she dropped something

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jun 19

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Gf dropped something and bent over to pick it up. This is what i look at everyday

  1. said: I’d take you to lunch, then a Packers game, then spend the evening at the Bottoms Up Cafe!
  2. said: i would love to put my cock in your gf ass!
  3. J R said: shes a “cheese head”…wow missed it earlier! on the wall hangen..haha ;)
  4. Bigboy said: I would fuck that
  5. said: Tim & vanna huh? Thats my cheese head! In our son room on his bed?? Your the sickest thing ever.
  6. said: Looks like a perfect position to me! access to both holes and a lovely view!
  7. said: I’d just keep dropping things…Lol
  8. stacy said: nice samurai sword. would bang.
  9. dom said: Sexy i wana cream all over you
  10. DWR said: That’s what I call a man cave.
  11. Hby said: who has wife pics of there own
  12. Hby said: thasts dirty but sounds fun
  13. Michealharding said: Get it while the gettin is good!
  14. Bob said: Looks like she has two butt holes…
  15. Lucky said: Packers fan? Would LOVE to pack that!;)
  16. Tim and Vanna said: @Kenneth_r_62 lmfao “where”???? i think you meant we’re.
  17. HotCrossBum said: I can’t wait to lick the shit stains off of that asshole
  18. said: be glad where not neighbors ..i would fuck her everyday after you leave for work
  19. Tim and Vanna said: @TYTW of course we share, but only with her gf
  20. said: I have an 8″ jackhammer wud luv 2 pile drive her frome hole to hole . post or send vanna spread wide shes a 10+ ;-)
  21. Chandler said: skin so soft
  22. TYTW said: Vanna is a little tease, obviously, and a great slut to fuck. Have u shared her before?
  23. moisturemissile said: dropped something, well maybe. more like waiting for a complete licking and sticking.
  24. BigAL said: nice taint…mmmmmm
  25. said: I’d love to shove my cock into her pussy and make her cum.
  26. Tim and Vanna said: we appreciate the comments guys. thanks and keep it up
  27. Dreamer said: let her sit on my face. Delicious.
  28. Luv it said: Go packers!!
  29. J R said: wow! have ya ever licked that end to end i mean end to end? awesome pkg…yummm ;)
  30. Giant Babrian said: Mmmm I’ll strech both those holes with my 10Inc
  31. tony said: wow
  32. said: I would love to drop my load deep in her starfish.
  33. said: Damn near made me drop a load in my pants.
  34. hungry4more said: I would do more than look..i’d fuck both those holes..luv a girl who takes it deep from behind
  35. 8082827936 said: perfect asshole, would love to invade
  36. said: Fuck! So hott!! Let’s see her hott ass gaped!!;)
  37. said: Damn!!
  38. Ben Dover said: I’d love to help her find it but I’m a little distracted
  39. said: oh its a hard life so sum ;) looks very sexy
  40. dd.eddie said: I think it was my prostate! Overblown and full! you lucky SOB! Awesome! :D
  41. Chris said: I’d love to fuck her so good while she wears the cheesehead (go packers)10+
  42. 4172934140 said: good looking butthole!!
  43. Long'nThick said: Looks like she dropped the remote. Maybe it’s in her ass, since she has had multiple items in it before
  44. said: would love to slide my cock in her inviting holes!!!
  45. Mas nyogong said: she have a cute teen pussy, like it
  46. Hmmmm said: jealous
  47. chris said: Great pussy and arse, would love to taste both those holes
  48. TYTW said: I have an extra long thermometer to check her temperutre rectally then give her a suppository thn a little spank
  49. 5714327523 said: nice love it

Cum Drop

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 18

IMG_6695 (700x672)-picsay.jpg
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Hope she’s not pregnant.

  1. said: MMMMM.. delicious… I will lick her clean and then fill her up myself!
  2. said: damn!! that’s the nicest pussy iv ever seen.please sit on my face!”
  3. nips said: love to slide into all that cum and have sloppy seconds, i would get her pregnant for sure
  4. Big fat dick said: Fill that cunt with cum who cares if she’s pregnant sluts not mine
  5. LAstyle said: Not sure if she’s pregnant? Should have used a condom or at the minimum pulled out. still not a gd idea but better than nothing
  6. Ms Pink Bud said: This is stunning dear.
  7. said: mmmm i want sum of that.x
  8. hunter said: post again more square on cum runing out your ass down over your slit driping would be good
  9. dd.eddie said: I dont think so i whacked off 3times before I metamorphasized my 4th loaded into her.
  10. said: wow looks amazing :) pls keep them Cummings
  11. Jack Mehoff said: If you don’t want her to get pregnant fuck her mouth or her ass instead
  12. said: would love to put another load in that perfect slit
  13. Giant Babrian said: be licking all that jucie all up
  14. J R said: a stiff dick has no consience so they say…
  15. captaincum said: cream her asshole next
  16. said: thats fantastic
  17. hungry4more said: fuck that tight little ass hole next
  18. kimber said: @TYYW its a joke dici head calm down
  19. moisturemissile said: Creamed pussy is nice. Don’t want her knocked up, use birth control!
  20. Chris said: I wanna cum in there next!!!! 10
  21. 4172934140 said: awesome little pussy!!
  22. said: I would go halves on a baby with her x
  23. Hot and horny 44 said: Pump more in that Cunt ill clean it so good you will not have to think about it!!!
  24. TYTW said: @Kimber… don’t ruin a nice post with your silly comments> Don’t use condoms!!!DUH! Keep creaming her…
  25. kimber said: dont hope use a condom! nice little pussy
  26. said: Don’t worry!! Ill clean her out!!

She cry’s when i try and get in her anus..

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 18

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very young gf.. sweetest pussy ever

  1. site see er said: luv the hairy asshole
  2. site see er said: hairy assholes so natural turns me on
  3. ObL said: Does she have a hairy top lip too?
  4. cobra318 said: I thinking about dropping some DNA in that perfect ass!
  5. said: very young bet shes under age guessing by the look of your paki thumb
  6. me said: dude, you gotta lick it before you stick it
  7. HotCrossBum said: I think I swallowed a Cockspider!
  8. Hot and horny 44 said: I would lick and finger your ass while your man eats my pussy till I got your ass open 4his cock
  9. Cock hungry said: Wanna run my tongue along that sexy pussy
  10. ACE said: Beautiful set of holes!! Very inviting.
  11. Jack Mehoff said: just because some puts a picture of their cunt in here doesn’t mean I have to like it. Your mum gave me a shot and I nailed her
  12. Little rascal !! said: Hey shave that hairy asshole!!!!
  13. Sheila said: Mmmmm lovely to give ‘er a good deep fuck
  14. yum yum said: 29D12F0C like your juicy pussy
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  20. critic said: thats a nice tight little snatch ill fill it to the brim
  21. Mike said: yeah make that bitch cry!
  22. said: let me try. I will be gentle….and quick
  23. Big turo said: Just beautiful, lucky man
  24. spanky said: my 6×5 dick would go good in that dirty asshole. id pump you full of cum sweety
  25. Giant Babrian said: i’d be bonceing back and forth from pussie to ass
  26. J R said: well that does look tite for sure!
  27. Ben Dover said: Very nice indeed
  28. 8082827936 said: sweet tiny asian ? LBFM? awesome!!
  29. Grammar police said: It’s cries, not cry’s!
  30. David G said: JUST STICK IT UP HER CUNT
  31. Hot love said: love my big 10 deep in your pussy an asshole its so sexy
  32. Chris said: She would cry when I’m in her ass too 8
  33. moisturemissile said: finger her ass a few times, get her loosened up a little and accustomed to penetration.
  34. 4172934140 said: gorgeous asshole and pussy!!!
  35. moisturemissile said: Lube her up, be gentle, ease the cock in. Young puss best be sweet. Nice puffy vulva
  36. boxman said: let me have for a weekend
  37. said: She needs a British soldier x x
  38. hunter said: lube lube lube and slow n gentle or she will come end up turned off anal
  39. anon said: Make her cry…it won’t be long before she loves it ;)
  40. jay said: wow. the dirty things I would do to your girl. she won’t even remember your name.
  41. gell said: looks nice and tight in both holes
  42. said: Nice view
  43. kimber said: use plenty of lube she can take it
  44. said: Luv that little hairy asshole!! Very sexy!’

My gf bent over

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jun 18

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  1. The Bandit said: Very cute
  2. said: You look so sexy :) please email to swap sexy chat ;)
  4. josh said: that asshole looks nice
  5. josh said: like to fuck that asshole
  6. said: nice
  7. said: Simply gorgeous. You may take a seat on my face.
  8. said: Lovely dark haired raven.. Beautiful Ass and Pussy.. I would love to Lick you from behind then Pound that pretty Ass !
  9. Giant Babrian said: like too see if you can take 10incs
  10. J R said: like to C a close up of that crack! wow…
  11. said: Lucky!!! More please!!
  12. said: Fucking gorgeous! My cock is so hard it hurts. I would love to stuff your hot pussy wit my cock.
  13. Chris said: I want my thumb in her ass as I’m fucking that pussy 9
  14. moisturemissile said: She assumes the position very nicely. Good girl.
  15. anon said: Very nice
  16. kimber said: she looking like my gf to
  17. said: Very sexy!!

I’m so horny right now

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 17

one. (1).jpg
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I need my pussy licked and a big, hard cock to fuck me hard!!!

  1. Biker Gil said: Honey I’m hung like a 16oz beer can will it fit ?? you look to tite
  2. site see er said: me to sexy pussy love to see your asshole
  3. said: hope to see more of your hungry streched wet pussy
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  6. Giant Babrian said: I have a hole lot of cock for you a total 10inchs
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  11. J R said: wow…lip smacken for sure! post another of that awesome pleasure! ;)9
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  19. David G said: IF YOUR HORNY I AM ROCK HARD .
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Rough anal fuck

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 17

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My gilfriend realy like being ass fucked and be fuck in public

  1. Mee said: Rough anal Fuck. With that little dick.Sure it was .
  2. snap said: cock looks to fit just fine. bet she loving it
  4. etienne said: i will fuck you anal too
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  6. J R said: wonder if Marsha could post a nice pic….;) hint…hint….
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  8. said: My pictures are on page 25 / 26 . Ass and pussy fuckin! Enjoy!!
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I wanna feel a woman’s tongue

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 16

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Live my husband eating me out I want to feel what it’s like from a woman

  1. said: I’d love to eat your looks perfect!! Finger licking good!! Mmmmmm
  2. pussylover said: very nice love the lips
  3. site see er said: I would lick and suck your clit
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Cream My Cherry 3

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 16

IMG_1712 porn.jpg
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Would like to get a 8.9. So decided to show more of me. Would you still cream me well. No into ass fucking.

  1. said: I would eat you till you came in my mouth!
  2. wik said: gave you a 10 honey i would love to fuck that pussy
  3. Jackie chan said: Was this after your car accident? Wtf.. Thumbs down!
  4. cobra318 said: if I cant fuck your ass, can I eat it?
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  6. said: pretty pussy. would love pics of the whole body
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  11. Chris said: Oops I slipped into your ass 8 haha
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  20. Long'nThick said: I don’t think you’ve had a cherry for quite a while. Also, you’ve had quite a few clicks up ur ass too!
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Lady in red.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 16

100_1166 (2).jpg
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What would you do with this?

  1. Sculptor said: Thank you, my wife hasn’t worn the same outfit.. Lick.. Lick.. Lick.. Schlurp
  2. hardaussie said: i wana taste it b4 i strrstch it out with my huge cock and cum inside that that hole
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  4. J R said: put those legs up rock’er back a lil n lick it end to end for starters..then all the shaft she wants! beautiful 9 post more
  5. Long'nThick said: Cum deep in your pussy and make your husband watch
  6. captaincum said: I’d fill both your holes with my hot cum
  7. Dave said: WOW – Heck YES …. 10+++++ Pussy YUMMMMMMM
  8. Doctor Phil said: Cum in it
  9. Andrew said: give a full body shot but I’d fuck u
  10. moisturemissile said: Given the opportunity, I would lick you good before screwin’ the fuck out of you!
  11. David G said: NOT A LOT

need protection?

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 15

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My girl neglected to put sunblock on her buns while tanning with a thong on. Her holes look scorching anyway!Her asshole fans should be happy with this gem.

  1. Biker Gil said: Love the pussy and toes, my pringle can cock is rock hard . DAMN!!!
  2. site see er said: 3 things i love pussy asshole and cute toes
  3. smailbox said: honestly probably has his assistant view this site for him because “he is so busy getting pussy”. NOT.
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  15. moisturemissile said: Both holes, a nice tongue massage, she will forget about the burn.
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  18. me said: I’d kiss it (and lick it) all better
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  20. KMD said: so good.!dam
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  23. smailbox said: to long and thick, I quote charlei the tuna tastes great over good taste. this is hott!
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  25. dd.eddie said: Im estatic about this picture. All i want to do is lick, suck, poke n prod and lick and suck and bite…
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  27. joey said: wow! those are very pretty pink holes….she has a great attitude the way she exposes herself! Looks sooooo tastey.

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