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Smooth and ready

Posted on Wednesday Jan 21


Rating: 3.93    (325 votes cast)

14 Responses to “Smooth and ready”

  1. Throbbin Hood said: Mmmmm…
  2. said: yeah, that’s nice, lets get a few more like that
  3. dd.eddie said: wholesome deliciousness! can we wine, dine, and fly to vegas 2b married? :D
  4. said: Very nice let see mor pussy pics plz
  5. said: @Carl, I’d just like to see more of her :) if your sending pics that is ;)
  6. said: lets c more of ur pussy id put ur legs on my shoulders and slide my cock n that tight pussy
  7. Carl said: There’s plenty more from this set for those who are interested. Just tell her what you’d like to do to her
  8. Dave said: I would love to cum all over that pussy
  9. Dax said: I love fishnet and shaved pussies
  10. said: I would love a chance to get to know you better and see more of you.
  11. said: Love to dive between your thighs and give you a good tongue fucking until you can’t take anymore and I slide my cock in!
  12. Christina said: Nice thighs
  13. said: Stunning
  14. said: Love the look of this lady I’m on my way ;) more please

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Wife sucking my dick

Posted on Wednesday Jan 21


Rating: 3.24    (287 votes cast)

She can suck cock like a pro

10 Responses to “Wife sucking my dick”

  1. said: I think what can be ignored besides the great cock sucking skills. Big DSLs there are some some nice big tits! I need more plz
  2. J R said: thats a good woman..can she do me next…beautiful REDHEAD more
  3. Sexy Jules said: @ xxjas see More in rate my sex “wife’s tight pussy” can’t wait to read your comments
  4. Christina said: Too*
  5. J R said: I’m pulling my small cock thinking of sucking on that – lucky bitch
  6. said: great skills you got there. can I be next? nice dick also
  7. xxjas said: Love this. Wish that was my cock! Those tits look very hot. Would love to see more…
  8. Mandy said: Hey Christina, maybe we should tell everyone that we are both men. I’m starting to feel bad.
  9. said: With a mouth like that I bet she can. I am interested in seeing more.
  10. Christina said: Very nice dick

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Sweet little cunt

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20


Rating: 4.02    (486 votes cast)

Wife Kimmie’s tight little cunt. Do you like? Mail her @ reteiptims for more pics of her little love box.

23 Responses to “Sweet little cunt”

  1. Trey88 said: Sexy bitch tasty looking pussy and fine tits would love to fuck you senseless
  2. said: dudeguy keep comments to ur selfs us smell of jealousie
  3. 18Man said: Something about that close up shot and lovely tits in the pic just made me need to jerk off! Wow, so nice too…
  4. said: Sure does look sweet
  5. said: 1st I’d lick that asshole then work my way up and down those beautiful pussy lips until u cum on my face. Then fuck both holes u
  6. said: Very nice, would like to see a big load running out of it. Those boobs look pretty tasty as well.
  7. said: Love to give your pussy and ass a tongue fucking you’d never forget then slides cock in for a good fucking! Love to see more!!
  8. rj said: tahanks for sharing she is hot love the pussy view nice bush and great nipples
  9. said: I do…I do like indeed
  10. lynne said: I would love to lick your sweet pussy xx
  11. said: Love it, would eat that tight pussy & blow a massive load deep inside you. Please send a pic! V
  12. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to finger that wet slit .
  13. Undertaker said: very nice looking pussy wanna stick my tongue in that while tweeking those nipples
  14. Throbbin Hood said: Permission to dribble, Ma’am. I would like to flick my tongue from your back door out into the bush.
  15. Bulletman said: Nice all around! Like the bush!
  16. ODB said: Nice tits….
  17., love the b said: love the bush!! would bury my face in that and tease you to climax!
  18. said: Thank you all for your comments. If I like your comments and you get me wet and horny I’ll send you pics of me. Lovies Kimmie
  19. said: Great tits and body and just love your pussy :) I’d love to see more of you ;)
  20. said: I’ll take some pics!!!
  21. said: I would like to eat and fuck your cunt. I want to see more
  22. said: hell yes sexy pussy lets c more of it and those titties
  23. said: very nice, would love to eat that for days

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girl next door’s wet pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20

Rating: 4.13    (441 votes cast)

she loves reading comments about her wet shaved pussy

19 Responses to “girl next door’s wet pussy”

  1. said: very sexy
  2. said: I’d have to pry that one open!
  3. dd.eddie said: my cok would explode sliding against this moist pussy!
  4. Sexyjules said: Very sexy pic mmm and to stop the Christina debate just take a pic with a sign in it saying “for all you doubters: Christina”
  5. dick said: I want to fist you.
  6. TJ said: Christina has to find the right pic from a website to put on here, so you all believe “she” is really a woman.
  7. Christina said: Undertaker, I’m working up courage. Me and hubby are talking about it.
  8. Christina said: Funseeker, I would love to.
  9. Lickit said: Dam your pussy looks very tight , love know how tight u are while plough you
  10. said: awesome
  11. Undertaker said: hey Christina lets see what you have to offer
  12. said: beautiful! looks tasty!
  13. said: Christina you want to share her with me
  14. Christina said: Very pretty pussy
  15. greg said: she should. she has a very nice pussy. looks like it’s barely been used. I can fix that for her
  16. Gloverboy6 said: Sexy as hell
  17. said: I would love to have you wrap that pussy around my cock and fuck you hard
  18. BBC said: Wet shaved and oh so tight may I open you up ?
  19. said: I can lick that up for you

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cock hungry pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20


Rating: 3.63    (384 votes cast)

Please comment on my foofie, its really tight, be nasty or nice i need the truth !!!!!

15 Responses to “cock hungry pussy”

  1. michelle said: so you think o should grow it or shave it x
  2. J R said: wonder what “foofie” would look like with a full head of HAIR! be great ck bait then for sure! beautiful btw
  3. michelle said: shall i put some moreon or is it digusting and too hairy
  4. dd.eddie said: ‘fat’ is good Michelle! Anyways if you want to, we can give it more exercise; I would love to see EVOO and smooth :D
  5. michelle said: thanks guys im thinking of shaving hubby says its fat
  6. dd.eddie said: I want to roughly spread those lips and suck your pussy inside out!
  7. said: Looks like I need to part your lips with my cock
  8. Lickit said: Nice puffy lips love run my tongue between those lips fondle ur clit with my tongue yummmmy
  9. said: Nice
  10. whoknows said: Damn that’s a nice pussy chick.. Id like to eat that thing for days
  11. said: Mandy I want to fuck you and Christina together. Let’s see your pussy
  12. said: @mandy id like to c ur pussy
  13. said: id feed ur hungry pussy my cock and fill it with my cum
  14. mandy said: i like it girl nice and puffy. Like those thick thighs also !!
  15. said: would love to eat and fuck that sweet pussy!!! would like to see more of ya!!

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i can´t stop it…

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20


Rating: 4.13    (478 votes cast)

21 Responses to “i can´t stop it…”

  1. said: I’d let you drown me with that honey
  2. dd.eddie said: Nothing more clean than free Pee from the faucet! She drinks lots of water and im thirsty NOW!
  3. Assfan69 said: To JR…Piss is yellow! I had a squirtin gf..its a blast! Rest assured its real!
  4. J R said: never really believed the “squirting” gig…its just piss’en on ones self really im thinken…oh well just sayen
  5. Jake said: My big cock wants to make that hot pussy drip
  6. ssk said: Seriously? She is pissing. Look up a picture of the female anatomy. It’s really not that complicated.
  7. rj said: that is the nector of the gods I love going down on a squirter
  8. ACE said: I’d love to drink from your pussy fountain Doll!
  9. dd.eddie said: I wish my mouth waas covering that entirely to feel your warm liquids. YUM
  10. planeboy said: looks fantastic!!!
  11. said: oh my what I’d let you do to me
  12. Spike said: Love it!
  13. Gloverboy6 said: Vids or it didn’t happen
  14. said: Nice pussy. I would love to make you squirt some more.
  15. Rig said: Beautiful big pink wet smooth cunt. Love those huge lips and huge pink hole, and the squirt. Keep posting doll
  16. said: Would love to help u carry on
  17. bhubb said: damn let’s see some more of that pussy squirting at swap some pics
  18. Assfan69 said: SWEET! Damn I miss my squirter:( Why would you want to stop it!! Where r u from? for more pix♡5♡
  19. said: This a great looking active pussy, I would love to see more of it and of you :) inbox me ;)
  20. said: lets see you squirt in my inbox
  21. said: I’d love to lick and suck your pussy as your squirting all over the place!

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katie cheapwhore huge pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20


Rating: 2.99    (328 votes cast)

Holding my lips apart to show how well used and baggy my pussy is. I don’t mind if u cum or piss in it

14 Responses to “katie cheapwhore huge pussy”

  1. said: Katie I’d fill you up with my cum til it down your asshole
  2. dd.eddie said: MLK is martinLuther king day a ‘holiday’ in the US on the 19th. Whore = best service.
  3. said: mlk day?
  4. dd.eddie said: TY for your service! that is what MLK day is all about; SERVICE!
  5. said: I’d love to piss in you and then fuck you. Very hot and sexy
  6. said: Love to piss on your spread open pussy before I fuck it
  7. dick said: spread em
  8. Bryan said: That is one huge, hairy lady. Not good.
  9. said: now that’s hot
  10. Lickit said: Love to thrust my tongue inside that luscious pussy. Before I plough you hard
  12. said: You seem like quite the cum whore. I could cum all over your tits, in your mouth, fill your pussy an ass! Inbox me!
  13. Rig said: Let’s see a pic after it’s been used and abused
  14. said: Katie I love your pussy. I would love to cum all inside it for you.

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Small tits amateur showing pussy

Posted on Tuesday Jan 20


Rating: 3.2    (321 votes cast)

Always been frustrated by my tits, here is the rest.

13 Responses to “Small tits amateur showing pussy”

  1. J R said: always kinda thought women with small breast have huge puss’s..maybe im right
  2. said: I like saggy tits…is that weird …lol
  3. dd.eddie said: Like your motherly tits, body-shot tummy and a YUMMY PUSSY! WOW :D
  4. said: I love those tits
  5. whoknows said: I love them big niples, dont be frustrated
  6. said: I’d play with your tits, those nipples are fantastic! Suckability rating of ten :) pussy looks superb ;) email more?
  7. Throbbin Hood said: You look great. At least your tits are real. Plastic tits can often look really bad. Be confident as a real woman.
  8. said: those are beautiful. those nips are perfect for sucking! very pretty pussy too!
  9. Undertaker said: i like what i c
  10. No Way said: You look like your melting?
  11. John said: Those are not tits how can you even call them tits???
  12. said: I would love to see more of you.
  13. said: I would love to play with your tots and pussy and then slide my cock in that fine looking pussy of yours.

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My 23 year old girlfriends pussy!

Posted on Monday Jan 19


Rating: 4.06    (563 votes cast)

We love sharing pictures and videos. Please comment honestly if pussy and ass. Dirty talk turns us on. ;)

UK couple. Thinking about couple swap or threesome to try. Will be our first time. Please comment want you think.

34 Responses to “My 23 year old girlfriends pussy!”

  1. said: delectable Lil pair of holes
  2. said: Would love to lick, finger and fuck both holes! And yes I’m in the uk
  3. ACE said: Both your holes look delicious Doll but ur asshole is mesmerizing! I’d love to feel how til it is around my tongue & cock.!
  4. said: Definitely would love to see the video possibly?
  5. said: Definitely would love to see more.. video possibly?
  6. said: I would love a chance to fuck that pussy and ass.
  7. said: I would love to fuck her pussy while she sucks your cock. Sounds like you two are ready for an adventure.
  8. said: I love your pussy and ass! Inbox me with pics.
  9. Nobbysnuts said: Very tasty holes, would love to fill both
  10. Micky said: Wow. Tight pussy tight ass. Love this. Love to taste your cum. Watching you fuck dick would be hot. 5 stars from me
  11. Aka said: Excellent pussy and ass… Would fuck both your holes deep anytime, my Asian tight wife ready for swapping.
  12. said: I would love to fuck her holes, balls deep.
  13. said: Would like to lick that pussy while watching a cock fuck that tight arse
  14. said: Have had to correct my email looking forward to seeing more
  15. said: Love to see more of that pussy and asshole I would love to eat them
  16. Razorback said: Absolutely beautiful
  17. said: @Christina, how about you post a pic for us all? ;)
  18. said: @Christi
  19. dick said: Beautiful pussy and asshole.
  20. said: Its a cunning stunt…..
  21. said: wish you were in Toronto Area in Canada, I would love to join you guys, a prfect yummy pussy, I can eat you for hours.
  22. said: I’m with christina love the asshole!!!
  23. said: hi message me would be very intrested in that sexy pussy x
  24. Lickit said: @ Christina how about you joining in and let me lick u while u lick this beauty
  25. Lickit said: I’m in the uk , let love ur pussy and arsehole yummmmy
  26. Lickit said: I’d be up for threesome , love to lick ur pussy and make u cum in my mouth whilst giving ur man bj then swap over i
  27. Lickit said: First here is my email love to see ur videos and pictures.
  28. FallenAngel said: My wife and I are in. Would love to.
  29. said: love to lick both of your holes
  30. Kenbo said: Damn both of those holes are great!! Can I see a video.
  31. Christina said: I really like your asshole
  32. Joey said: Wow, that is about damn perfect. It would be awfully tough deciding which hole. That asshole is perfection.
  33. said: Great pussy love the lips but most of all I’d love to lick that arse hole! Would love to see more of her ;)
  34. Brian said: Both those holes need eaten and often

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45 yr Old Wife Spread

Posted on Monday Jan 19


Rating: 4.07    (473 votes cast)

Getting better with age.What do you think?

10 Responses to “45 yr Old Wife Spread”

  1. said: amazing…better than most at any age! more please
  2. dd.eddie said: 45yo and YUM YUM; spread a little lower next; i bet she holds a tongue tightly!
  3. said: She has a fine looking pussy! Would love to see more.
  4. said: Aiden we can judge that post a pic of your girls pussy ;)
  5. said: some women just have a beautiful pussy no matter what age
  6. Aiden said: That is really 40 year old pussy?! Looks better than my 20 yr old girls.
  7. said: just like a fine wine,it gets better as it ages! Love to give your pussy a go!
  8. said: Delicious ;)
  9. said: yes it is,that is a beautiful pussy, love to eat it
  10. said: beautiful! looks ready to eat!!

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