wifeys face and hair conditioner

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wifey wants more face and hair conditioner any donations

wifeys face and hair conditioner written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3.4/5 - 68 user ratings
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26 Comments for wifeys face and hair conditioner

  1. Just me on January 4, 2015: (Reply)
    Sure why not?
  2. TheViking on December 28, 2014: (Reply)
    That is what they need. Can not beat that kind of conditioner!!!
  3. early bloomer on October 9, 2014: (Reply)
    as I have seen in the holidays: I had 3 orgasms in a row
  4. stonewolfjackson@gmail.com on September 25, 2014: (Reply)
    I’d donate a generous amount of my cum on her face.
  5. bastard on May 19, 2014: (Reply)
    great spray her
  6. Mr. Diggler on April 17, 2014: (Reply)
    That is the funniest penis posted yet! It’s so small lmao!
  7. fastpavement on April 4, 2014: (Reply)
    I’m with haha@yahoo on this one,she’s there and happy to please
  8. danvain on April 4, 2014: (Reply)
    Two and a half inches of pure pleasure?
  9. d-bag on April 3, 2014: (Reply)
    when that thing is the only naughty thing in the pic its kinda hard to judge other things. and what if she is with him for the
  10. dd.eddie on April 3, 2014: (Reply)
    And i thought they say only the beautician knows for sure… lol Mine is extra sticky!
  11. haha@yahoo.com on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    lol you fags this sight should be juding of the cock cause thats all you homos are looking at, faggs
  12. haha@yahoo.com on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    you guys are pretty mean at least shes happy with it and thats all that matters
  13. teo096 on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    Show her with a face full of cum!
  14. BIG TEXAS CUMMER on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    I shoot BIG LOADS , bradsteelco@gmail.com she can see !
  15. voel on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    That’s a Hobbit cock….
  16. Jarvison.Jason@yahoo.co.uk on April 2, 2014: (Reply)
    Who gives a shit how big his dick is? Just rate it for what it is, a woman taking a load 🙂 email more for our pervertedness 😉
  17. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    Could I blow a load up her nose?
  18. DIK on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    Wow I feel great about my cock now!!
  19. rocker1960.rq@ gmail.com on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    no rate/ boring.
  20. BobbyG on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    Whoever thinks that isn’t sufficient enough to assist a woman in achieving orgasm, does not know how to have sex. Thrustx20?
  21. buck naked on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    what the fuck is going on here ? who you going to please with that little thing lmao.
  22. 4172934140 on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
  23. Lilly on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    Are you cumming out of a tuna can wow
  24. az handsome latin on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    poor wifey . she needs a real cock in her that’s the funniest lookin dick i have ever seen
  25. d-bag on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    bet she fakes her orgasms with that lil thing
  26. Luvsex on April 1, 2014: (Reply)
    Think she needs a cock that will fill her up small dick lol

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