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My girl with dick in ass

Amateur pic posted on Monday Sep 2

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here is my girl with a dick in her ass. so so tight

11 Responses to “My girl with dick in ass”

  1. muffdiver said: where’s the clit
  2. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: I’d love to stretch her out some more and fill her ass with cum
  3. big dick said: i like how small that pussy is
  4. Whynotcusitsthere@gmail.com said: Love the way that cock filled ass is making her pussy drip!
  5. dd.eddie said: she does look tight. bet both her holes feel great and taste even better. YUM
  6. 4172934140 said: amazing photo!! god that is hot! love it
  7. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: Love to eat her pink pussy as you bang her ass mate
  8. Elrey201379@yahoo.com said: Damn I Damn near busted on first glimpse and she got a sweet liking pussy gorgeous just amazing hmu
  9. Funkycold1972@yahoo.com said: Damn that fucken pussy looks really tight, try fucking that hole!
  10. Jesty said: That’s gota be some spanish psy.. She want some blk dck?
  11. Jay said: Can’t beat ass shagging :) post another, can’t get enough anal in my book ;)

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Wifes Ass Play

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Aug 1

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Wifie luvs ass filled, pussy lonely!

15 Responses to “Wifes Ass Play”

  1. t said: thats a brick goin in there
  2. MrC said: lol katie.prolly cuz the dude its attached to isnt white
  3. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Mmm can I join!!!
  4. myself said: Looks like a turd commin out her asshole.
  5. jasonscott437@yahoo.com said: let me slide in her pussy!! email more please!!
  6. rico said: nice cum dumpster
  7. MACK said: No way JR, thats sum hot ass play.6+
  8. Katie k. said: Is that cock brown cos she got a dirty arse cos it looks like it’s covered in shit
  9. Jay said: Good girl :) she’s a keeper ;)
  10. Clit licker said: DID YOU MISS HER CUNT
  11. Jesty said: She want another blk ck in her?
  12. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com said: nice ;) love to help out on that pussy
  13. dd.eddie said: Does she do ATM? I’d gladly share and fill the other hole.
  14. Jack Mehoff said: put it all the way in
  15. 4172934140 said: love this pic!!! fat cock in the ass!!!

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Just had the pussy.. time for anal penetration

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Jul 3

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About to enter my ex’s butt with viginal cum on my dick..

10 Responses to “Just had the pussy.. time for anal penetration”

  1. Sgt.badlands@gmail.com said: Lets dp here sexy little ass
  2. pervy hubby said: anal is great, to my surprise many women like it too
  3. pussylover said: yer fill that ass up and ill take the pussy
  4. THAT ONE GUY said: Good little anal slut
  5. Jesty said: Nice
  6. circumaid said: That’s a very small cock for a black man SBC, your bellend isn’t must bigger than your thumb nail!! I’ll fuck her properly
  7. uk7yearitch@gmail.com said: nice pal! she looks nice and dirty ;) did she take the lot?
  8. Triplej said: Great pic. She looks tight
  9. mato said: Lucky bugger ;)
  10. The Bandit said: Really? Lets see

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Rough anal fuck

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jun 17

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My gilfriend realy like being ass fucked and be fuck in public

21 Responses to “Rough anal fuck”

  1. Mee said: Rough anal Fuck. With that little dick.Sure it was .
  2. snap said: cock looks to fit just fine. bet she loving it
  4. etienne said: i will fuck you anal too
  5. uk7yearitch@gmail.com said: looks sooo nice wish i was next
  6. J R said: wonder if Marsha could post a nice pic….;) hint…hint….
  7. moisturemissile said: A woman who loves to fuck. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Sometimesbored@yahoo.com said: My pictures are on page 25 / 26 . Ass and pussy fuckin! Enjoy!!
  9. alireza_alireza22@yahoo.com said: Marsha I have a big huge cock for you,mail to me
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  12. DIKHEAD said: @@@ Marsha it’s good to know every woman is not a size queen!!!!
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  14. Marsha said: your cock looks yummy to me. i prefer an average sized cock over a big one
  15. Big bad said: Maybe she’d also like a proper sized cock up her arse??
  16. FamousMrEd said: lol
  17. 4172934140 said: yeah!!!! cum in that asshole!
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Backdoor Bandit

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday May 7

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Love it in the ass, but would be interested in both holes filled ;) x

34 Responses to “Backdoor Bandit”

  1. dd.eddie said: I would love to lube up and squeeze my 6″ along side yours and double anal her and both cum same time, hold her up n c it drip
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  5. idewitt69@ya said: im ur man
  6. looking_30@yahoo.com said: would love to be in that with you
  7. JN said: i see there is one empty slot for mine cock
  8. crazyman said: damn ur beautiful
  9. hunter said: well be nice and range it for her she’s one assume woman and very talented
  10. stewartlarry105@gmail.com said: love it
  11. Jon said: Awesome Pussy!!
  12. The Bandit said: My girl likes the comments folks. She said @Hunter, that’s greedy but sounds good. @Wayne, before or after? & Jenny72, JEAH! :D
  13. ODB said: Good girl. Cream that ass……….
  14. anon said: i would be there if she wants an extra :)
  15. anon said: what a great pic please post more!
  16. Lickit said: Let me put my cock in ur pussy at the same time ur having anal aliasgor2@gmail.com
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Fuckin in the ass…..home sweet home!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 23

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Wife loves a good ass fuck!! Want more? Rate us @ sometimesbored@yahoo.com. Looking to explore

19 Responses to “Fuckin in the ass…..home sweet home!”

  1. looking_30@yahoo.com said: would love to join in
  2. dog said: Janet C show us a cock in your pussy & ass at the same time
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  9. circumaid said: fortunatly for her, that’s a thin cock
  10. J R said: beautiful! 10
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  19. 4172934140 said: didnt c this one! fill that ass with cum!!

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I love it in my ass

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Jan 8

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tell me what you think

42 Responses to “I love it in my ass”

  1. alanengland@hotmail.co.uk said: a wonderful cunt waiting for a good fuck after a tight ass starter….perfect
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Up my ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 26

n_a (7).jpg
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I love cock up my ass, here’s a close up

16 Responses to “Up my ass”

  1. joesphthick-private@yahoo.com said: nice out stroke
  2. Young said: Asslover
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Fucking my girl’s ass

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Jul 26

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Would anyone like to help me with her pussy? DP anyone?

28 Responses to “Fucking my girl’s ass”

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my first analfuck

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Jul 8

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10 Responses to “my first analfuck”

  1. OG EAZY said: NICE
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