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Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 5

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spread ready for either hole

  1. ODB said: OMG. I would push my tongue so deep into both of those and fuck each one in slow succession….
  2. said: Beg me so I can make you b my dirty slut like a good slut wife
  3. said: Lil slut wife. I love a slut wife there hot. And your body is hot love the spreading of your sweet ass and wet pussy. So come
  4. said: You can come beg me after I eat and play with your pussy and sweet ass in a very dirty way I’ll fuck your young ass like a
  5. said: good anal sex with that butthole there mmmm I love your butt and cant wait to fill it up with my 9 inches nomi anytime later
  6. said: nomi spreads her butthole for my 9 inches mmmm just come over later and do like that for me mmmmmm stroking my 9 daily waiting
  7. said: I want to fuck both holes hard with my 9 inch cock!!!Trade?
  8. asslicker69 said: love to lick that asshole
  9. asslicker69 said: love to lick that asshole
  10. said: i wanna fuck it!
  11. 4172934140 said: omg that is sooooo hot!!! i wanna taste!!!
  12. said: Love to tounge both holes
  13. said: real cute pussy and asshole
  14. ACE said: WOW instant hard on! Doll ur INCREDIBLE.Simply stunning pose of ur perfect ass & pussy. MUCH more plz!! 😀
  15. said: Wow!! 10+ she’s stunning!! Sign me up to lick suck and bang both holes!! I’d love to see more!:-)
  16. said: awsome ass
  17. said: Thanks for all the comments guys up great I will be posting more soon :)
  18. J R said: another rare 2 handed 10 reach around..shes gotta be the infamous SS)Sweet Saigon)..? 😉
  19. said: Wow!!! That’s what I call talent!!!
  20. said: holy fuck that’s hot. what an ass and pussy combo. please trade some pics with mine.
  21. said: lucky husband smoking hot body on that wifey. would love to see more msg me!
  22. THAT ONE GUY said: You know likes ass play
  23. said: No need to begy cock is ready to fuck either hole email more
  24. Mr X. said: Holy fuck. Great holes/ass. Hard enough right now to fuck both those holes deep….and then clean them up with my tongue. Yum
  25. dd.eddie said: She should never need to beg… I’d eat her for 50years.. WOW 😀
  26. said: Holy fuck is it Christmas 😉 stunning
  27. said: Keep’em spread like that and let me lick both inviting holes then slide my cock in!!
  28. said: Damn where to begin !!!

my little sluts pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 5

[Total: 790    Average: 4.2/5]

She wants to know what you would do to her… if comments ar e good I will post more

  1. said: I would do anything she lets me
  2. Troy said: I’d do everything imagineable
  3. said: i want to clit a blowjob
  4. jb said: hot pussy
  5. 4172934140 said: god i love those huge lips!!! I would fuck that pussy so hard!!!
  6. Cunt said: My pussy slamming against yours…I’m already cumming in my panties!
  7. Ab said: I will lick it till you cum then fuck you hard
  8. mac said: perfect
  9. J R said: try to put all of that in my mouth first try! then lick’it end to end then deep long strokes to cream time! beautiful 10
  10. said: Best picture on the internet. im nineteen and this is by far the best pussy ive seen, would love to get closer to it.
  11. said: mhm that looks tasty! i could spend days down tehre! shoot me msg!
  12. said: Wow would suck those pussy lips then fuck that pussy fill it full email more
  13. said: amazing pussy. i’d lick that for hours
  14. dd.eddie said: First i would grab her upside downa nd eat her pussy while standing. then hold her open for my girlfriend and her husband to eat
  15. said: Nom nom nom nom nom
  16. haha said: I wouldn’t of used the word little maybe huge
  17. said: Suck her pussy till its covered in love bites then fuck her till my clock drops of
  18. said: Would love to lick and suck her pussy then pound her until I shot a load deep in her!
  19. said: Luv her pis duly lips!! So meaty! Do they grip your cock on the way out!

Lucy’s spunky pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Dec 5

Lucy loves spunk.jpg
[Total: 653    Average: 3.8/5]

Here’s our second contribution taken last week. Lucy loves a spunk filled pussy.

  1. TheViking said: Lucy has a real tight pussy…wow…love it!
  2. said: Hold that open babe I’ll fuck and load more cum inside that pussy email more
  3. said: baby I love to suck each ofyour pussy lips and lick your clit till you cum in my mouth
  4. said: i want to fill you up!
  5. 4172934140 said: I want to add another load in there!!!
  6. Cunt said: I’ll clean that up for you with my tongue!
  7. Jizz Meister said: Juicy Lucy, you naughty girl! We’re in the pink…
  8. said: Wow looks like she needs another good cream I’m ready to help out email more
  9. said: Nice and messy…. I’d slide right in!!!!
  10. said: My kind of Gal! I LOVE LUCY!! 😉
  11. dd.eddie said: You have catching up to do; i made 4 contributions to this picture since posted.
  12. said: Very sexy thanks for sharing
  13. said: Beautiful, may I add more then eat it clean

42 year old pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

[Total: 985    Average: 4.1/5]

I would love to have a glass of wine with you…

  1. rocker1960.rq@ said: 42 yr old pussy meet my 53 yr old cock. nice to fuck you in a creampie.. luv to see more baby
  2. said: Wow you are hot hot hot.awesome body
  3. mdc said: jerked it and came thinking of fucking you.
  4. said: II love hose & the way your pussy lips dangle below your outer libia is irrestable
  5. said: I’d love to suck on your clit…
  6. Jay said: Like to come back to this lady, so sexy
  7. Hard for You said: I want to drink your wine! Or at least drink a glass with you with my cock up your pussy looking deep into your eyes. Ummmm!
  8. said: write me i want to eat your ass!
  9. said: lets go then we can do eachother
  10. 4172934140 said: god I love mature women !!!
  11. said: would love to see the rest of that how about some tit pics?
  12. hunter said: mmm on a closer look its red wine best served with meat (Australia beef)
  13. hunter said: Do you like chines? i thought you may like sume two can choow with that wine 😛
  14. said: you drink the wine,i will drink your juice
  15. J R said: ditto! 😉 puss more! i mean post more!!
  16. Jizz Meister said: A 42 is a fine vintage. I can smell the bouquet from here…
  17. said: Vinturi in the background. I see that you aerate a fine wine and air out a fine pussy.
  18. Joe said: Nice. Im 34 and i love older pussy the best. Id love to fuck her.
  19. Mike said: Are you sure your 42? look like a 29 yr old!!
  20. dd.eddie said: 42YO delectible lifetime meal! I just know she loves her ass licked also; just gotta! 😀
  21. circumaid said: I’d love to pop my cherrry into your wine box and fill it and watch the fermentation process, meantime, off for a wank, brill ;-
  22. said: looks yummy, show us the whole package,
  23. guilty guy said: anytime you like mum…x
  24. Fred said: NIce cunny Karen!
  25. said: Very sexy. Very sensual. Glass of wine then I want to make you whine…….
  26. papi said: aging nicely.
  27. said: would love to share a glass with you. hmu sometime.
  28. Ed said: What a bangin’ 42, and what a cute pubic patch..
  29. said: Classy!
  30. said: wow would love to see more of your tits
  31. SAM said: @JB….please learn how to spell.
  32. said: Wow!!! Stunning! I’ll even bring the wine!!id love to see more. :-)
  33. said: I’ll take my wine out of that great pussy please
  34. said: Just like a FINE WINE, You just get BETTER with age! BEAUTIFUL!! 😉
  35. said: Absolutely love to fuck your pussy fill it up and have a glass of wine with you email more please
  36. hunter said: would enjoy an evning in with you fine wine delisiouse nibblys to enjoy the perfect hostes
  37. GGSWA said: VERY HOT
  38. jb said: hot pussy which it was my wife
  39. said: You drink and I’ll eat!! Sweet baby!!
  40. said: Very sexy beautiful body lets share that glass and thank you for sharing this pic
  41. Bear said: Shave that pussy and you would be a ten!!
  42. gary said: You are simply beautiful. look at how yummy that pussy is. I would love to taste the wine and YOU. :)
  43. jj7063180064 said: damnit girl…so HOT
  44. said: Would you like a taste of a 1973 established fine cock
  45. Jay said: You look fantastic! Very sexy, love the look 😉 is there any chance of a couple more pic of you sexy?
  46. said: Cheers X love to pop my cork in you sexy
  47. ACE said: When & Where Doll? It’d be my pleasure to enjoy you and a glass of wine!
  48. said: i could eat that up….so nice
  49. said: I would be honored to have a taste.
  50. Happy happy said: Can we c ur tits? Clothes not needed….

wife’s pussy needs a big cock

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

[Total: 776    Average: 4.1/5]
  1. Biker Gil said: WOW that looks TIGHT !! I would to slide my beer can cock inside and stretch that sweet beautiful pussy
  2. said: can i lick it and suck it?
  3. 4172934140 said: I’ve got one for her!!!
  4. Cunt said: I would b yr slave! Let’s pussy fuck’
  5. Justin muse said: Pick me plz I will let u fuck my wife while I fuck yours
  6. Wtf said: I’ll be ur huckleberry
  7. said: wow, she looks really tight
  8. said: Real beauty!!
  9. dd.eddie said: nice buti dont think she can handle it. Looks more of a 3cock at a time gal
  10. bwc said: Damn! Best looking pussy I’ve seen. where can I sign up to shove 8 1/2 between those fat lips..OMG!!!!! Best by far
  11. johnb said: That is a nice wet pussy baby. would love to suck that clip until you cum
  12. circumaid said: coor, it’s nearly stuck to the camera, can smell the molecules thru the wifi, my new fav wank aday pic, can we see it open ?
  13. said: only have 7″ but will put it in as many times as you want…x
  14. topdog said: nice close-up view
  15. said: I’m in! I may not hit bottom but I’ll knock the hell out of the sides!
  16. said: dear lord where do i sign up ? would love to see more!
  17. ODB said: Very fuckable pussy. Great hood & clit. Do you like to see your wife fucked?
  18. said: I CAN HELP!! 😉
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  20. jb said: hot pussy
  21. jb said: hot pussy which it was my wife
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  23. BBC said: Is 13in of black cock ok love to help!!!
  24. said: May I warm her up first, lovely looking pussy, love to nibble her clit
  25. said: I would be more than happy to stuff her!!

Wifes Ass Play 3

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

[Total: 616    Average: 3.8/5]

Wife luvs asshole to be teased

  1. said: i want to bend you over and eat ur ass!
  2. J R said: is she ready for 2 cks yet? nice! 😉
  3. said: i wanna fuck that ass so bad!
  4. said: You can finger her ass I’ll fuck her pussy and fill it email some
  5. said: Mmmmm nice thanks for sharing I like to tongue tease!!
  6. said: Damn mine Luvs that too! Then I like my finger and she starts moaning!!
  7. said: We could tease that pussy & ass till she’s begging to take two throbbing cocks 😉

swollen pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

[Total: 575    Average: 3.1/5]

resting after another pounding from her bbc

  1. rocker1960.rq@ said: omg. looks like youre about to bust. i could definitely help you with that. Squirt on me all u want baby..
  2. said: this bi slut would love to slick that smooth bald cunt while she sucked on my hubbys thick, hard 12 inch cock
  3. said: you need my big white cock
  4. dd.eddie said: Hmm never seen a post bbc fuck be so dry… somethings wrong
  5. said: Nice
  6. said: That’s hot love to fuck and cream that pussy love to see more
  7. BBC said: Tag team with two black cocks love fill both holes

More Wifes Ass Play 2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

[Total: 702    Average: 3.4/5]

Wifies ass being creamed

  1. Just me said: Wets the best
  2. said: She is so wet. Delicious!! pound thet wet cunt hard and make her cum
  3. said: i want to fill cunts asa
  4. said: Can I be next o.o that looks great!
  5. badboy22 said: Dirty little cock slut! Only thing that would make that hotter, would be seeing that sweet pussy was full of hot cum too!
  6. 4172934140 said: I love this sloppy ass fucking pic!!! I’m next!!
  7. Cunt said: Want U2 fill me up with your cum!
  8. said: Any chance of some pics sent privately Miss Anal? Love your pics 😉
  9. circumaid said: my bellend a dam site bigger, let me do her, she’ll wince
  10. said: looks well used
  11. said: i wanna cum in that sweet ass!
  12. said: i wanna cum in that ass baby
  13. said: Stunning!!! I’d love to see more!!
  14. said: Hot pic love to see cum drip out after I fuck her pussy love to see more
  15. Butch said: That is outstanding! My wife loves when other men cream pie her ass. She no longer will have sex with me.
  16. haha said: looks torn up
  17. Pussy smasher said: Are this spencter lips if so move that cock and re submit. I want to see that sexy browneye with no cream. Get the fuck out .
  18. said: Nice cum shot thanks for sharing that sexy ass and pussy
  19. said: Fuck that looks so nice, could I clean her shit box up after I’ve Cum in her cunt and it’s mixed all up;)

Sexy 20 year old GF with shaved pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 2

full body.jpg
[Total: 1329    Average: 4.3/5]

don’t you wish you could fuck her too?

  1. said: Whata a beautiful pussy…would love to lick it and blow a huge load deep inside her!
  2. said: 10 out of 10! You are fucking sexy baby! Give me more!
  3. luv doz pussys said: think ill have to agree with mike on 12/2/13 an marry her
  4. randy said: nice body in general llove them hips
  5. said: perfect i would love too eat you!
  6. Cunt said: Wish I could rub my pussy all over that!!!!!!!
  7. Jim said: Love that smooth pussy, can’t stop looking at it.
  8. J R said: 1 shes not 20..2 babe got hips! nice what is your age anyway! 😉
  9. said: Wow your body is gorgeous. I’ll do anything to have a night with you. Just perfect
  10. said: needs licked
  11. Larry Tate said: I’ve never seen black cum only white
  12. alisha said: sexy would luv some fun with her
  13. said: Nice pic!!! Let’s see more
  14. BBC said: Needs some black cum on her tits and some running out of her pussy!!!
  15. haha said: omg would make me cum in 3 pumps
  16. guilty guy said: think I have, it’s my sister……….?
  17. Larry Tate said: does she like having her mouth fucked?
  18. Michael Harding said: No shit! You better be fucking her good
  19. said: boy would iiiiiiiiiii
  20. said: Can I get a pair of your worn panties?
  21. Jizz Meister said: Yes, I imagine that we all do. I hope she never EVER does anything to that beautiful bod – perfection!
  22. Ed said: She’s the bomb. Who would kick her outta bed?
  23. said: I would love to put my fifty year young cock in there xx
  24. MrC said: what kinda douche bag wouldnt fuck this girl because she shaves? seriously? lol
  25. Mr X. said: Looks a little heavy……..?
  26. no said: Damn! Thanks for showing those awesomely great tits
  27. said: i can fuck her .. ans she will love it all nite in every hole she has
  28. said: You’d be PERFECT with a SEXY HAIRY BUSH!! 😉
  29. me said: In answer to the question. No, I want some hair there
  30. dd.eddie said: f/n would be a bonus; i wish i could just smell, feel and taste her
  31. Bart Simpson said: Delicious Doll.
  32. Ben Dover said: Hey sexy…. spread that little peach open and show me the seeed…. I bet it taste just as sweeet as it looks. 10 from me babe.
  33. Spike said: Very Sexy!!
  34. said: lovely & tidy looks inviting
  35. Pussy smasher said: Let me at you ill fuck you silly . and toss your salad .
  36. said: wow that is so fucking nice, lucky you!!
  37. said: Simply, PERFECTION! I believe in love at first sight, I LOVE YOU
  38. flipfioplover said: Looks delicious
  39. said: Very nice!
  40. said: id like to fuck her hard her man is a lucky guy id like to help him
  41. jim said: nope,seen far better
  42. said: nice shaved bald pussy though
  43. said: Love to spread those pussy lips with my cock and fill her pussy with cum email some
  44. 4172934140 said: my god that is one sexy woman!!!
  45. said: I would love to taste that sweet pussy and suck on those beautilful boobs and just let her ride me until i came
  46. leon said: hell yes, all day and night
  47. said: Hot little body ! Looks like a cold fish! Is she sleeping?
  48. Lickit said: Yes I would love to fuck her
  49. said: Would love to fuck her and leave her pussy dripping wet!
  50. manni said: nice !
  51. said: wow. she is drop dead sexy. let’s trade dude. ten
  52. mike said: She is so Hot. perfect body. great tits. yummy pussy. all around perfect. you better marry her or i will.. :)
  53. said: Omg who wouldn’t like to fuck her ;), bet that pussy can give a great camels toe

Lucy’s pretty pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 2

Lucy's pussy umm.jpg
[Total: 868    Average: 4/5]

I took this photo of Lucy’s sweet pussy after we had been fucking. Thought you’d enjoy it.

  1. rocker1960.rq@ said: Holy horny baby. what a pretty pussy. thanks for showing it off. love to see more…yummy
  2. Thepennisguy said: Looks like sliced turkey
  3. Troy said: I’d love to smell your pussy anytime
  4. said: gorgeous pussy, don’t look freshly pounded, looks ready for some. Drop a pic in my email?
  5. Cunt said: Looks a little dry…I’ll make it wet!
  6. said: No shit guilty guy. When was it fucked, last week?
  7. Cecil said: Beautiful Lips
  8. soirelis03Vicente@Gmail said: amateur sin registrarse
  9. Martin said: Thank you for sharing such great lips!
  10. Martin said: Very Nice!
  11. guilty guy said: must have a small dick it don’t look used to me….?
  12. said: I’d LOVE LUCY! 😉
  13. dd.eddie said: Luscious lickable Lucy. YUM!
  14. Bart Simpson said: Nice lips babe!!! i need to suck them.. :)
  15. Huckleberry said: I want to eat your meat karen.
  16. Pussy smasher said: Amazing pussy lips wish I could suck on them .
  17. said: Looks like you did a number on her! Must have been fun!
  18. J R said: wow..cant be sure if thats fluffed ham or not! yummmmm
  19. said: nice bald pussy and nice pink lips
  20. said: Love the pic email more bend her over nice pic email some
  21. 4172934140 said: love those pussy lips!!
  22. said: You’d think it would be much wetter or openedz. Still so pretty !!
  23. Lickit said: I’d love to fuck Lucy plough my hard cock inside her hot pussy
  24. said: I would love to lick and suck those pussy lips then slide my cock in!
  25. said: Thanks see looks beautiful, love the pussy flaps 😉

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