Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

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39 Responses to “squirting”

  1. J R said: why would someone want to piss on the sheets mattress ect…smell n throw away?
  2. titan4308@hotmail.com said: my face pls
  3. eric said: i would make u squirt harder and more
  4. dennylad said: if i had to die by suffocation, please oh please let me suffocate in that pussy or ass
  5. Dave said: love to c jenbridred do that
  6. ron said: do u own a razor
  8. ur_wasting_ur_time@hotmail.com said: Ohhh I wish I could Squirt
  9. 9inch cock said: replace that vibrator with my cock an would make you squirt bigger then fill you with my cum
  10. nath said: i love a girl that squirts c
  11. pornhead said: yeahhh! nice squirt. Made my dick hard
  12. Steve said: On my face to plz
  13. big bigos said: tht is so awsome
  14. onehunglow6913@yahoo.com said: keep the hair its sexier! wish i was there to lick it up!
  15. dave said: id luv 2 catch that all in my mouth
  16. Stickman said: Shave that beast. Then drain it.
  17. playtime said: wow
  18. rj said: nice !!! i like to make that thing squirt several times
  19. Gold said: well, she made a big mess, shouldve put a cup there and make her drink it
  20. Dingdangdo said: Bring it on
  21. jd said: reminds me of a old girlfriend i loved when she used to squirt
  22. Mystery said: Baby i luv it!! Luv them pretty squirting girls hit me up with sum pics at fifej@ ymail. Com we can trade!!!!
  23. Mrl said: Grrrrrr nice
  24. snailfarmer said: lucky girl.
  25. mrs. oakly said: i squirt farther and more then that
  26. anon said: shave your cunt bitch
  27. tom said: wish my dick was in there
  28. patt said: his should be a 10 . i came in m pants just looking at this ! hot hot hot!!!
  29. Handyman2 said: Now we are talking!
  30. johnny said: squirt on my face
  31. Nasty said: now ive seen Niagra twice
  32. gunny said: ill lick up after you if you do that for me
  33. Vimms said: Squirt on my face next time
  34. Danny said: HELL YEAH!!!
  35. G.R. said: I once had a lover who could do that…andvdo I miss her showers. She could soak a towel with her juices!
  36. Stallion said: I would love to shave that fuck hole first and drink your squirt drop by drop
  37. factory said: love a squiter a lot, need a shave and i can help with that. and can keep it squiting some more,just love the taste
  38. Perverted1 said: You can use me for target practice anytime, just squirt them juices all over me and save some for my mouth to taste. Nice shot. Please more pics at funfriendsst@yahoo.ca
  39. Charlie said: IWould love to have her sit on my face and do that

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