Trimmed and ready for a pounding

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 23

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  1. @johntho96331170 said: Nothing sexier than a pussy with some hair. Would be great to lick that delicious pussy
  2. said: Missed a spot.
  3. Browser said: A real pussy with hair….natural is great as log as it doesn’t get completely out of control
  4. said: shave it bald baby
  5. J R said: voted absolute 10…why? HAIR!!! ;) post a rear view of it!! hubby share?
  6. Spike said: What did if look like before then??? No Thanks!
  7. Jock said: Nice plump lips, would bang u all night
  8. bald said: trimmed? shave it all
  9. Lickit said: I’d lick ur pussy all morning then fuck u for the rest of the day.
  10. Mike said: Wow. Love to shoot a big load on that nice muff u have
  11. fastpavement said: Damn, nice would love to stretch it out with my big WHITE cock

My tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 22

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let me know what u think

  1. said: Meaty lips not only look & Taste good, but look so nice wrapped around a rock hard shaft!!! More Yummy close ups spread please!!
  2. @johntho96331170 said: 9/10. So very sexy. My cock is standing at attention for you
  3. said: love to suck your gorgeous pussy lips , lick your clit till you cum in my mouth, then part your sweet lips ,with my cock
  4. rj said: love the big lips great to lick and suck on and they do feel good on your cock
  5. said: gorgeous. just need my cock in it….
  6. said: Your Lips are Lovely. Send some to my email anytime.
  7. said: Well said Mike, I love big lips ;)
  8. Mike said: Those lips grab on to that cock as you pull it out! Fuckin sexy!
  9. Mike said: Those of you who think that pussy is well used…’s just got large labia. I personally love a “lippy” pussy.
  10. 305 said: What the fuck ! Hell noOooOo
  11. Pussylover said: I like that pink pussy. Would love to taste your juices.
  12. said: i fuck you hard baby
  13. J R said: beautiful! grab you n never let go! pull u right in…post more
  14. bucknaked said: mouth to pussy resussatation thats my plan , thats what i plan on doing to that sweet pussy.
  15. said: lovely, lovely lips, making my mouth water
  16. jb said: big used pussy
  17. big boy 9 said: That aint no tight pussy…looks very loose… for big cocks only!!!!!….looks well used too
  18. said: Your pussy is hot!!! I love big juicy lips. I’d love to see just how tight you are
  19. said: like those meaty lips, would like to suck on them
  20. dd.eddie said: Certainly moist and delicious no doubt; i wanna poke it like the pillsbury doughboy and make you giggle :D
  21. said: I remember this fine pussy! :) stunning pussy, stunning lady ;) great pair of lips
  22. bucknaked said: give me a chance to ware that pussy out , work it up to a sweet lather.
  23. Ka said: J, you can’t judge tightness by how it looks on the outside. I’ve had small pussys that were rather loose, and it wasn’t me.
  24. Johnnyonthespot said: Not impressed
  25. bioman said: I love those nice pink lips. I would love to explore every nook and cranny with my tongue until you came then lick you juices.
  26. BBD said: I don’t think it’s tight pull it open and let’s see the inside show me more
  27. BigNPurple said: Yum. Are u a red head? Love the big thick lasagne sheet lips
  28. j said: it doesn’t look all that tight.
  29. Big Baws said: Stunning!
  30. said: Stunningly beautiful pussy! Got my cock rock hard :)

Bent Over And Ready

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 22

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My Wife’s Beautiful Little Pussy

  1. @johntho96331170 said: Very beautiful looking pussy. You are so lucky
  2. J R said: wow! post more..looks like ya been licken it good… more
  3. Mr X. said: Thats pretty. Could I cum a load in that whilst you watched?
  4. said: love to pound that pussy

Wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 22

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wanna lick?

  1. said: Yes. I would so like that!!
  2. said: i want to give that clit a blowjob
  3. @johntho96331170 said: Would love to lick her pussy. Like and suck until you can’t take it anymore. Then give you my hard cock only after you begged
  4. said: A lick, suck, and fuck.
  5. Pussylover said: Yes. Would lick kiss and tongue fuck both sweet looking holes.
  6. J R said: if your not a lick that silly for starters! u b a stay at home mom! ;) 10
  7. bucknaked said: suck on the clit and lick your hemroid…..
  8. Hoagie said: Sluuuuut
  9. jb said: very hot pussy
  10. said: I have never seen a more perfect pussy. I would lick you for hours until you couldn’t cum anymore. I’d do anything to see more
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  12. Seth said: Pumped!!!!
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  18. MARY JO said: Sure want a lick you want a fuck
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  21. said: Let me be the first to say Beautiful. I’d bury my tongue in there for an hr!
  22. said: Lick & suck & get drunk with your pussy juice!

Having fun with my 2 toys

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 21

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  1. @johntho96331170 said: Do you need another cock?
  2. said: Very sexy pic. Would love to see more of you two in my email.
  3. cy said: One tit is alot bigger than the other
  4. John said: I’d disagree. Some woman really like an extra kick.
  5. Undertaker said: looks like hes not doing a good job if you need a toy to help out
  6. Big Baws said: The photo is not very clear.
  7. said: would enjoy fucking you while you use your toy!!

Wife’s sweet pussy and ass

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 21

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Mmmm would you love to fuck her

  1. Cockspider said: I would love to vomit into both holes, then smashfuck them & take a shit in your mouth while fisting my own asshole
  2. J R said: wow had to have another look! makes this ol crank hard!
  3. Rufus said: I think I can smell it through the picture
  4. Mr360 said: Hot
  5. Aiden said: Although I would fuck either hole, the hairy assholes just never do it for me.
  6. J R said: now thats what i call a 10 reach around cum n get ya HAIR pose! my kind of woman..lucky man indeed! 10 post more..share?
  7. charliemorning@yahoo,com said: Gotta wonder if your pretty pink tastes as good as it looks :) looks delicious!!!
  8. Pussylover said: Would love to taste her.
  9. said: Mmmm delicious love to see that in my inbox
  10. Alan said: No thanks
  11. Big Baws said: Ginger pubes?
  12. said: Yes I would,only after tonguing both her beautiful holes!!
  13. said: please email more love to pound that tight ass

horny wife

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Jun 21

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My horny wife who loves taking 2 dicks at a time.

  1. R said: “Fantasitic” You could climb on me any time!!!
  2. @johntho96331170 said: Would love to add mine sometime
  3. J R said: mouth watering..dive into that like a kid into a swimm’en pool! only with my tongue! share? midwest clean discreet
  4. Sculptor said: Not the best pic but not bad
  5. Pussylover said: Would love to eat that ass hole and pussy
  6. Big Baws said: Where does she put the two dicks at the one time?
  7. said: Love to give her tight ass a hard fucking!!
  8. said: give me that ass

My Dirty Wife 4

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jun 19

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  1. said: Damn she would get destroyed she is sexy as fuck
  2. Rick said: Nice meaty lips
  3. Han said: Let me straddle her and suck on those nipples while you dip your cock from one pussy to the next?
  4. said: love your wife. would love to see more shoot an email!
  5. j said: Also. not a mirror shot that would still be a left hand smart guy. But not everyone wears a ring.
  6. j said: Bangin. dont think they are dirty nails, looks like bad lighting on painted nails.
  7. ACE said: Doll ur one sexy woman! I’d love. An evening with u.
  8. dd.eddie said: COULD BE A MIRROR shot; hence the ring may be on the other finger; dont be too quick to judge!
  9. jb said: hot woman
  10. said: It’s hard to say if this one or My Dirty Wife 3 is the hottest, so gave them a 10 and jacked off to both of them. May 7th guys
  11. nat said: juicy i’d like a taste
  12. said: Damn Lady, I’d fuck you silly. Perfect body. 10.
  13. JRTodd said: Hmmm, dirty wife? No wedding ring? Sure. This pic was lifted off of the Internet.
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  15. said: Hopefully “Dirty Wife 5″ shows a big toy deep inside your beautiful pussy :)
  16. tired of it said: feels like ive been staring at this boring pussy for days.. I dont think they update this site often
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  18. ODB said: You are a lucky man. Great body. Love the tits.
  19. said: a glorious body
  20. MARY JO said: Do you like haveing your cunt licked .
  21. said: I would pump a hotload deep inside that
  22. said: Just gets better and better ;)
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  27. bucknaked said: we have winner, no need to vote any more, 99.9% smoking all american pussy!!!!!
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  44. john. said: You must have a really small cock. cause that pussy looks freash.
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  46. DJCHAOS said: love the pussy pic
  47. DJCHAOS said: nice
  48. AssEater said: A Dirty Wife is the Best Wife!!
  49. Sculptor said: Would love to see this women standing and see her hot legs, ass and spine
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  52. Sculptor said: That is one sexy women… Great skin, core, hip bones , inner thighs, neck , breasts, arms shoulders , the works dude …
  53. Browser said: Tight, tight pussy…great body…10
  54. Undertaker said: However, if you knew someone with a little cock for me to have; i will change to a 10
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  62. Undertaker said: Had to give a 1. Dirty nails are a turnoff.

My slutty wife

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jun 19

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  1. jernaine said: I would love to fuck u sometime #love ur pussy
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  10. J R said: wow nice butt! ;)
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Fiance’s juicy strawberry

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jun 19

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What would you do with her?

  1. MARY JO said: Would love to get my tongue right inside your sweet wet cunt hole .
  2. playpen said: that’s more like a bruised plum. Just sayin’. Not that I don’t like it! I’d love to feel her squeeze every drop of cum from me
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  11. BWC said: That’s a rockin’ body!
  12. J R said: let her have 2 vintage cks..join in she looks ready now! lucky man indeed,,
  13. dd.eddie said: Suck her pussy inside out
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  15. Bill Carson said: Ram my cock in that pussy until she begged me to stop

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