My Fiance Pussy Part 2

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


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Thank you guys for rating and comment. This is another picture of my fiance pinky and firm pussy. Do comment and rate me high boys! #asian+latina

  1. Pat said: Better you than me brother.
  2. Joshua63 said: damn! in and out, all pink! can you share your wife? fucking perfect!
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Hungry wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21

alice2 030.JPG

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Wife feeling horny as usual

  1. Steam Punk said: It looks like she’s feeling like she doesn’t want her picture taken.

Blue egg dildo and great lips.

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


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Her favourite dildo always make her lips so swollen and large.

  1. Gloverboy6 said: That is one sexy pussy!
  2. Lexi said: Nice pussy lips. Would love to lick that clit.

Fat used teen pussy

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Dec 21


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She used to take the biggest creampies

  1. OneHandedMousePilot said: That’s so hot! I wish you could ride me slowly for about 15 minutes before I flip you over and just hammer you until you shake.
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  4. Steam Punk said: Incredible view!

Nicely shaved and spread for your pleasure

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20


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She decided to try the clean look. What do you think?

  1. aissa said: i lick if its mane
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  4. J R said: does hubby lick that end to end sometimes? great post btw! 5 rim that good nice!
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My wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20

2014-12-19 17.11.00.jpg

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Close up ;)

  1. said: That pussy is made for licking, so nice!!
  2. said: Sweet pussy baby.
  3. Ed said: I love your Butterfly Lips, they look so inviting.
  4. ruddy63 said: is it wet or just dry because waiting for a cock to fuck your ‘origin of the world’ huh? yummy!
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Hotwife pussy ready for service

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20


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Hotwife pussy

  1. Chris said: Stunning
  2. said: Fuckin awesome!
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can’t resist my wife’s creamy wet pussy#2

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20


Rating: 3.71    (238 votes cast)

can’t wait to hear from you all, especially other uk bi wives

  1. whoknows said: Damn i love small tities and fat pussies
  2. said: The only way that pic would be better is with a nice fluffy bush.
  3. Bulletman said: Looks tasty…I’d take a plate full of that!!


Amateur pic posted on Saturday Dec 20


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  1. J R said: umm be a better honest post if the photoshop was closed! post again
  2. bhubb said: Your way more than blessed show me some more of that at swap some pics
  3. Mr X. said: Lets see that spread…….
  4. Me and my Girl said: I know who this is, she’s a real slut too and very easy;)
  5. NAh said: All photoshopped.. not good.
  6. moi said: Very spakable
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My Fiance Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Dec 19


Rating: 4    (500 votes cast)

she like your comment and rate.

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