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my wifes squirting pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 21


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I lost count after about 15 squirts back to back that night

41 Responses to “my wifes squirting pussy”

  1. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Let’s see some more!!!! Amazing! Nothing better than a squirter!!
  2. lexie said: you know that is me!!!!
  3. JM said: that is awesome. my ex wife is a squirter, greatest thing i ever experienced
  4. Gloverboy6 said: She must’ve been exhausted lol
  5. Macca said: yum wanna taste
  6. rajab said: drink girl squirt movies
  7. bigolcock said: would love to see this girl in action
  8. donjuan said: gotta love a good squiter
  9. Jay said: Dude you got any video of this
  10. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: I would cover with my mouth and swallow all her squirt ,MMM I love the taste
  11. 6162986686 said: YUM
  12. jeffyjoe said: love it can I taste
  13. builtit said: water hose
  14. billybob said: wow
  15. jdf1207@aol.com said: I would drink and drink and drink
  16. markbairs@yahoo.com said: can i have a drink
  17. yourdaddy said: great squirt would love to see more
  18. jimbo said: wow great wet squirting cunt love it
  19. Assfan 69 said: it is kind of a big deal.only about 1 in 100 women squirt.Also thier asshole spasms a bit while squirting.delishious!
  20. reality check said: so she squirts. big deal. does anyone see that you can park you F150 in her ass?
  21. ME said: makes me thirsty
  22. Assfan69 said: Oh soo many cluless guys out there!I miss my squirting girlfriend every day.Any chance shes from Ct?and in an open marraige!
  23. dd.eddie said: Amazing! a shame to waste it.. you need help to drink that, call me. makes for a good facial too..
  24. ukspunkymonky@gmail.com said: Fuck that’s got my mouth watering
  25. numnuts said: pretty sure thats a golden shower there fun once ,,in till u realize u just got pissed on
  26. MrC said: dude, posting stuff online is not for sensitive people. who cares if she squirts? its nothing new or amazing. sorry
  27. RickJamesBiotch said: Mike, I do so know about vaginas! I drop a load in them then after the go Pee Pee, they make me a sandwich while I watch TV!
  28. JoeBlow said: i’d hope to see this in person at least once
  29. J R said: ohh..forgot to say…scheeschh! lol
  30. J R said: from my experience thats no natural event…women orgasm but not like that…thats fluid applied then emitted,7 for show
  31. mike said: u people who say she is peeing dont know shit about a womens pussy idiots
  32. hardware said: so fucking hot would love to taste that sweet cum
  33. g4galileo said: Thats squirting you dumb asses. my wife can squirt 8′ sorry for you douches that cant tell. a thing of beauty.
  34. bill said: your bed is soked with pee
  35. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: It’s all fun and games until you have to steam clean the carpet and mattress.
  36. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Hey lol,don’t be hating cause you cant get a female to squirt!! Squirting is not pissing. Women can and do ejaculate!
  37. lol said: thats pissing, not squirting!
  38. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Would love to taste her pussy juices,let me lick her to orgasm!!
  39. phil said: a squirting pussy is a thing of beauty, nice
  40. RickJamesBiotch said: B.S. Dude! She’s pissing on your carpet!
  41. haha said: she must have drank a lot of water

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My wife squirting

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jun 2


Rating: 4.04    (1388 votes cast)

41 Responses to “My wife squirting”

  1. AssEater said: Squirting does NOT = Pissing!! My Wife’s a squirter & I’d drink her squirt all day long! Nothing gets me harder!!
  2. AssEater said: Beautiful!!
  3. Doog said: Good camera work :)
  4. dirtydisco said: wow now im thirsty to drink I that 520 940 2658
  5. rjewel said: Google it under medical sex. its real
  6. J R said: squirting=pissen..otherwise known as golden shower
  7. J R said: would she mind if i used her to water my garden on a sunny hot day? ;)
  8. ron said: squirt in my mouth
  9. Murdoch@live. com said: would love to see more of that hot squirt
  10. ratemynaughtyfan@gmail.com said: finally a woman who can SQUIRT i would def love to see more shoot me email
  11. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Squirt on me please my biggest fetish
  12. ts said: my wife squirt while i fuck her ass its awesome
  13. elrey201379@yahoo.com said: dam lap that up…now that a geyser..very nice
  14. bb3433 said: sexy
  15. and said: damm ill love to drink her pussy juice
  16. lovetofillyou@gmx.com said: fuck yeah easy 10! mine squirts too, but is camera shy
  17. Funkycold1972@yahoo.com said: That’s some bullshit right there!
  18. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: I’ve seen
  19. nobby said: my wife is 46 and quirts over my cock everytime…fucking awesome fella’s
  20. Assfan69 said: NOT fake morons!I miss my squirter sooo much!Some women do it most dont.:( 10+!!!U from Ct?????
  21. jamesco said: This looks legit. My wife squirts like this. Nice pic, great work getting her to do it. Keep posting.
  22. itr1182@hotmail.com said: god damn! im dying to get my girl to do this. any suggestions?
  23. Rog said: I love a squirting chick but if you check out the angles of the projectile they are all off!!! Maybe next time. 1 for effort
  24. tobimus24@gmail.com said: good lord & hot damn.
  25. uk7yearitch@gmail. com said: nice love a taste of that ;)
  26. moisturemissile said: Mag squirt. Nice job on capturing it.
  27. QR2 said: Umm, this is my wife. To those thinking this is fake, I can assure you it’s real. Towels are definitely needed.
  28. lover.eat78@yahoo.com said: let me have that hot pussy mmmmm
  29. Ntylver said: That is so hot!!!
  30. A11sinep@hotmail.com said: Wow, I love a squirter, any vids of her squirting?
  31. 8082827936 said: fuckin awesome!!!
  32. J R said: never really believed in the “squirting” deal…this is fake…but like to C more of that honeypot..post more ;)
  33. FamousMrEd said: lol @bear. you realy
  34. Hot and horny 44 said: Bear you just don’t know it’s not piss
  35. derek said: Bear,that is not piss!! I have had women squirt all over me!
  36. Mushroom_Cock said: Bear you must be gay this is a great squirt, high five chicky that’s hot
  37. The Truth said: Now that’s what ratemynaughty should be. Not just people posting pussy pics.
  38. Hot and horny 44 said: I love me a good squirter some people just don’t understand
  39. derek said: let me drink her pussy juice! would love to have her squirt in my mouth!
  40. Bear said: You like getting pissed on? You need to house train your dog!
  41. Andrew said: nice photo shop

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Squirting virgin pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 25

photo (21).JPG

Rating: 3.99    (1249 votes cast)

Do you like my tight, squirting pussy? What would you do to it?

39 Responses to “Squirting virgin pussy”

  1. bigboi said: fuccn sexc ;) I would eat that little pussy till you sqirt in my mouth then fuck that amazing pussy for hours
  2. largeflute@gmail.com said: i want to drink your juice
  3. maxie6410@msn.com said: Squirt all over my bi slut face while you sick on my husbands thick hard 12 inch cock
  4. Kushh said: Can I drink you’re squirt and piss it in you’re mouth then piss in mine and so on :)
  5. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: I would love for you to squirt in my mouth as I swa;;ow all, and lick your pussy clean
  6. zmurdoch@live. com said: I would love to see that upset squirt more
  7. Loopylee96@hotmail.co.uk said: Show me moreeee
  8. ad.palmer4531@hotmail.co.uk said: Would love you to squirt over me x
  9. largeflute@gmail.com said: i want you to squirt in my mouth
  10. elrey201379@yahoo.com said: that thing looks like its squirting from all kinds of places nice!
  11. gmatson07@gmail.com said: id lick up every last drop mmmm where are you at sexy
  12. skinny said: Mmm yes! Action pics sans cock always welcome! Love the messy piss. Want my face under it
  13. bbw sex fling said: love you tight, squirting pussy, bbw sex fling users wants to make it happen
  14. rj said: when a guy learns how to make a women squirt she will become your fuck buddy any time you like nice squirt honey
  15. john7seven@gmail.com said: love squirters, great picture, please more
  16. neils38@yahoo.com said: will you squirt in my face?
  17. Bhubb03@yahoo.com said: Damn I would fuck that pussy till it squirted then lick all the juices up should show me more at bhubb03@yahoo.com
  18. davidsandersonsr@gmail.com said: drink every drop
  19. largeflute@gmail.com said: i want you to squirt in my mouth while i eat your pussy and asshole
  20. Sculptor said: Drink
  21. Lickit said: aliasgor2@gmail.com squirt while ur being pounded hard. Sooooooo fucking good
  22. Lick it said: Spray ur squirt on hard cock just after I’ve pounded ur pussy
  23. baldsexymale@yahoo.com said: Wow, Id fuck you til you ran dry, then fuck you some more!
  24. Assfan69 said: I sooo miss my squirtin GF!All the clueless guys!!U from Ct!!I need a bath in that!10++++++
  25. Lickit said: Place that pussy on my mouth and baby while I use my tongue on clit mmmmmmmmm give me more.
  26. saltyspudjuice@gmail. com said: have you squirt in my mouth x x then fuck your juice pussy
  27. MilfSlayer said: Squirting shots always get a 10/10 from me!
  28. J R said: really dont believe in the “squirting” do they put H2o in there n squish? whats the truth? 8
  30. Man meat said: Lets trade squirt videos
  31. Dan@century21uk.co.uk said: Dirty bitch pishing like that.
  32. daniel said: that looks like pee
  33. @rickyleee1990 said: Let me lick out that tight sexy pussy and squirt all over my face sexy
  34. leon said: cum squirt on my face, then ill fuck u so hard ull squirt all over the place then ill creampie ur sweet pussy
  35. Lickit said: Wait let put my mouth over that mmmmmm mail me aliasgor2@gmail.com
  36. jamesgreggory362@yahoo.com said: I wanna drink your squirting juices! Let me open my mouth and you squirt all you got in it!
  37. Fake said: Sorry your just pissing
  38. espinozamanny@yahoo.com said: If its squirting it aint virgin. And I say let her squirt.
  39. dj northeast nwcastle said: love ur squirt u can squirt on me 07599867163

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my sexy squirt queen

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 24


Rating: 4.04    (5609 votes cast)

Rate this liquid

96 Responses to “my sexy squirt queen”

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: gorgeous I will swallow all the squirt your sweet pussy can make ,MMM love the sweet taste of your hot cum in my mouth
  2. markbairs@yahoo.com said: im thirsty
  3. elrey201379@yahoo.com said: ladies and gentleman we have a gusher
  4. John said: It’s pee.
  5. lookingforfun235@gmail.com said: can i have some? id love for you to squirt on my face and cock.
  6. Rk said: believe it or not, most women can squirt, its just that most men don’t know how to get them there.
  7. Rk said: For those who doubt, my wife is a squirter, and it is NOT pee! totally different feel and taste!
  8. dj northeast said: that’s great wish you’d cum on me 07599867163.
  9. leon said: over it
  10. leon said: please cum sit on my face so i can make u squrit like that all over. then slide that wet pussy on mu hard cock and squirt all
  11. totem pole said: Ouch! That pussy would be way to tight……..
  12. 10inchcock said: would love to drink that squirt and suck your pussy lips
  13. 10inchcock said: would love to drink that squirt and bury my tounge in that pussy
  14. bestofbothworlds2010@live.com said: you up for me drinking ur squirt as u fuck my tongue?x
  15. flipfioplover said: You can give me a facial anytime
  16. hatebrand said: Love a woman who can squirt!
  17. 1uknaughtyboy@gmail.com said: nice x ;)
  19. makeyacum@@live.co.uk said: guys this is the best ur see ex cud cum its brilliant great pic sexy x
  20. bjones8166@yahoo.com said: well cindy. im hard now…
  21. cindy said: WOW! great photo ……. try collecting those squirt juices and use as salad dressing, its so fantastic…
  22. Capt.applesause702@gmail.com said: Love a squirting pussy
  23. Hardnwilling@hotmail.com said: Reminds me of a swt cyber friend of mine who drives me nuts with her sexc pics
  24. johhny said: hot squirt is lubricant
  25. dave said: id luv a woman to squirt ova me. or even piss on me
  26. sbasarir@hotmail.com said: ı love to get my mought ……please
  27. Dog said: I like to drink that hmmmm nice , I have tasted piss it’s delicious
  28. big ginm said: i wanna drink it mmmmmmmm
  29. isaacva88@gmail.com said: smoking hot
  30. cjcall3819@yahoo.com said: This fine liquid makes me instantly get rock hard….oooh baby
  31. STONEWOO216@yahoo.com said: yellow bad ..clear gray squirt i will drink it …DAMN !!!THATS SEXY .
  32. sticky pop said: * thats my bitch punk!! *
  33. pussyliquher said: not squirt..but cute
  34. Johnny apple stick said: Let the heavens pour that sweet nectar Down on me way to go girl
  35. bob said: i would love to run my throbing cock deep in that pretty pussy and make you squirt all over me
  36. Boom said: Pussy juice or pee, I want it all over me.
  37. jo said: can i get d cup
  38. entanglement@y7mail.com said: you can sprinkel over me any time u like
  39. shawn said: hotrod_for_play@yahoo.com yes thats one hot squirt they are sexy when you have them loved it when my ex diid it all over me
  40. nick said: it’s great if your part of it
  41. Excel said: srsly i wonder how old are all the men who says squirt come from the vagina,go get a book and learn more about women’sexuality
  42. Marten said: Squrting is pee? LOL are those people still virgins or what? Lmao
  43. dhdgf said: this is clearly not squirting because it is coming out of the piss hole not the vaginal opening
  44. curvey.17@hotmail.ca said: please let me lick you dry. Im a chick
  45. dodgeboy69x@yahoo.com said: would you let me put my face down there love squirting girls
  46. Shabbaranks said: Looks like piss, still filthy hot tho
  47. guy said: lol thats so PEE!
  48. Lily said: Wow, you captured a great shot
  49. john said: yet another proof that squirting is fake , and for all of you retards if it comes out of the pee hole than IT IS PEE still hot t
  50. thbillythekid@aol.com said: As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit!!!!
  51. badboy6065@yahoo.co.uk said: Over my face and balls
  52. Justin said: Seeing this makes me thirsty. Does she do birthday parties?
  53. mygfasquirtertoo said: for all its not piss it comes from the piss hole and its great!!! amazing pic mike thanks for sharing!!!
  54. pimpmix said: existence of the G-Spot.
  55. pimpmix said: and nature of the fluid continues to be a topic of debate among medical professionals and is related to doubts over the
  56. pimpmix said: fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm. The exact source a
  57. pimpmix said: Female ejaculation (commonly known as gushing, cumming or squirting[1]) refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear
  58. Simply_Thick said: I’m a lucky guy, my wife can squirt and she loves doing it for me. It’s simply awesome and oh, men…it’s not piss!
  59. upferit said: wot a bonus to have a squirter for a missus
  60. T BONE said: that is real i seen come out of both places at once d spray that far
  61. B-Mac said: all these people are non-believers! these guys don`t know what squirting is all about. this is the real deal
  62. paul said: i would love her to squirtt, piss, and shit in my mouth, all over my body, and all over my 9″ dick
  63. max said: not a hot chick. not a hot pic. not my kond of thing. pee and all.
  64. Raz-matik said: beautiful! this is as real as it gets. Your husband is one lucky guy!!
  65. largeflute@gmail.com said: i want to drink your love piss
  66. mike said: my wife, my picture, my fun sex life……..want some squirt? do your research!!
  67. funfriendsst@yahoo.ca said: A very rare few women squirt. The liquid coming from her crotch tastes good. I love being drowned by this liquid. Only once 4me!
  68. mike said: all squirt is different, not all the same you want spray you block the openning , flood the let it loose its nice to see haters
  69. mike said: people,people…..do your research it comes from the same hole. the chemical and acid balance changes throughout the ejaculant
  70. RMNG#1 said: Listen to Jenbird lads she’s right. Women squirt from Gspot massage and a bit of know how? Learn how to please your woman
  71. Slyder said: Jenbird is right, Its def squirt!!! unless you know it, you dont! the internal muscle spasms are the key!
  72. horny_stoner said: love to get a shot of that
  73. Jenbirdred@gmail.com said: That is not to be confused with cum that does “cum” hehe from the vaginal opening -
  74. Jenbirdred@gmail.com said: Actually to quell the confusion, female “squirting” or ejaculation does come from the urethra
  75. JJM said: She’s peeing, not squirting. LOOK at where it’s coming from, pee comes from the urethra,if she was squirting itd be from the vag
  76. Lee said: u got me soooo hott can u hose me dwn
  77. 3602503758 said: im thirsty can you squirt that in my mouth and all over my face.then ride my thick cock.
  78. mike said: yea thats the real deal all squirt no pissing. thats my post and she is 100% natural squirt queen please dont hate
  79. circle5crosses@yahoo.com said: @ Jen I would like tooooo see that coming from your pussy pls post HELL YES!!!!
  80. Bone said: You all are idiots…..that’s not a squirter…..she’s just taking a piss……not sexy
  81. Mike 7202376377 said: We want 2 c jen do it
  82. Jelly said: Fuck!!! Spray that delishshit a
  83. RMNG#1 said: You can’t beat a water fountain in the bedroom ;) :)
  84. driller said: wow your pissing. amazing
  85. Dangerous said: Oh yes I love it when I see this amazing water feature!! Please post more your the best
  86. Tman said: love it, love it, love it
  87. Geek said: Very, very hot!
  88. onehunglow6913@yahoo.com said: Oh Hell Yeah!!! Thats what im talking about!!! Great Shot!!! Drown me time!HA
  89. c said: your man is one LUCKY MOTHERFUCKER. i just pumped out a hot load looking at your hunny hole eruption
  90. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: NICE!
  91. Yum said: Awesome
  92. Jenbirdred@gmail.com said: Fuck ya!!! I’m a squirter too but I haven’t ever gotten a shot, so hot!
  93. evilderrick@gmail.com said: Can i drink that
  94. circle5crosses@yahoo.com said: O HELL YES!!!!! Drown ME with your squirting juicies more more more POST more
  95. volfan092665@yahoo.com said: more more more
  96. Axel said: Amazing!!! Squirt all over my face!

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Wife squirting(gushing) all over herself!!!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 5

KSP 012.jpg

Rating: 3.25    (2772 votes cast)

Anyone would lick a taste???

44 Responses to “Wife squirting(gushing) all over herself!!!”

  1. Levi said: Nice little squirt
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: yes gorgeous I would love to taste and swallow your sweet cum or piss
  3. J R said: looks kinda yellow=piss?
  4. peter said: fuck yeah im coming
  5. carl said: yummy
  6. Chris said: Nice Gaping Squirt!
  7. Capt.applesause702@gmail.com said: Only if I can cum in your mouth
  8. rwwpride79@yahoo.com said: i would love to have that sweet juice flow into my poen mouth
  9. swagg said: ddddddammmnnnnn let me fuck that ppppppussssssyyyyy
  10. entanglement@y7mail.com said: i wish that my mouth was there so i could drink your liquid
  11. Sheldo said: Is that even a vagina?
  12. polar said: whats on ur finger? dont look like no squirt
  13. dereck said: i would love for that flood of juices to be all over my cock and for you to squirt all over my face and mouth. mmm bet its tasty
  14. larry said: baby taste it hell i would love suck you dry that to be taste of heaven love to get you off and lick you clean
  15. Fritte said: Nice squirt would love to make you squirt
  16. bgmxx said: omg, absolutely edible! love to have that spraying all over me. :)
  17. Playtime said: wow
  18. Jonny said: Id let you piss all over me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Wife said: Which is your photo Lily??
  20. umi said: Lily, thanks for the beautiful photo…
  21. rana d great said: lily plese sbmit ur pitures
  22. Lily said: I think it would be to hard to get a pic of the actual squirting..
  23. Mike said: Lily is not real life, if you can look you should be able to post???
  24. Lily said: Yeah why would he care, just comparing..not like I see in real lufe
  25. Mike said: Lilly does your husband approve of u on web site! I say put up or shut up! Talk is cheap!
  26. Lily said: No thanks, my husband makes me squirt all the time ;) but I don’t think he would like me posting a pic of my pussy for everyone
  27. ib6ub9 said: Id give u a squirting orgasm lilly… U should put ur pussy up, bet it’s hot!
  28. Lily said: That’s y I don’t post my pics lol, I don’t think they understand the contractions and letting go involved in squirting..
  29. Zack said: Wow!!! That’s a deep hole there!!! U used that thing alot! U must like u some big cock!
  30. Dee said: That’s a real wide pussy there! Bet u can take a whole lot of dick!
  31. ib6ub9 said: Who cares if it is pee, I’d still lick u dry! =p
  32. Justin said: I cold suc that pussy all day long
  33. Ray said: That’s not pee, she is too arouse too pee. You can see all of her inside of her vagina. That real gushing!! U have any more pic?
  34. Lee said: I’ll suc on ur sweet juices all day every day 24/7
  35. Lee said: now dats an amazin’ shot.I wud luv 2 tak ur fluffy biscuits and sop up all ur sweet thick creamy coo and mak it a meal mmm mmm
  36. horny said: I would love to let that dribble all over my mouth
  37. ib6ub9 said: I’d keep my face in ur pussy n have u gush all over me, then I’d get u 2 lick me clean while my cock fills u with hot cum
  38. womble said: i’d prefer to leave my man juice deep in her hole
  39. Somebody said: That’s yellow pee.
  40. Tripxman said: I would love for her to squirt all over my face send me more i have pics of my wife squirtin to spcwilliams1@yahoo.com
  41. paid hourly said: great pic nice and messy mmmm
  43. hotrodarama said: mmmmm! hell yeah! i would LOVE to taste! swnd me more please hotrodarama@yahoo.com
  44. Tom said: Awesome picture, you can see all of your insdes baby

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My Delicious Hot Pink Stink Hole

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 8


Rating: 4.21    (2914 votes cast)

Want Me To Squirt On You Man Meat?

66 Responses to “My Delicious Hot Pink Stink Hole”

  1. tounge man said: yummy my tounge looks good there
  2. J R said: pump full of water..plug n remove…walla…gusher…
  3. titan4308@hotmail.com said: be my first squirt experience :-)
  4. bestofbothworlds2010@live.com said: can i lick you out?
  5. dlast5348@gmail.com said: I want you to come on my cock and in my mouth
  6. nutz said: yes please
  7. rocker4ever33@yahoo.com said: You can squirt on me anytime
  8. Hardnwilling@hotmail.com said: Love it. Humour me
  9. HotPup said: Oh my. I would love to drink straight from the tap
  10. Lag said: Please squirt on my cock bb and then stand above me and cum all over me and in my mouth bb! leeagerman@yahoo.com
  11. STONEWOO216@yahoo.com said: 10 .. god i wish i was that toy ..lol
  12. master4young_32@yahoo.com said: oh yes make me a video:-)
  13. danny said: can I have a glass of that plz hmmm x
  14. I.roll.do.u@gmail.com said: Squirt on my man meat or my face which ever u. Like
  15. mike said: the only way to cum
  16. big dick said: i want u 2 squirt all ova my cock
  17. dea said: amazing ; ))))
  18. PUSSY4PUSSY said: Love it when a girl squirts on my face
  19. Mark said: gush on my hard pricker
  20. KennyD said: now thats a squirting.wish i could catch every last drop in my mouth.
  21. kfavorite@hotmail.com said: i love squirters…i would make you squirt over and over would love to see more
  22. Playtime said: wow
  23. nukleonija said: sooooo delicious
  24. raw said: i wish i could do that
  25. jyoti said: i want to lick
  26. cmb said: Oh YES a big dose of cunt custard
  27. cmb said: I want to eat that juice
  28. Mystery said: I want more pics thats hot we can trade! Fifej@ ymail.com
  29. tom said: fuckin hell baby squirt all ova ma face ! an i will suck ur pusi 4 mor huni hmm
  30. John said: I love a girl who pees on me. I take it all over me. I have taken pee from 40 girls. I have given pee to 30 of them. All good.
  31. me4348@googlemail.com said: omg
  32. mike said: hey if u wanna trade pics email me at mikemooby@gmail.com
  33. sean said: you any more pick like this, would love to see them,v-bad@live.co.uk
  34. JUICY said: Hell Yea…
  35. paperboy said: i would love 2 keep that pussy squirting
  36. hockeyplayer said: come to vt and fuck me
  37. satan said: i would drink her pussy juices with a spoon
  38. donkeycov69@hotmale.com said: wow i would love to meet a squirter
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Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 18

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