Are my pussylips big or small?

Amateur pic posted on Monday May 9, 2011

pussy spread.jpg

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Seriously are my lips big or small, please don’t say just right or what ever. Big or small?

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68 Responses to “Are my pussylips big or small?”

  1. phil said: i think therr small.i dont like big pussy lips so id know. but yours are small and very fucking sexy id love to suck n bite em
  2. hotseaman4u said: your pussy lips are very inviting
  3. hotseaman4u said: your pussy lips are unique to you and look like a petal opf the flower. they are in prportion to your vagina and it would big c
  4. Joi said: There smelly i can smell them thro my pc ugh…sit on my face please
  5. said: so its small, really
  6. said: They’re small compared to some of the big lips I’ve seen.
  7. Raven said: Big pussy lips :o(
  8. said: small, but I’ll suck the fuck out of them! swap?
  9. me said: I would say medium size +. not small, but not really big either.
  10. Catsy7 said: They are just AMAZING!!! And small… But VERY yum yum yum looking
  11. pussy licker said: Those lips are just perfect for licking and fucking xx
  13. said: i’d say small. they look really great
  14. said: neither their perfect ill leAve that pussy soar 4 hours
  15. D.O.M. said: small. love them
  16. tunne said: pls i wanna fuck u
  17. bobby said: nice
  18. garon said: perfect!!!!!!
  19. said: Very small for me :(
  20. rj said: any time you show its very nice
  21. LusciousLips said: Your lips are truly perfect and beautiful.
  22. drden said: I think though you can have just big or small, id say out of tiny, small, big and huge, yours are definately small.
  23. drden said: on smaller side, nice.
  24. Jack said: Too small.
  25. said: they r pefect bby
  26. said: Small, but shaped like a tulip and they look so tatsy. Mmmmm
  27. john said: rhino mate can tell by her fingers medium sized twat big girl
  28. liplover said: you can’t tell from this pic, your pulling your majors back witch makes more of the inner lips show.
  29. Lee said: just rite 4 me 2 rap my tongue around dem and suc all dat sweet creamy coo out of
  30. DIRTY A.B. said: it depends are you a rino or a mouse
  31. cobra said: who the hell cares, just stretch them over my ears!
  32. Harry said: Big, thats the way they should be.
  33. spunk said: they are perfect not to big or small
  34. The milk man said: You can whistle in the wind babe
  35. Crookshank said: Perfect shape, nice thickness,lovely hood but it’s like a 6 oz filet when I’m craving the 12 oz.
  36. Hard On! said: Small.
  37. cecil said: pussy lips small pimples big
  38. Casey said: Huge, I love them. Let me suck on them please?
  39. its me said: gorgous they are not big and they not small what the hell do want me to say they are just right, sweet
  40. john said: they’re small and sweet
  41. Wolf said: small love the size
  42. Geek said: They are small and very nice. You have nothing to be concerned about.
  43. Fred said: Small but fat legs bite more of your finger nails tubby
  44. The hammer said: I would say and the small-medium size
  45. said: Your lips are the perfect size. I would love to try them on.
  46. MIKE-ROWDIK said: your lips are small but Not too small. the question is how big is that hole ?
  47. topmex said: small nice
  48. Megonzo said: Perfect
  49. its me said: baby those pussy lips are purfect, love to lick , kiss till you cum, lick you clean
  50. mark181 said: For me they are small. But asking implies that there is something wrong with them. So believe me they are PERFECT!
  51. said: I would have to measure them with my tongue.e
  52. ausie mojo said: i reckon its just write. Not to big not small.
  53. Bert said: Small
  54. Bert said: Small. Very nice
  55. ron said: Big. They are amazing!
  56. yum said: small and delicious
  57. Jenbird said: Why do you ask?? I think they’re beautiful ; )
  58. said: I say medium, not big, but delicious!
  59. johnboy said: ur lips are perfect absolutely beautifull x
  60. boobman2 said: just right a 10
  61. C.J. said: small..I’d like to stick my purple helmeted warrior in your pink velvet sausage wallet! :)
  62. said: I thank thay are small and sexy
  63. said: SMALL, nice and pink too
  64. jon said: just right
  65. rocket said: in-between they look great!
  66. Dude said: Looks just right to me!
  67. oral fix said: hard to tell with out having my tongue deep in there. lets find out
  68. N said: Big

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