The wife’s sexy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Mar 17

20150313_235608 3.jpg

Rating: 3.58    (526 votes cast)

Please leave your feedback!

  1. ACE said: The more I look the more I want to taste & feel ur awesome pussy lip knott!
  2. said: Wow! I would love to suck on those sweet lips and lick her clit b4 sliding my cock deep inside and pumping her full of my load
  3. said: i dont like it,sorry :(
  4. J R said: hubby gotta have fun with those beautiful meat flaps! beautiful
  5. joe said: Yum
  6. said: Sexy lips.
  7. hunter said: Would love to part your lips with my tounge and slowly stroke your clit
  8. said: Sexy. Great ass
  9. WOODY said: i would love to lick & suck that
  10. jerkman said: no! just no!
  11. dd.eddie said: I want to leave MORE than just feedback! I’d leave my tongue superglued to those yummy lips. WOW. :D
  12. Pipefitter said: Fuckn gorgeous…I can suck n nibble on those twat lips for hours….
  13. said: That thing has been destroyed nothing sexy about it
  14. said: mmm. that lookds delicious. i would love to lick and suck those lips.
  15. said: Beautiful pussy! So both asshole and those lovely lips nxt time please!!!
  16. Mr X. said: Must take you all night to unfold those…..?
  17. Throbbin Hood said: Love it. Would love to see standing, spread and bent over shots…
  18. said: love the lips! bet it feels amazing!!!
  19. said: Honestly, do you exist? Know anything about Giottto’ s perfect circle?
  20. Andrew said: Unfurl those curtains for us.
  21. said: delicious lips, luv to spread and nibble on them
  22. said: myth meaty pusi I wod love to Unrivalle it!
  23. said: Love those big meaty lips! Would love to see more.
  24. said: What a beautiful set of lips. looks yummy
  25. said: looks so appealing
  26. mark said: where is it? looks like bubble gum
  27. said: Love the meat, faaantastic ;) lets see those beauties hang from behind ;)
  28. said: Meaty, love to nibble on it

Girlfriends spread pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 16


Rating: 3.84    (515 votes cast)

She thinks its ugly but I cant get enough of it, she wants outside opinion. Tell us what you think her pussy

  1. said: looks like a piece of art please post more
  2. Johnnyonthespot said: It’s not ugly but also nothing special compared to others on this site
  3. Joey said: I’d stick my penis in there.
  4. rj said: her pussy looks great very inviting but her nails are a turn off
  5. HellSpawn said: i would lick it then stick it lovely pussy
  6. said: Beautiful asshole!! Show us some more!!
  7. Throbbin Hood said: Looks beautiful through my eyes. What exactly makes her think it’s ugly?
  8. said: small but beautifull and sweet would eat it up until she can’t hold it anymore
  9. Really said: Sorry if you are to lazy I mean to say!
  10. Really said: If you take lazy to do your nails would hate to see the rest of your body!!!
  11. said: love it! She has a beautiful pussy and ass! I could spend hours playing with that!!! 5 stars!!!
  12. bigmike said: let us see those titties baby mmmm
  13. Big Bill said: That looks very tight and tasty, nice asshole too. I would lick both for hours!
  14. said: Looks tight and delicious
  15. said: I would love to see more of her pussy
  16. bigmike said: dont worry girl you have a sweet kitty there. that butthole is very lickable also. more please.
  17. said: she looks yummy, you lucky guy, I’d love to see more ;)
  18. said: Tight, pink and my cock would definitely stretch it. More please
  19. phlipper said: tight and pink,two of my favorite
  20. dd.eddie said: gosh i want to tongue and suck that so much and hard her eyes would close. And tinkle in my mouth :D
  21. Jan said: Your 100% right about her nail that usually = a dirty pussy
  22. only ten said: amazing I like
  23. said: that there is a very beautiful pussy. I bet it taste yummy too
  24. said: She’s tight. Your are a lucky man. I would love to see more
  25. said: Wouldn’t mind tongue fucking that asshole too :) lets see another post of her lips that are hidden ;)
  26. said: You will get some bad remarks about her nails but fuck them as this is a great pussy! Love the clit ;)

smooth shaved pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 15


Rating: 3.81    (591 votes cast)

I just shaved my usual landing strip. My big lips can have all the attention now. Do you like them?

  1. ACE said: Beautiful Doll!
  2. said: Yes! Yes! I want to suck on those sweet lips!
  3. coma said: overused
  4. J R said: LezDaph…post some goods ;) ? wanna C
  5. J R said: yummms…beautiufl flaps! post more
  6. thorrulez said: love the pussy shot, especially with those nice tits in the shot as well
  7. LezDaphne said: I’m just the woman to give you lots of pleasure from them.
  8. Pipefitter said: Gorgeous twat…hmmm…yum..
  9. Dylan said: not sexy at all.
  10. Tommo said: Ill give it a miss thanks, not pretty
  11. Joey said: Eh, pass.
  12. Duke Luke said: looks like someone chewed on some gum and then stuck it there
  13. WOODY said: i would love to lick & suck that
  14. said: Wow, would feel great milking my hard cock.
  15. bigmike said: like to lick and nibble on that while i pinch those beautiful nipples !!
  16. said: I love your big lips. I bet they are fun to suck and fuck! More please!
  17. said: looks amazing! so sexy I’ve given you full marks ;) I’d like to give more
  18. dd.eddie said: lsutfully lovingling longingly adore them! Hot body! :D
  19. HellSpawn said: now that’s a beautiful pussy
  20. said: How do they look when you are bent over next to a superb ass no doubt? ;)
  21. said: Beautiful!!!!!!
  22. Gloverboy6 said: Any man could lick and suck them for hours
  23. Throbbin Hood said: Wow! That is a gorgeous sight. I could play with your gorgeous lips all day. I so want to stick my face/cock ‘twixt your legs.
  24. said: can we see a pic of those lips spread open
  25. mrxplosive said: Love big pussy lips!!
  26. Lustiman said: The Picasso of the pussies!
  27. said: delicious looking lips baby
  28. said: yes id love to eat on ur meaty lips
  29. said: oh hell yes very nice
  30. said: lovely inviting lips
  31. said: Love your big pussy lips :) would love to see more posts of those beauties ;) great pussy lady
  32. said: Absolutely delicious, would spend hours nibbling on those succulent lips
  33. Mr X. said: I am the Walrus…….
  34. Likeaboss said: I love a cllose shave!
  35. said: would love to nibble on those!!!
  36. BUSTER said: Need Ten Stars for this desert !!!
  37. Spike said: Damn let me at those!
  38. HELLBILLY said: I’d chew on those lips like bazooka joe
  39. said: so freakin beautiful. I would love to spend hours kissing and licking you all day and night long. grrrr
  40. Kid said: Unreal and beautiful
  41. Noya12 said: My favorite. I absolutely love big labia.

Horn Wife Pussy While Out of Town

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 15


Rating: 2.74    (440 votes cast)
  1. J R said: needs ck then when out of town..needs ck now! lots of ck! call me ;) HAIR
  2. said: I’ll take care of her while you’re away! Looks inviting.
  3. Mr Good Kat said: hair lover!!! I am!!! grow more post more!!!
  4. dd.eddie said: a yummy tongue tanglular here
  5. said: mmm thats a nice hairy pussy love to eat the sweet pussy trade ?
  6. Throbbin Hood said: Nice pussy. Would love to see it spread…
  7. said: looks nice and tight!
  8. said: Love to spread those lips apart to get to the juicy middle

He says I suck cock like a pornstar

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 15


Rating: 3.59    (409 votes cast)

I made his whole body shake with excitement as I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum.

  1. J R said: when shes done with hubby can she do me next! shes a good woman!
  2. deepthroater said: How about another few with you taking it all the way down to the BALLS
  3. said: Yeah that’s what he says U look like u scared of the dick and don’t know what to do lol
  4. thickbadunk said: Let’s see another view of you a cup titties with your legs spread!
  5. J R said: I wish I was on my knees in your spot!
  6. said: Cocksucking girls rock! :) get those balls on your chin and repost ;)
  7. said: She is a keeper….
  8. dick said: she looks to be enjoying it
  9. dd.eddie said: beautiful, sexy, talented woman! She’s a KEEPER! :D
  10. phlipper said: what a nice girl
  11. said: Wow, every man’s fantasy right there!!!
  12. shafty8 said: bet he dosent know what a porn star susks like
  13. Undertaker said: Out of the way girl, I’ll show you how to suck a cock
  14. Dylan said: why does a pretty girl like you want someone so hairy & out of shape
  15. Johnnyonthespot said: Let’s see a shot with ur face dripping in cum like a porn star would
  16. said: beautiful! love your eyes!!!
  17. Not a braggart said: how does he know how a porn star sucks cock? Less him, more you.
  18. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Taking a selfie while sucking cock!!!! Great Girl!!!!

my wife riding the washing machine2

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 14


Rating: 3.96    (438 votes cast)

here you go guys this is the picture yall ask for as deep in her pussy as it will go!

  1. jdog said: fuck i wish that was my cock mmmm gorgous tits need sucking very very sexy
  2. Chris said: I want to suck your tits and toes!
  3. Maytag repairman said: Can she sit upon the agitator? I had a call for a woman stuck on one once. tangled in her ‘Downey’
  4. said: mmm, mmm, that is a good one, now lets get some close ups !
  5. hunter said: You can do a load for me any time
  6. said: lovely! would love to give you a load!
  7. hunter said: Love the pick awsum woman
  8. said: god this is a beautiful picture! please keep up the sexy posts!
  9. Bulletman said: Super hot shot…the hair makes it perfect!
  10. said: Would love to see her do the dildo limbo dance! How low can she go???
  11. said: very hot, love the way her boobs hang
  12. Johnnyonthespot said: Don’t mind all the haters. Ur body and muff look great and it looks like ur taking plenty in what looks like a tight hole
  13. said: @thickbadunk, you show her how it’s done sexy :) I wish I was there to give you a hand getting it deeper ;)
  14. said: I love mature titties like that
  15. HELLBILLY said: I’ll be your maytag repair man & service you daily
  16. thickbadunk said: open that cervix up girl, you’ll be able to take another 4 inches!
  17. thickbadunk said: take it to the balls and repost!
  18. said: very sexy love ur whole body
  19. Not a braggart said: rated five of five, but seriously honey, if you’re gonna shave, shave the area closer to your clit.
  20. said: u funking horni batch I would give u a funking good stuffing!

My wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 14


Rating: 3.66    (479 votes cast)

My playroom, what do you think?

  1. LezDaphne said: Playroom to you, dining room to me.
  2. said: Ohhhh yeah that hole looks deliciously used, I want in. Give me more.
  3. said: Love to explore your pussy!
  4. said: Looks fun, let’s see more
  5. phlipper said: looks like she had a good time
  6. Lance said: yummy…
  7. Richie said: Hot tunnell you have there!!
  8. bigmike said: thats just pretty !! would love to eat that to orgasm !!
  9. said: I think I want to be right there with you
  10. said: What a beautiful view. I’d spend hours eating that sexy pussy. grrrrr
  11. said: really sexy, luv to tongue that
  12. instant wood said: Love it 10+++
  13. said: yummy I’d love to fill you up with cum ;) nice lookin pussy hunny
  14. said: looks delicious
  15. said: Great pussy lady but I agree with West6771 would love the asshole in the pic ;) more please
  16. jm said: good girl is all I have to say <3
  17. dd.eddie said: I’d beg her to let my tongue nd nose fully deploy inside her! YUM
  18. said: Go down 2 inches so we can see that asshole!!!’
  19. HELLBILLY said: I’d like to bounce my balls in there
  20. Throbbin Hood said: I love your little pee hole
  21. BUSTER said: Give me a rope , I’m goin in , don’t look for me.
  22. said: i wanna creampie ur pussy
  23. said: I would love to see u squirt and pee then give u a jolly good funking huni! :-(
  24. Not a braggart said: looks nice and tight to me. Joe and jango are being dicks
  25. Joe said: Looks more like the Holland Tunnel….. OMG
  26. jango said: wow thats no stranger to a fist or two

Bored wife…

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 14


Rating: 4.12    (472 votes cast)

I was already getting turned on imagining making someone so hard they have to rub themselves…so here is another pic. Please let me know what you think. My first time so be nice.

  1. said: im jacking my cock off to that big sexy round ass
  2. said: wow!
  3. said: That’s on sweet sexy ass and hot pussy. Love the panties pulled to the side. U got my cock hard
  4. That's my ass... said: J R…my kind of man…confident.
  5. J R said: slip’em kinda sexy woman! post more so steamy
  6. That's my ass... said: “Would you phone me hotty”…hmm…it’s a nice thought-and I’ll cum to it later…I am pretty bored with my situation
  7. That's my ass... said: ODB…next time I’ll pull them to the side…Any other requests?
  8. That's my ass... said: Thank you for all of the kind words..made me so wet thinking of you getting off to me.
  9. would you phone me hotty said: what a cracking ass, would love to fuck you doggy. please let me x
  10. Mike said: Holy shit! I want to eat and then smash that! Gorgeous!
  11. Ben said: Nice
  12. Jay said: Pretty
  13. said: Would love to be a part of your life. Let’s share some pics
  14. said: Great ass. I want to pound your lovely pussy.
  15. said: Shocking that a beautiful ass like that can be bored… let me know if I can help
  16. ODB said: Panties to the side. Nice.
  17. said: beautiful! Would love to eat and fill both for you!!
  18. Troy said: I’d fill your pussy up with my nut, and your ass. You’d be dripping with nut from both holes!
  19. said: Lovely butt curves, I would bury my face in there & eat you till you cum! Thanks for posting! Vaughn
  20. said: great picture! i love this pose too. slide them to the side, fuck and fill you of cum and move them back. please keep posting!
  21. said: Absolutely beautiful! Please don’t stop posting. You truly have a magnificent body!!!
  22. Joey said: Beautiful sight! More please!!! A nice spread and I promise I’ll whack one for you :)
  23. said: U r hot sexy and exciting..bored just call me
  24. said: wonderful. just wonderful
  25. said: Damn you look delicious, I’l love to play with you
  26. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: You make me cum so hard. Over and over again. 36 and pierced for your use. I’ll try anything
  27. said: delicious looking pussy
  28. said: very nice, love to see it spread
  29. Lou said: Nice and edible!
  30. Johnnyonthespot said: Nice ass and phat pussy. I’d be glad to bore u deep.
  31. said: Pull those panties over more so we can see that asshole!!!
  32. Throbbin Hood said: You’ve certainly got me standing to attention…
  33. Gloverboy6 said: I don’t think she’d be bored if I was there ;D
  34. said: im rubbn one out now to ur pussy
  35. said: simply said BEAUTIFUL
  36. dd.eddie said: delicious tight and temptuous bootay! WOW may i beg for more? :D

Devons’ SUPER WET pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 14

DSC_0314 - Copy (2).JPG

Rating: 3.39    (397 votes cast)

Hey boys, here is the other picture I promised. It is me super-wet and literally dripping with my own juices. It was while I was being teased and fingered in both my holes. I came many times this night. Would you enjoy sliding into my wet pussy?

  1. yddadolf@gmail. com said: Devon…. all your pics are great, would love to see some in my innbox
  2. said: Devon more nice work….you are a star on this site! Cheers to you…Vaughn
  3. said: That sweet thing looks familiar
  4. Devon said: I didn’t think I posted it before. I will post a way better picture in a few days.
  5. Lance said: Slow penetration, my dear…
  6. Paul said: She reposted it for me because I wanted to see her pussy soaking wet.
  7. said: Devon we’ve seen this pic before, thought you was posting something new?
  8. Really!!! said: That’s just not very hot!!!!
  9. said: i would absolutely love to slide ib your super wet pussy. as well as have sit on my face and let me lap up those jucies.
  10. Scott said: Both. Holes!!
  11. said: oh yes my tongue and simply the best
  12. said: love to lick that wet pussy
  13. said: Don’t know about sliding in but I certainly would love a taste of you lady ;)
  14. Johnnyonthespot said: It’s very sexy but either let it grow or clean it up
  15. Paul said: I would love to taste that juice!
  16. said: i bet you can work a cock good with that pussy
  17. said: very hot id love to slide my cock in that pussy
  18. HELLBILLY said: would love to slide my hard cock inside your wet pussy right after licking up some of your tasty juices
  19. dd.eddie said: I want to smasha nd smear my face and mouth with your juices first! YUM

Devons’ thick ass as requested

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 13

DSC_0312 - Copy.JPG

Rating: 3.82    (544 votes cast)

Hey boys, here is that ass shot that I promised. I do have a thick ass but a lot of guys love it. Enjoy

  1. Robster said: Would like to see a cucumber up your pussy
  2. mime720 said: let me c your face and tits have you ever sucked 2cocks at once
  3. mime720 said: devon would u like to see my nice cock
  4. mime720 said: devon i want to lick ur pussy
  5. Devon said: I don’t take black dick. Nothing against it just not into black guys.
  6. Really said: @ Devon ask the girl in the pic below if she can give you a few tips on how to shave!!!!
  7. White boy said: Devon does ur husband watch when u take a nice black dick
  8. dd.eddie said: I dont know a single ‘real’ man that wouldnt love to taste this bootay!
  9. said: Devon, you are a star! Great ass..& will to please! Vaughn
  10. said: On all fours showing off your ass and holes for me please :) whatever it will still be sexy I’m sure ;)
  11. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to lick you before fucking you doggy style
  12. said: Devon,love your pics! Would love to see more of your ass and pussy!
  13. hunter said: You are a fun chick . Would enjoy you forr hours & hours on end playing fucking licking toying
  14. J R said: i have a request! that chair on the left? turn it around set backwards on it n HANG that nice bumm on it! ummm cant wait
  15. Paul said: I would rather see her own juices, not a mans cum
  16. said: How about seeing you with cum all over your ass?
  17. said: Legs and ass both look amazing, as always, one very sexy lady!!
  18. Paul said: I want to see it!
  19. Don't make us wait said: Definitely on all fours showing off that fine thick ass plz
  20. Devon said: Paul= I have a nice closeup of my pussy after I came a few times. It’s soaken wet.
  21. Devon said: I have a great picture of me pulling my legs back and getting a finger in my ass?
  22. Paul said: Solo. Maybe after you have came a couple off times so we can see how wet you get.
  23. said: a solo pic would be awesome. you have a hot pussy
  24. Devon said: would you prefer a solo pic of me pleasuring myself or one of me getting pleased?
  25. said: you look amazing! that pic made me instantly hard. id love to eat you from behind. i love your ass! keep up the great work!
  26. HELLBILLY said: Devon how about a picture of your beautiful eyes have a great weekend you Hot thing !!
  27. said: Awesome!!!
  28. Paul said: On your back with pulling your knees to your chest showing asshole, pussy, tits and toes.
  29. LoveMeSomeCurves said: A pic on all 4’s showing both those glorious Fuck Holes up close!!!!
  30. Devon said: Maybe I will post another pic next week. Any requests?
  31. HELLBILLY said: Dam when you do I wish it could be all over my face yum !
  32. Lickit said: Devon that’s heavenly body I would like some , park ur pussy on face
  33. Assfan69 said: Devon I’d love to help you master the squirting tecnique! It takes some time but well worth it! What a turn on!♡5♡xoxo
  34. HellSpawn said: sexy ass and pussy can we a closer shot of it
  35. Devon said: I’ve been trying to squirt and I think I’m almost there.
  36. said: Love to spank that ass
  37. said: Thanks for keeping your promise
  38. said: so beautiful what a perfect ass
  39. Christina said: Very sexy. I like your legs and ass.
  40. HELLBILLY said: Devon are you by chance a squirter if so would love to see pics of that .keep posting you are Awesome
  41. said: @devon i love ur thick ass stroken my cock to it now got any close up spread pussy pics
  42. HELLBILLY said: would love for you to sit that perfect beautiful ass on my face so I could eat it
  43. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Great Ass & Great Thighs!!!
  44. Hi said: U do have a nice ass.. The pic needs to b closer tho..
  45. Assfan69 said: “REALLY” obviosly is not a follower of Devon.Shes def a blast and aims to please.her hubby is a lucky man!♡x♡o sweety!
  46. Devon said: I know not everyone will like what I have to offer but what I do offer is that I’m a fun chick
  47. Assfan69 said: There it is!! Thanx Devon! I can almost fell myself balls deep in your sweet ass! Thanx for being so accomodating.♡5♡xoxo
  48. Com on man said: Hey Really go slap your cock around on a different site then I Love this thick fine ass and would LOVE too c more off it!!!!
  49. Really!!! said: I don’t know why everyone is getting worked up there is nothing really special about your ass!!!!
  50. said: I love a thick ass Devon :) I would live to see more of your ass bent over or naturally stood ;) keep the sexy pics coming lady

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