Wife’s Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 28

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My wife took this picture of herself while I was away. Let me know what you think!

  1. steelbro7 said: nice girl
  2. mikey said: I think your not the onle guy to see it!!!
  3. jim said: what a tight pusy! fuck, once i got my cock in it, id explode!
  4. rj said: Looks like some other guy left a deposit for you
  5. buttman said: damn thats tiny. You must have a really small dick.
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  9. dog said: can I be next
  10. Lee said: both holes r mouthwaterin’
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  12. Kindi said: where is the clit?
  13. cando said: I think your wife is gonna whoop your ass. pussy is damn fine though lucky fucker :)
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  15. Cock meat said: Nice pussy
  16. FamousMrEd said: beautiful but are you sure she took it for you ;)?
  17. mic2469 said: who took the pic? Pretty pussy
  18. jimmy7063180064 said: well let me no when he is away again

Wifey Cumshot

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 28

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After a little bit of fun. Let me know what you think!

  1. saltyspudjuice@gmail.com said: stunning
  2. Markus said: Beautiful.. thnx for this nice impression :)
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  24. Boog said: i want some of that pussy still looks good to go

Pink in the inside

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 28

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I like my pussy medium rare

  1. kevin said: looks tasty
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  4. Joe said: Wow Just wow, No love on this one guys? This thing is perfect!
  5. Lee said: I’m luv’n what ur serve’n on ur menu

Kinda lippy 01

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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46 Yr old wife 01

  1. yellow said: hello,ello,ello,ello….its dark in here,here,here,here….i found your keys,keys,keys,keys
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My pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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Pic of my pussy – love to hear your comments! I’m just a shy girl really :) xxx

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My little pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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He’s done.Want to be next?

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Toyed All Day

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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She’s had Ben-Wa balls in all day…should I let her cum?

  1. tj said: I wanna lick it up
  2. jo said: thats what you call fucked
  3. Max Power said: Yum, yes please.
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  12. cody said: i dunno it looks eatable! :p
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split tail

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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splitting it for you

  1. kevin said: I love that view.
  2. Richie said: I’d lick that pink
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TIght, 18 year old pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

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What would you do to my tight young pussy? Guys and Girls, opinions are welcome :)

  1. sse said: nice lil axe wound
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Cheating Wife

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 27

Milford North-20110814-00047.jpg
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Buddies wife wants me.

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  6. Da Man said: So what you gonna do with that plastic tool?
  7. 7176399093 said: bro’s before hoe’s

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