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From behind

Posted on Friday Apr 19

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Does my ass look good enough for you??

31 Responses to “From behind”

  1. said: Very hot sweet ass
  2. The Bandit said: Nice ass
  3. said: It looks perfect ;) email
  4. topdog said: that’s a 10 allday & what sweet-looking ass
  5. said: amazing
  6. said: i wanna sniff it then lick it out x
  7. Heavy cummer said: That is one fuckable ass…….
  8. J R said: my answer is ..would ya mind if i snuck up n layed a end to end lick up n down that beautiful crack for starters?10
  9. ACE said: UR ass looks delicious!!
  10. said: I’d take my tongue right up that
  11. Swallow it said: Damn yes it does Mmm
  12. said: That Ass looks good enough to eat…
  13. said: That Ass looks good enough
  14. 9plus said: love to lick your pretty little ass and pussy. need more
  15. 4172934140 said: amazing asshole!!
  16. BigNpurple said: Me and my sub slut would work u over baby!! 10/10 stinkhole
  17. jay said: lush i want some of that 10 10….
  18. gbenkins said: damn girl id spread those lips
  19. said: Yes yes I do for sure would like to see more of that ass and body at
  20. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: hell yes ;) perfection
  21. sam said: Damn, that looks like my ex…..and my old head board.
  22. said: That ass looks great. Would be better with my cock in it. :-)
  23. boobandit said: lovely shot i wood luv to eat both holes then fuck both
  24. said: I’d love to taste your finger straight out of your asshole
  25. alansantos1225@gmail. cim said: super hot. ass
  26. Dj northeast said: wanna stick my cock up that tight ass hole pic me 07599867163
  27. said: Looks great
  28. dd.eddie said: well?…………………………………………………………………………………..YES!
  29. hunter said: would love to warm up in your pussy and finish off in your ass
  30. Tom said: Awesome
  31. said: let me get a pair of your worn panties

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Ginger, hairy and wet.

Posted on Friday Apr 12

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Any hairy pussy lovers fancy a taste?

17 Responses to “Ginger, hairy and wet.”

  1. bob said: thats one buried pussy….flabby bitch
  2. Pj said: Let me suck that clit
  3. rj said: I love going down on a red head with a bush so sexy
  4. said: mmmmm ginger pubes and wet pussy lips in the sunlight, ahhhh you are an artist
  5. Mike said: Not a fan of the hair but if you shaved I’d eat and plow that pussy until you couldn’t walk right
  6. said: yes pls let fill it to the brim first ;)
  7. said: just delicious looking, I’d eat that for a while and then a bit.
  8. Glenn said: That is the best pussy that i havce
  9. J R said: ol fashioned..luv the HAIR the more the better! 10 ;)
  10. 8032072837 said: yummy baby I’ll take a taste
  11. Swallow it said: Yummy
  12. tito said: me,me,me,me,me!! ;) please post more!
  13. Bill said: Oh I’d dive right in babe!! Would like to see more!
  14. Jake said: YESSS!!!!! nice photo, great texture, she is clean and tasty
  15. said: It looks so delicious. yummy
  16. ODB said: No.
  17. Hot fire said: My fantasy is to eat out a redhead’s pussy!!!!

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My puffy cunny

Posted on Thursday Apr 11

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I wish Daddy would play with my cunny.

40 Responses to “My puffy cunny”

  1. said: Wow! What fantastic lips you have ;) please email more and we could swap :)
  2. site see er said: sexy
  3. said: i would love too be ur new daddy!
  4. skinny said: A Masterpiece of a clam!
  5. Pj said: Ready and waiting to play with that cunny.. Where u from?
  6. idewitt69@ya said: cum too daddy lol
  7. said: daddys here
  8. hunter said: nice cunny10 but -9 for the attude not into pedphile chat
  9. Ed said: Would love to suck and nibble.
  10. said: yum to the thought
  11. said: that puffy cunny is amazing, want to have those lips in my mouth sucking alick them!
  12. Dj northeast said: wanna suck those lips mmm 07599867163
  13. said: bring it here and it will get played with and more
  14. WydenLong said: Mmm…
  15. ken said: beautiful pussy
  16. 4172934140 said: love that meaty pussy! i wanna suck on it!!
  17. Jack Mehoff said: The moderator on here is a fag
  18. said: Here have a sweety does mummy know we’re you are ? No !! Ok now play with daddy cock nice
  19. said: amazing lips x love to play
  20. Hard marine said: I’ll be your daddy for the day
  21. said: can u fly with thouse WINGS?
  22. Mike said: Milk me bitch!
  23. Pretty10incH said: Nice lips! :)
  24. J R said: cum to daddy darlin..set on my lap n tell me bout your day…beautiful 10 does it like to be licked? ;)
  25. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  26. said: i wish my daddy can play with that sexy pussy while i film it all, +10 from us!!!!
  27. I'm that guy said: Ace you suck!! I want to punch you in your stupid mouth!!
  29. said: lovely. damn fine pussy
  30. jay said: mmm id love some of that sweet as….
  31. Slitlic said: I’d love to tounge tease that n suck on those hot fat lips!
  32. ACE said: Would love to feel your awesome lips wrapped around my throbbing cock! Post more plz. ;)
  33. Tim said: Loosy goosy!
  34. kinky kala said: I would love to lick and suck your pussy as you lick and suck mine
  35. said: ill be your daddy if i can play with that
  36. dd.eddie said: Daddy’s been away for 18yrs and never met you; this would bring him home! twisted sister
  37. leon said: cum over here n ill more than just play wit it
  38. planeboy said: yum!!!
  39. said: Nice pussy would love to lick and fuck u
  40. said: I would do everything possible to that fat pussy inbox me more

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wifes ass and pussy

Posted on Thursday Apr 11

photo (4).JPG
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wifes super tight pussy and wonderful ass

16 Responses to “wifes ass and pussy”

  1. rj said: she does look tight for fucking but sweet for licking
  2. said: looks a lot like my wife from this angle, not even kidding! Love it.
  3. Bertje123 said: hmmmmmm verry sweet……love to lick it all day long…!!
  4. skinny said: damn I want to smell, lick & eat your farts from that browneye all day… awesome asshole!
  5. said: man oh man which hole is first…decisions decisions
  6. Dj northeast said: would love to slip my cock int that pussy more to 07599867163
  7. keifer said: i would stick my tongue so far into that sexy asshole..ur a lucky man!
  8. jorge said: i love her little hairs! 10++
  9. said: bot look tight as a vise, would luv to lick those pretty pink lips
  10. ken said: amazing pussy love to lick it
  11. 4172934140 said: that does look pretty sweet!!!
  12. said: thanks sure is hot mate ;)
  13. leo said: now that’s tight=) 10+
  14. said: absolutely beautiful
  15. thatguy said: i would lick and fuck both those all day and night.
  16. ACE said: Super erotic close up pic! She looks delicious! Plz keep posting shots like this! :D

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Will it fit?

Posted on Sunday Apr 7

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very tight pussy of my girlfriend! Squeezes the cock hard! on twitter @myamaturepussy

26 Responses to “Will it fit?”

  1. 8inchcock said: That cock is a monster! Must be a nice tight fit!
  2. jenny said: wow nice warm big cock
  3. said: nice big dick my hubby wants to see it in her. Send us more well send some back
  4. Polo said: I love that awsome cock and my hubby loves that hot ass and pussy .me too. Lets swap
  5. bbw sex fling said: when you finished in there come fuck bbw sex fling wet pussy
  6. bambam4lsu said: will it fit,, you could fit a horse dick in that canyon
  7. Theresa said: wow what a nice strong cock! show me more! i love cock!
  8. colin said: lucky girl
  9. said: mmmm i want that cock in my mouth as she tongues my warm wet pussy.mmmm
  10. ODB said: Hairy balls on your gf?
  11. said: oh nice would love to see her pussy stretch as she lowers herself onto your cock email more
  12. said: mjam, both a great cock and pussy!
  13. Jake said: Puh-lease no one cares about length your only two inches around !!!!!!!!
  14. Greg said: I see two dudes?
  15. Muff-Hound said: Id like her to sit on my face and peddle my ears till I make her cum then Shove my hard throbbing cock deep inside her Cunt
  16. rj said: of course it will fit, the bigger question does he know how to use it
  17. Me teeny said: That’s a dude!! They are balls!!!
  18. thickdickloving said: With those fat ass pussy lips, I’m sure it will fit.
  19. Wipeurfaceoff said: Dude really u should slap the shit out of your parents. Did they forget to circumsiz ya
  20. Dj northeast said: to the couple I was texting. Sat night lost ur number txt me 07599867163.
  21. said: Show us if it does fit
  22. kinky kala said: If your cock wont fit then my strap on won’t fit either
  23. said: nice meaty pussy baps .. ;)
  24. said: Ew! How veiny, I mean Like, Yuk. I do like ur ladyfriend tho x
  25. bob said: of course it will baby dick….
  26. said: Would love to get my dark meat invloved!….anymore??..

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IPhone 3 Dec 2011 694.jpg
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One of my fuck-sluts that loves to be filmed and craves CUM & piss! Big Lips but Tight Holes!

28 Responses to “The pussy of “pool cunt” from few weeks back…”

  1. ribbon said: wonderful pussy to lick
  2. said: i want it!
  3. dnaslinger said: absolutely fan-fuckin-tastic!!
  4. said: I’d love to use that hot body like a lil slut
  5. idewitt69@ya said: thats hot
  6. said: fucking unreal love to nibble oh her lips and fuck her hard email more
  7. creampie said: I want to feel those big lips hugging my cock
  8. Robert said: o my goodness
  9. Lickit said: Sit on my face whilst I use my tongue to flick ur. Clit u can gush ur cum and all in my mouth mmmmmmmm
  10. said: could see piss on me pal :) as she wanks herself of over my face
  11. Lickit said: Love to taste ur cum & piss mmmmm write me
  12. planeboy said: so meaty and yummy looking…bet it feels fabulous
  13. said: So so so so so yummy looking
  14. said: can i suck on that ,get back at me by email
  15. Cumsbythegallon said: Janet C. We can make that happen! You’d love the taste of my load.
  16. said: luv those nice phat lips in my mouth
  17. said: just dying to be tongue teased
  18. Janet C said: I would love to have you sitting on my face and your juice trickle down my throat
  19. Cumsbythegallon said: Glad you all seem to like her big pussy fuck folds. I’ll be posting great shot with a double dildo that shows her clit nicely.
  20. said: I love that big clit !!! Post more !!!!
  21. Puddler said: I want to cum and piss in her mouth then let her spit both in my mouth
  22. said: I think it’s a perfect pussy !! Nice lips to suck on and would let her spead them and piss on me any day !!
  23. Browser said: Talk about some meat curtains……..
  24. ODb said: Smooth. Nice……..Lucky SoB!
  25. said: great pic. id love to see more. love those pussy lips.
  26. dd.eddie said: And Psss? does she provide and flows back.. I would love to have her P on me! :D’
  27. gotcha said: Nice happy trail there. But TMI on the piss. Odd pussy I could deal with but I already have a toilet.

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Big, wet, hairy pussy

Posted on Saturday Mar 23

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Just after a good licking, it tasted fantastic!

21 Responses to “Big, wet, hairy pussy”

  1. said: I would give her a hot large creampie!
  2. said: love it
  3. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  4. Charles said: want fuck it and cover it with my cum
  5. kaiser said: I’m a guy and can’t grow that much pubic hair yet. I like jacking to girls with more pubes than me.
  6. said: mmm would love to slide my cock in that pussy!!!! =)
  7. Bear said: A shaved clean pussy and ass just looks so much better. Shave and see the response you get.
  8. dd.eddie said: sexy smelly and naturaly. YUM!
  9. Jocky said: I also like sucking the occasional penis too. Love swallowing man juice.
  10. eatitout said: Thanks foremoving the other picture, now delete this one too. Saint Andrew would be very disappointed
  11. conniseur said: that is one of the most gorgeous pussies…love ya gal
  12. Browser said: Thing looks like a baboons ass
  13. RJ said: that is a nice view love doing a lady with a hairy pussy
  14. Me teeny said: Fuck!! Don’timd some hair but keep it tidy you train wreck
  15. Jocky said: I feel sorry for the paedos who cant fuck unless the pussy is bald like a childs..sickos
  16. Mike said: Feel bad for the SOB who had to kick that. I hope you were drunk.
  17. John Holmes Ghost said: Hairy pussy and ass. Not a nice combo.
  18. Fuckstick said: I think im going to have nightmares. Id like to meet the person who actually fucks that thing he must brave
  19. said: I luvs a hairy pussy and asshole. Fuckin hot baby!
  20. gotcha said: Just cuz you have something thats supposed to be a pussy doesn’t mean you should show it. Now put that scary thing away.
  21. 7 incher said: Can I lick your dirty hairy arse hole I know it wants tongue fucked too

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Wife’s smooth pussy

Posted on Friday Mar 15

P9270189 (2) (Medium).jpg
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Nice tight pussy and big booty.

19 Responses to “Wife’s smooth pussy”

  1. said: love the split
  2. gm said: love to have my tongue tunning along those sweet thighs untill they get to the promise land between them your fantastic
  3. Oh said: Yes
  4. Fuckstick said: I recognize that tat on her tummy I fucked her one night.
  5. said: lucky
  6. ACE said: Very nice. Let’s see the total package Doll!
  7. said: Email pics of big booty!
  8. hunter said: dam it would be driping cum i would never let her dry out
  9. said: goooosh, first time my circumcized dick gets wet faaast! honsestly, do u exist?
  10. J R said: looks very delicious..looks like she has a awesome bumm too..can we C it
  11. Swallow it said: Yummy
  12. 4172934140 said: looks very sexy
  13. R said: Would love to EAT that Pussy!! & ASS!!
  14. rj said: she looks good to me for licking and sticking
  15. said: I would love to see more. Maybe pics of her tits too
  16. Dj northeast said: great looking pussy could lick & fuck her all night 07599867163.
  17. said: Nom nom nom
  18. dd.eddie said: I want to bob for blueberries in that cute pussy
  19. me too said: can i eat it that pussy?

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sexy asian gf with toy

Posted on Thursday Mar 14

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And for those wondering she tastes amazing and is very tight

12 Responses to “sexy asian gf with toy”

  1. said: nice
  2. dd.eddie said: thanks you. i just knew she would taste amazing. how about white goo cum output. I bet she can squirt too!
  3. Triplej said: That’s so nice! Post one with the toy in
  4. Pussy liking good said: At least put the toy half in an show us ur cum all over it how u injoy cock ?
  5. Hot love said: Can i see yr asshole you r so hot
  6. J R said: reminds me of a previous post named “sweet Saigon”….awesome either way! ;)
  7. said: Looks damn tight and I luv those sweet suckable lips
  8. Browser said: Yummy
  9. Oggys said: like a huge hole
  10. said: I can almost fee thost pretty lips clamped around my dick…. Ecstasy!!!
  11. said: would love to slide balls deep in that pussy
  12. 4172934140 said: looks like it!!!

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My latin pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 4

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Hope you like the view!!!

20 Responses to “My latin pussy”

  1. Buddy said: Sweet tamale
  2. John said: Id shove my massive throbbing cock deep inside you and plough your pussy so hard and cum on your ass
  3. J R said: my kinda woman HAIR!!! 10 pecos! ;)
  4. said: so very nice !
  5. said: wonderful view and it would feel even better. Nice and wet to slide in with my hot dick.
  6. Longhorn said: Pretty
  7. said: I do love a hairy pussy
  8. said: I will eat your hot pussy inside out and then i will fuck your wet cunt any way you want with my hard cock. Beautiful.
  9. rj said: very sexey view! hold them legs open and I will lick you until you cum on my face
  10. said: Beautiful xxx
  11. irishman said: love latina pussy, would so give you an irish creampie, then fuck your tight asshole too
  12. said: very sexy i like it very much
  13. idewitt69@ya said: latin licking good
  14. eardman said: 10+ Love the view – please send in more
  15. said: Can I get a pair of your panties?
  16. Greg said: That is what pussy is supposed to look like!!! 10+
  17. said: wow would love to eat your sexy fuck holes even eat my jizzz from horny pussy
  18. said: Perfect EATING PUSSY!!!!
  19. said: Nice! Let’s see more!!!:-)
  20. said: Like it? I love it! Would love to lick,suck and fuck your hot pussy!

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