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Fiance’s juicy strawberry

Posted on Thursday Jun 19

[Total: 566    Average: 4/5]

What would you do with her?

14 Responses to “Fiance’s juicy strawberry”

  1. MARY JO said: Would love to get my tongue right inside your sweet wet cunt hole .
  2. playpen said: that’s more like a bruised plum. Just sayin’. Not that I don’t like it! I’d love to feel her squeeze every drop of cum from me
  3. Sculptor said: Keep screwing the pants off of her….
  4. hunter said: would dp creampie
  5. R said: Set that sweet Pussy right here on my Face!! Mighty Fine Ass!!
  6. said: Your pussy wants to be kissed and licked and sucked
  7. said: Drive my tongue deep in her pussy before fucking her hard and deep
  8. said: Love it!!!
  9. said: my tongue would look great in that!
  10. said: Lick it well, then stroke her deep
  11. J R said: let her have 2 vintage cks..join in she looks ready now! lucky man indeed,,
  12. dd.eddie said: Suck her pussy inside out
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful strawberries and whipped cream or maybe my cream
  14. Bill Carson said: Ram my cock in that pussy until she begged me to stop

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big ass wife pussy

Posted on Monday Jun 16

leka man.jpg
[Total: 636    Average: 3.9/5]

Beautiful ass of my wife waiting for me to pound that tight wet pussy

14 Responses to “big ass wife pussy”

  1. said: could do that ass some major licking mmm
  2. said: she needs my hard thick cock deep in that pyssy and ass
  3. dd.eddie said: tear beckoning ass!
  4. thickbadunk said: sexy badonkadonk
  5. rummy said: now that looks yummy
  6. J R said: thats a 2 ck woman..1 not enuff…share? beautiful 10
  7. said: Hells yeah! I bet she parties!!!
  8. said: Damn that is a beautiful ass would love to fuck her hard anyone wanna swap photos
  9. said: i like to cum on your ass with my very big and thick cock you are 10+
  10. said: That is a great ass baby!!!! thanks for sharing could eat that
  11. leon said: can i burry my face and cock in that nice juicy ass n pussy.
  12. Jesus said: Tooooo big for my taste
  13. said: love to fuck that tight ass
  14. said: Love to be smacking her ass as I’m giving her a good hard fucking!!

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Sexy 28yo Wife Showing Off Her Pussy

Posted on Monday Jun 16

2014-06-15 23.09.18.jpg
[Total: 560    Average: 3.8/5]

Picture of sexy wife from recent weekend getaway/fuckathon. Comments are always welcome – she loves them!

15 Responses to “Sexy 28yo Wife Showing Off Her Pussy”

  1. R said: Frist I would feed you my cock balls deep down you throat !! Then we would Fuck all Night & Day !!
  2. @johntho96331170 said: sweet looking pussy. hot body.
  3. Sculptor said: She knows how to entertain…
  4. dave said: She is hot..You’re one luck sod to get a fuckable wife like that. I’d be her slave to get to fuck that lol
  5. said: thats nice
  6. Mel said: Nice fleshy clit
  7. J R said: beautiful HOT for sure! needs lots of ck..she ready for 2 cks yet? post more
  8. said: Nice collage! I feel like I just got an early Christmas present!
  9. Timber said: You lucky sombitch! Dont you ever let that one go! My god she’s fine.
  10. JB said: A great ass and a great pussy…who wants to bet she has some fantastic tits under there too…
  11. Sculptor said: Love the spirit…
  12. Jizz Meister said: Nice shots of total gorgeousness…
  13. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing those are gorgeous I’m ready to taste.that
  14. said: beautiful pussy and a great selection of shots!
  15. said: Allow me to lick,suck and fuck your sweet pussy!!

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pierced redhaired pussy

Posted on Sunday Jun 15

[Total: 718    Average: 3.7/5]

showing my new piercing

25 Responses to “pierced redhaired pussy”

  1. @johntho96331170 said: very sexy
  2. said: love to eat your juicy pussy as long as it takes for you to cum in mymouth
  3. Sculptor said: Not into piercings… But that body is sexy
  4. Steve said: holy shit what a beautiful pussy
  5. Jizz Meister said: Lovely. Please sit on my face while I ponder my next move…
  6. said: fucking beautiful!! my piercing would look amazing next to yours!
  7. J R said: redheads! nuff said…built for hotness n pleasure! go right past that metal this time! 10 post more
  8. said: You may sit your pussy lips on my face and ride me like a symbian then i want to fuck you and squirt your wet cunt full of cum!
  9. said: Love to bury my tongue in there to start my day off….good morning to you! V
  10. Aiden said: It would fill me with glee to see a shot of this women bent over.
  11. cheekybugger1968 said: is there anything better than a ginger pussy with a little bit of fluff on it? didn’t think so! .
  12. Sean said: Fuck er right in the pussy
  13. prinzm said: Would love to tug on that sexy piercing before I slow fucked both holes :-)
  14. sexy mike said: That ginger pussy is fantastic. you are perfect. can i eat that?
  15. Mr Good Cat said: next time show some of that red bush!!!
  16. said: Nice! Would love to see her “sunny side” up!
  17. VeinyVictor said: Is there anything better to wake up to?
  18. Undertaker said: Gingers have no soul
  19. mclaw said: very pretty tight looking pussy
  20. BBD said: I think you should show me more of that ginger pussyand I’ll show u my big cock
  21. said: i want to eat
  22. said: Hey, we’re twins! I have the same one in my cock :)
  23. said: lickable! 10
  24. said: I’d enjoy licking,sucking and fucking your beautiful pussy!! Would love to see more!!
  25. said: I adore your sweet pussy, a perfect 10 for me. Wanna eat you up.

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my milf 8

Posted on Sunday Jun 15

[Total: 605    Average: 3.8/5]

what should I take next

22 Responses to “my milf 8”

  1. Big69lover said: I’d can just imagine a cock in every hole…
  2. said: A dick in your most wet hole!
  3. @johntho96331170 said: my cock
  4. said: I would love to hurry my face in that ass omg
  5. TJ said: my tongue first then my cock
  6. Sculptor said: A wine bottle , cucumber or fist..
  7. ACE said: AWESOME Doll!! I’d love to cum home to find you spread just like this! So tasty looking. More plz. ;d
  8. J R said: a woman who does a 2 handed reach around like that is my kinda woman…10
  9. jim said: I want my prick in both holes
  10. mr.big said: that pic luks kind of incomplete. nwt tym lemme put mah dick in ur swt ass
  11. prinzm said: Want that asshole!!
  12. said: I want to see you with two fingers in your ass :) and more of you in my email inbox 😉 super ass lady!
  13. VeinyVictor said: Perfect to kick up a weeknight
  14. BBD said: Reach a little further and pull that pussy open for me!!!
  15. said: wanna fuck u.
  16. MARY JO said: You sure would be a great doggy style fuck wet meaty and tight .
  17. BBD said: Three fingers in that sweet pussy!!!
  18. adam said: My hard throbbing cock in your pretty ass.
  19. Mel said: So hot
  20. AssEater said: A cock in your pussy, ass & one stuffed down your throat!!
  21. said: My cock in your pussy or ass? Love to have you backing that ass up on my cock!!
  22. Moser said: U should take this cock next so sexy

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my milf 5

Posted on Friday Jun 13

[Total: 629    Average: 3.6/5]

love it

22 Responses to “my milf 5”

  1. said: that anus looks like it has a surprise inside – still hot though :)
  2. gape said: I would smash the fuck out of that fuck hole and then pound that stink hole till its raw!
  3. Tim said: I would lick out that asshole and beaver all night
  4. ACE said: Very inviting Doll!
  5. J R said: wow deep n slow! browneye next day! 😉 10 post more
  6. jim said: I want to fuck that ass and give her a screaming orgasm
  7. 123 said: Not nice. Ass looks destroyed.
  8. captaincum said: that’s a big butthole
  9. aj stone said: I recently got her to take it in the ass about 4 times now its always teasing me
  10. rj said: thats a nice clean pussy I would lick her pussy and finger ass until you cum on my face
  11. said: Looks like my bfs butt
  12. Aiden said: I’d take the asshole over the pussy on this one. That asshole just looks way to inviting right now
  13. aj stone said: been enjoying it! I’ll have aonther pic out soon
  14. said: Now that is one experienced ass! Lets see it in action please :) can I lick it please 😉
  15. said: Does she take it in the ass?
  16. said: What an ass that is!
  17. MARY JO said: That sure is one great meaty cunt love to eat it .
  18. said: Pussy and ass look inviting! Would love to give her a good hard fucking!!
  19. said: Damn!
  20. said: nice!!! Great ass beautiful! !!!! thanks for sharing
  21. Liguy32 said: I’d love to lick that asshole for hours! Wow!
  22. said: i want your ass

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Hot Irish Pussy – No Hands ;-)

Posted on Friday Jun 13

[Total: 576    Average: 3.7/5]

20 Responses to “Hot Irish Pussy – No Hands ;-)”

  1. said: how about some hoy wexford dick for your tight pussy?
  2. J R said: redhead irish lass! beautiful post a close up! NatureGirl post a pic? 😉
  3. jim said: i’m going to lick suck and fuck that darling
  4. said: so damn hot had to comment again absolutely gorgeous
  5. Hornay1 said: Nice
  6. said: Force your cunt down on my face while you suck my dick then i can fuck your wet cunt and give you a hot fresh cream pie!
  7. said: I would never get tired pleasing your pussy.
  8. said: Thats a better view!! Back that ass up on my cock and let me give you a good hard fucking!!
  9. said: Awesome beautiful pussy nice ass really sexy
  10. NatureGirl said: Cute ass babe
  11. said: Feel like listening to the Cranberries and rubbing one out!
  12. Lust4Ass said: Nice shaped ass
  13. said: your little ass is so pretty!
  14. TommyAurtherFromOntarioAddMeOnFB said: Awesome. Add me on fb
  15. said: Well being Irish myself I have to say I love to slip my cock right into your lovely pussy can I ?
  16. Sgrddy said: Innocent Irish girl
  17. Lickit said: Babe thanks no hands. Dam hot pussy ur u ready for me to eat ur minge while u suck my cock
  18. MARY JO said: Do you haveing a tongue up your fanny doggy style
  19. buck naked said: now that pussy and ass looks damn good.
  20. ConCorr said: I’d happily tongue that gash!

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Ass Goddess!

Posted on Tuesday Jun 10

[Total: 551    Average: 3.8/5]

She keeps getting hotter and hotter.

18 Responses to “Ass Goddess!”

  1. WOODY said: nice curvs would love to grab hold of you from behined :)
  2. joey said: this lady oooooozes with sex appeal. Would love to suck and sniff her sexy peds while ramming her.
  3. rareposter said: Beautiful toes. We manicured and painted with the nice touch of a toe ring. I dont need to see that face-know you are hot
  4. Sculptor said: Practice makes purrrrfect….here kitty…
  5. BBC said: YES, i wann smash those toes with my 12 inch bbc
  6. greenlantern said: why do you keep showing your feet? you have done ugly ass crooked bunion toes! its not like they’re pretty… all!
  7. Aiden said: Lol Charlie. I can see your thoughts behind that. Although feet turn me on.
  8. said: That looks like an ass that likes to spanked before during and after you get fucked
  9. said: Great view and lovely ass
  10. smailsfriend said: I think her feet are soooo sexy. adds to the whole great package. She takes great care of those hot peds!
  11. said: Touché!
  12. hunter said: how about we make you look perfect and i slip my cock in your ass
  13. Ass man said: Everything looks amazing those huge feet ruin the pic tho post some with ur legs spread and feet away
  14. charlie matheson said: I’m getting to the point of wanting to smash those toes with a sledge hammer….anyone else ???
  15. hardtohold said: looks like she takes it in the ass regularly
  16. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing I love to eat ass
  17. ACE said: Great shot Doll! I’d love to walk in and find you just like that!
  18. said: yummy

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Ready to go

Posted on Saturday May 24

[Total: 879    Average: 4.2/5]

Panties pulled to the side, do u like?

58 Responses to “Ready to go”

  1. said: Hi I’m Paul a talent scout and actor for a porn company. We pay £275 per hour starting r
  2. Pussy lover said: Hmmmmm, my cocks throbbing for dat
  3. Horny said: Beautiful, I would lick your pussy until you beg for me to fuck you then give it to both your holes
  4. Jealous said: tha is def a wicked pussy, my ‘Husband’ can’t stop pulling his dick over ur cunt. I’m jealous
  5. Hard said: mmmm would love to stick my tounge deep in that tight pussy then stuff every inch of my thi
  6. Mark said: Beautiful.. My Cock is Rock Hard looking at your ass what a dream ass. Love to see some open p
  7. Boom said: Top quality pussy and ass!! I’d be forever horny with her around
  8. Johnny on the spot said: would she like a 3some..she built for it! beautiful rear cumfort ride! 9
  9. Bill said: Wow u got one clean pink asshole love to see more of you very nice
  10. Jack said: I want to slide my thick cock it that tiny pussy so bad
  11. I want more said: What an ass girl I would pound that hard after I ate both them tasty looking holes very nice plz post more of that sexy ass!
  12. Batman said: nice pussy;) id lick that like a ice cream cone, before smashing it with my cock! definitely
  13. AJ said: That is mouth watering finger licking good your are 10+++
  14. Big guns said: Please sit that fine ass on my face, I’m gonna jerk it to this 4 sure best I’ve seen!!!
  15. Top dog said: I want to eat that beautiful ass of yours baby, plz post more !!!
  16. TommyY said: This girls pussy looks like it has never been fucked! Beautiful and lovely! Wonder if she is single???
  17. Terry 69 said: Dam girl every nice,you got me hard!!!
  18. Get me some said: Dam girl you are so fine, got me rock hard!!!
  19. Big Johnson said: That has to b the cleanest pink asshole I’ve ever seen, I would love to stretch that tight beautiful pussy with my thick cock!!
  20. Love it said: What eles can I say but WOW!!!! Very nice keep posting that fine ass please
  21. Big Johnson said: That is the most beautiful clean pink asshole I ever seen, also would love to stretch that tight pussy with my thick dick!!!
  22. Joker99 said: This is the most amazing shot ever!!! One lucky man!!! It would have 10 kids if she belonged to me!!!!!!!
  23. 4172934140 said: I think that is the tightest asshole and pussy I’ve ever seen!!
  24. said: Love the panties pulled to the site like that very hot
  25. said: would love to see more in my inbox babe 😉
  26. dick said: I would lock that for hours
  27. said: I don’t like I love it would love to slide my thick cock in you
  28. said: yes want to fuck that pink asshole deep
  29. ACE said: Love it Doll! Your holes look tight, tasty and very inviting! More plz.
  30. Bob said: I’d shove my cock in that
  31. J R said: wow my kinda “slip’em aside” gal! beautiful 10
  32. luvittight said: young and tender, more please 10+
  33. Pussylover said: Would love to suck on your pussy lips and lick and tonguefuck both your holes to taste your creamy goodness
  34. said: I’d love to pound your pussy and ass just the way you are!! Love to see more!!
  35. said: would rate a 1000. very sexy . made me very hard. and my mouth water. e me more please. nice ass too. grab your hips and slide i
  36. said: Pulled to side panties! Mmm I love the urgency! Great pussy!
  37. captaincum said: tickle your butthole with the tip of my tongue
  38. said: Great view
  39. said: You are ruining my opinion of the view I get in real life. You are he gold standard.
  40. R said: Smokin HOT!! Love to barry my face in that sweet thing!
  41. Me said: The best on this site by far nothing even cums close keep posting! !!
  42. said: Great ass & ample room to go deep into the back door!
  43. pussypounder69 said: I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Rob 69 said: Love to drop a load I both them fuck holes!!!
  45. DEVIL said: Perfect pink asshole
  46. Dude guy said: Nice dumper and great snizz
  47. Bhubb said: Yes I do wanna lick that asshole thn stretch it open show more swap some pics
  48. Pussylover said: Yes… Would love to eat both holes please
  49. said: Fucking gorgeous pussy! Let me shove my hard cock up your wet cunt and empty my balls! Fuck now i’m horny!
  50. said: If I ever get the chance I will eat your pussy so wet and the. Lick it dry.
  51. 5714327523 said: I got head from the wife while looking at this beautiful ass and pussy please post more
  52. said: Very nice, ass looks really inviting and a very nice pussy 10!!
  53. Aiden said: May very well be the sweetest ass and pussy posted on here to date. Fantastical
  54. said: sweet shot, love to cream both holes
  55. said: Honey that is a beautiful ass and a gorgeous pussy!
  56. :) said: my gf and me just had sex in that position
  57. WVU said: Looks hot!! I’d love to rub my dick on those wet pussy lips 😉
  58. said: jawguss

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Pretty n pink 2!!

Posted on Saturday May 24

[Total: 584    Average: 3.4/5]

Loved ur comments on my other post they turned me on!!!!

25 Responses to “Pretty n pink 2!!”

  1. steven said: thats a pretty pussy. ….
  2. Tosser said: I have jerked off Soooo many times ver your pic, that my wife caught me and jerked me off some more!sexy pic!
  3. said: I would love to hear the slapping sound of my pelvis and your ass as fuck you hard till you gush
  4. said: damn love that fat pussy its beautiful inbox me more
  5. J R said: luv to C a full rear view with a reach around to pull a cheek apart to C that massive crack! wow
  6. luvittight said: you heavy girls have really sweet and tight pussies,
  7. said: i loooove thick girls. i cant help but jackoff ad im looking. e me more of yur sexy body. I luv yur fingers too. very nice. im c
  8. said: such a pretty pussy I just want to kiss it
  9. Mr X. said: That is one meaty pussy!
  10. buck naked said: i love this pussy, nice and chubby good fucking damn right.
  11. said: Dam I’d ram my tongue deep up in the slit n crack just to prime u for the fuckin of ur life literally skins slapping ass smackin
  12. said: would be perfect with my tongue in there
  13. spacedog said: that is gorgeous! let us see it from the front!
  14. Pussylover said: Nice. Bet you taste good.
  15. Swain said: come sit on my face you naughty girl you!!!!
  17. Swain said: those Hands are so pretty I wanna suck your fingers while you play with your pussy
  18. Swain said: here’s my email adress, send the photos right to me you sweet sexy piece of candy you! Are you getting wet? Let me lick it!
  19. Swain said: quit being so shy baby an take one for me on your back that’s a request !! Let me see the full package!
  20. Swain said: your pussy is so juicy I wanna fall asleep sucking on it, an wake up an eat your creamy ass
  21. Swain said: I recognize that juicy monkey anywhere when I see it I wanna suck all the juices until theirs none left then go balls deep!!
  22. 305 said: God dammm the fucking ass and pussy look amazing que Rico
  23. said: As nice as the 1st
  24. Dawg said: That’s a nice meaty pussy I’d love to pound.
  25. working_fire said: I would complete eat you out then burst a huge load in your pussy

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