My Fav Position

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jun 11

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Hope thats ok with you?

  1. said: OMG Where can I see more of that ass!?
  2. said: Ur fav positions more than ok with me. U look Fukin hot bent over. I’d tie u up and do very dirty things to u in that position
  3. J R said: do you like a lil anal now n then? nice pose to enjoy! 9
  4. said: My hard cock loves it.
  5. Johnnyonthespot said: Luv a submissive slut. Great pussy nice tight ass and good hips to grab on to
  6. said: hell yes
  7. said: So sexy
  8. said: Very nice my favorite too love it
  9. said: Absolutely stunning!!!
  10. said: My dream girl!!! Fantabulous ass
  11. said: My fav position as well. Looks like it could me my fav ass as well
  12. smallblackcock said: can I stick my tootsie roll in that mighty fine pussy
  13. R said: “LOVE IT” “SMOKEN HOT”
  14. seanharrott38@gmail.comhottie said: hottie :-)
  15. leon said: its more than ok, that’s my favorite position too. now hold still while i ram my cock in there
  16. said: Oh what a nice ass!!!! thanks for sharing my fave too to do you
  17. captaincum said: I don’t care what position you’re in, just let me fuck your sexy holes
  18. W.W. said: dam u have a fine looking pussy (10)
  19. ODB said: My favorite too. Head down, ass up. Slide into both your holes balls deep and unload from behind. x
  20. said: i love that position to perfect to fuck ur tight pussy and ass
  21. dd.eddie said: Ok with me, but i would like you to see mine, which is my face n tongue buried up your ass! WOW
  22. said: Yes,yes it is!! Would love to give you a good fucking bent over like that!!

My beautiful wife’s beautiful pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jun 11

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Such a cute pussy! Your good comments might help me convince her to let me post something saucier

  1. The Husband said: Believe it or not she is 37 years old and has 3 kids. You would never know looking at her cute button
  2. Rick said: Looks young
  3. Rick said: Spread your pink cutie …;)
  4. JB said: That is one pretty little pussy.
  5. J R said: wow that looks “snug” for sure! is it? be awsome to lick that silly!
  6. said: Very pretty! Bet she looks hot in a skimpy bathing suit!
  7. said: Pretty kitty :)
  8. Dawg said: How about one with my cock soreading her lips?
  9. said: Very sexy babe very hot time you opened you legs a bit thanks for sharing
  10. captaincum said: show that pussy spread and a shot of her asshole
  11. Browser said: That’s a tiny little thing. Hope to see more
  12. W.W. said: very nice, would like to see more.
  13. dd.eddie said: Wow isnt this so buttony cute… makes me want to suck it wide open
  14. Jizz Meister said: That is a truly gorgeous pussy. Wish I could taste, smell and touch it! I’d love to wax it…
  15. DEVIL said: I can smell it from here
  16. said: Lickable,suckable and fuckable!! Love to see more!!

Wife’s pussy for the world to see

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jun 11

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here is my wife’s pussy and she said if she can get a good score she would love to show more.

  1. said: that looks naughty as hell and i love it mmmm
  2. said: looks like wet cum candy , love to suck allof your sweet cum and lick your sweet pussy clean
  3. witchhunter said: A perfect big pussy remove stocks and add my cock to play with.
  4. jb said: big used pussy
  5. only at night said: that really looks well used, better if she go put some clother on to keep the Flys away
  6. ACE said: Doll I’d love to fill both your holes with my HOT cum!
  7. said: Can I cum over and see it in person? I’d love to get dirty with ur hot wife.
  8. said: I’d love to see more of this 37yr old milf! Maybe in my inbox? But more please, great pussy! ;)
  9. said: Looks like fun!
  10. Steve said: She’s a 38 year old MILF
  11. J R said: 63 gent here…how “young” is that darlin? wow..looks good to go for sure!
  12. santa said: she looks very fucking hot i want to eat that loose pussy
  13. shafty8 said: love them meat curtains
  14. R said: Would love to EAT that Pussy!! & ASS!!
  15. R said: “Fantasitic” “Awesome” “Smoken Hot”
  16. Sculptor said: I can’t get my 45 yr old wife to pose like that…;)
  17. Sculptor said: 62… Damn that’s a great women
  18. Aiden said: Damn. I don’t care how old she is. That pussy turns me on brother.
  19. said: love it 10 out of 10 mm
  20. jb said: nice used pussy
  21. MARY JO said: Dont like flappy cunt lips .
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  24. captaincum said: what happened?
  25. Mr X. said: That is a HUGE pussy!
  26. dd.eddie said: sweet juicy heaveness. Mmm Mmm
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  29. Greg said: Juicy

My favorite pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jun 11

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What would you do to my wife?

  1. colin said: love to suck your thick cock
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  3. Lickit said: @lucy drop me a mail. u sound very horny.
  4. playpen said: Great stomach. Tight.
  5. Maurice said: Have her cook some dinner
  6. Lucy said: @Jason search “xx Lucy xx” Kind Regards xx
  7. playpen said: great stomach
  8. fastpavement said: don’t know who posted under my name……I’m a homophobe to tell the truth.I have no use for fags.Go to the White House BBC you’
  9. said: @Lucy, I like the sound of you lady! :) great looking pussy you have there ;) lets see Lucy?? ;)
  10. Rick said: Beat it up
  11. J R said: same thing your doing! butt nice if she had 2 cks to satisfie her desires! great post
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  15. Spike said: She is smokin!
  16. RickJamesBiotch said: Can’t rate what I can’t see! Looks promising but, won’t know till you get the wiener out of the photo! 1 star.
  17. said: Damn right I’m jealous!
  18. thickbadunk said: I like your long uncut cock. it makes my pussy wet!
  19. Lucy said: I want to see you dick, I think it looks delicious. Love the way your head is coming out, I wish I could wrap my lips around it.
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Ass Goddess!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 10

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She keeps getting hotter and hotter.

  1. joey said: this lady oooooozes with sex appeal. Would love to suck and sniff her sexy peds while ramming her.
  2. rareposter said: Beautiful toes. We manicured and painted with the nice touch of a toe ring. I dont need to see that face-know you are hot
  3. Sculptor said: Practice makes purrrrfect….here kitty…
  4. BBC said: YES, i wann smash those toes with my 12 inch bbc
  5. greenlantern said: why do you keep showing your feet? you have done ugly ass crooked bunion toes! its not like they’re pretty… all!
  6. Aiden said: Lol Charlie. I can see your thoughts behind that. Although feet turn me on.
  7. said: That looks like an ass that likes to spanked before during and after you get fucked
  8. said: Great view and lovely ass
  9. smailsfriend said: I think her feet are soooo sexy. adds to the whole great package. She takes great care of those hot peds!
  10. said: Touché!
  11. hunter said: how about we make you look perfect and i slip my cock in your ass
  12. Ass man said: Everything looks amazing those huge feet ruin the pic tho post some with ur legs spread and feet away
  13. charlie matheson said: I’m getting to the point of wanting to smash those toes with a sledge hammer….anyone else ???
  14. hardtohold said: looks like she takes it in the ass regularly
  15. said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing I love to eat ass
  16. ACE said: Great shot Doll! I’d love to walk in and find you just like that!
  17. said: yummy

tight honey

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 10

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  1. only at night said: now that’s sweet and fine 10+
  2. dick said: perfect
  3. said: Love to help stretch your tight holes!
  4. said: Simply beautiful that’s all I can say
  5. said: Btw honey you have a perfectly shaped ass :)
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  10. MARY JO said: If i lick your tight slit will it open and let me fuck if .
  11. Sculptor said: That’s nuts!
  12. Undertaker said: Beautiful view. Would lick you from hole to hole. Would love to taste that asshole
  13. spanky said: her butthole is to close to her pussy. no thanks!
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  15. rd said: You are way to HOT to be showing off your pussy like that.. My room would be better
  16. Lickit said: Cock is rock hard looking at ur pussy
  17. UrNaughtyArntU said: Now that’s capital F.I.N.E. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So wet inside

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 10

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What would you do?

  1. colin said: seriously fuckable cock
  2. said: Thumb should be in her ass dude
  3. said: I would pull out and suck your pussy ,love to tongue fuck for a while, then pump some more
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  9. BBC said: Wish i had some of that cok in me! But i will eat her clean when BWC is done
  10. ODB said: Stick a dildo in that ass @ the same time
  11. ACE said: Hold right there Doll I’ll fill your puckered asshole!
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  13. W.W. said: hit that azz!!
  14. buck naked said: fuck you the same way and plop my thumb in your ass hole …
  15. dd.eddie said: Cum, and cum again inside her until we are stickily stuck together! she has to be TIGHT!

Soon time for bed!!!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 10

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Gettin ready for bed yous know what that means pants and panties come off!!!!

  1. said: Very sexy would love to fuck that tight little pussy
  2. said: i want to suck you toes while i fuck you
  3. J R said: yes n thats Sareeenaas puss out front proud n sexy! beautiful! luv to lick it silly for “yous”
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18yo gf pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 9

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About to get fucked in both holes

  1. Dan said: Love a redhead teen spread! Awesome pussy
  2. said: lets see here holes getting fucked…
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  5. Sculptor said: Hot photo
  6. Aiden said: I had to rub one off to this picture…….TWICE. I couldn’t help myself.
  7. said: I love it…tell me more!
  8. BBC said: Nice pussy can I put my black cock in you!!!
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  10. dd.eddie said: She’s gorgeous even though not the clearest picture
  11. Browser said: Bet that’s tight…
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  14. Tony said: Show us your arsehole

Wife Sara’s big happy clit

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 9

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Clit wants some sucking

  1. said: oh my god! i want to suck her nipples and clit so bad
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