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Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 28

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Who wants to lick my juices?

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Sex with the wife

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 28

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Feels great! Comment and let us know what you think.

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Me and my busty wife

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 28

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The wife getting me ready to fuck her

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Beautiful, Latina, Shaved, Perfect FUCK

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 28

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Hi! My name is Maria. This is my 1st posting. I hope you like me! Please comment on my picture, i wants to know EVERYTHING you think ;) It might be your cock next …kiss

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My Wet Cunt

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

saras pussy 2.jpg
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My Boyfriend doesn’t know I’m posting this…so have at it guys!

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Nice view of my girl

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

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My hot girlfriend lying on the bed waiting for me to cum play.

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Wife’s Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

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A sneak peek

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Monster Toy!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

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Ouch! 9″ long and 7″ girth…too big for my tight little pussy!

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Me Bent Over and Fucking

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

Behind View.jpg
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Me taking a hard cock in my pussy from behind. Anybody want my ass?

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my girlfriends pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 27

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she sent me this when i was in class, i obviously couldn’t concentrate after

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