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wife’s going anal

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jan 1

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30 Responses to “wife’s going anal”

  1. largeflute@gmail.com said: that’s such a nice pussy. I’d love to eat you out while I fist your ass
  2. Rick said: Meaty.. Yum
  3. rj said: would love to spend at least one night a week on a playdate with u two.
  4. jb said: hot meaty pussy she’s hot
  5. T_C_man31@yahoo.com said: wish that was my cock. I’d warm you up with my tongue, finger, and toys before I mad you cum all over my cock
  6. Candyman0725@yahoo.com said: I would pound that pussy so hard. Will u let me cum in that ass
  7. Nazcarman@aol.com said: Would like to lick that sweet pussy while she plays with her ass
  8. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said: with that fat dildo in her ass and a thick hard cock in her pussy she would scream in ectasy……
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  10. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love to suck her big flaps as she pound that ass ;)
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  12. jb said: hot hot pussy she would be a good fuck
  13. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com said: your sweet lips need to be sucked as you pump your tight sweet ass , love to taste your cum as it squirts in my mouth
  14. highsexdrive said: Looks like the whole package right there!
  15. THAT ONE GUY said: I would love to fuck that asshole.
  16. prinzm said: Would Love To Take That Ass While You Rub Those Sexy Lips
  17. breastfan21@gmail.com said: awesome lips, fantastic tits, nice anal shot, send some to my email
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  21. 5714327523 said: Damn that is nice my cock is throbbing looking at her
  22. GGSWA said: i love the lips hanging out just gorgeous
  23. bigoz99612@yahoo.com said: Deeper…
  24. Spade em said: I’m jealous of that toy
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  26. Joe said: Nice meaty pussy lips. Wld luv to suck on them.
  27. SAM said: DAMN!!!! Now thats a pussy.
  28. Fenris.Blackmoon@yahoo.com said: thats just beautiful, would love to see more
  29. MrC said: nice, but it looks like a pic from a cam site
  30. Chris said: that’soso sexy taking such a big toy in a little sexy ass ;) make it stretch baby

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More Wifes Ass Play 2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 4

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Wifies ass being creamed

15 Responses to “More Wifes Ass Play 2”

  1. badboy22 said: Dirty little cock slut! Only thing that would make that hotter, would be seeing that sweet pussy was full of hot cum too!
  2. 4172934140 said: I love this sloppy ass fucking pic!!! I’m next!!
  3. Cunt said: Want U2 fill me up with your cum!
  4. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk said: Any chance of some pics sent privately Miss Anal? Love your pics ;)
  5. circumaid said: my bellend a dam site bigger, let me do her, she’ll wince
  6. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: looks well used
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  8. deltahalo10290@hotmail.com said: i wanna cum in that ass baby
  9. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: Stunning!!! I’d love to see more!!
  10. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Hot pic love to see cum drip out after I fuck her pussy love to see more
  11. Butch said: That is outstanding! My wife loves when other men cream pie her ass. She no longer will have sex with me.
  12. haha said: looks torn up
  13. Pussy smasher said: Are this spencter lips if so move that cock and re submit. I want to see that sexy browneye with no cream. Get the fuck out .
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Wifes Ass Play 2

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 28

wifes ass play 2.jpg
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Luvs to have ass filled:p

17 Responses to “Wifes Ass Play 2”

  1. Jack said: I can feel my spunk filling her up
  2. alfred petrino595@gmail. com said: white guy black cock
  3. circumaid said: I asked a blackgut how to get one, he use string and a brick, it’s working in it’s turned black to start with…..
  4. THAT ONE GUY said: I’d marry any girl that likes ass play.
  5. 4172934140 said: let’s see the cum running out!!
  6. JTANG said: Did you spray tan your weiner WTF???
  7. bill said: dude, take the cock ring off
  8. J R said: stand in ck…hes standing aside while she gets dicked…ummmmm
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  12. Frank said: How is your cock black? Transplant?
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  14. funkycold1972@yahoo.com said: Is that a fucken cock tan you have going on or what? Fuck that show us her body without the strap on cock fucker!
  15. Mr X. said: BBC on a white guy. Go figure?!
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anal pleasure

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 24

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she loves to dp

15 Responses to “anal pleasure”

  1. nips said: beautiful BIG ass, perfect for passionate anal sex, gonna cum now
  2. ass man said: oh baby!!! please let that fantastic arse swallow my cock. xxx
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  6. 4172934140 said: count me in!!!!
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  12. hunter said: would she like to try air tight . one in her ass and another
  13. Moser said: Very nice 10/10
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  15. Joe said: Beautiful pussy and ass. Would love to smack that ass while she rides my cock

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Just the tip – just for a minute LOL

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Oct 26

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I’m a freaky little Hispanic that loves getting my ass fucked hard and deep…
Anybody wanna ride?

19 Responses to “Just the tip – just for a minute LOL”

  1. MrC said: i would love to fuck your freaky little hispanic ass. yummy
  2. Candyman0725@yahoo.com said: Never done anal but I would like to have that ass stretched around my cock
  3. Disgusted said: Is that a man’s ass? Take that shit to the fag site. Also, that cock is pathetic…
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  5. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love sum sloppy seconds in that ass
  6. jkw said: that’s me at work.
  7. 4172934140 said: yep!!! im next!!
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  9. cute.cumbucket@live.com said: Mmm, looove anal
  10. Mifiazzplz@yahoo.com said: Please inbox me and explain to me how I can get my wife to do ana l
  11. dgspapi@gmail.com said: That’s hot and it would be better if that was my dick!!!
  12. hunter said: yep
  13. J R said: well thats fine darlin..but dude looks like he got his balls circum cised! great bumm! ;)
  14. leon said: would love to ride that ass all night n give u a huge hot load
  15. x_prep2002@yahoo.com said: Sign me up!!!! Let’s see more!! :-)
  16. Budmantcb54@yahoo.com said: That’s hot and very sexy
  17. P-turbo87@hotmail.com said: Move over I have a hard cock for her lets see her pussy email some
  18. MrC said: NEXT!
  19. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: Would love to ride your ass all night long!!!

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wifes hungry ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Sep 12

photo (2).jpg
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25 Responses to “wifes hungry ass”

  1. mounenfeu said: deeper ! deeper !
  2. Mr X said: What an incredible ass. I would cum in that all week long
  3. Adam said: recalling Paradise lost
  4. jerry said: Rc love to put mine in your ass along with my tongue.
  5. looking_30@yahoo.com said: would love to hit that ass…and watch the cream ooze out
  6. R C said: nice I’d like a cock in my ass
  7. ODB said: I would cum deeeeeep in those asshole.
  8. BigNpurple said: I agree roll her over and show us her pussy while ur deep in her shitter
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  23. Simply_Thick said: I’m next!!
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My girl with dick in ass

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 2

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here is my girl with a dick in her ass. so so tight

11 Responses to “My girl with dick in ass”

  1. muffdiver said: where’s the clit
  2. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: I’d love to stretch her out some more and fill her ass with cum
  3. big dick said: i like how small that pussy is
  4. Whynotcusitsthere@gmail.com said: Love the way that cock filled ass is making her pussy drip!
  5. dd.eddie said: she does look tight. bet both her holes feel great and taste even better. YUM
  6. 4172934140 said: amazing photo!! god that is hot! love it
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  10. Jesty said: That’s gota be some spanish psy.. She want some blk dck?
  11. Jay said: Can’t beat ass shagging :) post another, can’t get enough anal in my book ;)

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Wifes Ass Play

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 1

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Wifie luvs ass filled, pussy lonely!

15 Responses to “Wifes Ass Play”

  1. t said: thats a brick goin in there
  2. MrC said: lol katie.prolly cuz the dude its attached to isnt white
  3. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Mmm can I join!!!
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  9. Jay said: Good girl :) she’s a keeper ;)
  10. Clit licker said: DID YOU MISS HER CUNT
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  13. dd.eddie said: Does she do ATM? I’d gladly share and fill the other hole.
  14. Jack Mehoff said: put it all the way in
  15. 4172934140 said: love this pic!!! fat cock in the ass!!!

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Just had the pussy.. time for anal penetration

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 3

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About to enter my ex’s butt with viginal cum on my dick..

11 Responses to “Just had the pussy.. time for anal penetration”

  1. Jack said: I’m wanking to that
  2. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Lets dp here sexy little ass
  3. pervy hubby said: anal is great, to my surprise many women like it too
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  8. uk7yearitch@gmail.com said: nice pal! she looks nice and dirty ;) did she take the lot?
  9. Triplej said: Great pic. She looks tight
  10. mato said: Lucky bugger ;)
  11. The Bandit said: Really? Lets see

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Rough anal fuck

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 17

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My gilfriend realy like being ass fucked and be fuck in public

21 Responses to “Rough anal fuck”

  1. Mee said: Rough anal Fuck. With that little dick.Sure it was .
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