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Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 27

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Sharing this Milf and her fat pussy

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Gorgeous wife Anna’s pussy 3

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Apr 25

100_1007 3.JPG
[Total: 240    Average: 4.1/5]

Anna forgot her birth control, so I had to wear a rubber. I still got off easily from her amazing pussy. She says hi!

12 Responses to “Gorgeous wife Anna’s pussy 3”

  1. Jess said: Nice big cock!
  2. West6771@yahoo.com said: Wish those lips were wrapped around my cock
  3. West6771@yahoo.com said: Wish those lips were rap
  4. only ten said: I wouldn’t ware a cundom I would but in her
  5. 00buck69@gmail.com said: hi sexy
  6. Goodyear said: I’m dying to get into that perfect looking pussy. You are a lucky bastard.
  7. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Another great pic
  8. Frank said: I’d cum in 5 seconds in that.
  9. DJ said: My god Anna. That is one incredible pussy! Nice body too from what I can see.
  10. countrycock25@gmail.com said: how bout an after pic of that gapped pussy
  11. Jerry said: Gorgeous as usual. You are the RMN dream girl!
  12. Not a braggart said: less you, more her.

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Young wife’s juicey pussy fucked

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 21

[Total: 313    Average: 3.5/5]

Just cumming at this moment in time ,

9 Responses to “Young wife’s juicey pussy fucked”

  1. freakshow4069 said: love to stick my thick 7 inch in you
  2. J R said: Look at those shaved balls and that beautiful cock – making me hard looking at it
  3. Labia Lover said: Wish that was me. I would love to unload in/on your wife’s lovely pussy.
  4. Freddie gape u. said: I see a spot for my cock.
  5. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Cream pie that pussy then post it
  6. Christina said: Nice dick!
  7. Anna said: That’s the best feeling in the world! Thanks for sharing!
  8. dee69lover@outlook.com said: hope that pussy felt as good as it looks
  9. mdelano93.md@gmail.com said: What a sexy lil pussy. love the big clit 10

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Ready 2 FuCK!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 13

[Total: 396    Average: 3.4/5]

Gave her a good licking, now it’s time 2 FuCK!

6 Responses to “Ready 2 FuCK!!”

  1. BBC said: muchroom sausage i’d love to taste
  2. nips said: beautiful mushroom head cock
  3. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Lets see you bury that dumb stick deep balls deep and post again!
  4. tbanga said: christina….see mine….
  5. Not a braggart said: less you, more her.
  6. Christina said: Nice head on that dick

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Hitting the girlfriend doggy style.

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 13

[Total: 415    Average: 3.7/5]

Her favorite way to be fucked, the view makes me cum every time. Any suggestions, what would you do?

16 Responses to “Hitting the girlfriend doggy style.”

  1. J said: Christina I’m in western U.S. Too wanna fuck?
  2. hunter said: Hopfully i will see you on here one day . Unfortunatly not in person to enjoy your pussy making my viens pop
  3. Christina said: Western U.S.
  4. hunter said: Where r u
  5. Christina said: That’s unfortunate
  6. ?? said: Eager**
  7. ?? said: I’m guessing Christina is not in Canada. Love the thought of a girl wager to meet. Lol
  8. hunter said: @ christina NSW Australia
  9. Christina said: Hunter, what part of the country are you in?
  10. hunter said: @ christina how about you make the viens pop on my,
  11. lee said: my 43 yr. old wife wants to spread her legs for that dick. she . loves gettin her pussy pounded
  12. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Hell yeah! Would love to see you glide in and post again!!!
  13. Trey88 said: Nice pic thanks for sharing, nothing wrong with that tight asshole except the cock isn’t in it!!
  14. mdelano93.md@gmail.com said: I would slide it in her ass and fill it up. you should try it. she will love it. 10
  15. Dana.grey@rocketmail.com said: I’d make her shave her asshole!
  16. Christina said: I like the veins

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Texas Red Tight and Wet Pussy 4

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 10

Posted 04092015.jpg
[Total: 381    Average: 3.3/5]

Little Red, 110 lbs of fun juicy fucking

15 Responses to “Texas Red Tight and Wet Pussy 4”

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: red is so mouth watering love to eat her pussy
  2. crimaonsky74@gmail com said: that pussy looks so tight id love ti have my cock in that
  3. nips said: beautiful mushroom head cock,cum right in her pussy lips and use the cum for lube
  4. The Real J R said: such a beautiful cock
  5. Cum4Fun said: One ginger = bad enough. But two?
  6. Not a braggart said: less him, more you.
  7. dee69lover@outlook.com said: amazing lookin pussy, love tgw red hairy pussy, wish it was me sticking my dick in
  8. hunter said: Stop with the dick envy . Hes hitting that your not . Lucky man i would enjoy every bit of her
  9. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Let’s see more of her freckles! Got any on her teets???
  10. Patti said: JR, yes, they’re on here. Back at you, post your goods…little man
  11. J R said: wow another REDHEAD alert! yo Patti..can U post ur goods? 😉 just sayen…
  12. chris said: lol.every girl is hot and every dick is small….fuck em all. nice pic. ty for sharing
  13. Mike said: That right there is a lil pecker feel a lil sorry for u
  14. Patti said: Sorry you have to put up with such a small dick sweetly. I hop you have a good dildo
  15. Johnfinegan11@gmail.com said: Wow everything they say is bigger in Texas besides that lil cock I feel sorry for you

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Redhead Wife Riding Wet

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 9

[Total: 427    Average: 3.9/5]

Any takers?

15 Responses to “Redhead Wife Riding Wet”

  1. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: very hot! I want to fill that perfect ass!!!
  2. dick said: she needs my cock in her asshole
  3. hunter said: Instead of holding her arse cheek togeth spree
  4. Bulletman said: She rides cock very nicely!
  5. J R said: another “REDHEAD” alert! beautiful…does she like Xtra ck now n then?
  6. J R said: hey “imposter JR” below..use another ID ..ive had the “real JR” ID before U..ok? 😉 its “confusing” if ya know what i mean
  7. J R said: What a great position for me to tickle your balls with my tongue – its making me hard thinking about it
  8. Throbbin Hood said: You bet. That’s a great shot. Your wife looks amazing. Redheads are great.
  9. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: That’s such a fucken beautiful view!!!!
  10. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Nice Ass, it’s missing something though……MY COCK!!!!
  11. dee69lover@outlook.com said: luck guy, wish she was on top of me :)
  12. Freddie gape u. said: I’ll slip in right next to that. 2 is more. And would just be right to fuck her deep. Love your wife.
  13. Gloverboy6 said: Redhead are so fuckin’ hot
  14. HellSpawn said: let’s how tight she is with out you in her and pushing on her ass
  15. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: You look so tight! Can I be next? Wow

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getting my tight pussy stretched

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 9

Fuck Faerie2_933x700.JPG
[Total: 353    Average: 3.7/5]

riding my fuck buddy while hubby takes pics

13 Responses to “getting my tight pussy stretched”

  1. Trey88 said: Whoa that’s one nice tight pussy, look how it fucking clings to that shaft!!
  2. 00buck69@gmail.com said: Nice
  3. Bulletman said: Nothing wrong with that! I hope your hubby got some too!
  4. J R said: wow that is tite! mercy sakes
  5. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Lucky buddy! Vaughn
  6. Rowdy Yates said: hope he also stuck it in your ass
  7. Throbbin Hood said: Wow, that certainly looks tight. Would love to see your pussy in its resting state. Would love to be your FB…
  8. Joe said: Id wld be even tighter with my big cock slammin it.
  9. x-jas-x1@hotmail.co.uk said: I’d love to be the next guy! Very hot pussy and ass.
  10. Gloverboy6 said: Damn, that pussy DOES look tight. I hope hubby got some of it too
  11. HellSpawn said: your hubby isn’t good enough for so he let you have a fuck buddy wow that’s pretty low
  12. ACE said: Awesome! Ur pussy & ass look tight Doll, how do i become a fuck buddy?
  13. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: You look solo tight! Can I be next? Wow

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Riding me with finger in her ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 8

[Total: 380    Average: 3.9/5]

girkfriend riding me while I’ve got my finger up her ass :)

9 Responses to “Riding me with finger in her ass”

  1. BigCock said: That looks really cozy
  2. J R said: if she wants more n finger call me! great post btw
  3. Rowdy Yates said: Hope you gave her the dirty sanchez afterwards
  4. bill said: who took the pic
  5. dee69lover@outlook.com said: you luck guy, she looks so hot, I’d love to see more of her please
  6. Kenbo said: My gf loves this
  7. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Nice view, love that ass
  8. Christina said: I bet that feels so good!
  9. hunter said: Whould she like sumthing bigger in her arse as she rides you . DP

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Stretching my girls little pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Mar 31

[Total: 439    Average: 3.6/5]

Stretching my 20yr old gf out;)

18 Responses to “Stretching my girls little pussy”

  1. Suzie said: Wish that was my pussy, yummy cock
  2. Samara said: Holy fuck. I would love to have that thick cock stretching out my pussy. Have you ever considered moulding it into a dildo?
  3. J R said: again..”J R” imposter…embarrasing
  4. J R said: agreed…ruined! photo magnification as well…the imposter @4/1/15
  5. Lolol said: You guys are weird it’s cause his pants are on.. That’s a nice pussy and a hard dick u go guy
  6. Freddie gape. said: Bet you make a mess. I’ll clean her out after for you. Then try fisting her ass with my cock in her pussy balls pushed in her.10
  7. Bart said: Lots of ass acne here, this girl is wrecked
  8. Daddy's girl said: That’s a real nice cock I’d love in my mouth And a tight pussy daddy would love to play with. Share??
  9. virgil said: I would love to have that in my ass while I’m licking her
  10. harey ballz said: LOL @ Duper.. an expert of men’s scrotums. Possibly his hasnt dropped yet. this beeatch is tight!
  11. WhoKnows said: Damn. Let’s see that fat dick stretching her ass
  12. Duper said: That’s not a real dock look at the balls
  13. J R said: Wow – love you to stretch my ass like that whilst I tug on my own cock
  14. Joey said: Yikes! That sure is getting a good stretchin! Hot pic.
  15. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Did you go balls deep or did she tap out?
  16. ryanmatt364@gmail.com said: holy shit that’s a huge cock. Looks like you guys are having quite a good time
  17. UkFan29 said: Nice fucking pics :-)
  18. Daddy's good girl said: I’m below you sexy white girl that loves fat cocks like this. chk it out if your interested lets exchange. read mine

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