Shared Wife With Black Lover

Amateur pic posted on Thursday May 6, 2010

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My wife, Kelli, really turned this guy on–she was sore for two days

26 Responses to “Shared Wife With Black Lover”

  1. said: I love to see my wife in that position. She loves BBC and I love watching her get fucked. This is hot!!
  2. Jim said: you know she has a mouthful of cock when there’s balls on her cheeks
  3. Longone4ya said: What a slut
  4. TNT said: GORGEOUS
  5. stevens said: Wish I could find some one to swallow my cock like that
  6. blob said: too hot
  7. Mike7625 said: Hate seeing the bloodlines crossed, makes me upset to see
  8. said: no way my wife is steppin out on me! i wouldn’t stand for this shit!
  9. Jon said: My wife’s startin to talk bout doin this sometime soon,She’s in early 40’s and wants to experience it .. (Cant wait) !!
  10. JE said: Must not be that big if it’s in all of the way>
  11. bill said: you must have great time
  12. steve said: she should be breed by that master
  13. jd said: excuse me miss but you have a black guys balls on your face
  14. Pussylvr said: I’d love to watch my wife take a few hard black cocks. Keep hold of her!!!!
  15. sculptor said: That is a classic photo – wife was enjoying this man- what a satisfied, craving, wanting face on this women – what a women!
  16. said: i would love to see more of your wife or go private ;) got a 9 for you
  17. deeper said: love how deep it is in the throat
  18. deeper said: love the deepthroat
  19. Sonoma said: What was sore, her pussy or her throat? Yummy.
  20. John said: Just what I want to see, a big black ass.
  21. said: If she deepthroated him, was it big and if so, my wife wants to know how long she kept it in that deep.
  22. Ed said: Wow luv the contrasting colors so pink
  23. Lee said: looks like me and my girl on a Sunday night only my girl is sore 4 a week
  24. Jeff said: you’re a lucky man
  25. chuck said: id make her sore if she wants a native anerican
  26. Brandon said: Sooo Hot! You must have more pics of that tore up slut. Love it!

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