My pantyhose pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 22

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I am wearing wolford fatal 15 pantyhose. Tell me what you would do to me in my pantyhose.

  1. pantyhose lover said: I have a huge pantyhose fetish and that is fucking HOT. Please post more!!!
  2. magmadragon said: Great stems babe! They look great in those hose. Pretty pussy too. I’d turn u around, bend u over and grind you hard
  3. @rickyleee1990 said: I’d suck on ur juicy pussy through ur pantyhose , then I’d trip a hole in them so i can ram my big hard cock deep inside u ;)
  4. hoselover said: honey that is so hot!!! love the pantyhose!! pantyhose are a huge turn on!a hot hot hot!!
  5. ahh said: wanna put cream in it.
  7. Curt said: what pantyhose ?
  8. said: wanna get fucked by a pro? email
  9. said: I would cum on those pantyhose
  10. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: love for u to squat over my face and piss through you pants as i try to eat your juicy wet cunt mmm….
  11. J R said: dont know what wolford 15’s are..butt” i know thats beautiful n id lick right thru those “wolfords” again..nice 10
  12. hunter said: take them off use them to tie you to a chair bent over and let tbe fun begin :-P
  13. said: since u pantyhoses so much couldn’t rip them i would slid them down pass your ass spread thoes legs lick that pussy
  14. dj northeast nwcastle said: rip hole in them then rip ur pussy with my cock 07599867163.
  15. Swallow it said: Fuck u hard
  16. Lickit said: I’d rip a hole and start licking ur wet pussy then fuck u hard.
  17. keifreefer said: i’d tear a hole to get to that pussy,then i’d lick u from clit to asshole,sukn every oz.of your sweet juices!!
  18. said: You are just so Hot.. damn.. ill bet it taste great..
  19. dd.eddie said: I’d fill them full of cum and let them dry on you ot teach you a lesson to make holes in them first. Crusty hose hoes

A little clitoris prep…

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 22

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My wife is playing with her clitoris with the purple toy, but that’s never enough to satisfy her!

  1. Bigboi said: I would fuck that pussy real good
  2. rj said: I would love to be licking that clit and work the toy on her G spot until she squirts all over my toung
  3. Zoe said: Mmm nice lips! Funny that some guys think it means a lot of miles? Educate yourself!
  4. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: tasty big lips would me sucking on them help a luttle before we both fuck her senseless? :)
  5. dog said: Lets see it inside your pussy
  6. Swallow it said: Tasty
  7. That guy said: Thats seen a lota miles
  8. DIKHEAD said: Nice juicy lips!!!!

one more

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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Hope u like my kitty…I’m 39 and love older men

  1. jeff said: Leo dont no what the fuck hes talking about
  2. said: I’m 40, so I guess that I’m an older man
  3. tictacgrl said: thanks for all the hot comments..making me hot and blushing.. :-)
  4. tictacgrl said: well Leo, not sure why u called me a bitch! no way.
  5. FamousMrEd said: its just a picture leo. relax.
  6. said: hey nice purple nails lol
  7. J R said: 62 yrs yung.. cum to daddy darlin! give daddy his ‘bucket list” wish…;) post again
  8. leo said: u guys r sick this bitchh has herpes on her pussy look all the way up after her clit in between her fingers
  9. Assfan69 said: Im 52 in Ct.Does that work for ya!Sweetest lookin pussy on here in a long time!
  10. That 69 guy said: Thats in pretty good nik maybe hair?
  11. 4172934140 said: very nice tiny pussy
  12. dd.eddie said: Im 54 and i would eat you all day long!
  13. said: I want to suck those lipps
  14. said: You are just so Hot.. damn.. love your lips. can i suck them;?
  15. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: stunning pussy! !!40 to old?
  16. boxman said: im 43 am i older enough ?
  17. said: Show me the whole package please.
  18. Jake said: Oh wow, I’m 39 too, hopefully that mature enough for you to let me take a spin with my mister shorty and tear that up !!!!
  19. Longhorn said: Where r u i fly in any weather can i buy u things
  20. Longhorn said: Can i fuk it with my 18in cock
  21. said: I your man…..
  22. dj northeast nwcastle said: lve that tight looking pussy want to lick & fuck it I’m older. Blk pic me 07599867163.
  23. Swallow it said: Mmm eat me

need a talented tongue

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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Sucking my clit is the way to my heart..hubby is not into oral :-(

  1. LucKyMaN said: I nominate my WiFE!!! I’ll help out, if she allows it!!
  2. FoShowBro said: Not into oral?? You couldn’t pull my face off that with a tractor!!!
  3. magmadragon said: So cute! Great lips’n clit.So suckable !
  4. LoveLips said: Shame all that goodness has to go to waste…. That pussy is just about perfect!!
  5. said: What is he gay ? I would lick ur pussy & asshole until u begged me to stop
  6. said: i would give your clit a blow job
  7. Lickitb4youstickit said: Your hubby is a dumbass I’d eat you all day
  8. Justme said: Well I dont get it either No probems but he wont eat it is He a closet Gay ??
  9. rj said: If you are giving him head quit doing it maybe he will get the message if not dump him goya give a lady what she likes
  10. said: please oh please cum sit on my face
  11. said: honey your hubby don’t know what he’s missing out on ill show you how talinted my tongue can be any time just say when and where
  12. rj said: I would love to lick you pussy until you squirts all over my toung
  13. said: I would give you the ride of your life with my tongue. I’d make you squirt babe
  14. said: I would lick and suck your pussy all night long then fuck you and drop a hot load in your wet pussy.
  15. jj7063180064 said: DAMN…
  16. jj7063180064 said: where is u…
  17. said: Then u need a British soldier that is good with his tongue x x
  18. justme said: Not hating it looks real nice just trying to understand i cant imagine not wanting to eat that.. there has to be a reason
  19. said: i can tie a cherry steam in a knot whit my tongue lmao
  20. dave said: WOW – He is missing out on one fine piece of womanhood…. 10+++++ I’d say…. I’ll be right over and give you all you want…
  21. shawn r said: what the hell is wrong with your man… time to find a new one
  22. Man meat said: Show me a guy that don’t eat pussy and all show you a guy that can still your girl !!!
  23. J R said: if you want to be tongue lashed in the morning noon or evening or anytime darlin..juss call me! ;) 10
  24. said: Baby, I am your MAN- I LOVE GIVING ORAL and I’M DAMN GOOD AT IT!!!
  25. Lickit said: First thing I always say is to lick lick lick the pussy make u cum all on face
  26. kaged2 said: no, it’s not a wart…..just a bump…I know I’m not perfect but my scent is not a problem. :-)
  27. XLNTC said: num num numm
  28. said: wanna watch your wife get fucked? email for details
  29. MK said: I would lick then shoot my balls on it
  30. Justme said: Plus that looks like maybe a wart just above the left labial apex
  31. Justme said: Have ya given your self the sniff test ?? Just because it looks good dosent mean it smells good
  32. 4172934140 said: that looks very tasty! would love to eat that pussy
  33. dd.eddie said: I would lick it, suck it, and probe it deeply with my tongue.
  34. Julie said: Please pick me darl i love sweet pussy like yours
  35. said: You are so delicious.. ill suck whatever you want.
  36. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: wow :) how could anybody resist sucking your pussy? ;)
  37. Tongue chow said: Baby you need some tongue chow!!!!
  38. said: I’ve been told I give head like a lesbian.
  39. Onetongueslow said: Your husbad is a moron! My tongue would keep you happy for hours!
  40. Dawg said: Have tongue at your disposal. I’d lick that anytime.
  41. Cunning Linguist said: Love to lick pussy and ass all nite. Tongue fuck both your holes x
  42. Jake said: What a moron, that’s all you need, I love how you don’t need some massive cock, awesome
  43. said: I love oral, anytime babe.
  44. Studman said: Sign me up!
  45. planeboy said: sweet!!!
  46. dj northeast nwcastle said: Is he mad that’s one pussy I’d lick all night
  47. dj northeast nwcastle said: I love licking pussy squirting ur pussy juice in my mouth oh yeh 07599867163
  48. said: your husbands an idiot, id love to devour that pretty pink pussy until its cumming all over my face ;)
  49. 4107081018 said: I am into oral and I’m very good at it. I’d definite help you out
  50. leon said: ill suck n lick that clit so hard ull be cummim on my tongue in no time
  51. 2pleaseU said: I’d love to suck on that clit for hours!
  52. 5714327523 said: i suck that sweet pussy all day baby
  53. gotcha said: d-i-v-o-r-c-e
  54. me said: i will do it anytime
  55. gijoe@yahoo. com said: your husband is a dumbass
  56. odg said: baby…i would lick and suck ur clit like theres no tommorow! perfect! snd me more.
  57. Swallow it said: My tongue is talented and more
  58. hunter said: making your woman cum till shes exausted is the best part of sex and it starts with good oral :-P
  59. Pudster said: I would suck and lick that thing dry, then move down to your ass and give u a whole nother pleasure
  60. PaperPlanes said: And a new man
  61. PaperPlanes said: Need a refund

My wife, doggy style and spreading

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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Holding open for me…

  1. said: great thick ass and beautiful butthole
  2. said: Thats a hot ass, bet it takes a good pounding.
  3. LngDngSilver said: I want to slide my rod in and fill you up with my babies
  4. rj said: lucky guy
  5. dave said: beautiful. 10.
  6. said: will she hold it open while I slide my cock in? Only after licking her ass and pussy of course!
  7. Dave said: Very nice…. 10+++
  8. J R said: a woman who can do a reach around like that gets auto 10! luv women who do reacharounds..;)
  9. 4172934140 said: beautiful
  10. said: fck me that looks good mm ………………..
  11. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: can i have sloppy seconds? great ass, lips i would spread over my fat face mmmm
  12. said: Yum!!! Let’s see that hott MILF ass gaped!!
  13. dj northeast nwcastle said: could easily slide my hard cock into that pink hole 07599867163.
  14. Swallow it said: I want both her holes

My Pussy so Wet

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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The day I want my Boyfriends hard cock and he’s not here

  1. Buttjuice said: Looks like its just been ironed
  2. J R said: does it liked to be licked too? let hair grow out…bet it looks awesome full bush! post again,,;)
  3. Lickit said: Seems like u have playing with sweet pussy already u need my cock inside u now
  4. said: i can help you with that… whatever your sweet pussy wants. :)
  5. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: fuck you look delicious! would love to sort your wet pussy out
  6. Jake said: Awsome twat !!!!! I would thrust stuff you until you forgot about any boyfriend
  7. dj northeast nwcastle said: u can have my hard cock & ill lick ur pussy as well. 07599867163
  8. 5714327523 said: can i come fuck you instead
  9. Swallow it said: Mmm

Pussy before action!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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The shy all-inclusive girl is revealing a little more lips this time around! Let me know if you want to see a vibrator in there?

  1. Curt said: it tastes like hot drip honey? May i sample it?
  2. rj said: that pussy looks like some good licking and great fucking
  3. pete said: wow luv 2 cum up that wet pussy more
  4. J R said: beautiful..what ever post you do will be welcome! ;)
  5. 4172934140 said: great lips!!! love big lips
  6. Tommo said: Please, i dont wanna see this
  7. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: love to b underneath that pussy as u play with tham beautiful piss lips rubbing your juices over my waiting wanting tounge
  8. jay said: dont no bout a vibo id like to get in there mmmm nice lips…
  9. BJ said: Get that pussy a proper fuck, she deserves it!
  10. Jake said: That is some quality rare roast beef right there nice !!!!!
  11. dj northeast nwcastle said: I’d rather see my cock in there followed by my tongue get u to cum over me 07599867163.
  12. gotcha said: No. Don’t beat it up any more than it has been. And help her with her shaving.
  13. Swallow it said: I do
  14. Pudster said: I wanna see cum in there

Fucking my gf. She’s tight!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 21

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Hot squirter. Love it!

  1. Lickit said: Squirt on my face let me taste u mmmmmmm
  2. rj said: I love licking and fucking a lady that squirts lucky guy
  3. ahh said: AHHH LOVEE IT!
  4. john said: nice tight asshole
  5. Lickit said: @ Julie that’s tight pussy needs cock in the arse as well. How u ?
  6. Julie said: Guys that is a great pic,nice cock,tight pussy,thanks
  7. said: Fancy a threesome ?
  8. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: room for two?
  9. leon said: lets see one of her squirtin.
  10. gotcha said: Then show her squirting without ur dick.
  11. Swallow it said: Love to join

In my GF’s Tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 19

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This girl is TIGHT. Definitely the best ride of my life

  1. said: can I try it. I want to see what tight feels like
  2. Swallow it said: Lucky man
  3. BigNpurple said: U have room for me in her arse? I also like my sluts shaved
  4. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: looking good pal can i suck suck her clut
  5. Alyssa said: this is so hott! would love to see more like this =) she can take a good dicking
  6. said: When u are finish can I ?
  7. Jake said: Nice but I actually like a big loose pussy
  8. Tom said: Looks like a great ride.

From behind

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 19

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Does my ass look good enough for you??

  1. said: Very hot sweet ass
  2. The Bandit said: Nice ass
  3. said: It looks perfect ;) email
  4. topdog said: that’s a 10 allday & what sweet-looking ass
  5. said: amazing
  6. said: i wanna sniff it then lick it out x
  7. Heavy cummer said: That is one fuckable ass…….
  8. J R said: my answer is ..would ya mind if i snuck up n layed a end to end lick up n down that beautiful crack for starters?10
  9. ACE said: UR ass looks delicious!!
  10. said: I’d take my tongue right up that
  11. Swallow it said: Damn yes it does Mmm
  12. said: That Ass looks good enough to eat…
  13. said: That Ass looks good enough
  14. 9plus said: love to lick your pretty little ass and pussy. need more
  15. 4172934140 said: amazing asshole!!
  16. BigNpurple said: Me and my sub slut would work u over baby!! 10/10 stinkhole
  17. jay said: lush i want some of that 10 10….
  18. gbenkins said: damn girl id spread those lips
  19. said: Yes yes I do for sure would like to see more of that ass and body at
  20. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: hell yes ;) perfection
  21. sam said: Damn, that looks like my ex…..and my old head board.
  22. said: That ass looks great. Would be better with my cock in it. :-)
  23. boobandit said: lovely shot i wood luv to eat both holes then fuck both
  24. said: I’d love to taste your finger straight out of your asshole
  25. alansantos1225@gmail. cim said: super hot. ass
  26. Dj northeast said: wanna stick my cock up that tight ass hole pic me 07599867163
  27. said: Looks great
  28. dd.eddie said: well?…………………………………………………………………………………..YES!
  29. hunter said: would love to warm up in your pussy and finish off in your ass
  30. Tom said: Awesome
  31. said: let me get a pair of your worn panties

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