My wifes hot ass

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 18, 2011

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What a view !!!!! hope you like as much as I do

My wifes hot ass written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3/5 - 1005 user ratings

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32 Responses to “My wifes hot ass”

  1. said: hot ass
  2. said: id love to have a little browny on me
  3. said: id put a hurtn on that philly
  4. said: the best back dorr i´v ever seen
  5. rkrieg said: I’d wipe that with my tongue
  6. Don said: Matt – LMAO! But it doesn’t look like she wipes very good. I could imagine it’s quite a job for that huge ass.
  7. J R said: would she mind giving hubby head as i ride that ass cock deep ?
  8. Matt said: At least she wipes front to back
  9. slim said: I would love to lick ur hot ass hole
  10. said: Not sure she’s really your wife but I know the rest is correct. LOVE to see more. Hit my email and I will Show you another….
  11. trebol said: i would like
  12. JackMehoff said: That thing’s wider than a city block. Bend ‘em over and they all firm up.
  13. RJ said: Looks like there’s a bunch of chubby chasers on this site.
  14. said: Love the view, any more? Can see myself pounding that!
  15. bgmxx said: i’d love to make that booty shake! bet she can take a mean fuckin’! lucky lucky!
  16. hmmm said: lime green pin stripes havr me a little concerned
  17. gary said: nice ass
  18. gary said: wonderfull!!!!!!
  19. said: Its very nice, Id love to ride it!
  20. Fire25 said: VERY NICE
  21. dave said: its hot. Id like her sat on my face
  22. ss said: ignore luckyguy, fantastic ass!
  23. Lee said: luv ur phat juicy monkey and da brownie-hole
  24. rick said: i would fuck your wife all nite
  25. Hillblly said: Not really hot but would give her a good fucking if I was drunk
  26. T said: Your wife has a great ass. I love a girl with some meat on her bones.
  27. said: I love fucking from behind!! would you like my hard 22 y/o cock in those holes?! damn sweetie! contact me!!
  28. jason;69! said: now thats a pretty pussy! hope your a freak cuz i wanna see TWO dicks in that pussie
  29. JG said: A really great view just the way I like it
  30. longdong said: LuckyGuy is out of his mind, I love ur ass, wish i was balls deep in there right now
  31. LuckyGuy said: Well….I wouldn’t exactly call it hot. Maybe if it was a third smaller??
  32. Paul said: Great view

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