Latina Ass

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 28


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Who wants a lick?

  1. said: yes please, can I lick it all night, super sexy ;) x
  2. said: I do, Suzy. I’ll triple tongue it like a bugle.
  3. said: Id love some of your sexy ass!
  4. said: Oh, id love some of yoir
  5. Mr X. said: I wager that ass has seen some cock over the years……?
  6. Gloverboy6 said: Not from this angle, but if you spreadeagle for me, then we’ll walk ;D
  7. said: Me please
  8. hunter said: no thank but you can lick n suck my cock clean after i fk your arse
  9. critic said: I would like to see you bent over and have a better look at your brown lips.
  10. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing please post more
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  14. Morgan said: I want to run my tounge through your ass all day everyday

My 36 year old ass, what do you think?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Nov 28

my asssssssssss ...............jpg

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my pussy is ready …….

  1. said: I think that you look super hot, god dam it, I just wana ride you from behind and fill you with man load xxx
  2. said: And i’m ready to pound it. Still wanna see those tits.
  3. Joey said: I think that I would like to tongue fuck your asshole for a bit and then slide my cock in balls deep.
  4. said: It looks awesome!
  5. said: I don’t “think” I know I want some of that fine body!!!
  6. Ready and willing said: Nice position. Well done
  7. hunter said: would love to turn you into a spit roast a cock in each end
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Close up of Devon’s pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 27


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Hey boys, here is a new close up of my pussy. Do you like what you see? Happy Thanksgiving. Thought I would give you all something to jerk off to.

  1. dd.eddie said: I want MY stuffing in this bird! Always yummy Devon! :D TY
  2. Speed said: Devon your pussy looks like it needs me
  3. senseimiyagi said: Thank you! You always make the holiday season a little better!!!
  4. said: super sexy pussy! Devon your beautiful, thank you and have a great thanksgiving x
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  6. Mr X. said: Thanksgiving turkey……..?
  7. said: You take a great photo Devon ;)

Wet pussy for JAK

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 27


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Fuck my wet pussy

  1. said: I would love to fuck your pusi ! ;)
  2. Speed said: I would love to accomodate you and your slick pussy
  3. Fred said: I need to lick that sweetest tasting pussy then bend you over and fuck you so hard doggy
  4. said: not jak but thank u 4 that taste
  5. survey sez said: yes, it needs stuffing.
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  7. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: I’m so hard. Use me please. 35 150 and willing to try anything. Send you a rose bud video of me fisting.
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  10. Mr X. said: Yes please. Suck on your clit too…..

My ass and pussy :D

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 27

2014-11-25 17.09.02.jpg

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  1. said: Wow can i dive in balls deep!
  2. GGSWA said: that’s a great view, nice ass, pussy and tight body perfect score!
  3. BBC said: Can I start by putting my black dick in your perfect ass???
  4. said: It’s whats for dinner. I’d eat the shit out if that sexy
  5. dd.eddie said: OH MY! DELICIOUS!
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  10. senseimiyagi said: Beautiful!!! I even love your nails!
  11. Joey said: How do we make it possible for me to suck on those nice meaty pussy lips?
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I love my pussy….do you?

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Nov 27


Rating: 3.94    (224 votes cast)

I am always wet…and I love a huge dick spreading my lips

  1. said: I love it, can i fuck you.
  2. Gloverboy6 said: If it’s wet and tight, absolutely!
  3. Morgan said: Baby I absolutely love it let’s trade some pics
  4. hunter said: would have to feel it on my cock first . but it look good
  5. said: i love your pussy too :)
  6. said: looks like it would be fun filling either!

My fuckholes

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 26

my hole.jpg

Rating: 3.9    (365 votes cast)
  1. Hot or not said: Oh boy, that’s a biiiig girl.
  2. said: Can i fuck both holes.
  3. moi said: I like all sizes of bottoms, big and small.
  4. Billy said: I jacked off to this picture. I couldn’t resist. :)
  5. said: Can we make it our fuck holes ?
  6. Tosser said: Now that is one sexy pose! Got me hard and wishing i was there!
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  9. said: Looks like fun. Can we try?
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naughty couple

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 26


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Rate us guys

  1. Joey said: Nicemilf, you can certainly try my dick in you. :)
  2. porkboy said: nice do u need one
  3. said: IF I can have that pussy on me.
  4. senseimiyagi said: That sure looks like fun!!!
  5. said: Can I try that dick in me?

South African Beauty – Cameltoe

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 26


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Freshly trimmed INNIE cameltoe pussy…enjoy?

  1. senseimiyagi said: Would love to see a close up of her little bean!!!
  2. Tosser said: Ek is stokstyf! Wil graag jou clit lek!
  3. senseimiyagi said: Wow!!!!
  4. davxx said: love it xxx
  5. south African pride said: more of her pussy pics under “South African beauty”
  6. Poes is koning said: Goeie moer jy het mooi doos lippe! Ek sal my stywe piel in druk en jou poes goed naai! Donner nou is ek skoon fokken jags!
  7. said: your pussy has my vote, looks tight and beautiful ;) please can you show how good it looks wide open xx
  8. said: Looks good, nice and tidy, what’s it look like with legs wide open? ;)

20yo girlfriend taking it from behind

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Nov 26


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She’s bent over and spread wide taking it from behind

  1. vstarrider50 said: I would take her from behind. Fuck the pussy til i was good and slick then slide it in her ass and finish off
  2. Ready and willing said: beautiful shot
  3. J R said: stick it in her ass and then let me suck your cock clean
  4. said: No, she’s not spread wide.

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