rate my bitch

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 26, 2010

[Total: 1594    Average: 2.8/5]

would you fuck her – or what else

rate my bitch written by tdomf_7323a average rating 2.8/5 - 1594 user ratings

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24 Responses to “rate my bitch”

  1. rachel said: great cunt
  2. larry said: love to suck on those fat lips and that big clit
  3. johnsmitty0000@gmail.com said: omg thats one fine hussey;)
  4. johnsmitty0000@gmail.com said: wow she looks so familiar. emale me
  5. umi said: That is NOT a bitch, she is a beauty !!
  6. luke said: body7.0, pussy 5.7
  7. pearl said: like her meaty bits….
  8. BigEd said: WTF happened to that Pussy?? Scary!
  9. largeflute@gmail.com said: yeah, i’d like to do a little ass to mouth with her
  10. rj said: you should be calling her sweethart
  11. J R said: voted a 10..yeah thats alot of pussy and id luv to dive in..beautuful..uUmmmm )~
  12. bird said: I would be hard to stop sucking that large clit and pussy to slip my cock in to her !
  13. Chrissy said: Well I would eat and lick her pussy and suck on her sexy tits!!!!
  14. Ratty said: Well fuckable! A proper woman!
  15. Naught naughty said: Does Nat know bout this dan??
  16. Fat Cock Eddie said: Wow off da scale beautiful luv 2 c dat ass spread n up close please thanks
  17. rj said: nice pussy
  18. rab said: her pussy looks like a ripped wellington boot!!
  19. Geek said: Every day, if I could. Nice figure,
  20. Lee said: it wud b better shaved butt dem phat beefy taco looks fillin’..luv dat pie-hole
  21. plums11@live.co.uk said: Yeah I’d fuck those meaty pussy lips, & cum all over her belly & tits
  22. flatbedder said: pussy looks worn out but i would fuck her asshole
  23. Jerking0ff said: Start out with sticking my thumb in her tight little asshole getting it ready 4 a nice hard ass fucking then pull out and shove my dirty shity cock in her mouth so she could clean it off than fuck her pussy 4 a creampie.
  24. Al said: yummy

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