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Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 7

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what you think

  1. the inspector said: granny puss to me
  2. Jdawg said: Really? That thing looks sickly. No way that could even get me a pudge!!!!
  3. Bob said: Take the bra off and redo
  4. stan said: your so good want to meet up
  5. assluvr said: i’m in lust!
  6. Sajlez said: Shave
  7. Mandingo said: i want to put it in ur ass, let you finger yourself and swallow your titty- ur sexxy.
  8. Thick said: just enough hair
  9. Doug said: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh lord I thought it was going to eat me!
  10. J R said: show more of those assets?
  11. J R said: must be ol fashioned..i luv this kind of hair puss..10 bet thats good! )~ cum to daddy darlin..:)
  12. j dog said: wow perfect pussy wana slide my cock rite in and cum on yr hairy pussy mmm dont change a thing
  13. rim88@live.com.au said: Amazing! I wanna plunge my tongue deep into your rim babe
  14. macsean7@gmail.com said: im rock hard now
  15. rj said: Sweet
  16. pkkid43@msn.com said: mmm yesss would to to have that pusssy cum on my toung
  17. thaboss76@gmail.com said: love it can i have it
  18. bigg1foru@yahoo.com said: wanna plunge my tongue right in!
  19. rick said: all night long
  20. Eros said: Ok, I guess. Too hairy, I know.
  21. TuxxMoney said: DAMN (bad)
  22. oral fix said: 7.5…9.5 if you get it waxed
  23. yssupicen said: Now that’s a nice one… plump, juicy and with a bit of hair around it!
  24. evilderrick@gmail.com said: love hair on that pussy so let’s fuck

Tight Fit

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 7

2011-05-17 17.55.41.jpg
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Just one of the holes my cock can squeeze into.

  1. tiger1369@gmail.com said: i love this it make a man go cz
  2. Melting@gmail.com said: That blow up doll looks as though it’s melting
  3. Dude said: I know that pussy!!! I fucked it before he got out the pen!!!
  4. rj said: thats looks so good gota feel good for boyh of you
  5. MrMe said: Her body is atrocious, yech!
  6. John Boy said: It’s a pussy superimposed on a dude’s body, right? Those hands MUST belong to a man!
  7. Eros said: How old is that chick?
  8. yssupicen said: Nice and slim. I love seeing a woman’s hand near her pussy!

Hot Tight Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 7

2011-07-05 16.12.32.jpg
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The sun makes this pussy wet

  1. gman said: and you make my dick hard
  2. capt.applesause702@gmal.com said: nice cunt
  3. caot.aplesausee702@gmal.com said: nice tight pussy babe
  4. Sajlez said: Hell yeah!
  5. 408theman@gmail.com said: that pussy looks great, u should post sum camel toe pics. plus 10 from me n my wife
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  7. Wolf said: magnificent pussy perfect 10 …. :)
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  9. macsean7@gmail.com said: nice pussy
  10. moonman said: mmmmm sun baked pussy yummy
  11. dog said: need to open that with my tongue to get ur clit sucked and i could finger ur ass

playing with my bf´s penis

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 7

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playing with my boyfriends penis

  1. 2wheelryder said: A tad hairy for my taste but a pretty pussy none the less
  2. Capt.applesause702@gmail.com said: Lookits like a cock only smalker
  3. Capt.applesause702@gmail.com said: Look its like a cock only d
  4. Big cock said: Love it 10/10 I love a hairy pussy
  5. grobitsch@yahoo.com said: need to shave that pussy for a higher score.
  6. Amy19 said: I might try that
  7. nghtrain420 said: wtf is a penis?…i got a cock
  8. topdogcas@yahoo.com said: love the bush keep up the god work
  9. 2183241102 said: Wanna play with mine 2 msg me
  10. macsean7@gmail.com said: id like to hoot my load inside you
  11. leslie_baby said: Pretty think, and average length. Let’s see your 4 incher bf…
  12. evilderrick@gmail.com said: let me hit that for a day
  13. Niggzy said: Fat Cock, tight pussy, :)
  14. bf said: It looks just like a penis……only smaller
  15. tbanger said: hairy fuckers!
  16. johnb721@o2.ie said: nice would your boyfriend let you play with my penis ?

Tight Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 7

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My Beautiful wife’s pussy filled up!!

  1. The Bandit said: Beautiful fanny
  2. jizz.lips@yahoo.com said: Love the massive vein in that amazing cock! Wanna swing the bi way for a day or two? ;)
  3. jizz.lips@yahoo.com said: Love that massive vein in that amazing cock ;)
  4. Sajlez said: Nice, just get rid of the dick!
  5. macsean7@gmail.com said: great sexy picture
  6. mr&mrs.naughty said: very nice!
  7. mr&mrs.naughty said: mmmm, nice!
  8. Boudreaux said: Hey, I know her!
  9. buttman said: hey jenbirdred when u gonna post again?
  10. PattieCakes1968@yahoo.com said: Can I be next? Would love to play with both of you ;)
  11. Dave said: lets see an all or more i shot.
  12. LIKED IT. said: FOR SUCH A FAT COCK(if its a cock) then, ANY PUSSY WILL B TIGHT 4 HIM…
  14. Pattie said: Pick Me!! I want that dick deep in my tight pussy and suck that other tight pussy at the same time!!
  15. Jenbirdred@gmail.com said: Holy crap! That looks like a veiny arm lol !!!
  16. Thomas said: that is one fine looking pussy and the shaft impailing it aint to shabby either

pussy lip spread

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 6

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My wifes lips spread and ready for licking. Like to try some?

  1. lover.eat78@yahoo.com said: mmmmm can i taste write me
  2. veeszn@yahoo.com said: luv dat pussy
  3. coopdlux@yahoo.com said: If I could be there I would suck that clit and let her explode on my face
  4. larry said: love to suck on those wet lips and suck that clit ,stick my tongue deep in that hot pussy please cum in my mouth
  5. Dtrain said: I absolutely dont wanna try some. That pussy looks so old and expired they wouldnt even make you eat that on fear factor
  6. cosacan1986@hotmail.co.uk said: i think you would look better if you layed on my bed with my cock warming you up for a night of excitement xxx
  7. hubby said: thanks guys glad to see you guys enjoy my wifes naughty
  8. mackdaddy said: pass the pussy plate
  9. 2183241102 said: would love 2 text me
  10. Geek said: Yes, definitely! Every day. Beautiful!
  11. bob said: nail polish same color as them juicey lips

My GF Squating Than Sexy Tight White Ass

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 6

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  1. Jonnylongshot said: Looks a little dry, how about I spunk over that asshole,pussy and cock then you continue to give it to her.
  2. colin said: just a beautiful cock what can i do to have it
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  6. Randy said: Obviously in need of another cock or two
  7. Justcum said: Wow dude she’s so hot not sure I could have held back long enough to take the pic!
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  12. dave said: amazin ass
  13. sculptor said: Curious, i saved it- clearly agree with you- showed to my wife” Cant you do this?” lol. she said no!
  14. macsean7@gmail.com said: if this was me id play with your ass while your in that position very sexy
  15. mr&mrs.naughty said: 10 out of 10!!! gorgeous!
  16. rj said: looks like some great fuckin
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  18. 6Hard said: Would lick that hard shaft as plunges in and out of that hot box
  19. Tw said: would love to lick your asshole and when he is ready to cum shove his cock in my mouth
  20. PattieCakes1968@yahoo.com said: Nice Picture! Would love to sit on that thick dick and slide my toy up her pretty ass ;)
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  23. Curioushousewife said: Best sex picture on this site. Love it, makes my lady bits tingle!
  24. man said: this pic makes me horny as fuck sexy ass
  25. Billy said: Love that asshole
  26. Eros said: Absolutely PERFECT shot. Love everything about it…fat dick in tight pussy, nice round ass & perfect asshole!

Going Deep!!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 6

Oh yeah (34)s.jpg
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Goes straight down the throat while her head is hanging off the bed!

  1. looking_30@yahoo.com said: Can you teach my wife how to do that? Or better you can you just do that to me?
  2. D said: I’d suck that cock HARD until theres no cum left because it’ll all be inside my throat
  3. Funkycold1972@yahoo.com said: Kim what a little whore you are; good job!
  4. delmer said: well trained whore
  5. colin said: sucked a guy recently like that, great time
  6. Nathan said: Classy
  7. hardone said: can i get in between her legs while she does that.
  8. anonymous said: So many are going to easily be able to experience the feeling of cumming in her mouth, by lookin at that pic. Nice!
  9. nairboned@gmail.com said: looks like she sucks some great cock!! nairboned@gmail.com please message me! :) thanks…
  10. ieatitigood said: but who knows how much she is taking down
  11. Sky said: I do that shit all the time. some girls can handle it, some girl vomit! lol
  12. jayy said: Kate is that you
  13. BigPoppa said: My wife loves this way too. She likes the rush of the blood to her head while my cock goes deep
  14. rj said: PattieCakes keep up the good work
  15. J R said: my x did that after i got home from work for a while then she met some loser on line..good for me though..)~
  16. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: Super hott! Pattie… Sounds like u have skills too !!;-)
  17. PattieCakes1968@yahoo.com said: I do this all the time but I can take all of my man! It’s called an “Inverted Blowjob”
  18. mubashshir said: nice picture

my lovely wife

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 6

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ready and willing

  1. randomguy said: its just internet commentary. not some exam.YOUR follin urself if u think it matterz. :p
  2. randomguy said: the suite is tarded, but she looks like a hottie. and quit correcting grammar ppl
  3. the inspector said: love the suit good girl
  4. Kayden said: Omg my girlfriend and I haven’t stopped laughing!
  5. macsean7@gmail.com said: sexy
  6. @ Porter said: Not surprised you can’t work Katie’s comment out…..it’s YOU’RE!!!
  7. J R said: did you take karate lessons? luv the bush..lick ya silly for starters…Yummm HOT pose! 10 )~
  8. Poster said: Thx for the comments, except maybe Katie, can’t work out if your being rude!!
  9. Katie said: Porno smurfette called, she wants her body suit back.
  10. lipslover69@gmail.com said: would love a closer view, still super hot ;)
  11. spud said: id fuck it hard
  12. OMG said: That is SO hot, love unique photo’s like this, post more with the body suit :)
  13. wicked-beast@live.com said: lovely indeed!!!
  14. i eat puss said: nice pussy need a closer pic though…

Lick it!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 6

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Second post of wifes pussy as Im eating it!

  1. assluvr said: looks soooo yummy. lucky stiff!
  2. Sajlez said: Shave!
  3. arshavin229'LIVE.COM said: verfy similar to my wifes cunt
  4. pkkid43@msn.com said: mmm would love to slid the tip of my cock on that wet pusssy
  5. Coolio said: Clean your thumb nail!
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  7. rj said: very nice, lucky guy to have that pussy to lick
  9. Digby said: Shave it.
  10. Pussylover said: Very nice, would like to see a Hollywood wax job

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