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virgin pussy

Posted on Sunday Aug 21

Photo on 2011-08-21 at 16.02.jpg
[Total: 842    Average: 3.7/5]

what do you think of my virgin pussy?

33 Responses to “virgin pussy”

  1. Bbb said: CAn I fuck it
  2. ned said: yea right
  3. biggun said: id rather just wear it out
  4. hungcandian said: damn girl i would rip that apart with my big fat cock
  5. likemspread said: then let me be the first one to teach that sweet pussy a thing or two
  6. laci said: then apparently i was never a virgin… some ppl r dumb
  8. DrDen said: Gee i’m sick of dumb people on this site, there is nothing here to prove she is not a virgin!
  9. Uhh.... NOT! said: Virgin? Yeah right… That cunt has been rode hard and put away wet. Try this “virgin” lie somewhere else.
  10. drden said: yea guys go get educated, u can’t tell if a girl is a virgin or not because of labia. BTW love those lips!
  11. RJ said: dont know about the virgin thing but it does look good
  12. Just Me said: Laci: It’s because these guys are too stupid to know that labia size does not affect virginity
  13. girl123 said: aparently I’m not a virgin because I have longer inner lips
  14. laci said: wat would make u think she is not a virgin?
  15. rago said: girl if u r virgi the world ens tomorrow looks like u have some miles
  16. Mandingo said: show us the asshole.
  17. said: mmmmmmmmm tear it up with a thick cock!!!! very nice pussy lips ! :) sexy thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. said: I will eat you anytime! Just let me know
  19. girl123 said: I really am a virgin, just very horny
  20. Lee said: luv ur rosebud…cnt w8 2 hav a bowl of dat chowder mmm mmm
  21. said: i would like to be between them flappers
  22. dog said: some maybe stupid to believe you…
  23. Kayden said: I’m telling you you’re not a virgin because no virgin would post on this site.
  24. Stuart said: thats no virgin pussy!
  25. said: I would love to suck on your clit and make you cum on my face
  26. said: Beautiful pic, you have a great looking pussy
  27. Ou812 said: Looks beautiful! Very sexy and I bet it’s nice and tight!
  28. Geek said: Very pretty. Nice cheeks too.
  29. JJ said: spread those lips and show us a pic of an intact hymen
  30. Nice said: I dont think a virgin would post nude pics
  31. Dakota said: Liar that pussy looks beat up from the feet up
  32. Just Me said: They will all tell you you’re not a virgin because they’re too stupid to know that labia size has nothing to do w/ virginity
  33. said: i would like to wear my tounge out on them awesome flappers

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Im still a virgin!

Posted on Sunday May 29

[Total: 861    Average: 3.3/5]

Here’s a photo of my pussy, which hasn’t been fucked just yet :)

22 Responses to “Im still a virgin!”

  1. said: mmmm your pussy is hot. if you wanted to lose that v card hollar at me
  2. Swoosh said: so who took the photo?
  3. ya boi said: cant c
  4. said: Wow!!! I wanna know more about your sexy pussy…message me!!
  5. said: Wow! I wanna know
  6. said: hot baby, simply hot. would love to see more and swap some pics.
  7. rock said: damn you hot post a closer one so i can see a beter shot of your fine virgin ass
  8. rock said: need a better close up but dam you hot
  9. said: just yet do you want me to do it ill fuck you good
  10. said: would luv to fuck u gorgeous would luv to see more and tell u what all i would do to you hun message me
  11. J R said: haha luv the caption…sexy post even for a “veteran”…id luv to sample that beautiful puss n ass virgin or more )~
  12. Geek said: Nice.
  13. hash_man1976 said: I call bullshit on that. Or may be you are a pussy virgin and a butt slut :-)
  14. said: beautiful,,perfect
  15. mike said: what a wast of good pussy, get laid prud
  16. lil sis said: bull shit. very nice though
  17. said: I’d love to change that for you. Nice ass and pussy, shoot me an email.
  18. said: I can’t really see it…..
  19. Mike7202376377 said: Ill eat u out and cum in ur mouth
  20. said: i got a 7″ cock i can make you feel good so write me back
  21. big said: amazing pussy
  22. B.I.G said: damn, that is one amazing pussy/ass/tits post more please :)

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virgin pussy !

Posted on Saturday Apr 23

Picture 291.jpg
[Total: 1085    Average: 3.1/5]

anyone wanna be the first to invade my 18 year old virgin pussy? 😉

23 Responses to “virgin pussy !”

  1. dman said: can u call me
  2. said: thats an amazing pussy! if you feel like it send a few pics my way and we can trade 😉
  3. jgh said: *stiff
  4. jgh said: my dick is so hard frrom this picture i would love for my still cock to be the first one to invade and pound that virgin pussy
  5. Just Me said: I find it funny that all these guys don’t understand that labia lip size has NOTHING to do with virginity!!! SO stupid you guys
  6. Lee said: when/where
  7. rucrazy4me2@yahoo said: virgin or not, id treat this royalty; kiss up to it then just beat the hell outta it!
  8. moonman said: ur not a virgin. sorry to burst ur bubble but u used up
  9. Amazed said: Seems like you got nice boobs too, lets have a look-see.
  10. Tman said: Virgin my ass !
  11. jefffromabove0 said: that aint a virgin
  12. Edd said: What a beautiful pussy to eat. I love the way your lips hang out.
  13. said: let me be first
  15. jay said: virgin haaa not even your asshole looks like it a virgin
  16. said: lets see more.
  17. Big jonny said: Wanna cum all over u
  18. Freak05 said: Would love to lick that pussy till it cums then fuck the shit out of u =]
  19. dd said: id be really surprised if the camera man wasnt first after taking this picture. id take seconds 2, any day any time!
  20. tom said: yep !! wod nibble ur cliti wiv ma teef an suck em n tung tip fuck ur pusi n get u 2 kum then shag ya :)
  21. Craig said: OMG Nice!
  22. bbpin 2158517F said: yes plz x
  23. ukbob said: if you a virgin im spiderman!

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Rate My Naughty Virgin

Posted on Saturday Mar 12

[Total: 1275    Average: 4.2/5]

Tell me what you think boys!

44 Responses to “Rate My Naughty Virgin”

  1. rigzone said: i do not think you can go the 2 weeks with that wet of a pussy thinking of when my dick can get back in it love the pic 10 babe
  2. rigzone said: fucking ipad then the 2 weeks im at work i you will be doing is waiting till i get back and fuck the hell out of you somemore
  3. rigzone said: then the to
  4. rigzone said: i want to t
  5. rigzone said: i want to lick that pussy till you are cumming all over my face and begging me to pound you with my rock hard cock for 2 week
  6. tony said: virgin? Not so much! She’s a big time slobernackle
  7. caot.aplesausee said: msde my cock hard
  8. said: very sexy
  9. said: best pussy on the site
  10. dooney said: i would hit it
  11. BS said: I’d hit that!
  12. said: More Please. !
  13. bastard said: excellent BUT sorry we need more evidence for the virgin claim; new picture please
  14. Just Me said: Why Gravymaster?
  15. gravymaster said: i think u should pull up your pants and run lol
  16. said: You have a very sexy body! Nice pussy and tits. :)
  17. jdog said: if carlsberg made women this would probarly be fhe best in the world great tits lovely pussy mmmmm
  18. curioushousewife said: Will you let a hot girl lick you?
  19. said: you have an amazing body, i would like to chat with you and watch you play with that naughty lil body while i play with mine.
  20. said: Actually it says “rate my naughty virgin”. But get all pissed if you want. Rage issues much?
  21. said: fucking phenomenal pic… sexy pussy. great tits. gorgeous woman!! please contact me :) thanks!! 22 y/o here
  22. Jasper said: I think I want to bury my tongue in that pussy and warm it up for a good long fuck
  24. said: sexy body would luv to see what else u got gorgeous
  25. cruegodz said: So beautiful , i would fuck your pussy while you shove your favorite toy up your ass
  26. andy said: that would look great with my cum dribbling out of it
  27. said: very nice but that is no virgin
  28. husker said: it says “rate my naughty” virgin u dumb fucks, beautiful pic
  29. cameron doss said: you are so naughty
  30. Beano said: bangable
  31. Lee said: I’ll b able 2 tell u better after I had my 9 and tongue deep up n her
  32. mj said: virgin to rate my naughty… read people
  33. rj said: nice looking pussy, but that is no virgin
  34. J R said: the lady in black..does it again with class! Yummm )~
  35. said: Send some pics!!! Your pussy is hot!
  36. BarryUK said: Marry me , Please !!!!!!!!!!
  37. said: Virgin? Doubt it. Hot? Absolutely!
  38. LuckyGuy said: VERY sexy pussy!
  39. bgmxx said: mmmm damn, HOTT and SEXEH! :) love the pose.
  40. said: Wow yore perfect in every way more p
  41. tom said: wrap ur legs arand my head mmm :)
  42. spunk said: its very hot but that pussy is not a virgin. very sexy
  43. Mr Tease said: Fuck yeah!!!
  44. said: Very hot show me more

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filth 2.JPG
[Total: 1032    Average: 3.4/5]

what do u think

21 Responses to “she said she was a virgin untill she met me ?”

  1. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  2. Assman69 said: anal virgin maybe
  3. t said: virgin, right!
  4. nickell said: take a dive into this!!
  5. sam said: looks dirty.
  6. Freek said: Your ass kooks like it needs my tongue in it
  7. J R said: hahah good line!!! very its GOOD!!! happy new year )~
  8. jon said: +++++ four an extreme close up of her search ” arse & cunt” let me know what u think
  9. jon said: my cock is 9 inch hard she is 24 yrs , need some opinions , i think she may be lyin now
  10. mandingo said: … and u are, u need to get your stamina up and fuck that pussy sloppy. i can help if u want. nice asshole also.
  11. mandingo said: … and u are, u need to get your stamina up and fuck that pussy sloppy. i can help u want.
  12. mandingo said: need a closer shot, and an estimate on yoùr penis. but from here it looks like the guys she has fucked werent packing.
  13. jon said: rm,,,,,,,,, do you think she is lyin ?
  14. likeemhairy said: haha she is no virgin!!! she looks like shes been fucked by alot of cocks many times
  15. said: mmmm. send me more pics!! nice, fine cunt! 😀
  16. rm said: Don’t fall for it Bro, she had some bigger cock than yours.
  17. Chevynova731@yahoo. com said: looks nice and tight. and wet. Mmmm i want to lick and fuck it… send me more
  18. Lee said: dat eye has my tongue written all over it
  19. Lee said: I wanna lick and stick dat pink and stink all nite long
  20. Lou Lou said: Rigggghhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt
  21. said: i think that is one tasty little pussy id gladly show her what shes been missin, id love to see more

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the virgin ass of my little wife

Posted on Monday Nov 22

[Total: 960    Average: 3.6/5]

i love…

17 Responses to “the virgin ass of my little wife”

  1. Bj said: Fucken juicey
  2. stickyknickers said: would love to give that cute asshole and puss some loving attention with my tongue..
  3. Tom H said: Little?
  4. J R said: virgin? who cares..thats very very good!! )~
  5. said: me too actually
  6. meee said: her ass isnt a virgin ive already fucked this cunt
  7. Lee said: I’d like 2 pound dat stinky and lick dat pinky
  8. 8indom69 said: Would love to help you break it in.
  9. Freek said: I would love to get that all nice and ready with my tongue for a few hours. That is like a 20 out of 1 to 10.
  10. drrty said: vbad , you spank it and i will soothe it
  11. pcarsei said: love this ass virgin
  12. chico said: I’d like to fuck that ass!!!!
  13. Wang-hol said: Lots like your little wifes butt isn’t so little. You plannin’ to put you dick in her ass or am I going to have to do it?
  14. Bill said: She ain’t little with thighs like that
  15. said: spanking time again, and would love to spank that sexy ass…x
  16. said: love that tight asshole and trimmed pussy from behind. please email me more! 😀
  17. likemspread said: if you don’t have what it takes to pop that anal cherry just give me a holler and i will take care of that for you

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Real U.k Anal Virgin

Posted on Friday Aug 20

mackem lass.JPG
[Total: 372    Average: 4.1/5]

my drunk lass

27 Responses to “Real U.k Anal Virgin”

  1. said: Absolute Beauty of an AssHole ! What a perfect little fuck hole
  2. smailbox said: LOVE HER PINK HOLES
  3. Boom said: I don’t mind the hair, but I bet that pussy would look even better, if it was bald.
  4. said: ı wanna fuck it asshole
  5. NTS said: you need a bic
  6. Woof said: Fuzzy dessert. Like the tight little pussy.
  7. twatdiver69 said: great pic
  8. marc said: fucking perfection ! should be 10/10
  9. loz said: no i aint had a dick up my ass! haha , and no i wont shave i like my hairy pussy x
  10. brad said: fucking beautiful
  11. sack said: Damn! sexy i like all the pink in the pic
  12. abb said: shave
  13. paul said: nice a pink…. i think its had a dick tho ? has it?
  14. cummgirl said: love to suck that clit and finger both holes good
  15. jenny said: my fingers will start breaking in that ass while my tongue pleasures your clit. nice pussy hole-wanna see it cum
  16. said: I can break that in for you, nice
  17. raj said: oh…… very nice lips of ur pussy i want kiss it
  18. Lee said: wow baby u got an ass made 4 bangin’
  19. Lee said: wow can I b da 1st 2 pop dat poop-chute
  20. Ed said: This is fantastic!, so pink and the hair is just perfect
  21. B said: NOM :’) would LOVE to see more!!!. I want people to send me there pics to so i can wank over them!
  22. J R said: suck u lent!!! YUmmmmm
  23. AH said: SWEET!
  24. Mitch said: Can I taste
  25. said: great ass! would love to be the first to pound that ass! email more pics please!
  26. tom said: wod just lov 2 nibble ur cliti wiv ma teef n tung fuck u
  27. said: so want to cum in that ass…x

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ass virgin

Posted on Wednesday May 26

Picture 032.jpg
[Total: 214    Average: 3.5/5]

7 Responses to “ass virgin”

  1. dfdf123 said: i wanna smell your pussy
  2. 211 said: i got eleven inches of rock hard cock 4 that tightazz hit me up if u wnt sum pix
  3. J R said: break that browneye in or let me do it!! nice pic
  4. Lee said: I can’t w8 2 lick that pink and stick that stink
  6. likemspread said: that ass won’t be a virgin for long if you get to close to me
  7. D said: wow – tight fit. have ta start with a little tounge action

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Asian virgin pussy

Posted on Tuesday Feb 16

steven 384.JPG
[Total: 433    Average: 3.7/5]

My sweet virgin pussy

35 Responses to “Asian virgin pussy”

  1. mike said: I wish I could sleep between your legs and suck on those gorgeous lips all night!
  2. Firemanron said: So nice
  3. said: mmmmm mmmm just wanna chew on those flaps email more
  4. jd said: jesus look at those flaps lip smack’em good
  5. Hotrod said: Looks so smooth and soft.could lick that for hours.
  6. revvin said: with a pussy like that i bet the clit’s even tastier
  7. max said: please please call me
  8. twatshot said: meat curtains= loss of virginity x 30 dicks ago
  9. davey said: love ur flaps would suck them all night
  10. chika said: it’s amazing how ignorant some of u guys are, virgins ARE born with meaty lips believe it or not
  11. matt said: mmm i would love to taste that pussy
  12. Ron Burgundy said: did she fly here from asia with those wings?
  13. metaldevil said: i could lick and suck on those for hours
  14. streety said: i like that
  15. S M said: wow I want to stick my dick between those nice lips
  16. daniel said: I would love to suck on those sweet pussy lips wow they’re gorgeous
  17. J R said: id lip lock them lips and never leave home!! this is a 9.9999
  18. ilovepussy said: I would love to lick your sweet pussy
  19. said: damn girl thats freakin sexy… me….mmm damn mouth watering
  20. said: If I am the lucky one, my tongue & mouth needs a good work out first. Very nice lips.10+++
  21. Esteban said: A virgin with leathery meat curtains like that, doubt it sucker.
  22. anna said: girls best friend
  23. Lee said: I wud luv to wrap my tongue around ur virgin flappers
  24. matt said: fucking hell that is a hot pussy
  25. snailfarmer said: yes, that is good.
  26. amaya said: love it bby when u gonna let me lick it
  27. todd said: wanna eat it
  28. sarah said: virgin? O.o i could eat ur pussy and keep my ears warm too.
  29. Horneyone said: Would love to eat then fuck that virgin pussy.
  30. awab said: i don’t mind being the first….
  31. ryan said: so lucky to have beautiful hangers
  32. Luke said: I could nibble them all day and night
  33. tom said: fuckin gawjus cliti wod lov 2 ease my todger in xx
  34. moe said: nice
  35. Paul said: I like to try out my VERGIN tongue on you…….

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I am virgin

Posted on Friday Oct 16

[Total: 244    Average: 4/5]

never been fucked before, can u help me?

22 Responses to “I am virgin”

  1. said: something looks familar. yes – u know and call me! t4bmvscs…..
  2. loveshead said: id love to!
  3. jd said: that’s no virgin don’t bs me
  4. joe said: id fuck it!
  5. jeremy said: where ya from can i help???
  6. 19yovirgin said: please let me pop my cherry while popping yours
  7. likemspread said: let me be the first to pop you cherry while i’m there i’ll take care of your ass to
  8. Matt said: But of course
  9. said: love 2
  10. Ted said: such a beautiful pussy.
  11. bleokee said: nice familiar looking pussy (for some reason)
  12. said: very pretty PLEASE email me I am melting
  13. Lee said: I’ll be right over to pop that cherry
  14. big rick said: i would love 2
  15. Dick said: Try my cock between those lips ( post more )
  16. Girl said: Begging to be licked!
  17. said: I think you might be Fibbing a little, but I still fuck you
  18. said: i will help you what you doing now
  19. Jerry said: I’d hit it! You interested?
  20. said: i heard that one before!!!
  21. Trobber said: Can i open it for u
  22. Glw said: I would love too

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