My Vagina

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jun 17, 2011

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Rate me? My ex told me it was ugly and I need some re-assurance

My Vagina written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3.4/5 - 5054 user ratings

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87 Responses to “My Vagina”

  1. Gene said: so sweet to eat, cum in my mouth
  2. redeye said: HOT ( UR X MUST B A )
  3. jb said: hot big used pussy
  4. 02601 said: You need Labiaplasty
  5. ODB said: Your ex is gay. That is a beautiful meaty female pussy….I’ll fuck it if you are lonely x
  6. Lauren said: Babe. I’ve seen them all and that is very nice. Your boyfriend is a douche bag.
  7. said: It’s a pretty pussy. Definitely fuckable!!!
  8. jimmy said: hey baby i need a girl if you alone
  9. zach still said: your ex is a fag , those are some nice lips baby , i would suck the shit out of that
  10. maxpax said: I would so suck on those lips
  11. beauregard said: find another fella, I would caress you with passion and joy
  12. dusty said: damn i would fuck u
  13. twat licker said: that looks like cat sick
  14. sexyboy said: nice babes I’d motorboat that anyday
  15. said: lickable!!!
  16. said: Would love to pull that hair while my 7 inch cock rams into you deep and hard
  17. leelee said: i cant stop looking at your cunt, i would love to fuck you
  18. leelee said: you have a very beautiful vagina, i would love just one night with it
  19. Jammy said: What large lips…
  20. said: does not matter if its ugly as long as it milks the rod
  21. said: Your vulva is beautiful. Let’s be friends.
  22. jmoney said: i agree with your ex it is pretty jacked up
  23. avery173 said: u r lovly I would love to eat u out
  24. said: sloppy but nice
  25. Riceman said: Nice shave job. Makes me wanna SUCK IT !!!!
  26. said: i would love to see closer images would u email?
  27. David said: would love to slip tounge in and taste the juices form you
  28. said: Your X is crazy
  29. pussyimpaler said: honey your pussy is sweet and delictable i all night and then play.busting guts.
  30. xxx said: Your ex is an idiot
  31. dudester said: ur ex must be a closet gay
  32. Electra said: Very pretty. Nice to suck on.
  33. said: your ex is a fucking morron that pussy is awsome!!!!!!
  34. larry said: one of the most beautiful bodys pictured, gorgous set of lips, give anything to suck on each one till you cum very hot
  35. said: he lie’d hell!!! that is fuk’n gorgous beautiful x20 kat!!! i’d luv to eat n meat it!!!
  36. gordon said: lets see more sexy
  37. Just Me said: Your Body/Pussy is amazing, your ex likes the mutilated porn pussy…you actually look like a woman! Thank goodness he’s gone!
  38. myvagina said: thanks guys you’re all so sweet (:
  39. wow said: your beautifulll inside and out !!!!
  40. gordon said: very pretty pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. playhard78 said: the only thing wrong is my face isnt burried in that HOT pussy!!
  42. said: the guy is crazy! You have a pretty pussy! How could he say that to you? What a jerk! I wouldn`t kick you out bed!
  43. Lee said: luv ur flappers
  44. Johnny said: What a cute pussy I would love to put my dick in that
  45. Geek said: Your ex bf must have been gay. It is beautiful! From what I cna see, I would bet the rest of you is beautiful too.
  46. cobra said: Baby, you know it ain’t ugly just be thankful he’s an EX!
  47. said: Looks excellent to me. Come visit me in Vegas and I’ll give it the proper attention
  48. john said: ide suck those lips all night . lovely
  49. raw08810 said: I would love to chew on those beef strips
  50. J R said: if thats a versioin of ugly then im ugly too i guess…haha my tongue says its drooling beautiful..)~
  51. Petite 32D's Husband said: We both love it!!
  52. larry said: that is probably why he is an ex. dumbass .if I had a chick that hot with a body a 10+ and love to lick that pussy, make cum
  53. Ka said: The pussy griss
  54. said: Gorgeous! Love it!:-)
  55. kevin said: Technically your vagina can’t be seen in this view. Did you mean labia and clitoris?
  56. Sam said: i wanna suck on those pussy lips.
  57. betterdayzz@yahoo said: wow love the lips very sexy i would suck the wet off that girl
  58. O. Bama said: We need much closer pics..and I want to see your asshole (no, not your boyfried!)
  59. T said: Thats fucking awesum. i Love it
  60. said: Its not ugly it one of the hotest pussys I ever sean
  61. LAmoneyshizzle said: Your ex is an idiot. Thats one sexy pus-pus
  62. assman1 said: he must be gay
  63. #1 Critic said: Its amazing, absolutely amazing want it right now
  64. Spike said: Love the lips!
  65. moonman said: u look good from diz view wud like to c da full package n maybe he’s gay or sumthing
  66. said: Your ex was a dicksplat, you have a gorgeous pussy, I’d love to play with it ; )
  67. Professor said: Photo with lighting etc is really great, but looking properly at your vagina I have to agree with your ex.
  68. said: id lick it then stick my dick in and out of it for hours
  69. bt said: your ex is nuts there aint nothing rong with meathangers i would suck on them all night long and day for that matter
  70. / said: I think its beautiful and that your ex is an Idiot
  71. roger ramjet said: your ex is obviously blind and stupid. you’re beautiful.
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  76. hithere said: you look amazing hunni, i’d love to be able to see it in the flesh,
  77. said: Would love to eat that
  78. Ewwwwww said: Yeah I’m with ur ex on that one! No good
  79. Digby said: it`s Beautifull.
  80. Spooner said: I love dangly lips and shaved is great! Your ex is an unworthy ass…
  81. said: can i lick it?
  82. Mick said: He’s a fool, I would love to lick that
  83. JD from TX said: He is blind, that is one of the prettiest pussy’s I have eveer seen. Love it honey, lobe it.
  84. said: Looks good but a full pic would be nice post a pic from the front and I’ll reassure you better
  85. Bigpssyluvr said: Hey baby i would definitely suck those lips. Its not ugly he must just like the whole no-inner-lip look. Personally i do too but that doesnt mean you dont have a beautiful coochie sweetie.
  86. said: Thats a beautiful pussy. I would lick it then fuck it sideways.
  87. Gorilla91 said: That is not ugly at all, you need a bf that will adore every inch of you

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