Wifes hot ass waiting

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 23


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Sh loves getting pounded hard and deep in her ass while sucking cock!

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Eye contact bj

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 23


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Perfect eye contact while working the head

  1. J R said: peace sign went out yrs ago..butt thats a good woman can she do me next?
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Fat Pussy & Tight Ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22


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Which hole do you prefer?

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My gf waiting for me to get home.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22


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After a long days work I came home to this in the living room!

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She loves showing off her pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22

2015-03-20 103-0322_IMG.jpg

Rating: 3.68    (385 votes cast)

especially private but has played pool in mini skirt with no panties and flashing her shaved pussy. Plus she’s the ultimate slut in pleasing!

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What’s a guy to do? Spoiled for choice

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22


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Hubby, I’m ready. Choose a hole and fuck it please!

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Good choice!! My tight ass!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22


Rating: 3.99    (324 votes cast)

That’s my boy! Filled my ass with your thick man juice.

  1. J R said: thats a good woman built for pleasure! post more of her!
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38 year old pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Mar 22


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Just out of shower, fresh shaved, ready to play.

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Wifes Sweet Pussy Ready

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 21


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41yo pussy ready to filled with BBC

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Hands free pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 21


Rating: 3.68    (350 votes cast)

As requested no ugly nails and lips full view. From same set of pics I took hope you all like. More to come soon she liked the comments.

  1. J R said: that one has teeth..bet its really nice! wow
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