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Rate my dirty wife 2

Posted on Wednesday May 7


Rating: 4.3    (1090 votes cast)

44 Responses to “Rate my dirty wife 2”

  1. said: Love the pussy and tits, awesome package, hot
  2. brown eye said: get her asshole bleached then she would be perfect
  3. pornlover said: gorgeous
  4. J R said: luv to C that in full BUSH! wow…what a HAIR masterpiece it would be? post full bush sometime! ;)
  5. Pussylover said: Would like to kiss and lucky even the wart.
  6. said: Very very sexy. But that wart has me worried
  7. said: absolutely stunning love to swap wife pics 10
  8. Mr. Diggler said: Her long clean clit hood is amazing!
  9. Mr. Diggler said: your dirty wife is a 10! She is quality marriage material. Lucky guy!
  10. Undertaker said: That wart on the right side is scaring me
  11. said: Stunning, you have the full package, thanks
  12. said: beautiful – please exchange photos??
  13. boris said: Damn perfection.
  14. Aiden said: I’d make sure that pussy was a sloppy mess when I was through with it.
  15. said: Hubba Hubba yes please
  16. dd.eddie said: Damn near perfect! AMAZING! :D
  17. Jizz Meister said: Your wife has got curves in all the right places, sir!
  18. said: Breathtaking, can i see the ass.
  19. said: Nice tight body and beautiful pussy! Cheers….Vaughn
  20. said: beautiful and wet. i’d love to lick that all night
  21. said: Holy smokes!!!
  22. said: Just an awsome shot of a gorgeous woman, luv to have some in my email
  23. said: We will post more soon probably. Stay tuned!
  24. ODB said: Love to cum all over your tits……
  25. said: i want to give ur clit a blowjob
  26. xxx said: HOT. fine!
  27. lucky lic said: Very Very Nice :-) That’s a 10!
  28. JB said: Wow! Is this Young Wife Boobs on the BC site? If so you are a very lucky man.
  29. Stan said: Does her butt stink?
  30. Browser said: Tasty looking pussy…nice tits too
  31. BigBaws said: That’s quite something. Very good.
  32. Rjewel said: Beautiful puffy pussy. Sweet ass n tits.
  33. said: What a great looking pussy you have baby! Just a perfect 10, all woman here. Near perfection, I ADORE YOU!
  34. Gloverboy6 said: I’d rate her a 10+!
  35. Really said: Let me and my wife share this slut!!!
  36. big en said: perfection
  37. ilovepussy said: Are those warts on her lips? Better double wrap you member.
  38. captaincum said: let me pump my hot cum up that tight asshole
  39. said: I agree with asshole addict! Great body, please post more!
  40. Ryan said: i’d love to poke that asshole and cum on those tits
  41. said: Love to lick both her waiting holes!! Love to see more!!
  42. Shaved lover said: 10
  43. said: Very sexy babe very hot thanks for sharing
  44. asshole addict said: Love the shot of her asshole. Can we see it spread next pic?

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Naughty in the kitchen

Posted on Wednesday May 7


Rating: 4.31    (935 votes cast)

Posing on kitchen counter top for an ass pic.

21 Responses to “Naughty in the kitchen”

  1. molo said: h oh oh
  2. molo said: love to eat pussy n ass want to cum n my mouth oh oh
  3. ACE said: Doll u look like you would taste & Smell delicious!
  4. said: Damn! Suzy I don’t know how I missed this photo last week. I’ll accept missing most posts, but not yours.
  5. said: Wow that ass looks do tight, I could spend a long time playing with you
  6. rda said: bend over baby i will drive you home.awsome as always best ass ever
  7. said: Can I eat my dinner off u x x
  8. dd.eddie said: I’d nevr leave you off the table top until you are truely eaten! Gone! :D
  9. lorenzo said: lookin good suzy
  10. said: i wanna dive in face first!
  11. said: Are you gonna eat all of that???
  12. said: the ass looks so damn tight, I know whats for dinner tonight, drop a few in my inbox
  13. BUSTER said: I would Love to eat that muffin before I go to school……Oh Mommy !!
  14. said: perfect place to eat ur pussy and ass then give it a good fucking
  15. xxx said: nice ass
  16. lucky lic said: That’s mak’in me HUNGRY :-P
  17. Bhubb said: Would like to lick that asshole then fuck it damn show more at swap some pics
  18. bernard lust said: bet she makes a wicked burrito
  19. said: Ass looks nice and tight,would love to tongue fuck her first and then give her a good fucking!!
  20. LucKyMaN said: Pussy looks blue!!
  21. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing

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Wife masturbating for you

Posted on Friday May 2

wow 011,1.jpg

Rating: 3.52    (683 votes cast)

Please let us know what you thing of my wifes pussy, it makes her so wet knowing that you guys/girls are watching.

18 Responses to “Wife masturbating for you”

  1. said: love to bury my face in your pussy and ass and lick both holes for you!! Love to see more!
  2. Worker said: Let her know I wanked over her pic and came really hard at the thought of her
  3. Johnnyonthespot said: Will you watch as I take turns fucking both tight wet holes? Maybe she will let u cum on her face when I am done
  4. X said: I wish you would grind that into my face.
  5. Da man :) said: Hey mr X we might post a dildo pic.
  6. Campfire said: Whatever you do, don’t shave it. Love it.
  7. Swain said: Wow her pussy REALY looks great nice clean finger nails to I’d eat that monkey
  8. rocker1960.rq@ said: i love watching women/girls masturbate and actually orgasm. very hot. e me for pic trade nice pussy baby. cum for me..yum
  9. rocker1960.rq@ said: i love watching women/girls masturbate and actually orgasm. very hot. e me for pic trade. nice pussy baby. cum for me..yum
  10. Mr X. said: Please repost with a huge dildo pushed right up that wet pussy……
  11. said: got any vids please
  12. beeverhunter said: please sit on my face untill I drowned in your love juices.
  13. ACE said: Doll i can imagine how good your scent would b!
  14. said: wod b betta if u add a gud play 1st then send in a wey pusi pic !
  15. john said: please clean it up
  16. Da man :) said: Please post some comments, we will read them together my wife and I.
  17. said: Would like to make her flick her bean over my face as you tongue her ass & she sucks my throbbing cock, love her lips
  18. jimmy said: i’m getting off too. love to bury my hard dick deep insde you and feel you cum

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Wife´s dripping wet pussy

Posted on Friday May 2

wow 016,1.jpg

Rating: 3.13    (622 votes cast)

This is how wet and turned on she gets by knowing you are watching. She also loves to read your comments.

19 Responses to “Wife´s dripping wet pussy”

  1. said: I would love to bury my face in that right now that’s one fantastic furburger
  2. JaJa Binks said: Looks worn out and old to me. Should of at least trimmed it
  3. said: love to lick and suck those beautiful pink pussy lips!! Love to see more!!
  4. Genxer70@gmail.con said: Beautiful pussy! More please.
  5. nukemace said: thats not wet…..its beat up though 1/10
  6. rj said: very nice would love to make her cum on my tongue
  7. said: erm far from wet ! nxt time I hope she pisses all over u !
  8. Campfire said: Very nice.
  9. randy said: my that is one sweet pussy .. can i just lick a few times
  10. spacedog said: that is gorgeous beyond belief
  11. Alan said: Shave it
  12. rocker1960.rq@ said: very nice. but it would really be like eating honydew if she shavedher pretty pussy bare
  13. Undertaker said: Looks like a Venus fly trap
  14. JimmyJazz said: That looks beat up………
  15. ACE said: Aesome set of lips Doll. Post a pic bent over plz!!
  16. lucky lic said: Sweet !! You are one lucky man :-) 10
  17. john said: wow did the whole foorball team just nail it
  18. said: Fuck me those lips are made to fit my face, I could tongue her pink hole all day, nose deep
  19. Undertaker said: Clean it up

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wifes sweet pussy and ass

Posted on Friday Apr 25


Rating: 3.55    (498 votes cast)

4 Responses to “wifes sweet pussy and ass”

  1. said: Amazing ;) love both holes & stud
  2. said: Is that going to Kok-ka-bob me? If not, I’m game!
  3. BCooper!! said: I Love how ur lips r nice n out mmmm
  4. pussylover said: what a hot pic i love the pricing i would suck on both thoes holes

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My girls upside down sexy pussy

Posted on Friday Apr 25


Rating: 3.57    (505 votes cast)

I love to lick her pussy like this

14 Responses to “My girls upside down sexy pussy”

  1. bvrclvr said: only thing missing ,is me !
  2. said: sexy hips!
  3. ttt said: cum play whit me
  4. ttt said: nice pussy n wich I coud see jou play with me
  5. Jizz Meister said: Love to see this beauty from a few more interesting angles…
  6. dd.eddie said: OMG! PERFECT! Me too? Please?
  7. said: Awesome shot, can she spread ;)
  8. Rjewel said: Fun with a Tester. Open her legs
  9. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to eat your juicy wet pussy , sucking your lips in my mouth ,licking your clit till you cum in my mouth
  10. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to eat your juicy wet pussy , sucking your lips in my mouth ,licking your clit till you cum in my mouthb
  11. said: Nice butterfly, and the tattoo isn’t bad either!
  12. BCooper!! said: Vertical 69 here we cum!!!
  13. said: Very creative…looks like the ass could be very nice too? Show the bum….please!
  14. beefy said: love the bush.More please, spread her open!

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Ready, willing and able!

Posted on Wednesday Apr 23

IMG_1714 (2) (467x640).jpg

Rating: 3.8    (623 votes cast)

Who wants a ride?

14 Responses to “Ready, willing and able!”

  1. said: Babe love your pussy.
  2. said: come and ride my thick cock anyday
  3. Jizz Meister said: Yum yum. I’d love to give that a good licking (for starters)…
  4. 4/24/14 leather lips said: Wow looks scrumish
  5. said: Mmmmm…. Yes please ;) beautiful pussy & bottom x
  6. Aiden said: Me too doll! Beautiful, thx for sharing
  7. said: pretty pussy for sure e me few more please
  8. said: beautiful pussy. i want to suck your hard clit and lick your asshole
  9. ODB said: That pink oyster looks very very ready. Very willing. And very able. I’d love to cum a load inside you….. x
  10. said: Sign me and my hard cock up. Can you handle me?
  11. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  12. said: Love for her to slide that pussy down my cock,I’d give her a good fucking!! Love to see more!!
  13. DirtyBoy said: Wow that looks like a really fun ride!!!
  14. 4172934140 said: count me in!!!! awesome pussy!!!

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Cute little cunt

Posted on Tuesday Apr 22


Rating: 3.53    (542 votes cast)

13 Responses to “Cute little cunt”

  1. J R said: i would get “tongue twisted” lick’en n stroken that..but what fun
  2. said: would love to trade pictures with you, what a gorgeous pussy
  3. Spike said: Yummy!!!
  4. said: Very nice, would like to rub my japs eye up your clit till I spunk ;) then watch you Wank off
  5. Bjorn said: That thing looks like it is throwing gang signs.
  6. rocker1960.rq@ said: holy crap. can i est u up please. tongue fuck your pretty lil pussy. e me morr please. thanks for sharing. very hot baby
  7. said: very nice pussy. needs a good lickin’
  8. said: really cute e me a few please
  9. d-bag said: can easily tell this is a big woman nice clitty though
  10. said: what the fuck. i want to suck it
  11. said: Looks nice and tight!! Love to have that little pussy riding my cock!!
  12. said: Great little pussy i wound eat it till you make me stop
  13. Dirty said: Nothing cute about that!

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Wifes ass and pussy

Posted on Tuesday Apr 22


Rating: 3.93    (642 votes cast)

Bent over and ready

20 Responses to “Wifes ass and pussy”

  1. jeff said: That pussy looks like it wants some strange cock deep inside
  2. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: I want to taste that delicious looking Pussy!!
  3. jeff said: lemme fuck that hot ass
  4. Yup said: Too good for you alone, you gotta pass that juicy pussy around. Looks like it was made for it
  5. said: 2 in the pink 1 in the stink
  6. J R said: bro..when your done shes ready for more another vintage ck…luv to stand in while ya mix some drinks..10 awesome..midwest
  7. said: i want to suck on your asshole!
  8. said: lovely pussy and arse she has there, would you mind me involved with the fun?
  9. said: Fucking hot my cock is hard and ready to fuck your wife hard and fill her pussy full e mail some please
  10. Pussy lover said: Nice , my dick is so hard now
  11. said: Love to lick her pussy and ass while she’s spread like that then give her a good fucking in either hole!!
  12. said: I’d love to lick that ass and pussy
  13. said: Delicious looking bottom, thanks for posting ;)
  14. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: tasty sweet pussy to lick , love to tongue fuck your tight ass-hole, watching my cock disapear between your tight wet lips
  15. Jesse said: Yummy, more ass pimples.
  16. said: nice open pussy e me few more close ups please
  17. ACE said: Great pose Doll!
  18. ME said: nice ass and opened pussy
  19. said: Very sexy babe very hot
  20. No Thanks said: That’s all you buddy!

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Ex wife pussy love cock

Posted on Saturday Apr 19


Rating: 3.94    (618 votes cast)

My ex wife love cock.. This 26 year old pussy is tight but opens up to take anything..two 10 plus cocks DP balls and all

12 Responses to “Ex wife pussy love cock”

  1. said: Must feel good being a slut !!! Keep up the good work, great role models mmmm
  2. said: Any more photos ;)
  3. wow said: mmmmm
  4. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  5. said: Hot pussy! Love to see more that position is my fav would fuck her till I fill her pussy full watch it drip out
  6. said: I’d love to tongue fuck her ass and then slide my cock in! She looks nice and tight!
  7. J R said: thats built for ck n pleasure! beautiful..any more posts? 10 bet shes beautiful looking too
  8. said: looks nice give me some of that.
  9. said: Perfect shot send her my way to get plowed in
  10. G said: Got more of her to trade?
  11. said: oi ur 1 sad fucker she gave u da boot so u post a dumb msg un pic eh get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. said: write me i want to eat your ass!

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