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Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 2

2013-11-15 21.02.18~02.jpg
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please tell me what you would do to me

  1. Troy said: I’d love to smell it more than anything
  2. luv doz pussys said: put some cream on that rash
  3. said: can i lick it and suck it?
  4. said: I’d carry you back to the bedroom and lay you down and fuck your beautiful pussy hard. Lets trade photos baby! :)
  5. Cunt said: My pussy close up against your pussy!
  6. hunter said: dp cunt and ass as you suck cock
  7. David said: would love to taste allthe juices from it and just think of my sister inlaw
  8. Matt said: looks ready for some action
  9. said: she looks so wet
  10. rj said: i would lick and finger that sweet thing until you squirt cum on my face then slide my hard cock in for more fun
  11. said: Look like my sweet pussy ;)
  12. said: rub on that pussy with the head of my cock and stick it all the way in then stick it out and stick it in your ass hole I bet tha
  13. said: Wow first lick till you squirt on my tongue then fuck you hard until I fill your pussy with hot cum email more please
  14. 4172934140 said: pound that nice pussy until I cum deep inside of you!!
  15. said: After spunk monkey cums all over you I’ll slide my cock in your wet asshole! You’ll be dripping from your ears !!!
  16. Lickit said: love to 69 before I enter hot tight pussy and pound ur cunt full hot cum.
  17. Lickit said: I would love to eat ur pussy until cream all over face then get u to suck my cock after that we can fuck.
  18. Steve said: Wow, I love this pussy. Would love to suck on it for hours.
  19. said: Cock till I empty deep up your pussy, then have you sit on my face and rub your cunt all over me ;)
  20. said: Start with a teasing 69er sucking your clit and lips and fingering your ass till you cum, then slowly fuck you with my throbbing

Smooth Slit n Ass

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 1

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Great place to bury your face.

  1. said: I wish my face was buried in it right now.
  2. said: Wow, I wanna taste your pussy and lick that tight ass!
  3. F3RGO said: Arsehole ready for a stiff cock
  4. FatWang said: Can I lick you where the sun don’t shine?
  5. said: all i want to do is just lick that sweet ass untill u cum all o
  6. Topdog said: nice holes I wouldn’t know where to start
  7. said: Two amazing choices!!
  8. said: now that is exactly what and how i like it! show us more!
  9. THAT ONE GUY said: That looks like a well used ass ;) I called next.
  10. said: wow, I love your puffy pussy lips
  11. J R said: OHhhh that is the greatest mostest deep rocket pocket on here..bury more n my face in that darlin..POST another 10! ;)
  12. 4172934140 said: great looking pussy and asshole
  13. Hugephatcock4u said: Bukkake that ass hole .. What a beautiful sight. Of course after I’ve buggered you senseless of course and creampied your ass
  14. FatWang said: Beautiful Pussy
  15. me said: Can I spank you?
  16. dd.eddie said: My face, my tongue my nose.. Oh what an awesome asshole! 10 :D
  17. said: Love to bury more than my face in that ;) then empty my nut sack into your ass hole filling to the top& watch it drip
  18. said: Dude, you blew out that asshole! Love to see more!
  19. said: perfect, could spend many a happy hour pounding that fine ass…x
  20. Johnnyonthespot said: Bury my cock in that asshole
  21. said: Oh my, yes it is. You got a big rise out of me sexy!
  22. said: great picture would love to fill that pussy and ass hole with cum
  23. said: Damn baby,,, I want to tongue that sexy butt hole….. Beautiful baby..
  24. said: How i would love to fill that crater with hot cum……
  25. Dude said: Sweet
  26. said: I second that motion
  27. said: Wow amazing!! That ass looks gaped!! Let’s see more of it!!!:)
  28. mike said: Awesome ass. very yummy. your delicious.
  29. said: Would love to tongue both her holes then have her tell me which one to slide my cock in!!
  30. said: Wow love to fuck both holes and fill them up with cum email more please

wife’s tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 1

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she sad pick a hole!

  1. Willy said: Hot hot hot
  2. said: i want your ass!
  3. keif119 said: you should get that wart checked
  4. J R said: better quality pic…butt its got HAIR! nice! post MORE ;)
  5. dd.eddie said: Im only seeing one, and that one i would like to lick
  6. said: Pussy looks good may I see her ass before picking
  7. said: blurry
  8. said: I couldn’t agree with you more!
  9. said: I could help her loosen that tight wet pussy up! Would love to see more!
  10. said: Love to fuck that pussy see how tight it is email more

Front Shot Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 1

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  1. said: Wow what’s the chance of seeing more that I love it
  2. said: I like!!! More please?
  3. said: can i lick it and suck it?
  4. said: Spread it baby. Show us what you got!!!
  5. said: love that inner thigh gap mhmm!
  6. said: gotta love the inner thigh gap! so sexy!
  7. J R said: kinda looks like the turkey before i grilled it few days ago! nice!
  8. dd.eddie said: yum,, Yum , YuM, YUM!
  9. said: Beautiful, love you to sit over my face & wank your pussy hard for me ;)
  10. said: now that’s a fine pussy, want me to fuck it just give me a call..x
  11. said: great picture very lickable pussy
  12. said: Good shot!!! I bet the back shot is even better.
  13. said: I would love to eat that all day
  14. mike said: your lips are fkn awesome…… i want to slide my tongue in. :p
  15. said: Would love to part your pussy with my tongue first then slide my cock in! Email more please!
  16. said: Wow let’s see a spread shot so my hard cock can spread those lips email more please

GF pussy after sex

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 30

gf pussy.jpg
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Just got done fucking

  1. said: very sexy pussy lips….a mouthfull of pleasure and sweet cock fun!
  2. dirty stokie said: I’d happily slide in there and dump my load
  3. dave said: fucking beautiful… spread next time ?
  4. Jizz Meister said: You’re in the pink!
  5. J R said: apply lip lock..suk gently n stroke with tongue..cum C me in a week! ;)
  6. gtoner628 said: mmmmmmmmmmm mighty fine
  7. jb said: hot pussy
  8. said: Absolutely amazing lips, how does her ass look, just shot my muck over her flaps thanks ;)
  9. said: Dude, looks fresh! Love to see more!
  10. said: the sweetist set of lips ive seen in a long time
  11. said: would love to abuse that sexy pussy..x
  12. said: great looking pussy would love to see more of her pink asshole
  13. sharin peters said: not very wet… but looks nice
  14. rj said: If their is such a thing as a picture perfict pussy this would be it
  15. said: beautiful moist butterfly! would love to see more msgme!
  16. said: That’s a hot pussy love to suck on those lips then fuck and fill her up email some
  17. mike said: great lips for sucking. :p
  18. RickJamesBiotch said: If that pussy was just fucked! You don’t know how to fuck!
  19. d said: wow
  20. Johnny said: that is one pretty pussy!
  21. Spike said: I would love to be ear deep in that pussy!!
  22. said: Nice wet pussy,allow me to slide in next and fill her up!!
  23. leon said: if thats wut it looks like when ur done, then i really nedd to show that sweet pussy a goofd hard fucking
  24. dd.eddie said: damn, you must be fast.. she isnt red or juicy.. mighty delicious!
  25. Looker said: Can the next one include the asshole too?? Very nice!!
  26. 4172934140 said: that’s an absolutely amazing pussy!!!

“for Biker Gil’s wife”

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 30

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My wife is fantasizing about Gil’s wife eating her pussy till orgasm.

  1. Biker Gil said: I still want to fuck you again and again .. my cock is so fuckn hard for that pussy
  2. DA GUVNOR said: id do my muck all over u
  3. said: those toes. so yummm … want them around my cock, and in my mouth.
  4. said: Awwww I’d love to suck those toes while buried balls deep in her asshole
  5. ACE said: Love ur puckered asshole Doll!
  6. J R said: yeah..butt does your wife need a beer kan kok? ;)
  7. RickJamesBiotch said: WTF! You douchers are screening posts now?
  8. said: ;)
  9. Luvgod said: Need to see more of this beauty…
  10. El Guapo said: You know it is a fact that even her toes are sexy! That alone fucken gets my cock rock hard.
  11. said: Wow!!! Amazing!!! Always a 10+++ more please!!!:-)
  12. said: Nice to see that pussy wide open please I’ll fuck and cream it email please
  13. smailsfriend said: rickjamesbiotch is a fucking moron.she looks better than ever…I love the way her asshole ‘peeks’.
  14. MrC said: and careful. biker gils wife gets around. might mess around and catch something
  15. MrC said: how do you get bored with good ass and pussy? rick james got ADD beotch.
  16. RickJamesBiotch said: Yawn! Boring! Getting tired of this photo over and over!
  17. said: Would love to lick her ass while Gil’s wife licks her pussy then slide my cock in!!
  18. a watcher... said: and Gil is playing with his empty beer can… when he should be sucking her toes… jeeeez
  19. 4172934140 said: nice asshole

Lick me clean??

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 30

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Who wants to lick me clean and start all over again???

  1. said: can i lick it and suck it?
  2. said: one tight looking to to have taken a beating…
  3. Cunt said: I’ll lick that clean, then suck on that cock until he comes in my mouth…yummy!
  4. J R said: that looks mighty tite! just sayen…even if its at the head,,of the class
  5. said: Love to clean you up baby been looking for a naughty girl to play with ;) I could lie under your cunt as your get fucked
  6. said: will do but you’re hubby/boyfriend will have to clean up my load if I do,,x
  7. said: Naughty girl,would love to see more in inbox!!
  8. Mr. Diggler said: amazing pussy
  9. said: Gorgeous!!! Let’s also see her ass gaped!!!;)
  10. bill said: you want me to lick up some other guys jizz? No thanks, fucking totally gay
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  12. said: Love to add to that cream then lick and fuck you again email more please
  13. haha said: I would cum more than that did he leave all of it in your pussy
  14. Naughty girl said: U wannna c more of me babes??!!
  15. RickJamesBiotch said: Take notes guys! This is the only acceptable way to include cock in a photo! See, the pussy is still the center of attention!
  16. said: No need to lick you clean,let me slide in and slip my cock in!!
  17. leon said: dont know bout lickin u clean, but would love to add to it

Spreading used ass

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 30

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Allll used up guys ;) lemme know the nasty things your thinking n more will follow

  1. said: glad u bois like my chavy lil holes so much ;)
  2. hhdan said: nice wedding ring. havnt been in that house in awhile.
  3. said: Save that for me I want it now
  4. said: sexy as hell do i want too lick your ass?
  5. Justin muse said: I would eat her shit and drink her piss
  6. said: Hungry nice brown eye!!
  7. fyc I vgxgcj said: so fake. I got this picture in a spam email like 4 years ago
  8. ACE said: Super HOT pic Doll! Would love to feel ur asshole wrapped around my cock while it was filling u with HOT cum! More of u plz!
  10. J R said: darlin ya do the best milf 2 handed reach around ever attempted on kinda woman..POST MORE! vintage share?10*10:)
  11. said: I would like to lick your used cunt tasting every drop of both your holes then ram my fat cock right up ur shitter
  12. said: were to start, both hole would get my cock and then there’s the spanking and the fingering and more spanking and tounge lashi
  13. R said: Sweet Ass!! I Would Love To Fucke ALL your holes starting with you mouth!! Then work my way around to the back Door!!
  14. said: Wow!!! Stunning!! I wanna c more!!
  15. said: Love to first lick that hole then fuck that pussy till I fill it up then watch it drip out email some please
  16. THAT ONE GUY said: I would go straight to fucking your asshole. Leave you walking funnny tomorrow. You have a great ass!
  17. said: Keep that ass and pussy spread and I’ll fuck both holes for you!!
  18. BBC said: I want to fuck both holes raw with my big black cock and watch my cum run on to those black sheets!
  19. said: love that big mound of a pussy and that tight ass…needs to let me gape both holes with my cock…inbox me more please
  20. dd.eddie said: I think i want to give you the shocker; followed by a quick icing, then tongue licking and fill you again cream pie both holes
  21. 4172934140 said: its not used up yet if its not gaping!!!! very nice pussy and asshole

Sexy pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 29

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Bitch cheated on me so here’s her tight pussy for everyone!

  1. said: YM me and wach me cum free
  2. hhdan said: so she won your wedding ring.
  3. cheekybugger68 said: haha I was the one she cheated with, wanna swap some photos?
  4. ACE said: Great set of holes Doll! Both look tight and made for fuck’n ;)
  5. said: you look so tight, even spread
  6. J R said: has sxybislut posted on here yet? just sayen…like to C….;)
  7. guilty guy said: sorry mate but with that pointing at me just had to slip my big black cock in there and cum deep inside.
  8. said: doesn’t really matter just keep fucking her once in awhile
  9. said: What’s her name and number ;)
  10. 4172934140 said: very sexy pussy!!
  11. dd.eddie said: Looks like you may have given it to her butt also. Well done!
  12. said: well her pussy looks great..
  13. pappy said: I got to say I’m liking that…
  14. john said: No big loss don’t lose sleep over that
  15. said: Wow love the spread my cock is ready to fill that pussy full of cum email more please
  16. sexybislut said: Im down joe fuck buck and fill me up (; hot pussy by the way
  17. BIG TEXAS CUMMER said: Well can i get her name @ number
  18. Tony said: I agree married or not I would pound those holes
  19. said: lol cool nice pink pussy and pink asshole love it
  20. ODB said: Hope you trashed that pussy and ass before she left…….
  21. said: ATM that cheating slut then!
  22. Joe said: Same thing happened to me. All of them are whores. Just fuckem hard a while and send em packin.
  23. Looker said: That would be hard to say No sorry bro!!
  24. said: Shame mate ;( looks like a nice fuck bucket
  25. said: Would love to get ahold of her tight ass!

My wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 29

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How do you like her sweet pussy?

  1. said: love it! anyone wants to see my wifes hairy pussy drop me a line
  2. joe said: nice pussy
  3. said: wonderful pussy pic.. need more
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  5. Topdog said: lovely pussy I’d love to eat it and beat it up real good
  6. Cunt said: Stick my face right up in that!
  7. ACE said: Simply BEAUTIFUL Doll! Let’s see more of U!
  8. Pussy smasher said: Very fuckable indeed.
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  10. 4172934140 said: that pussy makes me hard!!! great tits and perky nipples too!!
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  13. Mr Good Cat said: Love it love it love it especialy the triangle!!!
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  17. said: Stunning!! Lucky dog! Let’s see more!!:-)
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  19. said: Lots, like it stuck to my chin tounge deep, hand just fluffing her tuft
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