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More of Hot or Not

Posted on Tuesday Sep 21


Rating: 4.02    (304 votes cast)

71 Responses to “More of Hot or Not”

  1. site see er said: hot as hell
  2. said: i wish i was that sex toy
  3. said: so hot!
  4. nickell said: now where did i put that new funky dildo of mine….?
  5. PussyMan said: Nice pussy! I could fuck that all night and let my girl lick it clean!
  6. 100%allbeef said: blue pill and your 100 times faster and its harder after my Hot or Not fix!
  7. 100%allbeef said: Post new pics and I’ll slap her around but good! lol,lol,lol just for you! Besides I need a good hard on, can’t afford the blue
  8. 100%allbeef said: Hey! Baby! Where are you? Old lady has not been slapped lately. How about a halloween pic? please,please!!! more!
  9. SweetPussy25 said: and one of my girlfriends wans to join in 4 of us! bet you would love two girls eating you at one time! your guy could fuck all
  10. SweetPussy25 said: I’m not gay, but I really want to taste you! What 3some I’ll suck his dick and lick your pussy? 10
  11. J R said: WOW..lesbians n hard cocks alike HOT body never seen a candycane like that..awesome HOT ass body a TEN lick )~~~~~~~~
  12. tripod said: this is big black cock endorsed! lovely
  13. FuckTeam! said: We made a 4’x4’ poster of this picture and we have them all over the dorm! I guarantee you had more guys beating off to you ass
  14. LittlePussyBigHart said: I am not gay, but I would love to play with that hot pussy and get it soaking wet! and I would kiss it and lick it good! 10
  15. RealLifeSexAddict said: this picture of you! I was so fucking wet we just got up and went to the womens bathroom and he fucked me good! 10
  16. RealLifeSexAddict said: Just wanted to drop you a line, we fucked last night at the movies in the woman’s bathroom because I couldn’t stop thinking of
  17. FuckLovenHouseWife said: in that phat Ass of yours would be Hot! Cum on!
  18. FuckLovenHouseWife said: Honey would love to see dick or toy in that phat ass of yours! You should be very happy you have made all us horny! Big fat dick
  19. Dr.OfPussyLove said: ps. the wettest, wildest sex ever!
  20. Dr.OfPussyLove said: chair now has a permanent wet spot. Thank you! Best sex we have had in years! 10
  21. Dr.OfPussyLove said: also exhibits the beginning of an abnormally wild, deeply moving orgasms she has began wetting her panties, so much our desk
  22. Dr.OfPussyLove said: When I view you photographs I actually feel a stimulating tingle deep in my groin where my orgasms normally began, and my wife
  23. Dr.OfPussyLove said: I not sure why but your Photographs are almost mystical you could even say hypnotizing / mesmerizing !
  24. Sir.LongDick said: Pardon me, mistyped “engauged in the act of sex?”
  25. Sir.LongDick said: together! and my wife agreed, she to was moved by this photograph. would you post a photograph with you engauged in act sex?
  26. Sir.LongDick said: Your body has Stimulated not only my primeval mating argue , but my mind (brain) and never has both my heads worked so well
  27. Sir.LongDick said: perfect passion flower of your womanhood, Never has a womans Ass and Pussy made me so fucking hard!
  28. Sir.LongDick said: An artist would call your body, your curves, the seamless transformation between the top of your soft sepal ass down to the
  29. Sir.LongDick said: You are perfection completed in every sense of the definition: Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.
  30. FineAssLady40 said: it was you! hell they have enough money to fly you out here and back ! Nice fuckable body!
  31. FineAssLady40 said: they would pay the price! Put, a mask on – cover up any tattoos, or identifying marks and no one would even know
  32. FineAssLady40 said: Sweetie if I had that body with my age and experience “I would be a millionaire” I know five men that want to fuck you so bad,
  33. PussyLickingManWhore said: Baby how about some pics of a big dick in that sweet ass of yours! Or maybe those small tits of yours!
  34. Ass Detective said: Gorgeous, Sweet, Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect Pussy and Ass ! I owe you one! sounds like iam not the only one! ty
  35. Ass Detective said: PS I think she may have been a little jealous! you know she has been getting fucked more in the past few days because of your
  36. Ass Detective said: and we did, she slid a soft dildo in her tight pussy and I fucked her ASS slow and easy-SHE LOVED IT! Said best orgasm EVER! TY
  37. Ass Detective said: Hey: Its a movment my wife let my fuck her ass for the 1st time! she said if a woman with that Classy of an Ass does she would
  38. Mrs.FattDickSwinging said: I will always think of your hot ass and pussy when I get fucked in the ass and cumming all over and I mean all over- 10
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  40. Mrs.FattDickSwinging said: time for my and yes it did hurt for a little bit and then
  41. Mrs.FattDickSwinging said: Thank you, Thank you Baby I let him fuck my ass for the first time becuse of you! If that fine ass was getting fucked well it
  42. m said: lets have a closer look at that pussy….
  43. Lee said: I wud luv wakin’ up 2 ur pussy n my mouth and my face buried btween dem phat-ass cheeks
  44. Lee said: I wud luv wakin’ up 2 dat phat-ass and dat phat-ass monkey every day 4 the rest of my life
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  46. PussyLickingManWhore said: If you ever need help cleaning toys, please call I will lick them clean and you!
  47. PussyLickingManWhore said: Well everything has been said! But I must say the Hottest Pussy I ever did see!
  48. AssSlappingMan said: Baby,Baby, Baby Now That is some PUSSY! Hello there are none better than YOURS! Hot Fucking Pussy!!! Please post more?
  49. UnCuttManHardOnInHand said: Taste the rainbow! Absolutely Perfect! 10,10,10!
  50. SexyLeggs4U said: Ordered me a new glass dildo just like yours! I will post mine when it comes in.
  51. Geek said: Very hot!
  52. said: Absolutely fuckable perfect ass and lovely cunt would luvv to lick and fuck it email me would luv to see more
  53. Ripcord said: Love it! A rainbow of fruit flovors… I’m jerking off right now looking at your ass!!!!
  54. HardMan&HotWoman said: Both want to know, are you for hire? Because you just did us both! On the floor….Hot
  55. Experienced Freelance-Gynecologi said: come true! Some lucky man should have his ass kicked for having that ass! Lucky Bastard
  56. Experienced Freelance-Gynecologi said: No one move I am a trained professional , shit I just came in my paints ! Fucking Great Picture! You Are My every sexual dream
  57. FattDickSwinging said: Hope his dick stays hard, if not call me
  58. FattDickSwinging said: Turn around and slap that man of yours, No man deserves to be that fucking lucky!
  59. SexyLesbianSlut said: Baby you would be the party! There are of us looking and we agree-we would take turns and you would Love It! Promise!
  60. pUSSYlOVINGwOMAN said: Hold on, I’ll slide on this end! hell I already came – My panties dripping wet!
  61. Ass Detective said: You WIN! You can have my body to do as you will! I am the slave of your fuck box!
  62. FineAssLipLicking Lady said: Just wet myself!
  63. FineAssLipLicking Lady said: FUCK! THATS HOT!
  64. FuckBitch said: Forget the fat dick, I’ll share the glass one with you! Hot and Now I am gay! Thanks
  65. SexyLeggs4U said: baby just a note: That pussy is perfect! Hell I would do you! 10
  66. 100%allbeef said: Hang on! going to slap her one more time! I Am In-Love!
  67. 100%allbeef said: Never seen a pussy so fucking hot! Going to frame it and hang it on my wall! I may brake my dick because of you!
  68. 100%allbeef said: Ok: I’am going to kick her ASS but hard and out! She can call the police again. I don’t care that is perfection nay greatness!
  69. AssLady69 said: He’s getting FUCKED hard right NOW!!!
  70. AssMan69 said: Ok—Wifes getting FUCKED hard tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. ClitLickingPussyBangingMan said: Hello, there is a god!! #1 10,10,10,10,10,10,10

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Just pussy

Posted on Tuesday Sep 21


Rating: 3.05    (222 votes cast)

Wife’s pussy

10 Responses to “Just pussy”

  1. HotPup said: Would luv to suck the sweet juice
  2. bj said: would luv to eat that cunt after fillin it with a load!
  3. max said: simply amazing pussy
  4. jr said: naughty mom
  5. tlc said: can I try
  6. Asshole Inspector said: Wow bet it tastes amazing
  7. bad boy said: would love to drop a load up that..
  8. J R said: dude…thats aLOTTA pussy lips!!!! you lucky b(((((((…)~~~
  9. Lee said: wow dem r sum huge ass flappers…can my tongue ground dem
  10. tom said: m8t i wod suck ur mrs cliti lips n tung fuck her n av her kummin inta ma mouth hmm gawjus

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Rating: 3.51    (247 votes cast)

21 Responses to “Just Done Eating Wife’s Glistening 51 Year Old Pussy! 2”

  1. Metal muncher said: I’d eat it too!!! Very nice pussy
  2. said: many more useul years left in your lovely cooch
  3. said: Yes please
  4. tanjaman2003@yahoo. said: I will like to fuck you
  5. grownjohnboy said: I know where to tease this lovely pussy. at geemail
  6. Lip Smacker said: I eat it 4 times a week avg. It not only tastes good; it’s also tight. Bottomed out its only 6.5 inches deep! Just right 4 my 7”
  7. Hot love said: can i lick an suck you babe it a 10
  8. t man said: damn,that looks good
  9. samantha said: woa babe i woyld love too lick you out omfb ur pik is makinh me sao horny rite now. bit of lesbian action? xxx
  10. tlc said: Things do get better with age
  11. Lee said: I still c sum of dat hot sweet creamy sticky icky…I’ll clean dat up 4 her mmm mmm
  12. budman said: thats super pussy if i ever seen 1
  13. said: nice. how about some tits
  14. assmaster said: There is no way that is a 50+ old pussy..goddamn thats one pretty mutha fuker!!!
  15. said: I’M NEXT IN LINE
  16. Geek said: Very nice. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.
  17. Black d said: Ripe old age of 50 tasty
  18. dog said: jenny love to lick and sniff ur pussy just post it and after a little anal for you
  19. J R said: done good!!! )~~~~ now my turn? )
  20. callmedaddy said: this is nice. booooing
  21. jenny said: that is one pretty pussy. you licked her good. now lick me!!

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I want a fatttt cock

Posted on Sunday Sep 19


Rating: 3.93    (307 votes cast)

Hey boys! I have a pic up on and I just submitted to boob critic. Please tell me what you think and rate meee :)
M <3

45 Responses to “I want a fatttt cock”

  1. said: I know what I want for Christmas next year.
  2. hornygirl said: Just a fat cock??? Disappointed thought you might want me to rub my tits all over you and suck your clit.
  3. said: mmm
  4. Dan said: come on baby let me fuck you so hard till your begging for more
  5. BUTTMAN said: Nice little tight pussy baby !!! Like to slide my fat dick in baby :-)
  6. hhhh said: got any pic using toys
  7. steve said: post with your pussy spread and fingering ypur
  8. Jerry said: Your tight pussy is the best I’ve ever had. Nothing like a tight pussy on a girl who likes it thick, hard, and often.
  9. M said: yeah sumsum I want it so bad
  10. sumsum said: you r a dirty girl aren’t u? ould love 2 smack my cock on your pussy as i cum. want it?
  11. M said: mmmm yeah Jerry. I’ll lick all of my juices and your hot cum off your thick cock ;)
  12. Jerry said: Will you lick my dick clean now?
  13. Jerry said: I sucked your little tits. Now I’m holding your skinny waist and fucking your tight pussy so hard, filling it with hot cum.
  14. M said: Hold my waist and give it to me hard
  15. M said: Mmmmmmm K I want you to cum on my tight pussy
  16. Jerry said: Leave more pics of your pussy and pics on other sites too. I want to lick you, suck you, fuck you over and over
  17. K said: I just came so hard looking at your tight little pussy. I want to fuck u so bad.
  18. M said: I’m so ready for you boys. Talk dirty!
  19. Jerry said: That should read “big cock to fill your tight pussy.”
  20. Jerry said: I’ve got a big cock to gill your tight pussy. Love to suck and lick your 32Bs too.
  21. sumsum said: wish i could give it 2 you/would love 2 cum all over you? ready???
  22. M said: sumsum, I think I want it hard and deep. Give it to me. I hope I get you boys hard and I want you to cum to me
  23. said: M that is a perfect looking breafast lunch and dinner, I could eat that 24/7, can I ? I gave you a 10
  24. Bob said: 10 all the way baby, i so want to see more of you, What is your post at boob critic?
  25. sumsum said: thinkin bout piledrivin that pussy/ what r u thinkin?
  26. M said: Come on guys! Rate me higher! and tell me what you’re thinking.
  27. PULLINIT said: Love to lick you for an hour , then fill you full of hot cummmmm!
  28. fireH said: love to eat on that
  29. said: fuckin sexy. show me more and i’ll offer a nice fat dick for your sweet little pussy
  30. tom said: oiV-BAD get cha very wet pusi posted !!!
  31. M said: boyssss you can rate me higher then 7 can’t you?
  32. sumsum said: i want 2 pound that pussy/my girlfriend wants 2 taste u
  33. Mike said: Can u squirtin my mouth
  34. M said: Who wants my tight pussy? What do you want to do to me?
  35. Trobber said: Nice show us ure tight ass
  36. said: looks good enough to eat to me…x
  37. said: i have a fat one for you!!
  38. said: anyone wanna trade pics and vids female 22hot blonde d tits shaved puss and male hot 8inch email me at
  39. bigshot said: I will give you my big cock
  40. big cock said: i want to fuck that pussy send me more pics of you at
  41. B said: U r the sexiest thing I’ve seen
  42. callmedaddy said: i have a fat cock for you babe. call me
  43. Lee said: u got a dime piece cumin’ from me baby girl
  44. J R said: you have a AWESOME honey puss pot!! luv to )~~ you silly..
  45. matt said: i would love to stick my fat cock deep in you

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anal dreams

Posted on Saturday Sep 18

Picture 030.jpg

Rating: 3.8    (315 votes cast)

36 Responses to “anal dreams”

  1. lil one said: i want to fill that ass up mmmm
  2. lil one said: strokin it
  3. lil man said: its soooo big and long. want to assfuck you
  4. lil man said: wanting your ass bad… for some good long anal
  5. lil man said: post more and spread that ass face down ass up mmmm i love your ass
  6. lil man said: it is sooo biiig and haaard now stroking and longing for you to spread your ass damn sabrina
  7. lil man said: just how i want that asshole, nice hot oily and spread for me to cum inside of. no words. just lay down and spread your ass l8r
  8. lil man said: exactly how i want yoy
  9. lil man said: i want that butthole mmmm
  10. jimmyeatcunt said: just right
  11. R said: Look yum
  12. said: Lick the top one and fuck the bottom one.. What a horny view.. Bravo !
  13. said: ı think you lot of anal fucking
  14. AssMaster said: Wow! I’d fuck that ass twice a day; four times on weekends
  15. said: would like to cum in your pussy so both holes would be slick
  16. jd said: love is a battle field
  17. Dingdangdo said: Love to bang that
  18. BenDover said: I’d fill your hot ass with hot cum !
  19. twatdiver69 said: mmm…which one first
  20. said: so sexy. what was up your ass. show me some more, i’d love to see you using a nice big dildo
  21. sara said: I would love to rim that ass!!
  22. hiker said: Damn, my cock would look good in that asshole!
  23. the naughty rater said: well this is an inspiring picture. Nice curves. Thx for posting your slutty holes for us.
  24. Matt said: I want the ass
  25. callmedaddy said: oh my god. that is amazing! do not move!
  26. Lee said: I’m luvin’ both dem holes and can’t w8 2 lick u clean
  27. J R said: UMMMmmmm yesssssssss!! do it again juss for giggles…
  28. caveman420 said: not sure about the attraction of smelly shit dick
  29. dave said: would love to watch you fart my sperm out that bumhole
  30. grampz said: fuck both holes then lick them out
  31. said: I cant decide which hole to hit first
  32. Rodneyy said: would love to strech both cabldawg35 yahoo
  33. Me said: Omg that nice cute pussy I’ll lick u anyday I’m sanjib over u right now o
  34. matt said: i want to fuck both them holes
  35. ko said: kaoshammerher@hotmail shar n i will very hot
  36. ronald said: how juicy ‘n sweet tight pussy

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Hot Wifes First Post!

Posted on Saturday Sep 18


Rating: 3.26    (284 votes cast)

I will post more if you approve!

21 Responses to “Hot Wifes First Post!”

  1. said: I approve!! please email me more pictures :D
  2. jd said: you don’t have to spread that puss so much leave some up to the imagination
  3. tlc said: looks nice and tight…whens is my turn
  4. TJ said: pull on those pussy lips n make em longer
  5. Asshole Inspector said: Mmm want 2 nut on dat fine ass thanks ten plus approved!!
  6. said: I approve sincerely email me
  7. said: i will fuck your wifes hot ass if you dont approve
  8. Hal said: I Approve!! Please post more – very sexxxy!
  9. Lee said: I’m luvin’ ur pics keep dem cumin…u’ll b a 10 if u let me shave u..4 dat u can get a lic and stic
  10. J R said: that pussy has to taste good!!!
  11. J R said: AWEsome!!! your )~ approved….do show more!!! nice a 10 for imagination
  12. said: damn…thats very sexy!
  13. dave said: can i do a load inside her please
  14. matt said: wouldnt mind double teamingthat pussy
  15. grampz said: mmmm yes more please want to see ur pussy juice drip
  16. Rodney said: nice hole wish we could share cabldawg35 yahoo
  17. kenny said: very nice, would love to lick that pussy.
  18. mongo said: i will fuck your hot ass wife if you approve
  19. Me said: Post more pics il wank over this
  20. realman said: one of the best!
  21. Lve 2 c u play said: Very hot! More, more, more!!!

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my blowjob girl

Posted on Saturday Sep 18


Rating: 3.39    (855 votes cast)

10 Responses to “my blowjob girl”

  1. glad2notBu said: definitely not bad at all, she looks to have FUN w/ a dick in her hands in her face! :-)
  2. jd said: same girl i had in thailand
  3. Hard said: I just jizzed over this :)
  4. BenDover said: Funny – She’s my blowjob girl too !
  5. Spike said: when can I see you pussy your comments drive me insane I would love to see you honeysuckle
  6. tdk said: suck it
  7. Geek said: A lot more of her and none of you.
  8. said: would luv to see her mouth on my cock got any more of her
  9. said: let’s share that cock babe…x
  10. Lee said: o I got 2 b next

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Biker babe 2

Posted on Saturday Sep 18

chaps 001.jpg

Rating: 3.7    (243 votes cast)

14 Responses to “Biker babe 2”

  1. cum4u said: love to enter that arse hole
  2. said: That is one nice ass
  3. J R said: luv to rim that…oh Yeahhhhh….great asss…
  4. grampz said: straddle me i am a plowcycle for ya
  5. tom said: phwoar wish u wuz at da DDD rally !
  6. moloch said: the perfect arse
  7. oh hell yeah said: sexy 1000
  8. said: simply amazing perfect got more would luv to see more email me
  9. Lee said: I wanna ride ur phat ass harley style …hard and wild
  10. Mike said: Can i fuck u whileu bend over ur bike
  11. said: Perfect!!! Would like a taste and a shot!!!
  12. steve said: holy shit this is the most perfect ass ever, I wish I could bury my face in there and tongue fuck
  13. Mike said: Do u suck cock
  14. bad boy said: lovely ass, i give you you’re first 10, would love to taste them holes…x

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Hope you guys like

Posted on Saturday Sep 18


Rating: 3.54    (241 votes cast)

what do you guys think of my pussy?

18 Responses to “Hope you guys like”

  1. said: dinner?
  2. said: now grab my ears
  3. jd said: please don’t piss on me
  4. Prio said: Fantastic! Love the view! Would love to fill you up with my cock and grab big handfuls of those sexy tits and fuck you hard
  5. PULLINIT said: lovely, lovely,lovely , bet it tastes like champagne.
  6. said: i’d eat that all day long. nice body, show us more, i’d love to see your tits. 10/10
  7. DatGuy said: Pussy looks D-E-Licious and afta I fuck da livin shit out of dat pussy ima bust off on ur glasses
  8. said: very nice
  9. dave said: nice,would love to empty my bag up there x
  10. pushkar said: excellent
  11. said: luv the pic sexy would luv to do many things to you wish i could see more of that body
  12. rebel1916 said: smile ffs
  13. Lee said: mouthwaterin’
  14. steve said: thats is class
  15. Alex said: I wanna bury my tongue in it
  16. shaftlove said: hot!!!
  17. COCK said: i would fuck that pussy man
  18. bad boy said: good enough to eat, and fuck till my balls implode.

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morning anal fun

Posted on Saturday Sep 18


Rating: 4    (750 votes cast)

by chiligirl

11 Responses to “morning anal fun”

  1. Al said: Wow! Soooo hot
  2. jedi said: super ass pics best yet
  3. uni said: Beautiful…
  4. said: sexy. go deeper
  5. lixallovru said: Hell yes chiligirl is back! I love all your pix. You are nothing less than stunningly beautiful. I’d love to lick every inch you
  6. Ripcord said: You need something a bit bigger! Might I suggest my cock?
  7. grampz said: nice soft ass and shaved well u get a 10
  8. said: very hot beautiful ass looks nice and tight would luv to lick and fuck both your holes would luv to see more pics sexy
  9. bigballs said: god i’d love to fuck your pussy while you have those in
  10. Lee said: 4get dem butt bead when u can use my tongue and 9 anytime
  11. said: put them in my ass next, then lick my pussy…x

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