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Gaping my wife

Posted on Friday Aug 1

[Total: 525    Average: 3.9/5]

Sliding my cock in my wifes wet pussy

12 Responses to “Gaping my wife”

  1. jm said: shair more
  2. Edsrocket said: Wow dude! Keep banging that pussy up. Maybe u should.give it a day or.2 to snap.back
  3. playpen said: Gape that asshole!
  4. Freddy Fucker said: Lips flapping and all.
  5. said: Awesome now gape her ass
  6. said: do you like to share your wife?
  7. hunter said: would enjoy making her air tight
  8. said: Would love to see you shish kabob that petite woman!
  9. said: Her ass looks nice and tight,would love to gape it for her!
  10. Gell said: Luvo to fuck that pink starfish
  11. said: She looks tiny, is she four feet tall? I’d love to eat that ass, please email or post more ;)
  12. said: I want to try out that sweet butthole

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Mexican wife’s gaping pussy

Posted on Wednesday Nov 27

[Total: 842    Average: 3.5/5]

My light skinned Mexican wife’s pussy ready to be fucked! Rate and comment if you’d like to see more of her

20 Responses to “Mexican wife’s gaping pussy”

  1. said: Would love to fill her asshole with 12 inches of thick hard while while my bi-slut GF licked and sucked her juicy cunt
  2. jon said: love to tongue that ass&pussy
  3. said: Yes more please
  4. said: Hell Yeah we want to saee more of that sweet pussy i can see a bit of tit peeking up in the pic would like to se a full body pic
  5. dd.eddie said: Damn right i sure do want to see more of her. Caliente’
  6. said: love to see a cock filling up that cunt baby
  7. said: love to see more of your sexy wife let’s swap wife pics
  8. said: Nice!!!! Don’t cock block and post more!!!
  9. said: love to tongue fuck her juicy pussy
  10. said: love to tongue fuck her juicy pussy suck her gorgeous lip
  11. Joe said: Suppost to have jizz runnin out for a job well done
  12. said: Wow that’s a hole my cock would fill it full and leave a nice load email more
  13. THAT ONE GUY said: That asshole is asking for it.
  14. 4172934140 said: would love to see more!!! awesome pussy and asshole
  15. said: Damn I wanna French kiss her asshole!!
  16. ChuckG said: Nothing less than a 10 rating is deserved. she has perfect color, skin, size, and detail. Definitely show more of her.
  17. Ed said: wow – there’s more? ;-)
  18. said: Beautiful button on her ass pal love to feel her tightening that up on my tounge 10*
  19. said: Damn you fucked that little pussy good!
  20. T420 said: please fuck her ass and let us see.

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Gaping Holes to fill

Posted on Tuesday Jun 5

[Total: 1513    Average: 3.8/5]

I am hot ready and willing – Will you take me?

54 Responses to “Gaping Holes to fill”

  1. Clarellew said: Mmmmm lush holes hunny x
  2. said: o ya well
  3. said: I would love to plow you with my hard thick cock
  4. said: I’ll take you but can u take me. 9 inches balls deep in your sexy asshole
  5. jim bob said: i want to help you have a bigger gape.
  6. whodareswing said: sweetly
  7. johnny b said: looks like sloths face from the goonies
  8. said: Absolutely! Sign me up ur stunning!!!
  9. said: id eat ur ass n pussy till u bust then fuck you till you couldnt walk right
  10. said: I would eat that and all my dessert chocolate on ur pussy.
  11. said: Yea u got my dick hard I put my hard soft 6 inch dick on both and my fingerin that
  12. said: sexy smoo id love for u to sit on my face
  13. Hot love said: Can i eat it asshole and pussy to orgasm
  14. said: oops! wrong pic!
  15. said: oooooh Canada! I love a sexy canook! a 9 no doubt!
  16. Hot love said: I can taste your juicy pussy and asshole cum on me baby love you i will fill it with cum i ll lick you to orgasm baby
  17. Hot love said: Will you fuck me iill fill it with cum sexy
  18. Hot love said: Love your pussy girl
  19. doggystyle said: I’d take your asshole and stretch it while fingering your pussy.
  20. stephen said: ill take both holes how much will it cost me :) u deserve a 10
  21. rj said: would love to go balls deep in both of them holes
  22. BigU said: nice!
  23. Hot love said: I can taste it hot love juicy and hot
  24. jack said: i would munch on it
  25. said: Nice and big juicy pussy! You little whore I would tear that pussy up!
  26. said: Nice picture!! I would love to see more
  27. said: Very nice picture
  28. Android said: very nice targets 10+
  29. rago said: I wish i could be fuckin u in both holes when u took that pic u hot mama
  30. said: i love to fuck both holes
  31. Love Pussy said: I would fuck you no matter what but are the muscles that would squeeze my cock tight?
  32. said: I would have to double dip. I just can’t make up my mind which hole I’d pleasure 1st
  33. said: more of that please. would love you pound you
  34. said: nice spread,,,more girls on this site need to learn how to spread,,,,i lick n fuck both holes,,post more
  35. said: So very hot!!!
  36. said: i think i know that ass and pussy
  37. said: I will take you any way you want
  38. ACE said: Great pic. That’s the way to spread an ass! Keep posting every inch of ur asshole & pussy Doll.
  39. said: Oh my gosh! Nice gash. Stick lick both holes and watch my cum drip out. Nice!
  40. Penguin said: I like penguins
  41. said: I do both holes and then you can suck me off. Mmmmm ok
  42. jorvik said: which hole first?
  43. HotPup said: Harry needs to get his eyesight checked. So hott
  44. said: I will
  45. J said: I bet your a squirter
  46. thickdickloving said: 10
  47. jojo said: i would fuck that ass till you cried for me to fill it with cum
  48. Harry said: NO I will pass On this one!
  49. scott said: well baby let me lick and fill them for you then will lick you clean for letting me fill them
  50. said: Ooh, yes babe! love the view
  51. said: i will take u all around town =)
  52. said: any time
  53. Dudeman said: Anytime, anywhere!
  54. ass lover said: nice

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Toying Clit Gaping Pussy

Posted on Monday Jan 2

Gaping Pussy.jpg
[Total: 1471    Average: 3.2/5]

Wife using vibrator on clit before I stuff my cock in her gaping pussy.

13 Responses to “Toying Clit Gaping Pussy”

  1. Justin muse said: I would eat that pussy while that big dick was in it and watch the big dick fuck her and cum in her pussy then eat the creampie
  2. pkallday said: her hole is only half the size of my slut wife Tina. keep stretching her!!!!
  3. rob said: can i bury my cock in that hole would make you so wet!
  4. Far Canal said: Looks dry to me
  5. dave said: sexy
  6. snowbum said: Idiot! move your dick so when can see her sweet ass hole
  7. said: while danny potts wife sucks you cock, can she suck mine? Then we can have a foursome. Dp?
  8. said: nice mmm
  9. said: i would love to stick my dick in her!
  10. said: that’s what I like to see. someone gets the meaning of spread. 10 from me! love to see more of that hot pussy spread wide open!
  11. Christian Alexander Tietgen said: Not very sexy to me.
  12. Mike 720 237 6377 said: Ill lick her pussy while my wife sucks ur cock
  13. said: nice pussy i would suck it all nite and nice cock messages me

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pussy gaping for you..

Posted on Tuesday Dec 20

[Total: 2236    Average: 3.1/5]

halfway through a fuck session…

32 Responses to “pussy gaping for you..”

  1. Sajlez said: Those ass hairs need to go
  2. Steven said: beautifull, lucky guy that gets to finish that off…
  3. said: Damm mija nice Panocha lets hook up?
  4. said: watch me stroke and cum for you ym me on my addy all free
  5. gash said: love to fill that pussy full of cum
  6. BIZxxx said: that wet pussy!! so sexyy
  7. said: Let me get in on the second half.
  8. Rickenbacker said: Chaz Bono presurgery! Shave your ass man!
  9. said: verry nice holes..ı wanna fuck them
  10. said: I wanna see more! I love the meat between those lips! show me and I’ll show you!
  11. said: send a pic and ill send one of a seven inch cock.
  12. said: I am holding my vote until some needed landscaping is done….
  13. buttman said: need to shave the ass before i vote. Nothing i despise more than a hairy ass.
  14. Lee said: I wanna dive n tongue 1st n ur pink pool
  15. 7 incher said: Luv the hairy ass hole
  16. said: like showing of more,let me help:)
  17. jo said: can i load of my sperm on dat pritty thing
  18. john said: lets see what tearing u up like that.. love it
  19. said: looks like it would take my ten inch cock and maybe more nice pussy i would shoot my load all over it
  20. said: im reay to finish this session
  21. said: cud sink ma golf ball in dat !
  22. rj said: sweet love a good fuck session!!! great littel bush very sexy
  23. turkish fucker said: oh, so natural. i wanna see her face
  24. said: damn that looks good enuf to eat i give u a 10+
  25. dawg said: looks good darlin…your pussy is divine and a lil hair on the ass works for me…you look great
  26. said: dam Im Drooling Would Love To Wipe It For You WPB
  27. Mandingo said: i would have pulled out and shoved it into that ass… its craving cock. leave the asshole gaping next time… rookie
  28. said: Yes Sir! Beautiful pussy, loved to lick and fuck yhis beautiful and wet pussy.
  29. Neil N. Bob said: Loks very inviting and wet as all get out…but little issue with the hair on the bung hole!
  30. Bo said: Woah! Shave the ass when you trim the minge!! 1only
  31. gomorrah said: mmm. That looks so tasty!
  32. said: yummy… more please

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NSB’s gaping pussy

Posted on Friday Jun 24

[Total: 844    Average: 3.1/5]

Stretching NSB’s gaping pussy wide open for everyone to see.

10 Responses to “NSB’s gaping pussy”

  1. matt milligan said: ten stars all day
  2. matt milligan said: id have to say id FORSURE eat her asshole and pussy i love pussy that looks like its been fisted every day for years!!!
  3. jd said: how could you
  4. WTF said: Dave you slap some Clorox on your hole, you no pussy getting MoFo! Go jerk it clown.
  5. Dave said: Needs to slap some Clorox on that dirty hole
  6. J R said: by pupular demand post more of shes got a huge puss Yummm 10 :)
  7. J R said: now thats what i call a HOT pic…the one before was nice BUTT this is my kind of woman..if ya need a break dude..luv to fill in
  8. big-guy said: mmm roophies anyone? I’d like to mount up and blast off in that.
  9. said: thats a trashy looking pussy and her butt looks dirty stained. ewww! :(
  10. said: ..what does NSB mean?

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Gaping herself

Posted on Sunday Feb 20

[Total: 994    Average: 3.1/5]

is my gf worth a bukkake session?

8 Responses to “Gaping herself”

  1. josh said: fuckin right she 2 watch her drink my load
  2. said: spankable!
  3. said: I would love to slide into that hot pussy. I would love to see more. trade?
  4. said: can i lick her clean afterward’s…x
  5. Lee said: I know she ready 4 me 2 lick and stick her pinky and stinky
  6. Buck Nasty said: Show us her face and we’ll tell you… Nice hole, though…
  7. said: Yes she is and I would be glad to help
  8. said: oh yeah I would fuck that tight ass. 22 and hard cock for her. contact me :D

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Posted on Monday Feb 7

[Total: 977    Average: 3.1/5]

Is this wide enough for you?

17 Responses to “Gaping??”

  1. jaybird said: my girl n i both want to eat that
  2. rockhard said: razor couldnt reach that ass…..shave!
  3. gaz_60 said: would love to clean that up foy you
  4. anailation said: tha pussy is spread wide enough would love 2 c ur ass spread nice nd wide 4 my hard cock
  5. J R said: wow luv the hairy ass…post a rearview of that if ya can…thnks..)~
  6. pussylover said: I just keep having to come back & admire your pussy, its beautiful & soaked just the way I like them!
  7. pussylover said: Hell yes thats awesome, would love to lick it out for you, gunna have to whack off to your sweet looking pussy!!!
  8. Lee said: wow ur pusi is mouthwaterin’ and if u shave dat pie-hole ur score wud b higher and it also wud b mouthwaterin’
  9. Mike said: I want 2 tounge fuck ur pink pussy till u squirt then sthove myhard cock inside u and cum
  10. said: Look at all the little ants around the hole
  11. said: love it mmmmmmmmmm
  12. moonman said: sorry but how u gonna have a shaved pussy wit a hairy asshole I don’t get it
  13. bone in said: i would bone that
  14. said: luv it to lick invite me to YM
  15. wotomw said: wod giv u sum serious fuckin ! ! ! avatpiss owta dat girly :)
  16. tom said: wod lov my cock up in ur pusi girly ! ! :) :)
  17. Joe Y said: WOW!! Thats a nice pussy !!! Great pic!!!!

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wet just fucked Indian pussy

Posted on Monday Mar 2

[Total: 657    Average: 3.4/5]

very tight Indian pussy slightly gaping after I was just fucked

18 Responses to “wet just fucked Indian pussy”

  1. said: very nice!!! would love to see more!!!
  2. Kent said: dot u dumbass
  3. Jayz said: Feather or a dot
  4. Curious said: Where’s the sperm??
  5. Oman said: Nice fur
  6. said: Love that tight Indian pussy, yummy
  7. said: That Pussy is slammin! More plz! Jitna dekho utna kum
  8. jericho124 said: Heavenly ! beautiful !
  9. Kent said: im the one that fucked that pussy :D and it’s not even a joke lol
  10. said: Great puffy pussy ;)
  11. said: I know that pussy has to go deep very nice
  12. said: I could pound that!!!!
  13. Lickit said: Just the thought of running my tongue on your pussy just to make u cum
  14. SJE said: beautiful pussy love the small gape.
  15. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to be balls deep in your wet sweet sticky cunt
  16. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing would love to eat that!!!!
  17. said: it must have been a smaaaall dick. Cuz mine would’ve stretched that lil pussy out. ;)
  18. kent said: can I have me some ?

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Thong To The Side and Ready To Go

Posted on Friday Aug 1

[Total: 655    Average: 4.1/5]

Thong To The Side and Ready To Go

19 Responses to “Thong To The Side and Ready To Go”

  1. Lickit said: Love to run my tongue up down pussy then circle arse hole teasing it in while u suck my cock
  2. Dick said: Lick, suck, fuck, finger, fuck some more.
  3. Freddy Fucker said: sexy. Wish I had a better view of the whole pussy though.
  4. J R said: thats my kinda gurl..just “slip’em aside”…nice! 10
  5. Martin said: Awesome… I’d love to have that pussy on my face.
  6. said: I’ll just bend you over and off we go baby!
  7. dd.eddie said: my tongue to the outside and ready to go too!
  8. R said: “LOVE IT” “SMOKEN HOT”
  9. Jizz Meister said: Very nice indeed. I’m now ready too…
  10. said: great pic, great view, great pussy
  11. said: My banana hammock is pulled to the side and ready to insert!
  12. said: Nice shot. Can you spread that pussy for me?
  13. leigh said: my tongue in that sweet ass..
  14. mandy said: beautiful bottom very sexy !! thanks for the peek.
  15. beevercleaver said: Buetifull view……………..
  16. said: Good now bend ur sexy ass over so i can slam my horny dick up your wet cunt and fuck you until ur cum juice drip down my balls!
  17. Mat said: Picture doesn’t show mutch.
  18. said: Love to slide my cock in your waiting pussy! Love to see more!
  19. 5714327523 said: you got me hard and ready but first I’m gonna eat that beautiful pussy and ass first before I cream fill you

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