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Nice white ass

Posted on Monday Mar 8

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Would you slap it for me?

7 Responses to “Nice white ass”

  1. naturaltittylvr said: id slap it baby
  2. davey said: what a pussy would love to lick it
  3. Lee said: I’ll slap,lick and stick ur phat white azz
  4. J R said: lick it too!!! yummmMmmmm
  5. bo said: I would lick it all night long
  6. anon. said: no but i’ll send an explorer for that cave
  7. free2 said: I would slap it in,stretch you wide and fill you with spunk

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Wife’s hot clam

Posted on Saturday Mar 6

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13 Responses to “Wife’s hot clam”

  1. pecs said: hot juicy meaty puss lips… very nice…
  2. towerpainter said: pussy looks good..but wahts with the chicken pox?
  3. jd said: pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy
  4. Dingdangdo said: Nice snatch
  5. FMH said: Lick it and stick it.
  6. J R said: thats a nice clam for sure
  7. metaldevil said: nice pussy
  8. mongo said: can i lick up that hot pussy juice and fill it up with mine tell me
  9. said: Nice pussy. Those lips sure look moist and tasty. Would love to see more closeups.
  10. said: that’s one good looking pussy. ^w^
  11. shafty said: sweet
  12. said: I love clams, can I have a taste
  13. Lee said: WOW looks like I’m havin’ clam-chowder for dinner and a tossed salad on the side mmm mmm

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Please fuck me

Posted on Saturday Mar 6

asdf 011.jpg
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10 Responses to “Please fuck me”

  1. said: my noce in your pussy my tongue in your browneye
  2. Ding Dong said: Where, when & which hole? x
  3. Hotrod said: I’ll be right there.
  4. J R said: ya dont have to say pleze..)~
  5. mongo said: i want to fuck that tight little pussy you got
  6. said: give me the time & place & Iwill be there !
  7. mr cool said: wow spred it open lovie
  8. Sir lickalot said: Damn baby that looks like a snug fit! I’d love to slide my cock in that!
  9. bob said: yum
  10. Lee said: we can definately do that but I wanna taste ur hot creamy coo run down my tongue and hav my tongue deep n side that pie-hole mmm

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what do you think?

Posted on Saturday Mar 6

Photo 83.jpg
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I like anal …

32 Responses to “what do you think?”

  1. said: oooh nomi visit me later spread that butthole for me have 9″ to fill it up your hot lil butthole im stroking and wanting you bad
  2. cum pump said: id like to hammer my meat pipe into that
  3. said: i wanna sniff it lick it and fuck it
  4. said: Id let my tongue decide first
  5. said: needs my dick in it
  6. me said: I love this pic, I would lick you anytime anywhere. Would you marry me?
  7. Rocket said: You can milk my cock with your gorgeous asshole any time!
  8. pecs said: I want to bury it up your asshole…
  9. CJ said: Looks like you need a nice fat dick in that beautiful ass. I would gladly fill that hole up every second you want it
  10. LD said: Looks like you got fuched by a 12 inch pole!
  11. jd said: that’s a god dame blow hole
  12. Telfbag said: I want to dive into that arse wat a women loves anal so do I send pics to
  13. Hot Cock said: Good girl!!!!
  14. Admiral said: i’d make u love it more ;)
  15. me said: will you marry me
  16. Annonymous said: Nice asshole baby. I’d love to see how deep you can take my cock.
  17. said: love that ass…send me pics! ill return the favor ;)
  18. said: damn i ccould eat that asshole out and never get tired would love to fuvk it then eat it again
  19. boi_laz said: I would bury my tounge in that before sliding my cock in mmmmmmm
  20. likemspread said: that ass looks like it just got a good fukin
  21. J R said: looks like daddy rimmed that good…
  22. mongo said: my balls are full and waiting girl
  23. Bigben said: Would love to bury my tongue up that ars hole! Mmm
  24. said: I would love to put my cock into both of these sexy holes of yours .
  25. cbrf4idave@yahoo,com said: Nice gaped asshole warmed up and ready for more! Would love to see more pics email me
  26. BallsDeep said: When you coming over my house. I’d be glad to give you anal every hour on the hour.
  27. said: oh my god i want to fuck that beautiful hole and sink my toung deep inside you
  28. laney said: nice hole
  29. Lee said: I guess u do. wit a poop-chute like that it looks like a lot of work has been put in
  31. hardnlonely said: Im 20 and i love anal that pic is so hot I’m going nuts I’m so horny
  32. hardnlonely said: i do too thats so fucking hot please please email me ill send you pics too :-)

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Posted on Saturday Mar 6

round ass fuck.jpg
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16 Responses to “assfucking”

  1. dick drip said: nice rear rntry
  2. me said: id fuck her tight ass while he fucked mine
  3. jd said: great ass perfect place for that cock
  4. manny said: nice lick that all night.
  5. steve said: I agree with Jim, I want that cock pumping and filling my ass
  6. chas said: ill show u how to take all that cock in the ass
  7. Jim said: I want that in my ass
  8. bob said: love to shove ma dick up that fine ass
  9. kev said: kevid let you keep the ass, ill take the mouth, and shes spitroasted!
  10. kelly said: you could do my ass that looks hot
  11. Kendra said: Honey do u have a tattoo of cornal sanders on ur ass? That’s just finger lickin’ good!!!!!!!!!!- haha
  12. likemspread said: i love a woman that will take it in the ass
  13. mongo said: if we work together we can fill both tight holes up at the same time and really get her fucked good say when
  14. cbrf4idave@yahoo,com said: Very nice! Would love to see more. Please email me
  15. Lee said: play-boy I envy you…I wish it was me but do ur thang player
  16. mr cool said: i love the tattoos babe,show us your pussy lol

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Posted on Saturday Mar 6

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11 Responses to “slutty”

  1. said: greta pussy can i taste it
  2. jd said: for some reason i feel like chewing on it
  3. aussieboner said: Maybe slutty but I still want to fuck and suck you,
  4. Don said: grandma pussy
  5. metaldevil said: that pussy is soo hot
  6. bigdick said: what a beauty
  7. said: I would die a lucky man If I got to have a up close look at that sweet thing & may be even a little lick or two
  8. Lee said: I wish my tongue cud just live up in that hott pussy
  9. Lee said: WOW!!! now thats some really good eattin’…the creme’ dela creme’
  10. gary said: what the fuck??? is that the gate to narnia
  11. Horneyone said: Would love to see more of that sweet pussy!

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Love the pink 3

Posted on Saturday Mar 6

Phone Pics 377.jpg
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11 Responses to “Love the pink 3”

  1. Lee said: that is fucking gorgeous bb
  2. Juiceylicious said: that hole is big…
  3. b said: i said wash the convertable not cuntvertable
  4. likemspread said: that soapy water is washing away all the flavor
  5. said: OMG
  6. bez said: id fuck that all night
  7. Lee said: OMG!!! I luv a squeaky clean kitty now my tongue can run wild thur it and that lovely pie-hole
  8. Martin said: This womans got the best pussy and arsehole ive eva seen! Id love 2 get stuck into them! Check out the other pics!
  9. Martin said: The womans got the best pussy ive eva seen! Id love 2 get stuck into that!
  10. said: Do you need any help washing those juicy lips and that nice pink pussy? Mee first!! Please more creative pics. Mmmm… 10+++++++
  11. This said: That is so sexy!

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Spank me

Posted on Friday Mar 5

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25 Responses to “Spank me”

  1. said: Fuck look at that ass I would love tO spank this shit outa that ass
  2. said: Beautiful.. My Cock is Rock Hard looking at your ass what a dream ass. Love to see some open pussy
  3. pearl said: spread your ass cheecks and plant your asshole on my nose….
  4. yas said: very nice
  5. davey said: wank me
  6. Boothon said: I would love to bury my face in that!
  7. big j said: N E thing you want !!!
  8. likemspread said: spank you hell baby i want to fuck you
  9. fab said: Nice & Neat
  11. J R said: thats nice
  12. Jefff said: Beautiful -can I spank you with my tongue mmmm
  13. Mark said: Damn girl! Nice ass! Just went from 6 to midnight.
  14. Amazed said: All I need is a time and place!
  15. said: i’d love to spank that..then eat the pussy and ass and fuck you…
  16. boi said: fresh
  17. cecil said: How about a real stern Tounge lashing instead?
  18. Canadianman said: I would spank you all night long.
  19. gixxer said: sure,would you prefer my tonge or dick?
  20. Sonoma said: Spanking would only be the beginning of a wonderful day for both of us. S
  21. Lee said: after I spank u I’m goin’ to give u a tongue lashin’ you’ll never forget
  22. Stu said: Great legs!
  23. dude said: oh what I’d do to you
  24. said: I would love to thrust my cock into your hot little pussy
  25. ohhyea said: Spank You? Hell I wanna suck that muff

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Sonoma Spread and Ready

Posted on Friday Mar 5

9-09 210 RN.jpg
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Not a closeup for a change. OK?

14 Responses to “Sonoma Spread and Ready”

  1. jd said: somebody better fuck this woman soon
  2. said: Sonoma its 16July and I’m in Iraq, I need more
  3. likemspread said: now thats what i’m talking about love to stick a dick in that
  4. Ron said: Another member of your fan club wanting the real delicious thing in person — you look great!
  5. dd.eddie said: Nice! All you need is a gallon of my cum dripping over your ass
  6. Kurt said: Oh what a lovely pic, now all you need is my stiff shaft in either of your two holes. Great non-closeup.
  7. said: We’ve seen the close ups. Now we see the overall! Would love to see anything you’re willing to share. Just email me ;)
  8. said: Sonoma, the only close up that I want is me inside of you
  10. J R said: great vintage puss&ass..we need more vintage on here!! how but another pic? thanks
  11. Stew said: How old r u babe? Would u like some 29 year old cock up your arse
  12. Lee said: Sonoma any pix of u r priceless u r n a league of ur own xoxo
  13. said: So sexy! Email me some more
  14. Sly said: What a treat to see almost all of you Sonoma…love each one of your posts. Keep it and me UP

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Posted on Friday Mar 5

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33 Responses to “cumm”

  1. site see er said: all that feet fuckin is hot
  2. flipfioplover said: Would love to lick your toes clean.
  3. said: i love
  4. cock-rider said: that looks like PVA glue!
  5. Zip said: Love to see cum on feet
  6. lee 110 said: two of my favorite things sexy feet and cum
  7. said: can the lick the cum off then make my way up ur body
  8. hard said: don t know why but this is got me hard
  9. teddytbags said: thats a well placed load
  10. zv54 said: very beautiful feet and tasty toes Too bad it didn’t have a fresh pedicure
  11. JClay said: Those feet are AMAZING!! Perfect toes. They look soft. I would LOVE for that to be my cum on them. Hot picture.
  12. ypz said: her feet, she loves it! especially when her feet are completely covered in cum
  13. ypz said: drew know what you mean there i have fucked my mother-in-law several times and i love pounding her and then cumming all over
  14. jgh said: over her feet! man my dick is hard!
  15. jgh said: beautiful feet makes my dick really hard just looking at this picture i love pounding a girl then pulling out and cumming all
  16. big dick said: so hot! Beautiful feet!:)
  17. Womble said: Do that on my wifes feet most days, I am so lucky.
  18. i think i puked a lil said: nice toes/feet but you could have painted your nails first
  19. Trev said: mmm, would love to add to that, cute feet
  20. Hyanick said: Hummm I’d like to lick those cummy toes
  21. Evan said: Better make that four now
  22. evan said: work of art……i try to cum on as many girls feet as i can…….some get weirded out….i have nutted on three sets of feet
  23. Dave said: Would love to see that across your forehead.
  24. Dave said: Wasted….Should have been on your forhead.
  25. mj said: i got some for your cunt heather
  26. Royce said: I wish I could do that to her feet
  27. kelly said: sexy i would lick your toes and more where you from
  28. Drew said: This reminds me of the time i was fucking my mother-in-law & came on her feet just as my gf walked in- they set me up though-FUN
  29. asslovr said: I love it.. Trim and paint those nails and you would have very sexy feet to cum on!
  30. likemspread said: what a waste next time put it in her ass
  31. Heather said: I whould be pissed if that got wasted on my feet I like to feel it expload in my cunt
  32. said: Reminds me of my chunky cum. Would love to see more, email me please
  33. Lee said: looks like my work but don’t waste it on ur feet slurp it DOWN

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