Where would you spunk?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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my slut

  1. i.roll.do.u@gmail.com said: Right inside her tight little asshole
  2. stud said: all over you over and over
  3. Mike said: Very nice, I’d love suk on that all nite, and start over the next day,, until u were so sore, u would tell me to stop
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  7. bigman said: Inside of course…
  8. Brian said: Fill it full of spunk and take another pic please xxx
  9. v-bad@live.co.uk said: do you ever let other people share her…x
  10. d said: yes
  11. d said: yes waana hand job from ur wif
  12. 123 said: i would fuck you hard and spunk all over you
  13. dallas said: nice needs to be shaved bald
  14. Somebody said: In your ass.
  15. Hugo said: If you’re not on the pill in your vagina so your husband would have to raise my child
  16. Mike said: In her mouti while u watch me fuck her tharot
  17. Chevynova731@yahoo. com said: all over.
  18. Lee said: n all ur holes…mouth,monkey and dat poop-chute
  19. DatGuy said: betta question is where wouldn’t I spunk
  20. Dilligaf said: 1 in your pussy 1 in your mouth and if all goes well in your ass
  21. Brian said: You can have my spunk any day,have we seen this lovely pussy before xxx

i love sticky thick cum

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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fill me up

  1. betterdayzz@yahoo.com said: I’d give you a thick cock full of cum!!!! ;) :) sexy
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  3. jd said: why you giving me the finger
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  6. v-bad@live.co.uk said: me to babe, love it over my pussy…x
  7. gary said: Right uupp that preettee ppuusseeeee!
  8. Mike said: Do u suck cock want 2 c mine send pic phone no
  9. paid hourly said: My that is a long finger. You could reach your tonsils if you still have them.
  10. Lee said: b4 I fill u up wit my thick sticky icky let me let my tongue swipe da crack of dat phat-ass and dat juicy monkey


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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Ready for a pounding and only 23!

  1. Justus694u@yahoo.com said: Sooo good.. Makes me wanna climb on that bed smother my face in her pussy from behind , then really fucking her hard and urgent.
  2. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.com said: I would luv to see more of that damn sooo sexy body!!! Msg me..
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  4. ray said: sweet
  5. cashjack2000@yahoo.com said: look good girl
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  8. Footking said: I would cum all over them smelly toes
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  10. v-bad@live.co.uk said: nice ass babe, and love the ikea table, hehe…x
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  12. Mike said: Ill lick ur pussy will u suck me off send pic phone no
  13. Lee said: I’m cumin’ wit my rocs,pits and my 9 2 pound dat booty doggy-style

Girlfriend Spread For You

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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Tell her what you think!

  1. Excellent said: Yuck looks like your pussy doesn’t get washes often
  2. rj said: very nice view looks like a good time
  3. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.com said: I holding my vote until your “BOX” is either smooh & silky like your body or very well MANICURED!!!
  4. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.com said: I just called my “POA” b/c in my suburban community we demand a nice manicured LAWN!!! It will increase your property value…
  5. jd said: trin that twat please
  6. jc said: nice long clit would look better with a little trim
  7. Sprooks said: wow bush went out in the 90s :(
  9. clean freak said: Your hair and mine match! Love to suck on it till you smother my face in juices
  10. lovesredpie said: awsome peice
  11. Man said: Only real men like bush, pussy faggots like it shaven because their tiny little dicks would otherwise be lost. That’s hot bush.
  12. Hay stacks said: One gorgeous hairy pussy !!!! . love it !!!!!
  13. affsexy007@yahoo.com said: i like that bush!!!!
  14. SJ said: Shave please
  15. Richard Head said: I like a litter fur, but this is a little over the top.
  16. v-bad@live.co.uk said: looks good but lose the hair,trust me it feels better…x
  17. Tezza said: One to wank over
  18. Mike said: I dont like hair in my food
  19. paid hourly said: Hmmm…Let me think…I’m seeing a Bic razor in your future…Yup, that’s it! A Bic.
  20. Lee said: actually it wud look really gud if she were 2 tak a weed wacker 2 dat bush…call me when ur finished
  21. Geek said: Post more please.
  22. Geek said: Beautiful!
  23. jack said: shave the hair plz cuz i dont like bush but anyway i voted 4. u lost big points cuz of the bush


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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  1. JoJo said: nice
  2. cashjack2000@yahoo.com said: lovely
  3. lee said: NICE JUICY CUNT,GREAT ASS !!
  4. mustang guy said: i’ll help v-bad and hopefuly slip you both some tounge and wood
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  9. Lee said: I’d luv 2 b da 1 2 wake up and b tappin’ dat young tender twang every day mm mmm

wife bj

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 9

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  1. Storm said: I’ve got a 13 inch monster cock that would stretch that sweet moist mouth to it’s limit.
  2. sl said: im jus wantin to jump on board
  3. klinefootball@hotmail.com said: wanna take another cock ?
  4. clitbanger said: deepthroat that man-meat and pump out that baby batter
  5. rjust@hotmail.co.uk said: got any more ics feel free to send me ta
  6. Kmoney said: Swallow the cock..Git some cum on ur face

Heavenly pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 8

Misc 002-2[1].jpg
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  1. R said: Just amazing
  2. Rimsacle said: that pussy looks so fresh and so clean
  3. jd said: fresh fresh pussy
  4. SJ said: Remove that dick. Love to ravage that fine pussy
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  11. Patil said: Very close view.
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  14. Lee said: it wud b if dat pole wasn’t blockin’ da goodies
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  17. mustang guy said: omg i want to eat that pussy

Julie loves it!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 8

julie loves it1.jpg
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I love toes! In my mouth, in my pussy, I would love to feel them in my ass. Who wants to make me cum all over their toes?

  1. flipfioplover said: We can suck each others toes clean after we give each other mutual footjobs
  2. jasper420 said: i got a size 15 for your tight asshole & dirty hunnyhole
  3. Sweeper_75@hotmail.com said: I guess you could say she’s feeling a bit “Toey” hahaha
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  5. asdasd said: Wow! where is it from? Please more!
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  8. big rider said: i would put my toes any place you want
  9. Hungwell said: You love showing your body to the eintire world don’t you? You want everyone to know what a slut you are.
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  12. tjkilla said: i would love that
  13. Lee said: 2 hell wit a toe can I stick my whole foot up dat pie-hole
  14. v-bad@live.co.uk said: me dose, would love to try getting all my foot in there…x
  15. ace1978 said: i love to fell u cum allover my cock rather then my toes but what ever gets u off i down with that

Juicy Black Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 8

W2 compress.JPG
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This is a picture of my wifes wet pussy. Please tell me what you think.

  1. Cowboy said: Wow.. Looks yummy
  2. topdog said: nice phat black pussy I’d love to pound it and nut all in it
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My hot Neighbor ;)

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 8

pics 046.jpg
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Isn’t she hot?

  1. Steve said: I would love u fuck ur tiny sexy frame
  2. dave said: tooooo skinny, its like drinking red top milk…. not normal
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  4. sl said: are u up for threesomes coz we would like u to be our neighbour
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  6. ronjon said: one of the prettiest…
  7. v-bad@live.co.uk said: she is smoking hot..x
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