Sexy Accountant Slut

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27

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Fancy making a deposit in my tight pussy and ass? More comments, more pics…

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My horny wet pussy that needs a cock

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27


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Tell me what you want to put in it

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Wife Ready For A Good Pounding!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27


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Stick it in my ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27


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Love it in the ass!!!

  1. Mary35 said: great thinking Janet C ,what a great plan of attack
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as requested spread and filled

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27

pic 4.jpg

Rating: 3.59    (969 votes cast)

u guys asked for a close up here it is… tell me what u think

  1. said: I would love to see more of you in my emails, how’s that for a request ;) lets trade pussy for cock ;)
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Baby got back?

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 27


Rating: 3.96    (981 votes cast)

Now, who’s next in line? Love the comments! ;)

  1. Big Booty Lover said: I’d love to dp you.
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Wet and ready

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 26


Rating: 3.79    (917 votes cast)

Spreading wide to look inside…

  1. Dude! said: I think I’d need a bigger dick for this pussy.
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  3. said: so close i could smell it.
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ready to fuck

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 26


Rating: 3.72    (853 votes cast)

want to see more just let me know

  1. mr s said: you should pull ur foot up to ur pussy and have some one cum on ur foot and cookie take a pic and pst it
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  25. ACE said: I sure do Doll. Show the whole package.

A sexy Accountant’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 26

026 (3).JPG

Rating: 3.25    (764 votes cast)

Most people think we accountants are boring but i have a wild side…i’m a horny slut! Anyone fancy making a deposit?

  1. Bulletman said: Absolutely! I’m in the same line of work, and I’m not boring either!!
  2. said: hell i would fuck it till it bleed sy
  3. THAT ONE GUY said: You have a very fuckable body.
  4. dd.eddie said: Yes i will deposit, and not even think about an early withdrawal until i balance your input and output holes
  5. 07785963304 said: can my wife lick u clean after? x
  6. said: id make a big deposit
  7. Clitlickingslave said: Ive always known ur wildside u called 4 an electrician 2 fix the outlet under ur desk once trapped there i had 2 lick my way out
  8. X-Man said: I’d like to cum and make a deposit in your a-cunt!
  9. circumaid said: I’d love to, but sex is like a bank account, I always lose interest after a withdrawel!!
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  15. Kasanova.RN2@Gmail.Com said: I would Luv to see a view showing your assests!! I have frequent flyer miles & will travel to place my kisses all over your…..
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milf pussy ready for action

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 26


Rating: 3.64    (917 votes cast)

milf wifes pussy ready for me and your comments

  1. said: your chunky legs surrounding your vertical smile,mmm,mmm good. You look hot.
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