Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 18

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tell me what you think :)

  1. site see er said: I would suck fuck and lick everything
  2. therightguy said: i’ve fucked this girl countless times and everytime i cum harder and harder
  3. said: Man that’s gorgeous
  4. Hard for You said: I will 69 with you anytime. My only request is that I get to cum deep in your pussy at the end.
  5. said: looks good enough to eat i wanna see more
  6. Jake said: Fuckin A look at those goods!!!! Yes Please!!!
  7. Mr.BigDick said: I could spend hours sucking those meaty lips and licking on that asshole… Num num num num!!! (-:
  8. Jasper said: I think I wanna be your vibrator
  9. pussyfuck said: your cunt needs my throbbing cock
  10. hunter said: wakey wakey lips on snakey lol
  11. J R said: i think your assist in holding that toy then replace it with the real deal? ;) 10
  12. said: I wod lov to sniff ur cunt !!!!!!
  13. Jay said: Puckered little lips :) beautiful! Post more lilsexy69 :)
  14. Ben Dover said: Oh the things I would luv to do to you. what a perfect pose baby… 10 from me forsure.
  15. dave said: Damn, seeing those knickers rolled down is hot.
  16. KMD said: shit head down ass up!!!! thats the way i like to fuck
  17. said: I think you need a British soldier to help u out x x
  18. said: Would love to suck your lips into my mouth and tongue fuck your pussy then move up to your ass and tongue fuck it!
  19. Lickit said: Love to 69 with u and shot my cum in ur mouth
  20. Lickit said: I want pump my hard cock deep inside ur wet cunt
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  22. 4172934140 said: amazing asshole!!
  23. Jw said: So fucking hot!!!!!
  24. said: just so nice x love your lips x could chew in them as u suck ny cock
  25. said: I think that should be my cock instead of that toy
  26. said: Super sexy I wanna eat u from behind just like that

Wet spot

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 18

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What would you do with this

  1. The Bandit said: Love the dark lips
  2. Want You said: Fuck, fuck, fuck it. And after I have shot all the cum that i have, I’d fuck it. Georgeous!
  3. said: nice nails
  4. said: I would stick my tongue in first and then i will stuff your hot wet cunt with my hard cock.
  5. Hard for You said: Make it more wet!
  6. hunter said: you make it hard now take it hard hehe
  7. J R said: thats worked up alot of sweat over the years..hold that position while i lick you into submission for starters? ;) 10
  8. Jay said: Love your lips ;) bend over and show me your ass too :)
  9. 07785963304 said: Id fuck u them my wife wants licku clean
  10. Kylan said: Love the dark lil
  11. riro said: I would make it hurt after 5 hrs of non stop fucking.
  12. Davo said: I just lost a load 10/10
  13. said: Lick you from your pussy to your ass then slide my cock in and give you a hot load of cum!
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  15. Lickit said: Make u cum with tongue then get u to suck my cock fill ur mouth hot cum and then fuck u ragged
  17. said: First I’d kiss. And taste it the. If it taste as good as it looks I’d ask to ffuck that sexy pussy
  18. 4172934140 said: tongue fuck it and go balls deep with my cock
  19. said: next
  20. said: suck it fuck it then clean u up slap your ass and send u on your way :)
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  22. HELLBILLY said: Yum
  23. said: Lick the clit, lick your asshole, suck on the lips!! Then it’s time to fuck!!

sleepy footjob

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 18

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Love her sexy feet…

  1. triggs88 said: I’d suck the cum off her toes!
  2. said: Piggy in a blanket!
  3. poster said: To answer your questions – yes, I definitely fuck her while she sleeps! She loves it.
  4. site see er said: a big pussy needs a big dick. cute feet I bet she has a tight little pussy
  5. PHX said: my dick isn’t giant but a lot bigger then that vienna sausage
  6. Myself said: those are some fat feet,small dirty needle dick.
  7. whatsup said: wow thats great idea
  8. ODB said: I feel sorry for you. What a weener. Fuck you must crave a big cock?
  9. darren said: haha its funny how the owner of this tiny dick is getting angry with kenny, you probly both have maggot dicks haha
  10. Theresa said: mmm would love to lick your cocks head, looks tasty a cute.
  11. Biker Gil said: Sexy Feet Sexy Toes ….My beer can cock is rock HARD !!
  12. flipfioplover said: Awesome toes
  13. KMD said: thats not a small dick …just real big feet…little dick…funny
  14. @Yeah said: That’s a tiny dick alright.
  15. Yeah said: @@ Kenny maybe you just want one in your mouth!!! At least he is getting some action. More than you!!!!!!!
  16. Clit licker said: HOPE YOU WASHED YOUR FEET
  17. said: That rating is way too low!! Lets trade wife pics ! ;)-
  18. said: nice
  19. said: Need to put a man’s cock between those feet.
  20. said: That’s a sexy picture !!
  21. said: Pretty toes/feet drop a load on yhem.

Cum on her belly

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 18

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Some holyday fun

  1. link ying go said: I would love to meet her. where ya from
  2. said: Quality money-shot on tight belly!
  3. DA GUVNOR said: had 2 wank off 2 her
  4. rj said: im not even gay and id lick up that cum!
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  6. skinny said: Looks like she has a lovely dark meaty pussy. Show your meaty cunt & asshole plzzzzz. Great body :)
  7. Markus said: Great Picture. Thnx for this inspiration. ;)
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  10. Want You said: Incredible mons, one of the best pussies I’ve ever seen! Perfect for fucking non-stop, which I will be doing in my dreams! Thnx
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  12. ODB said: Nice shot (literally) and GREAT body. Yum.
  13. said: sexy girl
  14. Hard for You said: Great tits! With a beautiful pussy like that my cock wouldn’t be shooting cum anywhere but inside it! I want you bad!!!
  15. J R said: GREAT job! 10 well again something..;)
  16. said: LOVE THE BUSH!!!
  17. dd.eddie said: Maybe a religion i’m very interested in! a holyday
  18. boobsorbust said: Love the patch, sexy areolas. I’d be bustin’ nuts for her too.
  19. Clit licker said: CAN I CUN IN YOU
  20. said: Nice tits and hairy pussy! Let me give you a load dripping out that pussy!
  21. HELLBILLY said: I want to drop a load on her & in her HOT 10
  22. gabe said: rated a 9, had to take off 2 points for all that cum
  23. said: I love hair on a pussy
  24. 4172934140 said: great tits and bush
  25. said: so nice ;)
  26. Snakehips21 said: mmm very nice, love to massage it into her boobs
  27. said: Just luv that hairy pussy!!!

cum filled pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 18

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Creampie for my sexy wife

  1. said: Nice dirty pussy I wanna clean that out
  2. Myself said: i hope shes sexy cuz that pussy aint doin her any justice.
  3. Want You said: Incredible mons, one of the best pussies I’ve ever seen! Perfect for fucking non-stop, which I will be doing in my dreams! Thnx
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  5. Nug said: I would eat that cum out that pussy
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  7. boobsorbust said: Love the pussy lips. Great job on the pie.
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Eat me I am waiting!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 17

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Twitter @myamaturepussy huge fans of your site and love the dirty comments! x

  1. said: Beautiful tight body, would like to see pussy minus the spread apart…more natural that way! V
  2. kasper35 said: im comming ….. where ???
  3. Biker Gil said: Hold it open just like ,I can slide my hard fat beer can cock in it and hear the sexy moan as that sweet pussy gets stretched
  4. said: Let me know where you are and I would love to
  5. redneck said: i reconize that tattoo lol
  6. redneck said: where do i sign up
  7. William said: that is fucking hot!!!
  8. Myself said: looks like a dump truck parked in there
  9. said: want to fill that pussy
  10. Angela said: Mmmm…I’ll stick my tongue in your cunt for you!
  11. said: good spread
  12. HELLBILLY said: MMMMmmm a happy. Meal
  13. boobman 2 said: the bf put both hands in. she said can u clap. he said no. she said im tight hey…lol
  14. mike said: ohh wow! looks like a virgin pussy!
  15. bla bla said: Who are you then CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND SWALLOW?
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  17. BDK said: sit on my face and let me tongue fuck both your holes and get them warmed up for a good stretching with my thick cock
  18. said: omg ;) perfect what can i say but pass me the tissues
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  22. 00buck69@gmail said: wow
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  25. J R said: give Yu the tongue lashing you never had…lick till U cum turn your thighs into rubberbands/butter..;) 10
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  28. said: no second invitation needed, i will eat you all night long
  29. Jake said: I can’t help myself I’m giving you a TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. FamousMrEd said: nothing short of spectacular. wish i was coming home to this every night
  31. Greg said: Why you would ever have to wait is beyond me.
  32. said: ohhhhhh yes let me taste u have kik or skype
  33. Browser said: Would love to suck and lick your pussy and clit until you cum on my face…
  34. Lickit said: lets 69 get each other off at the same time. Then fuck hardcore
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  37. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
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  42. Italian cock said: Love to lick the cream off those lips then cum on your lips very nice !!!

Rear View 2 ;)

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 17

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someone requested that I spread em…

  1. said: Omg I wanna eat your holes sit on my face!!!!
  2. Rick said: Now that’s clean. I would eat both holes and thats rare
  3. John said: Very good. 10
  4. Myself said: instead of photoshopping your ass you should of photoshop your man hands
  5. Sitonmyface! said: wow! you are incredible!
  6. pete said: mmm luv 2 taste your butthole then fuk it more please
  7. ODB said: Did you photoshop your asshole out of the picture?!?
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  9. jerry said: Iwould love to tongue your sweet little pink asshole all day
  10. dd.eddie said: Im crying just looking at this beauty… ;'( my dreams are made of this :D
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  14. anon said: Great ass hole and pussy
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  20. justforfunde said: leave it to Mel to try and find fault in something this hot. 10 from me!
  21. Michealharding said: Both holes look extra tight, would like to try and fit in both.
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  24. buzze said: i would fuck you till you cant walk !xx
  25. said: I would love to taste u, fancy some fun with a British soldier x x
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  36. said: Damn! That’s a pretty little asshole!! I wanna taste that sweet little thing?

Mistress Cunt

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 17

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Before I came inside of her ..

  1. said: mmmmmm makes me wana stick my africa thick dick on that thing and have no mercy on it
  2. said: wow thats look like a good samoosa if i could just stick the tip of my african black cok inside ther
  3. said: nice pussy ;) whereas the cum shot ;)
  4. said: I love FAT muff.
  5. 3609705810 said: i would fuck ur pussy so hard and deep with my thick hard cock
  7. Jake said: I like it, if it had a pubic triangle patch its a 10
  8. Lickit said: Show us the cum filled pussy ?
  9. said: Is there a line to get in to so I can give her my load of cum?
  10. said: mmm very nice
  11. said: 10 from me’. Very sexy puffy pussy! Would luv to trade !

my holes are waiting…

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 16

Photo on 1-2-13 at 5.00 PM.jpg
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my holes are waiting… to get fucked hard…

  1. said: that looks like fun. can I play?
  2. Myself said: what a fuckin mess
  3. ca man said: ill put it in all three babe
  4. ODB said: Not flattering.
  5. said: Is that Delicious Cunt Cream I see.. I would lick up that up first then punish that sweet little anus until its time 4u to eat
  6. said: Amazing!!! Sign me up!!!
  7. 3609705810 said: i wanna grab on to ur ass cheeks slide my cock deep in ur pussy and fuck u real deep and hard
  8. Raven said: Raaawwr!
  9. J R said: auto 10..a woman who can do a reach around like that is my kinda woman! beautiful can i be next? she isnt quite satisfied yet! ;
  10. Charlie said: I would love to suck the cum out of your pussy
  11. said: Fancy a British soldier deep inside u x x
  12. said: please email a pic of both full of cum
  13. said: Hold them open and I’ll fuck both holes!! Email more please!!
  14. 4172934140 said: i wanna blow a load in both!!
  15. said: can i please lick your sticky pussy first ;) love this pose x
  16. Hot and horny 44 said: Can I lick the cream out first 10 wow!!!
  17. said: Delicious holes !!’

Hubby playig video games

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jul 16

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Anybody want to help loosen this up, hubby dosent have the time?

  1. Myself said: id rather play videogames too if I had a gf with acunt like that,dont blame him,he should get a purple heart
  2. said: i do!
  3. ODB said: Looks like it died.
  4. Biker Gil said: Damn !! Thats making my beer can cock HARD HARD HARD !!!
  5. said: ill make time :)
  6. saturn fan said: my god. I want to make you my slam piece. that pussy looks like its ben abused and left alone. id love it everyday
  7. 00buck69@g said: hell yes
  8. 3609705810 said: i wish my cock was n that
  9. Andrew said: where do you live
  10. said: Is he crazy, cum to me sexy, will fuck you good
  11. said: I’m a British soldier and willing to help x x
  13. said: ALL you have to do is call, And I’ll BE THERE!!
  14. said: you need help with that?
  15. Italian cock said: lets trade and let him play his video games I have a game to play hide the sausage well lets play??
  16. Lickit said: ur pussy needs to hide my cock and play peek boo
  17. Lickit said: That’s very tight looking pussy I want to play ur clit and turn u on ,my Cock in ur mouth should keep u entertained
  18. said: Nice tight pussy!! Would be more than happy to help you loosen it up!! Email more!!
  19. said: you can play with my joy stick baby :) love to taste your bud
  20. said: hubby needs to get his priorities straight. with a pussy that beautiful id never leave u alone ;-)
  21. said: Damn look at that tight pussy!! Lets share pics since hubby is busy!!
  22. said: let me know, i have the right tool to loosen it up
  23. Italian cock said: My be I should fuck that tight pussy with my fat dick and make him watch and he can play video games
  24. said: i would love to inbox me more looks good and tight
  25. said: Oh hell yea

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