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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 12

IMG_0598 b.jpg

Rating: 4.2    (740 votes cast)
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In need of anal

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 12


Rating: 3.88    (580 votes cast)

Any offers?

  1. said: write me
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she is a pink goddess.

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Aug 12


Rating: 3.72    (546 votes cast)

her sweet pussy is very pink and tasty.

  1. dick said: I love women who spread their pussy lips
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Showing off in the car!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 11

car pussy.jpg

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Wife likes to sit with her legs open and show her wonderful bald little pussy!!

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Tight holes.

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 11


Rating: 3.8    (666 votes cast)
  1. Bigcockdaddy said: I didn’t say your purple pussy was loose , Kris dear. This particular one has been tore up so bad she ha two assholes.
  2. Kris said: Bigcockdaddy–I have a purple pussy! it IS sexy, & it doesn’t mean your loose!…I just lost my virginty a month ago!
  3. J R said: heyy Suzzzz thought ya said ya was “putten a wrap” on the puss for the summer? ;) nice as always!
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wifes very wet and ready pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 11


Rating: 3.44    (530 votes cast)
  1. musicmancum said: I would give you a cream pie you would never forget
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  3. PP said: That’s a biiiiiig girl right there.
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Hot pussy spread Closeup

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 11


Rating: 3.34    (511 votes cast)

Wife showing her cunt up close

  1. J R said: could hubby post another of that HAIR! bumm rear view? awesome 9
  2. J R said: hey…ahhh 8/11/14? post with your own ID…imposter..get a life eh? gezzzz
  3. Mr X. said: Fuck that is H U G E
  4. johnny said: looks like all 4 fingers are wet. someone been busy
  5. PP said: To much blurry photo shop.
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  11. J R said: Would love to slurp up that cum
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Ready to be licked

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 9

Photo 11 a.jpg

Rating: 4.28    (835 votes cast)
  1. johnny said: must b a tv or movie chic. shes still got a top on
  2. 808hammer said: Is this girl from hawaii ? Looks like asain fury.
  3. Rusty said: Yesssssss
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wife’s cum soaked cunt

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 9


Rating: 2.68    (549 votes cast)
  1. Marktel said: yum yum yum. Sloppy seconds for me. share at
  2. johnny said: nice and wet, ready 4 a big finish.
  3. spooge said: Looks like she shoved an animal down her pants!
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  18. PP said: Nice looking pussy, but please shave that thing. We are not savages!

53 yo Milf again

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 9


Rating: 4.29    (697 votes cast)

Close and closer

  1. dick said: Great cunt and legs
  2. ACE said: Sexy leg spread Doll. Great close up, keep me cumming!
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