my virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 30

[Total: 1041    Average: 3.5/5]

do i look tight?

  1. Just looking ✌ said: Doesn’t look tight just Normal so that’s my say :-)
  2. ken said: you look so delicious and tight would love my cock in there
  3. said: Wow!! Email more
  4. Julie said: how about we get together i could pop your cherry and show you a real woman,s love
  5. said: tasty
  6. dawsonboyloc24@yahoo. com said: damn igot a big dick can i b your first at least trade sum pic before u loss dat hymen damn u have sexy ass pussy by the way i e
  7. said: yes wow can i be the first
  8. said: nice
  9. said: :)
  10. said: Let me lick it
  11. said: looks very tight can i have it let me know inbox me more
  12. said: It looks used and abused
  13. said: Looks sweet.
  14. said: I will spread those with my tounge
  15. mike said: not even close to a virgin
  16. 3604518006 said: i would love to lick your pussy intill you squirt all over my face and in my mouth then fuck you with my thick cock
  17. 3604518006 said: yes you look real tight and good.your virgin pussy has my cock so hard its throbbing for u
  18. Swallow it said: Yummy
  19. meaty pink flaps said: no u dont
  20. badbehavior said: yes, but I doubt u r a virgin
  21. said: yes you do! would love to fuck that tight little pussy!
  22. dd.eddie said: Actually in this picture.. no… pan further out so we have more view points to compare..
  23. said: I wish i could find out

my wifes pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 30

IMAG0432 (Large).jpg
[Total: 928    Average: 2.8/5]
  1. Gloverboy6 said: What is wrong with that pussy?
  2. dave said: thats not a pussy. has to be a post op tranny
  3. luv2licit said: what the fuck is it, give us a better pic to see
  4. jeff said: with a pussy like that you can sleep well,nobody whant to fuck her !
  5. said: very cute
  6. Botched-OP said: maybe the surgeon hadn’t ever seen a vulva before
  7. Botched-OP said: Add a few flaps of skin here and we’ll call that her labia minora and then theres a hole so thays her vagina? good job doc..
  8. James said: Loose some weight so we can see that pussy
  9. Weird said: 5.7 rating? This has got to be the most overrated “pussy” I’ve seen,more like a 0.7.
  10. Mr. Diggler said: If she was born that way, that sucks! Weirdest pussy I’ve ever seen.
  11. Daniel said: wtf?
  12. Victarion said: LOL @ Long’s comment! Definitely gotta be the weirdest vagina i’ve seen.
  13. Gouch Guzzler said: looks like a piece is missing
  14. EJ said: That is a fat woman’s pussy….
  15. me,me said: very odd can we have a closer look
  16. Long'nThickCock said: Kinda looks like a Star Trek insignia…. I pledge aliegence to the Federation
  17. tucker said: I like that pussy looks nice and tight to me like a little girls pussy
  18. Tim said: It looks like half is missing….
  19. Kevin Bacon said: if i had to guess what a sex change looked like that’d be what i’d guess… look at the hands on the panties rather manly
  20. meaty pink flaps said: photo shopped
  21. Victarion said: Hm… that’s a strange looking snizz. Very tiny. Is that like a post-op tranny or something?
  22. Lisa said: Where?
  23. Really said: Looks like a post op bloke to me
  24. greg said: very nice
  25. josh said: WTF
  26. me 2 said: looks tasty!!!!!
  27. Browser said: That’s the strangest looking pussy I’ve ever seen!?!?!?!!
  28. gotcha said: There should be a weight limit on these posts.
  29. mike said: I’ve seen a lot, but never one like that.
  30. 3604518006 said: looks kinda funky though
  31. 3604518006 said: mmmm yummy my cock is hard
  32. Haha said: Lmao @ Buzzcut
  33. Swallow it said: Tasty
  34. badbehavior said: nnnnooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. BUZZCUT said: Whats that?

sexy wife self pic

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 29

154  Jessica 7-23-2012.jpg
[Total: 2026    Average: 4.3/5]

What do u think of my wife’s body..getting undressed to fuck ….please rate her

  1. Bulletman said: Nice ink with cute body!
  2. said: drop dead gorgeous , love to taste you cum
  3. lex said: so hot love your tits
  4. jack said: would finger you so hard !!
  5. haha said: is that panda amanda? cant remember that tattoos….tits look good but i liked originals more
  6. Mini Meat said: love to try and fill that!!
  7. said: Your Delicious girl..
  8. 8cut said: fantastic, I love groin tats an belly rings that dangle in doggie…thick nips & lips, u r hot
  9. said: very nice
  10. flipfioplover said: Love the tats and want to eat her beautiful pussy
  11. said: amazing body 10+
  12. said: Great :) love to hear from you
  13. Josh said: I want to breed her
  14. Swallow it said: Sara can I join u2
  15. sara said: can my hubby and i join ya? ;-)
  16. love pussy said: i have plenty more really good ones but some reason size limit restrictions wont let me
  17. perv@52 said: she is hot… lucky man
  18. T said: I’d like to see a landing strip on that snatch
  19. g said: still smoking hot pussy makes me hard love to taste it
  20. said: You are just so Hot.. damn…
  21. badbehavior said: Score!
  22. me,me said: show more of the pussy and ass
  23. dd.eddie said: holy f##k this body is smokin! That is a naughty i would eat all day! :D
  24. said: What a fine body! You are a lucky guy!
  25. Cameron said: No tattoos
  26. said: wow, that is the body of a lumber jack, she makes a lot of wood
  27. said: what a body!!! would love to see more of her!!!
  28. WydenLong said: Okay…well what took so long to post it?!? LoL
  29. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: She’s a dime. I would love to see more views of her sexy & sensual body!! Your a lucky fella!!
  30. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: Damn!! I will pour my entire bottle of Lafite on your body & place my lips everywhere it flows.
  31. jeff said: U lucky guy she is a fox
  32. said: your hot.. love the tattoo. great pussy… yummy
  33. doc said: ur a lucky man,get her fucked
  34. The fling said: I recognize that Tat!
  35. paul said: Hot!!
  36. said: Nice tits and I love the shaved pussy!! 10 from me!!
  37. Hot love said: Im in love can i lick an suck
  38. Venom said: Wow….that’s a 10 for sure eat that all day everyday!
  39. said: You better thank your lucky stars!
  40. said: would love to see that pussy full of cum!
  41. fgufbdtub said: very sexy.
  42. Mark said: Would love to part those pussy lips with my tongue
  43. g said: lovely pussy like to lick her out then fuck her while hubby watches
  44. Victarion said: Unbelievable set of tits. All around sexy body, definitely a 10.
  45. suckmeoff said: mmmmm i want have my why with you ;-)
  46. logan said: i would love to lick your wet n wild pussy and stick my big ass dick in
  47. love pussy said: nope i havent posted this picture before..
  48. Swallow it said: Love to eat it all day long
  49. Onetongueslow said: Not a fan of the tatoos but the rest looks yummy. Would love to slide my tongue up inside that beautiful slit!
  50. said: She’s gorgeous
  51. WydenLong said: Very nice! Haven’t you posted that b4?
  52. thickdickloving said: She must be young. That’s a beautiful body. I would keep dick in her.
  53. Girls girl said: I would put on a platter and eat that pussy up.
  54. Swallow it said: 10 yummy
  55. leon said: wut a great body,tits and pussy. love to stick my tongue and big cock in that clean shaven pussy and creampie the hell outta it
  56. Assfan69 said: Wish it was to fuck me!I love chasing stars!Everything is just right sweety!!10 all day!
  57. brian said: i love your curves. id tear you apart baby
  58. said: lucky tattooist
  59. said: beautiful body! 10 of 10,would love to see more!
  60. waylon said: see my ass and dick
  61. dylan said: see my dick

The wife’s pussy we wanted to share with everyone

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 29

[Total: 1189    Average: 4.1/5]

It tastes so good

  1. Pussman said: Would like to slide into that!!
  2. k said: Beautiful & sexy. Could she spread it herself?
  3. grunt said: I would eat it like Kentucky Fried Chicken
  4. said: Thanks so much for sharing very lovely.
  5. licker said: imagine sticking your tounge in that sweet pussie and making her come best place in the world
  6. said: thanks looks good too
  7. Lusty J said: Nice bum and two very attractive holes …
  8. horny lion said: Thanks for sharing very nice
  9. ACE said: Great looking pussy & an awesome asshole!! Both look amazingly tasty. Plz post more of her sexy holes!
  10. said: Beautiful! Room for two?
  11. Josh said: Ill fuck u
  12. badbehavior said: be a little more selfish next time
  13. Android said: next time have her spread it man hands lowers ratings
  14. eardman said: Thank you for sharing YUM YUM YUM
  15. Julie said: Finger licking good
  16. said: i would love to fill that ass with my big dick
  17. WydenLong said: I would quit wasting time!
  18. Swallow it said: Yummy
  19. leon said: nice pussy and ass. would fuck them both with my big cock just like that

shy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 28

[Total: 1755    Average: 4.4/5]

what do you think of my shy pussy

  1. said: beautiful, i want to lick it
  2. Ed said: I love your pussy and I love the protruding lips.
  3. said: Mandi kucing yuk……..
  4. asslicker said: mm so yummee i wana eat that puss for the whole life
  5. said: I love your pussy.. its so Hot. damn i want to suck your clit. your beautiful.
  6. jeff said: huuummmmm i like it !!!
  7. said: Would like to see more,email is legit if u wanna trade
  8. said: looks good and juicy
  9. Deon said: Looks good and juicy!
  10. mTH said: Fucking great
  11. Hard marine said: Looks cold
  12. said: Looks delicious!! (and kind of familiar) ??
  13. said: dont be shy its sexy
  14. lemme eat it said: yumm yumms
  15. said: wow
  16. said: Your perfect. i want to taste you.. it looks so good..
  17. said: awesome, would LOVE to stuff it full of special cream, perfectly shaved as well…. is that blonde hair I see? F*ckin’ HOT
  18. said: Shaven and ready to lick!!! Beautiful!! 10!! More please to
  19. said: Awesome looking. your a 10.. its perfect… :) It looks delicious..
  20. Assfan69 said: No need to be shy!!!It’s puurrrfect!If your in Ct I could help it overcum the shyness!!10 +!!!!!!!
  21. me,me said: its in need of a shave and a good licking
  22. me,me said: its a bit to shy lets see it spred wide
  23. Gloverboy6 said: Very sexy baby, you should spread it for us
  24. Swallow it said: Nice
  25. said: sexy sexy sexy
  26. stiffler said: dont be shy open that beauty up and show me that pretty pussy.
  27. Biff said: You need to open up
  28. dicky said: awesome
  29. Borat said: I want to put my cock inside your pussy and want to fill you with sperm
  30. 3604518006 said: i would love to lick ur shy pussy intill you squirt all over my face and in my mouth then make u cum with my thick cock
  31. andrew said: i think i wanna eat it
  32. said: Gorgeous pussy
  33. said: Gorgeous. I love your goosebumps
  34. Mike said: So pretty!
  35. Long'nThickCock said: Oh fuck!!! I want!!
  36. harry callahan said: very nice,best of the the week (10)
  37. bill said: that is one lickable pussy
  38. logan said: lovely …. i wish i could fuck you wet
  39. said: i wanna lick and suck that beautiful pussy
  40. sancho said: here kitty! kitty! kitty!
  41. said: Perfect !!!
  42. SG said: Cute
  43. Pee boy said: More than a 10♥♥♥
  44. said: Pretty pussy baby
  45. Browser said: Very lovely…looks tasty!
  46. said: lovely , more more more
  47. Damon said: Very nice and smooth :*
  48. leon said: beautiful need to be a shy pussy my cock will be gentle at first
  49. ACE said: Beautiful. Would love to taste U!
  50. badbehavior said: i think I need to use my tongue to spread those lips apart so I can tongue fuck u to orgasm
  51. boobman 2 said: stunning a 10 for me
  52. said: sexy as f**k love it ………………..

My pussy and ass hole!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 28

[Total: 1519    Average: 3.9/5]

Who would fuck my gaping ass hole and fill with cum?!

  1. Conor Butler said: I’d fuck both holes and leave both of them with loads of hot cum spilling out of them
  2. javier said: WHO WANTS 2 FUCK MY ASS
  3. said: I would. very nice craters! WOW!
  4. Alisha said: Swallow it haha come get me ;)
  5. said: i would fill it with cum till my balls dried up!!! would love to see more in my inbox if you would like a tribute.
  6. said: pls add me
  7. kylan said: i love your body! that puss
  8. asstastic said: perfect little gape. would tongue fuck it all night long!!
  9. said: any time, any where ;)
  10. Jacob said: I would bust a nut in the pussy first, then ur ass
  11. Jacob said: Very much so.. I wouldn’t mind at all!
  12. mike said: I would as long as you suck it hard after i finish filling it…
  13. said: I’d like to really make you asshole gape open.. Love to drain my balls into your butt. Email more
  14. Swallow it said: Alisha I’d lick u2
  15. me,me said: oh yes please
  16. Alisha said: Great position to lick ;)
  17. Swallow it said: Mmm me please
  18. Long'nThickCock said: I’ll put a load of cum in your baby maker
  19. luckylic said: the tube of lube on your back; sweet:-) Let me slide right in Babygirl:-)
  20. Otis said: Can it get much better? She even has the lube waiting….
  21. said: I would love to see some pictures in private
  22. said: Hott!! I’d love to gape that hott ass!! Sign me up!:)
  23. Browser said: That’s like asking if we want free beer!!!
  24. said: yes,,,yes i would love to cum in ur asshole,,and make it more gaped
  25. leon said: looks like my big cock alrady fuck that great ass and filled it up want seconds
  26. horny lion said: My type of girl just love anal sex with women
  27. cheryl said: I would dearly love to lick that pussy and put my tongue in that arsehole x
  28. Tdigg80@gmail said: I sure will message me
  29. thickdickloving said: You should be proud of that ass and pussy! They’re beautiful. I would love to fuck you.
  30. 4172934140 said: love to! awesome asshole!!
  31. mark said: first i would tongue fuckit to loosen and fill with spit
  32. said: I would lick it, stick it, and lick it some more, anytime you are ready
  33. ACE said: I’d love to fill ur inviting asshole several times with my HOT cum! Plz post a clearer close up ;)
  34. said: Your taint is beautiful.
  35. SG said: I’d suck and finger fuck that sexy pussy first. Then I’d rail that ass ’till i filled it with cum.
  36. simply_thick said: Meeee!!!!!

sexy natural wife

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 28

[Total: 1191    Average: 3.8/5]

my shy wife letting me post some pics! More to come!

  1. horny lion said: A real woman
  2. said: My goodness! Very gorgous. I’m speechless!
  3. rj said: i bet she is a squirter would love to find out
  4. flipfioplover said: Her tits and pussy iook delicious make my mouth water.
  5. J R said: shes awesome for sure! kinda vintage n still looken good! luv to give that a good licken end to end! post again ;)
  6. me said: theres a towel because she was about to cum, duh
  7. mike said: Nice body perfect tits! show us the asshole!
  8. said: Great body!! She should be proud!! Love to see more at
  9. Girls girl said: That pussy is ripe and ready for sucking…mmm
  10. said: I love meaty sloppy pussu.
  11. me,me said: wow thats very very nice
  12. billy said: perfect more please
  13. Swallow it said: Nice
  14. said: Soo damn hot bby. Can I have a taste of your sexy looking pussy?
  15. tbucket said: That pussy always gets me hard!
  16. said: why is there a green towel under her pussy?
  17. said: i so wanna fill that pussy with a load of hot cum
  18. Pee boy said: Want to see your wife pee!!
  19. Rob said: Hot hot hot
  20. Jefro said: Wow. I came twice imagining my face between those legs
  21. said: horny as £^{&
  22. kaiser said: How long has her pussy hair been growing out?
  23. me 2 said: TASTY!!!!¡!!!
  24. said: very nice, making me hungry.
  25. dd.eddie said: She’s just YUMMY! cant wait to see more! Baby oiled perhaps??
  26. SG said: Very sexy.

my pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 27

[Total: 1236    Average: 3.1/5]

what do you guys think?? I NEED TO KNOW! ;)

  1. said: I want to suck each sweet lips till you squirt in my mouth
  2. said: stunning lips x
  3. kylan said: those lips are awsome!
  4. Db said: Very nice, slurp slurp
  5. O. Bama said: Beautiful wet cunt…
  6. said: Give us a kiss
  7. said: i woul love to blow my massive load deep inside ur sweet cunt
  8. Peeboy said: Cut your inner labila, than a 7 P
  9. Jo said: love the big lips
  10. said: I would lick it, stick it, and lick it some more, anytime you are ready
  11. jeegee said: Lovely lips, can take or leave piercings,
  12. said: I would love to see more of that sweetness the things id do maybe we could swap
  13. SG said: Amazing. I’d love to suck on thoes lips.
  14. dd.eddie said: Juicy and yummy! a 10+ is those are only your juices!
  15. S17u said: I see the snail too the piercing is the eyes. Lol
  16. said: i wod lov to see sum of ur kum ousing owt of ur pusi ?
  17. Hot love said: love to lick an suck yr pussy i want my 10 in yr hot sexy pussy
  18. WydenLong said: Reading Rainbow song comes to mind! ;)
  19. lexx said: Nice!!
  20. harry callahan said: very nice snatch lose the bar bail
  21. said: luv those lips and the steel
  22. Jack Offalot said: Somehow reminds me of a snail
  23. said: would love to wake up to that
  24. 3604518006 said: very nice i would love to eat your pussy and ass then slam my hard thick cock deep n ur pussy
  26. gyno docter said: I have seen alot of vag in my field an that is a lovely one of a kind!
  27. said: Awesome girl.. :)
  28. said: looks like she is still on her period… yuck…
  29. said: would love to bury my tongue in that beautiful pussy until you cum all over my face then fuck you anyway possible! 10 of 10!!
  30. Looker said: Beautiful butterfly!!!! Very nice would love to play with those wings!!!!!
  31. said: what i think is i need to see more of that and get my tongue between those beautiful lips
  32. said: very nice would luv to see it in person
  33. said: MMMMMMM nice
  34. joegee1974@yahoo. said: sweet looks like a flower.
  35. Seth said: Eeeek , the piercings make it scary and ugly
  36. Jerremy said: Looking good baby . Love those big lips
  37. 4172934140 said: OMG! That is absolutely amazing!! i wanna taste that pussy!!
  38. Tripp said: I think those lips need sucked on while my nose tickles your clit.
  39. lovethepussy said: I think that I need to taste it!!!!!
  40. joey said: love to shove my tongue in there
  41. ttt said: get rid of the piercing everything else is perfect
  42. mike said: Doesn’t look al that good. I’m not a meat curtin man though.
  43. Swallow it said: Not bad

shaved pussy open

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 27

[Total: 920    Average: 3.1/5]
  1. said: yummy
  2. Kevin said: Would like to fill that gap
  3. Kevin said: Hi I’d love to taste your ass!!
  4. SG said: Looks tiny and tight. I’d love to watch my cock stretch you out.
  5. John said: I love how small your innerlips are!! would fuck the shit out of your pussy!!!
  6. said: You hold it and i’ll suck it then fuck it…:)
  7. said: beautiful pussy! would love to lick,suck and fuck you!
  8. 4172934140 said: love the little pussy juice trail leaking out!!
  9. Chuck said: nice
  10. Swallow it said: Let me taste

my ass in your face

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 27

[Total: 1008    Average: 3.9/5]

fock my ass then cum in pussy

  1. said: awsome!!!!
  2. sr said: the bigger the better, shazam
  3. russie pit said: lol jy was nogi raak genaai ni 23B14A0B
  4. horny lion said: Love it baby
  5. said: It looks very yummy.
  6. jack said: perfect 10…..
  7. said: Yes I would fuck you hard then come in your face while you suck my cock would you like that !!!!!
  8. stiffler said: your a dirty girl:-) :-) :-)
  9. horny lion said: Perfect you are a 10 thanks for the posting
  10. THAT ONE GUY said: any girl that likes anal is my kinda girl. keep posting :)
  11. Pussyslayer said: I have you all Satisfied looking for more
  12. SG said: I’d rather fuck your pussy then cum in your ass.
  13. me,me said: ok hold still can the wife lick it clean after
  14. suckmeoff said: veah its a nice twot
  15. Hot love said: 0 baby love to fill yr pussy and asshole w cum an suck it ovt
  16. said: Lovely ass me and my wife would love to see some private pictures
  17. mike said: Fill both holes with nut butter!
  18. 3604518006 said: would love to stick my nose in your ass as i lick ur pussy as you grind ur ass and pussy all over my face
  19. 3604518006 said: would love to my cock is so hard
  20. bill said: why don’t you sit that ass on my face
  21. said: Awesome, i love a bad girl..;)
  22. said: gladly, when and where
  23. . said: Sound like a god way to get an infection.
  24. 4172934140 said: gladly!
  25. Swallow it said: Mmm anytime

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