Wifey taking it up the ass!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Jan 7, 2011

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Wifey taking it up the ass! written by tdomf_7323a average rating 3.9/5 - 1235 user ratings

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21 Responses to “Wifey taking it up the ass!”

  1. Rackem up said: Love to put my cock in ur wife’s ass.
  2. Rackem up said: Wow love to put my cock in her
  3. bomydog1099@yahoo.com said: my wife made me stick it in her ass when she saw this…send pix so i can keep getting it
  5. rj.mcdonald20@gmail.com said: how about 2 20 something cocks
  6. Meat said: Looks so good, I can almost feel it.
  7. playtime said: wow
  8. Fritzl said: That is a 20 something cock in my wifey ;)
  9. Rj.mcdonald20@gmail.com said: beautiful wifey wanna try my ,20 something cock
  10. naughtyscotslad@yahoo.co.uk said: glad u have more to share wifey, email me? love that u like being a filthywhore ;)
  11. umi said: Well done ‘Wifey”….
  12. chico said: if that was me and her we wouldnt have time to stop and take a picture,because i would be balls deep in that fine ass
  13. Wifey said: Plenty more to share n yeah ass to mouth why not let’s face it sex isn’t about being a lady is it it’s about being a filhywhore
  14. largeflute@gmail.com said: does she go ass to mouth?
  15. naughtyscotslad@yahoo.co.uk said: love a tight ass to match a tight pussy. care to share more?
  16. Freek said: Good for you !
  17. Wifey said: O believe me Paul I was there. What on earth do u mean “fake” “rest o your wife” freak aren’t ya
  18. paul said: thats a fake pic, wheres the rest of your wife
  19. nairboned@gmail.com said: fuck yeah!! I love anal and your wife looks sexy taking your big cock! please contact me :) with pics! nairboned@gmail.com :D
  20. likemspread said: WISH IT WAS ME PUTTING IT UP HER ASS
  21. hot couple said: nice my wife would love to lick that as well as me are you into swinging

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