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MissTease on top again

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 23

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So is this one better? Riding it AND spread, for the nice fans and the critics alike. Does this one make you jizz?

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The wife and I

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 23

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small tight jamming

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

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stretch n cream in her pussy

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  1. Spike said: Great Picture!!!
  2. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Beautiful pussy! You are a lucky man!
  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Beautiful
  4. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm yummy very beautiful thanks for.sharing
  5. Funny said: Zoom in a little closer it might look bigger!

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I love my hubby’s fat cock!

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 22

IMG_1923 (2) (640x354).jpg
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Who wants to cum inside?

8 Responses to “I love my hubby’s fat cock!”

  1. daveislonely@gmail.com said: While your hubbys fucking Louise I’d have MY fat cock deep in your wet slit!!!!!!!!
  2. daveislonely@gmail.com said: My wife Louise would go mad for your hubbys fat cock!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dom.bon@aol.com said: I’ll cum deep in you just let me know when and where!?
  4. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love to cum over her clit hood then tounge her clean as I finger her bum hole
  5. kidderbranden@gmail.com said: ill fill u up with a nice load ..email more
  6. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: lol guess you havent seen thick yet lets trade a few pics
  7. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: Oh he’ll yea!!!! I’ll fill it up!!
  8. Good said: Your the only one that does.

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Wife in Charge

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Apr 20

00408CDB5E24_4-19-2014_12-08-28.864 AM.jpg
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16 Responses to “Wife in Charge”

  1. d-bag said: hey rocker where is your gf pics? since everyone’s pics are boring lets see how awesome your pics are
  2. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Wow would like her to put me through my paces, using that ass hole
  3. Mario69in said: Yummy
  4. dom.bon@aol.com said: how would she feel about a second cock joining in on the fun?
  5. wow said: ummm
  6. joef2256@gmail.com said: Not a coin flip. Undoubtably hot.
  7. mato said: Could do with one in that bum hole too
  8. 7DK said: Add me anyone has bbm would to see more 7C565789
  9. Ty Webb said: I wish I had me a ribbed cock!
  10. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: rate a 1for nice ass, love thickgirls.a lil boring. love to see her squirting on u. e me if interested in showing. maybe trade
  11. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: rate a 1for nice ass, love thickgirls.a lil boring. show me her squietu
  12. No Thanks said: you can have all of that!
  13. June said: What a cute little pecker
  14. Rog said: Fucks up with the ribbed cock?
  15. J R said: shes def taking charge! all she needs is a nice vintage ck in the backdoor while shes “in charge”..9 ;)
  16. Funkycold1972@yahoo.com said: Love the way you ride that cock, nice big juicy round ass. Perfection!!

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MissTease getting a good fuck

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 18

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Her favorite position. She loves getting mounted like a bitch in heat while everyone watches.

14 Responses to “MissTease getting a good fuck”

  1. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Amazing
  2. dom.bon@aol.com said: after you fill her with your load. Can I give her mine? and after she’s had my cock you go again and we fuck her all night?
  3. dom.bon@aol.com said: after you fill her with your load. can I give her mine?
  4. J R said: shes in my fav postion for sure! great post arching bumm up..was it good? 9
  5. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Nice curvy ass, quality doggy style move!
  6. Meat said: Ass isnt nice and we dont see pussy just pimple on guy and dirty dick
  7. 5714327523 said: Love to feel her pussy pull me in and milk my cock till I bust a nut where ever she wants it
  8. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: nothing here, boring. 0 rating
  9. Ty Webb said: I can come around and fuck her mouth while you are doing that
  10. Boule Boule said: meow meow.. you should wear a condom when you fuck a slut in heat meow meow
  11. byro.bob@hotmail.com said: Who is EVERYONE ? How CAN I be ONE of THEM?
  12. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: lol whos everyone
  13. UrNaughtyArntU said: I want a turn..
  14. budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: mmmmm very sexy thanks for sharing

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Doggie Style

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 17

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How’s it look ???

12 Responses to “Doggie Style”

  1. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Looks awesome mate, she has a beautiful ass and body, n)
  2. R said: I would barry my Cock Balls Deep in that ASS!!
  3. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Beautiful tight buns & tiny waist. Outstanding! Would love to watch you pound her and see the joy on her face!
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  5. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: rate a 1 for nice ass, otherwise boring!!!
  6. Senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Looks like you two should be making movies! Can’t wait for the prequel and sequel!
  7. eighttrack208@yahoo.com said: got a long hard cock to share with you if you will like
  8. loads4you2@gmail.com said: would love to watch her suck your cock while i take her from vehind like this
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  10. 4172934140 said: looks awesome!! very nice pic!!
  11. Ryan said: great flip her over for your next post
  12. Mike said: Looks great. Would be better if her ass was a bit fatter. Nice abs and big string cock

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32Yr Old Milf sex

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 17

Sliding it in.JPG
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So tight and so wet!!! Wanna try?

6 Responses to “32Yr Old Milf sex”

  1. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Hell yes ;) ;p
  2. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: Fuck. I bet she’d like it as much as I would. Love dirty woman.
  3. Regalman350@yahoo.com said: Hell yea! Hope she likes it dirty cause soon as your done I’m gonna ram my cock in her wet fuck hole Give her a back to back
  4. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: didnt rate. nothing there. boring
  5. J R said: wow id even go in second place! would she mind? ;)
  6. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Do I! Would love to see pics if you in my email inbox ;)

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pussy lips gripping cock

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 16

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Love watching her lips get sucked out by my cock

9 Responses to “pussy lips gripping cock”

  1. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Very nice pal
  2. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com said: no rate. boing ..
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  9. Really! said: That only because she is not wet!!

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Wife on Cock

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 2

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My wife cumming around my dick.

8 Responses to “Wife on Cock”

  1. hossainkamal27@yahoo.com said: hossain kamal
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  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Very sexy, love how she’s gripping your pole, is her sexy bum spare for me to join in
  4. 4172934140 said: very sexy pic!!
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