Ready to Go

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 25

Ready To Go.jpg
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  1. said: Such a cute pussy… tasty
  2. mike said: Great Pic! Love the swollen puss, would love to take that to pound town all night :)
  3. MDJeep said: HOT! HOT! HOT! more please!!!
  4. Shawn said: The bigger the lips the better the fuck
  5. said: Mmmmmm I’m ready to fuck u email more
  6. said: I find you to be oh so sexy, , enjoy the pose the outfit everything, mmm
  7. said: Nice soft delicate pussy.. What a joy to 69 you must be
  8. said: nice pls post more
  9. jay said: looks more like your ready to cumm let me know i will help you out.
  10. said: Can i bite it??? :) just delicious..
  11. X-Man said: Love panties pulled aside shots – just how I like to fuck. Exposed tits would make it a 10.
  12. mark said: sexy as hell hottest pic ive seen yet
  13. kevin said: now that is a big swollen pussy
  14. Jbob said: Purrty
  15. said: I wish to fuck your big pussy and stick my finger in your ass
  16. said: Mmmm looks like dinner, I’d eat that day & night

ex-gf juicy gina

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 25

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my ex’s pussy after a night of sex

  1. Pussylover said: Would eat that for sure. Would like to wake you up with me eating and tongue fucking that nice looking pussy.
  2. Neg said: MMMM…. thats must taste and smell insanely sexy! SO much of hard for you right now!!!
  3. said: nice clam love the lips flopping over;) love to see that pussy covered in spunk
  4. Deutscher said: Looks like a carcrash
  5. SaskSteve said: Love the natural sweet hairy pussy. Thanks for sharing your meaty sweet lips.
  6. J said: That looks like its been beat up but still would slide in it as is
  7. timex said: i love it i say 10

oops no panties

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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my skirt rode up and i fogot my panties

  1. hoselover said: hot!! do u wear pantyhose without panties too? pantyhose without panties is very hot!!
  2. Hard for You said: Oops, I stuffed my cock up your pantyless pussy!
  3. thickdickloving said: Love a sexy bitch that doesn’t wear panties. Easy access!
  4. said: Hell yeah like to cum up in there
  5. Johnnyonthespot said: Looks like u also forgot to turn off the camera
  6. Dick Willing said: Very Nice
  7. said: gorgeous pussy babe, wld love to get my mouth round those lips.
  8. said: im so glad u decided to take them off. i just want to taste u
  9. oral fix said: how about you get up close with the camera. lets see those wet lips spread open
  10. said: well you are a naughty girl x nice pussy y hide it in pants
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Tight Stretch

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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Getting nicely stretched by my boy!!!

  1. Bobby said: I would eat the cum out of that pussy
  2. said: Well if your ever looking for another boy toy look me up.
  3. badbehavior said: I stand corrected never hurts to have more than one toy
  4. rj said: nice cock ride gota fill good for both
  5. niceNtight said: Well Johnny, he is not my “Boyfriend” He is my “Boy Toy” with a big thick cock! But thank u boys for your comments XXX
  6. Johnnyonthespot said: I’m assuming u meant “boyfriend”. I’ve got a man sized dick if u want to be really stretched. But good pic and sexy cunt.
  7. andy1520 said: amazing x
  8. said: nice ;)
  9. said: Awesome pic email more

nice N tight 6

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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mmmmm Just made myself cum, rubbing my swollen clit! anyone want a taste?

  1. S said: I want to taste
  2. said: ill eat til u r too u r too tender,to move
  3. Bobby said: I woul love to lick the jizz out of your pussy
  4. said: Amazing pic ;)
  5. said: Looks good enuff, yum
  6. Bossdawg said: I Do I Do
  7. said: id eat you for hours… please email more!!
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  9. said: if i lick your clit will u suck my cock in positiom
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  12. Hot love said: Love to tounge yr tight pussy 10 baby
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another spred

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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Like my juicy lips

  1. S said: Love them want to lick them
  2. Phillip said: Sweet lookin’ pussy baby..
  3. cumdeepinside87 said: great pussy, wanna swap some pics?
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  9. JG said: Beautiful…Absolutely Beautiful!!!
  10. stiffler said: just love the pussy and what do you know no dick in the pic.
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  13. llcoolcal said: Id eat it !
  14. said: So nice love those lips
  15. said: Looks like its be cream filled already
  16. John Holmes Ghost said: Yes. Could bury my face in that x
  17. BigU said: has some mileage on it — but I would still hit it
  18. said: Looks a bit like my x wife n yes I do like very much. Use my email plz
  19. Hot loue said: Love to lick it
  20. Jbob said: Yes ma’am
  21. ian said: LOOKS FULL OF FLAVOUR
  22. said: you are a 10. just perfect… i think i love you.. :)
  23. jay said: god dam nice spred baby would lvoe to suck on that then fuck it till your black and blue
  24. badbehavior said: no
  25. said: Can i get a lick & a stick? Please
  26. zach said: love that!!! i wanna lick and then fuck the hell out of that!
  27. J said: Damn that’s some juicy lips. I want it

My wet Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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Here is a picture of my wet pussy when I was playing with myself waiting to get fucked hard. Do you like???

  1. Bren said: I would love to lick that luscious pussy you look so good xx
  2. said: I’m sorry you were wanting to get fucked hard, I hope you succeded
  3. MDJeep said: 10 from me! Lovely!
  4. S said: I love it want to see more
  5. Hard for You said: Yes, I like your pussy, very sexy! The only thing it lacks is my cock inside it. I’d be very willing to help you solve that!
  6. kj said: love to burry my face in that, so would my wife, email us all4u2taste@yahoo we can xchange some pics
  7. Devon said: Goober- they are 5 1/2″ High heels. The part missing is that I was also tied up with my hands tied to my legs.
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  9. said: Cheeky pussy. Xxx
  10. said: nice x
  11. said: Wow amazing would love to lick up ur juices email more
  12. Jilliana said: Nice do yo do girls?
  13. wetmaker said: after a 12 pack,shit make it a 6 pack
  14. said: I wanna see them high heels… They look sexy… I would fuck u all night long
  15. llcoolcal said: easy 10!
  16. bill said: i like
  17. X-Man said: Meaty thighs, meaty pussy.And she splayed her lips for a look inside. 7.
  18. Big-turo said: Hell yea, would luv to see 1 in doggie style, I can just imagine that sexy phat ass bouncing on my cock
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  25. badbehavior said: no
  26. zach said: i love thick girls!!! wanna get up in that ass too!!!

hot wifes pussy 3

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

OIR_resizer (1).jpg
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just spreding this so i can eat this tasty pussy

  1. ryan said: Lucky husband great shot.
  2. said: Seriously justabout perfect
  3. said: stunning pussyx both holes are well worth a suck or two x
  4. said: Sensational would like her sitting on my face email more
  5. Dreamer said: Yummy!!! Dinner is served.
  6. jgb said: Beautiful!
  7. SBC said: Looks Very good. Wet n tasty
  8. wetmaker said: nice peice
  9. X-Man said: is it ‘How many fingers can I fit in my pussy….?’
  10. Ding Dong said: I’d fuck that whilst you held her open…….
  11. said: Congrats guy that looks so good
  12. Jbob said: Thats a nice one there
  13. TruRed said: another nice lil pussy id like to lick
  14. Hot love said: can i lick your hot pussy and ass it a 10 baby
  15. said: your lucky.. look how delicious she is..
  16. jay said: nice pussy but dam that asshole looks tight.

my wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

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My wife using her toy

  1. kinkykeenan said: loving the pic let me lick u out
  2. said: y use that toy ive a rock hard cock she can use if you lick
  3. Hot love said: Fill yr pussy with my big cock
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  5. JillianaNice said: Get some real cock sweetheart toys are only fun for a short time
  6. Hot love said: its ok baby ill b your toy
  7. said: i love a women who can please herself that turns me on
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  10. wetmaker said: she”s lookin good from her knees down
  11. X-Man said: Look at the spare toys on the bedside table in case she loses them up her pussy. That’s one big pussy…..
  12. Ding Dong said: Pass.
  13. ian said: she’s quite hot for a 70 year old, i would! ;-)
  14. jay said: i just threw up in my mouth alittle. no more please no more
  15. badbehavior said: poor toy

Wife’s Pussy Cell pic

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 24

Denise being bad Crop.jpg
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My wife sent this pic to me while I was at work.

  1. ken said: wud love to lick and fuck your beautiful fanny
  2. said: did you pull a sicky and get your ass home to drill that hot cunt ??
  3. said: Wow wee I’d like to nibble on ur lips and stick my tongue deep in ur ass email more
  4. Hot love said: Wnt me to lick yr pussy and ass
  5. SBC said: Nice pink blondie pussy love it
  6. wetmaker said: i (jody) took the pic of her for u & yes u r welcome
  7. llcoolcal said: easy 10!
  8. X-Man said: That pussy is saying “Get back to work”. Not sure I’d be rushing home to that.
  9. Love curves said: Beautiful.
  10. TruRed said: id suck on it while my husband fucks me from behind
  11. said: i hope you left work and went and had some of that beautiful pussy.. yum yum..

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