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32yr old MILF

Posted on Saturday Mar 1

rate this pussy.JPG

Rating: 3.21    (480 votes cast)

wanna taste?

5 Responses to “32yr old MILF”

  1. said: write me and ill be there!
  2. said: mmmmm
  3. said: Would love to taste your pussy after each have both Cum, with you sat on my face sucking your Cum from my shaft
  4. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: I would give anything to taste , sweet nector from heaven
  5. said: Keep your pussy spread and I’ll lick,suck and fuck you to orgasm!! Love to see more!!

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great blowjob!

Posted on Saturday Mar 1


Rating: 3.47    (495 votes cast)

The best woman in the world!

9 Responses to “great blowjob!”

  1. thibs said: she looks incredible..especially with that cock in her mouth
  2. said: those are 34DDD’s and yes, she loves to swallow (my pic)
  3. said: may I borrow or share your lady for a night :)?
  4. dd.eddie said: SWEET! she looks intensely concentrating. Perfect. And beautiful too. Gr8 tits!
  5. said: Looks very sexy great tits, does she spit or swallow
  6. xman said: I’d let her do me
  7. said: That sure is a pretty sight! She looks very pretty too.
  8. Gloverboy6 said: Me next!
  9. said: Love to slide my cock between her tits and up into her waiting mouth!!

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Naughty L 002

Posted on Friday Feb 28


Rating: 3.93    (537 votes cast)

A shot of her tight little asshole… she loves anal!

13 Responses to “Naughty L 002”

  1. said: omg That makes me want to dump loads of cum deep inside you and watch your belly grow. So beautiful.
  2. said: Wow ;)
  3. said: i love the asshole yum!
  4. dd.eddie said: DELICIOUS!
  5. cindy said: Would love to rim you
  6. said: my tongue would love to feel and lick the inside of yourtight ass
  7. said: Eenie,meenie,miney,moe, which hole do I want to screw and shoot my load???
  8. said: Just love it please post more
  9. said: Great little lips, stick it in her ass and repost :) email ;)
  10. 4172934140 said: damn!!! both those holes are stunning!!
  11. said: Love the look of that pussy lips are spread and waiting here comes my hard cock to fill that pussy
  12. GGSWA said: gorgeous lips want to chew on it
  13. said: Willing to volunteer my time to help her loosen her tight little ass!! Love to lick,suck and fuck both beautiful holes!!

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Girlfriend’s Pussy

Posted on Tuesday Feb 25


Rating: 3.59    (644 votes cast)

10 Responses to “Girlfriend’s Pussy”

  1. said: shes hot i want to eat her
  2. J R said: beautiful real deal kok krusher! awesome goodness…9
  3. said: awesoom pussy to spank with my cock then cum on her pussy lips and a little on her tits
  4. said: Would love to lick,suck and fuck that beautiful pussy!! Love to see more in email!!
  5. dd.eddie said: Hot damn she is YUMMY!
  6. said: Wow, she looks amazing, perfect pussy, have you just been fucking her
  7. said: Very nice pussy! Would love to suck on those nice big lips and clit!
  8. Browser said: Sweet,,,looks very tasty
  9. 4172934140 said: Id cum in it!
  10. said: Cock is hard and ready to spread those beautiful pussy lips and fuck her till she cums all over my cock email more

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Wet and Ready

Posted on Friday Feb 14

beaver 0015.jpg

Rating: 3.9    (668 votes cast)

Dressing up in a sexy black outfit with my legs open. More comments and likes and the more I’ll post. Maybe with some toys next time.

26 Responses to “Wet and Ready”

  1. F3RGO said: Wanna sniff those panties while she still has them on
  2. said: yum to your wet pussy, I want to make myself at home eating your tasty wet ass
  3. said: Hurry Becci I’m waiting for that rabbit filled pussy shot, cant stop thinking about it x
  4. said: luv this pic please please post more thank u
  5. J R said: wow cum to daddy darlin! looking so vintage fine wine..slip’em aside my kinda women! post older gents?
  6. said: Love to see a doggy style pose of that yummy
  7. dd.eddie said: sweet juicy pussy, and maybe some gr8 tits hiding in the background.
  8. said: why use a toy I’m sure you could find a nice thick cock anytime i volunteer e me a few
  9. said: Forget your toys use my hard cock for your hot wet cunt. Very sexy.
  10. Destroys asses said: Well I thought it was wet till I saw your right hand finger tips covered in lube. I still want to fuck the shit out of you .
  11. R said: Love to eat that pussy & Ass!! Befor we Fucked!! Yummy!!
  12. said: Toys sound like a good idea stretch that perfect pussy x
  13. said: you look really ready!..
  14. said: Love to suck the gusset on that ;)
  15. said: Hell yea she ready for a serious stroking
  16. said: As wet as you are,I’d love to slide my cock into your waiting pussy!!
  17. said: Show us a big rabbit up your sexy pussy please, and soon x
  18. cupid cum said: Looks ready for my dick to slip in. Please post more.
  19. pantielover said: very sexy!! love your panties
  20. Browser said: That does look wet and yummy
  21. Gloverboy6 said: VERY wet pussy, what toys do you have to show us? :D
  22. said: I want you right here right now mmmmmm x x
  23. bjoker said: Looking good, damn good!!!!!
  24. said: wanna see minex
  25. 4172934140 said: looks so tasty and wet!!!
  26. said: Please post more!! You are HOT!!

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20yo round and inviting ass

Posted on Thursday Feb 6

20yo round and inviting.JPG

Rating: 3.93    (626 votes cast)

Which is more temping? My sweet swollen pussy or my tight little asshole?

23 Responses to “20yo round and inviting ass”

  1. F3RGO said: Both pretty but I’d get you to spit on my cock and I’d slide it into your a hole first
  2. Mandingo said: I would take the ass in this position but I sure would like to lick the pussy first. Looks amazing
  3. J R said: wouldnt be right to say just 1…BOTH either way..def HOTness for more? ;)10
  4. said: I love both baby x x
  5. Joe said: Id fuck that thing raw!!!
  6. said: Baby give me a ten minute break & I’ll try both sexy young holes
  7. Bhubb said: I would put my dick in both lets see some more at swap some
  8. said: that is one stunning ass, to eat that would be heaven!!
  9. said: That is om
  10. hunter said: can choose can I have both to enjoy after a headjob
  11. said: I’ll bet they both taste fantastic
  12. CHub rub said: yum
  13. Assfan69 said: I’d take that tight little asshole for 500 Alex! Damn near perfect!U from Ct?I can b there in an hour!!!
  14. said: not a very good picture
  15. said: Love to lick both and fuck both and fill them full of cream email more
  16. said: cant choose. they both look delicious.
  17. johnnyonthespot said: i’m sure they are both great but we need some better photos to confirm
  18. dd.eddie said: I never had an OPEN invitation to heaven before! WOW, cant wait until i cum there..
  19. said: i love that sweet pussy can i have it inbox me more
  20. said: Darling I’d love to try both before I make that decision! Would love to see more!!
  21. said: I’ll have for sample both to let you know!! :)
  22. urnaughtyarntu said: I can’t make that choice, I want them both!
  23. 4172934140 said: that’s is a really tough desicion!!! perfect!!

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Needs 2 Cocks

Posted on Friday Jan 31


Rating: 3.99    (808 votes cast)

Both are tight. Ass especially.

35 Responses to “Needs 2 Cocks”

  1. F3RGO said: Want your arsehole now!!! :)
  2. said: Let me know if you ever need help with that
  3. J R said: yes…shes ready for 2 cks now n then…share? beautiful…thanks for posting! awesome rocket pocket for sure10
  4. Steve said: Those are some weird ass bones you got going there.
  5. said: I would really like to fuck that deep dish asshole
  6. said: Id help you out looks like u need them holes stretching
  7. said: I couldn’t share your sexy holes! I can please them both alone! Very sexy!
  8. dd.eddie said: certainly looking mighty tight! i would love you to pinch my tongue off in either of your holes.! 10 :D
  9. me said: can I spank you?
  10. said: Wow that is one beautifully shaped ass & pussy;) if you ever need a hand please get in touch
  11. said: Stay just like that while I plow u deep internally massaging those walls n bust nonstop
  12. said: Stay just like that while I plow u deep internally n bust nonstop
  13. said: Luv to nut in that tight ass baby, drop a pic in my email
  14. Moser said: I’ll go last cause when I get past the part that all these guys use it’s always tight baby
  15. prinzm said: Love a girl who likes anal. Would love to bust one in that tight little ass!
  16. said: Love to see my cock enter that pussy email more
  17. said: ive got something big for you that u wont want 2 cocks ;-)
  18. said: Can i take one hole??
  19. said: ok i do eather e me few short phone vids il send back
  20. johnnyonthespot said: not for long if u will let me have m way with you
  21. said: Yes with an asshole as deep as that one, you need two cocks to satisfy you. 10
  22. 8-- said: perfect view, you like couples? my wife and I are looking for a girlfriend?
  23. said: I want to eat that ass wow that’s fucking nice
  24. haha said: will my 12 inch Brown cock work too because we all have a big 12 inch cock
  25. jake said: Amazing Ass & Pussy!! I’d love to stuff my cock in that and cover you in hot cum!! 10+++ from me.
  26. porno king said: Thats one delicious looking pussy
  27. jake said: Amazing Ass & Pussy!! I’d love to stuff my cock in that and cover you in hot cum.
  28. 4172934140 said: love that asshole sunk in!!! guides a dick rite in!!
  29. said: would love to slide my cock in her tight ass!! would love to see more!
  30. milfscout twitter said: vikingmilfs get on twitter and show awsome genes
  31. said: aloha
  32. milfscout twitter said: 18cm meth and fist i fix.
  33. Jay said: I want to lick that ass hole so bad ;) great puss too, could you spread those ass cheeks and post again? Beautiful ;)
  34. BBC said: Will my 12in black cock work I’ll drive it in that ass dry till you cry love white meat!
  35. said: lovely pussy

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she wants all your COCKS

Posted on Thursday Jan 30

spread adj.jpg

Rating: 3.18    (617 votes cast)

my whore wife needs your cocks….tell her what you would do to all her holes…look at that delicious juice

24 Responses to “she wants all your COCKS”

  1. Tim said: I want in
  2. dd.eddie said: My tongue may not be long but my nose is and i would shove both deeply into ur whore wifes cunt and lick!
  3. J R said: a nice puss pic of ya …thanks…gotta be sum’then…;)
  4. Wayne said: Looks fucking tight
  5. whore4U said: my whore wife wants to know whos got a longgg tongue to slide in her lil cunt
  6. said: I can sense a gangbang and a creampie coming on lets see the pics when it happens
  7. dd.eddie said: Nothing better than a juicy whore to suck inside out. Have you ever suck her hole so hard it made her womb twitch? I can! :D
  8. said: Spread those legs my cock is ready to fuck and cream you email more
  9. whore4U said: shes ready to be split wide open by some big cocks
  10. Gloverboy6 said: That’s a tight little pussy, you’re a lucky man!
  11. MichaelHarding said: I would stuff that tight little pussy, make her cream all over my cock then lick it off.
  12. paul said: ohh yes lovely, I just got hard, were are you from?
  13. said: That slut deserve all our cocks fuck here hard xx
  14. porno king said: that box looks tight. … are u sure you’ve been given her the dick?
  15. said: Love to see the whore pussy full of Man milk after about five cocks have stretched her sexy tight cunt, with you just sat watchi
  16. Samantha said: shit girl! would a cock even fit in your small pussy? my husband would love to fuck the hell out of you!
  17. ODB said: Love to stretch out that little whore pussy whilst you watched…..
  18. MrC said: holy crap that looks tight. im in
  19. whore4U said: keep em cumming and i’ll keep spreading her open 4 U
  20. Dave said: How about some contact info!
  21. xxjas said: wow that looks so amazing. I’d lick both those holes clean after a good session!!!
  22. Jay said: Would love to stretch that tight wet beutiful pussy. Show more please!
  23. said: Fill every hole possible multiple times!!
  24. 4172934140 said: that does look delicious!! want fill every hole with cum!!

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Pussy being fucked

Posted on Saturday Jan 25


Rating: 3.12    (490 votes cast)

Like how wet i get when i get stretched out?

14 Responses to “Pussy being fucked”

  1. GuyAboveisAVirgin said: ^has small dick forsure, and is jealous of this dudes cock.
  2. said: can i
  3. said: can i watch
  4. PussyMonster said: I`ll pound the fuck out of that little wet pussy ;)
  5. said: Delicious ;)
  6. 5714327523 said: Baby I’m next in that beautiful pussy
  7. 4172934140 said: awesome pussy and asshole!!!
  8. xxjas said: Love the ass! email more please!? So hot…
  9. said: Hot id love to be next my fav position I’ll add to your load email more
  10. R said: Hot Ass!!
  11. said: Love that petite little ass.
  12. Jay said: Stick it in her ass and repost :) ;)
  13. Joe said: Wish that was my cock. Nice pussy!!!
  14. dd.eddie said: U aint stretch yet! but a very juicy taint

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You wanted another

Posted on Saturday Jan 25

another tight.JPG

Rating: 3.74    (569 votes cast)

I just posted a few days ago of my wet pussy being fingered. Now what do you think, Tight enough for you?

12 Responses to “You wanted another”

  1. rocker1960.rq@ said: omg. so hot. would love to spread you open with my tongue and make you squirt on my face. e me more. im jerking off
  2. said: Looks delicious!
  3. said: Really beautiful pussy. I would love to feel your tight wet cunt around my hard cock when i sink it.
  4. said: ;) nice thanks x
  5. said: I’ll be the judge of that when I slide my cock inside your pussy email more please from behind
  6. toyo said: nice pussy, I would fuck it like a whore
  7. said: nice bald pussy
  8. said: That is a cute little pussy.
  9. said: Just looking at that tight cooter made me pre cum!
  10. dd.eddie said: Oh yes my tongue is throbbing to get stuck between your folds! :D
  11. Anon said: this makes my cock really hard, fucking sexy pic
  12. said: I’d like to strech her tigh pussy………..

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