Amazing lips

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 5


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My lips before being spread apart.

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tight pussy + first anal toy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 5

first anal toy.JPG

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Thanks for the comments to the rest of the “tight pussy” series, would you like to see more?

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“pushing into the pink”.

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 5


Rating: 3.82    (875 votes cast)

I can get about 2/3rds of my stout shaft into her before I reach the bottom.then I REALLY bury it in……

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Black pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 5


Rating: 3    (972 votes cast)

Lick it

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44 Year Old Wife’s Pretty Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 3


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wife’s ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 3


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  1. said: I’d loved to tap the north and south pole.
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being naughty

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 3


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  1. saturn fan said: id make you my slampiece
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My naughty wife!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 1


Rating: 3.45    (1437 votes cast)

She gets real naughty after a few drinks!

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I need a hard cocks in my holes

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 1


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I like nasty comment i like picture tributes vote comment send me pics of you

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My Wife

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 1


Rating: 3.47    (1513 votes cast)

My Wife’s pussy

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