My freshly shaved pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 6

[Total: 1491    Average: 3.7/5]

Me being naughty after a hot bath, would anyone like to finish me off.

  1. said: wher u from it would b my pleasure to finish u off
  2. Lag said: Hmmmmmm just delicious
  3. Lag said: Fuck yes doll ill fuck you all night talk to me bb
  4. Tiger said: I love it very nice
  5. Tiger said: Very very nice
  6. said: Yes can I , I am
  7. Sajlez said: Not bad
  8. said: Hell yea, ready to lick and enter.
  9. said: “getten” you are a complete moron. you can’t even tell how tight most girls are from a picture like that for all you know she wi
  10. gettin said: thats one loose pussy
  11. wanker said: I’ll finish it off 😛
  12. said: AMAZING very sexy pussy and asshole,id suck that till u shake and vibrate!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) great pic very nice
  13. jb said: nice!
  14. Jason said: Awesome puss love to tast it
  15. said: hell yes woud start by teasing your ass with my tounge and slowly move up your body till my cock slips into your hot wet pussy x
  16. Assman69 said: I can reach your back door from that angle
  17. Virgothinker@Yahoo.Com said: i would smash that ass
  18. said: Delicious love to stick my tongue in ur holes
  19. said: omg yes plz… i love it.. so beautiful.. yummy
  20. Big Dickster said: Nice piss flaps!
  21. amy lynn said: mmm would love to 69 with you
  22. Cocky said: That’s a beauty! More please…
  23. said: I’d finish u off, then lick all ur lovely pussy juice, then I’d fuck u and finger your arse till u come again
  24. said: I wanna finish u off… Over n over
  25. Colorado chronic said: yummy! would love to suck that smooth pussy and lick your ass
  26. said: Yea I’ll blow in ya
  27. said: I could eat that peach for hours

my girlfriend’s sexy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 5

[Total: 1914    Average: 4.2/5]
  1. josh said: nice slit love to see it stretched over my you to wank me off and get those fingers full of my hot cum
  2. HotPup said: A pussy meant for the tongue!
  3. George said: oh I love that pussy! Mmmmm. would love to lick it deep and shoot my load inside you right before your period!..
  4. Jim said: Wow, so ornate!
  5. said: Fucking sexy ! I wanna eat it for hours
  6. Tank said: Class A pussy.
  7. r2 said: I love your lips!!!!
  8. pus said: gona bang ya tonight
  9. said: nice lips mate so sexy
  10. sperman said: nice clam
  11. said: Yummy I likey
  12. joey said: beautiful! stop teasing and stretch your asscheeks WIDE AND SHOW US YOUR LOVELY ASSHOLE.
  13. grimreeer said: would love to bury my face in that
  14. said: I want to lick my screen. Such a sexy pussy.
  15. GGSWA said: that’s one hell of a sexy pussy~ lucky guy~ i want to chew on that for days and fok non stop
  16. Saithen said: Wow! Absolutely perfect little pussy! Bet that feels niiiice n tight…
  17. said: just beautiful…
  18. said: that is one gorgeous looking pussy. wish i was eating it right
  19. Pleaser said: That is great, let’s lick it all night
  20. fuck me said: can i eat that pussy and fuck you 24/7
  21. said: Ohhhh you lil tease post a pic of your pretty lil stinkhole.
  22. me said: baby I would suck the cum right out of it then fill it full of mine
  23. Benihana said: Yummy! It’s beautiful!
  24. thana said: i like to lick this pussy….
  25. said: Beautiful lips pussy its a 10 mmmm mmm
  26. said: that’s beautiful!

About to get it on with my BF!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 5

[Total: 1568    Average: 3.8/5]

Hi, this is my 1st submission ever! Tell me if you like it! Love, flightattendant

  1. Cunt said: I’ll lick that!!!
  2. said: Very hot wet pussy
  3. grownjohnboy said: my runway anytime. at geemail
  4. said: we like ur pretty bald pussy!, +10 from us, if u ever want to join the mile high club my hubbies big dick can do it 4 u
  5. said: can i join the mile high club with u
  6. Amber said: I would suck that clit and finger that tight pussy
  7. said: I would love to see more of that, omg.. I love that pussy
  8. Raven said: Kinda looks like a slug….
  9. said: I think you should fly here and let me please that for you! Mutiple times!
  10. said: l could eat that all day, thats one fine pussy xx
  11. said: nice
  12. said: The hell with him… Let’s get it on
  13. rj said: looks like he about to have some real pleasure
  14. szserai said: that is SCHWEEET !!! you need to repost with a leg-spread WITHOUT the cock
  15. Dawg said: I have something I’d like to submit to you.
  16. said: love it!
  17. amy lynn said: sweetie i will lick every sweet spot on ur hot body
  18. Jozek said: how can I download it?
  19. said: Hmmmm, great Pussy, I,d like that all day
  20. Sly4x4 said: That is a beautyful pussy great job I love the clit just waiting to play
  21. bigpapachacon said: love it let me eat it first
  22. xxxfun said: Ahhhh yes amazing pussy!!! My throbing cock would fit in you perfect. Dam baby…more please
  23. Stevie said: I love, I just want to nestle my tounge and gently lick you until you cum and keep going for about 6 orgasms
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  25. dd.eddie said: now you are one sure fine inflight snack skip the pretzels, give me ONE PeeNUT!
  26. said: I’ll lick it
  27. said: i give you 10 points. wanna swap some pics? i love to see your pussy
  28. said: i love it. it looks very tasty. would love to lick it

Hairless Banging

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 5

[Total: 1206    Average: 3.9/5]

Hi again! 2nd submission! Gettin’ it in! Love, flightattendant

  1. said: can we fuck in the bed of my chevy?
  2. Jeff Teneyck said: Wish that was my mouth on that sausage!
  3. al said: i lick both
  4. yum said: mmmmm that looks so good, i wish it was me he was fucking
  5. Stu said: Lovely cunt!
  6. said: Nice
  7. said: delicious
  8. leics said: bring us more babe lots more
  9. Cleo McDowell said: Hairless dicks just dont work
  10. said: if you need a hand to make him cum I am clean shaven to babe…x
  11. bigpapachacon said: dam it gurl wish i could lay some in you
  12. BigDnova said: Oh that’s beautiful please submit more. Maybe bent Over from behind

Pussy after sex

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 5

[Total: 1409    Average: 3.6/5]

Be gently

  1. said: swollen and satisfied
  2. said: greta pussy would love to lick it email more
  3. said: gorgeous pussy. please tell me i can see more
  4. guy3256 said: my dick says yes
  5. bigfella said: wheres the cum flowing outa you?
  6. said: let me lick your juice babe and flick your dark pussy lips with my cock till you cum
  7. said: damn! can i get next?
  8. mr Brown said: nice sideburns on that poopshute
  9. said: I would I be gentle??? I’m comming over and going to stretch that pussy and cum all over u
  10. said: i would eat that pussy all day all night
  11. thana said: nice and well shaped.
  12. said: would fuck u all night
  13. said: need’s a womans touch now…x
  14. said: I’d give that another good seeing too
  15. BigDnova said: Beautiful more please
  16. dd.eddie said: hot darn i want to like that clean, so sweet and juicy
  17. said: looks like it was fuck hard but i say it would love to go again yes ?

Pretty and Pink Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 5

[Total: 827    Average: 3.1/5]

What do you think?

  1. said: delicious
  2. Kenny said: I like it, would like to see it in person
  3. Lag said: I would eat you all night bb would love to empty my load in you!
  4. Thunderball said: Nice n wet, would love to taste it!
  5. said: very nice love to bury my face in that pussy followed by my hot load of cum x
  6. hardone said: YES!!!! It is very pretty. More more more sweety
  7. clitman4u said: Baby, ANYTHING you want…ANYTHING
  8. said: awesome pussy.. yum
  9. Peanut260 said: Lovely silky pink pussy, I would lick u till u came in my mouth! Would love to lick that pretty asshole!!
  10. loverboy said: I know pussy, you can do amazing things I just know it. You know how to satisfy!
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  12. said: I’ll lick it clean

bathroom behind

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 4

[Total: 2099    Average: 4.4/5]
  1. Q said: just plain perfect. ur man or woman? is a lottery winner…
  2. glad2notBu said: HOLY HELL, what an ASS!!!!!
  3. said: beautiful butt perfect for a soft or hard spanking then a nice deep fucking email more
  4. Lag said: oh my bb you can have my cock any time!
  5. johnny said: lovin it
  6. Tank said: Can’t really see your pussy. But you have a nice ass.
  7. said: That’s what I call an onion ass because it brings a tear to ur eye ….
  8. J R said: now thats a real deal “hard ass” in a very nice way!! haha :)
  9. said: That’s perfect!!! Sign me up!
  10. said: You can bounce a quarter off that ass!
  11. said: nice ass, i want to lick it
  12. said: Fantastic ! That’s the BEST Ass I’ve seen on here .. Xxx. More PLS. . Xx
  13. said: love it just how I like it inbox me more
  14. Saithen said: Fucking Sexxxy! Wow…
  15. said: omg, just beautiful..
  16. big dick said: you can sit on my face anytime
  17. Pleaser said: That’s one sexy behind, show more and make #1
  18. said: girl, you are the reason i come to this site. great pic, 10″ hard
  19. me said: very spankable
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  21. Sajlez said: God damn that looks so good. I could eat that ass and pussy for days.
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  24. said: More please!!!!!!!
  25. me said: baby just remember if you ever want a tongue shoved up that ass I am here just let me know would enjoy tasting it
  26. al said: best ass on here!
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  39. Steven said: Why waste time with pictures, I would be in there hard, and for a long time.
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  42. mr ggg said: a 10!
  43. Darko said: Seen it all over the net…. Fake…..
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  46. johnnyonthespot said: fantasstic!

Holiday pussy moist waiting for fun.

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 4

[Total: 1764    Average: 4.2/5]
  1. dick said: in ya poon
  2. said: Sweet pussy 10+
  3. said: Beautiful
  4. Miamigearhead73& said: Sweat pussy
  5. SystemError said: OMG this is hottt
  6. said: i would eat that pussy till dawn. can i please see more?
  7. said: Love it! I want to see so much more
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  9. TINDO said: Nice pussy ever
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  18. Sajlez said: Damn that swollen pussy makes me want to eat it!
  19. perv@52 said: wow that is nice
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  21. thickdickloving said: Fat little clam.
  22. said: Sexy
  23. Latinlover said: So prety so sweet so tight,let me eat it n fuck it so tender n fast just how u like it tell me what u want to do hunny im ready
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  35. johnnyonthespot said: why wait for a holiday? i’d eat that pussy good 365 days a year and twice on saturdays

My girl’s beautiful pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 4

IMG_0515 (2).JPG
[Total: 2056    Average: 4.3/5]

You want to fuck it?

  1. said: Fuck yah, I’d fuck that for days!
  2. lauren said: yu r one lucky guy lol
  3. Lee said: Such a nice pussy
  4. said: beautiful pussy, nice round ass, would love to see more
  5. BigAl said: you lucky guy, simply delicious
  6. said: i want to watch my husband fuck her n make her cum over n over like he does to me. ill do the cleaning! 😀 +10
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  10. ray said: i’d love to eat that pussy all day long,i’m stroking my cock fantasising about it now
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  14. Sajlez said: Damn that’s so sexy!
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  16. perv@52 said: yes who wouldn’t
  17. cornhole said: I like her ass more than her puss.
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  19. Pleaser said: I did last week, where were you?
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  21. big dick said: after i lick both of them sexy holes
  22. johnnyonthespot said: 1st! wow, what firm haunches..looks like she could take the pounding in both holes that I would give her
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  24. said: Yes, yes I do! Where do I sign up?
  25. andy said: cracking
  26. jay said: holy shit you lucky motherfucker. you fucking suck i hate you. shes amazing god bless dude.

Petite Asian Girl #17

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 4

[Total: 1337    Average: 3.6/5]
  1. said: That is one hot looking pussy
  2. blaqq said: I would split that so wide.
  3. said: tasty looking pussy, wld love to lick it and make her all wet ready for my hard cock inside it!
  4. hambone said: bad pic of beautiful pussy..{see other pics}
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  16. andy said: unbeleivable
  17. BigNPurple said: Should have spent more money and brought a better looking box!
  18. mogge said: damn I wanna eat and fuck a asian girl
  19. said: Nice
  20. said: Yummy

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