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Hy…here comes my wet pussy

Posted on Friday Feb 20


Rating: 4.17    (659 votes cast)

you can although find me at Twitter Diana@Chantaldarc

20 Responses to “Hy…here comes my wet pussy”

  1. phlipper said: That’s one cutie i would love to fuck
  2. Lickit said: Only place u need to be is attending to my cock fulI filling ur needs
  3. Daryl said: Hot looking bitch!
  4. said: I would take that any day beautiful
  5. said: I’m a follower!!!
  6. ?? said: It says Thomas like Thomas the tank engine, cause she likes when guys run a train on her, obviously.
  7. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to have a wee lick of that wet slit .
  8. said: Some great pics on twitter account, more please.
  9. Mr X said: Is this a copy & paste from a 70’s retro porno!?
  10. sbc said: your hot as the sun baby. but do a cover up over that tattoo..
  11. said: that’s just yummy
  12. dick said: I want to cum all over your hot body.
  13. Jim said: How’s Thomas doing? He still around?
  14. said: absolutely gorgeous and sexy, love both set of lips and a great rack, hoty
  15. at chronic said: looks like the tatt says “Thomas”
  16. dd.eddie said: WOW a reincarnate SEXIER Joey Heatherton! Loved you BC side view! :D PERFECT
  17. said: Great sexy pic lady, love the pussy :) and you can find me at my address ;)
  18. said: good Lord what a sper fine specimen
  19. said: Oh Yes! You are ONE SEXY WOMAN!!!
  20. Colochronic said: What does that tattoo say

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my hot ass pussy

Posted on Friday Feb 20


Rating: 3.66    (437 votes cast)

Which one would you choose??

26 Responses to “my hot ass pussy”

  1. said: I wanna lick n fuck both!!
  2. hunter said: why choose i would fuck both
  3. ACE said: Wow both look delicious!
  4. Lickit said: Both for me its matter if it’s my tongue or cock you want first.
  5. HellSpawn said: pussy all the way
  6. said: botc or either
  7. mrla said: both
  8. said: I’ll take a dick in mine, you take pussy
  9. slick dick said: that tasty looking asshole! and two fingers in that hot pussy. thanks
  10. said: I want to fuck both, right now.
  11. tara said: I like both.
  12. Mr X. said: What about a double dip?
  13. ODB said: Both is okay. But…….if just the 1 then gotta be that puckered asshole
  14. otis said: the olny choice is which one first… not to pick just one
  15. sbc said: sexy “GIRL” :)
  16. dick said: your hot asshole needs a good fucking
  17. said: Love it!!!!!!!!!! Would tounge fuck that asshole!!!!
  18. said: That ass!!! I’d love to taste it then squirt my cum inside!
  19. yep said: stick my tongue up that ass while my cock is in your mouth. yummy.
  20. fuck yeah said: eat both for days. more please!
  21. said: I like both, very nice pussy lips and an inviting ass
  22. me said: oh fuck yeah. tongue fuck both!
  23. dd.eddie said: My tongue wants your pussy; my finger your ass; then switch.. YUM
  24. said: That ass is too nice to eat for desert so I would say ass first ;) pussy is nice though?…..
  25. said: Yummy ty I start by licking ass and pussy then we fuck the holes
  26. said: my oh my both please

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Girlfriend was horny

Posted on Friday Feb 20


Rating: 3.32    (384 votes cast)

4 Responses to “Girlfriend was horny”

  1. Lickit said: My face is waiting to be sat on yummmmy
  2. sbc said: DAMN
  3. said: Love the pussy lips, want to dive in tongue first
  4. dd.eddie said: I want that to ‘land’ squarely on my face!

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Wife’s all you can eat buffet.

Posted on Friday Feb 20


Rating: 3.71    (411 votes cast)

Wife’s delicious pussy. Ready for licking & stiking. Anyone else wanna try it out?

9 Responses to “Wife’s all you can eat buffet.”

  1. enjoy said: just sweet
  2. said: looks so edible! beautiful!
  3. said: I wish we could share
  4. +254 755 570 335 said: let my cock in
  5. said: I prefer buttholes due to my small dick.
  6. smiling vagina said: Yes mam! I wanna suck on those lips!
  7. said: I’d lick it and stick it, and then keep on going
  8. said: I am hungry for some delicious pussy, love to lick those juices
  9. dd.eddie said: I surely do! and so glad you made it AYCE! Cuz i aint stopping until full

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Sunny Side Up

Posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 4.33    (554 votes cast)

My latest view :p

27 Responses to “Sunny Side Up”

  1. J R said: kitty has the famous “rocket pocket” on this site..;)
  2. +254 755 570 335 said: sun it for me then spread it for
  3. said: amazing n hot as…email 4 swap
  4. beeverhunter said: Love to have her for breakfast
  5. said: @Ally you are awesome on here! Keep posting baby!
  6. said: @ally: inbox me so we can exchange some pics:)
  7. dd.eddie said: talk about a picture to chase the cold of winter away! WOW May i soothe my chapped lips on yours?
  8. Johnnyonthespot said: Ally I did. You’ve got a great snatch to go with that hot ass and legs… Are those little titties as sensitive as they look?
  9. said: This one and the pinks socks pics are awesome!!! Wood love some in my inbox please!!!!
  10. Throbbin Hood said: Ooh, love the “pink socks pink pussy” post, Ally. Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine.
  11. Throbbin Hood said: You’ll need plenty of cream on that pussy if it is getting a lot of sun. Here, let me help you…
  12. omg! said: Eggs Bacon and all that ass and pussy I can eat? I’m game!
  13. said: damn that looks edible!
  14. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Fantastic!!!! Awesome pic!!!
  15. Ally said: @Johnny. I have posted pics like. type ‘pink socks’ into the search. please comment that one too :)
  16. Johnnyonthespot said: I am certainly not complaining but let’s see a spread shot of those sexy pussy lips next time plz Ally?
  17. said: She’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
  18. said: I need a daily pic of your sweet ass and pussy!
  19. Joey said: What a beautiful juicy ass. I would love to play with that!
  20. said: your pussy makes my cock hard
  21. said:
  22. said: so sweet I’m ready to eat
  23. said: Damn that’s hot!! I want to put my tongue in that asshole!!!
  24. said: Love the view
  25. said: my hard cock wants ur beautiful ass and pussy
  26. said: Always a great view :) hope you have more views of your great self? ;)
  27. dick said: I want to tongue your asshole

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Trimmed and ready for anal

Posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 4.05    (472 votes cast)

I’ve never tried anal but hopefully will soon.

23 Responses to “Trimmed and ready for anal”

  1. said: I know which hole I’d be raming my tongue into before filling with my hot load that’s right sweetheart your ass hole oh fuck I’m
  2. said: if you don’t I will!
  3. ACE said: Amazing! I’d love to fill both your holes with my Hot cum! Plz show more
  4. Skinny said: My new favorite asshole. Super sexy. Love the puffy hemorrhoid. Great to suck on. Your wonderful :) Thank you
  5. said: I love to get shit on my dick.
  6. said: Great pussy and an asshole to die for!!
  7. dd.eddie said: all in the prep; let me start licking and tongue probing your asshole now to make it easier
  8. omg! said: I’m up for it if you are! But I’m getting some of that sweet pussy too!
  9. Jimbo said: Going to be a very lucky guy there when you do. Great skin by the way.
  10. said: would love to help with that!
  11. said: Your a GOOD GIRL!!!
  12. said: I can fill your sweet ass.
  13. Mr X. said: Love to be that person who enters that asshole for the 1st time and leaves a hot load in there.
  14. ODB said: With an asshole like that I am sure you will try it soon also. Try a tongue in there also.
  15. polish pussy punishment said: i would love to eat that ass hole!!
  16. UrNaughtyArntU said: Would love to fulfill your anal desires. Couldn’t ignore that tight pussy though.
  17. said: let me lick it first damn SEXY
  18. Lickit said: anal Virgin let me break u in.
  19. Assfan69 said: Kinda hard to belive you’ve never tried abal with that baby! Should be a breeze! I can help if youre in Ct!♡5♡
  20. said: I’d put my tongue and cock in there!!! More!!!
  21. said: Looks very inviting
  22. said: Ill tongue fuk your ass to get you warmed up if you like? ;)
  23. said: ill b happy to take ur anal cherry

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my wife’s wet pussy

Posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 3.23    (385 votes cast)

Wife showing her wet pussyfooting for the camera

16 Responses to “my wife’s wet pussy”

  1. J R said: ok so we have professional consultants on here…a good thing! i didnt know what “vitiligo”was..
  2. Mr X. said: Finding Nemo?
  3. skeetskeet said: ha ha
  4. +254 755 570 335 said: your a lucky chap, kiss it for me
  5. survey sez said: it’s called vitiligo…lac of pigmentation. Just birthmarks reversed you stupid fucks. Lovely pussy.
  6. Jj said: gopping, sort that fucker out
  7. dd.eddie said: Interesting: but i still wann lick the heck out of it.. thought maybe GM at first.
  8. AHH said: tanning accident?
  9. bob said: whats with the discolored pussy lips?
  10. said: Nice pussy, lik to see more.
  11. photo shopped said: that is photo shopped that is why it looks out of place. would have been better in its natural state.
  12. said: nice pink
  13. Lickit said: your pussy is fine babe. Love to pound you. Come on guys be nice
  14. said: Nice lips, but what happened to the outer area
  15. lol said: No more pictures from you please
  16. bbc said: why does her pussy look like that?

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Shame it’s not a real cock!!

Posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 3.89    (391 votes cast)

Hubby in my ass and dildo in my pussy, shame it’s not a real cock!

16 Responses to “Shame it’s not a real cock!!”

  1. J R said: that my kind of good woman!
  2. Samara said: Is your dildo a mold of hubby’s cock? If so, I’d love one to stroke my wet pussy with while admiring your pics.
  3. said: Great pic! Very lucky hubby. Would love to be the second cock.
  4. said: lucky hubby!
  5. LoveMeSomeCurves said: My wife fantasizes about being stuffed with 2 cocks at once!! Nothing better than a woman who can get real slutty!!
  6. dave said: you want have wanted more than just one real cock but it’s a very hot picture..
  7. Undertaker said: Oh my, the best of both worlds. Beautiful pussy and a nice thick hog. Where to begin? Maybe a little of both.
  8. Joey said: That’s hot. Thanks for sharing. Hi Christina! :-*
  9. Mato said: Amazing… lucky bugger
  10. Mr X. said: Lets see that meat pushed ALL the way in both holes
  11. said: well let me help ya
  12. Lickit said: Let me know when Id join to pound that hot pussy.
  13. said: Very nice pic, love to see your Pusey without the dildo
  14. said: That’s a good girl !!!
  15. Christina said: Oh very nice!
  16. said: Love the pic! Would love to see more of you you dirty lady you ;)

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Pawg pussy

Posted on Wednesday Feb 18

Foto 07.02.15 14 47 46.jpg

Rating: 4.13    (544 votes cast)

23 Responses to “Pawg pussy”

  1. J R said: sumpt’en bout woman who like to just “slip’em aside”…ummmm
  2. alexanderrr said: I know that puss! is that emily???
  3. jimmy adams said: i what to eat my cum out of you
  4. said: I would hurt that tight lil pussy
  5. dd.eddie said: Im not see the P. BUTT she is OO-LA-LA YUMMY :D
  6. james said: cady, that u? lets fuck just once noee
  7. said: Where is the pawg ass?
  8. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to give your meaty cunt a good licking .
  9. said: Fucking beautiful!!!!
  10. said: damn that looks so edible!
  11. said: Christina would you be interested in trading pics?
  12. Throbbin Hood said: Wonderful cock-tease. Love it! Beautiful pussy, nice trim, like the panties aside. Nice bod too. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Lickit said: Love to place my mouth on pussy and the and slowly push down and to pop ur clit out the hood and suck and lick ur clitty
  14. Lickit said: Damn I’m ready to lick ur pussy , just imagine me parting ur lips as lick ur clitorus and poke my tongue inside u
  15. HellSpawn said: @Christina I’d love to see your pussy don’t be shy
  16. LoveMeSomeCurves said: More importantly…..if you’re a pawg…..let’s see the ASS!!!!!!!
  17. said: Those lips looks delicious, would love to eat her pussy
  18. cdznutz said: what a pretty little pussy !!!
  19. rj said: wow that pussy looks like some great licking material
  20. said: Love the lips lady, lets see the pussy open for business :)
  21. said: @christina how bout a private pic of ur pussy i
  22. Christina said: Love this pussy!
  23. said: love ur patch i got a hard cock for ur tight lookn pussy

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My tight pussy again ;)

Posted on Wednesday Feb 18


Rating: 4.13    (452 votes cast)

Getting ready for…

18 Responses to “My tight pussy again ;)”

  1. said: I want you!
  2. Skinny said: 5+stars! Amazing cunt and asshole. Would love to eat and be sprayed w ALL your liquids
  3. said: me to enter
  4. Manon69 said: for my cock tonight. ;-)
  5. dd.eddie said: I thought i told you never to use my show laces for panties anymore; I smell pussy when i walk the next day :D
  6. HellSpawn said: a nice hard pounding in that pussy and ass
  7. said: Im hard and ready, very sexy.
  8. said: perfect position for me to spread open that tight pussy with my hard cock
  9. CLIT LICKER . said: Can i doggie fuck your meaty cunt .
  10. said: Damn!!! Would love to be the lucky fucker hitting that!??
  11. said: need to pull those panties down and show off that beautiful ass and pussy!!
  12. said: Absolutely Gorgeous!
  13. Lickit said: Let lick ur arse hole and work my way down to wet ur wet snatch prying open ur cunt lips as penatrate my tongue in ur wet quim
  14. Yeh. said: Hmmmmm. Open those strings and show your ass. Better still push 2 fingers up it…..
  15. said: That looks real tight, love to dtick my cork in
  16. said: My eager tongue and hard horny cock to split your beautiful pussy lips!
  17. Johnnyonthespot said: To be fucked in the ass
  18. said: my cock

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