My pussy lips

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 12


Rating: 4.04    (817 votes cast)

Spread and waiting to be rated….you like?

  1. lipstick-wet said: Would love to suck your pearl-tongue. Nice pussy!!.
  2. Paul said: Nice lips would fill you up
  3. said: love to put my mouth over it and suck it, lips and all, into my mouth mmm
  4. said: I LOVE that little WOLLY BUGGER!!!
  5. pete said: perfect 10 wnt 2 tounge your pussy,arsehole then fuk them both
  6. Lickit said: Slam my cock deep inside wet cunt and more xxx
  7. said: Looks super tight!You could sit on my face all day long
  8. Ben Dover said: 8.1 rating is a poor excuse for a pussy that fine baby….. I give you a 20 … and hope to see more.
  9. said: That’s amazing. Perfect!
  10. RickJamesBiotch said: 2 of the most uniform perfectly matched lips ever!
  11. Cecil said: I do like them lips and it wouldn’t take me long to get off inside there and I bet them lips would feel nice wrapped around me.
  12. 4172934140 said: um yeah!!!! i like alot!!!
  13. said: 10 from me babe! Would love to slide my cock in your waiting pussy! Email more please!
  14. said: 10 from me. i want that planted on my face now.
  15. dd.eddie said: 10, thanks for adding some titty! Hope you dont mind a long eating
  16. RickJamesBiotch said: Looks like home to my cock!! Makes me want to whip it out and slide it in!
  17. said: like yes love to b under you baby10*** x

wife pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 12


Rating: 4.35    (862 votes cast)

rate my pussy

  1. nipper said: looks like my exs puss nancy is that you?
  2. Paul said: Looks like you need some cream in both holes
  3. said: mouth watering!!!
  4. hunter said: i would do both holes anytime any place yum
  5. said: would be so many ways to do that pussy and ass hole
  6. Ed said: Very lickable.
  7. Ben Dover said: O how I would luv to slide inside of you. 10 +++++ baby
  8. said: Wide open, and I love it. Wish my tongue could be there!
  9. said: love to put a load of cum in those holes
  10. J R said: luv those women who can do a reach around like this! beautiful 9
  11. said: Soo sexy can I eat your holes
  12. 4172934140 said: good god!!!! that is a perfect pussy and asshole
  13. said: Tongue fuck both holes then have you tell me which hole to slide my cock in! Email more please!
  14. said: i would love to find out how deep my tongue would go in there.
  15. dd.eddie said: 9. just a little pale, but very juicy
  16. said: nice bum hole love to rim her
  17. said: lucky fucker :) do u share

Yea I luv the wifeys hairy pussy!!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 11


Rating: 2.04    (738 votes cast)

Me and the wifey! Luv a hairy pussy! Lets trade pics at

  1. said: If they want a bald woman let them go back to grade school.
  2. P-daddy said: Love a real girl’s pussy and this one is great. Not sure why men go crazy for a shaved muff – they look like girl’s to me.
  3. joehasacock said: looks like an old girl. Nah, been there….
  4. circumaid said: That’s one scabby small cock, that old women needs a decent cock, she’ll go fucking grey then!
  5. moisturemissile said: Gave you a 10, just because. They can hate the hair, but appreciate the mature pussy.
  6. said: well im your guy xx beautiful lips x
  7. matt said: It needs a shave. plz,,,,,then repost….. just her
  8. m said: yuk looks old hair not pretty
  9. m said: your not bring the hair back looks old grey hair
  10. m said: your not bring the hair back yuk looks old grey hair
  11. myself said: Cant find one nice thing to say about this pic..yik
  12. said: What in the hell who allowed this
  13. Jesty said: Hell yeaaaaa
  15. Me said: I’m bringing the hairy pussy back!! Haha!
  16. RickJames Biotch said: I can tell from the rug burn scars on your cock!
  17. said: nice ;) wrap them lips around your bellend then jizz over her hairy pussy

wife pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 11


Rating: 3.55    (699 votes cast)
  1. mack said: very sexy
  2. tim said: hell yes i can smell her sweeytness from here
  3. moisturemissile said: Lookin’ downright doable.
  4. dd.eddie said: damn, she’s delicious. I wish some titty was shown too
  5. 4172934140 said: get a little closer!!
  6. Joe said: I would love to spend the night alone with your wife and let her screw me all night. She looks like she would be good in bed.
  7. Jizz Meister said: Your wife is beautiful. Love the tan lines. Any shaved shots?
  8. creamer said: that one need to be creamed up. send another
  10. J R said: shes not satisfied with just 1 need 2 to settle that down..;)
  11. J R said: shes beautiful..used to chew Cope been clean since i retired ’ again..shes def HOT ! 10
  12. RickJames Biotch said: Nice tan! Take a better photo of the slit and post again!
  13. james said: I’d eat that, then fuck it while you watch. Mmmmm love to fill it with cum.
  14. said: she looks tight mate ;)she’s got a hot rack
  15. said: Would love to lick your pussy and ass then have you tell me which hole to fuck!! Would love to see more!!

round ass ready to fuck.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 11


Rating: 3.53    (596 votes cast)

I love my girls round ass. I kiss and sniff her feet when I ram her in this position.please enjoy responsibly!

  1. Theresa said: nice ass
  2. moisturemissile said: I would enjoy responsibly…she’s the one who will be gettin’ hammered (on).
  3. dd.eddie said: do you still cum inside both her holes; and then dig it out with your fingers and smear it onto her feet? Just askin…
  4. 4172934140 said: whats with the far away pics? looks like a sexy asshole and pussy what i can tell
  5. flipfioplover said: I would love to suck your toes, ass and pussy
  6. Clit licker said: CAN I EAT OUT YOUR SWEET WET CUNT
  7. J R said: repost with less contortions…she looks to C more of it..8 for now
  8. leon said: dont know bout kissin or sniffin feet, but id gladly fuck the hell outta that ass
  9. joey said: beautiful round ass… the wrinkles on her feet and those high arches!
  10. said: which tight hole do u ram?
  11. said: Would love to ram my cock in her ass! Would love to see more!!

Puffy Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 10


Rating: 3.38    (858 votes cast)

You should see it swell when I’m horny!

  1. Paul said: Wow beautiful lips best I’ve seen so far
  2. Bwana said: Those are some of the best pussy lips I’ve ever seen. Show us more please.
  3. said: More than a mouthfull, WOW I want some of that. I wonder how much I could make it swell? Mmmmmm More please!!!!!
  4. said: Well damn!!!
  5. circumaid said: What! It gets bigger!!!!!!!!!
  6. 4172934140 said: god i could only imagine!!! that is hot!!
  7. said: another load emptied :)
  8. J R said: Yummm mouth watering…post more
  9. J R said: Ummm yeah thats def looking vintage..aged to perfection like fine wine! kinda looks like the infamous “virgina smoked ham” 10
  10. 00buck69@g said: so sexy
  11. jack said: best pussy lips EVER … You made my hard dick VERY HARD !!want to get inside you
  12. creamer said: let it swell!and send a pic
  13. The Bandit said: Get horny and post again
  14. hunter said: get in touch we can work out what makes you horny :-P
  15. said: 10 out of 10 nice pussy mm .
  16. said: I believe I should show me I’d live to see
  17. said: I would love to see it all over my face and cock. Love that sexy ass going to jack off on you more please
  18. moisturemissile said: I agree. Get horny, let it swell. Clit throbbing also would be ideal.
  19. said: Nice flaps !’
  20. frdi said: I would fuck this thing raw, after me fucking you u would have at least an inch gape in that hole
  21. said: Looks amazing. Would love to see more! ;)
  22. LilCock said: I want it open so I can see purple/pink guts.
  23. LilCock said: My God. Id love to cram my fist in that. Would you let me? Id open you up just so I could jerk my meat and cum in your open gash
  24. james said: well get horny and repost
  25. Jay said: Fantastic! :) more! ;)
  26. Jay said: Fantastic! :)
  27. said: Very nice want to lick it till you cum then fuck it
  28. labia lover said: 10+
  29. said: holy fuck thats my favorite :)could u pop your been out for me
  30. Jesty said: Lets see it swolen
  31. Jesty said: You into blk dick? Sweet psy
  32. dd.eddie said: I’d love to have it in my mouth and to feel it swell.. Mm . Maybe can do the same for me?
  33. said: I would love to have those beautiful lips on my cock. Would love to see more!!

Would you play with me?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 10

photo (1).jpg copy.jpg

Rating: 4.37    (1044 votes cast)

I want to know what you’d do with me :)

  1. said: I love it all just like that, the legs the ass the pussy, my dick would never get soft
  2. said: i would suck a fart from your asshole!!!!
  3. Rick said: would lick it for hours
  4. said: Yes play w you for days!!! Eat lick kiss and pound and tease your hott holes!!:-)
  5. Larry joy said: I eat you to you 5 time then fuck you
  6. Want You said: I’d fuck the living daylights out of you!
  7. said: blindfold you, have my friends come over to lick, suck and finger your lil fuckholes
  8. said: write me ur perfect!
  9. said: i would lick that pussy untill you were begging for my cock then i would fuck you all night eamil me for more
  10. said: those love holes r absolutely perfect. I think I love u babygirl ;-)
  11. said: Why I would love to play with that sweet pussy of yours
  12. Paul said: Gets better every time i see that perfect pussy, to taste it would be amazing, sexy as fuck!!
  13. Gloverboy6 said: With your legs so inviting? HELL YES!
  14. Andrew said: just found my desert mmmmmm post more
  15. Paul said: Cant stop cumming over your perfect pussy pic
  16. pete said: mmm luv 2 pound your pussy,arse then cum deep inside it xxx more
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  18. Paul said: Wanked over u again, u are sooo hot, perfect pussy, please can i fuck it??
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  20. jean said: that has to be one of the hottest pussy’s i’ve ever seen!
  21. steppo downunder said: stand on ya head in the corner and make like a vase….I have some flowers I need mounted
  22. 4172934140 said: i wanna run my tongue all the up and down your spread asshole and pussy!!
  23. RGK said: Michaels gay, 10 all the way baby ;)
  24. Lickit said: Would lick ur holes while u suck my hard cock if u to know more write me on
  25. Jizz Meister said: He’ll yeah! What wouldn’t I do with you? Great pose and super sexy!
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  27. Paul said: Just wanked over your lovely pic, would really love to fuck you!
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  29. J R said: drop down n plunge my tongue full face end to end on that honey cum pot! for starters! ok? 10
  30. Michael said: what’s so great abou it? “2”
  31. R said: Vary Nice ASS & Pussy!! Show some Titts
  32. R said: All day Every DAY!! After “69” We would Fuck hard & Long!!
  33. flipfioplover said: I would eat your pussy,giving you multiple orgasms
  34. hunter said: lets start with an aussi kiss …. same as a french kiss only downn under
  35. said: i’d play if my wife can too
  36. moisturemissile said: Yes, I would play with you. With your legs in that position, what I do is self explanatory.
  37. said: lick that pussy til you cum. Tease your clit with the head of my cock then fuck the hell out of you.
  38. XYZ said: I love pussies like that!
  39. Yes I would play with said: The question is what wouldn’t I do to you sexaully?
  40. frdi said: you look like a good slut, bet u would let me do anything, u got me soo hard. will come on ur pic now
  41. frdi said: perfect body & pussy, would fuck u in that possition first then aginst the wall frm behind, make u cum doggy style, cum in face
  42. like to lick clit said: would i ever like to play with you that is a 10 ++ in my books
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  46. prince omar said: You don’t deserve that empty feeling
  47. said: it drip over your pussy and on your face x
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  49. Browser said: I suck and lick your clit until you cum on my face, then do whatever you want…
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  52. said: Start by kissing and licking your pussy and ass and get them nice and wet. Then I’d slide my cock in either hole!

Thick dick in my tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 10

photo 4 (4).jpg

Rating: 3.15    (637 votes cast)

Who would like to take his place?

  1. ODB said: You both look ill?
  2. TOM said: She’s on her period or what
  3. circumaid said: looking at the colour of that cock, I;d say it’s been pumped up and that cock ring slapped on, nice trick to bend it for width ‘
  4. said: Pick me! I’ve got a pretty thick one too. Wanna see?
  5. The Bandit said: Are you the girl who’s ‘Taking a huge load’ earlier?
  6. Jay said: Why are you strangling your dick with that red ring?! What’s all that about? Nice pussy though, would love a go on your lady ;)
  7. spacedog said: hell no, but I’d nail you
  8. like to lick clit said: I DO I DO love that pussey wow
  9. aron said: I’d like to join in -DP?
  10. said: please :)
  11. said: Where does the line begin? Would love to slide my cock in your pussy!

Suzie’s Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 9


Rating: 3.59    (857 votes cast)
  1. Shaved lover said: Good looking pussy, for a shaved lover like me.
  2. nattydread said: just perfect!!
  4. Jay said: Please open your pussy for me :) x
  5. said: looking good
  6. Dawg said: Sweet looking pussy.
  7. Jay said: I think this pussy looks delicious
  8. said: nice ;)
  9. moisturemissile said: I’d like to see it with some fur.
  10. Johnnyonthespot said: No
  11. Tobe said: @Jake, don’t take much to make you want a cock in your mouth does it?! Wrong site mate.
  12. J R said: cute!! does it like to be tongued stroked? ;)
  13. said: jake you go suck cock and i’ll eat the hell outa this pussy till she cums and screams
  14. Jake said: sorry but that pussy is so ugly it makes me want to suck cock
  15. said: Very sexy
  16. big dick said: can i suck it
  17. omgboobs said: can you sit on my face?
  19. Gloverboy6 said: Mmmmm…
  20. dd.eddie said: SuzieQ baby i love u suzie do…
  21. DIK said: That pussy looks old!!! But I wanna test it out!!!
  22. anon said: Nice chunky flaps Suzie, lets see them open ;)
  23. said: I wanna suck on that camel toe all weekend long. Inbox me ;-)
  24. said: Nice little clam,allow me to open it with my tongue first then my cock! Email more please!

rate my lips

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 9


Rating: 3.77    (786 votes cast)

My 23years old bead up pussy .

  1. Paul said: Sure needs a pounding and creampie
  2. annie said: i am… and proud to say that my pussy obeys any black cock!! im a black slave
  3. said: Haha When you call your own cunt ‘bead up’ I know for sure you’re a ho! Good for you
  4. said: I’d like to eat them and beat them!
  5. 4172934140 said: love a sexy beat up pussy!!!
  6. Horsecum said: Gorgeous cunt..could feast on it for hours.
  7. said: love it!!! can i see more please
  8. said: 8 only because photos shite;( like the hair
  9. moisturemissile said: Nice labia minora.
  10. J R said: most unusual “hair cut” maybe shes a thats major HAIRY when full bush! be nice to C…
  11. Jesty said: Looks tight to me
  12. jay said: very nice. can I have some
  13. said: Mmmm yummy
  14. annie said: it was made to satisfy god given black cocks
  15. saturn fan said: I’m 23 myself! id like a job in your bonner garage. like to make you my slam piece.
  17. dd.eddie said: I’d like to bead it up some more with cum drops!
  18. hunter said: thats not beat up get in touch i would love to show you beat up and driping well used
  19. Jesty said: Bead up?
  20. anon said: Nice lips lady :) what’s the hair design about? Strange but wouldn’t stop me wanting you ;)
  21. said: Would love to kiss those lips and bury my tongue in your pussy!! Email more please!

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