My pussy closeup (2/2)

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 7


Rating: 3.91    (429 votes cast)

This is the 2cd picture. I’d like to know which one is the sexiest for you and why…

  1. jeff said: push my cock agaist that and spread them lips!!
  2. dd.eddie said: I love a spread open pussy lips!
  3. said: splendidly delightful 5 on both but 2 shows a bit of wetness. ..perfect
  4. survey sez said: would love to see how swollen the clit can get.
  5. bigchamp said: that is nice as fuck i like that on my face
  6. said: this 1 but would you peel open your pusi to see your pink wet pusi ?
  7. WRX said: This pic looks just like the other one. WTF?
  8. BhoyBhoy said: I like this one best; a little more open and turned on than the other (which is great too)
  9. Me said: This one is my favorite because it looks a little more meaty. The more meat, the better!
  10. Joey said: When I picture what the “perfect pussy” looks like – this is it! It’s even got little bubbles! Amazing. Thx for sharing.

Cum All Over My Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 7


Rating: 3.5    (364 votes cast)

Y’all like how I make cocks explode all over me. I hope I can make you cum as much as his cock did?

  1. Samantha said: I just love for a man to cum inside & all over my pussy. I hope you can cum for me also
  2. Samantha said: I hope y”all can cum for that pic, I love for men to cum for my pussy, it makes me so wet.
  3. said: Can I clean that cum up for you?
  4. Bi Bella said: Mmmmm
  5. said: i’ll sloppy 2nds that
  6. Bulletman said: Nice work!
  7. Gloverboy6 said: That’s a lot of cum
  8. hunter said: would like to add my load to that sloppy seconds
  9. Tosser said: You made me come!
  10. BIG TEXAS CUMMER said: I’d rim your man while he pumps you then lick his cum from that sexy pussy
  11. survey sez said: that’s a lovely puss

Gf with my dick in her ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 7


Rating: 3.35    (352 votes cast)
  1. said: Wish that was my ass
  2. Max Cady said: I guess you could call that a dick
  3. colin said: thats one lucky girl enjoy
  4. senseimiyagi said: Kudos to her!!!
  5. hunter said: good women my turn next

Naked tanning

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 6


Rating: 4.09    (539 votes cast)

Suzy working on her back yard tan. Neibors have full view of back yard.

  1. Assfan69 said: Once again Suzy you never disappoint! Youre the best! Great feet too! I’d love to be deep in that ass! Cum to Ct! 10
  2. Throbbin Hood said: Let me cover you with some motion lotion.
  3. ACE said: Super Hot! Never tire of seeing your great bod Suzy!
  4. dd.eddie said: Im so glad she is reposting these yummies from rateherpuss! HOT!
  5. said: My fav position have any more love to see them beautiful pussy
  6. survey sez said: I’d be pounding you!
  7. bigchamp said: i wood lick u 4 days
  8. Morgan said: I got some lotion baby cumming straight out the bone tube
  9. senseimiyagi said: I do gardening work, very cheap! Hell, I’ll even Bonsai that dead grass just to get within sniffin distance of her!!!
  10. hunter said: can’t quite see would you mind backing up a little promise I will just stand here behind you
  11. said: Great ass and pussy.
  12. eddie said: Perfect position to DIVE IN tounge first
  13. said: suzy you in az
  14. WorkingMan said: couldnt help but jerk off over your pic, lovely view and turned me on so much!
  15. said: We have some pics to share.
  16. said: I was hoping for more of Suzy when I came here. That’s what dreams are made of.
  17. ODB said: I could happily work on Suzy’s “back yard” whilst she was on all 4’s…

24 year old milf at work

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 6


Rating: 4.31    (471 votes cast)

wifey sends me pics of her pussy while at work

  1. kennyg said: thats how i like to see my pussy nice and tight with a smooth look to it. perfection.
  2. Trey88 said: Nice tight pussy! More please
  3. said: looks tight and delicious
  4. Hubby said: Post another spreading your pussy
  5. survey sez said: I’d be working overtime on that sweet MILF puss.
  6. WRX said: Fucking tight!!
  7. senseimiyagi said: Ok, would you mind giving me twenty hints where your wife works?
  8. Joey said: Amen to that Timber, amen to that. Nothing worse that revealing what looks like the aftermath of a firecracker explosion.
  9. hunter said: where she work would love a job with her getting around the office like that
  10. Timber said: THAT’S the pussy I hope to uncover when I bring a woman home and drop the panties. Tight , pink , tasty perfection.
  11. Browser said: That looks very tight

Pink teen pussy being…. You know

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 6


Rating: 3.93    (422 votes cast)

It was delicious

  1. Bi Bella said: Ripe young pussy makes my clit swell…
  2. Throbbin Hood said: I hope you’ll post some more closeup selfies. Beautiful body contours in this one. It will make nice wallpaper. So sexy…
  3. Throbbin Hood said: Abs..hole..ooh..tilly fanny tastic!
  4. Trey88 said: Very pretty pussy. Would love to make it cum!!
  5. dd.eddie said: Fantasticly delicious! :D
  6. survey sez said: Lovin’ the erectness of the clit. Good nibblin’.
  7. WRX said: Looks absolutely delicious!!!
  8. said: nice pinky color
  9. tits4me said: Needs a close shave
  10. ODB said: Could sink my tongue way way deep into that…..

Close Up For My Hubby

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 6


Rating: 3.83    (449 votes cast)

My Hubby liked to lick, suck and drown his cock into my warm pussy. do rate and comment mine.

  1. byrobob said: if your husband USE to like to lick, suc, or fuck your warm pussy and is not doing it now……….i’ll do it
  2. said: nice
  3. said: wow… what a tight pussy. like it.
  4. Pretty said: oh dear, what a nice one. like it 5 from me!
  5. joshua said: it’s really nice. tight and maybe warm pussy. ask your hubby to make a creampie every night. feels it…yeah!
  6. jj said: perfect. looks tight. your hubby must be proud to having you dear.
  7. said: looks amazing, lucky hubby I say :)

My pussy closeup (1/2)

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 6


Rating: 3.74    (380 votes cast)

This is the first of a 2 pictures set (2cd picture comming soon). I’d like to know which one is the sexiest for you and why…

  1. senseimiyagi said: So far, so good! would love to see you too this pic.
  2. said: oh my! what a sweet looking pussy you have. can’t wait till part two. nice!
  3. said: this one is super sexy, can’t wait to see the 2nd pic now x

slap that thickbadunk

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 5


Rating: 3.62    (486 votes cast)

Who wants my big ass?

  1. said: I want your sexy big ass.
  2. BBC said: I got something for all your hole it’s big and it’s black!!!!
  3. said: pick me! I wanna play!
  4. hunter said: cant say no to that arse
  5. said: very nice!
  6. said: I’m packing my case and in my way, keep it warm and moist for me I won’t be long ;)
  7. said: I do!

My 48yo Wife’s Pussy Fucked

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 5


Rating: 3.67    (494 votes cast)

She finally found a friend, but she says it’s not the same as the real thing.

  1. Max Cady said: Let’s see that in your ass
  3. hunter said: I bet she can sink it to her knuckles like a good girl show us how much you can take ;-)
  4. xxjas said: this is hot! would love to replace that with my cock and fill you up!
  5. said: First pic was great this one is fantastic! Love a girl who likes her toys. Can you get it in to its rubber balls?

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