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Wife’s smooth pussy

Posted on Friday Mar 15

P9270189 (2) (Medium).jpg
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Nice tight pussy and big booty.

19 Responses to “Wife’s smooth pussy”

  1. said: love the split
  2. gm said: love to have my tongue tunning along those sweet thighs untill they get to the promise land between them your fantastic
  3. Oh said: Yes
  4. Fuckstick said: I recognize that tat on her tummy I fucked her one night.
  5. said: lucky
  6. ACE said: Very nice. Let’s see the total package Doll!
  7. said: Email pics of big booty!
  8. hunter said: dam it would be driping cum i would never let her dry out
  9. said: goooosh, first time my circumcized dick gets wet faaast! honsestly, do u exist?
  10. J R said: looks very delicious..looks like she has a awesome bumm too..can we C it
  11. Swallow it said: Yummy
  12. 4172934140 said: looks very sexy
  13. R said: Would love to EAT that Pussy!! & ASS!!
  14. rj said: she looks good to me for licking and sticking
  15. said: I would love to see more. Maybe pics of her tits too
  16. Dj northeast said: great looking pussy could lick & fuck her all night 07599867163.
  17. said: Nom nom nom
  18. dd.eddie said: I want to bob for blueberries in that cute pussy
  19. me too said: can i eat it that pussy?

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sexy asian gf with toy

Posted on Thursday Mar 14

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And for those wondering she tastes amazing and is very tight

12 Responses to “sexy asian gf with toy”

  1. said: nice
  2. dd.eddie said: thanks you. i just knew she would taste amazing. how about white goo cum output. I bet she can squirt too!
  3. Triplej said: That’s so nice! Post one with the toy in
  4. Pussy liking good said: At least put the toy half in an show us ur cum all over it how u injoy cock ?
  5. Hot love said: Can i see yr asshole you r so hot
  6. J R said: reminds me of a previous post named “sweet Saigon”….awesome either way! ;)
  7. said: Looks damn tight and I luv those sweet suckable lips
  8. Browser said: Yummy
  9. Oggys said: like a huge hole
  10. said: I can almost fee thost pretty lips clamped around my dick…. Ecstasy!!!
  11. said: would love to slide balls deep in that pussy
  12. 4172934140 said: looks like it!!!

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My latin pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 4

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Hope you like the view!!!

20 Responses to “My latin pussy”

  1. Buddy said: Sweet tamale
  2. John said: Id shove my massive throbbing cock deep inside you and plough your pussy so hard and cum on your ass
  3. J R said: my kinda woman HAIR!!! 10 pecos! ;)
  4. said: so very nice !
  5. said: wonderful view and it would feel even better. Nice and wet to slide in with my hot dick.
  6. Longhorn said: Pretty
  7. said: I do love a hairy pussy
  8. said: I will eat your hot pussy inside out and then i will fuck your wet cunt any way you want with my hard cock. Beautiful.
  9. rj said: very sexey view! hold them legs open and I will lick you until you cum on my face
  10. said: Beautiful xxx
  11. irishman said: love latina pussy, would so give you an irish creampie, then fuck your tight asshole too
  12. said: very sexy i like it very much
  13. idewitt69@ya said: latin licking good
  14. eardman said: 10+ Love the view – please send in more
  15. said: Can I get a pair of your panties?
  16. Greg said: That is what pussy is supposed to look like!!! 10+
  17. said: wow would love to eat your sexy fuck holes even eat my jizzz from horny pussy
  18. said: Perfect EATING PUSSY!!!!
  19. said: Nice! Let’s see more!!!:-)
  20. said: Like it? I love it! Would love to lick,suck and fuck your hot pussy!

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Your Next Wallpaper

Posted on Friday Mar 1

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Check out my girls PERFECT ASS!!

32 Responses to “Your Next Wallpaper”

  1. Worker said: Lovely, I just had the best wank over your pic. So hard, I needed to cum
  2. said: MMM if my wife wouldn’t see it it would be my wallpaper.. covered in cum
  3. site see er said: hot babe
  4. Fuckstick said: Would you like to watch her cum all over my 12 incher
  5. slutty said: lovely pussy fancy shareing it
  6. said: Nice would love to sink my dick into both ur holes email more
  7. said: Nice would love sink my dick into both ur holes email more
  8. Pussy lover said: thanks for sharing!!!
  9. said: please write me i want you! wow
  10. said: Just beautiful. thanks!!!!
  11. nomad said: nice pussy
  12. 4172934140 said: looks like she loves it in the ass!!
  13. said: Very sexy.
  14. Swallow it said: Gorgeous
  15. said: anyone wanting to trade
  16. XYZ said: FamousMrEd put it perfectly. Nice, but not THAT nice…
  17. said: sexy lip and a super tight looking ass hole, how can it be better
  18. Yo said: Meaty, and looks like she could handle a double, or triple play at the same time!
  19. secret said: yeah, so not wallpaper worthy!!
  20. FamousMrEd said: shes cute but you over sold it bro
  21. nomad said: mmm reminds me of my mistress pussy…with a nice ass..!! excellent :)
  22. XYZ said: I’d spodey on her ass…
  23. said: love to check her meaty pussy lips out covered in hot cum
  24. big8inch said: not really, no
  25. Me teeny said: Meh
  26. Ronnie said: Ouch hott
  27. said: would love to come right up behind her and slide my cock in that tight pussy
  28. dd.eddie said: DEElicious ass n pie, but gr8 titties and sexy hot body! YUM :D
  29. Greg said: Umm…not wallpaper worthy
  30. anon said: not so much
  31. dj northeast said: nice photo looks like she has a tight pussy wouldn’t. Mind licking it. 07599867163
  32. said: She has the perfect ass, sweetest pussy, and tightest body

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Wives driving pussy!

Posted on Friday Mar 1

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She even spreads it in the car!

16 Responses to “Wives driving pussy!”

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: jesus christ love to suck your gorgeous pussy lips ,love the taste of your cum
  2. said: Sensational wanna eat and fuck both ur holes email more
  3. said: Sensational wanna eat and fuck both ur holes
  4. Spike said: Love that pussy!! Want to suck that clit bigtime!
  5. andy said: yum
  6. Swallow it said: Fuck her hard in the car n cum in that tasty hole
  7. circumaid said: wow never seen scolloped edged piss flaps before, great off for a wank!
  8. said: luv those sweet suckable lip and that delicious clit
  9. J R said: beautiful butterfly! wow! post again..geeeezzzeee ;)
  10. whynotfukit said: pretty pink lips &look @that long ass clit streched out! solid 8
  11. said: love her big piss flaps :) could play with them. babies in on or over your car
  12. hunter said: i would love to drive her pussy and see it spread around my shaft balls deep xx
  13. tongue chow said: if you were my wife yould have a bigger diamond for that sweet pussy.
  14. dj northeast said: 10+pussy looks like it needs a cock in it 07599867163
  15. Pussy liking good said: Spread it over my wife’s face and ill watch ;-)
  16. said: Nice pussy she got .i know u like it .

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wanna lick;)

Posted on Tuesday Feb 26

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my wife’s tight pussy!! enough to drive you crazy.

55 Responses to “wanna lick;)”

  1. 2fer said: just came in my wife twice now I’m rubbing one out to yoy
  2. Licku2good said: OOOOh i wanna suck and f*ck her till she moans and shouts and begs for me to stop!!
  3. Chgccg said: Best thing ive seen i wish i could eat her pussy and squirtt me
  4. said: Mmmmm that real sweet sit on my face and let me stick my tongue deep inside email more
  5. said: I’d love to see it wet and dripping with her excitement
  6. pos said: Delicious lips.
  7. steelbro7 said: I must say it is amazing
  8. said: perfect i want!
  9. Leo said: I would love to lick it, may I?
  10. said: It drives you crazy what do you think it does to us ?
  11. Swallow it said: Sit on my face Mmm
  12. ky dick man said: WOW
  13. Mike said: It might not be a web pic, but its def photoshopped.
  14. said: Looks so tight and clean! Can I have a turn after you’re done with it?
  15. XYZ said: If you say so…
  16. J R said: thats good likken n more! 10 hard tongues for sure! haha ;)
  17. big dog said: yes please cum on my face
  18. james said: I’m so llucky to go home at 5 today and eat that pussy
  19. james said: that is not a web pic that’s my wife in our bathroom right after we shaved her pussy
  20. XYZ said: Looks like a web pic to me. Check out the perfect lighting and smoothed skin…
  21. TX COUPLE ;) said: @@@ Sarah you wanna rub pussies with my girl? She is smoking hot!
  22. said: I’d be more than happy to give that sweet pussy a lick and more
  23. said: Oh yes please.. And a Fuck xxxx
  24. Bryan Adams said: Sweet
  25. said: oh hell yes!
  26. said: beautiful pal! lick suck love to
  27. Mr. X said: Beautiful lips.
  28. said: Wow is all I have to say!
  29. said: Don’t have to ask me twice. Be more than glad to lick suck and fuck her pussy
  30. bill said: yes, very very much
  31. Sarah said: I wana roll my tongue up that pussy so much and wana rub my pussy against yours
  32. josh said: one of the nicest ive seen. take good care of it and maybe we cud share
  33. rob said: that’s simply perfection
  34. said: yes….yes i do!!!!!!!!!
  35. said: I would lick that pussy till you came all over my fac
  36. GGSWA said: that pussy is sticking its tongue out let’s kiss
  37. TX COUPLE ;) said: We both would love to lick and share that nice pretty little kitty !!!!
  38. dd.eddie said: I want to lick it until my tongue bleeds
  39. Love Pussy said: Any man in his right mind would want to make sweet love to this beautiful and sexy woman. Licking her and making love to her.
  40. Love Pussy said: Why do people want to always tear a pussy up or make her walk funny.?
  41. Browser said: Lovely pink pussy, looks very tasty
  42. Snatch said: That is a beautiful pussy! You should be proud!
  43. said: yes yes i wana lick it i i i like dog. wud swallow every lick of ur pussy juice!!! like a dog
  44. Lickit said: Want suck on that clit hmmmmmm looks so good
  45. Lickit said: I want lick and drink the pussy cum then fuck hard. Amazing pussy
  46. Chunky said: Yes yes yes i do !
  47. dj northeast said: would love to lick &fuck her tight pussy 07599867163.
  48. James said: Yes. Lick and fuck. Mmmmmm
  49. badbehavior said: i’d rather stick it in after I lick it
  50. said: one weekend with me and her sweet pussy will be sore ..she will walk funny if she walks at all … yahoo me pix
  51. said: YUUUUMY.
  52. said: wow. absolute perfection. i would love to taste it. id love to eat that pussy for hours.
  53. 4172934140 said: looks amazing
  54. thickdickloving said: You damn right because it’s drving me crazy!
  55. leon said: love to lick suck and fuck that pussy all day n night

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My 24 years old pussy

Posted on Friday Feb 22

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This is my tight pussy, do you like it?

33 Responses to “My 24 years old pussy”

  1. stacy said: Love your pussy, you should post some more!
  2. said: yeah! its incredilbe. i just masturbate twice with this pic… can i have more?
  3. skinny said: Bzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. said: i want to eat u so bad please!
  5. said: I love hairy puss don’t change
  6. Buddy said: For a second I thought u were my wife .. But. She has bigger pussy lips I wanna make yours bigger
  7. Buddy said: I would love to fuck the honey out of that
  8. tx ken said: that’s one pretty pussy with just the rite amount hair on. I would love to Dick it down
  9. said: beautiful pussy, would look even better with my penis in it
  10. R said: Vary Hot would love to fuck the Hell out of that sweet Pussy!!
  11. said: ahhh to be 24 again. Or rather to be inside a 24 year old again.
  12. NotAsDumbAsLucky said: Nice. And Lucky apparently needs to be with a women to realize the lovely lips on the outside doesnt mean cant have a tight pus
  13. Lucky said: Tight? we must have a different definition?
  14. Kylan said: Wow, what a nice pussy!
  15. Swallow it said: I’d love to fuck it
  16. tongue chow said: sit on my face.
  17. said: baby I love your sexy piddly x
  18. said: Lovely pussy. I’d suck on it all day. Inbox me more of it
  19. 4172934140 said: yes i like it very much! would love to c the asshole
  20. rj327275@aol said: DON’T TOUCH A HAIR ON THIS BEAUTIFUL BUSH!!
  21. rj327275@aol said: PERFECT! LOVE IT!
  23. said: i like it alot would love to cum over your pubes
  24. Cocky said: Needs a trim I would say!
  25. said: I just want to dive in tongue first
  26. Onetongueslow said: That’s looks like some good eating, love to taste it
  27. Greg said: Don’t shave it, that is what makes it so great! 10+
  28. said: Want to try me
  29. BossBoss said: I’m absolutely in love with her!
  30. idewitt69@yahoo said: love it
  31. Steve said: nice puss!
  32. leon said: great pussy. would be even better shaved. still fuck the hell outta it though
  33. DEVIL said: Would like it more if the hair was gone

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Wet wife

Posted on Tuesday Feb 19

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20 Responses to “Wet wife”

  1. said: Such a sweet juicy pussy I wanna bury my face in it email more
  2. Pussy said: @holly I’m also 22 and blonde, fancy rubbing pussys till we climax?
  3. Achey said: yes please a Holly pic, make sure you title it with Holly so we know its you :)
  4. said: nice lips
  5. Hunter said: would like to see a wet Holly pick sumtime ? :-)
  6. 4172934140 said: looks tasty
  7. said: Awesome, would love to lick n suck on those sweet lips
  8. said: Hot wife, email more
  9. sku11candygreen said: that’s 1 sweet pussy yummy
  10. said: Nice wet pussy,would love to taste your juices
  11. Swallow it said: Holly u got any pics?
  12. Hunter said: leave hubby out of it I will make you so wet sexy :-P
  13. dj northeast said: holly lets see your pussy posted 07599867163.
  14. Hunter said: @ holly thats one way of getting a mouth full of hot jiz I know a nother … come play with me :-)
  15. Holly said: Would ur husband let a 22yr old blonde eat you out after he leaves his love juice inside you
  16. said: Beautiful lips.
  17. dj northeast said: Looks like it could do with a good licking 07599867163.
  18. Swallow it said: Mmmm
  19. Mr Harsh said: Wife? I’ll take your word for it. Wet? Doesn’t look like it.
  20. said: Hell of a butterfly, very tight and wet…

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Clean fresh pierced pussy

Posted on Sunday Feb 17

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I sent this to my hubby when he was at work and we decided to share it with you guys… Ladies welcome! – Gizzmo20

19 Responses to “Clean fresh pierced pussy”

  1. said: Deliscious email more
  2. Gizzmo20 said: Maybe more in the future :) thanks!
  3. hot love said: Can i lick it
  4. Swallow it said: Lucky fella
  5. said: Would love to see what the rest of that body looks like bc damn is that pussy perfect
  6. Browser said: More please
  7. said: BEAUTIFUL!
  8. said: Wow wanna c more
  9. said: Ur husband is a lucky man I tell ya. I would smash that every night and day!
  10. Amanda said: ;P
  11. mmmm said: memories
  12. Gizzmo20 said: Thank you all :)
  13. said: Very nice, I could lick n suck on that for hrs. Can we see more
  14. said: That is the tightest sweetest looking pussy on this site. Ten from me darlin
  15. said: You are just so Hot.. damn…
  16. said: OMG that loos so damn tits, luv to lick and stick that pussy
  17. said: would love to lick,suck and fuck that beautiful pussy!
  18. captaincum said: damn that looks tight. would love to stick my 6 x 5 1/4 in
  19. dj northeast said: very nice would lick that pussy till it cums

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My girlfriends pussy

Posted on Sunday Feb 17

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Hi. My girlfriend thinks her clit is too big. What do you all think? Is it a pretty pussy?

38 Responses to “My girlfriends pussy”

  1. said: a big clit is a beautiful thing… believe that.
  2. Donna said: would love to stick my fingers in that tight little hole of hers wow your so lucky
  3. gfbf said: its a perfect pussy i would eat it all day long
  4. Lynz said: I wished my pussy looked like this , so yummy!
  5. said: Nice juicy pussy love to lick and suck her big clit email more
  6. said: absolutely an amazing hot fucking pussy. I want you to sit on my face soo damn badly!!!!
  7. Pussyrater said: Have u seen the size of sum Chics clit . This one it well normal
  8. Troy said: Damn. That looks delicious!
  9. said: Beauty!!!!
  10. Mr. Diggler said: no way is it too big, not from this angle anyway. Tell her just to be happy she doesn’t have roast beef curtains. nobody likes
  11. Mr. Diggler said: I am only into innie pussies, preferably with a long clithood. Her lips are small and her clit looks kinda stubby but not big
  12. Swallow it said: Juicy n lovely
  13. Just Me said: I’m a girl…and I’m telling you it’s perfect! Guys love that!
  14. Browser said: Nice wet and juicy pussy
  15. me said: it s d just perfect pussy i looked for.
  16. Gizzmo20 said: Girl to girl, it’s very beautiful! I luv it! Mine is the pic above yours doll :)
  17. said: She’s crazy, I would love to suck on that clit and both holes
  18. said: Her clit is just perfect. Ten from me
  19. 4172934140 said: yes very sexy pussy
  20. said: You have nothing to worry about that one find wet pussy and I’m sure all the men on here would only b to glad to fuck it hard x
  21. hot love said: Its a hot 10 lov it
  22. said: Its perfect.. it is so beautiful….
  23. brown boa said: id rub my dick head all over that clit then cum on yur boyfriens face..
  24. said: it is gorgeous, her clit is not to big, just right if you ask me
  25. said: her pussy/clit are perfect. would live yo suck on it swell it up and make it bigger. email more
  26. big8inch said: what does she mean? that’s just beautiful. she should be happy to show it off.
  27. said: nice wet pussy,wouldn’t mind sucking and licking her big clit
  28. said: i want to suck that clit till you cum all over my face its perfect i want to see more
  29. captaincum said: looks creamy wet. i want taste
  30. jeff said: perfect
  31. Rachelle said: Simply excellent. The best pussy here.
  32. Jim said: Just perfect….nothing to worry about there…enjoy!!
  33. clover said: Perfect pussy. Lick that nub in circles, make her cum.
  34. Simon said: I love that pussy, it’s gorgeus, I’d fuck it hard all night long!
  35. Johnnyonthespot said: There is no such thing. I’d eat and fuck it good while u watch
  36. dj northeast said: that’s a lovely wet pussy I could fill full of my cock
  37. Rocco said: Incredible. It’s beautiful.
  38. Cody said: Looks amazing to me!!!!!

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