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Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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she rode it hard and came twice

  1. said: I’d like to bury mine deep inside her
  2. said: not bad jr. now let daddy show u how its done!
  3. big mike said: not deep enough send her my way
  4. said: i wanna hit it ..
  5. Jay said: Looks nice and pink. Bet it wraps around anyones cock
  6. Wel said: Wow. Nice ride. More body next time. Please

creampied wife

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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Right after a hard fucking. She came twice and forgot her birthcontrol

  1. J R said: wow those are some huge 10 lips!! is that american made? :)
  2. arkyman said: love to clean that up
  3. said: is that the crow
  4. said: nothing better than aload of cum dripping out of a stunning pussy ;) x
  5. said: 9 months after that, simalac!!
  6. said: Is she ready for more
  7. FamousMrEd said: lol youre proud of twice? sad
  8. said: nice pussy! needs my load in it!
  9. big mike said: id give her something to cum on
  10. CHET said: That Tattoo is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!
  11. me said: let me lick you clean please cream pies so hot
  12. andy said: that a crimbo tree tat lol
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  14. Wel said: Nice pussy and asshole. Do you like anal??
  15. said: nice would like to put my 8″ in that and make that look like it needs it

My wifes pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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Right after I came in her

  1. F3RGO said: Sexy as all fuck
  2. duane said: love tose lips
  3. Sam said: wife did this in a bar
  4. BigU said: nice trim!
  5. MC*Aamer said: Sell your PS3 XBOX PC CAR i wouldnt have any time for those with that pussy!! Let me slide my chocolate in your gash
  6. HotPup said: Very sexy Beautiful pussy
  7. J R said: ol fashioned guy here luv the HAIR!!! would she like a tongue lashen from another guy? 10 :)
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  11. Kalanasman said: This nikki.
  12. bigdong said: loose as a goose
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  15. Peter I want to licke you dry said: Can I cum on your tits
  16. said: Very nice, I wanna taste
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  18. Dog said: I can’t stop looking , dam girl spread those lips I want to see more.
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Fucking my wifes ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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My wife LOVES being fucked in the ass after a few drinks to get the mood set.

  1. fiend said: id suck that fat cock until its wet and take it in my ass and let you cum on my face
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barely legal pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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  1. big country said: I would love to eat that pussy and play with that clit and put some inch. that pussy has never got
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  24. WHITEGUY 8' said: whats legal
  25. tommy kennedy said: Call me

Getting a tit job

Amateur pic posted on Sunday May 13

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Banging away at my wifes huge tits!

  1. fruehreiter Wichser said: Mir steht er!
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Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 12

2012-05-11 22.58.13-1.jpg
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Love to hear what you think…..

  1. occupymywilly said: get rid of the guyfingers.use your girlfriends tongue instead.lets c the hole package nice and wet
  2. said: Sorry I send it to the wrong person
  3. said: A magic moment i raised my eyes and you are there .A fleeting vision the quintessence of all that’s beautiful and rare .
  4. Dog said: Every time I see this picture I just want use my tongue , flicking ur clit
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  12. Johnnyonthespot said: Hard to tell. Need better angle.
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shot in the stomach

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 12

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cum on my body

  1. Sancho said: i CUM in that PUSSY ALL the time!she’s a SQUIRTER!
  2. oralG said: love ti lick you clean then leave my own mess
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Ass drenched in cum

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 12

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Ass drenched after an ass pumping

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mixed geisha

Amateur pic posted on Saturday May 12

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ass up still waiting to get it

  1. The Bandit said: Nice view
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  22. Mr.Pitote said: Re post
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