Kiss my lips Part 2

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Requests for more pics of me… Miss 43 yr old!!

  1. J R said: looken fine wine vintage to darlin! ;)
  2. J R said: beautiful! i read your lips..may i speak in my tongue to your lips? hard 9 ;)
  3. Jay said: How about a pic of you bent over and two fingers in your ass? Just a thought ;)
  4. dd.eddie said: 43? looking fresh as 21!
  5. ryan said: Come to Buffalo NY I would love to please you baby.
  6. 13153800888 said: Anymore poses to share? Wanna rate my cock?
  7. Ray said: Awesome! Luv it
  8. Anonymous said: Sexy baby I wana taste your pussy
  9. said: dam girl that pussy is beautiful id eat that pussy like its candy then shove this 8 inch cock in u till that pussy was crying
  10. Johnnyonthespot said: Not sure what is wrong here?.. Maybe just poor lighting.
  11. said: You are of fire baby!
  12. clit man said: beutiful show us more
  13. Jay said: Miss Sexy 43! I love those lips, I take it you have a few pics of this fabulous pussy and body? Please lets see them ;) x
  14. said: You could sit on my face anytime.
  15. 4172934140 said: my god that is so hot!!!!
  16. Trev said: eh…edges look crunchy and are dark. “4”
  17. said: now that deserves one big lick from clit to poop pipe ;)
  18. said: What a nice pussy, eat that all night long!
  19. said: I would kiss those beautiful lips and tongue fuck your ass until you came all over my face! Would love to see more in email!!

Spread for you

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Tell me what you would do to my naughty horny pussy! Is it ugly? Be honest!

  1. said: are you kidding? of course you’re not ugly. your pussy is delicious, would love to try it
  2. biboobs said: I would love to lick your beautiful pussy!!!!!
  3. said: can I play? I would ravish you… would love it
  4. said: its as beautiful as the rest of your gorgeous body.. only thing missing is lots and lots of my cum dripping out of it
  5. said: I’d eat that till it turned white….dammmnnn
  6. Likescurves said: I’d fuck that until one of us was wore out beautiful
  7. said: id fuck your good pussy them cum on your nice tits
  8. said: Mmmmm breakfast lunch and dinner!
  9. said: It’s far from ugly baby, soo fucking hot!!! Email more please,
  10. J R said: juss lean back darlin n leave the driv’en to daddy! beautiful 10..well done
  11. Jay said: Pussy looks good! Tits look fantastic lets have a look at those too please
  12. dd.eddie said: no ugly here just a tongue magnet do i see!
  13. Lickit said: ur pussy soooo nice fab tits love to ride u all day
  14. Theresa said: wow nice tits!
  15. ryan said: I love your pussy and you have a great body
  16. Buck said: I’d ram my cock in it.
  17. tc said: great clam and tits
  18. Carolinacock said: everything looks inviting,post a shot from the back please
  19. Ray said: Awesome ! Luv it
  20. Browser said: Great pussy and tits!
  21. said: it needs a big creampie
  22. said: Wetness….. I mean… Lol
  23. said: Great shot.. Love it … Get closer next time too.. I wanna see your wartness
  24. OMG said: 3 tits??
  25. Dude guy said: Eew!!
  26. clit man said: beutiful want to see more
  27. 4172934140 said: not ugly at all!!! love those lips! could suck em all day
  28. said: cover it with cum then have you sit on my face till you cum over me ;) tits are exceptional
  29. said: Start by kissing and licking your sweet pussy,then slide my cock in and fuck you until warm cum dripped out of it! Email more!!
  30. said: I would lick and suck and cum all on your pussy

I can take two any day!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Double penetration baby! anyone down?? ;) ;)

  1. said: would love to operate those for you that way you can lay back and relax
  2. said: so hot…..
  3. J R said: i wonder if she would be interested in giving me oral while she rides those toys? nice!
  4. Jay said: My girl has glass toys too, but not in her ass :(
  5. Lickit said: Just get in touch lets fuck don’t be shy now. Xxx
  6. ryan said: I would love to be your black dildo !
  7. rt said: from texas im ready
  8. said: hell yeah baby. Im your man. Wanna trade some more private like?
  9. R said: You Deepthroat also? “SMOKENHOT”
  10. bjoker said: Looking good, damn good. Love your nice pussy!!!
  11. said: can i suck your toys clean /?
  12. said: Let’s replace one of those toys with my throbbing cock!! Show me more!!

my wet sweet pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Anyone want a taste? ;)

  1. said: yes would love to that’s a great appetizer finger food let’s trade a few pics
  2. Lickit said: if there was porthole I’d be there right now ploughing ur cunt and more xxx
  3. dave said: HELL YES …. :) 10++++ YUMMMMMMMMM
  4. ODB said: Wow. Tongue fuck that hole pls.
  5. clit man said: love to that is fucking hot
  6. 4172934140 said: i do
  7. said: wow love to fill to the top then tounge fuck u
  8. said: Would love to taste that sweet little honey hole and then fill you with warm cum!! Email more please!!
  9. rodymyr@yahoo said: hell Yea Babby Im In
  10. said: I would fill it up and then eat it

nice surprise

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Wife wanted me to hurry home from work

  1. J R said: sure hope it was good as it looks!
  2. said: i hope you got a speeding ticket
  3. said: Would love to bury my face in that pussy and not come up until she came all over my face!! Email more please!!

Scratch and sniff!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 3

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Only if you have smellivision lol

  1. The Bandit said: Great lips
  2. said: Incredible pussy, Let’s chat.
  3. said: Making my mouth water!! And my cock hard!!
  4. rich said: looks like a bassett hound!! WOOF WOOF
  5. J R said: wow thats a cute lil bugger for sure! ;)
  6. dd.eddie said: Lip smacking tongue dippin goodness
  7. Spike said: You from Kansas?
  8. Lickit said: Dam right lick and spread those lips then fuck u good
  9. Mr Good Cat said: smell like teen spirit now show let’s make it cum!!!
  10. said: Just to let you guys know this is the same pussy as “love playing with myself”
  11. Browser said: Nope…not happening
  12. Jizz Meister said: Just ripe for a good jizzing!
  13. Mr X said: Xmas turkey……?
  14. Joliet said: Please spread those phat lips
  15. dan said: not doin it for me. bit saggy.
  16. annie said: do you have one spreading these beautiful lips
  17. said: fuck me i would kill to have those lips slapping my face ;) beautiful
  18. said: I agree with Pussy Master,suck that pussy until you came in my mouth then fuck it until the cum’s dripping from it! Email more!!
  19. said: Nom nom nom nom nom
  20. Pussy Master said: Correction … Suck and Fuck
  21. said: llck and kiss

My little gizmo

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 2

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First timer so be gentle… both holes open for business. Tell me what you would do to my 32 year old momma holes :)

  1. said: nice pussy aint it lads!, get your cocks out and wank over it!
  2. spacedog said: lay waste to both of them, make you and me both have explosive orgasms
  3. Mike said: Your puss is beautiful I would love to see more from you.i would love to full that sweet pussy full of my man seed.
  4. im 18 said: virgin but i would try hard lol
  5. Biker Gil said: Hold it open just like that as I slide my rock hard beer can cock in it , wont fit in the other hot hole or will it ???
  6. Big brother said: I’d lick your ovaries
  7. said: come here i’d lick it
  8. said: WOW SEXY wud really luv to let my tounge an fingers send u crazy b4 i give u 12 inches of fun 4 hours XX CLIFF
  9. said: write me i want you!
  10. J R said: luv the HAIR..dont ever shave that! haha
  11. J R said: darline auto 10..luv the Hair..awesome pkg! looken kinda vintage too! nuthen little do i C! is that made in USA? 10 post more!!!
  12. RockMeHard said: Myself, have you been shit on by women because your hung like a mouse? No pussy will be tight on your pencil.
  13. ryan said: You make me hungry .
  14. Myself said: Looks like you gave birth to a midget.. Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.Only for really desperate people..
  15. RockMeHard said: would love to put my hard cock deep in either hole,nothing better then a seasoned mature fuck hole. very nice
  16. Jizz Meister said: Have an incredible urge to lick your lovely little pee hole…
  17. Mr X said: One thing that is not is “little”
  18. said: fucks your pussy and my cock fills with blood swelling to my maximum
  19. said: bury my face in your sweet fuck hole kissing and sucking as my finger taps on your bum hole slowly entering you as my tounge
  20. skinny said: Delicious. Love the hairy asshole. Nothing wrong with a semi-stretched momma cunny. More plzzz. Asshole gape pic? :)
  21. moisturemissile said: The bush is interesting and so is the term gizmo.
  22. SamSneed said: Move your fingers and let see how meaty that pussy really is..
  23. gaterslap said: that’s huge
  24. KMD said: fist it …
  25. said: that is one nice looking pussy and arse hole fucking love vit mm .
  26. said: big hole to fill
  27. kit said: I would fuck it all night long, make you drip cum for a week. nice holes… husband has u well trained to fuck
  28. Dave said: Lick, Fuck and Suck ….. WOW very nice 10++++
  29. SAM said: It does look very yummy, but not so “little”. But I still like it.
  30. said: perfect 10, would love to chat and see more of you
  31. said: Can I get a pair of your worn panties?
  32. 4172934140 said: absolutely anything you want me to!!! soooo hot
  33. Whoknows said: That is one beautiful spread, Id love on you until you couldn’t breath from exhustion
  34. said: Very Very Sexy. I am 32 yr From SLC UT I would love to have your gizmo for lunch. Do you think the hubby would care if tasted
  35. irishman said: i would fill both holes with my baby making juice, then eat your pussy for breakfast
  36. Alex said: stretched out….nah. “3”
  37. said: First thing to do would be kiss lick and taste both sexy hole then see how …. They stretch
  38. dd.eddie said: Well momma is getting her hole eaten like a baby suckin her tittie!
  39. said: Lick,suck and fuck both holes then drop a warm load in either one! Would love to see more!
  40. K said: I would enthusiastically and repeatedly insert my penis into them.
  41. Markus said: Your so hot! Wana put my Dick in your sweet snatch. ;)
  42. Jlr said: Looks very tight… I’d hit it
  43. said: Your momma holes are a PERFECT 10 in my eyes, you would make any man proud to have you by their side.
  44. Jay said: Superb! Why have you waited so long Miss Gizmo? You need to share your pics regularly. ;) very nice mmmm
  45. ukarmy said: id tease you with my tongue then deep penetration then to fast hard deep frantic fucking making you orgasm constantly :)

Smooth Asian Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 2

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I’ve shaved ever since the day hair started growing.

  1. said: Beautiful, one of the nicest I’ve seen on here and I consider myself a bit of an expert! Lol. Vxox
  2. bluedragon said: that needs to be fucked loose, looks too tight.
  3. said: love you on every site
  4. Larry said: I love eat pussy
  5. Dj quiksilver said: Well I must say it has worked ! Your pussy is def smooth and beautiful so keep up the great work and keep the pics cumming !
  6. Markus said: Such a fine Picture.. Thanx for that.. Tasty…
  7. said: i love asian pussy… let me massage you… all over.
  8. doug said: it looks so good im just not sure i would fit
  9. said: so pretty!
  10. J R said: id sure like to C that in full BUSH!!! ;)
  11. ryan said: I would love an ass picture
  12. Blaser said: the best pussy I’ve ever seen
  13. said: Amazing pussy!!!! MORE!!!! ;)
  14. said: One fine pussy to tongue and then stuff it with my rock hard cock.
  15. RedRobin said: tired of these completely bald pussies, “1”
  16. said: assian pussy = best pussy ever, send my more pls
  17. josh said: please let me have it.i’ll becarful.its beautiful
  18. said: wow perfectly maintained :) does it taste as good as it looks x?
  19. said: wanna see the tits and face and ass that goes withthis beautiful puusy
  20. Mike said: Milk my cock you slut!
  21. moisturemissile said: Mmmm. Yummy. It’s all very good.
  22. gr8chef said: not even my cooking could taste this good babe
  23. Lickit said: Let me pleasure ur tight pussy. And more xxx
  24. kimber said: delicious tight lil pussy
  25. Lickit said: Just Devine babe all u now need is one us to pleasure ur tight pussy. And more xxx
  26. said: Wow one of the most beautiful pussy I ever seen yummy love Asian pussy
  27. Browser said: Yummy….10
  28. 4172934140 said: amazing!!!!
  29. said: Wow that is very sexy
  30. dd.eddie said: bless U! and have you been licked and eaten since that 1st day? Mmmm so good!
  31. said: Would love to lick from your pussy to your ass and then have you tell me which hole to slide my cock in!
  32. Jay said: Perfection Nough said

Love playing with myself

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 2

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I love playing with vaginas. Good thing I have one

  1. said: Pierce that hood…please! Yummy….
  2. Capt. Nemo said: What a magnificent clit and a gorgeous pussy
  3. said: You have a magnificent pussy. Kissing, licking, sucking and fucking would be a delight.
  4. said: i can play with that clit better then you ever could….. try me
  5. J R said: wow! theres that cute lil bugger again! nice! ;)
  6. butch said: Awsome
  7. K said: It’s coming right for me!
  8. skinny said: excellent attitude. Vaginas are a wonderful toy & deserve to be fondled.
  9. said: fuck me with your clit baby as im a naughty cunt;) best clit ever x
  10. ODB said: Great clit. Would love to roll that around with my tongue x
  11. moisturemissile said: I love playing with pussies , too. Your’s is prime. Great lips and clit.
  12. said: Sorry Alex no photoshop my wife is tanned.
  13. said: just amazing lips and clit baby!
  14. 8082827936 said: awesome, call for love cannon invasion n screaming orgasms!!
  15. Lickit said: Ur pussy needs urgent attention
  16. kimber said: mmmmmm nice
  17. Lickit said: Ur clit is calling me lick and flick and role my tongue hmmmm then fuck ur pussy hard
  18. Browser said: Nice clit…Can I play with it too?
  19. 4172934140 said: i do too!!!
  20. Alex said: nice photoshop on the pussy lips…dark skin with pink lips…doesn’t happen
  21. said: Me too and you just helped….a lot!!
  22. dd.eddie said: I lveo tasting vaginas; sadly i must asked to taste them. Will you offer please?
  23. said: Keep those beautiful lips spread and allow me to lick and suck that beautiful clit!
  24. Jay said: Holy clitoviginalation Batman! Can I have a slurp on that fabulous puss please, love the bean lady ;)
  25. Jesty said: Me and the wife love this pic!

hey sexy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Aug 2

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cum fuck me like a little slut

  1. Bob said: A great fuck I want to jerk off now
  2. said: ill cum fuck you like a lil slut id like to find out just how dirty of a slut you are. hot body
  3. said: I want to play
  4. Dan said: Would love too
  5. said: Jess is that u damn would love I mash that pussy again
  6. said: u’d only need me sexy thats if u r genuine keep some more pussy bush u look gorgeous honey xx
  7. said: i want you!
  8. J R said: great smile! looks european..strong hips..built for good breeding stock ! ;)
  9. ryan said: Ass picture please!
  10. Jeff said: Wow the things I wanna do to you
  11. said: love to make u my cum slut sexy
  12. moisturemissile said: You’re definitely fuckable.
  13. SamSneed said: Open your legs up and let’s see it
  14. Jack Mehoff said: can I fuck your rmouth?
  15. said: prefect slit…would love to see more and cum in you
  16. Lickit said: Sure thing lets fuck rest and fuck again
  17. said: If i were a docter i would say ”lay down” and if i were a dentist i woud say ”open wide”
  18. Browser said: Looks tasty…
  19. 4172934140 said: put those legs up to ur head so i can see both ur holes
  20. said: Very sexy I would love to fu k you
  21. dd.eddie said: if you were a lil slut that bed would be spattered in cum shots from lots of friends!
  22. said: Spread it and show us your beautiful pussy!

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