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Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 11


Rating: 3.83    (388 votes cast)
  1. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Beautiful runway & tight lips. YummmmVaughn
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Close up of fiance

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 11


Rating: 3.63    (420 votes cast)

She would love to get your opinion.

  1. Xxx said: Well don’t just lay there, do something
  2. xxjas said: wow!!! that’s a great body! very sexy.
  3. deet da deet said: looks like a deep trap that needs swept
  4. Bulletman said: Looking good, nice to have fiance who likes to be photographed! Let the bush grow in a nice thick triangle.
  5. Rig said: I’d lick it and stick it
  6. DonJon said: Looks amazing. I’d love to slide in there.
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19 Year old GF after i was done with her

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 11


Rating: 3.56    (367 votes cast)

19 YO gf after i was finished with her. all comments welcome! i have a closeup if you guys like her

  1. Trey88 said: Nice spanked ass
  2. Ra7en said: haha she absolutely loves the spanking though! usually i use a whip. will submit the closup now :)
  3. tobi said: yeah…show close up pls =)
  4. dd.eddie said: delicious lookin pussy; and YES, i would enjoy a closeup view.. Please? can we glimpse her sweet titties too?
  5. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Looks to have a great ass but don’t know if I would spank so hard, great body please show more

“ready for playtime”

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 10


Rating: 3.86    (505 votes cast)

pampered and ripe ready for the onslaught.

  1. ACE said: Perfect position Doll! I never tire of looking at ur amazing asshole & pussy. I hope ur in my stocking.;)
  2. J R said: the hubby sure likes the “pucker factor of 10″ on that! beautiful .lets C a ream out gaped after action post
  3. asshole addict said: Always a pleasure. Would love to see the face that goes with that milf asshole!
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  9. ye@hright.com said: I wanna be the first one in, and the last one out of this

My pussy lips #9

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 10

2014-12-09 14.06.46.jpg

Rating: 4.11    (609 votes cast)
  1. jeff said: let me push the head of my cock in there!!
  2. DEVIL said: That is a fine pussy
  3. ACE said: Super sexy Doll! Love ur dark lips!
  4. J R said: wow starten to think that massive puss lips are for real n not photo shopped…wow
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  6. Bi Bella said: You are amazing big pussy lips make me so wet.
  7. Trey88 said: You are incredibly fucking sexy!!!
  8. just4fun said: if that’s #9 let’s see the other 8!!!
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  10. Joey said: Man, how do you keep all that tucked away? I wanna deep throat all that
  11. jeff said: thats eating material!!!
  12. GGSWA said: wow my..that pussy will be nice to chew on plus i bet it’s a great cock wrapper. Damn
  13. Jw said: Let’s see one of the asshole!!!!
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  23. curiosa said: @Thai fucker, not Asian. I am Brazilian. :)
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  26. Thai fucker said: nothing like asain pussy
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her lovely pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 10

2014-12-10 00.44.54.jpg

Rating: 3.87    (399 votes cast)

Her lovely pussy

  1. deet da deet said: now thats impressive its a shame we had to meet like this
  2. GGSWA said: lovely indeed
  3. Throbbin Hood said: Lovely peekaboo shot. Please post some more.
  4. BigBaws said: Show us more please.
  5. Dax said: Very tasty looking
  6. ye@hright.com said: I could nibble and lick and suck on that for days at a time

24yo juicy gf

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 10


Rating: 3.69    (382 votes cast)
  1. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Hahaha somebody is using my name! Ah well never mind, boys will be boys ;)
  2. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Can I clean you both up?
  3. Bi Bella said: I think she’s killed that cock!!
  4. penguin_rocks@live.co.uk said: needs a 2nd load
  5. ODB said: Can I now put a load in there as well……?
  6. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said: sweet!!!
  7. luckylic said: Nice view of paradise :-)

My wife’s pussy @ 45 years young!!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 10


Rating: 4.03    (369 votes cast)

And that’s after 3 kids!!! I’m a lucky MoFo, don’t you think?!? If you rate her kindly, I’ll post one of her tits!!!

  1. DEVIL said: yummy yummy yummy
  2. Bluemanc said: could eat this one
  3. J R said: that is a fine wine vintage pkg over 45 im thinken and looken good! post the boobs..awesome post btw! 5
  4. GGSWA said: that’s a gem for a mom of 3. beautiful and tight like a 18 yr old
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Suzys tight ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Dec 9


Rating: 4.14    (626 votes cast)
  1. DEVIL said: beaytuful holes
  2. Throbbin Hood said: You simply can’t beat panties at half mast. Certainly not with a derrière as sexy as this.
  3. truth said: nice granny panties… not sexy
  4. hunter said: would love to fk that arse
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  6. Charlie said: Looks like that ass has been ripped up
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my gf tight sweet ……

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Dec 9

2014-12-08 09.06.45.jpg

Rating: 4.17    (500 votes cast)

Love to hear what u all think

  1. Throbbin Hood said: Gorgeous. So sexy! I want to cover it in sherry trifle and lick it all off…slowly.
  2. pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: smooth… looks amazing
  3. hunter said: nice pussy dos she do anal how about dp
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