Morning Pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Feb 10

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Woke up in the morning, pjs down, legs open and a pussy shot for everyone! xo

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Wife’s wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 9

My Wet Pussy.jpg
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My wife’s pussy begging for cock

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Shy wife 2nd

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 9

tied up.jpg
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I am trying to get my wife to show off in public, let her know that she should.

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My asshole is PINK.

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 8

pink asshole.jpg
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Looking especially pink “down under” in this lively shot of my girl. Her “Hole fans” will love this…..

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Wet and Always Horny

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 7

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This is our first post. My husband gets off on people watching. I like to please him so please post any thoughts that you have. We will also take suggestions on next pictures you want to see ;)

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my stretched twat and starfish

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 7

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Which one would you cum into?

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so sticky

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 7

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Just finished pleasing my bf.

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Spread Butthole and Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 7

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Ready to take on the world!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 6

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Bent over with my pussy and ass ready to take on the world!

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i’m eager!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 6

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what do u want to do with me?

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