Ready To Slide Down Something Big

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Mar 5


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Ready To Slide Down Something Big

  1. said: yes you are want to see e me please youd love my cock for riding long and hard probley fall in love with me
  2. said: You can slide down on me anytime baby
  3. said: You can slide down my thick 8inch cock anytime x
  4. hunter said: bet you cant reach the bottom . lol be fun trying
  5. said: Omg, stunning, more please
  6. said: would like to see a little more of the tattoo..
  7. said: Slide in top of my cock babe than ride me until I fill your pussy
  8. dd.eddie said: Must be my tongue… above the toilet bowl no doubt
  9. :) said: Awesome. You can try me on anytime. love the tattoo.
  10. said: How about my cock? Love to have you riding my cock.

Lippy Chelsea

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Mar 4


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Best pussy ever…she loves fisting!

  1. Biff Raggoo said: I could fuck that all day long
  2. 9207072474 said: i would give anything to make you cum all over my face an cock! sexy sexy want more!
  3. said: i want to bend you over and eat ur ass!
  4. said: beatiful asshole snd pussy perfect want to share pics e me
  5. J R said: wow thats a monster puss for sure…
  6. said: Let’s see a better pic
  7. said: Let’s see the action she likes!
  8. ACE said: Gorgeous set of holes Doll!! Looks like you would taste & smell amazing. Would love an evening with U!
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  10. brown boa said: youl love my brown cock when i fuck uou silly!
  11. said: Love to see that ;)
  12. said: So sexy a perfect 10
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  14. GGSWA said: love fisting? it looks too tight for fisting. Perfect 10 pussy tight ass great lips
  15. lucky lic said: Where do you find a girl like that ? 10 + :-)
  16. ODB said: Amazing pussy & ass. Would lick, fist & fuck that all nite
  17. said: I agree with 417…would love to fist her pussy while licking her ass!
  18. kyle said: that must be a small fist cuz that looks like a tight fit
  19. dd.eddie said: I’d bury my fist, lick it clean,, then try to insert my entire head inside; nose 1st! YUM :D
  20. BBC said: Let’s try and see if she can take 12in of my black cock and then will see if she can take my fist
  21. 4172934140 said: I want to fist that pussy while licking that asshole!!

In the sharing mood

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Mar 4


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The original clam chowder cum get a taste ! Any takers

  1. said: i love the ass hair yum
  2. said: I think that’s the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen
  3. said: I think that’s the prettiest pussy I
  4. said: yes would love to share pics e me please
  5. J R said: post more of some “oyster stew” thats beautiful..been a cold winter needs some hot lobster meat..
  6. J R said: i like new england…luv the fall there..clam chowder too! darlin let gampa give gamma some oyster crakers with that k? 10more!
  7. said: wouldn’t want to share you with anyone .all mine
  8. said: me first.please post more please
  9. dude said: Love that slippery pink
  10. @ Lydia said: Just wondering are you always a bitch?
  11. gemma said: any chance of a taste?x
  12. said: Yeah right up your shit box as you wank your cunt for me with a big toy
  13. said: Want some hollandaise sauce to go with that?
  14. rocker1960.rq@ said: want to lick and suck that hot pussy into a squirting orgasm and then fuck it hard until i creampie her
  15. said: love that pussy can i have it inbox me more
  16. said: Beautiful pussy, I’d love to taste you
  17. lydia said: we have seen this picture posted heaps, post something new, its boring
  18. said: Keep those lips spread babe I’m gonna fuck your pussy
  19. said: beautiful pussy ummmm
  20. said: beautiful and wet! i’d love to run my tongue round those lips
  21. said: beautiful pussy love to lick you e me few more please
  22. said: now that looks tasty wish I could come and please that pussy
  23. lucky lic said: I wouldn’t miss a drop :-) MMMM Good!
  24. said: He would love to have her sit her clam on my face so I can bury my in it!! Love to see more!!
  25. said: yeah I’ll ava taste :)
  26. said: I can give you mutiple, continous Oooo’s. sweet pussy.
  27. dd.eddie said: Where is the white cream sauce? hers? this looks like maryland crab.. still delicious!
  28. 4172934140 said: I’m in!! looks like a very nice pussy!!!

Leaking Cum

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Mar 4


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could use some more

  1. said: would love to fill your asshole as well is that ok i be gentle
  2. said: wow
  3. said: Wow would like to help & clean you up after
  4. Joe said: Some lucky bastard got to pound it. Wish it was me.
  6. said: I’ll fuck your pussy and add more cum to that beautiful pussy
  7. said: i can add to that for you if you like?
  8. said: ok il go next
  9. said: Gladly give her a load of mine…just let me know when and where!!
  10. said: I would luv to add another big load in that pretty pussy
  11. dd.eddie said: How about 39more loads, 1 for each hot year!

used and swollen pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3


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41 years old

  1. Jon said: Used and swollen? Looks like whoever used it didnt do that good of a job!
  2. said: I would fill that pussy full of cum if I used it !!
  3. said: asshole looks ready now e me gew pics please
  4. dd.eddie said: Oh my.. did she get a chance to bump pussies with a japanese woman? Would love to see a picture of them together.. :D
  5. 4172934140 said: I would love to eat that 41 yo pussy and asshole!!
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  8. said: Damn that is hot. would love to see more of your wife
  9. said: That sure is purdy! Where do I sign up for the taste test?
  10. said: She laughs when she talks about her Asian following, observing that when she visited Japan in 2010, she was unprepared for the
  11. dd.eddie said: WOW so smooth and delicious looking. Skin appears to be that of a 20yo!
  12. said: tasty!! and so wet!!
  13. said: Does not look to used to me,would love to have your wet pussy riding my cock! Love to see more!

Wet and ready

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3


Rating: 3.32    (638 votes cast)
  1. said: love this picture, would love to see more 10+
  2. Freel said: Love those lips, back up a bit and get your anus in your next pics…
  3. said: Love those pussy lips e me more from behind love to fuck you from behind
  4. said: nice you need a thick cock e me if you like to see what id use on you
  5. 4172934140 said: very nice lips!!
  6. Bhubb said: Damn let’s see the read of that ass if the pussy looks like that at swap some
  7. said: Love big lips & yours look like some of the best on here, could you hold them open for me
  8. said: Looks inviting! Wouldn’t mind looking at the whole thing.
  9. Billy-Fred said: Love to lick that clit then fuck you hard doggy
  10. said: Part your pussy lips with my tongue and lick you to orgasm,then slide my cock in and fill you up with a warm load!!

MissTease suckin’ cock at the party

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3


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Sucking on a mouthful just before getting another mouthful

  1. R said: where is the party
  2. said: now thats so sexy! hell yeah write me!
  3. J R said: a good redhead woman! beautiful she is!
  4. said: My dick is hard and ready for all your holes!
  5. Mordo said: I would love to see myself and two other people fucking all of her holes and finishing on her face and in her mouth. ;D
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  7. said: Love to be fucking your pussy from behind while your blowing him e me some from behind
  8. said: realy pretty face to cum big on as well
  9. said: nice if you could use a thicker shaved cock e me please
  10. said: She is a naughty girl ;) but we love her
  11. said: Now why wasn’t I invited??? She looks like a champ!
  12. timmy said: I would love to suck him too !
  13. dd.eddie said: really starting to love MsTease a whole lot.. MFA and now here. She can really work it! 10! :D
  14. said: man wish that was me
  15. said: I’d gladly stand in line to let her suck my cock next!!

can you fit?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3

tmp_pic_40 - Copy-117090776.jpg

Rating: 3.59    (619 votes cast)

My girlfriends tight little pussy loves to be spread by a thick cock. tell me what youd do to her ;)

  1. ghightjr@gmail .com said: probally not fit all way
  2. said: i wanna to play!
  3. said: I’d bust a nut in fine little hole and then watch drain when I was done
  4. 4172934140 said: make that pussy gape and drip my load out!!
  5. said: Wow, first suck & lick her sweet pussy till she was wet enough to take my fat cock to my balls as you drop your balls in her mo
  6. said: Nice crack!
  7. dd.eddie said: Well my 7″ isnt very thick but i would love ot fold it in half for her making it overstuff lielbasa thick! :D
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  9. BBC said: I would fuck her till she cums on my 12in black cock and make you clean her sweet cum off my cock then fuck her till full

Sweet tasting

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3


Rating: 3.48    (569 votes cast)

Muscle car cunt

  1. J R said: lucky bastid dude! haha
  2. J R said: wow my kind of woman..10 ! does a reach around like that and pulls’em aside! post MORE ! awesome HOT like to C more 10
  3. nice spread said: ..and it’s obviously a t-top firebird or camaro. is that a Case knife?
  4. said: Love to stick me tongue in both holes first than fuck both holes and fill them both full of cum
  5. Pam said: What kinda car???
  6. said: both holes look nice for thick muscle cock e me gew pics please
  7. 4172934140 said: i bet that tastes amazing!!!!
  8. Bhubb said: Holy shit that’s amazing ass and pussy lets see some more at swap some
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  10. :) said: Awesome, Sweet Ass and pussy. what kind of muscle car is that??
  11. dd.eddie said: Mmmm cant get much better pussy and new car smell!
  12. said: Set your pussy on my face and let me tongue fuck both holes before driving my cock deep in either one!!

my little clit

Amateur pic posted on Monday Mar 3


Rating: 2.81    (541 votes cast)
  1. said: i want to give ur clit a blowjob
  2. said: Big clits are the best
  3. said: if I started with that lovely clit I wouldn’t stop until you cum on my tongue :)
  4. Jimbo said: Love that clit. Just beautiful.
  5. MichaelHarding said: Not that it’s a bad thing baby, but that’s no small clit. I’d like to tongue fuck you then stuff that pussy with my 8.5
  6. 4172934140 said: would love to nibble on that!!!
  7. jb said: what a clit and used pussy
  8. said: Looks delicious, perfect to suck ;l
  9. johnny said: I just love these scratch & sniff pics
  10. said: looks really amazing baby! tasty and wetty lips too
  11. dd.eddie said: Awespome picture; I’m suckin this one for a long time cumming
  12. T said: Looks diseased
  13. said: mmmmm tastey
  14. said: Would love to lick and flick that pretty little clit!! Love to see more!!

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