Wet N’ Ready!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Jan 28, 2013

Wet Shot.jpg
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My boyfriend took this right before he licked me.

Wet N’ Ready! written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3/5 - 1035 user ratings

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14 Responses to “Wet N’ Ready!”

  1. Herepusspusspussy said: Man ur bf is game licking that it looks like its got tentacles it’d probably attack him n hold him there by his head
  2. diceytigger2005@hotmail.com said: would love to be buried deep inside you, making passionate love to you / with you
  3. J R said: umm is that a wire bra ya have on?
  4. J R said: dont blame’em id lick that too! beautiful! another post ok! ;)
  5. sticklesrichard@yahoo.com said: perfect looking!
  6. rj said: lucky guy looks like some good licking and sticking
  7. Markellis29@hotmail.co.uk said: Who cares bout the shave cum sit on my face sexi
  8. WydenLong said: Nice puss, but bad shave!
  9. Swallow it said: I’d lick u too
  10. gotcha said: Hope he fed you after. That dog should’ve buried that bony ass in the ground.
  11. bill said: i’d lick it too
  12. jasonw360@yahoo.com said: nice wet pussy,would love to fill it with a load of my cum!
  13. Long'nThick said: Nothing wrong with your cunt! I’d stuff it full!
  14. elch said: He’s a brave man.

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