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My UK wife 27 part 2

Posted on Friday Oct 1


Rating: 3.43    (302 votes cast)

I will keep them coming!!

4 Responses to “My UK wife 27 part 2”

  1. said: you keep them coming and i will keep cumming to…x
  2. GEEK said: If you keep them coming, ill keep cumming!
  3. 7708915461 said: nice looks like you need a dick for those holes though
  4. Jay said: that is one sweet hole

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Wifes Pussy

Posted on Friday Oct 1


Rating: 3.67    (281 votes cast)

Wife showing pussy just before fucking her!!

10 Responses to “Wifes Pussy”

  1. J R said: bootyfulll sukable lickable Yummm )~~
  2. Lee said: luv 2 rap my tongue around dat sweet pussy mmm mmm
  3. likemspread said: I have to say i would love to fuck your wife that pussy is sweeeeeeet
  4. BJ said: Tidy pussy would you let me fuck your pussy!!
  5. SJ said: Mmmm
  6. said: PUSSY-PERFECTION, please let me see more of you, ..x
  7. said: i agreee dam nice & do you have any more ???
  8. said: That is one nice pussy! Got more pics?
  9. said: yum. nice pussy
  10. m said: Gorgeous…………

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am I still hot?

Posted on Friday Oct 1


Rating: 2.49    (268 votes cast)

49 year old milf wants to know if she still has it……

12 Responses to “am I still hot?”

  1. flipfioplover said: I would love to suck your toes and pussy
  2. ray said: I would hit it
  3. Wolf said: close up please …… :)..
  4. PUSSY4PUSSY said: Not only does she still have it but I want it
  5. J R said: vintage still has 60 n would 48 that again n again..more vintage on here )~~
  6. Anal Inspector said: With out a doubt ten plus show us that fine ass spread wide please want 2 nut on em 4 ya thanks
  7. said: one 26 year old girl telling you you deffo still have it…x
  8. Brian said: Whoever took the picture needs to get a camera that will represent the quality of you ! Come on let’s have a good wet pic xxx
  9. said: Id still fuck you, very nice!
  10. tom said: get cha milf pusi 2 me i wuna nibble ur clit4 tung fuck ya an run ma tung all ova ur pusi wots ur numba eh ?
  11. sculptor said: As long as she still gives a damn about the answer- she still has it. lol. Now women put that body to work and cum all over!
  12. said: Defiently still have it. Email me more

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Hot UK wife, 27

Posted on Thursday Sep 30


Rating: 3.53    (311 votes cast)

My up for anything wife!

6 Responses to “Hot UK wife, 27”

  1. said: up for anything ehh . . . send some pics my way please
  2. jd said: eveything all taken care of
  3. said: wish i could see that pussy
  4. likemspread said: wish it was me sticking my dick in your wifes a
  5. Dave uk said: thanks, needs a trim i know :-) fancy swapping any pics?
  6. said: nice pic, very sexy but you’re cock need’s tp lose the afro…x

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Wifes Freshly Fucked Pussy

Posted on Thursday Sep 30

DSC01188 (5).JPG

Rating: 3.64    (315 votes cast)

Wifes lover leaves behind a BIG load in Her Pussy !!!

6 Responses to “Wifes Freshly Fucked Pussy”

  1. jd said: yo dude great job
  2. 6hard said: i’ll suck that jizz bomb out of that hot box
  3. leffe said: nice rolex just got mine YM2
  4. Lee said: can’t w8 2 stic my tongue deep n dat fudge brwnie hole mmm mmm
  5. said: I want to taste that sweet ass hole, and perfect pussy a 10 all the way. email me more please!
  6. Lee said: wud luv 2 b da 1 2 lic u clean and dry mmm mmm

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I like it hard

Posted on Wednesday Sep 29


Rating: 3.55    (300 votes cast)

I love it when my boyfriend takes me from behind! Do you like my ass?

9 Responses to “I like it hard”

  1. Willy said: That is so hot. I’m wet thinking about it.
  2. jd said: big booty needs the anal intruder
  3. said: thats one nice ass you got there would love to see more
  4. jd said: my dream is to be next
  5. J R said: with n ass like that rearview backdoor you hard anytime..luv it show another..Yummm )~~
  6. Anal Inspector said: Luv dat ass like 2 c a close up of it with ur cheeks spread wide cum soaked please 10 4 sure thank u
  7. likemspread said: I would like to take you in the behind
  8. steve said: you have the nicest ass on this site. keep posting
  9. said: nice ass babes…x

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Just got some…….

Posted on Wednesday Sep 29

Just Tapped!.JPG

Rating: 3.62    (259 votes cast)

Fresh pic took at 3:00 pm Wednesday. Still wet!

12 Responses to “Just got some…….”

  1. said: tonight soon enough?
  2. AnnaMagique said: What a beautiful, lickable pussy
  3. said: thats a pussy that needs some more cock
  4. m said: nice…….
  5. said: this is very nice..would love to fuck that pussy.
  6. It is me! said: No jiz, just my juice….My tits are covered….
  7. Lee said: can I clean mu up
  8. lynne said: god im horny now. i want you
  9. lynne said: oh god i want that pussy on my mouth. so hot., im wet thinking about it
  10. said: wet and sexy, kiss kiss kiss,mmmmmm
  11. Jim said: Is that cum dripping out or her juices
  12. Ben Dover said: WOW your hotter then hell, would luv 2 C you stuff a finger or 2 in that wet hole

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My hot girlfriend

Posted on Wednesday Sep 29


Rating: 3.43    (312 votes cast)

21 Responses to “My hot girlfriend”

  1. Gappy said: how long can you stand a good licking, dear girl? I’d lick you ’till you faint!!!!
  2. jd said: better with the lights off
  3. bb said: nice hole for big black cock
  4. said: i wanna slide my cock in that, mmmm
  5. renegado said: if only that hair was not there
  6. J R said: have you cummen in seconds if not careful!! nice phat HOT pusss..)~
  7. lynne said: can we share Sara
  8. said: very nice tight looking anus, X
  9. lesbo said: nice and hairy
  10. said: nice view. think i’ll have a wank over your picture
  11. dd said: nice and pink not feeling the hair
  12. matt said: would love to cum on that arse
  13. Willy said: Very hot just need to trim the sideburns baby!!!still wanna that ass hard!!!
  14. sara said: that is so hott!! I’ll eat you all night baby! Lick that sweet asshole for you too!!
  15. Big Joe said: It would be hot if chewbacca wasn’t in the way
  16. dave said: i love this all hairy, would love to lick out that pussy and that hairy arsehole
  17. Big George said: Very lickable
  18. Lee said: MOUTHWATERIN”…and mighty tastey mmm mmm
  19. Lee said: wax dat ass and I’m all up n dat sweet juicy monkey and dat phat-ass poop-chute mmm mmm
  20. chuc k said: show us the hot girfriend
  21. hawk said: hot she is..

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Hot Wife post 4

Posted on Monday Sep 27

Feels sooo good!.JPG

Rating: 3.73    (729 votes cast)

All that playing! I had to have the “Big One”!

19 Responses to “Hot Wife post 4”

  1. eater said: i wanna gargle with that
  2. hard said: hold it open wana fuck that pussy next
  3. said: my wife would suck ur pussy dry while i work ur mouth
  4. dick long said: nice!
  5. ounas said: would love to clean yu up
  6. Gerhard said: Babymaker?
  7. LOIS said: I CLEAN YOU UP
  8. assfucker66 said: get ready for round two and then cum in her ass
  9. hawk said: thick, fat pussy
  10. poppy said: would lave to suck that cum out 10
  11. kgs said: creanpie
  12. Lee said: now dats how I like my taco salad wit xtra creamy sauce mmm mmm
  13. Lee said: now dats sum real good eattin’
  14. said: work of art…x
  15. J R said: like to c cumG in action…that puss got filled up …nice…
  16. aqil said: lovely stuff, nice & creamy
  17. Gil said: Nice Nails!!
  18. mario said: i want to eat your pussy
  19. cummgirl said: lovely pussy lips baby id love to suck on them and clean u all up then share it w u w a kis

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Freshly Fucked & Cummed On !!!

Posted on Monday Sep 27


Rating: 3.34    (600 votes cast)

7 Responses to “Freshly Fucked & Cummed On !!!”

  1. said: Quality money shot.
  2. colin said: nice cock good load
  3. lee 110 said: dont waste it on her belly shoot it in my mouth
  4. Hot said: i would love to lick that cum off her and then suck on ur nice dick while i finger her hard
  5. said: i would love to give you some body shots
  6. VInce said: nice load looks great
  7. said: this is what i like to see, a girl getting covered, just wish i could clean you both up…x

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