My Fiance Pussy Part 3

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 3.77    (160 votes cast)

All pink and firm. Enjoy my fiance pussy from this view. absolutely perfect. wanna see more? drop your comments and rate!

  1. dd.eddie said: Gr8 view! i wish i has some womanly juice dripping upon my face; even some P. Or just smash it on my mouth! :D 10!
  2. said: Nice view, show us your boobs
  3. Joshua63 said: part 3… wow! thanks for sharing your fiance beautiful pussy.. now, fuck her.. let her feels pleasure. Merry Christmas!
  4. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing

Xmas Shoes For You!!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 4.09    (146 votes cast)

Xmas Shoes For You!!!

  1. Joey said: Got damn! This is fucking sweet! Would love to play with this
  2. senseimiyagi said: That’s a mighty fine piece of ass! Would love to see the matching thong too!!!
  3. dd.eddie said: Have you heard the xmas song; lil boy needing to buy mommy shoes? WOW Hot.
  4. UrNaughtyArntU said: What a nice ass. Love the peek-a-boo pussy… love to see more.
  5. said: Oh baby great …..Shoesgot me so turned on they are very sexy thanks for sharing

Teasing teen girlfriend

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 3.37    (123 votes cast)

My girlfriend loves teasing, and knows just who her pussy belongs to!

  1. RickJamesBiotch said: Looks like there might be some big lips tween dem thighs! Open it up and give us a peek!!!!
  2. HARDKOK said: Nothing special you can have her all to your self!
  3. John said: That’s great I don’t think much will be interested
  4. said: Tis the season to share
  5. boyfriend said: we’ll all be happy to play the part :P

(Dr.PeachLove) My girlfriend’s FAT pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 4.35    (246 votes cast)

Here’s my gf freshly shaved and ready for a nice creampie. If it rates high I’ll post more!

You can also email me

  1. Beeverhunter said: Best one ina long time.
  2. jay said: plum and juicy. love to eat you.
  3. said: Love the puff look, hungry for pussy burger
  4. said: Love the puff look, hungry for a pussy burger
  5. dic361 said: Fucking Amazing!Please post some of her pussy spread!
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Would you show this to Santa?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 3.78    (130 votes cast)

Would Santa say I’m a bad girl if I show him this?

  1. dick said: I love women who spread their pussy lips
  2. said: Probably would say, naughty, ho ho ho, better than milk n. Cookies
  3. UrNaughtyArntU said: I think you would be on the Naughty but Nice list. If I were Santa I would skip the milk and cookies and eat that all night long
  4. dd.eddie said: sure beats milk and cookies!
  5. said: Very sexy. Would love to see more.
  6. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing

How Y”all Like This

Amateur pic posted on Monday Dec 22


Rating: 2.7    (151 votes cast)

This is a pic from Mardi Gras this past year. I thought you guys would like, I love when a man cum for my pussy.

  1. dick said: I want to cum on your big tits
  2. dd.eddie said: Yum YUM! Gosh i want to see you standing! sweet sweaty body :D
  3. said: Nice tits an pussy. Would love to cum all over and in you.
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My Fiance Pussy Part 2

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


Rating: 3.85    (281 votes cast)

Thank you guys for rating and comment. This is another picture of my fiance pinky and firm pussy. Do comment and rate me high boys! #asian+latina

  1. dd.eddie said: what a delicious perfect mix.. Asian and latin
  2. Pat said: Better you than me brother.
  3. Joshua63 said: damn! in and out, all pink! can you share your wife? fucking perfect!
  4. pussy lover said: another pic of your fiance pussy. thank you.. nice one. you are very lucky husband. guys, scroll down and you will find first pic of this fucking perfect pussy. wow, she’s amazing!
  5. planeboy said: love it!!!! so nice looking!
  6. JJ said: god that pussy looks like it feels so damn good! i’d cum so hard in that!post more!!!!
  7. ruddy63 said: Fucking perfect! thank you for sharing your fiance photos. nice and it really nice.. lucky future husband. fucking then hard dude!
  8. CLIT LICKER . said: Iwill give it a good licking before sliping up you and filling you with hot white cum .
  9. Steam Punk said: She’s fat but she has a nice pussy. I’d fuck her.

Blue egg dildo and great lips.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


Rating: 3.86    (249 votes cast)

Her favourite dildo always make her lips so swollen and large.

  1. dick said: I want to cum on your big pussy lips
  2. dd.eddie said: very tasty lookin lips
  3. Gloverboy6 said: That is one sexy pussy!
  4. Lexi said: Nice pussy lips. Would love to lick that clit.

Fat used teen pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


Rating: 4.16    (249 votes cast)

She used to take the biggest creampies

  1. dick said: nice and pink
  2. dd.eddie said: whatcha mean by USED TO? I bet that pussy bites back! Gr8!
  3. said: Looks delicious. Show your tits
  4. OneHandedMousePilot said: That’s so hot! I wish you could ride me slowly for about 15 minutes before I flip you over and just hammer you until you shake.
  5. CLIT LICKER . said: Can i lick and finger your fat cunt .
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  7. Steam Punk said: Incredible view!

Nicely shaved and spread for your pleasure

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20


Rating: 3.55    (341 votes cast)

She decided to try the clean look. What do you think?

  1. aissa said: i lick if its mane
  2. rj said: i would love to pleasure her
  3. captaincum said: I wanna lick that yummy butthole and pussy
  4. J R said: does hubby lick that end to end sometimes? great post btw! 5 rim that good nice!
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  6. dd.eddie said: Delicious! I wann bury my face in her pussy and ass! :D
  7. said: what id give to taste that pussy

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