My wet hairy slit and brown eye…

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

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Should I shave and bleach?

My wet hairy slit and brown eye… written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3/5 - 784 user ratings

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26 Responses to “My wet hairy slit and brown eye…”

  1. said: shave the brown Eye- not many call it that- and leave that pretty pussy like it is
  2. said: perfect just as you are
  3. perv@52 said: good shit as is… very hot
  4. coco said: yes, a pee pic is nice.
  5. nice said: looks hot n tight but yeh i rekon shave it
  6. wanker said: i would stuff it…looks tight
  7. pepe said: shave it all clean!
  8. Dan said: Can you take a pic when you are pee – plz?
  9. Marc said: Not shave! You´r hot. Want to see you spread and pee!!!
  10. f said: no do not shave or bleech,its nice just the way it is
  11. J R said: ol fashioned gent here..DONT shave..luv the HAIR!! post another for us HAIR fans!! )~
  12. buttman said: definately
  13. Jockey said: Too busy wanting to hump you to give a shit
  14. dd.eddie said: Hey, just you and me, my brown eyed girl!
  15. said: What a dirty lil stink hole. Can I plug it?
  16. Mr. X said: Please do not shave. The hair is very sexy.
  17. said: no spread and pie both holes
  18. frost said: yep !
  19. said: are you people nuts???? that needs to be cleaned up
  20. eardman said: Naturally delicious ….. very nice
  21. Ku-Klux-k said: Not shave and bleach! But spread and pee!
  22. said: I love the piercing I’d like to taste it like to see more 2102758865
  23. Lions said: Hairy pussy fan right here. My cock is rock hard
  24. Onetongueslow said: You can park that on my face…nothing wrong with a hairy pussy (within reason)
  25. ACE said: Gorgeous!! stay just the way u are. Plz spread ur cheeks and show ur brown eye. :D
  26. diggity said: leave it be. the world needs more like this

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