Kiss the Tip

Amateur pic posted on Monday Aug 26

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The first kiss to a mind-blowing bj.

  1. luvittight said: guess he’s having a hard time getting it up for his sister
  2. Bill said: you can suck me anytime . let’s get together !
  3. t said: Must be her first, she’ll be gone soon tiny. Maybe wrap some masking tape around that thing and attach a roller pin to the end.
  4. AnonymouslyRandom said: I was going to make a comment about the size too, but reality is hes still got the hot blonde
  5. NaughtyCritic said: Damned hot blonde! 9/10
  6. said: you guys are dumb as shit i mean really, the average woman is only 5 to 6 inches deep
  7. Mr. Diggler said: @ Daver. lol. I was thinking the ssme exact thing!
  8. chris said: whats wrong with you man you havnt even got a boner haha
  9. turner said: not only is his cock tiny it looks limp too haha
  10. daver said: Haha its so funny the way the guy with his dick in the picture keeps posting comments under difarent names in self defence :)
  11. Mr. Diggler said: I can’t tell if she has man hands or if it’s just the comical size of his dick making her hands look that way.
  12. said: On the size of her tits–More than a mouthfull is a waste and the the size of his dick– my wife asked me to give her 6 and make
  13. J R said: how much did that $bj cost U dude?
  14. Jay said: What’s the guys dick size all about, who cares how big it is?! I see that every bloke lookin at this has a nine inch cock? :/
  15. said: She definitely has a nice set of tits! Would love to see more of her!
  16. Chris said: She’s pretty sexy Lets focus on what we wanna see and not guys dick sizes lol
  17. Spike said: Nice dick sucker!
  18. Freel said: Guy might not have a huge dick… but his cum is inside her stomach!
  19. TigerJack said: Yall are more worried about the man’s dick size than the girl in the picture…congratulations you have caught the Gay…
  20. said: all you faggots are probably jealouse you dont have a woman that hot sucking on your dick..haters
  21. said: funny every one says this guy has a small dick but your on this website and every one knows your dick is just as big probably
  22. Lewis said: at least the guys getting some action, fairplay to him
  23. horny said: seems like all u blokes think ur dicks are huge…the fact remains his woman is hot…
  24. Johnnyonthespot said: He’s getting sucked off by a pretty attractive girl. Why does everyone focus on his dick?
  25. said: Love to see her pussy!!
  26. Jay said: She’s very pretty, don’t need you in shot fella. Please post this beauty again.
  27. Jake said: I gave you the 10 for being daring and how hot she looks, I would cum with her so fast
  28. Jane M said: Does that dick available in man-size
  29. said: LOOKS SO FAMILAR!!
  30. Gloverboy6 said: HOT
  31. said: Man…. Nice
  32. BS said: This really has to be one of the smallest dicks I have seen posted…
  33. leon said: nice tits n mouth, how bout my cock next
  34. Dick said: Damn that’s a little dick…. Pretty gay to shave like that too!
  35. dd.eddie said: Damn, she appears to be smokin hot. No shot from the side by an interested girlfriend?
  36. buttlicker said: you have a small dick jackass

Wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 25

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Wifey’s tight pussy!

  1. said: Love her to grip my cock in her pussy
  2. Mr. Diggler said: oh my God that is a nice FUCKING pussy
  3. said: ohhhhh yes i want
  4. Thick dick said: Said dam that’s dime piece all day
  5. Jizz Meister said: Please thank your wife for showing us her gorgeous little gem.
  6. said: Gorgeous kitty!!! Yummylicious! I want to see more!!!:-)
  7. said: Love to smash that
  8. Gloverboy6 said: Sexy panties
  9. said: Hot!!!
  10. said: would love to have a piece of that
  11. moisturemissile said: Panties to the side, ready to dive in. Nice.
  12. Tank said: I’d love to lick her, hot pussy, amazing
  13. Johnson's Biggs said: Beautiful
  14. SAM said: Your wife has an excellent looking pussy.
  15. 4172934140 said: that thing is tiny!!!
  16. said: want that

Wife’s lovely ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 25

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Interested to know if anyone thinks she is fuckable

  1. said: think we should have a hairiest pussy contest
  2. said: Very much so
  3. stevo said: nice pussy
  4. jennyjameson said: I get hard just reading about what you would like to do to her
  5. Jizz Meister said: Of course she is – eminently – nice derrière. Would love to bury my face in it, for starters…
  6. said: Super fuckable!! Sign me up! I wanna see more!!:-)
  7. Ummhmm said: Yes everyday! And twice on Saturday!
  8. mike loves veronica said: want to hook up for a spicy 3 way? cum see me in ft mcmurray.
  9. pussy pyranha said: i would like to smash that coconut and make a smoothie with its nectar.
  10. jennyjameson said: Thanks for the appreciation, she is definitely up for a good fucking
  11. dd.eddie said: A nice ass and any pussy is totally fuckable…!
  12. Balls deep said: I would like to crack that coconut and suck its juice
  13. said: Nice peach bottom…love to spank that and then go deep inside it
  14. moisturemissile said: I’m gonna nibble on that furry coconut.
  15. Metalhead said: Do you live in the upper midwest? I’ll give it a run and write a review for you!
  16. walt said: can i fuck it
  17. Big Dipper said: There seems to be a furry coconut sticking out?

Nice and tight

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 25

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Getting ready to fuck myself hard and deep. You like?

  1. said: Wow wish I was that toy
  2. said: Like doesn’t cut it Love would be the word. When you need a real cock inbox me!
  3. said: I can fuck you better instead!
  4. said: I love! Would like to lick ur pussy, then slide my cock in and make u moan! More please….
  5. said: I love! Wish I were there. Wanna share?
  6. Di said: I’d love to lick you, that pussy is amazing
  7. said: Wow that pussy ripe so ready for a serious drilling
  8. joesphthick-private@yahoo. com said: lovely sends pics of you working it please
  9. moisturemissile said: Yes. Nice soft pink pussy. Workin’ up the cream too. mmm
  10. said: Love being able to see your white cream.
  11. J R said: post another will you? )
  12. J R said: like to watch that happen once! nice! 9
  13. said: that pussy needs a creampie
  14. Clit licker said: CAN U FIND A REAL COCK TO FUCK YOU .
  15. said: Remove your toy so i can taste and smell and get you soaking wet. Then i can fuck you hard wit my hard cock. Beautiful and tasty
  16. metaldevil5150 said: I would like to lick that sweet pussy
  17. 4172934140 said: i think you ha e it wet enuf!!!

mistress cunt

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 25

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this pussy squirts and can take a beating like u wouldn’t believe

  1. said: Nice slit does she like two’s up
  2. said: I would like to find out
  3. Browser said: That is a tiny slit, open it up for inspection
  4. Yum said: Tight, tight & tight………
  5. said: thats a TINY fuckbox. gimme more please! would love to see more of that!!!!!!
  6. said: Love to see it squirt !!
  7. B.F.K. said: Imma tongue punch your fart box
  8. Tank said: I’d love to finger you
  9. moisturemissile said: I’ll tongue your ass hole, while I finger your pussy into squirting mode.
  10. bluedragon said: would luv to take that squirt
  11. Clit licker said: CAN I LICK IT UNTILL YOU SQUIRT

Spanking and fucking my slutty girlfriend

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Aug 25

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She loves taking hard dick doggy style and having her tight ass spanked. What do you think?

  1. said: Nice love to slap her red ass
  2. R C said: Nice very hot
  3. jennyjameson said: yeah, looks like the slut deserves to be spanked
  4. said: Great shot. Looking for some of that ourselves.
  5. said: joking i hate it here ass is pointy
  6. said: Awesome! love to see her getting banged….senf me more!
  7. Gloverboy6 said: My gf’s the same, doggy on!
  8. Johnnyonthespot said: That’s a big sexy ass.
  9. joesphthick-private@yahoo. com said: nice
  10. james said: If she likes doggy I’ll bring my German Shephard, she will love the knot.
  11. moisturemissile said: She loves it, so give her all you’ve got…often.

does my pussy look good in this

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 24

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ready for hubby to fuck me!

  1. said: I have a question for you… about we get together and we can see how your pussy looks on my face and my big 9 1/2 ” cock?
  2. said: Very sexy
  3. said: All of you looks good to me! More please?
  4. Mr. Diggler said: yes, that’s a very nice neat and tidy pussy.
  5. said: yes doesn’t make your pussy look fat
  6. hunter said: it would look better on this €====8
  7. J R said: when hubbys done can i be next? watching is ok but not as fun! ;) 8
  8. dude said: It would look better with my cock inside, I like the way you pressent it, would love to fuck you doggy style while slapping that
  9. Da guns said: Yeah, but it would look better dripping wet, you have a hot body, so sexy I’d fuck you hard and slow till you cum
  10. RickJamesBiotch said: It would look better opened up showing some lip!
  11. moisturemissile said: I don’t know, it looks great out of it, though. Would look super with those lips straddling my mouth.
  12. hunter said: awsum
  13. said: it would look better on my face
  14. said: Show more of that precious little clam.Open it up for us!
  15. said: Oh he’ll yea
  16. dd.eddie said: your pussy would look GREAT in anything; but mostly my mouth
  17. said: Open that pussy up and I’ll let you know! Would love to see more!!
  18. indianslutamy said: would u ike a hot brown girl to lick your tasty looking pussy?mmmmMmm I want your hubby,s cock inside me whie taste you
  19. said: my lips and clit are small actually hehe there are a few other pics of me on here browse around x
  20. Nice7inches said: Bet there’s a LOT of roast beef hiding behind those puffy pussy lips. Spread’em and let’s see those BIG inner lips.
  21. R said: Vary Nice Pussy!!
  22. R said: Need a little Hair Just a little
  23. Dawg said: Very good.
  24. Clit licker said: WOULD LOOK BETTER ON MY PRICK .

pulled out almost came

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 24

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I almost made him cum in my juicy pussy

  1. 420allday said: Nice pussy taking a biiiigg dick. Need to see action picks for sure. How big is your dick? Width and length? My lady likes it!
  2. said: Looking good to me pal:)
  3. said: How about us swapping cocks and pussies?
  4. RickJamesBiotch said: Get the cock out of the photo and watch the ratings soar!
  5. bigboy said: whats your email address amy?? i love a good indian slut
  6. said: That pussy look like it can milk u something fierce..hmu with more.., sweet
  7. mycock in pic said: trust me if you felt this pussy the last thing u would wanna do is cum I wanna stay inside that pussy as long as possible
  8. RickJamesBiotch said: I love me some dark skinned pussy! Get the cock out of the photo and, I’d love it even more!
  9. moisturemissile said: Fill her up! What’s wrong with you, man?
  10. dd.eddie said: Well that is what it is for: Really best place to hide another’s sperm from your husband
  11. said: I would have cum…. No holding back
  12. indianslutamy said: mmmm I want that cock inside me I’m so wet

!!!Gonna get fucked!!!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 24

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What ya think???

  1. said: Love to go next
  2. J R said: would ya mind if she give me head while ya take care of the back yard? shes ready for 2 cks! 9
  3. said: I think that fucken guy there can’t fuck you like you deserved to be fucked! It has nothing to do with cock size.
  4. moisturemissile said: He’s not mounting up yet?
  5. said: Nice thought I’d like to see that
  6. said: My cock would fit nice into your pussy
  7. hunter said: i will take the back door thanks double team her
  8. Sitonmyface12@gmail. Com said: I think I want her to sit on my face while you fuck my pussy

a little tight

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 24

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  1. hung said: needs my dick!
  2. said: love to pull out and eat her juicy pussy ,love to taste mixed cum
  3. said: Amazing
  4. said: great bit of ass and its not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean
  5. dd.eddie said: SHE is FABULOUS! look at that suction.
  6. my picture said: cost nothing…its called going out and meeting girls, you should try it but you will have to leave your computer
  7. nikki said: no haters just hate small dicks that cant please a woman lol,leave it to a real man little boy
  8. J R said: how much did that $ost U ?
  9. my picture said: Haters only hate when they cant participate.
  10. my picture said: Apparently I have no shame, I’m an idiot, pink maggot, smaill dick, and my ego is bigger than my dick (ok?)
  11. said: Yep pussy control it is..Mira hmu gotta see more of that sexy skin n ass to fine
  12. said: good idea using a condom with that
  13. sara said: wow thats one tiny dick! shes probally used to big black cocks hahaha
  14. Chad said: Lol all these guys on here rating a guys dick
  15. Alan said: Fuck her in the ass the black girls I know love it
  16. said: Honey that ass is sexy can I take your ass and squirt my hot cum on that beautiful ass
  17. pussymaster said: your ego is bigger than your dick. it’s pussy control fool she’s using her muscles to grab that little dick hoping to get 2 cum
  18. moisturemissile said: Pokin’ the dark meat, that’s a bonus.
  19. circumaid said: sorry,you cannot satisfy that big dark cunt with that pink maggot, don’t go on the internet with a small dick, you will loose
  20. daryl said: why did you wear a johny you idiot, i love cumming inside black pussys
  21. said: Nice
  22. Jesty said: Is that a blk or latina woman
  23. Mee too!!!! said: Noo no no lol its little cock!!!
  24. ryan said: the man has no shame

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