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wifes swollen clit

Posted on Tuesday Dec 31

DSC01014 (2).jpg
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My wife’s tight pussy

14 Responses to “wifes swollen clit”

  1. said: Wow I would love eat that.Keep posting
  2. said: Delicious X
  3. said: now this makes me want to eat. mmmmm
  4. said: I’ll fuck that pussy see how tight it really is and fill it full of cum email more please
  5. J R said: looks mighty snuggg…my thick ck..dunno..very nice!
  6. said: it looks like there are two clits…neat!
  7. GGSWA said: that’s nice fat swollen pussy what did u do to it?
  8. :) said: it looks fantastic. beautiful pussy sexy. :)
  9. said: perfect 10…would love to see more, wanna trade pic with me and my wife?
  10. Pussy smasher said: That pussy need to sucked on seriousley
  11. said: Stunning!!! More poses please!!!
  12. Jay said: More from your sexy wife lucky sir ;)
  13. bill said: nice pussy
  14. 4172934140 said: I wanna see it spread open!!

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just trimmed

Posted on Wednesday Dec 18

Pic 24a.JPG
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60 Responses to “just trimmed”

  1. 6162986686 said: Very nice, tasty I’m sure
  2. skinny said: GREAT POST! Great trim job, super sexy, awesome cunt and asshole, perfect color, hell even great nails. Thank you!
  3. said: hairy is so hott!
  4. tim said: made me cum :-)
  5. reality check said: if that’s trimmed i would hate to se the before shot! C’mon girl, it’s 2014 not 1974!
  6. said: What a beautiful pussy. I would love to watch you pee.
  7. mikey said: can i trim it with you the next time
  8. ACE said: Super sexy pic Doll! Gave me an instant hard on!! More plz ;)
  9. R said: OOOH MY “FUCKEN HOT”
  10. randy said: now that is my kinda beaver slurrppppp
  11. Assfan said: Message to “A Friend” ….What state is that beautiful pussy from???!!!
  12. eddie said: You are perfect, I’d eat you all day
  13. said: your pussy is oozing lady pre cum. are you reafy for my big beautiful cock to fill it? ;-)
  14. Kyle said: I would eat & fuck that delicious pussy all night
  15. Browser said: Purrrrrrfect!
  16. luv doz pussys said: perfectly trimmed
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  18. Spike said: Very Pretty!
  19. Topdog said: I’d kill that tight pussy!
  20. MichaelHarding said: Gorgeous
  21. Me said: Absolutely perfect… I mean PERFECT!!!
  22. cheekybugger68 said: now thats how a pussy should look, I’m sick of boring shaved pussys.
  23. said: Truly a picture worth framing! Magazine quality spread for certain! Superb!
  24. circumaid said: Can I shoot some of my brilcream on your parting
  25. said: A picture worth framing! Playboy centerfold quality for sure!
  26. FatWang said: WOW!!! Thats one beautuful pussy.Can I push my dick in it ???
  27. luv2lickit said: That’s about one of the finest pussy’s I have seen, show us a complete body picture PLEASE, 10+
  28. said: I want to split your beautiful hot cunt lips and fuck you until i feel the spasm of your climax clamp down around my hard cock.
  29. pappy said: mushroom cloud!! BANG
  30. Ben Dover said: you missed a bit
  31. Joe said: Very nice pussy. Wld look better with my cock goin in and out of it. Then my hot cum drippin out of it. Yummy.
  32. said: Nice cut!!!
  33. said: could not be more perfect… dfop a pic or two in my email pls
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  35. ODB said: Whooooo……meaty!
  36. 69guy said: very nice… looks tasty
  37. james said: Very neat – and a beautiful pussy !
  38. said: that is a beautiful pussy. i’d eat that all night long
  39. J R said: never seen such a hair doo! wow..that took some creative attention! 10 now all it needs is my tongue end to end !POST more
  40. said: That’s a three pumper!!! After three pumps your getting my load!!!!
  41. oldtraveller said: beautifull, wish it lived in my house, take the hair offthe lips makes it easier to eat
  42. hunter said: how about a nice oral masarge to go with that trim :-P
  43. said: Very nice trim!!! I’d love to see more poses!!!:-)
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  45. said: That is one muff I would love to dive into. Inbox me honey.
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  48. A friend said: I’d recognise that pussy anywhere. Still keeping it neat I see :)
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  55. Christian said: Beautiful. Love it!
  56. Jay said: Shave the lips but keep the rest on, looks great though lady ;)
  57. jj7063180064 said: oh my fuckin damn…wow that HOT
  58. Kitty said: Mmmmm love to lick your honey-pot dry, gorgeous picture
  59. 4172934140 said: that is absolutely beautiful!!!
  60. steve said: now thats a nice cunt

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Latina wifes ass

Posted on Tuesday Dec 17

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Just love thick Latin ass, she’d love to hear what u would do to her

13 Responses to “Latina wifes ass”

  1. hung said: your wie needs my big dick!
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  3. dd.eddie said: She si worth gangbanging creampie filling from at least 12 guys
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  5. said: Que lindo culote!!! Dejame darle mi leche!!!
  6. Mike said: Needs a bigger dick in !!
  7. said: fantastic ass lets swap wife pics :-)
  8. MrC said: i must be one of the last men on the planet who hates to smell shit during sex! 3 from me.
  9. Really said: Looks like two pigs fucking!!
  10. twayne said: Love that dark dirty asshole
  11. John said: I’d love to eat out her pussy and asshole and lick every inch of her before spreading her open and pounding all her holes.
  12. 4172934140 said: bury my cock in that fat ass!!!
  13. haha said: show her Layin on her back first

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Horny GF in fishnets waiting

Posted on Monday Dec 2

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Tight little pussy perfect for burying your face in. GF wants to hear what you would do to her and her big booty

14 Responses to “Horny GF in fishnets waiting”

  1. said: spankablethat’sforsure
  2. said: i want to bend you over and eat ur ass!
  3. circumaid said: nive big fat smelly arse and cunt, would be all over that like a kango hammer
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  5. Hugephatcock4u said: I would shave her, lick her gently into orgasm, fuck her and cum inside her lovely bottom.
  6. guilty guy said: the usual I think, abuse it…..?
  7. J R said: for sure! can smell it from here…put a “scratch n sniff” of that on here can ya! ;)
  8. At gtrwrstlr said: What if you just got catfished Ever think of that? Nice ass tho I’d love to slide my togune up and down that crack b4 I slam it
  9. said: I’d like to stick it in her ass and her her squeal like a pig
  10. said: Hot pussy first would use my tongue to spread those pussy lips then fuck her till I fill her up and watch it drip out email more
  11. said: After I eat her hairy asshole and pussy! Use those thongs as a handle to pull her back!! Bang bang bang bang !!!
  12. said: Pound her til the ass ripples and waves are flowing!!
  13. said: this is a fake. the girl in this pic is single and sent me this a while back. nice job douche!
  14. said: Spank red raw then cool it with some man muck

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Front Shot Pussy

Posted on Sunday Dec 1

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16 Responses to “Front Shot Pussy”

  1. said: Wow what’s the chance of seeing more that I love it
  2. said: I like!!! More please?
  3. said: can i lick it and suck it?
  4. said: Spread it baby. Show us what you got!!!
  5. said: love that inner thigh gap mhmm!
  6. said: gotta love the inner thigh gap! so sexy!
  7. J R said: kinda looks like the turkey before i grilled it few days ago! nice!
  8. dd.eddie said: yum,, Yum , YuM, YUM!
  9. said: Beautiful, love you to sit over my face & wank your pussy hard for me ;)
  10. said: now that’s a fine pussy, want me to fuck it just give me a call..x
  11. said: great picture very lickable pussy
  12. said: Good shot!!! I bet the back shot is even better.
  13. said: I would love to eat that all day
  14. mike said: your lips are fkn awesome…… i want to slide my tongue in. :p
  15. said: Would love to part your pussy with my tongue first then slide my cock in! Email more please!
  16. said: Wow let’s see a spread shot so my hard cock can spread those lips email more please

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Sexy pussy

Posted on Friday Nov 29

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Bitch cheated on me so here’s her tight pussy for everyone!

25 Responses to “Sexy pussy”

  1. said: YM me and wach me cum free
  2. hhdan said: so she won your wedding ring.
  3. cheekybugger68 said: haha I was the one she cheated with, wanna swap some photos?
  4. ACE said: Great set of holes Doll! Both look tight and made for fuck’n ;)
  5. said: you look so tight, even spread
  6. J R said: has sxybislut posted on here yet? just sayen…like to C….;)
  7. guilty guy said: sorry mate but with that pointing at me just had to slip my big black cock in there and cum deep inside.
  8. said: doesn’t really matter just keep fucking her once in awhile
  9. said: What’s her name and number ;)
  10. 4172934140 said: very sexy pussy!!
  11. dd.eddie said: Looks like you may have given it to her butt also. Well done!
  12. said: well her pussy looks great..
  13. pappy said: I got to say I’m liking that…
  14. john said: No big loss don’t lose sleep over that
  15. said: Wow love the spread my cock is ready to fill that pussy full of cum email more please
  16. sexybislut said: Im down joe fuck buck and fill me up (; hot pussy by the way
  17. BIG TEXAS CUMMER said: Well can i get her name @ number
  18. Tony said: I agree married or not I would pound those holes
  19. said: lol cool nice pink pussy and pink asshole love it
  20. ODB said: Hope you trashed that pussy and ass before she left…….
  21. said: ATM that cheating slut then!
  22. Joe said: Same thing happened to me. All of them are whores. Just fuckem hard a while and send em packin.
  23. Looker said: That would be hard to say No sorry bro!!
  24. said: Shame mate ;( looks like a nice fuck bucket
  25. said: Would love to get ahold of her tight ass!

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23 y old pussy..

Posted on Thursday Nov 28

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my girl opens her buttocks to show her tight ass

25 Responses to “23 y old pussy..”

  1. said: damn sexy boot pic ;b I would do anything to eat a nice lil ass lik dat lol its all fun n game wit a ass lik dat around.. yolo
  2. said: great place to lay my tongue
  3. alisha said: your not alone naughty girl get in line haha
  4. Hugephatcock4u said: I would love to make you sore … Xxx
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  6. THAT ONE GUY said: that’s is a very fuckable ass.
  7. leon said: would love to stick my dick n that ass n creampie it
  8. 4172934140 said: looks really tight!!!
  9. J R said: a woman who can do a 2 handed reach around is my kinda woman..10 …
  10. said: thats nice love pink pussy and asshole
  11. dd.eddie said: One hell of a tonguelicious taint!
  12. pete said: so sexy wnt 2 lick,sniff your arsehole then fuk it hard,deep ,more please xxx
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  16. ODB said: Lets see some cum running out of that puckered little ass…….
  17. Phil said: I Luv That Lil Ass. And Iwana Eat That Phat Pussy Til U Nut In My Mouth Then Make U My Slampiece N Stretch U Out!
  18. said: Her ass not the only tight thing I see here. Love to see her cooter and maybe my pinky in her butt!
  19. Me said: Absolutely PERFECT!!!
  20. said: I’d love to see that pussy spread open
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  22. Naughty girl said: Up for girl on girl action baby??
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  25. Naughty girl said: Id love to lick her pussy and ram my tongue hard in there!!

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Training for next cock!

Posted on Saturday Nov 16

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Hey guys, I insert 4 of these in my pussy and walk around to tighten my vagina and be ready for the next cock on the list!

19 Responses to “Training for next cock!”

  1. said: Put them in your ass next. Just for me ;-)
  2. Cunt said: I don’t even have a cock & I want it bad!
  3. 250-947-5365 ten inch pierced said: Lets open that up:) I love big lip pussy.
  4. said: I would say this, hope you are not a BBW, otherwise that is fucking amazing, luv to see a shot of removing them!
  5. intime said: see in the reflection
  6. dd.eddie said: That is hot.. especially if you do it at work too..
  7. Lickit said: The thought of ploughing u tighten pussy hmmmmm
  8. said: Nice pussy lips ;) love to squeeze my balls love juice all over your flaps,
  9. Dude said: Then you will be ready for another cock
  10. Dude said: Put an egg vibrator in behind them, but do not cum for 15 minutes after you turn it on then ask permission to cum. Then you wil
  11. 4172934140 said: open that baby up!!!
  12. Pussy smasher said: This pussy was made for fucking GATDAMN . It looks GOOD.
  13. wondering said: ah benwa bals, very nice you must enjoy your walks
  14. BignPurple said: Definitely a nice and meaty slut hole u have there!! Yummy
  15. said: lol you would need 5or 6 to practice my cock
  16. said: Training over email more my cock is hard and ready to fuck you hard
  17. BJ said: Blackmoon, we’ll try to get these pics for you on my next training session.
  18. said: I wanna see you pushing them in then pulling them out
  19. said: Pick me!! Would love to slide my cock in that beautiful pussy!!

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Wife’s Backdoor & Meat Curtains

Posted on Friday Nov 8

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27 Responses to “Wife’s Backdoor & Meat Curtains”

  1. J R said: dude…u dont use the browneye much..its got no milage for sure…butt awesome pkg..8.5 tnks for posting..;)
  2. Walter White said: 10. enough said
  3. said: Amazing ;) love to tounge that ass as I pull on her flaps
  4. Mike said: I cant rate either, WTF?
  5. XYZ said: Boob Critic Nov. 4th. They’re BEAUTIFUL!
  6. Jay said: Can’t find this magnificent woman’s tits on the other site? Please send ;)
  7. R said: Sweet Lips!!
  8. said: that is a great view of a sexy pussy and asshole! id love to share pics with you. 10 from me darlin
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  10. RickJamesBiotch said: You say meat curtains. I call them cock blankets! and my cock is cold!
  11. sonsofsaintso said: great looking pussy, id love to taste it
  12. me said: wow
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  15. Brown boa said: Cleanest brown eye on this site love the pussy lips10’s from me.
  16. Ratemynaughty fan said: To see more check out “Wife’s Sexy Breasts” pic on boob critic posted 2 days ago. This is her…
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  18. ODB said: Awesomely tight ass. Would love to fuck that and unload deep inside her……
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  22. dd.eddie said: all i want to do, and got to do is lick, suck, bite, eat, Eat, EAT! FAB :D
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selfie as per request. Jolyn

Posted on Friday Nov 8

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I took this for a friend.I think he’ll like it.

28 Responses to “selfie as per request. Jolyn”

  1. Dan said: I love all your pussy pics Jolyn.Please post more! Btw-are you the same Jolyn “milf showing off outside” public nudity?
  2. Cunt said: I want to tongue you into total submission
  3. Jizz Meister said: We’d all like friends like you! Would me a Christmas card? *<:-)
  4. TheHammer said: Motor boat that shit!
  5. J R said: may i suk you silly…for starters…even though im not your bf? ;) beautiful hanging lips n pkg..9
  6. said: beautiful send a couple to meplease
  7. said: pretty little pussy you have there.
  8. said: Love to slide my cock up that ;)
  9. jb said: this is one hot pussy
  10. said: I need a full body picture with that hot, wet, juicy, tight, 50 year old beautiful pussy spread apart for me to taste honey!
  11. said: That other pic is listed as age 50! No fucking way! I want you bad.
  12. really said: why don’t you post a picture of you nd your wife mr beer cock hahahahaha
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  19. Tosser said: i would love to eat it and fuck… you till we both come! and then some more!
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  21. said: Oh yea
  22. Bill said: what a sexy pussy ! Can I eat it for you ?
  23. Biker Gil said: Now those pussy lips could hold on to a thick hard cock as it slides in and out … hot
  24. Biker Gil said: love to slide my thick hard beer can cock and stretch that sweet muff and cum deep inside you,,,
  25. dd.eddie said: AMAZINGLY delicious! I gotta eat/taste that! WOW, may i be your friend too? :D
  26. said: I think your right!! I love it!! Would love to lick,suck and fuck your beautiful pussy!!
  27. 4172934140 said: thats a beautiful camel toe!!!
  28. said: Now that’s a meaty camel toe!! Holy shit!!

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