Big Orgasm

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Aug 21, 2010

Cunt completely contracted at peak of her orgasm 1.JPG

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Here’s my wife at the peak of her orgasm. Her cunt is completely contracted, and cum is leaking out. Very tasty.

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14 Responses to “Big Orgasm”

  1. said: very sexy 10++
  2. Woof said: I was wondering what happened to my catcher’s mitt.
  3. MAGZ said: WFT is that??/
  4. jenbirdred said: dude, you’re pussy is melting…
  5. jd said: wow my tight bald pussy just come everywhere
  6. said: great pic dont know why her rating not higher she should be gettin all 9s and 10 so i gave her a 10 more pics of her
  7. dave said: jesus, what a mess
  8. r said: like your comments jenny…u r such a tease
  9. troybd said: my wife cant stop rubbing herslef on this one same as jenny hot
  10. Andy said: Needs a bit of a trim, but top marks for artisic design
  11. jenny said: you just made me hot-i had to stop rubbing my clit to leave this comment-come take a pic of my pussy cumming!
  12. Jim said: I wanna lick up that cum….
  13. said: nice pic, get one of it swollowing a cuecumber for me please…x
  14. Lee said: let me weed wack dat bush then let me suc dwn all dat sweet thick creamy sticky icky mmm mmm

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