Soft Kitty

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 28


Rating: 4.24    (313 votes cast)

warm kitty…

  1. J R said: best browneye deep “rocket pocket” on the site!!
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  3. only 10 said: soft kitty bald kitty lick your kitty make the kitty purr purr purr
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  6. said: damn thats a fine pic there. great view
  7. lic-a-lot-a-pus said: purrr-fection
  8. chris said: thats fucking hot!
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  10. Throbbin Hood said: That kitty can have all my cream anytime.
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  12. Danny said: Like the socks
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  15. said: so beautiful, I’d like it very much if you sent me some more pic’s :)
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  17. Not a braggart said: little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

Wifes Hot Ass Waiting Part2

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 28


Rating: 3.6    (235 votes cast)

As requested……deep anal play while sucking another guys cock is her favorite playtime! She also just got a clit ring for a conversation piece!

  1. said: Wish I was that other guy. Enjoy your amazing wife my friend. My wife and I would,my lucky friend
  2. lic-a-lot-a-pus said: may I have a conversation with your clit while you swallow my hot cum? Your sweet pussy looks like a ‘POT OF GOLD’ and I want
  3. said: Lets see pics of her favourite playtime :) love to see a woman at play ;)
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  7. Joe said: Looks like a mans ass

Put your cock between my legs

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 28


Rating: 3.73    (211 votes cast)
  1. J R said: a very beautiful n sexy woman! post more! nice! 10 starz
  2. survey sez said: move your hand honey and i’ll drive it home.
  3. said: can I please!!!
  4. said: With moves like that I’ll put it wherever you wish my goddess
  5. said: Ill give it to u anywhere .. email me forva meet up for that cock
  6. said: Ill give it to u anywhere .. email me forva meet up
  7. chris said: gladly. thanks gor the invitation :)
  8. said: I want to suck your toes and cum all over your pussy!
  9. bigmike said: mmm id put it anywhere ya want it!!
  10. said: I would love to see how my tounge feels between your legs. 10
  11. said: Would love to
  12. said: I wod fill ur pusi up baby!

Taking A Seat

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 28


Rating: 4.08    (251 votes cast)

How do y”all like me laying back in my chair? I just love looking out into the city while my man pleases me.

  1. J R said: how bout looking out over the city with your bumm crack split toward the camera? post again!
  2. Johnnyonthespot said: I’d like to bend u over that chair and fuck u so hard u would be seeing stars too
  3. said: Solid body, would like to see close-up of that pussy!
  4. chris said: thats one sexy body baby
  5. said: I want to suck your toes, tits and pussy!
  6. lic-a-lot-a-pus said: When you sit on a Happy Face THE WHOLE WORLD smiles back at you
  7. said: Would love to sniff the chair after you and snort in the faint smell of ass!!!!
  8. said: Great body! Keep posting ;)
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  10. said: i would love sit in that chair and let you take a seat on me
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  12. Aka said: Excellent … very fuckable and nice smile ..
  13. Foot lover said: Now those are some huge feet! Very sexy. Love your body and love the pose!

good enough to eat

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Mar 28


Rating: 3.22    (207 votes cast)

Fresh fuck soaking pussy

  1. Browser said: That is one of the biggest pussy lips I’ve ever seen!
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  8. Boob judge said: Waiter there’s a hair on my pie.
  9. Joe said: Never seem a pussy with hairs on its lips ???

sweet sweet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 27


Rating: 4.1    (400 votes cast)
  1. J R said: somebody outdid themselves on this one! beautifully n deliciously done! lick that silly yummm 10 post more
  2. lic-a-lot-a-pus said: nice puffy lips that kiss back
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  17. DEVIL said: Yes it does look very sweet

Under my nylons

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 27


Rating: 4.22    (361 votes cast)
  1. J R said: R those leggings? beautiful big puss btw! lick it silly n lots of ck! post more 10
  2. said: pussy or ass? looks like that tight sexy ass is winning
  3. said: Exactly the place I’d like to be. So amazing doll
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  11. said: do you need help out of those?
  12. said: Wow!!! I always look forward to seeing your pics! Love the “fuck me” skirt!!!
  13. said: I would love to see more of you if you wanna send some my way
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wife wet and ready

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 27


Rating: 4    (307 votes cast)

she’s just waiting for a nice hard cock

  1. J R said: beautiful vintage fine wine milf! great post hubby share? 10 starz post more
  2. said: You’ve got a 5 all day long with me honey. I would love to see yourself tits as well. Wish I could just give you a 5 for all of
  3. Amy said: If I score 4 or more I will show my tits in the next one…please help guys!! Xoxox
  4. Danny said: Tasty looking pussy lips. Nice to see the wedding ring in the picture too.
  5. said: Would you mind if I mount her??? Looks like she parties!!!
  6. said: I would lend mine
  7. Lickit said: If ur in the uk drop me message I’ll be glad to pound u
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Another guy just came into my wife’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 27


Rating: 4.08    (374 votes cast)

What would you do?

  1. said: Would do anything you wish to try that sexy love muffin
  2. J R said: clean it up with my tongue
  3. said: would l8ve to dump my load in that beautiful pussy
  4. said: make her cum hard
  5. Jim said: Delicious!!!
  6. said: Beautiful! Where do I sign up???
  7. Assfan69 said: wn I guess.Jason youre right..I wouldn’t mind bangin that but I think I’d stick that sweet asshole!
  8. said: Mmmm love the lips x
  9. Assfan69 said: All Im saying is someday somebody’s feelings get hurt as much as everybody’s OK with fuckin other peoples partners.To each his o
  10. Lickit said: Ur in the sharing mood I’m game to drop my load in her too.
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  12. Jimmy_C said: I would beat the Living Daylights out of the MOFO who fucked my woman!
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  14. said: Can I lick you clean??
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  18. Jason said: Wear a rubber

creamy milf 2

Amateur pic posted on Friday Mar 27


Rating: 3.23    (195 votes cast)

Who’s next

  1. J R said: nice start now she needs a good vintage thick ck to complete needs..hubby share? 5 starz post more
  2. said: Would love to be next with such a confident couple
  3. MilfSlayer said: 5/5. There isn’t nearly enough cumshots on here…thank u!!
  4. said: me please ;) can i see more
  5. said: Is that a serious question? Because I’m ready to call your bluff!!!
  6. said: me
  7. said: Super lips lady ;)
  8. said: Loved the pussy lips, needs more cum on it
  9. said: damn those are some sexy ass pussy lips. I would like to be next.10

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