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23 y old pussy..

Posted on Thursday Nov 28


Rating: 4.3    (865 votes cast)

my girl opens her buttocks to show her tight ass

26 Responses to “23 y old pussy..”

  1. Janie said: Looks like my nanny’s tight pussy. My husband and I fuck her every weekend. Tight pink pussys are yummy
  2. said: damn sexy boot pic ;b I would do anything to eat a nice lil ass lik dat lol its all fun n game wit a ass lik dat around.. yolo
  3. said: great place to lay my tongue
  4. alisha said: your not alone naughty girl get in line haha
  5. Hugephatcock4u said: I would love to make you sore … Xxx
  6. said: love it both holes soo tight msg me!
  7. THAT ONE GUY said: that’s is a very fuckable ass.
  8. leon said: would love to stick my dick n that ass n creampie it
  9. 4172934140 said: looks really tight!!!
  10. J R said: a woman who can do a 2 handed reach around is my kinda woman..10 …
  11. said: thats nice love pink pussy and asshole
  12. dd.eddie said: One hell of a tonguelicious taint!
  13. pete said: so sexy wnt 2 lick,sniff your arsehole then fuk it hard,deep ,more please xxx
  14. callmebabe said: Or fuck her lol
  15. callmebabe said: Very hot. Would love to fuck you
  16. said: Her pussy and ass look so delicious!! Would love to ram my tongue in both holes!!
  17. ODB said: Lets see some cum running out of that puckered little ass…….
  18. Phil said: I Luv That Lil Ass. And Iwana Eat That Phat Pussy Til U Nut In My Mouth Then Make U My Slampiece N Stretch U Out!
  19. said: Her ass not the only tight thing I see here. Love to see her cooter and maybe my pinky in her butt!
  20. Me said: Absolutely PERFECT!!!
  21. said: I’d love to see that pussy spread open
  22. said: My cock is ready to spread those pussy lips and fill them full of cum email more trade
  23. Naughty girl said: Up for girl on girl action baby??
  24. said: Hott!!! I’d love to see more!!!:-)
  25. said: Next may we see her sexy pussy open as her bottom is nice, like to see how pink it is
  26. Naughty girl said: Id love to lick her pussy and ram my tongue hard in there!!

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Training for next cock!

Posted on Saturday Nov 16


Rating: 3.36    (750 votes cast)

Hey guys, I insert 4 of these in my pussy and walk around to tighten my vagina and be ready for the next cock on the list!

19 Responses to “Training for next cock!”

  1. said: Put them in your ass next. Just for me ;-)
  2. Cunt said: I don’t even have a cock & I want it bad!
  3. 250-947-5365 ten inch pierced said: Lets open that up:) I love big lip pussy.
  4. said: I would say this, hope you are not a BBW, otherwise that is fucking amazing, luv to see a shot of removing them!
  5. intime said: see in the reflection
  6. dd.eddie said: That is hot.. especially if you do it at work too..
  7. Lickit said: The thought of ploughing u tighten pussy hmmmmm
  8. said: Nice pussy lips ;) love to squeeze my balls love juice all over your flaps,
  9. Dude said: Then you will be ready for another cock
  10. Dude said: Put an egg vibrator in behind them, but do not cum for 15 minutes after you turn it on then ask permission to cum. Then you wil
  11. 4172934140 said: open that baby up!!!
  12. Pussy smasher said: This pussy was made for fucking GATDAMN . It looks GOOD.
  13. wondering said: ah benwa bals, very nice you must enjoy your walks
  14. BignPurple said: Definitely a nice and meaty slut hole u have there!! Yummy
  15. said: lol you would need 5or 6 to practice my cock
  16. said: Training over email more my cock is hard and ready to fuck you hard
  17. BJ said: Blackmoon, we’ll try to get these pics for you on my next training session.
  18. said: I wanna see you pushing them in then pulling them out
  19. said: Pick me!! Would love to slide my cock in that beautiful pussy!!

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Wife’s Backdoor & Meat Curtains

Posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.31    (416 votes cast)

27 Responses to “Wife’s Backdoor & Meat Curtains”

  1. J R said: dude…u dont use the browneye much..its got no milage for sure…butt awesome pkg..8.5 tnks for posting..;)
  2. Walter White said: 10. enough said
  3. said: Amazing ;) love to tounge that ass as I pull on her flaps
  4. Mike said: I cant rate either, WTF?
  5. XYZ said: Boob Critic Nov. 4th. They’re BEAUTIFUL!
  6. Jay said: Can’t find this magnificent woman’s tits on the other site? Please send ;)
  7. R said: Sweet Lips!!
  8. said: that is a great view of a sexy pussy and asshole! id love to share pics with you. 10 from me darlin
  9. rj said: wow!! your a lucky guy i bet you do love to lick and suck on them nice meat curtains
  10. RickJamesBiotch said: You say meat curtains. I call them cock blankets! and my cock is cold!
  11. sonsofsaintso said: great looking pussy, id love to taste it
  12. me said: wow
  13. said: Yummy, please email not seen on tv pictures!
  14. El Guapo said: Love me them pussy lips!
  15. Brown boa said: Cleanest brown eye on this site love the pussy lips10’s from me.
  16. Ratemynaughty fan said: To see more check out “Wife’s Sexy Breasts” pic on boob critic posted 2 days ago. This is her…
  17. said: Like to fuck those lips email more
  18. ODB said: Awesomely tight ass. Would love to fuck that and unload deep inside her……
  19. Joe said: Wow. Thats friggin nice. Id love to suck on those lips. Then watch my warm cum drip off of them.
  20. said: great pic. I would love to lick that. oh so yummy. :)
  21. said: now thats what im talking about. would love to see more of your selfies! msg me :)
  22. dd.eddie said: all i want to do, and got to do is lick, suck, bite, eat, Eat, EAT! FAB :D
  23. MrC said: yummy!
  24. said: Would love to have her sliding that ass on my cock!!!
  25. 4172934140 said: this is a fantastic picture! gorgeous asshole and hanging pussy lips! i can almosy smell it!!!
  26. said: Damn I can almost taste her asshole!!
  27. leon said: love the ass, can i slide my hard cock in there and unload

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selfie as per request. Jolyn

Posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.56    (399 votes cast)

I took this for a friend.I think he’ll like it.

29 Responses to “selfie as per request. Jolyn”

  1. Scott said: Jolyn Culver-sweet little pussy!
  2. Dan said: I love all your pussy pics Jolyn.Please post more! Btw-are you the same Jolyn “milf showing off outside” public nudity?
  3. Cunt said: I want to tongue you into total submission
  4. Jizz Meister said: We’d all like friends like you! Would me a Christmas card? *<:-)
  5. TheHammer said: Motor boat that shit!
  6. J R said: may i suk you silly…for starters…even though im not your bf? ;) beautiful hanging lips n pkg..9
  7. said: beautiful send a couple to meplease
  8. said: pretty little pussy you have there.
  9. said: Love to slide my cock up that ;)
  10. jb said: this is one hot pussy
  11. said: I need a full body picture with that hot, wet, juicy, tight, 50 year old beautiful pussy spread apart for me to taste honey!
  12. said: That other pic is listed as age 50! No fucking way! I want you bad.
  13. really said: why don’t you post a picture of you nd your wife mr beer cock hahahahaha
  14. said: All my friends want to borrow money or stuff. Why can’t I have friend like you?
  15. Stanley said: like to lick to she cums
  16. Stanley said: like to lick
  17. said: Love it! I wanna c more!!
  18. OH SHIT said: Beer can is back in action!!!
  19. said: Love to suck on those lips and fuck your pussy hard email more
  20. Tosser said: i would love to eat it and fuck… you till we both come! and then some more!
  21. said: can i be your friend also? id love to see more selfies of you jolyn. shoot me a email plz :)
  22. said: Oh yea
  23. Bill said: what a sexy pussy ! Can I eat it for you ?
  24. Biker Gil said: Now those pussy lips could hold on to a thick hard cock as it slides in and out … hot
  25. Biker Gil said: love to slide my thick hard beer can cock and stretch that sweet muff and cum deep inside you,,,
  26. dd.eddie said: AMAZINGLY delicious! I gotta eat/taste that! WOW, may i be your friend too? :D
  27. said: I think your right!! I love it!! Would love to lick,suck and fuck your beautiful pussy!!
  28. 4172934140 said: thats a beautiful camel toe!!!
  29. said: Now that’s a meaty camel toe!! Holy shit!!

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After MFM!

Posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.57    (355 votes cast)

Wife’s swollen pussy after a threesome!

27 Responses to “After MFM!”

  1. badboy22 said: I’d slam my thick cock deep in that cum filled pussy, then slam it hard and watch all that cum squirt out of you till I add mine
  2. Cunt said: I’ll like that clean!!!
  3. said: Awesome! Would have enjoyed being a part of that.
  4. said: Very Nice;)! Looks like my wife’s ..Congrats!!
  5. MrC said: lol looks like the mods have deleted all the negative comments.
  6. boomer2 said: boise craigslist ! i want it!!!
  7. Jay uncut said: I’d like to suck up all those juices!!!
  8. dd.eddie said: thanks Stu she’s hot and delicious! i would love to tongue probe here holes
  9. said: Love to bury my cock in that pussy then lick her clean after ;)
  10. said: drop me a line if youre interested in another threesome :)
  11. Big dick nick said: You need to stretch her ass and pussy at the same time!
  12. said: Dam can she take a fourth right now sweet looking tight pussy
  13. said: What caused swelling? Please share before and after photos!
  14. Johnnyonthespot said: Congrats Stu! Wish I could get my wife to do that. But she prefers MFF with me. Lol.
  15. Stu said: Actually Mr loser, I’m extremely confident, secure and straight or I wouldn’t be able to do this.
  16. said: Wish I was part of the threesome fuck that pussy and fill it full
  17. ODB said: Pussy of the week. Yum. Love to fuck that whilst she sucked you off……
  18. hunter said: is she up for being made air tight mouth pussy & ass full of cock all at the same time ???
  19. Stu said: No anal, just taking turns with her pussy and mouth.
  20. said: Nice sexy pussy
  21. dd,eddie said: Next step.. MMFMMFFMMMMMMMMMM
  22. Stu said: She became a Hotwife this summer, and has since had three new cocks.
  23. said: Would love to plow that lovely wet pussy!!!
  24. Big dick nick said: How does her asshole look after it?
  25. 4172934140 said: looks like it was a hell of a time
  26. said: That truly is a thng of beauty
  27. said: That’s beautiful!! My turn!!

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My 40 year old butterfly pussy

Posted on Wednesday Oct 16


Rating: 3.64    (846 votes cast)

Do you think I still sexy? I want to get wet!

29 Responses to “My 40 year old butterfly pussy”

  1. said: crotchless panties are the best, the butterfly compliments your fat juicy pussy perfectly! mmmmmmm
  2. said: Wow!! You still got it! We want more we want more!
  3. Sculptor said: Great shot, hot body….
  4. said: Please post more of these sexy 40yr old lips for our enjoyment.
  5. said: Those lips addd a sexy look to those butterfly panties, they look so yummy!! I want to taste them!!!! MMMM
  6. Biker Gil said: I would love to stretch out that hot little butterfly with my 27 year old beer can cock..Damn you got me rock fuck’n HARD !!!
  7. said: Love to suck your clit till you spunk all over my chin
  8. Pussyman said: I want to put a huge load all over your butterfly !!!
  9. leon said: beautiful
  10. said: Love to see if you could make a seal over my face with your lips as you blow my cock
  11. said: u are a beautiful milf a ten and o would love to see more of u . u are sexxy in every way
  12. J R said: wow…post more massive lips~! needs to be married n shared once in a while! post more! 10 guessing shes latina
  13. said: sexy as hell do i want too lick your ass?
  14. leon said: can i burry my face in that
  15. dd.eddie said: 40 and YUMMY! and Yes i will get it slobbered up for you
  16. said: Damn I wanna bury my cock deep in that pussy and dump a hot load. Watch It run down
  17. said: Amazing, beautiful lips X ;) love to feel them around my cock
  18. GGSWA said: nice hot sexy butterfly woohoo
  19. said: plz email strong marine needs a pretty butterfly to take care of my hard cock lets trade
  20. Joe said: Id give her my33 year old 71/2 inch cock. Then watch my cum run out of her pussy.
  21. t said: wrap dat shit around my business
  22. said: Love to fuck that pussy those lips are amazing like to see more
  23. DEVIL said: I love those pussy lips would suck on them all day
  24. said: so sexxxy please email more
  25. said: Damn baby that’s hot I never ate a butterfly wanna be my first?
  26. Chris said: I lick that clit till you drip your sweet juices for me
  27. Chris said: oh your as sexy and beautiful as ever I’d love you give you my rock hard throbbing 22yr. old cock but but not before
  28. 4172934140 said: very sexy!! nice playful panties!! love those lips!! i would love to suck on that pussy!
  29. said: Sexy butterfly let me lick it

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In the sharing mood :)

Posted on Wednesday Oct 16


Rating: 3.47    (732 votes cast)

My kitty needs a few hot loads please cover the kitty:)

21 Responses to “In the sharing mood :)”

  1. Biker Gil said: Lets see the whole package !!!
  2. Biker Gil said: Love to drop a huge load inside that hot pussy with my 27 year old beer can cock again and again
  3. said: i want to fill you up!
  4. said: Trish ;) good girl
  5. Mr. Diggler said: Best kind of pussy, hidden when closed.
  6. J R said: dont look to used…needs to be used alot more….post again…was that taken at work sett’en at the desk ;)
  7. said: how much sharing you want to do baby? That;s nice. Email trade some more>
  8. leon said: how bout i fill it insted, n let it oozz out on to ur ass hole, then my wife will lick it clean
  9. said: Open it wide & see how much spunk you get ;)
  10. hunter said: would enjoy sharing you with two or so mates mouth pussy &ass stuffed all at once
  11. said: Your are in luck because I have a few loads to give
  12. said: Sweety these men want to see pussy up close the dirty pervs. Gotta love them
  13. said: Sweety thesd mem want to see pussy up close the dirty pervs. Gotta love them
  14. said: plz email ill trade and i will cover ur pretty kitty anytime u want
  15. said: Hot email one spread I’ll cover the kitty
  16. said: ill fill those holes with hot cum baby
  17. said: Outstanding ! I hope it’s not lonely
  18. said: I’d love to bust a few hot loads all in and in you babe. Ten. Wanna trade?
  19. said: looks lovely and tasty x
  20. said: Yum I cover it well beautiful pussy
  21. 4172934140 said: kind of covered up a little too much!

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she wants to do doggy

Posted on Wednesday Oct 16


Rating: 4.15    (859 votes cast)

21 Responses to “she wants to do doggy”

  1. Akdrums said: Great pussy. Perfect lips nice ass shaved it doesnt get much better than that!
  2. Mr. Diggler said: That is a perfect pussy, shouod be all tucked up but sticking out just like that. kind of looks like a screen shot though..
  3. J R said: thats definately built for “doggy” ..beautiful 9.5
  4. said: Perfection !
  5. hunter said: i would bery my bone in her anytime
  6. dd.eddie said: Whatever animal position you want; I will do with you. DELICIOUS!
  7. bigdyck86 said: The way that pussy sits up in the air, you could beat that to death!
  8. jj7063180064 said: oh my lawd
  9. said: I’ll take her from behind, you fill her mouth let’s spit roast slowly for the best results
  10. RickJamesBiotch said: You know that’s hot! Why are you fishing for complements?
  11. JJ said: Gorgeous pussy! ill bet that shit feels so damn good, post more!!
  12. Mr X said: Would love to lick out that pussy and tight asshole whilst you stayed on all fours…..
  13. ODB said: The only way to fuck those 2 pretty little holes would be doggy so I could admire that stunning ass @ the same time….
  14. said: Wow my fav position I’ll fuck that pussy than watch my cum drip out
  15. said: I want to shove my face into your wet crack and muff you and then split your hot cunt lips with my hard dick. I love doggy.
  16. said: Pretty little dark asshole!! Yum
  17. said: I’d be happy to give it to her doggy. Let’s trade. Ten
  18. dark night said: post more , but this time spread n up close.
  19. said: Hott!! Let’s see more!
  20. said: Bring her over ill make her scream very sexy pose
  21. 4172934140 said: so do i!!!

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In the sharing mood

Posted on Wednesday Oct 9


Rating: 3.86    (661 votes cast)

Would you pound it????

21 Responses to “In the sharing mood”

  1. Biker Gil said: Bet it tasts sweet as honey .You got me rock fuck hard .. AGAIN and AGAIN
  2. big dick said: one word perfect
  3. said: thats so wet… I would definately pound it till you scream!
  4. rico said: I would pound that hole, 3 times a day, keep it dripping cum all day. mmm mmm
  5. Browser said: I’d like to make that even wetter, and suck your fingers too
  6. leon said: all day n night
  7. said: I would pay a pound or two to taste your wet pussy, then Fuck it till it hurts
  8. nice! said: post more!
  9. nice! said: id love to eat it and fuck it all night long! love your wet pussy!
  10. Mr Good Cat said: splash waterfalls!!! I’d go swimming and creampie you!!!
  11. said: phwoar I lov a wet pusi ummm ! :)
  13. Like to share said: After I got my self good and wet my fingers where very tasty :)
  14. GGSWA said: beautiful pussy fok it hard
  15. said: I would love to pound that with my tongue!
  16. Tosser said: I would lick it, eat it, make you cum, and fuck you for multiple orgasms!
  17. Stu said: Fuck yeah! It looks wet and tasty!
  18. said: Love to suck that pussy dry than fuck it hard and cum all over it
  19. said: Always lookin good!!
  20. said: Looks super wet yummy I would fuck it and eat it
  21. 4172934140 said: absolutely!!! open it all the way up!!!

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Ready to go!

Posted on Wednesday Oct 9


Rating: 3.94    (691 votes cast)

Anyone wanna cum get it!!!!

20 Responses to “Ready to go!”

  1. said: perfect asshole, i love it, i’d fuck you raw, gonna wank over this pic.
  2. said: dear god let grab that ass and fuck that perfect pussy from behind
  3. Biker Gil said: Will a 27 year old beer can thick cock fit in that little pussy ?? Now you got me rock hard and “ready to go”
  4. jk said: i would pound ur pussy and ass until i cum all over u
  5. t said: that ass can take a pounding. let me punish dat ass!
  6. said: please
  7. dd.eddie said: I’d come and get it and have to drag it back with me, becuase i wouldnt want to share this ass with anyone
  8. Ready to go said: I love 3 somes
  9. J R said: would she like a 3some..she built for it! beautiful rear cumfort ride! 9
  10. said: I love to cum on you every day
  11. said: luv to get that asshole baby
  12. said: On your marks. Cock out and bang !!!! Hard
  13. said: Beautiful set of pink Fuck holes ;) would love to smash both ;)
  14. Joe said: I would love to pound that pussy till it cums.
  15. said: I would bang both holes like a screen door in a hurricane
  16. said: Fav position would fuck it hard till I filled that pussy and watch it drip out email more please
  17. steve said: i could fuck that
  18. said: Yea baby your ready! Which one first!
  19. said: Sure would like to drop a load of cum in either hole! Bask that pussy up an dlets get started!
  20. 4172934140 said: id love to blow a load in both holes!! very nice!!!

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