Squirting while I finger her hard

Naughty amateur
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I love licking up and swallowing my girls sweet squirt juices…

11 Comments for Squirting while I finger her hard

  1. rutto on February 15, 2018: (Reply)
    wow id lick u
  2. dirkdiggler44@comcast.net on January 11, 2018: (Reply)
    I would LOVE for you to send me a video of her squirting
  3. tinycock30 on December 23, 2017: (Reply)
    Will you squirt on my cock as you respond to my cum in your cunt?
  4. tinycock30 on November 18, 2017: (Reply)
    Fingering her private parts until she squirts is a viable option to being in her when I cum and then she squirts.
  5. rj on October 11, 2017: (Reply)
    the finger will do the trick it such a turn on to watch a women squirt and yes I do lick my fingers
  6. Noone on September 18, 2017: (Reply)
    Great squirt and well timed pic bravo keep up the great work
  7. Nick on July 3, 2017: (Reply)
    I want to drink her juices too
  8. Aussielove on July 3, 2017: (Reply)
    Wow. I’d love to get that juice right in my face
  9. dd.eddie on July 2, 2017: (Reply)
    I must say I would agree; and do her also
  10. Gunsmoke on July 1, 2017: (Reply)
    Oh hell yea I do to love me some pussy juice
  11. Gloverboy6 on July 1, 2017: (Reply)
    I bet she was screaming for pleasure

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Comment on Squirting while I finger her hard?

Natural squirter 2

Naughty amateur
[Total: 672    Average: 3.8/5]

Another one of the wife squirting, just one of multiple times.Love it when her pussy and arsehole contract when she cums.

8 Comments for Natural squirter 2

  1. Tradewifepics01691@gmail.com on February 16, 2018: (Reply)
    Would love to see more. Email me to trade our wifes pics. Tradewifepics01691@gmail.com
  2. Takingcareofbusiness45@yahoo.com on January 5, 2018: (Reply)
    There she blows!
  3. John Helms on October 13, 2017: (Reply)
    I would fuck the hell out it and make it squirt harder
  4. Anonymous on September 13, 2017: (Reply)
    i want to make you squirt so hard
  5. mango on July 31, 2017: (Reply)
    i love that shit
  6. Nick on June 7, 2017: (Reply)
    That’s beautiful. Please post some more of her squirts.
  7. Gloverboy6 on May 31, 2017: (Reply)
    Sexy squirter. Do you have any vidoes of her?
  8. Jake on May 31, 2017: (Reply)
    Great pic, that is one big drop in the air. I’d love see that in real time, so hot…..

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Her Messy Squirt

Naughty amateur
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Saw the recent posts and thought I would contribute this. Enjoy!

28 Comments for Her Messy Squirt

  1. Anonymous on December 2, 2017: (Reply)
    amazing squirt, love to be there and get messy.
  2. Mister Right on November 12, 2017: (Reply)
    So Beautiful. Amazing. Very sexy
  3. Frank on November 7, 2017: (Reply)
    Old Faithful?
  4. Your knightmare on October 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Best water fountain ever
  5. Your knightmare on October 9, 2017: (Reply)
  6. Larry on May 29, 2017: (Reply)
    Wish i was eating you when you squrted
  7. olderqandexerperenced on May 2, 2017: (Reply)
    Well I must say old faithful and proven if it a true squirt it is not urine
  8. Dwayne on March 31, 2017: (Reply)
    Love the juice. I could drink and lick it by the cup
  9. Me on January 20, 2017: (Reply)
    Like to use that as lube for her ass!
  10. pete on January 18, 2017: (Reply)
    mmm would luv to taste that straight from the tap xx
  11. mrlac35@gmail.com on January 11, 2017: (Reply)
    Again again luv it
  12. naughty couple we love sharing pics,,ilcu2soon@gmail.com on January 10, 2017: (Reply)
    looks like stolen internet crap
  13. Anonymous on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Piss running down into her ass
  14. newengland818@gmail.com on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Love watching women pissing!! I’d love to shove a finger in her tight ass while she was. Want to swap a few pics with me? I’ve got a few of mine.
    • Anonymous on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      You have a few pics of your girl pissing too?
  15. Bigjake on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Dirty bitch pissing in her bed
  16. JB on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Good god…I wanna put my cock in her asshole…
  17. dd.eddie on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Hot! I dont care what it is; i’d dive in and lap it up..
  18. Campfire on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
  19. pussyreader on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Looks like a nice photoshop job!
  20. Billy Big Boz on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Piss off!
  21. Chas on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Woo baby,I’d like to make you squirt like that,you got a great body
  22. West6771@yahoo.com on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    I want to stick my tongue in that beautiful asshole!!!!
  23. Mitch on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Hmmm, looks more like a professional porn.
  24. 9inch puertorican on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    love for u to squirt in my mouth
  25. Anonymous on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    I think she is pissing
  26. Earl on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    That’s not a squirt. It’s pee. It’s yellow. She’s cute though.
    • Anonymous on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Haha yea I made her piss in her bed. See it flowing into her asshole

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Shower Time

Naughty amateur
[Total: 874    Average: 3.2/5]

Thought you’d enjoy seeing me as I shower. Comment and enjoy 🙂

66 Comments for Shower Time

  1. tinycock30 on December 16, 2017: (Reply)
    I want to be filling your pussy with my cum when you squirt. To be fucking you like that would be having sex with a very fuckable woman.
  2. pete on January 24, 2017: (Reply)
    butt slut I luv watching you pee and I just luv seeing you wear sexy panties and imagine sniffing them so both togeather would be a real turn on for me and help me EXPLODE WHILE LOOKING AT YOUR SEXY PICS 🙂
  3. pete on January 20, 2017: (Reply)
    butt slut will you pee in a pair of your sexy panties for me please,your so hot xxx:)
    • butt slut on January 22, 2017: (Reply)
      Pete, you really want to see me degraded as much as possible don’t you? I have done this before per hubby’s request so maybe if you are lucky I will post. But first answer me this… What is it about seeing us pee in our panties that is so hot?
      • gotti on February 25, 2017: (Reply)
        a woman peeing his hot no matter what the situation, panties, outdoor or what ever. my wife has been peeing on me for years. on my face, in my mouth, my hair, I love it. sometimes I will just lay in the bathtub in the morning and wait for her to get up and she’ll come in the bathroom, squat over me and take her morning piss right on my face without saying a word. so nice !!
  4. pete on January 18, 2017: (Reply)
    your so hot butt slut luv watching you pee you make me so hard xx
    • butt slut on January 19, 2017: (Reply)
      Thanks Pete 🙂 I know you were one who had encouraged this pic 😉
  5. Anonymous on January 13, 2017: (Reply)
    Have you pooped for him?
    • butt slut on January 14, 2017: (Reply)
      No comment 😉
  6. Josh on January 12, 2017: (Reply)
    Butt slut, you are very pretty. How old are you?
    • butt slut on January 14, 2017: (Reply)
      29 years, what would you have guessed?
      • Josh on January 14, 2017: (Reply)
        I’m 29 too! Your boobs look like you are only 18. Has your boobs or pussy changed since you were 18?
        • butt slut on January 15, 2017: (Reply)
          Yeah, my boobs have gotten bigger and my pussy has been opened up more since I was 18. I still think my pussy is pretty tight, but after taking cock like I do I have noticed a difference. Why do you ask?
  7. dd.eddie on January 11, 2017: (Reply)
    what I think makes this so hot is your spectacularly all natural beautiful body, your honesty, and even the position of your hands make you appear to be so innocent but sexy. Human nature and natural body functions and urges are so hot. why fight them
    • Butt Slut on January 12, 2017: (Reply)
      Eddie, you are very perceptive. My hands were in that position because I had been fighting the request to pee on camera. This pic was taken when I just finally gave up the fight and threw my hands up in defeat, and said fine here you all go. I knew hubby wasn’t going to stop spanking me until I provided a good pic, so I am glad so many enjoyed me in such a compromising position.
      • dd.eddie on January 12, 2017: (Reply)
        Well If i were spanking you you would have peed all over my lap; butt you would also have gotten a finger up your bum as you were peeing. But you are beautiful, doing a natural thing. NIce stream too!!! Maybe a summertime campfire put out…among friends lol
  8. Anonymous on January 10, 2017: (Reply)
    I’d love to be in you from the rear while you do that and the end bit could wash down my balls with that warm stream.
  9. question on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    When did this place turn into scat?
    • Anonymous on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Not sure you know what scat is lol
  10. dd.eddie on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    DAMN! you are so beautiful, natural, and HOT!!!! I’d love to cum up behind you and have you spread’em!
    • Butt Slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Thanks Eddie:)
  11. Jake on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Butt slut, is this round two? cause I’m cock in hand standing by, where would you like this load of cum?
    • Butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Yes 😉
  12. rami on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    alway looking good but slut
  13. bigboner on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    you sure know how to get a guy wankin
  14. nips on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    Beautiful breasts !!! Gorgeous big suckable nipples !! Love big nipples on small breasts !!! Love sexy big ass too !!!
  15. x2n11@yahoo.ro on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
    absolutely lovely! beautiful tease before and great shot now! would love to see the video… I’d shower you too!!!
  16. Anonymous on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Recognized those lil titties
  17. Anonymous on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Another perfect 10 from butt slut!
    • Butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
  18. takenoprisoners on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Butt slut pissing in the shower. Love those huge nipples on those little tits.
  19. Biggus Dickus on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Hehe. How far/high can you piss?
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      i can piss about 4 feet out while standing 🙂
  20. BSD on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Your body always looks awesome
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
  21. BSD on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Love that body butt slut
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Even when I am peeing?
  22. anonymus on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    wow, – butt slut – you just took my view of you to a whole new level! -ultra love goddess- i absolutely love watching a woman pee, i find it to be a total turn-on! -i love you- b.s. !
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      mmm thanks. What do you love about it? Try to explain why guys like it
      • anonymus on January 10, 2017: (Reply)
        personally i just love all female bodily fluids! breast milk, cum, squirt and/or piss & even menses-monthly blood! i drink it all up – yum!
  23. hardon on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    love to have you do that in me mouth. do you have any pic with nipple clamps
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      ouch, sounds very painful!
      • hardon on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
        you should try it
  24. Mitch on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Are you pissing?
    • butt slut on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
      Yes Mitch, this was requested of me by a few viewers, so hubby had me do it on cam. What do you think?
      • Mitch on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
        I’m a big fan of piss play. I’d be on my knees worshipping your cunt while you bathe my face in your warm piss. I love eating pussy while she pisses.
  25. pete on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    butt slut your my number one your body is so hot I would luv you to pee over me xx luv your pics xxx
  26. Anonymous on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    You shower while giving me a golden shower
  27. Gloverboy6 on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    LOVE seeing a girl getting wet (and naughty) in the shower! What did your husband do after he took this pic buttslut?
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Gave me an enema and fucked both holes
      • Gloverboy6 on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
        You’re such a good slut, aren’t you?
        • Butt Slut on January 12, 2017: (Reply)
          Yes, even when it is difficult
  28. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Great pic of a sexy lady. Don’t know what it is but I love to see a woman take a piss? Are women the same….do they enjoy watching men??? 😉
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      Why do guys love it so much? My husband cant really explain it either, just that its hot to see a woman so vulnerable. I personally don’t care to see a guy do it, but some ladies might…
  29. Luckyman70 on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    i love your tits so much, i need u
  30. BB on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Mmm how degrading butt slut
    • butt slut on January 9, 2017: (Reply)
      I am used to it, its not so bad anymore
  31. Campfire on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Very nice tits!
    • Butt slut on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
  32. Butt slut on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Eddie I figured you would enjoy this one
  33. Marc on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    I love a gal that pees in the shower xxoo
  34. Trip on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    I always piss in the shower too!
  35. Anonymous on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    Wow it’s butt slut peeing. Love it
    • butt slut on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
      How did u know its me?
  36. Billy Big Boz on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
    You having a pish!
    • Butt slut on January 8, 2017: (Reply)
      Yes I am 🙂

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Natural squirter

Naughty amateur
[Total: 1005    Average: 3.7/5]

One pic of the multiple squirts from my wife.Shes getting better with practice and can squirt upto 20 times if i get it right. Cant get enough of it.I dont really care what it is,tastes great and fuckin turns me on.

20 Comments for Natural squirter

  1. Frank on November 7, 2017: (Reply)
    You let that go in your boyfriend or husband’s mouth and you’ll drown him!
  2. Nick on June 6, 2017: (Reply)
    That’s a great shot, well done.
  3. Anonymous on March 24, 2017: (Reply)
    never experienced it but what a turn on
  4. T on December 20, 2016: (Reply)
    Lucky u
  5. james22222 on November 24, 2016: (Reply)
    amazing action shot xxxx
  6. 00buck69@gmail.com on November 12, 2016: (Reply)
    Oh hell yes, that is awesome…I’d love to bury my face in there
  7. Phoenixphoenix54@yahoo.com yep its on October 28, 2016: (Reply)
    Looks like she’s pissing to me yep it’s piss so
  8. jbret62@Gmail.com on October 26, 2016: (Reply)
    That’s fucking awesome
  9. ?!?!???!!!?!?! on October 26, 2016: (Reply)
  10. dd.eddie on October 26, 2016: (Reply)
    I agree with your comments; delicious and as healthy as coconut water
  11. Anonymous on October 26, 2016: (Reply)
    Pishead, no really its PISS
  12. Austin on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    That’s awesome!
  13. Campfire on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    So she pissed the bed??
  14. tchris502@yahoo.com on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    I want to get my face in there!
  15. Gloverboy6 on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    I’ve tried to get my wife to squirt many times, but I think she’s too self-conscious to do it. Did it take your wife a few tries before she did it?
    • Anonymous on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
      Did it a tiny bit when first met her, only a few drops. Got her a vibrator and with a bit of effort she started to squirt. Now when i tease her and put in a bit of effort it flows. Well worth the effort though.
      • Gloverboy6 on October 26, 2016: (Reply)
        I’ve gotten her pretty wet, but I don’t feel like she hasn’t squirted
  16. lovethebooty@outlook.com on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    Amazing!!!!! It does taste great!! My Wife can do it, but she holds back a lot!!
  17. Mike on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    That is hot..nothing tastier..loved it. And the feel of that warm gush as as your fucking her..mmm gad i miss that..
  18. mrlac35@gmail.com on October 25, 2016: (Reply)
    Damn sounds like fun hope u post more thanks

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i can´t stop it…

Naughty amateur
[Total: 1028    Average: 3.7/5]

47 Comments for i can´t stop it…

  1. DirtyGirlXXX on July 25, 2017: (Reply)
    Perfection. Pink perfect pussy. 5 stars.
  2. Nick on July 25, 2017: (Reply)
    Really pretty
  3. Matt on March 23, 2017: (Reply)
    That’s a nice shot
  4. Johno on February 23, 2017: (Reply)
    Now here is a pussy I could actually imagine fingering with interest – licking enthusiastically while sucking pussylips one at a time with a tongue thrust to separate and the filling with a load of cum that half of will probably leak out of! FUCK ME – what a sexy fuck slot this is!!!!!!
  5. harry on July 15, 2016: (Reply)
  6. lovethebooty@outlook.com on April 4, 2016: (Reply)
    No need to stop!!! Keep squirting and cover me in your sweet nectar!!! Mmmmmm!!!!! Would love to taste you!!
  7. jjb on March 10, 2016: (Reply)
    Awesome huge uused pussy
  8. SMN on February 28, 2016: (Reply)
    If for nothing else this one gets 5 stars from me for the photography alone! Then add in those nails – Those are works of art. And her pink parts look perfect to me! So let’s see…. Can I give a 15? (-:
  9. GEORGE on February 21, 2016: (Reply)
  10. Roger on February 14, 2016: (Reply)
    DO try and stop its its wonderful. I had a girlfriend that was a major squirt er and I love it. When she rode me and squirt drenched my cock and balls I loved it. I also love eating her and have her squirt drench my face and drink as much as I could. I would love to be with you when your squirt like you photo drink every drop of your juice the like your pussy clean
  11. thomasc591@yahoo.com on December 31, 2015: (Reply)
    i’d love to taste it
  12. BigE on December 31, 2015: (Reply)
    Unfortunately studies have shown squirting is indeed “involuntary urination” it may not be yellow, but scientists have studied samples of both and found that it is indeed urine! As someone who always refuted the fact, it comes as somewhat of a disappointment 🙁
    • lic-a-lot-a-pus on July 24, 2016: (Reply)
      Keep trying little e, maybe you’ll get lucky enough to taste the difference
  13. jay on December 17, 2015: (Reply)
    Would drink that up like Texas tea
  14. steve286 on November 27, 2015: (Reply)
    I love squirt no need to stop you relaxe and enjoy let me do all the hard work I lick your pussy slowly flicking it with my tong on your pussy then eat it out slowly and finger it first with one then with two in and out all the way rube it in same crycles make it squirt more I bet I can make you squirt a glion
  15. alwaysboobs69@gmail.com on October 18, 2015: (Reply)
    for the guys who think its piss lol its not do yourself a favor and research give the girls the pleasure they deserve and do it right and believe me you will no the difference. and for the girl in this pic with the absolutely gorgeous pussy very nice and would love to have you squirt in my mouth anytime or please love to see more pics email me ill trade
  16. Cocksman on September 15, 2015: (Reply)
    Luc-a-lot, your either all talk or your wife has a cock and has been blowing loads in your bitched out face. Prove me wrong by posting a pic of your wife’s squirt.
    • Anonymous on July 24, 2016: (Reply)
      So you’re telling me ALL these guys are drinking PEE? Let me guess, you’ve never had one or you’d know the difference
    • lic-a-lot-a-pus on July 24, 2016: (Reply)
      Keep playing with your cock and you’ll never find out the difference. Maybe the world is still flat in you’re mind. there are hundreds of posts to prove you wrong. PECKER-HEAD.
    • Anonymous on April 7, 2016: (Reply)
      To Pee Wee not my fault you’ve never had a Squirter, or maybe your just not good enough
  17. leibfreifd354@gmail.com on August 11, 2015: (Reply)
    God I’d love for you fill my mouth up with you squirt
  18. Lic-a-lot-a-pus on June 18, 2015: (Reply)
    To all the unfortunate BOYS who think it’s PEE if you try alot harder and quit thinking about YOURS and get HERS, You’ll be WELL rewarded. I married mine and BELIEVE me… It’s definately NOT pee. Keep practing and if YOU’RE good enough you’ll get splached in the face
  19. Lic-a-lot-a-pus on May 15, 2015: (Reply)
    I married my SQUIRTER. and there’s nothing better than drinking directly from the foutain, and it definatley aint pee and she can’t fake that. SQUIRT ON SWEETIE
  20. Lickit on April 2, 2015: (Reply)
    I’d be willing drink that’s my kind pleasure taste so good cum spray on my face aliasgor2@gmail.com
  21. LoveMeSomeCurves on February 1, 2015: (Reply)
    ….all my Wife’s squirt!!!!! Absolutely tasty!!
  22. LoveMeSomeCurves on February 1, 2015: (Reply)
    J R…..you’ve obviously never been with a squirter!! It’s not piss!!!!! I wouldn’t lick up piss, but I lick up…..
  23. likeabearloveshoney@gmail.com on January 30, 2015: (Reply)
    I’d let you drown me with that honey
  24. dd.eddie on January 26, 2015: (Reply)
    Nothing more clean than free Pee from the faucet! She drinks lots of water and im thirsty NOW!
  25. Assfan69 on January 26, 2015: (Reply)
    To JR…Piss is yellow! I had a squirtin gf..its a blast! Rest assured its real!
  26. J R on January 25, 2015: (Reply)
    never really believed the “squirting” gig…its just piss’en on ones self really im thinken…oh well just sayen
  27. Jake on January 24, 2015: (Reply)
    My big cock wants to make that hot pussy drip
  28. ssk on January 24, 2015: (Reply)
    Seriously? She is pissing. Look up a picture of the female anatomy. It’s really not that complicated.
  29. rj on January 23, 2015: (Reply)
    that is the nector of the gods I love going down on a squirter
  30. ACE on January 23, 2015: (Reply)
    I’d love to drink from your pussy fountain Doll!
  31. dd.eddie on January 22, 2015: (Reply)
    I wish my mouth waas covering that entirely to feel your warm liquids. YUM
  32. planeboy on January 21, 2015: (Reply)
    looks fantastic!!!
  33. 00buck69@gmail.com on January 21, 2015: (Reply)
    oh my what I’d let you do to me
  34. Spike on January 21, 2015: (Reply)
    Love it!
  35. Gloverboy6 on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    Vids or it didn’t happen
  36. funseeker123@mail.com on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    Nice pussy. I would love to make you squirt some more.
  37. Rig on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    Beautiful big pink wet smooth cunt. Love those huge lips and huge pink hole, and the squirt. Keep posting doll
  38. robertlakemanjr@yahoo.ca on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    Would love to help u carry on
  39. bhubb on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    damn let’s see some more of that pussy squirting at bhubb03@yahoo.com swap some pics
  40. Assfan69 on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    SWEET! Damn I miss my squirter:( Why would you want to stop it!! Where r u from? striperfan.eo@gmail.com for more pix♡5♡
  41. Jarvison.jason@yahoo.co.uk on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    This a great looking active pussy, I would love to see more of it and of you 🙂 inbox me 😉
  42. pulln8316@gmail.com on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    lets see you squirt in my inbox
  43. jasonscott437@yahoo.com on January 20, 2015: (Reply)
    I’d love to lick and suck your pussy as your squirting all over the place!

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