Wife Hard Earned Rest

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 21


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Last image of us catching our breath and resting after a marathon session. Will have to set the camera up again for another series. Fun to dream about two cocks but just us for now. Requests for positions, angles? We will try to accommodate. Cheers!!

  1. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love to keep her warmed up for you mate, her pussy could do with some nice mopping out ;)
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The wifes perfect ass and pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 20


Rating: 3.68    (747 votes cast)
  1. tony said: SWEET!! want to see more of it
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made my husband take this photo

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 20


Rating: 3.75    (707 votes cast)

what would you do if you saw me like this?

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Time to swallow some cock

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 20


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I love the feeling of a big hard cock in my throat.

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Milfs stretched and used pussy!!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 20


Rating: 3.2    (642 votes cast)

If you want to see more, vote, write note and post – maybe you get an e-mail reward!

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Dildo up my tiny ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 20


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Pierced pussy gf

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 19


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She is ready for it…

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21yo girlfriend

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 18


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Masturbating at work

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 18


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Love to be naughty at work!

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Wife Pussy In Action

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Feb 18


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This one is a little less modest from the shy lady. What do you think here when she bares her bottom and puts her assets to work? Love the comments and ratings.

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