ray said: Looks like you done that a few times? Very hot picture!!!
  22. Bad John said: Thats fucking sexy
  23. Andy 69 said: Mmm, yes please

Waiting for lovin’!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

His View!.JPG
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You walk in the room to see this! What would you do?

  1. sykosavsoldier said: I would grab that bitch by her hair bend her over and fuck her doggy style like the little tramp bitch she is….
  2. sykosavsoldier said: I would grab her by the hair till she bent over farenough
  3. stud said: ride you like a stallion, jizzin all over your beautiful ass
  4. zman said: Grab u by the hair n fuck u over n over n over n cum on your face!
  6. donkeycov69@hotmail.com said: I WOULD STICK MY TOUNGE UP YR ARSE
  7. Dr. Spock said: What would I do? First lick your nice pussy to make you cum. Then, start the fuck machine
  8. m said: you certainly are hot, very very hot……
  9. It is me! said: Hey m, I am Hot Wife.
  10. J R said: voted a 10..yeah thats waitn no longer call me..ill cum over… ok…)~~
  11. funeral guy said: That is an ass that’s made for smacking. I humbly volunteer to do the job.
  12. Manntheboxx72562@yahoo.com said: Beautiful would luv to see more emaile
  13. m said: are your postings under Hot Wife ???
  14. m said: I know what I would do !!, what naughty things get you off..
  15. m said: list all your postings so I can tell you which makes me hardest.
  16. It is me said: I love Lee’s comments. One funny guy!
  17. paid hourly said: Can’tt typppe . . Bone er in the wwaaaaaaaaaaay.
  18. Lee said: wit all the junk u got n dat phat-ass trunk there is no w8in’
  19. Lee said: wit a phat juicy ass and monkey like dat the w8 is definitely over wit me
  20. It is Me said: sculptor your very observent, but my pussy has been posted alot. Can you find them all?
  21. SirTapsAlot said: I would cum before I got near her! Oh My! That’s shit is hot!
  22. sculptor said: you posted last week showing the frontside of this marvelous piece of art- didn’t you? covering your tummy?
  23. Mike said: Love to spank fuck that ass doggy
  24. mandingo said: blindfold you, tie you up, set my video camera and leave you the tape to watch after im done
  25. sculptor said: Have a heart attack if it was my wife-lol- like NEVER- so i would think about going to the Dr. but my cock would be so hard..
  26. 262 said: Eat it then beat it
  27. v-bad@live.co.uk said: start licking, and slip my fingers in my panties…x
  28. dd.eddie said: Well I’d be diving in face first with my tongue rolled. Hopin my nose would enter that fine butthole too!
  29. Matt said: Girl my helmet wud be right up that bum hole of yours filling with juice !! Nice Ass like it
  30. Andy 69 said: Drop to my knees and bury my face into that gorgeous cunt and tongue her until she came again and again

Melissa looking for her panties…

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

melissa fucked4.jpg
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This is me, Melissa, looking for my panties…anyone want to help?

  1. HELLBILLY said: She could run around naked I won’t mind a bit
  2. rockhard said: oops… i droped my smile!
  3. star said: you dont need panties never wear clothes again
  4. show mw how naughty u are said: fuck it dnt wear them
  5. nickell said: shes beautifull,but i’m not going to help look for her panties
  6. Dingdangdo said: Great tits n pussy
  7. Prio said: Great fuckable body! Love her tits!
  8. Luke said: nah..!! u look bored luv…turn u around and do u wrong way that wud b about it girl..bored already
  9. john said: you left them hanging on the rearview mirror of my truck
  10. shane.wisnasky@yahoo.com said: dam would love to lick u from head to toe an bang ur fine ass
  11. Spock said: Forget the panties bb…you look fine now…jump on the bed and lets fuck
  12. funfriendssst@yahoo.ca said: On my way, Oh wait, where? As long as I could be greeted at the door by you, I’m in 100%. Nice rack.
  13. mr sir said: i wood help u bt u have 2 fuck mi first
  14. J R said: Vbad ya ever posted a pic of ya self? like to see one…)~
  15. bigjrm@googlemail.com said: I would help with anything you wanted!
  16. rawlo said: melissa you so beauiful nice everythg love the hangn pusssy lips and tits
  17. Matt said: Melissa ur panties are still on my cock after u sucked me off and i came on ur face,email me some more pics eckoman022002@yahoo
  18. paid hourly said: Beautiful maybe, but she has panty marks now! They can’t be to far away….
  19. DatGuy said: What a smokin body…da da da da da da dammmmnnnn
  20. As6cher said: VERY BEAUTIFUL TITS~
  21. paid hourly said: really cute more more more
  22. big D said: do i get a reward if i fing them sexy?
  23. v-bad@live.co.uk said: i think there in my bedroom, want to cum look for them…x
  24. dd.eddie said: I found them! In my mouth being sucked dry! Anymore clothes misisng?
  25. m said: nice tits.
  26. Willy said: I can help you look after I bend you over and than cum all over those beautiful titties!
  27. Bad John said: Hell no, a pretty pussy like that should never be covered
  28. AH said: Me, me, me…..I will help! LOL.

Really needs filling

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 6

pink wings.JPG
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my dildo’s broken need a man (or perhaps hottie with a strap-on?)

  1. Sky said: Definitely a pussy I would love to fill!
  2. pecs said: wanna fill that puss with half a cup…
  4. funfriendssst@yahoo.ca said: Now those are lips worthy of a king or queen. Very nice shot. My tongue is stiff and my dick is at full attention.
  5. paid hourly said: That is one long pube hanging alone. Can I floss with it?
  6. Lee said: u get the 2 for 1 deal ..a lickin’ and a stickin’ all nite long
  7. Brian said: You can almost smell and taste your sweet pussy it’s so close just shot my load would you like to see where!!! Xxx
  8. tom said: phwoar i wod nibble ur cliti an suck em an tung fuck ur pusi an suck ur pusi 4 ya juices n kum
  9. v-bad@live.co.uk said: OH, I am a hottie with a strap-on, can I have the job, please…x
  10. Jade said: I would love to help baby!! Thats a tight twat may need a lot of lube for my thick 2″ cock!!

Fat pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 5

fat pussy! edited.jpg
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  1. pablo said: listen i dont know about you but my weakness is a fat pussy. Fat pussies get special love from me!
  2. Starship said: Makes my tounge HARD…yummy, yummy.
  3. J R said: that would make one cum in seconds almost..nice
  4. jerame690@hotmail.com said: love self shooters send me some
  5. badman said: i want to eat that pussy..bring it to daddy!
  6. v-bad@live.co.uk said: want to bite it…x
  7. Ripcord said: I want to eat you out like it was my last meal on Earth!!
  8. Lee said: now dats a phat double stacked beefy taco mmm mmm
  9. Lee said: now dats just how I like it hott,phat,sweet ,wet and juicy
  10. Drino said: this is my wifes fat pussy!!!
  11. Analfucker said: I would suck on that thing all night long
  12. Geek said: I would love to lick your lucious lips.

My hottie GF #3

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 5

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she loves the comments makes her so wet!!

  1. mighty one said: I would fuck u until to begged for me to quit.
  2. pecs said: wanna fuck you…
  3. brad said: let;s doubleteam her
  4. jd said: your pussy needs my face in it
  5. J R said: all legs an puss…very nice
  6. big rider said: lets see that ass
  7. v-bad@live.co.uk said: would loce to make you cum in them panties then i could wear them for the rest of the day…x
  8. m said: very hot
  9. mark said: young guy with 8incher wants to fuck you mark.evans41@ymail,com
  10. Lee said: from what I can barely c nice monkey butt really u got 2 do better than that
  11. Geek said: Very sexy!

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