My girls pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Sep 18

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My girls want to fuck her pussy

  1. spacedog said: let them have it
  2. dd.eddie said: you have other girls with strap-ons? Oh i get it, well I WANT IT!
  3. Jay said: Built for sex, great body, fantastic tits! Your girl has to show us more, would be a shame not to
  4. Michealharding said: Nice firm tits and sweet little pussy. I likey
  5. boob pro said: u really need a comment ? just fuck that!!!!!!
  6. boob pro said: wow
  7. said: Love to spit roast her with you mate
  8. said: Hot pussy I’m ready to fill it like to see more
  9. 4172934140 said: sexy body and pussy!!!

Barbera’s college pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 17

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College gets boring and sometimes I’d love to have someone here to suck and lick on this pussy of mine. ;)

  1. said: How much would I love to assist you in relieving your boredom!!!
  2. Biker Gil said: Have you ever had a cock in it ?? Love to stretch it with my 27 year old beer can cock
  3. dd.eddie said: and where do i enroll in Barb’s college? MORE! :D
  4. Michealharding said: Seriously how do you have a problem with that. Ill do it right now! Suck, lick, fuck repeat.
  5. said: MN guy would love to see more of this sexy body. 10 rating from me. inbox me
  6. said: love bald pussymmmm
  7. Jizz Meister said: OMG, I’d love to be your slave…
  8. Gloverboy6 said: I totally understand, lemme know when and where ;D
  9. Mike said: Holy shit that’s a sexy pussy
  10. said: I would love to muff your pussy to climax and then fuck you doggy style in your dorm room with my hard cock.
  11. said: I word sweet. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jay said: Good to see you’ve posted again Barbera ;) great pussy you have there! Keep those pics coming gorgeous :)
  13. said: Beautiful
  14. said: just tell me when and where. I will cum right over.
  15. said: Yummy!!! I’m ready to cum over n play!!:-)
  16. Mandingo said: Im in college too, in california. What about you?
  17. Peter said: love to eat you
  18. said: drop me an email and we can arrange something for next time you’re bored ;)
  19. said: name the plac
  20. jack said: awesome pussy, looks tight. would love to sneak in your college dorm room and fuck you before and after class…!!!
  21. J R said: education cums first! luv the caption! ;) GREAT posts thus far! looks soooo likken good! 10
  22. RickJamesBiotch said: Fo sure!!! I’d tap that ass! I’d prolly last 2 tree minutes!
  23. Looker said: Wow would have went to college if I knew it was like this!!! Very very nice.
  24. G said: Pretty pussy! Trade some pics?
  25. montanabigwood said: looks like a virgin asshole
  27. said: Damn I’d eat that for days. Sweet little ass too
  28. said: I would love to lick every part of you.looks delicious!
  29. whoa der said: want to talk and exchange pictures?
  30. johnnyonthespot said: 1st!…i love to eat pussy like urs..looks tasty
  31. said: Tell me where you are so I can pack and head that way!! Would love to see more of that pussy!!
  32. said: I’ll lick and suck an play wif ur pusi :)
  33. ACE said: Name the place Doll! You look delicious!! ;)
  34. said: I’m your man would love to suck and fuck that pussy!!
  35. said: i wld eat ur pussy nd make u cum
  36. Rjewel said: I’d lick it from asshole to clit n only come up for air.
  37. muffdiver said: me me me pick me
  38. said: I will anytime
  39. said: Hey guys thanks again for posting my pic! If this one gets a higher rating than my last one (8.6) then I’ll keep more coming!!!
  40. 4172934140 said: that pussy and asshole are amazing barbera

Look Good?

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 17

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53 yo former Marine. I still got it! ;)

  1. hnggg said: If you were UK I’d eat that all night, nothing I love more than an older woman
  2. dd.eddie said: DAMN! i want to hunker down in your foxhole. TY for your service, think about community service for retired 55yo USAF
  3. JB said: What the heck is THAT!
  4. said: Can I have u i love fat pussy it inbox me more
  5. Dawg said: How’d you like an Army cock to fill that wonderful pussy of yours?
  6. Jay said: Lets see you bent over showing your ass and lips off please
  7. said: wod lov ur cunt on my face ummmz !
  8. said: Nice
  9. tmack said: drop and let me give u 50 lickings! hoo-rah! ;)
  10. Dave said: Whoya
  11. J R said: MCRD Parris Is..1970.. request to view another post from you…lick U silly i wont blink! ;) juicy 10 want to see more ok! ;)
  12. RickJamesBiotch said: Open that beauty up and let me see were to make my deposit!
  13. RickJamesBiotch said: Hell yes! I would love to spray paint the inside of those lovely lips!!!!
  14. tbone said: semper fi, former drill instructor would drill that
  15. planeboy said: semper fi!!
  16. Mr X said: Fuck…’d need military training to find your way out of that. HUGE pussy…..
  17. Too me!!!! said: Nooo
  18. ShyGuy said: Mmmmm yes you do! -_^
  19. Jesty said: Wow that thing is looking good. You into blk dck?
  20. said: Yes it does look good!!! Would love to have that mature pussy on my face and cock!! Show me more!!
  21. said: Can’t see it
  22. 4172934140 said: you do!!!! looks tasty!!! spread it baby!!

My girlfriends pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 17

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Would you fuck it?

  1. said: I want to fuck your beautiful cameltoe and eat you clean
  2. dd.eddie said: Only if i could eat it first
  3. Gloverboy6 said: After a good licking/sucking ;D
  4. Jay said: Would i!! Lets see her with her legs open, show that tremendous pussy off. Or bent over showing her lips n ass ;)
  5. said: B my pleasure
  6. tmack said: 10!! perfect! it’s smiling at me!
  7. RickJamesBiotch said: Impossible, if she doesn’t spread those legs! Show me something!
  8. planeboy said: yes maam!
  10. ODB said: Would you watch?
  11. said: Only after licking and sucking it to open it up,then I’d give it a good pounding!! Open it up so we can see it!!
  12. 4172934140 said: absolutely!!! open it all the way up!!!

my horny wife

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Sep 17

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Who wants to cum play

  1. alisha said: lovely can i taste your wife lol
  2. Mr X said: I’ll cum play…and fuck that pussy whilst she sucks you. Thne we can DP her. I’ll finish in her mouth. Sound good?
  3. said: Would Love to eat and fuck that pussy.. Looks so f… juicy..
  4. said: mmm…perfect pussy
  5. Jay said: Wow that looks gooood. A little hair for show and the rest all shaven, perfect. Nice and tight lets see more, maybe bent over?
  6. said: Wow, would love to cum over and see how horny we can make her
  7. said: Me!! Sign me up!! I’d pound and cum on both holes! Yummylicious!:)
  8. Mr. Diggler said: what a pretty pussy! very lucky..
  9. jack said: hot pussy. definately a 9.999999999999
  10. J R said: gosh that looks tite! ;)
  11. RickJamesBiotch said: A pussy that fine. Must, make beautiful baby’s!
  12. Clit licker said: HOPE YOU GET LICKED OUT EVERY NIGHT .
  13. Mr X said: I’ll fuck…..she sucks. You fuck, I’ll get sucked. Sound good?
  14. clitman said: lost for words STUNNING wow wow fucking wow
  15. said: Nice clean slit.
  16. said: Love to see more of your horny wife
  17. said: Looks nice and tight! Would love to lick,suck and fuck that pussy!! Show me more!!
  18. ACE said: I’d love to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock!
  19. Rjewel said: I’d eat that all day n all night long
  20. 4172934140 said: i wanna fill that light little pussy up!!!

Wet pussy for you

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 16

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Rear view of wife. What do ou think?

  1. me said: thats one hairy asshole
  2. danie said: very nice
  3. jack said: which hole do i fuck first? both are fucking awesome
  4. J R said: lucky hubby! both pics are 10 vintage hot fine wine darlin…can a better post be done? ;) umm dunno..;)10
  5. Mr X said: Hairy asshole. Not a nice look on a women…..?
  6. said: Looks stunning, love to taste both those holes
  7. who? said: nice wife…
  8. anon said: Nice view, would love a taste! Lets see the full package with tits
  9. said: I think I want to fuck her and watch my cream drip out
  10. said: allow me to lick both sexy holes!!
  11. Dik said: SHAVE!!!!!!
  12. 4172934140 said: looks like a tasty asshole and pussy!!!
  13. said: Nice ass shot sexy pussy
  14. said: very nice , more please (tits)

my sexy wife

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 16

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  1. Hard4U said: San Andreas Fault?
  2. dd.eddie said: You know it is so hard to define sexy with a puss n fingers, pan further away. This is YUM
  3. said: Love to chuck a load in that
  4. PcS said: that’s a cute pink phat pussy. id love to command thatt ass. id makr u my slampiece.
  5. said: nice pussy more cushion for the pushing luv it post more maybe with a dildo??
  6. johnnywad said: looks like a gofer hole.damn thats a lot of lips
  7. Jesty said: Lets see that thing closed
  8. by_sex said: kik me;; by_sex
  9. Alan said: Looks like you can fist that pussy real easy
  10. ASSHOLE said: What’s up with all the big girls ?????????
  11. said: tasty

Ready for fun

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 16

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getting ready for a good fuck, anyone want to assist

  1. haha said: everyone thinks this chick is hot u probably need a bag to cover her face
  2. dd.eddie said: Yes, roll over and let me get the other hole for you; oops i slipped
  3. said: Mmmm but that’s not fair your there I’m here so fuck her hard for me. Please xx
  4. said: :)
  5. PcS said: nice phat pussy. id like to play with it. id make you my slampiece.
  6. anon said: You wouldn’t need that with me gorgeous! Lets see you with some oil on your tits and ass please
  7. said: Love to help out and fuck that pussy
  8. said: would love to! would not need the lube after I was done tongue fucking her!!
  9. JOCK said: TAG TEAM!!!! I am in!!!!
  10. 4172934140 said: im in!!
  11. said: Oh yeah

More of My 42 Year Old Wife

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 15

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Super tight and tastes like honey!

  1. said: lucky man, your wifes pussy is delecious!, i’m gonna wank over it!
  2. said: Amazin’ clit…I love it
  3. ODB said: Amazing clit. Pussy like a small flower. Lucky man.
  4. rangtang1 said: you are a lucky guy..
  5. muffdiver said: great clit
  6. anon said: Very sexy!
  7. 4172934140 said: its not supposed to taste like honey!!! should taste a little like pussy!!! very nice though!!!
  8. dd.eddie said: Enjoy that now, use it all you can… YUM
  9. said: Damn tight looking pussy for a 42 sexy! Man work that shit.
  10. Jesty said: Those dark lips would look nice stretched
  11. jess said: why does it look l ike she has poo around her clit?
  12. Jay said: Fantastic pussy, bravo! Post more of this fine woman’s lips
  13. said: mmmm I wanna taste dat pussy I wanna make it squirt
  14. said: I love how tasty your wife looks!!
  15. RickJamesBiotch said: Damn that looks super tight! Never had kids to wreck it?
  16. jackattack said: your one lucky man she is amazing
  17. said: Amazing clit, love to wank her of with my nose
  18. said: Would love to lick,suck and fuck that beautiful pussy!! Email more please!
  19. said: Wow only thing missing is my cock to fill it up
  20. said: love to lick that

21 Year old GF pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Sep 15

pussy slit.jpg
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waiting for my dick

  1. said: that is a cute beaver
  2. dave said: waiting for my dick? why only one… get a group of guys to fuck the hell out of you… and distory that pussy.
  3. That guy said: Snausages!!!
  4. said: Stunning!!! Let’s see more!!!:-)
  5. said: could suck that all day
  6. 4172934140 said: looks tasty
  7. dd.eddie said: Well ‘my dick’ is right her.. Girl this is 1 AWESOME naughty! More please
  8. HS said: Pretty
  9. Jizz Meister said: Lovely…Mmmm
  10. said: I wanna see that pulled open! lovely little pussy!
  11. J R said: post a rearview of that can ya arrange it? ;)
  12. J R said: thats 21? i hope your dk’en that everyday..if not someone else will be! ;) 10 beautiful massive clit yumm
  13. Jay said: Wish she was waiting for my dick
  14. said: beautiful can I av a taste
  15. said: wow run my tongue on that sexy pussy and slip my cock right in
  16. said: Don’t make her wait to long or sum dirty bastard will fill it for you
  17. said: Wait no longer,allow me to slide my cock in that pretty pink pussy!!
  18. said: That pussy looks ready to get fucked
  19. said: yum yum that’s lush
  20. said: dinner is served your dick is here

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