college asian pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 22

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My classmate letting me dive into some pussy before class!

  1. haha said: @kevin post a new one then
  2. Kevin said: @haha to be hating you must not be getting any lovin. I’m posting pics to share you’re obviously on here to see what you’re not
  3. HOTROD61 said: now im in the mood for some sushi
  4. haha said: @kevin keep on thinking that bro lol post another old one
  5. Kevin said: @Haha umm this is my pic… you mad that I’m getting better pussy than you?
  6. Bigchamp said: That is the best thing I have seen
  7. haha said: Why you posting old pics buddy probably not even yours lol
  8. Undertaker said: lets see the rest of that sexy body that a 10++pussy to me
  9. hunter said: can i inrole in that collage :-P
  10. said: Would like some of that pussy xx
  11. said: Wouldn’t mind giving you a pop shot… I mean quiz!
  12. said: Smokin hot bod with a succulent lookin pussy! Please post more.
  13. T-Rock said: What a way prepare for class! You get an A!
  14. GGSWA said: hot girl nice pussy
  15. mandy said: wow that is one sweet little kitty !!thanks for sharing!!
  16. harleymarine69 said: awesome looking pussy…how about more in my inbox.
  17. said: I have seen this picture here before, long time ago
  18. dick said: nice pussy.
  19. dd.eddie said: I’d be missing class; and even a daylong symposium with her as a ‘mate! MAsarap! :D
  20. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Looks like she has some ThickNeSS to her!! Beautiful!!
  21. BB4WW said: College girl with stretch marks. Love em chunky like you

my sexy wife

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 22

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  1. J R said: is she ready for fine vintage ck to go with that vintage pkg? would hubby ok with it! share? post more
  2. rj said: you got a keeper their guy looks good thanks for sharing
  3. Gloverboy6 said: Not bad, I bet it can take a pounding
  4. said: from ga
  5. said: I posted some comments but not all she has a sweet sexy tight pussy. and I can’t help but show it off
  6. Jam 250 said: I looooove Super Sized BBW’s like you!!
  7. dd.eddie said: I think chuck is right.
  8. chuck said: seems like the guy who posted it put all the comments on here??
  9. Undertaker said: love to lick those lips perfect 10
  10. Sean said: id love to slide my rock hard dick in that and fill her full of cum
  11. dick said: love it
  12. dick said: please?
  13. dick said: what state? must see more
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  18. dick said: nice clit
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  20. said: gotta love this pic

Sexy Brunette

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 22

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What can you tell about my girfriend?

  1. J R said: shes a gypsy? ;) caravan to midnight with me?
  2. Mr. Diggler said: I can tell she has a super nice pussy
  3. johnnyonthespot said: she likes to suck big white cocks
  4. Sherlock said: 5’6″ to 5’8″ 23-26years old. of middle Eastern or European descent.
  5. said: Wow! That looks nice and tight!!!
  6. said: Wow that’s one tight looking pussy. I’d love to try stuffing my cock into that.
  7. T-Rock said: I can tell that you are one lucky man!
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  12. dd.eddie said: I can tell she loves her pussy licked nd to lick a hard cok; then get ponytail pulled when doing wet doggy! HOT more plz :D

my wife Laura

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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  1. dick said: the brown eye
  2. dd.eddie said: tell Laura i love her; tell laura i need her…
  3. said: I love to eat that for my breakfast mmmm
  4. Zulu said: I would love for you to ride my monster black cock
  5. Keegan said: Hi Laura! I’d slobber all over that asshole for you. :)
  6. J R said: beautiful..your a lucky man indeed charlie brown! ;) hows the back door now n then? more 10 fine wine vintage
  7. Licker said: Love to get my cock up your tight ass HOLE .

My wet & well used pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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Wet and messy

  1. HardHairy said: Yumm I want a lick
  2. biboy said: looks nice
  3. gaterslap said: chewed up bubble gum
  4. eat more pussy said: gorgeous if I left a load in your tight beautiful pussy it would be my pleasure to lick your pussy clean
  5. Alan said: Looks like it’s seen better days
  6. chuckie said: that thing is beat the hell up.
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  10. Ben Dover said: That is just mest up.

My sweet little pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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My pussy with my little landing strip and tan lines.

  1. Mrxplosive said: i would suck the fuck out of that meaty pussy
  2. GGSWA said: Ioh my i love the hair and the bulging lips yummm i would actually pay $$ to eat that
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  4. dd.eddie said: I dont care if i have a visual on this strip; i’m cuming in with instrument!
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  6. Licker said: CAN my tounge land on your hairy STRIP
  7. said: Gorgeous pussy!
  8. J R said: beautiful…a pleasant mouth full YUmmmUmmm….;)
  9. Undertaker said: that’s a 10 allday long
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super sexy swingin swede suckin..

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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as promised me gettin my throat stuffed with rock hard cock……can i take it aallllll!!!???

  1. ODB said: You are a Goddess…
  2. said: This slut is fucking smoking hot!
  3. wifewatcher said: Awesome – love watching the wife doing that
  4. joker said: looks like she can take the d
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  6. dd.eddie said: I know you surely can darling; you are 1 hell of a total fuk package! SUPER HOT! :D
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  8. Rig said: Would love to see one of you sucking cook and looking up
  9. Dirk diggler said: im in love! Can’t wait for the anal shots!
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super sexy swingin swede sat on my cock

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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my girl sliding down my pole to put out the fire! enjoy mofo’s!

  1. rj said: lucky guy!! she does know how to ride a a good hard cock
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fucking my hairy wife

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 21

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nice hairy asshole

  1. xxjas said: very hot. Lovely ass! email more
  2. Tony said: If thats a mans arse, he must have two holes!
  3. Biker Rick said: Not flattering
  4. Keegan said: Sweet! Almost looks like a mans ass. Is that a mans ass?

playing with her pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Sep 20

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  1. eat more pussy said: love to taste your juices as I eat your pussy
  2. dick said: I love women who spread their pussy lips
  3. said: Damn I’d love a luck of that gorgeous pussy
  4. Turbo said: Really nice! Looooove the panties pulled to the side.
  5. Johnnyonthespot said: Pass
  6. Licker said: WILL you let me lick your cunt from the inside ,
  7. dd.eddie said: Wasnt that a Clit Eastwood movie; Play pussy for me.. ? Would love to go outlaw on that hole
  8. said: no need for you to play with it I can takr care of that for you inbox me more
  9. said: no need for you to play withi
  10. chuckie said: ill play with it for you.

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