Sweet Indian Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 7


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  1. HedonistFriend said: Sit-ups ;)
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  4. Me said: Her is Marie
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wife waiting for attention

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 6


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  1. J R said: t hats a woman in need…boobs sticken up hard…needs lots of ck…share? ;)
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want a taste??

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 6


Rating: 4.26    (739 votes cast)

so i dont think i got a nice ass but my hubby does, hbu?

  1. HedonistFriend said: Damn, that’s a nice everything. Great firm round ass for grabbing and awesome cunny lips. They hang perrrfectly. More please :)
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wet ebony pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 6

SANY0051 rn.jpg

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My pussy ready to be fucked by your hard big cocks! I just love fucking!

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its very tight, or so im told :)

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 6


Rating: 4.18    (585 votes cast)

what do you think? i think it could look a bit better :(

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tight ass, tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 5


Rating: 3.47    (534 votes cast)

She can take a hard pounding like a good little slut.

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19yo loves to suck

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 5

19 loves suck.JPG

Rating: 3.27    (494 votes cast)

She has a very tight mouth and knows how to use it.

  1. J R said: a tourist traveling the far east..professionally paid …no vote
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sent this to my man today

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 5


Rating: 3.78    (470 votes cast)

Who wants one??

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My pussy lips #14

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 5

2015-01-10 00.52.40.jpg

Rating: 4.02    (739 votes cast)
  1. HedonistFriend said: Awesome. Don’t cover the brown eye though. TY
  2. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: Love those lips baby! Wish you lived by me so you could be my girl next door!
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  7. J R said: u sure thats not photo shopped? just sayen…
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25 year old girlfriend

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 5


Rating: 3.87    (520 votes cast)

My girlfriend sent me this pic as a surprise. Figured others might enjoy as well.

  1. HedonistFriend said: Good man
  2. Throbbin Hood said: Indeed so. Thanks for sharing. She’s a beauty.
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