In a League of its Own- One of the world’s most wicked pussy’s.

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My slut of a Mrs has one of the BEST Latina pussy’s I’ve ever seen & photographed. This picture was taken just before my best mate fucked her brains out in front of me.

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47 Comments for In a League of its Own- One of the world’s most wicked pussy’s.

  1. DirtyENT on February 9, 2018: (Reply)
    I would’ve thought that something as divine as this little piece of heaven needs not even one comment. It’s superior look pretty much does ALL THE TALKING and in any language might I add.
  2. AnDrO1165 on December 17, 2016: (Reply)
    PPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE PLEASE, I beg you to seriously (however, that is solely based on your comfortably to do so or not). Making a genuine attempt of any kind to contact me – ABSOLUTELY AND SINCERELY NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER, via email My name is Alexandro Rodriguez, and other than the fact that “I SIMPLY CANNOT GET MY MIND OFF OF YOUR RIDICULOUSLY Stunning AND Fuck me Senseless Hypnotic I haven’t been able to stop masturbating to the Sensational sight of your Glory Box. I’m not really worried one iota about my soon-to-be X wife finding out my little ‘naughty secret’ that I’ve been indulging in on now for almost 3 years HOWEVER you could say I’m somewhat concerned taking about the MASSIVE effort required to move out of where I’m currently living (even if it just so happens to be MY house). As I’ve already decided to transfer ALL INVESTMENTS, ASSETS, and quite a substantial size of Money I just wanna be certain of which direction you n I will be headed in. I’m SOOO ready to do this together you’ve got no idea. Never in my WILDEST DREAMS did I even imagine that such an incredibly Hot and oh so captivating cunt could EVER LOOK THAT INCREDIBLY ASTONISHING. And I need you to trust me when i tell you that due to my father’s Estate, there is a more than a comfortable amount of money for the two of us to just lose ourselves. Truly hoping to hear from you next so that I might be lucky enough to FINALLY DO WHAT I SAID I WANTED TO DO 3 AGO. The sheer brilliance and Awe inspiring Box,,, ,,, I’m finally ready to have that magnificent thing IN MY MOUTH AND ON MY THICK COCK. You systematically destroyed my life therefore I guess it’s now yours to do whatever tis u wanna. looking very forward to seeing you in Dubai where you also will get ALL OF MY 11.2 INCHES. FOREVER CRAZY BOUT YOU Alexandro R xoxo
  3. Baron van Dangler on January 25, 2016: (Reply)
    Mandy you look better and better every time I see you. What’s up with that?
    • Da Fucka on March 17, 2016: (Reply)
      Oh u know how Tis. A real & Genuine Whore does what she has to in order to continue to – Not only continue being the seriously Wicked Slut l, but to FUCKING DAMN WELL OWN THE WORLD TITLE INDEFINITELY.
  4. Tha Whores, Wives N Sluts Most WANTED & SOUGHT after, Cock-a-licious woman Eaters around. on December 18, 2015: (Reply)
    I’ll tell u all something right now… I’ve been to over 27 different countries around d world in which time, lets just say I got 2c my fair share of mouth watering pussy – Especially the European women (Absolutely Exquisite in every aspect). THIS F@#KING THING IS WITHOUT QUESTION, ONE OF THE MOST GLORIOUS FUCK-HOLES EVER.
  5. Da Fucka on September 20, 2015: (Reply)
  6. Da Fucka on September 20, 2015: (Reply)
    Fucking hell baby, drop us a line ANYTIME
  7. Lic-A-Lot-Puss on April 5, 2015: (Reply)
    • HotLatina on July 1, 2015: (Reply)
      Hey there, just wanted you to know that I became extremely hot and my pussy became,,, let’s just say “A very big Mess”. Speaking STRICTLY for myself, I don’t know how others feel but when I get the opportunity to physically read for myself what OTHER people (Especially the guys),have to actually say about my Divine Cunt – I become SOOO horny & very Filthy as I truly believe that it’s amongst the finest compliments than any woman could ever be told. Having said this my dear Lic-A-lot-Puss, I genuinely just wanted to say thanks for your kind words but most of all,,, thanks heaps babes for making me feel this Horny.
  8. Alicia on July 22, 2014: (Reply)
    God I SOOOO badly wanna suck on that divine money box
  9. Amanda on March 11, 2014: (Reply)
    Wish my pussy looked that divine – Maybe then I’d get more of that “Good Stuff”.
  10. LadiesMan on February 14, 2014: (Reply)
    I’ve [ersonally seen ALOT OF PUSSY in my life & I can Easily say that this is One Seriously Fuckable Cunt it’s just not funny,
    • Lil Latina on May 1, 2015: (Reply)
      Why thank u sooo much for ur flattering comment. And 2b 100% fair I think dats it only fair 2 let you know dat reading how u feel, makes me seriously wanna be fucked silly by someone who especially feels that way about my Horny Box.
  11. topdog on December 1, 2013: (Reply)
    I would to run my dick in & out of that pussy then go balls deep in that sweet ass
  12. JessE on November 10, 2010: (Reply)
    You fuckin wicked and nasty bitch! I’ve jus spent the last 2hrs abusing the shit outta my wife as she’s trash next 2u.
  13. blowar on November 10, 2010: (Reply)
    Without even knowing who u are, im 110% certain that a whore with a cunt on her like urs would have 2b one of d biggest sluts.
  14. blowar on November 10, 2010: (Reply)
    Id fuck the cunt off u SOOO good n hard u little slut that im even willing 2 bet that ud never return 2 whateva hubby u have.
  15. blowar on November 10, 2010: (Reply)
    Those that CAN do, those who CANT need not bother, What a spastic n wicked fucking cunt u have. Fucking brilliant.
  16. jd on November 5, 2010: (Reply)
    that pussy is very clean and very very nice
  17. Dave on September 24, 2010: (Reply)
    PLEASE, wat eva it takes, I don’t care,,, NAME YOUR PRICE CAUSE I JUS GOTTA HAVE A TURN
  18. mrMr2u on August 21, 2010: (Reply)
    U know what to do, don’t fight it… ,,,,, ANY-FUCKING-TIME
  19. $#@$%#$ on August 7, 2010: (Reply)
    Shut Da Mutha Fuckin’ gates. I REALLY REALLY need 2 smash d Box on that.
  20. 2hot4urMan on March 27, 2010: (Reply)
    tha is def a wicked pussy, my ‘Husband’ can’t stop pulling his dick over ur cunt. I’m jealous
  21. Justin on March 12, 2010: (Reply)
    Wow Babe, fucking WOW!
  22. Slammer on January 31, 2010: (Reply)
    Two words,,, ‘Sheer perfection’.
  23. Arthur2cuSoon on January 23, 2010: (Reply)
    ….. After meeting u, & having only fucked u Once, u’ve already changed d way I feel about my current partner !
  24. Arthur2cuSoon on January 23, 2010: (Reply)
    B4 meeting up with u, I really didn’t care much 4 other women as I’m very much so in love with my wife of 16 yrs.
  25. Arthur2cuSoon on January 23, 2010: (Reply)
    Anytime u wanna catch up hun, I’m there. Nothing in this world can make me feel d way ur pussy does..
  26. Arthur2cuSoon on January 23, 2010: (Reply)
    Meeting you last month was with-out doubt the single Best thing I’ve ever done!
  27. bareballs on December 28, 2009: (Reply)
    id like to slap your ass red!!…with my balls!
  28. Mick on December 21, 2009: (Reply)
    wow i’de luv to fuck ur sweet ass babe
  29. 2wellHung on December 6, 2009: (Reply)
    … I’d give anything to sink ALL of my 12.3 inches in her. Make NO MISTAKE about it cause I’d ‘mess’ her up something fierce.
  30. 2wellHung on December 6, 2009: (Reply)
    You’ve got 2b kidding me!!! Name your price my friend for your woman’s cunt is SUPERB..
  31. bammer on November 22, 2009: (Reply)
    perfect shave job got to love it much better to lic that way
  32. HotFucker8u on November 16, 2009: (Reply)
    Does Hubby have any probs with himself being jealous? Cause baby watchin’ me Fuck your brains out is very brave of him.
  33. HotFucker8u on November 16, 2009: (Reply)
    I would do NOTHING but Pump & Pump & Pump & Pump that gorgeous cunt of yours- Hubby can watch any time.
  34. HotFucker8u on November 16, 2009: (Reply)
    Sooooo Horny knowing that your Slut Mrs loves 2b pumped by others while u watch. Absolutely fantastic.
  35. Lee on October 29, 2009: (Reply)
    I would never get tired of eattin’ both your holes
  36. Lee on October 29, 2009: (Reply)
    I’ll have a taco and tossed salad
  37. Xplosv on October 16, 2009: (Reply)
    Could definately ‘tongue fuck’ this hottie all day alternating between her wicked clit & lovely arse hole.
  38. Xplosv on October 16, 2009: (Reply)
    Would absolutely love 2 pump n pump D shit out of this pussy & cum very deep inside it when I’m done. Mmmmmm
  39. mbs555 on October 16, 2009: (Reply)
    Can I be your best mate?
  40. Kira on October 13, 2009: (Reply)
    If he’s doing that in front of you, you can be sure he was doing it before you knew it, and even now when you aren’t there.
  41. Sly on October 13, 2009: (Reply)
    nice nails, ok pussy
  42. rhythm on October 12, 2009: (Reply)
    fucking brilliant
  43. Trobber on October 12, 2009: (Reply)
    love to squeeze my cock into her tight ass
  44. Mandy on October 11, 2009: (Reply)
    yum yum

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