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Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 12

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Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 12

photo (2).jpg
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My 42 Year Old Wife

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 11

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Wife still gets me hard, and all the other guys too!!!

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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 11

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It’s only a waste because I didn’t get to taste it…

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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 11

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Wife before having her tight pussy fucked!

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GF sundae with caramel on top

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 11

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My Wife’s Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 11

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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 10

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Tightest pussy I’ve ever had and ahe cums like anime.. unreal

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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 10

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Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 10

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curious what y’all think of this pussy: age? heavy use? race?

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