at your mercy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

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ready to be punished by a big cock mmm

  1. hoselover said: hot! love the hose!
  2. said: love to engulf down my cock your pretty pink lips feel them stretched wide around my shaft
  3. R4C said: love a lick
  4. Pussy4Pussy said: Do you mind if it’s a strap on?
  5. rj said: So nice love the bush very sexy
  6. Lee said: Ima bring my weed-wacker wit me b4 I go dwn on dat
  7. J R said: im the “BOSS” so here i cum!! luv the hair puss n ass..keep posting HOT 10
  8. said: SEXXXXY….X
  9. said: hmmm… love this picture….wish i had my face right between your legs.. licking and tasteing your pussy juice
  10. said: What a sexy lady, love the stockings,i would love to taste u, then fuck you good, lovely,a real woman, sweet pussy
  11. Bert said: I would have no mercy. Yummy
  12. mandingo said: nice love tunnel, i usually dont like this much hair- but its turning me on. i would lick that til you came forsure.
  13. said: just want to dive in lick you out & have you cum over my face, ,x
  14. said: Cum to me I will gladly punish it, Mmmm!
  15. Yum said: Would love to taste you after a long run

Good Wife

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

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Mouth, tits, or face?

  1. Sheila said: Now take it in very ! deep and keep sucking. Good girl!
  2. flipfioplover said: I would love to cum on your tits and lick them clean
  3. said: My cock ur mouth
  4. pete said: so sexy explode over her face,tits
  5. colin said: what a fantastic cock it needs sucked and boy would i suck it and swallow your load
  6. newfoundlandxxx said: yupppppppppppppp
  7. big fan said: please show us that chest ‘Miss Good Wife’ xx
  8. loves to recieve bj's said: nice tits
  9. said: hook me up wit some pics girl!
  10. JERRYTHEGREAT00TJ@GMAIL.COM said: in your mouth is where i would like to shoot it
  11. said: deffo those big beautiful boobs
  12. said: Cum in her Mouth :)
  13. Sky said: Tits, then rub it in and post a pic!
  14. mmmmmm lovely said: lovely any chance of a go???
  15. said: i say her face. great shot. what a good girl.
  16. Lee said: u can cum c me next
  17. J R said: post with cum on those fab boobs..luv to do a 3some shes ready eh? 9.5
  18. said: cum on her panties for me babe…x
  19. Khuniz said: Fuck her roughly oh ya
  20. jjp said: lets see those tits
  21. al said: i wish i could do that to him
  22. said: Yes, yes, yes, what a very good girl, very sexy great tits,u have made me rock hard
  23. mandingo said: make her put on glasses- then her face!
  24. me said: yes yes and yes
  25. texas said: tell her to pull her tits out.
  26. said: Mouth and face

Ready for a good tongue lashing

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

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The puss open for business

  1. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  2. said: Ave a little shave and I eat u x
  3. Pussy4Pussy said: And I’m just the woman to give it to you
  4. rj said: I would love to go down on that pussy
  5. Lee said: shave 1st so I can just dive rite n
  6. J R said: wow makes my mouth water..luv to lick t hat silly,,post again :)
  7. danny said: get a fuckin shave x
  8. mike said: my wife?
  9. mike said: love to fuck you as my licks your cute clit
  10. John said: I’d take a hairy fund anyday over some fucking shaved pussy. One of my favorite life moments was when I was out skiing and saw
  11. NiceGuy said: Beaver, not every woman is as perfect and smooth as your blow-up doll. Why are you not posting pics? Nothing to post perhaps???
  12. susan r 122 said: please let me lick it
  13. susan r 122 said: would love to tounge fuck her ass
  14. 7176399093 said: Im willing to give you the tongue lashing of your life
  15. working it said: close shop until a barber can be found. Or a weed wacker.
  16. said: nice pussy Baby
  17. said: im down to eat that pusay than tear it up with my dick

My wife’s gorgeous pussy #2

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

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Such great comments from my last pic,that I just had to tease you all with another!

  1. banger said: learn how to bendover looser
  2. Kindi said: Very nice FAMELY!!
  3. Lee said: well stop teasin’ and so us pinky and stinky
  4. BigT said: nice arse that reminds me of my ex, very nice
  5. Just Me said: Who wants to bet Beaver Cleaver is an angry virgin? I’d put money on it!
  6. wit said: lovely specimen hmmm
  7. said: yumm, wanna lick you alllll day long
  8. Killred said: i will leave my wife for you girl!
  9. BeaverCleaver said: Sorry…but I just cant stop dissin’ people..its in my blood…What can I say…I’m a jerk..
  10. mandingo said: looks nice, now put ur face into it so it can get wet for the next picture
  11. Neil N. Bob said: Very Nice….Very well maintained two thumbs up! and a penis of course!
  12. semi-on said: i would love to smash you
  13. said: hell to the mutha fukn ya…. made my wife so horney she blew me and swallowed on way to makret. send us sum pics
  14. said: Damn those lips are so nice and full, love to suck them and pound them til your soaking wet baby
  15. dandoomster said: hubba hubba! God wot i wouldnt do to that perfect lil arse! ? More please!!! Xxxx
  16. Mike "D" said: That is one smokin hot pussy. I would love to stuff my 9 inches inside her.
  17. said: Love that ass
  18. 7176399093 said: I love this view, looks like she is ready for my tongue then my dick. mighty fine ass and pussy
  19. said: WOW!!!!!! You look SO good Please let me eat you! You would so enjoy it!!!!
  20. nvf said: you just carry on posting,you’re perfect from the front and back xx
  21. tonyt said: hell yea.i’ll hit that phat pussy
  22. tunyaj said: look at them biteable cheeks! spred em open for us.

outdoor fun

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

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fucking on fourwheeler tell her what you think so i can post more

  1. said: a pussy made for fucking
  2. rj said: she is hot big grils are a grat fuck
  3. Lee said: I wanna flip her over and pound da back door out
  4. wit said: @ FamousMrEd youre a pussy. We are here to comment on pussy not on peoples weight. Her pussy looks very delicious !!!!!!!!!!!! x
  5. sdiddy said: smokeing would like to go twos up with you on her
  6. BigDickster said: Pussy still seems to be in tact, apparently after one or more infants as evidenced by the stretch marks!
  7. dandoomster said: wow, thats one gawjus looking pussy mate. Can i just lick her lil clit as u fuck her? Yum
  8. said: I think my cock should be in that hot pussy
  9. FamousMrEd said: personally,pussy is pussy but big girls dont do it for me

Shaved Italian Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

cum on pussy_opt.jpg
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love cum on me…and in me

  1. tj said: I really want to taste it
  2. said: Beautiful!!!!!
  3. Brad said: I would lick the cum out of it while he fucks my ass.
  4. said: wow thats perfect love to spunk my italian seed over you to
  5. me said: I will lick all the cum you can get on that sweet looking pussy
  6. Grantinka said: Oh heavens thats so horny it makes me want to lick that beautiful pussy.
  7. John said: I got two weeks worth of cum for that. Plus I’m sure me and boys could cover that up too.
  8. r said: i came in my pants from that pic
  9. said: dam i’d luv to lick that kat, send me some pics plz!
  10. said: hot
  11. Innocent said: Mm bet that felt so good, can I rub my pussy against yours?
  12. said: Wow!!!!!!!!! You look so good I would love to cum on you
  13. Sky said: Can i get a chance to paint you with cum?
  14. T said: ill take seconds
  15. Pussy4Pussy said: I really like cleaning the cum off of other women
  16. sculptor said: great body would love to see that pussy and more midrift. 10
  17. Lee said: let me shoot mine n dat phat trunk of urs
  18. said: YUM YUM love to eat you
  19. Thomas said: Wow, I just added an extra load
  20. said: mmmm.. mandingo, you can cum in my ass if she doesnt want it
  21. mandingo said: how about in ur ass? thats where i love to leave it most
  22. me said: now thats seasoning how about some more alot more
  23. Mike 7202376377 said: How about in ur mouth
  24. 7176399093 said: I have sevaral loads u can have
  25. dandoomster said: thats hot! Xxxxxx
  26. said: I have some cum for you where would you like me to put it?
  27. nvf said: love your pussy

My Favorite Toy Part 5! In it goes!!!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

Sex 2.JPG
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Here you go guys! Couldn’t go a day without adding a little something. We have taken note of your requests and will do our best to get some great pictures for everyone this weekend!

Bella and Hubby

  1. jr said: if you want a real cock in there, say so. the hubby is lacking.
  2. said: It’s a liftoff!
  3. said: Please contact us Bella and Hubby :)
  4. jjp said: when will the new pics be postrd im excited to see them
  5. Lee said: u need my tongue rap’d around dat monkey 2 start ur sweet juices flow’n
  6. mandingo said: buddy, use ur mouth on that pussy- no one likes a dry cunt… good pict now make it great, put it in her ass n finger pussy
  7. dandoomster said: mmmmm want to nibble you x
  8. dog said: let’s see your pussy after he cum’s in you
  9. Bella said: We have 4 other pictures posted “luvittight”. Just look back over the past week!
  10. tunyaj said: aaahh! so very nice, got me rigid. cant wait for more, need more now lol such an excellent pussy!
  11. chico said: i would love to see his cock or a dildo in ur sexy asshole!
  12. jjp said: cant wait to c the rest of the pics u have beautiful pussy
  13. Paul said: Great pic let’s see it in your mouth please
  14. said: Can I suck your clit while he fucks you?
  15. luvittight said: very impressive. would love to see one without the guest star!

Hot Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 7

Picture 213.JPG
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My wife’s cute pussy.

  1. hey hey said: yum
  2. Truth said: A tan wouldn’t hurt
  3. marl said: I”m not rating this until it’s wet with you and full of my sperm
  4. Lee said: OMFG!!!! now dats sum gud eat’n
  5. Binko said: I think I’ve been in there before
  6. ass/phd said: and a nice tight little starfish!
  7. said: Im jealous at your curves
  8. Nate said: OMG ID TEAR THAT SHIT UP
  9. dandoomster said: helllllllllllllo gawjus xx
  10. said: It is Cute!!!!!!
  11. chico said: lets get a good look at her ass from behind!!!!

My wife’s gorgeous pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 6

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My wife’s pussy right before I fuck her. Hot and ready!

  1. tim said: a perfect shave…a better rate..
  2. drew said: WOW! perfect. absolutely perfect!
  3. ahmet said: ı like little pussy
  4. said: so sweet…x
  5. Lee said: I wud drain her dry of all dat sweet juicy nectar mmm mmm
  6. said: Let my pussy lips kiss yours while my hands move over your body
  7. wit said: one word beautiful!
  8. saintanger69 said: Nice drippings
  9. big dick said: probably one of the nicest pussies i have ever seen
  10. michael said: very nice!! you lucky fellow!
  11. Rugger said: Thanks all! I can’t wait to get home tonight and fuck her!
  12. said: WOW!!!!!! You look SO good Please let me eat you! You would so enjoy it!!!!
  13. D.O.M. said: 10 not hi enough ! nice pussy
  14. said: That is oneb beatiful little pussy, absolutly stunning, fuck her once for me, please
  15. said: i’d like to lick it before you fuck it
  16. Dude said: I wonder if BeaverCleaver will be afraid of the errant pube or two in this picture…superb
  17. said: wow. that is a 100 out of 100
  18. said: Gorgeous!
  19. niceNtight said: Your wife sure has a sexy little pussy!! made mine tingle!!
  20. Proffesor Beaver said: Yup, thats a stunning pussy babey!!!
  21. mandingo said: not a bad looking cunt.

Nice Milf ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 6

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a 44 yo milf ass

  1. said: the hair set you aside. you are so fuckable!
  2. ACE said: Absolutely AMAZING! Love both your holes just the way they are! :) Your asshole looks incredibly tasty. Plze post more .
  3. big o said: i love that hairy pussy, id love to taste ur juices and put my rock hard saved cock in thise holes
  4. Dude said: I dont like hairy pussys but this one looks great!!!!!!
  5. Lee said: a razor wud make dat score @ least an 8
  6. Binko said: Love the view but would be mo better if the hair was gone. Love it baby.
  7. said: not too bad at all hott
  8. J R said: wow 10+10+10 wood luv to slide my sixtys cock in that FAB hairy ass..top5 posts of 2011..ever consider a 3some? haha post again
  9. wolves fc said: zits on inner leg errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. David69r said: Is That Chewbacca?
  11. 7176399093 said: that ass and pussy looks so inviting
  12. knots said: not that bad i wood fuck you
  13. said: Wow!!!!!!!!!
  14. The Voyeur said: Im in there face first! What a lovely ass and pussy!
  15. DR WHO! said: Thats wrong on so many levels
  16. said: mighty fine love it
  17. Geek said: Very pretty.
  18. JC said: Please have that leg checked at once!
  19. SJ said: One sweet to lick that hairy muff
  20. Roaddogg said: i love the pic where u at so that maybe we can get up and fuck?
  21. BeaverCleaver said: That’s what I’m talking about! Love them hairy pussies!
  22. said: Clean up the shrubs then it’s a 10!
  23. tunyaj said: i agree with lars; lance and trim, it would be most pleasant :)
  24. Assman69 said: anytime you want some dick…..
  25. Lars said: Clean up some of the shrubs, lance the boil and it would be a 10
  26. Proffesor Beaver said: mmmm,…. I see potential…..
  27. 7 incher said: Luv a gud hairy hole
  28. frank said: i would get the leg seen to
  29. jimmy7063180064 said: I will lick that pussy

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