Shy virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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My little pussy is a bit shy at the moment, it may need some encouragement to open up ;)

  1. hotseaman4u said: hyou need a hard cock in kitty to make her purr
  2. said: id love to lick up and down your slit then nibble your clit. Lovely cunt x
  3. amy said: lovely, if you’re into girls I’d definitely have a go ;)
  4. said: looks super hot if it in front my face i wouldnt hesitate to bury me face in it would love to see it opened up email more
  5. Matt Bigdick said: your boobs look like tree bark
  6. said: Open Up ! I wanna bite those lips and kiss them better ! Xxx love ur Puffy lips x
  7. Love Pussy said: I like it. Who knows if she is a virgin or not. Looks good enough to eat right now.
  8. dd.eddie said: damn i can lick that all day long
  9. Frankie said: open that pusy up! Looks like it sucked on a lemon.
  10. said: Very nice… I want some of that sweet pussy
  11. Yoman said: I’ll Break your Virginity!!
  12. X.drifter.x said: Yum I wanna lick it :p
  13. Lovetoeatpussy said: I would do what ever u want me to fo
  14. WTF said: MORE!!!!
  15. hambone said: SHY! Some tongue in there will get it talking. It might even tell some secrets.
  16. said: Love it!! Private pix? How old r u?
  17. ohhya said: damn, you could light a match off that.
  18. said: very nice hunny how old are you nice to see sum tight lips x
  19. said: how shy (or virgin for that matter) can it be ifbits shaved or photographed and put on the web
  20. Bill said: try some moisturizer

Wife Creampie

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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  1. said: beautiful mess, but I would like to see it more in her pussy than around it
  2. said: love to fuck that creamy pussy looks hot as fuck pls post more;)
  3. Love Pussy said: I would love to clean that up and then mess it up again.
  4. yes said: looks jucey
  5. said: mmmm I’d love to cream on that pretty pussy
  6. said: love it…x
  7. said: dose it need cleaning first babe…x
  8. WTF said: MORE!!!
  9. said: wowwwwwwincredable…..more…….

getting the meat

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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Husband pounding me good

  1. said: Is that cock longer than avg Jenna?
  2. NjD said: plunge that cock deep inside her mud whistle!
  3. Love Pussy said: Very nice.
  4. said: Thats a good wife, nice ass and pussy
  5. JennaJ said: Picks with longer than average cocks get low ratings. Lots of jealous folks on here.
  6. stephen said: now thats hot a 10 :) post more please what does that cock look like in yur mouth
  7. John said: I cant understand the bad rating i love this picture
  8. said: nice, want to see the cum shot next…x
  9. hambone said: THIS IS YOKO ONO……RMP!!!
  10. scott said: looks like he pounded that asshole good let me lick that beautiful thing for you now

hot and ready

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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wanting some meat

  1. said: if i had a pussy i’d be wet!
  2. said: my meats been searching for pussy just like that email m e
  3. Love Pussy said: Very nice pussy. Thanks for sharing.
  4. rj said: looks like some good licking and great fucking
  5. said: got my email let me eat that juicy hot spot
  6. hambone said: good because im wanting some pussy
  7. said: i love to eat that
  8. said: sooo wet and incredable pussy ı’have seen………
  9. said: can i join in next time
  10. jorvik said: good because I want to fill you up with cum

My Pussy after 5 cocks

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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my pussy after my first Gangbang

  1. horny lion said: No cream pie , must have been a boring gang bang
  2. said: still looks hot enough to my bury my face in still
  3. Longone4ya said: From the looks of your ass hole it wasn’t a dp gang bang but if you would like to try we could stick a toy in your ass while I
  4. Love Pussy said: Maybe she took a shower after the bang or had someone like Shell or Tara to clean her up after. No matter it is a hot pussy.
  5. bazinga said: this makes me feel sick
  6. Husky said: Nice, you won’t wear it out, so keep using it
  7. said: bet this one woman could meake you feel better than five men if you still look that clean and tight…x
  8. said: you want a hard cowboy tobe numbersix
  9. Liked it. said: Were they cocks?
  10. bill said: must have bean 5 little pp’s
  11. tara said: that may be fun babe but not smart.
  12. said: damn have fun walkin if you can if you had me you wouldnt need gang bang id be all you could handle girl.
  13. said: Wow they beat that pussy up.
  14. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Damn!! Your a sexy little slut! I have a long thick cock that will leave you “Wide” open…
  15. Lick it said: Came out quite well bit of a shame there’s no cum spillage, let me be number 6
  16. scott said: well sexy I would have licked it before the gangbang and after you were finished for sure
  17. FamousMrEd said: lol if its true, enjoy your ruined reputation
  18. WTF said: Someone got pounded
  19. said: I can send u some pics of my cock
  20. said: can i join in next time?
  21. Jerking Off said: 5 pinkie cocks ? Or is it like throwing a hotdog down the hallway and u glued the gape shut

Pounding some black pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 2

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  1. sweet said: i love sweet sexy black pussy
  2. Janet C said: great to see him with a condom on,responsible well done ,great cock he could have my ,pussy ,bum,mouth any time
  3. said: Very nice. Please contact us..
  4. said: Is that cock longer than avg Jenna?
  5. H4re said: Do right to wear a raincoat!
  6. said: she looks good would love to see more of her
  7. Mike said: Wheres the clit
  8. BigU said: now we’re talking! Beautiful pussy!
  9. Love Pussy said: That is a beautiful black pussy. I have to admit, I would rather then cock not be in the pic, but I wish it was my white cock.
  10. said: Remove the cock and show us that sweet looking black pussy
  11. dd.eddie said: she looks tight.. and a squirter? or screamer?
  12. e said: simply beautiful. Like the way her lips grip the tip
  13. said: need to see that sexy pussy ozing cum…x
  14. hambone said: another great picture ruined by a fucking cock. This IS Rate My Pussy isn’t it?
  15. Bigbadjon said: Take off that condom. Live a little
  16. john said: take the wrapper off and mess it up for me to lick clean
  17. said: should let me some private ones of that black ass
  18. said: cumshot pic next
  19. said: i love black pussy

All we do is Smoke & Fuck

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 1

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Rolling up on my girls fat ass shes such a FREAK this was her idea to put it on here, Rate & Enjoy.

  1. CUNTRY BOY said: i’d like to roll that up 2 or 3 times
  2. BigL said: i would love to lick that sweet pussy
  3. said: nice as fuck!
  4. jim bob said: i feel like rubbing one out to that milky white skin fat ass camel toe and tiny little ass hole
  5. Fuk_ya said: Wow, you smoke pot. You’re totally cool now…
  6. said: that is possibly the best pussy and i have seen email more
  7. said: great pic.. her ass and pussy looks so hot
  8. Ys said: Damn… I wish i could fuck that pussy.. and that ass too
  9. chumbag said: aliens in the attic was a terrible movie
  10. lucky1 said: dab it up baby! gonna get you fucked up!
  11. said: wish my cock was in there
  12. Love Pussy said: Very nice pussy. Tara, I would love to see you in a 69 with this. I would just love to see you.
  13. said: VERY HOT, wanna see more without that stuff on her ass
  14. thickdickloving said: Beautiful fat pussy!
  15. daver said: i would love to lick her arse out while shes having a smoke x
  16. Q said: pefect combo Michelle..thank you 4 sharing…love the no hair look finally again. thx again
  17. ThickDick said: Sexiest pussy I ever seen .. Id eat that asshole like the apple it is
  18. Jami said: Perfect
  19. Colorado chronic said: you should cum to Colorado try sum of my chronic while I lick and fuck that thick ass
  20. said: more pls
  21. mrwibble said: gotta love a freak who likes to show her holes off 10!
  22. John John said: Ohh… Good girl!!!
  23. said: I never seen before like this…. soooo sexy pussy…can ı see more………
  24. bill said: i would give that asshole a ride
  25. doggystyle said: After you violate her please correct that electrical code violation.
  26. Lick it said: Wanker
  27. Larry Tate said: wide load
  28. boomer2 said: 10 ! u made my day :)
  29. said: you need a outlet cover on the far wall
  30. tara said: great view a 69 with her would be beautiful.
  31. daaaayamn said: is that why youre fat? makes sense.
  32. mixed dude said: would love to lick that pussy and ass out
  33. said: i would smash that doggy style i rate that pussy as a 10
  34. pete said: perfect 10 could lick,sniff,fuk that sexy arsehole alnite long ,luv it ,more
  35. awe said: love to fuck that pussy ! while smoking some of that weed
  36. said: can i bury my face in that
  37. said: Lovely ass and pussy. Smoke it up and show some more
  38. said: funny that, all I di is drink and fuck, but you’re girl get’s me wet…x
  39. B said: You need to put a cover on that outlet.
  40. GGSWA said: beautiful pussy..want to get my hands and mouth on it
  41. chico said: I’d love to see my jizz bubblin outta her ass!
  42. O. Bama said: I want to cram my alien up her attic… BOTH her attics!
  43. Dre said: I got better weed but you got better pussy, so you got the better deal. Respect
  44. said: A solid 10. What a view, my two favorite things.
  45. aaron said: So cool, 10 just bc you’re lighting up and she’s got a beautiful pussy
  46. habanero said: great ass and nice fat pussy to slurp on…
  47. me said: ain’t fat and you are a lucky guy…
  48. scott said: well eating that pussy and asshole and fucking would be what I would want to do with her also
  49. james said: love to fuck that pussy gorjus lips sweet ass tx me if u want me to leave ur number on eya for me

naked on the sofa

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 1

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i just got out the shower. what do you think

  1. CUNTRY BOY said: lets get back in the shower and fuck
  2. said: What comes next,…naked on sofa just the beginning
  3. said: nice pussy babe!
  4. Fuk_ya said: Doable.
  5. Love Pussy said: very nice
  6. said: Very Nice wanna fuck it
  7. said: damn i wanna tongue fuck that asshole
  8. Omg said: Nice, show us it full of cock
  9. fuck me said: can i suck and fuck that pussy
  10. Sean said: That pussy is hot.I would love to eat it.
  11. ibeav said: i think u need another good fuck to go along with da 1 millith
  12. said: ncie clean pussy for me to slurp on would love to see more
  13. said: Id like to spread those lips and have a lick
  14. jorvik said: you got me haveing to type one handed,
  15. Chris said: Nice pussy 10 need help

my lovely lady

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 1

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Smooth and sexy

  1. said: id lick that from top to bottom until she couldnt handle it anymore or my toungue got tired very sexy email more
  2. Love Pussy said: Yes, this is a beautiful pussy but please use a better camera because she is not getting the attention she deserves.
  3. bob biggy said: vas ist dat?
  4. ibeav said: fo sure
  5. said: The flash makes it hard to see, but looks edible

all stretched out (with alot too do)

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 1

allstretched out.jpg
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one of my favorite angles of my my girls best areas.

  1. flipfioplover said: I would suck your toes, ass and pussy
  2. CUNTRY BOY said: sorry but no one would see that beautiful if that was my girl
  3. said: smokin hot would love a footjob and to cum all over ur holes
  4. NjD said: I would plunge my cock deep inside ur girls pink butterfly and mud whistle, then I’d drop my fluid all over her toes!
  5. Love Pussy said: Everything I can see is pefect. hands, feet, pussy, ass, pefect. Amaszing. Love the position.
  6. ACE said: Awesome position Doll. I never tire of looking at ur amazing asshole. Would love to sniff & lick it b4 filling it with hot cum!
  7. biggen said: looks tight as fuck
  8. said: Love those toes.
  9. ibeav said: minus dem fu’d toes yo
  10. said: Hell yeah!!
  11. said: love them toe’s, but her little starfish is the main prize…x
  12. said: NIce view, would lve to see more
  13. Chris said: Nice need some help
  14. smailbox said: all of her angles arew my favorite….oh yea, I want too fuck her. holes and feet!
  15. scott said: darling I would jack off on everything in this picture then lick you nice and clean

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