my ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday May 17

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What would you do to me?

  1. Fuk_ya said: Both holes, HARD.
  2. HotPup said: Want to taste everything
  3. said: I;d bury my tongue in your pussy aas I fingered your asshole
  4. Juan Culo said: I’d pick you up and tongue your holes until they’re ready then lower you onto my cock and grind you relentlessly, then the wife.
  5. J R said: is that american made? wow!!!!
  6. J R said: thats good …its built for luv’ more its AWESOME! 10 luv to
  7. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: After we taste each other’s Luv juices…I will make your wet Box ache & stretch open with my cock!
  8. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Damn!! Sooo sensual and erotic! I’d Luv to taste ur pleaasure cave while you deep throat my long thick cock!
  9. hambone said: I’d treat it nice but you’d still be sore
  10. hambone said: What would I do to you??? You would’nt want someone taking pics afterwards.
  11. said: i will be fucking u in my dreams 2night!
  12. said: id love to eat your pussy and ass and then shov all 9 inches of my thick cock between those beautiful lips.
  13. eve said: innie
  14. Danny said: Eve. Nice. Innie or outie belly button??
  15. said: put my tongue all the way into your asshole
  16. Joe11 said: so dark, I’ve never tasted one like that and would love to try!
  17. said: oh man your so beautiful. yum girl.
  18. eve said: I am 5’4″ im a size 7 and have 36D breasts
  19. said: Yum yum
  20. Danny said: Eve could you describe what your body looks like?
  21. donttrythisathome said: Looks latina. I love latina. Spicy and tight.
  22. said: I would lick that pussy then take my time fucking it, wanna see more privarely, send email
  23. said: I love the pink of your pussy. I would love to suck on those lips and the go balls deep and shoot my load. Let’s see your tits.
  24. eve said: I love any cock and pussy also.
  25. Danny said: Eve. You sound hot. You like fat cock?
  26. eve said: I would love you both you and your wife to have a hole. tell me what we would do.
  27. said: love to taste your dark pussy lips just to get u going before i fuck your ass and pussy
  28. said: what wouldnt i do, damn!
  29. 07785963304 said: can me and my wife have a hole each? x
  30. said: …go to town on that sexy little asshole
  31. dd.eddie said: Lick you raw and then hose you down like a pressure washer. Yummy continental
  32. said: Let’s fuck!
  33. ACE said: Super Hot pic. Love your dark lips & asshole. Plze post clearer pic with ur cheeks spread.
  34. Ddd said: I’d fuck both holes! 10
  35. said: I’d love to fuck your arse.
  36. Dog said: I want to lick ur pussy juice and lick ur bum hole , whilst ur sucking my Indian cock. Then fuck u hard.

German Quality Pussy – Part III

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

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Back again – and spreading those juicy German pussy lips, waiting for a cock and a load of cum!

  1. Matty said: no!!!
  2. markus said: Geile Muschi!
  3. j_PussySlayer said: ive seen prettier but never tighter.. so i would fuckthat till i couldnt bust nemore
  4. MAGMADRAGON said: WTFam i lookin at? Was it patially sewn shut?
  5. hambone said: looks like a mad old man that just had his last tooth pulled
  6. said: sorry u had to wait but get intouch and i can take of that 4 u!
  7. said: Looks a little tight but I’ll try to fit my cock inside
  8. tobi87 said: hi, hättest du lust bilder zu tauschen? gefällt mir sehr was ich da so sehe =) würd mich freuen von dir zu
  9. Todd said: Those are not two assholes :-) Just some really tight, wrinkled pussylips!!!
  10. said: Yummy
  11. DB said: Definitely a VW, that ain’t no Benz…. been staring at it forever and still cant figure it out…
  12. said: why do they always have to shave it? Leave some fur on that thing
  13. Ben Dover said: That is F%$#@&in wrong in so many way .Holy shit
  14. B said: That pussy looks like a puckered up asshole
  15. wow said: 2 butt holes for sure, next
  16. said: i would blow my load inside u then turn u over and stick it in ur tight ass so u have a double stuffed cream pie
  17. said: J E S U S C H R I S T……… That looks verys tight. Hows the stinkhole?
  18. Lions said: Looks like she has two butt holes!

Who is next? ;)

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

photo (2).jpg
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  1. MC*Aamer said: OMG i remember seeing those nails on someone while i was shopping damn!! did i walk past your sexy ass damn
  2. said: i would love to fill u up again
  3. rob said: would love to pound you til you couldnt handle anymore!
  4. chico said: id go 3rd 4th 5th whatever u can hold
  5. said: I’d like to sniff her stink hole.
  6. tbowell863@gmail said: pick me pick me
  7. said: nice pussy! me and this hard cock would love 2 see more.
  8. arkyman said: im your clean upan–
  9. tina-luster said: i fist myself tina suck my toe and give it too me hard
  10. tina-luster said: i would luv to ram u where are u tina
  11. tina-luster said: tina i would luv to ram u where are u
  12. hambone said: LOOK CLOSELY… did the virgin Mary get in there?
  13. said: I would take sloppy seconds with that pussy anytime!
  14. said: put me down im well up for adding more cream to your sex pussy
  15. BigNPurple said: Pass – looks like an old beat up sofa
  16. Bert said: Please wipe your botty.
  17. Stu said: I will fill you up again, bit after a good 69 of course!

my real pussy#2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

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the front lips

  1. Jim said: That is one beautiful pussy.
  2. Jacker said: *pussy*
  3. Jacker said: very pretty lussy
  4. good guy said: lets have ‘my real pussy#3′ and soon ;) x
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  11. said: Beautiful
  12. Miami said: Fucking strippers gotta love em
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  26. Willy wonka said: Nice very sexy is it tight?
  27. justme said: spread that sexy thing open so i can nut inside
  28. said: best looking pussy I see. we should exchange photos
  29. Cocky said: Lovely!
  30. Venom said: I would love to taste that!
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  32. ACE said: Doll you definitely have a REAL pussy, asshole & body. My tongue is ready to make you cum multi times b4 we enter both ur holes!
  33. said: love ur nails! wanna seeum rubbing ur clit, or crammin them inside!
  34. Stu said: I would love to run my tongue up that!

my real pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

do u like.jpg
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love spreding my lips u like what u think?

  1. The Bandit said: Nice ass hole
  2. F3RGO said: Beautiful and I’m wondering about your a-hole and how tight it looks
  3. jjs said: id put it in real slow nice
  4. Joi said: Wow… Thats one bullet hole i could lick the ‘rust’ off and swallow it yum yum
  5. said: This really works for me.. Great position .
  6. said: Need a hand spreading those lips? You look gorgeous!
  7. chris said: mmmm sit on my face ;)
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  11. Jacker said: beautiful ass, pussy and figure.
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  21. MC*Aamer said: OMG i remember seeing those nails on someone while i was shopping damn!! did i walk past your sexy ass damn
  22. Mike said: That is hot
  23. big cock said: you look like you’ve bn slapped by a fish down there and all these guys have maggots I’ll show you a massive cock
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Nice long lips

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

2012-05-16 11.30.44 (1).jpg
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I love the way my lips wrap around hard cock. When they get wet, they really can suck!

  1. HotPup said: Would suck those lucious lips til ur sore
  2. J R said: is that american made? :)
  3. J R said: wow thats huge! can ya post more of it…10
  4. said: OMG!!!! please fart in my face. I love that stinkhole
  5. said: can i suck that clit and those gorgeous lips until your cum drips off my chin? my huge cock will slide in easier that way!
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  7. said: omg yes. i would suck it and fuck it. beautiful.
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  11. chameleon said: Very nice. Love the happy trail leading to that fine slit.
  12. BigNPurple said: I’m a sucker for long lips – they give a Vag personality.. Looks like you have a big clit too. Married??
  13. Gonzo said: Nice meat curtains.
  14. said: I bet they can suck a hard cock!
  15. ACE said: Nice close up! Let’s see more.
  16. said: can you suck me?
  17. jp said: that looks like a real nice mouthfull!
  18. badbehavior said: I am so hard right now…suck away you little slut.

My Wifeys Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

masturbation Ogasm.jpg
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Stroke your Willy n Honor oF This Wet Ass Pussy Please!~

  1. teezur said: mmm super wet
  2. admirer said: keep that pussy wet baby hot jis is the look for you nice and wet oh yeah i want it
  3. said: gorgus pussy i will stroke my willy and show u the end result if u give me ur email
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  5. said: gotta be a very old pussy look at the veins in it
  6. DB said: So this is what those gynecologists see… did you use the speculum cam for this shot??
  7. said: nice ;}
  8. chameleon said: Too close.
  9. sexyandperfect said: i’d lick that after she peed
  10. Johnny said: lol @ super tight, that’s her urethra!
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  12. said: Nice wet juicy pussy
  13. said: Tight and lickable
  14. Eddie Shmenk said: Too close up. Rough fingernails
  15. said: looks like she needs a BD in her life! super tight!
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  18. WHITEGUY 8' said: nice pee hole

My wife’s pussy – by Bobetta

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

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My wife’s pussy – by Bobetta

  1. Ryan said: God u have a great looki little fuck hole id love to see ur man and my cum leaking out of it
  2. MC*Aamer said: WTF is that looks like you like riding bears?
  3. Lag said: oh my god hot pussy love! would fuck that hard!
  4. zernike said: u fuck apes ? – shave her !!!
  5. J R said: would she mind if i filled on for ya?thats nice post more
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  9. Ding Dong. said: You poor man.
  10. Henry said: Sara so your just a meat hound yeah there is no way your hot!
  11. said: Ignore the negative comments. Natural woman that I’ll bet she is a great fuck
  12. Sara said: To all you men a big cock to me is over 9 inches so if you got bigger my wet pussy is waiting
  13. Ian said: I want to lick your ass
  14. Henry said: @ Sara you wanna see mine?
  15. ohhya said: a little wax and there would be a line to hit that.
  16. hambone said: Sara..every hard dick MF out there has a HUGE cock…LOL….REALLY, to you, what is BIG???
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  19. bill said: shave that kitty
  20. Sara said: Keith yeah I love big cocks you got one?
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  24. smailbox said: that rating (so far) sucks…..nice pussy, she likes her hair!
  25. Gonzo said: Shave the hair on the legs, but leave the beaver hair.
  26. pussyismyname said: ever heard of a razor?
  27. John John said: To a degree, I don’t mind too much hair. But there are some stragglers off the reservation. I can’t deal with that.
  28. John John said: Yo… Don King up in there!!!
  29. Venom said: That’s a hairy snatch!
  30. hambone said: if you looked down while fucking her, you’d see Elvis giving a blowjob
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  37. ACE said: Old school. Erotic. Post more!! ;P
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  39. Sara said: Freak
  40. UMMM said: that needs a serious clean shaving, lets see how it looks after that. my guess would be a perfect 100 on clean pussy
  41. oral fix said: get out the razor, there might be a hot pussy under there
  42. Lions said: Love that . Jerking off to you

First Naughty Creampie

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

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She just had to have creampie after dinner

  1. Felix said: Not a lot of um, but nice
  2. Franco Cozzo said: Kind of looks like you threw an egg at her cunt?
  3. said: if she likes cream pie let her knnw wd will skip dinner and dive right in too the good shit!
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  5. Boo said: Sorry I meant Tina whoops
  6. Boo said: Sara do you like black cock up your butthole??
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  20. said: Well my load belongs in her stinkhole.

old school starfish and flower.

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday May 16

old school.jpg
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early shot of the wife….enjoy!

  1. said: looks lk dinner :D yummmy
  2. said: lovely! a beautiful pussy shot!
  3. said: nice ass ;)
  4. chameleon said: Good maintenance, nice holes; good wife.
  5. smailbox said: holy shithole…….looks very lickable.
  6. said: I am enjoying. Nice shot. Have any more?
  7. said: Beautiful stinkhole.

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