My Wifes Tasty Parts

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 13


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It Tastes much better in person

  1. said: bend her over in that dress
  2. said: sweet hangin meat baby
  3. said: For petite woman she gifted. Bikini look good on her I bet.
  4. said: nice big clam – so sexy!
  5. dd.eddie said: Damn, i want you to sit on my face now!
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  10. 4172934140 said: i tried licking my phone!!! didnt do much!! i bet it does taste amazing!!!
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Freshly licked pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Nov 12


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Shaving makes me so hot, small gorgeous pussy with small lips that hide my cute little clit. Give it a lick, a suck, flick my clit and when you”re done, this is what you have. I need it sucked …..

  1. said: Simply beautiful…
  2. Hard for You said: When you’re all through playing around, let me know and I’ll fuck you raw. That’s what that pussy was made for.
  3. said: Iwould love to suck and blow on that.anytime
  4. J R said: never get tired of lick’en n tongue stroken that..never! thats a puss built for licken! ;) awesome post…MORE?
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  11. 69guy said: Niccee
  12. said: You have black thong. I have black belt. We have much in common.
  13. luckylic said: mak’in my mouth water:-) Sweet:-)
  14. GGSWA said: YUMMMM….i can eat u every night
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  19. ODB said: Nice meaty pussy. I’ll lick it for you…..although it’s deffo not “small”!
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  23. Pussy smasher said: That pussy looks very delecious
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  26. dd.eddie said: Im a veteran and I would volunteer and reenlist to do this for you daily!
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In the sharing mood

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 11


Rating: 3.59    (458 votes cast)

Please paint me with cum !!!! Beer can dick

  1. Biker Gil said: What now I hear you squirt !!!! Holy shit..You just keep getting fuck’n hotter and hotter !!!
  2. Biker Gil said: Just think of how many men you make rock hard everyday and the women you make wet ,all you have to do is show us your sexy body
  3. I the sharing mood said: Yes I can squirt fun you ask!!!!
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  5. Moderator said: I stand corrected.. must be hot, steamy, juicy and really sloppy inside.. does she take two??
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  18. Honestly !!! said: Not very attractive!!!!!!
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Back dat azz up

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 11

On All Fours.jpg

Rating: 3.96    (453 votes cast)

I love plowin’ my GF’s great MILF ass

  1. FatWang said: I could fuck that untill the cows come home
  2. stonybrookefilms said: Would love a shot at that.
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My virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 9


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  1. mdc said: just came all over your hot pussy
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  18. TheHammer said: Why can’t you rate anymore? Kind of the whole premise behind “Rate My Naughty!”
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In the sharing mood

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 9


Rating: 2.99    (360 votes cast)

I’ve been a bad girl and need some punishment how would you do it !!!

  1. I the sharing mood said: Wow I think that would make cum hard:)
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Wife’s Backdoor & Meat Curtains

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.31    (416 votes cast)
  1. J R said: dude…u dont use the browneye much..its got no milage for sure…butt awesome pkg..8.5 tnks for posting..;)
  2. Walter White said: 10. enough said
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  4. Mike said: I cant rate either, WTF?
  5. XYZ said: Boob Critic Nov. 4th. They’re BEAUTIFUL!
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  16. Ratemynaughty fan said: To see more check out “Wife’s Sexy Breasts” pic on boob critic posted 2 days ago. This is her…
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After MFM!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.57    (355 votes cast)

Wife’s swollen pussy after a threesome!

  1. badboy22 said: I’d slam my thick cock deep in that cum filled pussy, then slam it hard and watch all that cum squirt out of you till I add mine
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selfie as per request. Jolyn

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.56    (399 votes cast)

I took this for a friend.I think he’ll like it.

  1. Scott said: Jolyn Culver-sweet little pussy!
  2. Dan said: I love all your pussy pics Jolyn.Please post more! Btw-are you the same Jolyn “milf showing off outside” public nudity?
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  4. Jizz Meister said: We’d all like friends like you! Would me a Christmas card? *<:-)
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My Wife’s tight holes…..

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 8


Rating: 3.85    (361 votes cast)

She loves to play with toys… what would you give her?

  1. J R said: well after her night out on the town(previous post) shes overdue for 2 cks..dildo me in the bowneye n hubby gets head,sheneedsit
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